Paterson receives suspended sentence plus £19,000 fine

According to a Facebook video released yesterday by Neelu Berry, John Paterson’s contempt of court hearing ended in a guilty judgment, and resulted in a 21-day prison sentence, suspended for one year, as well as a £19,000 fine.

Paterson appeared surprisingly jaunty, given this outcome. He was apparently so relieved not to have been immediately carted off to prison that he interpreted the conviction, suspended sentence, and fine as a “win”.

Paterson: Just come out of the Royal Courts of Injustice…I told them everything. I managed to cross-examine DC Grimwood, who was good enough to bring my laptop….so Andy Grimwood, he brought my laptop back, he brought my laptop back, and video camera, but he said they were going to destroy the sim card. I said if you destroy that sim card, you’re perverting the course of justice. So I was given a 21-day imprisonment, which is fair enough, I can handle that, and it was um…it was um…what d’you call it?

Neelu: Suspended, yeah.

Paterson: Suspended, for 12 months. I was given a £19,000 fine, which I won’t pay, I still owe them 2000 quid from four years ago. I don’t pay it, because I’m innocent. So it’s been a good day, and I’m over the moon. I asked for a sealed order, because I’m going to appeal the sentence. And um…I’m lost for words. So thanks, Neelu, and back to Neelu. 

Neelu: Okay, I wasn’t going to say anything tonight, but when I walked into Court 16, the two judges were there, were doing all the talking, and that’s always a bad sign, when what the CPS are meant to do, the judge is doing, they’re doing the prosecution, so that’s it really, anything else you can think of, John?

Paterson: Yeah, I would just like to say thanks again and God bless, to all my beautiful friends on the alternative media, where the real news is, thank you for sticking with it. Because I told you at the beginning, we were going to win, and we’ve won. God bless you all.

Neelu: So the 21 days suspended for one year is going to be appealed, we’re going to appeal that within the next couple of days. Even though we don’t get the order, we’ll still appeal, pending the receipt of the order. because the grounds of the appeal—

Paterson: Oh! Oh! One other thing. There was a reporter from Lloyds, yes, Lloyds. She asked me a few questions, this is before the hearing started, she said what’s it about? I said it’s about fraud, theft, and money laundering. Just then Edward came up, and he’s given her a thick bundle. Now that’s a Lloyds reporter. That’s a big deal. Okay? God bless.

Neelu: And the reporters were here for the Jack Shepherd case, the other reporters, apparently they were…

Paterson: Oh, they even brought up Norman Scarth. They brought up Norman Scarth, you see, my case is an unusual case, because I had mitigating circumstances. d’you understand? Now, it was contempt of court for using a recording device. I pointed out to the judge that Charlotte Wright from the BBC was also using a recording device, so I expect to see her in court as well, for contempt of court. That’s not going to happen. Because the BBC is the enemy within. End of story.

Neelu: Right, okay, so, today is Thursday the 13th of June 2019, we’ve had this Attorney General committal hearing for John Paterson which has ended in a 21-day suspended sentence over 12 months. Which we appealed. 

Paterson: And I’ll tell you what, they didn’t like to see this dangling from my chest (pulls out a HUGE cross) Hahahaha the judge couldn’t take his eyes off it. 

Neelu: The public gallery was full, wasn’t it? 

Paterson: It was fully, yeah, all my mates were there. [Even the dreaded Sarf London gangsters?—Ed.]

Neelu: Okay, we’ll say bye for now then.

Paterson: God bless you all, everyone, God bless.

Neelu: Any messages for Andy Devine? 

Paterson: Yeah, Andy Devine, keep on harrowing them, Andy, because without you, my friend most of the population wouldn’t know about this. We’ll do an update. We’ll arrange an update. Just rally the troops, I’ve got a lot more to tell you.

Neelu: And John Smith, John Smith is in there today, do you know anything about it?

Paterson: I’ve heard…I’m not too familiar with it because I’ve been so busy sorting this stuff out. But I’ve heard good things about John Smith and common law?

Neelu: Yeah, they’re in there, I think they’re in the Appeal Court, entering judge to do something, you know, application for appeal or something. All right then, see you later, bye. 

If Paterson’s claim that he has a four-year-old debt to the courts of £2,000 is correct, it’s not too surprising that he thinks he will be able to simply refuse to pay the £19,000 fine assessed yesterday. Whether the court will overlook this refusal remains to be seen, however.

Meanwhile, he and Neelu seem quite…jaunty about the whole thing, despite the fact that the court found against Paterson. Presumably they intend to continue tying the system up with appeals, whether these have any merit or not; after all, it’s worked for them in the past (more or less), and both have so far managed to avoid any significant prison time.

91 thoughts on “Paterson receives suspended sentence plus £19,000 fine

    • That is an extraordinary fine and indicates that the court is serious. Failing or refusing to pay is considered a breach of the Court Order and can eventually result in jail although that is the last resort but it doesn’t mean his suspended sentence can be imposed and he”ll still owe that money. You are required to make an arrangement with the court about paying off fines and ignoring a fine isn’t accepted.I don’t believe he’s got away without paying -they’re probably taking it out if his benefits.

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      • Should read : “it means his suspended sentence can be imposed ” as if he mocks the fine and says he won’t pay it is a breach of the Court Order. Nor does doing time for breaching the order mean his fine will be reduced.
        What a shame a noted Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis & Intergalactic visitor Princess Neelu were not on hand as they could relate their own experiences with not paying fines when both their cars were seized by the local council in lieu of failing to pay fines.
        # I’m convinced now Neelu is in fact a very wealthy woman. Her whole demeanor is not of a person who has lost their home, rather of a property developer with a cash flow problem (which may even be deliberate)

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  1. Check out King Johns latest ramblings. He has had his benefits stopped because he cannot explain where all his money is coming from…..someone tipped off the NZ Pensions Office….I wonder who that could have been?

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    • Yeah and he’s been trying to pester his local cop shop about mortgage fraud or something for the last week or so and they’ve been avoiding him like the plague. According to Devine, it’s because the police are scared of him. I think it’s more likely a case of, “Oh Gawd, not that nutter again – tell him I’m not in.”

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    • Well it wasn’t me but it’s linked up by computer now. I expect NZ is the same as Oz and you have to report if you are leaving the country for a certain period even if on an aged pension. King Wanoa has been boasting about the money he receives or is about to and at the same time posting videos insulting cops and car park managers and so on. I expect his enemies are legion. Anyway what’s his problem?. He’s about to take posession of Buckingham Palace..plenty of silver there to sell off. Could set up a stall in The Mall.

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  2. Thanks for the update, EC 👍

    By the way, re. Praterson’s claim/boast, there’s no way you would get away with not paying a fine for that long. Not even a £60 bus lane fine that’s a few weeks late, let alone £2,000 after 4 years. I smell bullshit.

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    • @Elementary Penguin. I smell BS too. Fact is that if you don’t pay a fine you’ll get a Summons and if you don’t answer the Summons they’ll issue a warrant. Warrants sometimes sit in drawers for years.

      What sounds like bull poo is that they’d give him another big fine when an old big fine hasn’t been paid. If he’s done some prison though (did he do some prison?) they’ll have added a few days on to clear his fine. That way he would have come out fine free. If he has done some ‘bird’ that’s the more likely explanation.

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      • He said he’s done time but can’t remember what for but this is a Contempt conviction (2 judges- serious) and they won’t mess about. Jail is the last resort and it’s up to the convicted to make arrangements about payment or to ask for time to pay. He’ll have to pay it out of his benefits but if he mocks the court by declaring he won’t pay it’s not going to be a slap on the wrist with a few days in the clink- it would be serious time.

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      • This fine probably isn’t a fine, it looks like costs to me. In any event it’s the High Court. His real fines will be enforced in the magistrates’ court. Two completely different regimes, they don’t talk to each other and the method of enforcement is completely different, enforcement in the magistrates’ court is court-led, but in the High Court the recipient of the order has to go back to the court and apply for what they think is the most effective order.
        My guess is that he isn’t on the right sort of benefit for fines deduction, too old and doddery.
        If he appeals, as he plans to do, it obviously isn’t a win, is it?
        Contempt judgements have to be posted publicly on the website, though it isn’t there yet.

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    • Speaking of desperate, unhinged trolls, I see that chubby American Morocco-based grifter whose name escapes me has just tweeted – and I quote…

      Now we know where Karen Irving of hoaxtead [sic] keeps her leftovers from her “dinners” with [protected witness]. Why does the crazy lady from Hoaxtead have what appears to be a BABY SKULL on her bookshelf? Getting Sloppy [sic] Karen. Real sloppy.

      No, seriously – she actually said that!

      She’s also still claiming that “many people are contacting me” about EC. Hmm, yeah. Funny how they all keep forgetting to like or retweet her posts 🤭

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    • Andy really is a complete and utter fuckwit yes? (I mean that kindly). Judges never want to hear a lot of waffle about something totally unrelated to the case in hand or they’d never get out of the frigging court for Afternoon Tea.
      Two judges?. Means they took the matter of Contempt (which they always do) very seriously which is reflected in the fine which is very large. This Mob have no idea.

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    • I see she posted and deleted another “fat” jibe. You know, just to show how wrong I was to accuse her of sizeist bullying and fat-shaming 🙄

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    • By the way, that’s just one comment. Jackie and Hopey have been on a fat-shaming rampage for the last 48 hours all over Facebook and Twitter. Self-projection, methinks.

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      • She’s also continuing to make unfounded allegations about Karen and the residential schools. It’s pure vindictiveness and just shows her up as the desperate attention-seeking troll that she is 💤💤💤

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      • Pathetic and I’m somewhat guilty of comparing looks myself but only against those who think it matters.
        Actually, I really like that photo at the top of Mr Paterson and makes him look like a real character. Pity about his nasty racist character though.

        Has the penny dropped yet for The Mob (c) that Hoaxtead hasn’t permanently shut up shop?
        No names of course although Mr X comes to mind.
        Not that EC is expected to continually have to churn out articles but it seems very hard not to with this lot as they just keep making it happen.

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  3. Happy to be corrected by those with real knowledge but I think this was an appeal hearing. I understand that contempt proceedings don’t follow normal criminal process but it was certainly scheduled as being in the Court of Appeal. The offence was April 2017. The original contempt hearing was November 2017. He’s appealed (as is his right) to this point. The only way to appeal this would be the Supreme Court and I can’t see any matters of law in this case requiring their adjudication.

    And was the whole £19,000 a fine? At the last hearing, according to Neelu’s transcript, the judge said he was reserving judgement on costs.

    What he also hasn’t told us is if the outstanding £2,000 fine he claiming getting away with is civil (parking etc) or criminal. Civil fines you can get away with for many years. Criminal fines and costs, not so much.

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  4. Interesting news in from Russia that one of El Coyote’s ancestors has been found from 40,000 years ago in the permafrost. Evidently had been hunting and eating the ancestors of Hope Girl aka Feagin Naima. The world owes you and your ancestors a debt of gratitude EC.

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    • I read a very good report by a Russian scientist who says they have found extraordinary things in the ice of Siberia including animals like Mammoths ( and people too) in almost perfect condition and seemingly in mid-meal ie: with grass etc in their mouths.
      Which he says confirms that there have been cataclysmic events whereby these people and animals were instantly frozen where they stood almost like a Hollywood movie. Think- Climate Change which he says when it really happens it will be swift.

      # Whatever happened to John Paterson’s proposed overland trip to Russia and a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin to present his case about Finchley Road?.

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      • Also spare a thought for the Lloyds’ journalist who is, as we speak, is scratching her head trying to make sense of the bundle handed to her by noted Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis.
        Could have been worse though ie: a bundle of Lee Cants personally authored court judgements (with assistance form Neelu).

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  5. Devine’s Friday bollocks (part 1 – apparently he’s doing a live feed with Neelu later – oh joy)…

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        • Gawd he’s picked up Neelu’s claims that they are all “protected Crown witnesses” and are seemingly immune from prosecution. I’ve never understood that one and I’m not in a mind to ask her what she means.
          Especially when they claim the “Crown” is illegitimate and lawfully ( King’s lawfully) belongs to a pension-less Kiwi with bad teeth (no excuse- free dental healthcare in NZ) who can’t travel and lives in a container on a farm near Auckland.

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          • It’s an Edward William Ellis thing – Neelu’s latest guru. When I first encountered her she was firmly wedded to someone who believed that he had been conditioned to be a super-soldier by the CIA (I forget the details because Neelu, always one to believe in ‘more is more’ had submitted a mountain of material). Then it was SwissIndo, now it’s the Queen and Lord Bishops. There is some explanation by someone of sound mind in Mr Ellis’s latest joust with the real courts:

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      • He’s really rattled about Hoaxtead in this one. He gets pretty nasty. Hard to take him seriously when he’s got his tits out, though.

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  6. I won’t link it but that creepy twat Thomas ‘Through the Black’ Dunn has really gone over the line in his latest video. Not that anyone takes him seriously any more.

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  7. Another arse-kicking for Hopey!
    Karen’s getting good at these 🙂👍🎯

    (It’s 7:24, Malcolm. You’re welcome.)

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  8. EC, if only you’d checked this out before making yourr video. This whole Skullgate thing could have been avoided 😂

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  9. I think one of the ideas out there in the Looniverse is that unicorns have some sort of occult symbolism -not sure what the symbolism is supposed to be. The same occult that is so hidden it’s allegedly exposed on YouTube. My understanding was that the idea of a unicorn originally came from travellers to far-off lands seeing rhinoceroses, but feel free anyone to correct me if I’m wrong.

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  10. Update on Becki Percy who posts on Twitter under @becki_p20

    We are now moving into the end game stages of this ongoing saga. Becki says that she has been notified that her long awaited appeal hearing against deportation back to the UK will happen in California in the Ninth District Circuit Sept/Oct 2019. This is an oral hearing which tends to be televised on court tv. I am watching the court listings which get published two months in advance of any hearing for mention of Becki Percy.

    Becki Percy did t one time have 3 attorneys working for her on pro-bono basis, but she treated them like shit, so they abandoned her. Now, she is seeking a new attorney, has failed so far finding anyone who will work for her pro-bono. Becki Percy seeks funding via donations to pay for an attorney, with go-fund target at $5000, which stalled at around $420.

    Now that this is in a critical phase, I have stepped up my campaign to challenge Becki Percy and her supporters at every opportunity, especially when they promote her cause. In addition, I have been attacking her narrative. Any assistance would be useful.

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  11. I’m determined to get Devine suspended from his wife’s FB account and have just reported this link that he’s posted:

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    • At 5:42 Taylor says that recording court cases is legal as it’s a “public event”. No, seriously, he really said that

      He also describes John Paterson as “an all-round good guy” 🙄

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    • And seriously, why does he still persist in calling John Wanoa “John Wahona”?


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