John Paterson in court for contempt today

John Paterson, best known for uttering a seemingly endless stream of threats of violence and death toward this blog and anybody he thinks might be associated with it, will be attending the Royal Courts of Justice at 10:30 this morning to face an application for committal for contempt of court.

In a video posted yesterday, Paterson’s friend Andy Devine provided further details. He read aloud three emails which had been sent to Paterson. (We can’t link the video, as Devine goes on a rant about a protected witness at one point in it.)

Here are the emails, as read by Devine:

HM Attorney General v John Paterson, listing details

Dear Mr Paterson, 

Please see below the listing details for tomorrow’s hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, which I am sending you as a courtesy.

Divisional Court, Court 16, before Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis, Thursday the 13th of June, 2019 at half past 10. 

Kind regards, 

Alex Cook

Lawyer, Defence Security and General Public Law Team
Defence and Security Division, Legal Department

(Note that we transcribed Mr Cook’s identifying information as it was read by Devine…who is, shall we say, not the most fluent of readers. We apologise for any error.)

The second and third emails appear to have been sent last week:

Dear Mr Paterson,

Further to the below, please find attached the second part of the hearing bundle. I would be grateful if you could confirm receipt of both emails. 

Kind regards,



Dear Mr Paterson,

Please find attached to this email the following documents which have been filed in court:

1. The index to the bundle for the hearing next Thursday, 13 June. 

2. The first part of the bundle. I will email you shortly with the second part of the bundle, which I have divided into two because of the size of the file.

3. My client’s skeleton argument on which counsel for the Attorney General will rely at the hearing. It is included at the start of the bundle, but I have attached it separately for ease of reference.

4. A schedule of costs, setting out the costs incurred to my client to date, and which my client will seek to recover. 

As you have not confirmed your address

[At this point, Devine interjects, ‘Since he’s got no fixed abode’]

I am unable to post a hard copy for the attached to you. However, if you provide an address by next Tuesday morning, 11 June, I will endeavour to arrange delivery. Otherwise I [have] copies printed for you, which I shall bring with me on the day of the hearing. 

Lastly, I understand that you have intent to attend the hearing next Thursday. I would like to take the opportunity to repeat the penal notice which was included on the claim form when these proceedings were initially commenced.

It states, ‘The Court has power to send you to prison, to fine you, and to seize your assets if it finds any of the allegations made against you are true, and amount to a contempt of court. You must attend court‘.

It is in your own interest to do so. You should bring with you any witnesses

At this point, Devine makes an arm gesture and yells, “Kaching!” as though this represents some sort of victory.

He says, “You must bring with you, John Paterson, all your witnesses….So. Edward Ellis, God bless you my son, you’ve got your day in court. Let’s see, shall we? That’s just one of his witnesses, by the way. And since Edward has not been able to go and speak in any of these courts, I’m sure Edward Ellis is going to have a hell of a lot to speak”.

Ah, so will “Equity lawyer” Edward Ellis, who has been barred from representing anybody in court, attempt to circumvent that ban by appearing as a witness instead? We’ll find out shortly!

Back to the letter: 

…any witnesses and documents which you think will help you put your side of the case.

If you consider the allegations are not true, you must tell the court why. If it is established that they are true, you must tell the court of any good reasons why they do not amount to a contempt of court, or, if they do, why you should not be punished.

If you need advice, you should go at once to your solicitor, or go to the Citizens Advice Bureau or similar organisation. 

Once again Devine interjects with a bit of free-associating: “And we all know what a solicitor is, don’t we? When you’re soliciting, what are you doing? Are you a prostitute? Because that’s what they are. Because if it was a lawyer, that would also mean that they’re a liar”.

Erm…right. Whatever you say.

The second email will follow shortly.

Kind regards,


We’ll be keeping an eye on Paterson’s case, and will publish any results as soon as they become available.

Royal Courts of Justice, London

53 thoughts on “John Paterson in court for contempt today

    • Ooh, beer and popcorn in one! Efficient, tasty AND environmentally friendly. I’m in.

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  1. Thanks for updating us, EC, and for taking the time to sit through Devine’s interminable monotone waffle to transcribe the key info’ (despite the fact that, ironically, it comes from the very broadcast in which he announced that you’re no longer around, having “done a runner”).

    And yeah, the attacks on the protected witness that you mention (of which there were two) were really vicious, so does that mean that said witness is “above the target”? 🤭

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  2. I’ve downloaded and archived that video, as well as taken audio clips of both of the aforementioned attacks.

    I also too sound clips of two other hissy fits from the same broadcast.

    In this one he reveals that Karen is going to prison, apparently, Who knew? And Hope Girl’s chief arse-kisser and all-round creep Jackie Bellows makes an appearance in the chat box (which Devine reads out with his usual finesse 💤). Oh and prepare for some major eye-rolling when you hear the comment he reads out at the end:

    And in this one – his closing comments at the end of the broadcast – he goes all psycho and threatens to reveal all about Hoaxtead in his next live feed. At least I think that’s what he said but I was too busy quaking in my boots to concentrate:

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    • Well done and a valuable record.
      One of the aspects of persistent harassment is that the victim can get so worn down that they personally find it difficult to keep records. I know this too well from personal experience, not as a victim myself of harassment but as a person who did as you are doing for an old lady who was being repeatedly & mercilessly attacked as the Hampstead residents have been.
      Interestingly (she eventually prevailed in the courts) she had never ever seen the internet let alone a computer but the effects upon her relatives was severe and that included 2 nieces who were police officers.

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  3. Actual quote from near the end of Devine’s feed:

    “John Paterson will be there, and I know Edward Ellis will be there. And if they are gonna get in court, you’re gonna have a show and a half. I’d take a gas mask with you if I was you, probably, coz it might get messy in there, coz the judges might just have some loose loosage. They might shit themselves, coz their game’s over.”

    Er… riiight. Good luck with that, Andy 🙄

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    • This dickhead is going further and further up his own arse hole! It cannot be too much longer before he is called to account.

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  4. I can see victory ahead in this case although not necessarily for those Andy thinks will prevail.
    With a noted Equity Lawyer on your case what can possibly go wrong?.
    (editor- two words for you: Lou Lotus)


  5. Remember folks to keep your receipts. Operation Paranoid is being cross-charged to MI5 today. Please note that agent Z has already bagsied fake BBC reporter and I will be covertly monitoring the RCJ concealed as a class of French exchange students so please be inventive with your disguises.

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  6. I will be the strange looking oriental gentleman with the bowler hat and pencil thin mustache.If you need to make contact you must say “Is that you Mr Chan? ” to which I shall reply “No Speakee Engrish “. That way we can all stay completely inconspicuous!
    I am also offering the rather generous odds of 2/1 on someone getting a taste of the pavement sometime during the course of the day! It always seems to happen when he is in those environs even if it is a result of an encounter with The Invisible Man.

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    • Didn’t desertion in the face of the enemy used to be a capital offence? I can just hear the excuses now….Got the flu….Trains/buses/flying unicorns running late……Cat/dog is sick…..Alarm didn’t go off…..feel free to add your own. The dock can be a lonely place.

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      • I wonder what Kaley’s excuse is. She seems to have all the time in the World to sit around writing comments about how she can’t attend.

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        • Too busy kissing John Wanoa’s arse, perhaps…?


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  7. Have I missed something?

    Accompanied by Secret Service Kidnappers and assassins in cars
    Around 10.47pm on 11th June 2019, an ambulance crew turned up at the home of Neelu Berry without being called out, knocking violently and repeatedly at the door for 5 minutes, and remained parked, blocking the drive for 2 hours. Another Black car was seen parked for the 2 hours plus another 2 hours after the ambulance left. This was an Extra-Judicial Kidnap and Assassination attempt by the Organised Crime Network which provides Protection Frauds to criminals to target whistleblowers with Impunity. The Criminals are hired to wear different outfits as per the frauds they are required to act out, whether Police Officers, Bailiffs, Social Workers, Ambulance Crew, Secret Service Agents….

    UmbrellaGrape Solutions
    Please Neelu – keep Lynda safe and convince her to refuse to go willingly without a LAWFUL order – let us finish the sovereign decrees and keep building awareness around the case – thats the best defense we have – keep everything public and never let her go willingly – thank you so much for being there for her – sending you both love x

    Who is Lynda? And why is Neelu hiding her in an attic!

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    • Ah. She’s fake cancer cure woman trying to dodge an extradition request. Makes sense now why Neelu is involved.

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    • That would be Lynda Thyer, an unqualified quack who likes to play labcoat dress-up games pretending to be a scientist; also David Noakes’ bit on the side. The French authorities would like to talk to Lynda on account of all those frauds, so she is malingering. Also, calling ambulances and then claiming that the presence of those ambulances at the door is part of Big Pharma’s plan to destroy her health.

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      • Lynda, née Banks, is sibling to Trevor Banks and Lesley Hutchings, née Banks, who were also part of Noakes’ fraudulent empire for a while before they went off to run their own rival scams. It was Trevor and Lesley’s job to lurk on-line on patient bulletin-boards and support groups, pretending to be victims themselves of ME/CFS or Lyme Disease or cancer, so they could groom people to become customers for David Noakes’ GcMAF con.
        What I’m saying is that the whole family is trash. They seem to have a house in Kent, but all the evidence points to them really being from Essex.

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      • I am advised that Lynda Thyer was at the “AV10” Scamboree a few weeks ago, where she announced that her father had just died, and milked her bereavement for all it was worth in terms of donations. So she is not lacking in funds at the moment… another reason for her popularity among conspiracist grifter circles.

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      • Shock of breaking news, Wes Streeting’s REAL name is Wesley Streeting, oh the deception!
        Or is this a spoof “I dropped the death rate at the Maternity Dept by 30% by closing it down”?
        She’s really bene taken over by Edward Ellis hasn’t she? She’s never met a con man OR a conspiracy theory she doesn’t like.

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      • 450 New North Road appears to be the property of a Mr Amrit Berry, who just incorporated Berry Building Surveying Consultancy there.


      • Edward Ellis (Equity Fraudster) has helpfully uploaded a couple of compendia of over-capitalised bafflegab, from which we learn that “Citizen Mr Amrit Berry is Ms Berry’s son. He got employment.”

        Click to access 2018-09-16-20-25-remedy-process-judicial-office-unfitness-corruption-claim-hq18x03276-and-appeal-service-email-for-citizen-ms-berry-v-co-operatice-bank-auctioneers.pdf

        Click to access 2018-09-17-service-bundle.pdf

        450 New North Road is sometimes Princess Sparkleberry’s home (when she wants to impress readers with her solid standing as an upright citizen), while on other occasions she is “Citizen Ms Berry of No Fixed Abode 450 New North Road, Hainault IG6 3EB” (when she wants to emphasise her state of dispossession and persecuted penury).

        The story is complicated by the arrival of new members to the dramatis personae , notably Citizen Mrs Theodorou, who was willing (I think) to take up residence with her family in Princess Sparkleberry’s old house and thereby prevent the mortgage-default auction. There is a sub-plot there about Citizen Miss Sophia Theodorou’s need for spinal scoliosis treatment which I shall ignore though Citizen Mr Ellis could not.

        Princess Sparkleberry is also claiming now to be a cancer patient and therefore entitled to special forbearance from bailiffs. I suspect that her cancer is self-diagnosed and as fraudulent as the rest of her sepia cloud of self-aggrandizing lies, though if not, she is fortunate to be harbouring Professor Doctor Lynda Thyer (citizen-oncologist) under her son’s roof.

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      • He’s saying more disgusting stuff about the protected witness, saying he chops babies’ heads off. Self-projection, perhaps? Looking forward to reporting this one 🙂

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      • Neelu: “The reporters were here for the Jack Shepherd case.”

        Well done fellow operatives for sticking to our various cover stories. They didn’t suspect a thing. There will be extra dripping butties on the GCHQ tea trolley tomorrow for you all.

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        • Yes I was very pleased with my effort if I do say so myself. I had a couple of cover stories ready: reporter from Tatler, accountant on a mis-appropriation charge but not a soul came near which was most odd.

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        • “The reporters were here for the Jack Shepherd case.”

          Yeah, and what a sad indictment of our legal system that it’s taken this long to bring an 18th century highwaymen to justice.

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    • Yeh well good luck with appealing.
      Poor Praterson doesn’t seem to understand the difference between having a recording device in the court – ie: a mobile phone and NOT using it ( barristers, lawyers maybe even the judge probably have them in their pockets) whereas when one has one as he did- a video camera, he DID use it and posted the film of the court proceedings on Youtube. There are always signs in the court precint stating you cannot record proceedings.

      I find this man most odd. He posts those vile antisemitic old Nazi posters on Facebook meant as an insult and bizarrely, he looks just like the exaggerated characters in them.
      He pleads with people to contact a certain DC who he seems to imply will help him run us alleged Freemasons out of town yet clearly that copper is the one who arrested him. He gets belted on court steps a couple of times (do not agree with that sort of violence) yet can’t seem to identify his attackers. Recall that first incident when a person who looked like a council worker just walked up and decked him breaking his sunglasses?. Couldn’t have been a stranger, more like someone waiting for him. He must upset an awful lot of people totally unconnected to Hampstead or the matters we talk about.

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    • ‘I been given a £19,000 fine, which I won’t pay, I still owe em 2000 quid from 4 years ago’

      Not paying a court fine would have repercussions I would have thought…

      ‘I’m not gunna pay because I’m innocent’

      I don’t think that’s how it works, me old cobber….
      You went to court and were found GUILTY… regardless of what you think, it’s the courts judgment that counts…

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      • I agree, Steve. There’s no way you would get away with not paying a fine for that long. Not even a £60 bus lane fine that’s a few weeks late, let alone £2,000 after 4 years. I smell bullshit.

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        • Plus how does publicly admitting ‘I aint gunna pay’ and with a preexisting one as well (maybe?) sit with his suspended sentence, I thought you had to be ‘a good little boy’ or they could ‘unsuspend’ the suspended sentence part…

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      • payment plan of 19k fine ? he was really happy chappy about it ,add the other 2 21k so how many days jail do you do for 19 k he said 21 days lol , the numbers do not add up ,his social back ground reports ,and they give an old man ,ah hem stupid one at that ,with 20 years service in the royal navy , ,,a 19 k fine rotfl he would have hit the roof , so his fine would be £273 week would pay it of in 1 year ,payment plans =£5.25 per week x 52 = £273 per year would take 74 years £10.50 x 52 = £546 per year would take 38 years lets go with £21 a week x 52 = £1,092 so 21 quid a week £84 a month for the next 19 years pffft not buying it , take it easy :)he was to happy that grumpy old cnut

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    • “Most of the population wouldn’t know about us”. Yeh spot on there John. Andy’s got a good 20 followers so that’s just another 67 million viewers at least he’ll need to seduce with his scintillating broadcasts.

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