Video share: What’s with Hope Girl’s lies?

A couple of weeks ago, Hope Girl (aka Naima Dawn Feagin) showed up on the Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel and made a proposition: if I would agree to remove all my posts about her from this blog, she would refrain from “exposing” all the information she had accumulated about me (mostly gleaned from the blog I used to write with my sister).

Hope Girl called this a “peace offering”. I call it blackmail, and I refused then—and now—to give in to it.

When she discovered that I didn’t really care that she was sharing information which I had already shared on another blog (well duh—if I shared information publicly there, why would I care that it’s shared again?), she started just making shit up.

Some of it has been ugly, some has been bizarre, and some is just plain feckin’ hilarious—and in this video, we’ll take a look at an example of the latter:

In the video, you’ll find out why Hope Girl has embarked on this strange hate campaign…and what she hopes to gain.

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  1. Most of them have some really bizarre ideas about how the net works don’t they….

    “Stop telling lies (ie the truth) about me or I will put up information about you (that you can read elsewhere on the net)
    Some ‘threat’…

    Add in their ‘confuzzlement’ that we can find out their ‘cunning plans’ so quickly- when they post them on publicly accessible facebook posts or other publicly viewable blogs…

    (Free energy scammers are LIARS, pure and simple- if anything they had worked, not only would they be able to get to be BILLIONAIRES in no time, simply by selling the manufacturing rights to companies, but they would be Nobel prize winners as well, and household names.. (hell they just fixed the energy crisis after all- and opened up a whole new field of physics)

    Instead they hang out in countries with no extradition treaties selling ‘plans’ for a few hundred a pop- the one that was local to me (well same country lol) the Lucas free energy machine, until his death, netted him less than he would have gotten on the dole… Hell in over a decade, he made less than the price of a new car…

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    • Free energy scammers are LIARS, pure and simple

      Naima Dawn Feagin’s grift has a lot in common with the Prosperity Gospel con… “Give me your money and G*d will make you rich! As proof, see how rich he made me!”… but with the Magic Generator taking the place of god.

      She has realised that the circle of people stupid enough to fall for it overlaps considerably with the circle of people who’ve already proved their stupidity by falling for the Prosperity Gospel, which is why she is targetting the Evangelicals with her fraudulent Born-Again Redemption narrative.

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      • There’s one aspect here which might not have received enough opinion. As part of her Redemption Born-Again tale to facilitate fleecing the numpties, Naima repudiated and denounced her New-Age / occultist upbringing (the details are archived somewhere in one of those QEG threads which she would like you to retract). Implicitly, then, she has renounced her New-Age grifting mother and stepfather.

        Of course this is just kayfabe for the suckers and in practice, the grifting parents both remain central in Naima’s Fix-the-World Scamdation.

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        • Yes, that’s a really good point. In a photo taken within the past couple of months, Naima refers to her mother as the “most important” woman in her life. So much for renunciation of her sinful New-Agey ways, then.

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    • And get this – Hope Girl told someone (her own sock Jackie Bellows) yesterday that her threat to post private info’ about Karen and her family if she didn’t stop talking about her on the blog (even though she hadn’t even been mentioned on here in about a year) was “an offer of a truce which Karen rejected”. You couldn’t make it up.

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  2. Picking a word-fight with a successful published author? Isn’t that like getting involved in a land war in Asia? Or quarreling with a publisher who buys pixels by the petabyte?

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  3. The stuff Hopey and her sock Jackie Bellows have been posting about you on Twitter and YouTube is bizarre, EC. She’s either mentally ill, permanently pissed/high or just a nasty little shit. And I still can’t get my head around her trying to fat-bully you, especially as you’re significantly slimmer than her.

    (It’s 5:18, Malcolm. You’re welcome.)

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  4. she started just making shit up.

    To be fair to Naima, fabrication and fraud is literally her only skill. And it got her where she is today (i.e. residing in a country outside of extradition reach from the US), so why should she change?

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  5. That skull EC is really adorable and so cute. Who wouldn’t pick it up and adopt it?
    I’m not sure why anyone would find the idea of a skull offensive or some sort of Satanic symbol seeing we all have one (although a lot seem lacking in the grey matter inside).

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    • It is clear that she is fearless when it comes to most things. The only thing Hope Girl fears is a US extradition warrant for fraudulently obtaining monies!

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      • Or that dreadful moment when it suddenly Dawns on you that Mum and Dad lovingly named you Teflon in the hope that lifes shit never sticks to you or weighs you down yet quite frankly they may just as well have called you Bumbaclot or Twatface because you still managed to somehow let the side down by ending up wedlocked to a venomous lump of human fecal matter anyway.

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      • Contain your excitement or fear: only 12 days to the event that will change history (or maybe not). If you can bear it you can read how John Wanoa has laid down the King’s Bench Law to GB and all her Dominions and the 29th is crutch time when The Fraud-Fiction With The Correcting-Facts happens.

        Apparently if HM or Parliament don’t respond to this decree by the 29th then Wanoa becomes The Ruler of The United Kingdom and he’s instructed the US Navy to invade. And you too Andy Devine will sit at the right side of Hiz Majesty Lord Wanoa as the Royal Equerry.
        # He’s left a blank spot for Donald Trump to sign. I wonder if he doesn’t if the Decree is still legit?. Also signed it with a finger-print!.

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        • I still have no idea who Dan Taragan is except to know he’s somehow upset Andy and the 2 Johns. But he’s mentioned in dispatches. Probably headed for the Wood Chipper.

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          • “Den Tarragon” is a thinly-disguised anagram of Aragorn Dent, so the True King is only waiting for the Sword That Was Broken to come back from the panel-beater.

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    • Wanoa is now living on a mattress in the back of his car and says the bank has stopped his card. I don’t celebrate anyone going downhill but that’s precisely where he’s headed. The bank must have stopped a credit card, they wouldn’t stop a debit card.
      They cannot just suddenly kick you out of a home in NZ without a court order and it takes weeks and weeks if you resist. So this has been going on in the back ground for ages and Wanoa has either ignored it or not told anyone. It’s probable that his landlord took this opportunity to get rid of him.

      So the alleged King is homeless and broke with $100 to his name and facing an uphill battle to get his pension restored. He’ll have to explain what funds he has received over the past few years via “donations” which you have to declare no matter how little it is. He’ll have a hard job explaining how he was able to travel to the UK twice while trying to convince a skeptical investigator that others paid for it. While he’ll probably get his pension restored it will take months not weeks.

      This is the handy work of a smug and arrogant Andy Devine who encourages and indulges, along with John Praterson et all, a clearly mentally ill man who thinks he’s the ‘Surrogate King of England” to pursue this convoluted rubbish even as the man is clearly deteriorating.
      Of course they’ll have a catch-all let out as Wanoa disintegrates: it’s the work of GCHQ.

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      • In recent decades we have observed that the most effective method of tipping the lunatic fringe over the edge is to leave them completely alone.
        Meanwhile,If anyone fancies game of Dominoes,Scrabble or 9 pint naked twister on their team building budget contact agent Dave at the Dog and Whistle 10am-11pm.

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    • That awkward moment when…you realise you have no substantive criticism to make, so you go for the easy pickings—the presenter’s appearance, fashion choices, vocabulary…. Frankly, I see this as a victory. 😁

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  6. What’s Cat’s problem, other than being a sad, gay-hating racist who picks on gingers and fat people, has a drink problem and (by her own admission) smacks her own kids around…? 🤔

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  7. Check out Devine’s rant starting at 1:06:25 😆

    Drinking game – two sups every time he says the word ‘mate’

    And you score bonus points if you can get through his usual malapropisms (“By the feather you choose to fly with, you’ll all be tarred with the same brush”), death threats (“Steve – mark my words: if anything happens to Lee Cant, I will blow you out of the window”) and hypocrisy (ranting about bullies when his best mate is Praterson).

    Oh and peace-and-love Kaley Einav makes her usual appearance, natch:

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    • He really is as thick as a plank isn’t he…
      It’s not the person they moderate, it’s the BEHAVIOUR…..
      (although serial offenders can and will be shut down before even making a post- if they are stupid enough to confirm they are a previously moderated or banned user that is…)

      Hopefully his wife doesn’t ‘need’ that account, because he’s making sure it won’t be around for too much longer…
      (plus if he does get it banned- and I suspect he will- then she will have future issues as well…)

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      • I’m wondering if it’s just that Caroline Stephens has blocked him. And she’s a raving loon herself, in the Ramola D. mold, who until now has apparently had no limits on what stark raving out-there fruitloops she’s interviewed, supported and cheered on. Then she met Devine.

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        • I think she’s the one who always apologises as she’s always on medication. Which probably should be a requirement listening to Andy drone on for hours about The Facts Not The Fiction. Something heavy like Opium.

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    • It just doesn’t seem to occur to them that their inane beliefs and crackpot ideas (such as a hapless homeless Kiwi will soon take control of the UK etc) are not what gets their posts removed, it’s the fact they persist in posting vile antisemitic and racist insults and issue threats to murder and feed people feet first through a wood chipper.
      If I hear one of these loons claim once more “they don’t like hearing the truth..” I’ll scream. The sheer arrogance.

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    • Yeh it’s a Youtube video so the game is up. There are even Youtube videos with some Kiwi living in his car saying he’s the King of England so of course if it’s on YT that settles the matter.

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      • Yeah and that video’s been up for several weeks and we’re still here 😆

        Also, that video-so-and-so-doesn’t-want-you-to-see-shtick is a bit rich coming from someone who seems to spend half her life reporting videos she disapproves of.

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        • Not to mention removing videos and websites she doesn’t want people to see…such as the one in which she described her relationship with “Randy” (😂) and made no allusion to his having assaulted her, but then decided he had, and so had to remove all traces of the video from the internet.

          Just for example.

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    (Devine’s words, not mine, lol)


    Apparently Lyn Thyer’s bail has been refused and she has to report to a court or face arrest (according to Neelu):

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      • Yes I really object to this.

        I had my dearest friend die 3 years ago from Liver Cancer (he was 86 but watching the suffering was hard) and he was the cleanest living, non-alcohol drinking, vegan person on the planet who was still running (not jogging) a few miles each day until 3 months before he succumbed to this disease.
        If anyone was open to alternative therapies it would be him but he knew they were nonsense and gave thanks that Morphine would be available in plenty until the end.

        I don’t think these people have even met anyone with the deadliest cancers.
        Except Neelu obviously but even then getting the truth out of her about her sister’s demise is difficult.
        These phony cancer remedies are one of the worst aspects of “fake news” on the internet.

        The claims are not even logical : there are legitimate complaints to make about “Big Pharma”..especially in the USA with their resistance to any type of subsidized medicine ( although many of the States are really good) and the price gouging etc but even under Capitalism they do try to sell a product that works. Why else would they even be in business?.

        That doesn’t mean it always works and there have been numerous medical scandals but overall big drug manufacturers are in the business to produce products that do the job. And they also plow huge sums back into developing new drugs.
        If using Marijuana or bleach or some blood product was so easy don’t these nutters think the government or “Big Pharma” would have already collared the market?.
        After all these claimed products cost almost nothing to produce ( in parts of Australia apparently grass grows in almost unstoppable quantities they can’t eradicate it) and the profits would be enormous. Bleach costs nothing to produce.

        As previously mentioned I had a few months of chemo last year and with most sessions being around 5-8 hours you tend to wander and talk to other patients wheeling your equipment around the clinic . I spoke to several who had used Marijuana products (from OAPs to young professionals) and the reports were interesting: some (who were in pain- not me) said either smoking or taking Marijuana oil was a terrific aid to pain and aided mentally. A couple of others said it had nil effect. None with a cancer disease dared expect Marijuana products to be a cure and were horrified by any other alternative cure. And why would they? Who sensibly would use something as damaging as bleach when there are drugs that work?.

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        • Well said Sam. I’m glad the chemo helped you. My brother was given 3 months to live 4 years ago, cancer had spread, he was in a bad way by then but with the help of chemo we had another welcome 3 years with him before the disease took him, not the chemo as the nutters say, but eventually there wasn’t any type of chemo that could help him, (we didn’t realise until then that there were different types of chemo).

          Chemo is not for everyone, through choice or what type of the dreaded disease each person is suffering with. That lot are scaring people who, if any of them are unfortunate enough to get cancer, they will not listen to Doctors & specialists who have years of experience because they have listened to Devine & his cronies with their conspiracies. I hope they can be stopped, prosecuted preferably though.


    • Or they could save time and just check Neelu’s attic. She all but admitted she was in there with her video posted a few days ago!

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        • No matter how many videos I see of Devine giving in-depth lectures on medicine, I still don’t know what his medical qualifications are. Does anyone know which university he got his doctorate from? 🙄

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          • Andy gained his Doctorate in Quantum Ass Hattery from Wright State Uni, Barking in 1978. He went on to practice flogging smokey comestible products as a handy little cash cow where he finely honed the art of being a complete self centered wanker.

            In a bid to “put something back into the community” whilst serving out probation,Andy established his own course teaching mindless platitudes to already bored YTS students so they could claim their dole money.There were unfortunately no survivors,the poor bastards.

            Andy f̶u̶c̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶ retired to a laundryroom in Greece on his ill gotten gains. He has since embraced the computer age and has started to learn to read badly for interminally long periods to vulnerable lost souls who are seeking any alternative to watching Judge Judy all day until the kids get in from school and start on the special brew until the wee hours.

            Andy is known locally as Perpatóntas gobshoite apó tin Anglía (Trans:”Oh Shit, here comes that walking gobshoite from England”

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          • I can also report that apart from his Doctorate in Quantum Ass Hattery, Andy Devine received First Class Honors in the course “How to Bore People Witless by Droning On For At Least 2 hours about Facts Not The Fiction”.

            Andy’s teacher Professor George Dufort, was quoted as saying : “young Andy was my very best student and excelled in the way he was able to bore each and every one of his class mates for hours on end. I can’t even think of any other student of Ass Hattery who excelled in this and I confidently predict that if ever something like The Internets are invented young Andy will have a wonderful career boring the general public for hours on end”.

            Professor Dufort continued: “we have only ever had another student with the qualities of Andy and he is a New Zealand chap who apparently owns every car-park in Auckland and soon, in London. I’ve often wondered where he ended up but I still have the flag he gifted me which he said would gain me admittance to virtually any institution in the UK and namely the Gentleman’s’ Club called Broadmoor Hospital.”

            # Editors note: shortly after our interview with Professor Dufort concluded he was immediately “requested” to attend a meeting with a battery of psychiatrists when a DC John Patterson (for it is he) from the South London Wood Chipping Squad presented a warrant for the Professor’s immediate arrest under Common Law.
            ” Don’t worry”, said DC Paterson ” we have arranged a legal advocate for Prof Dufort- a Mr Edward Ellis. If you contact his Earthly rep Princess Neelu Berry from the Planet Zog she will write a lengthy screed of mumbo jumbo that will fool any illegitimate Judge in the Royal Courts of Injustice”.

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    • I laughed about the ‘assassins in the ambulance’ and what he is referring to at 9.05 about ‘they are shutting down Neelu’s cameras now’ is this

      What is hilarious is that you can see the camera is not ‘shut down’, what has happened is that like most security cameras, it has IR illumination (so they can ‘see in the dark’- if you look at them at night, you can often see them glowing very dull red, almost invisible) as the ambulance went past, it’s lights were bright enough to trick the ‘daylight sensor’ in the camera into thinking it was daytime and it’s switched off the IR lighting…

      No great mystery or conspiracy…

      (one of my cameras does exactly the same thing whenever I turn on the spare bedroom light with the curtains open at night, that camera goes ‘black’ as the light from the bedroom falls on the camera and it goes into daylight mode- pain as it monitors the back fence, which has (like any other tall fence in the area) been targeted by ‘taggers’)

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      • Speaking of Neelu- is there anything she won’t believe…

        “Mark Steele has confirmed that the full effects of 5G are depicted in this video, which was released by Wikileaks in 2012 – if you notice in the first few seconds, to the left is a nuclear plant and these young people who all have nose bleeds and collapse to the floor including the cameraman, are on their way home after work, crossing a bridge somewhere in the Netherlands. Notice the birds are stuck under these metal clouds and drop vertically from the skies as if cooked in a microwave oven. The other birds are sucked out of the trees in a swirl onto the Radio tower and exploded out. The boats are lifted whilst the trees are set alight all over for miles and miles – all in 55 sec. Nothing in the Mainstream Media. That was when Julian Assange was targetted. Work it out, Wikileaks, 5G, Assange, Cancers, Mind Control, nose-bleeds, bird deaths, fires, explosions” from Neelu

        So a video from 6/8/2018, was released in 2012, showing the effects of a tech (5G) which wasn’t even being rolled out at that stage (trials began several months later in a very few places in Nov 2018…)

        I looked up the dictionary and found this entry…

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        • Nice little video, although that is not the Borssele nuclear station.
          “lou lotus
          5 months ago
          its 100% true – you are all in denial”

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        • If ever tempted to feel sorry for Princess Sparkleberry for being such a credulous fuckknuckle, we should remember that she gets her kicks from talking family members out of seeking treatment for cancer, so she can watch them die in agony.

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          • Paul 'the party animal' Parker, acting deputy supervisor, Hoaxtead Research ICT Dept. says:

            It is linking, Steve. You’ve now posted it three times 🤭

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          • Sorry- for some reason, I can see my posts, but nothing shows where the video should be (although it’s not that videos aren’t showing others are visible here…)
            Sorry about that all…

            I’m not going crazy…I’m not, I’m not, I’m not….

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          • You aren’t going crazy (though could be forgiven if you were ) but videos sometimes do not show up immediately. I think it’s a WordPress thing.
            So does this mean Neelu has a property with CCTV cameras?
            I just know in my bones she’s a potential Rachman landlord.


      • Astonishing. The Devine blunder has got something right. Yes, she is. Innocent until proved guilty. Doesn’t mean you are allowed to walk around free if your bail has been denied.


        • It’s not a guilt / innocence issue, but an extradition thing. Now Citizen Mrs Thyer might argue that the French justice system is corrupt and she won’t receive a fair trial, but she should have thought of that when she went there to live and to do the crimes with David Noakes.

          She has already done a runner from the French courts (which is why the European Arrest Warrant and the extradition), was most recently nabbed at Heathrow trying to leave the UK, faked illness to get shifted to hospital, then “absconded” from the hospital (Princess Sparkleberry’s word) to hide in Princess Sparkleberry’s son’s attic.

          And she expects to be granted bail.

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      • I skipped this Youtuber and went straight to the Comments, which are written in Sovereign-Citizen Quantum Syntax.


        Email From Neelu :
        c/o DJ Snow

        Dear Resident Judge, c/o DJ Snow,

        Further to my telephone call to you at 3pm, I have just been informed by Derriford Hospital 01752 202082 in Plymouth that they are very concerned for the Medical health of Citizen Lynda Thyer after she absconded from the Respiratory Ward at 11 am this morning. She was admitted on medical grounds due to stress induced loss of appetite of 1 week, after 5 collapses in 7 days, low BP, several attempts at resuscitation, coughing blood. A Mental Health Fraud was also attempted at the hospital.

        She was officially discharged at 3.20pm this afternoon in her absence.

        I can confirm that the criminal charges she faces are identical to those faced by Citizen Mr David Noakes who has 3 appeals to Ruling, Conviction & Sentence pending from 27th Nov 2018, due to failure of the Criminal Appeals Office to process them in an Extradition Fraud.

        Please note Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis, is managing these cases as part of the Mass Remedy Process of the Equity Monarchy Trusts, which is in the Purged Mass Remedy Stage. Mr Ellis is a witness to the corruption in all the jurisdictions including the Criminal Appeals, over the last 15 years, resulting in the Forced General Election power being used at present by the Crown & Lord Bishops.

        All Extradition proceedings in the Westminster Magistrates Court are in Contempt of the Criminal Appeals Court.

        Please note, both Lynda Thyer and David Noakes as well as 8 other Defendants are the subject of a witch-hunt by the MHRA Big Pharma, after they successfully found a natural way to recover patients with Stage 4 Cancers within a few months using GcMAF. Lynda Thyer is a World renowned Researcher and Biomedical Scientist. Over a 100 Naturopaths have been disappeared or murdered in the last few years.

        This is a Remedy Demand that the appeals are dealt with before any further Extradition proceedings.

        That all bail conditions on all 10 Defendants are revoked pending appeals

        That all bank accounts are unfrozen and all assets returned to all 10 defendants immediately.

        Witness Protection Orders be issued to stop all Ruin Frauds against Corruption Claimants of the Equity Monarchy Trusts

        Neelu Berry
        Equity Monarchy Trusts on behalf of Equity Lawyer

        cc. Edward William Ellis 07788371717

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        • Not this Dundonian guy John Smith, who has appointed himself as her Common-Law-Court Power-of-Attorney agent? Hilarity ensued.

          :Clive-Albert 6 hours ago
          [“So they have ignored Lynda’s Live-Life-Claim and the Common Law Court order direct from a Common Law Jury to dismiss the European Extradition Order. Wow they just don’t care do they. “]

          DeVine Bar 6 hours ago
          I’m not sure they have a Live-Life-Claim, I was only Told they Was Having Help Make Them !!

          :Clive-Albert 6 hours ago
          @DeVine Bar [“Okay :Andy it was my understanding that they had, anyway I believe they both had a Common Law Court Book of Deeds Birth Certificate and a Book of Deeds Certificate of Ownership of the legal fiction, if they did have it looks like the court just ignored it, they must be quite confident of themselves. “]

          DeVine Bar 5 hours ago
          @:Clive-Albert How are they going to answer for allowing Lynda’s “SACKED” Lawyers speak for Her??? I await what John Smith has to Say He’ll know more!!”
          I have taken the liberty of emphasising the crucial words here:

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          • Just so it’s recorded here, fake Judge John Smith (he of the Common Law Court) is currently bound over to keep the Queen’s peace from a case heard in Paisley Sheriff’s Court in March.

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    • And to think I used to love going to Brighton for weekends in the 70s /80s when it was full of eccentric colorful characters.
      Now fuckwits reign.


  9. I reported a prerecorded scam phone call that I received today – saying my BT account has been hacked press so-and-so button etc (can’t they think of something more original?). I reported it via an online form provided by BT and read a suggestion that it be reported to action.fraud. I haven’t done so yet but wondered has anybody reported any of the scammers to action.fraud (though it may be difficult if the hoaxers are outside the British Isles I realise as UK laws may not apply. I didn’t press any buttons so haven’t given the scammers any details of my ID or bank account or anything.

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    • I’ve been nearly driven crazy in Australia with telephone scammers and changed my number twice but they still find me. And they are becoming more sophisticated by claiming they are from Microsoft etc.
      And this is the problem: I have no problem with call centres being base din Asia as most in Oz are but I reallt believe they sell phone numbers on the side. Probably paid really bad wages.
      # I had one 2 days ago in the Philippines when i was inquiring about a new internet service and he said he would love to be my tour guide if I ever went there. Full marks to him but really…

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      • They rarely actually know (or care) who is on the other end, note that they rarely actually know your name or anything, its a generic ‘ we detected a virus’ or whatever

        Changing your phone number often doesn’t do any good, a lot are simple cold calls- they start at xx0000 and work their way through to xx9999…
        Some are gleaned from various lists (I get a lot from the ‘No it was never hacked, trust me’ census- shame that I accidentally mispelt my first name (stupid phone keyboard) and now I’m getting spam addressed to the email and the mobile phone listed with that same mis-spelling….)
        I think not….


  10. I may not have made things clear – I was wondering if people claiming they are going to set up bogus companies and promoting fake cures could be reported to action.fraud

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  11. “Karen is completely obsessed with me… She’s written dozens of blog posts, made hundreds of videos about me…”

    Wow, they can’t even be arsed to make their lies believable any more 🙄

    And don’t even get me started on the irony and self-projection…

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    • “Suspended” is a catch all message. The exact nature of the suspension is only really known to the user and Twitter. I was going to post a link to the help center link, but it’s broken at the moment!


  12. The latest GcMAF updates from respected medical experts Neelu Berry and John Paterson…


  13. “Praterson’s just said that the police can’t be trusted to find Lyn Thyer”

    I see from the Quatloos thread that Thyer didn’t turn up at her extradition appeal so there is now a police warrant for her arrest. She had earlier debunked from hospital (having rushed herself there with a bad case of the Malingles) and was hiding out with Princess Sparkleberry and her son and Equity Lawyer, in the house they now occupy (previously belonging to the sister killed by Sparkleberry’s cancer treatments neglect). Everyone is now playing dumb and telling one another that it was the hospital’s job to keep track of Thyer, let’s stage vigils outside the hospital until they release her, Thyer was abducted by Secret Police, etc.

    Is that about right?

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  14. Sounds about right Smut, that’s if Neelu and/or David Noakes don’t change their fairytales again. Eg: Absconded, kidnapped, disappeared, passed away, sectioned secretly……..

    Noakes says she can’t be reached…….


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