Sabine and friends defend convicted criminals

Yesterday we revealed that anti-Semitic buffoon Patrick Cullinane has an even darker side, as he has openly supported at least three convicted murderers—and gone to prison for illegally recording the court proceedings of one of them. Today we bring you a few more examples of Hoaxtead promoters and their strange fondness for violent criminals.

Under each name you’ll find a contemporaneous report of the crime committed, followed by the version put out by Sabine and her friends. We’ve kept these snippets verbatim, without comment. You may draw your own conclusions.

Ian Huntley: Murderer of two young girls in Soham

From The Guardian, 17 December 2003:

Ian Huntley was today given two life sentences after being convicted by an Old Bailey jury of murdering Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.

Huntley’s co-accused and former girlfriend, Maxine Carr, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail after being found guilty of conspiring with Huntley to pervert the course of justice. She was cleared of two counts of assisting an offender in relation to the murder of the girls.

As he handed down the sentences, trial judge Mr Justice Moses told Huntley: “You murdered them both, you were the only person who knows how you murdered them … in your lies and manipulation up to this very day you have increased the suffering you have caused the two families.”

From Sabine’s blog, Victims Unite, 15 August 2010:

Norman Scarth writes:

Ian Huntley, was convicted of the Soham murders of the two little girls  At the time I was like everybody else, with no doubts about his guilt.  From the time he was first charged, he has been demonised (along with his girlfriend, Maxine Carr).  There are people who say his conviction was the biggest stitch-up ever, for the foulest of reasons. I tend to believe them. 

The Musa children: Parents imprisoned due to extreme child abuse

From The Telegraph, 14 August 2012:

Two cruel parents convicted of a decade long campaign of abuse against their kids after Coronation Street star Michelle Collins gave evidence against them were jailed for seven years each today.

The Nigerian couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, beat them with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday.

The kids were finally rescued after their eldest daughter threw a heart-wrenching SOS note out of a window….

…The abuse came to the attention of police in April 2010 when their nine-year-old wrote an SOS note and threw it out of her bedroom window.

The heart-breaking plea read: “My mum is the worst mum ever because she can’t cope with five of us, her broken hand and being pregnant. She always leaves me out so I always starve and I am forced to work.

“If I don’t get enough house work done, I am beaten without mercy with the wooden end of a broom. I have scars all over me to prove it. I can’t stay here. I would like a new mum.”

It was found by a neighbour who called the police, and when officers attended the address they found the children living in messy conditions with “dirty” and “dishevelled” clothing.

Revealing scars the eldest said her mother had hit her with a cable, a broom, and a hoover and her father had dangled her by her feet down the stairwell of the house, tied her hands behind her back and her legs together “to get the devilish spirits out”, prosecutor Emma Smith said.

Her sister, who was seven at the time, had a stick shaped bruise of her thigh and after a few months in care, she drew a series of pictures showing her dad beating her and her being left home alone and including a speech bubble saying ‘I’m hungry.’

The children were left home alone for hours, sometimes days on end, with the elder kids forced to look after the others.

They had even been forced to lie to a charity and social services that they were living alone with their mother in one room and had no idea who their dad was so they could scam benefits.

From Sabine’s blog, A Nigerian family – Destroyed by Haringey Council – Gagged from Reporting:

Five children were kidnapped from the Musa parents on 8th April 2010 by eight police officers, led by Sgt Kadiri:

  • a physical break-in by force – without any door bell ringing
  • without any documentation or court order
  • with all children screaming and everybody protesting.

At the time, the mother Gloria Musa was pregnant with her sixth child who was born in June 2010. Four hours after birth, nine police officers came into the ward at 3am when the lights were off:

  • seizing the baby from breast feeding
  • pulling her arms and legs such that she is still limping today
  • strangling Gloria until she fainted and was believed to be dead.

This baby was returned for ‘failing to thrive’. After all, mother’s milk is best, and Africans tend to be naturally allergic to Western industrial milk  and lactose. BUT: Haringey needed to find ways of getting the Musas behind bars. So they staged this drugging of the baby:

  1. a vaccination is supposedly required which, unfortunately, the Musas did not question at all
  2. the baby develops a temperature two weeks later
  3. at the hospital a whole operation is staged – to make believe that the parents DRUGGED the little girl!

    So they get lumbered with criminal charges and get imprisoned on 28th November.

Ronald Castree: Murdered Lesley Molseed

From The Guardian, 12 November 2007:

Fittingly, it was the revolutionary discovery of DNA-tracing which made it just as certain that Castree was convicted today, in spite of attempts in the witness box to pin the crime on a third man, convicted violent paedophile Raymond Hewlett, who has always denied it.

The story revealed at Bradford crown court showed that the real murderer – an office worker at the time but more recently a dealer in second-hand comics – should have been a prime suspect in Lesley’s death in 1975.

Castree lived on the same Turf Hill estate in Rochdale, had no safe alibi and, most tellingly, was convicted within a year of the Molseed murder of abducting another young local girl and trying to assault her in an empty house.

Unlike frail Lesley, who had survived open-heart surgery and weighed less than four stone, this child punched and kicked her way to freedom and identified Castree to police.

His seediness was more widely known at the time. His then wife told his murder trial that he had been serially unfaithful and taunted her about getting a divorce.

Lesley was abducted when she went on a Sunday errand to the local shops to buy bread and an air freshener, skipping off in her older sister’s floppy Bay City Rollers socks.

“A dainty little imp,” her mother April Garrett told the Bradford jury. “I wish you could have seen her.”

No one did for four days, until a van driver who had kipped overnight in a layby above Halifax got up to relieve himself and to his horror found the girl’s body, bloodied by 11 stab wounds.

From Sabine’s blog, Victims Unite!:

This judicial conspiracy to deny Castree his legal representative of choice meant that he was defenceless. The jury heard a tissue of police lies that were not challenged or questioned by the court appointed defence lawyers.  He was convicted as was planned by Superintenent Max McLean and the pervert judges named above.

It was blatant malfeasance and a bloody mindset to convict by both judges who were Castree’s last line of defence. Castree foolishly put his trust in the judges to give him a fair trial not knowing that they were bent on stitching him up and had conspired together in this.

There was a pressing need to solve this 30 year old murder above all other murders since Kiszko’s exoneration had opened it up to scrutiny.

So Ronald Castree became the second man to be stitched up for the Lesley Molseed murder, a murder that really needed to be solved because the police knew who the real killer was. That man was Peter Sutcliffe but he is supposed to be the Ripper and the last thing they needed was a spotlight on him and his assaults on young girls which might undermine his conviction as the Ripper under his deal whereby he confessed to all the Ripper murders in addition to his own copycat killings in return for ten years in the mental and no trial.

Sutcliffe had masturbated over Lesley just as he had done six weeks earlier to 14 year old Tracy Browne in Silsden. His white car with red upholstry was seen at the scene and Marcella Claxton described it six months later when Sutcliffe made a similar assault on her and masturbated over her also.

Norman Scarth: Attacked bailiffs with a chainsaw

From the Yorkshire Evening Post, 23 June 2001:

A VIOLENT pensioner who attacked a bailiff with a chainsaw was today starting a six-year jail sentence.

Judge David Bentley had heard how Norman Scarth, 75, who had refused to obey an order to quit a house, shouted to bailiffs who went to evict him: “I’ll let one of you in and whoever comes out alive can have the house.” When the bailiffs entered the house he went for one with a chainsaw, and tried to stab another.

The two Leeds County Court bailiffs were so traumatised by the incident they have been unable to work since.

Scarth was convicted in April at Sheffield Crown Court of wounding bailiff Alan Teale with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

The judge told the ex-serviceman: “This was a serious and highly dangerous assault. Your intention when you attacked the bailiff was to cause him grievous bodily harm.”

The judge said that in 1999, the executors of the late Mr Denis Roberts began proceedings against Scarth to recover possession of a house at Gledhow Park Grove, Leeds, where he was living. But he disregarded a court order to quit and a warrant was issued for possession, and he was warned that bailiffs would be attending on June 20 last year.

The judge said: “Two bailiffs attended to execute the warrant and police officers were close at hand. “When the bailiffs arrived, you were ready and waiting. Barbed wire had been strung across the door and slogans were daubed on the house. “In at least two of the rooms were gas cylinders with rags wrapped around the nozzles and you had weapons including a chain saw, two knives and a piece of wood studded with nails.”

As the bailiffs mounted the stairs, they saw a bedroom door ahead of them and Mr Teale pushed open the door.

The Judge added: “You started up the chainsaw and immediately lunged at Mr Teale with it. “He received cuts to his hand as he pushed the blade away. Had the blade sliced into his abdomen, the injury would have been serious if not fatal. You then took a knife and tried to stab Mr Teale, but at that point bailiff Lynden Evans managed to disarm you.

“It was a premeditated planned attack and it has left Mr Teale with a permanent disability to his right hand.

“Both he and Lynden Evans have suffered post traumatic stress and have been unable to work since.” The judge said he believed that Scarth’s motive for the attack was to get himself prosecuted to provide a platform to air grievances about police and the judiciary.

He added: “You have shown no remorse.

“In the police van you were heard chuckling and when you were asked why you said you were amused by the injury to Mr Teale.”

The judge said Scarth was rude and abusive to witnesses at his trial, calling the bailiffs “wimps” and added: “I believe there is a substantial risk of you committing violent offences in the future.

“Your behaviour during your trial demonstrates you are highly aggressive and have little or no control.

“I am satisfied that you are possessed and are obsessive and labour under the delusion that you are a victim of judicial persecution.

“I bear in mind your hitherto good character and your service record but this remains a very grave offence.”

From Sabine’s blog, Victims Unite!:

Norman Scarth writes—

The first potentially lethal terror attack on 8th August 1999 came just seventeen days after the European Court for Human Rights had ruled that I was the victim of a violation of Article 6, and JUST SIX WEEKS after I had appeared in the Civil Appeal Court, and told Lord Woolf (MR) Lord Justice Otton and LJ Ward “Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary.

Few men of my age would not have had one or the other.  Because concerned neighbours had gathered, they did not use the battering ram that had been called for, but instead laid siege to the house for THREE HOURS, before backing off saying, “We have decided this is not a police matter – BUT WE’LL BE BACK!” All that, and much more is on tape.

In the days, weeks and months which followed, my desperate S.O.S. messages were faxed to EVERY ‘watchdog’ in the land.  A curt brush-ff came from only two – from the rest, not even acknowledgement!

The police had licence to commit any crime against me with impunity.  For eleven months I dared leave the house only three times.  It was unlawful but very effective ‘house arrest’, imprisoned by fear – and I am NOT a timid man!

After 11 months my fears proved justified, when they DID smash into my home, and gave me a brutal kicking that put me in hospital.  There followed the malicious prosecution for a NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’, and a Kangaroo Court ‘hearing’ where I was given a sentence of six years in prison, plus four years on extended licence.


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  1. Classic hissy fit, much to the delight of Mel Ve, who seems rather turned on by the whole thing. Enjoy…

    Sorry, EC. Tail end of the last post and all that. I couldn’t let this one sink into obscurity – it’s too delicious.

    And as Liza Radley said, McKenzie’s Devils are gonna love it!

    If any of you can bear it, the full interview is currently on the CCN live feed (you may have to scroll back a bit, though).

    Now to read that nice Mr. Coyote’s Sabine post… 🙂

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  2. Whatever tribe he’s in I’ll join another one if you don’t mind.

    I bet his neighbours love him!

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  3. You’re welcome, EC.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Huntley admitted that the girls had died in his house; he claimed that he accidentally knocked Wells into the bath while helping her control a nosebleed, and this caused her to drown.”

    “The police investigation suggested that she [Maxine Carr] knew Huntley had committed the murders but had provided him with an alibi in an attempt to prevent him from being accused. She pleaded guilty to the first charge and not guilty to the second.”

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  4. Yes – very excellent research & expose this last series of postings, thank you!

    It is important to document and publicize this appalling hypocrisy.
    It is not unique to Hampstead Hoaxers as I’m sure you know. It is curiously prevalent element throughout current, modern and historic conspiranoid culture.
    “Programmed To Kill” by pos Dave McGowan, is apologetics for Henry Lee Lucas, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Wayne Williams and many other serial killers – hypocritically dedicated to “all the survivors” – and wildly popular amongst the Truthers.
    “Franklin Cover-up” author John DeCamp was consiglierre to the american Christian Patriot Militias and an apologist for Timothy McVeigh, as was Satanic Panic godfather Ted Gunderson. (John DeCamp was also the operations coordinator of the CIA’s mini-genocide Phoenix Program in Vietnam. Incredibly, the CIA conspiracy “experts” of the Canadian “truth movement” were not aware of this fact before I rubbed their noses in it, many years ago).
    I could go on and on listing conspiranoid apologists for sexual criminals and murderers, but instead let me recommend the brilliant classic “The Paranoid Style In American Politics” by Richard Hofstadter, which may provide some insights:

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  5. For entertainment purposes only…
    “Organized? Abuse!” a satire for those with ears to hear.

    ME: So, I read your book “The Problem of Organized Crime in Urban Centres”.
    AUTHOR: Thank you.
    ME: In this book, you listed Alien Abduction as a sub-type of Organized Crime.
    AUTHOR: Yes, of course.
    ME: Alien Abduction?
    AUTHOR: Highly organized – so organized that they’ve never been caught in the act. And abduction is a terrible crime, don’t you agree?
    ME: Uh…I guess so. So…you have an Introduction – 3 pages. Chapter One, wherein you give definitions for Organized Crime and a series of sub-types – 5 pages. Chapter Two, reproducing your article in “A Journal of Organized Crime” about Outlaw Motorcycle gang involvement in drug-dealing and prostitution – 10 pages. That was actually very good.”
    AUTHOR: Thank you.
    ME: Chapter Three, a 200 page thesis theorizing that Alien Abductions are an unacknowledged factor in major physical and mental illness, family violence, poverty, drug addiction, prostitution and child abuse. You also state that civil authorities’ “failure to acknowledge Alien Abduction” violates the human and civil rights of alien abductees. Chapter Four, 187 pages of Alien Abductee claimant life history narratives with no critical analysis or commentary by you. A Conclusion – 5 pages.
    AUTHOR: Yes.
    ME: I see
    AUTHOR: Yes
    ME: I don’t suppose it’s possible, that you’ve incorporated Alien Abduction as a sub-type of Organized Crime, to justify sneaking a major thesis about Alien Abduction into a book purporting to be about Organized Crime?
    AUTHOR: No, of course not!
    ME: Or, perhaps, that you made Alien Abduction a sub-type so that you could accuse Alien Abduction skeptics of denying the existence of Organized Crime?
    AUTHOR: Not at all!
    ME: Or that you intend to claim that experts and officials who make public statements like: “Organized Crime is a serious problem in this city” are endorsed YOUR claim that Alien Abduction is a serious problem in this city?
    AUTHOR: NO! What do you take me for, a devious and dissembling crusader-advocate for alien abductees?
    ME: Well…frankly, yes.
    AUTHOR: How much are your alien masters paying you to discredit victims of “Organized Crime”?
    ME: I thought you’d pull something like this. GET OUT!

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  6. Shares in ponchos,bongos and “cosmic network projectors” are tumbling on the world financial markets.This guy needs to to make an adjustment to his pitching technique, something along the lines of of having his brain surgically removed.

    I`m out.

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  7. I find the links quite frightening. Sabine seems to surround herself by people with “strange” traits, her “cases” are often extreme.

    The Musas were mentioned by EC. The “star mckenzie friend” in that (according to Sabine) seemed to be Maurice Kirk.

    Looking on his blog is a post which shows a conversation between him and the police.

    Just what is it with these people. A pensioner attacking a man with a chainsaw, another threatening to burn down a house, Gloria Musa beating her children ???

    Below is a picture (from one of Sabines blogs) of Musa, Kirk and Sabine.

    Reading the blogs of those people is so depressing.

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  8. She will need to add some extra hard drive capacity if she keeps downloading at this rate.A little defrag wouldnt go amiss either.

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  9. Today I’m channeling Lord Ashtray of Hampstead Heath, not to be mistaken with his brother Lord Ashtar, who’s spaceship regularly hovers over Ilford.

    Me: I’m ready. (Eyes staring. A loud fart issues from my alter. It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.)
    Lord Ashtray: Oh children of the tunnels under Hampstead Heath, I come to you via this lowly vessel….
    Me: Hang on a bit matey….
    Lord Ashtray: I come to you via this lowly vessel who’s high IQ and good looks are evident….
    Me: That’s more like it.
    Lord Ashtray: My message is that you should be patient and hopeful. I see a future with
    flea-ridden cells, microwaved food and much wailing and gnashing of keyboards. I see
    desolation, but mostly on the faces of prison psychiatrists.
    (Long silence)
    Me: Is that it?
    Lord Ashtray: Well it IS opening time. Me and your alters are going down the
    Me: Ah, real Ale!

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  10. Interesting Justin Sanity, I was not aware about that with regard to John DeCamp.

    Mind you he wasn’t the only McVeigh defender, the well-known left wing writer Gore Vidal also felt that McVeigh was a patsy.

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  12. Whys hopegirl begging for money? if the QEG worked she could go to any F1 or Le Mans team and get millions of dollars just for letting them use it for 1 season, by the description of it, it is the same as an F1 KERS unit but self regenerates itself, its pure bullshit. And Mel Ve, you are enabling this scam despite your disclaimer. How can you support this woman who was going to take a widows inheritance before the bank stopped it? That’s a new low even for you, SCAMMING WIDOWS OUT OF THEIR INHERITANCE! you lowlife scum.


  13. I remember Angie also posted a link claiming Huntley to be innocent.

    It’s not like the above people were convicted on hearsay. There was concrete evidence linking them to their crimes. It’s difficult to work out whether they are truly delusional, or so determined that the police and judiciary be painted as the bad guys, they are willing to support real child murderers. Alternatively, as others have hinted at, they maybe up to something even more sinister.

    The thing is, in none of their recordings of the police, have the police been heavy handed. They have been polite, patient and respectful. Likewise with the judges in any transcript released. Yet, they would have us believe the police were storming through the doors and windows like some SAS mission.

    “Delusional, obsessional, irrational and odd”.

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  14. Put it this way, Dave – there is much more evidence against any one of the above miscreants than there is against all the accused residents of Hampstead combined! But I’ll try not to confuse Angie and Sabine with facts or logic.

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  15. I know someone that got over £20,000 back from Lloyds TSB for PPI. They only had to send one letter which they downloaded from a moneysaving expert website, so no paying a middle man. And another guy that has a mortgage with Santander. Santander gave him help when he lost his job and was struggling to keep payments for a while. I reckon the problem is the likes of Angie think it’s fine to borrow money and never have to pay any back. While also scamming other people out of cash.

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  16. I know—this is what makes it so hard for me to imagine that anyone sane could possibly fail to see that those kids were being abused.


  17. Apparently it’s Hopeless Girl’s birthday today. Maybe she can rip off another widow and give herself a nice well earned birthday present. Or maybe she can just shut the fuck up, which would be an early birthday gift for all of us.

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  18. I saw it on one of MKDs videos, I think it was one of the long ones where hopegirl and mel are talking, They were both pretty pissed at the bank manager refusing to give this widows inheritance over, he researched hopegirl and could see it was a scam.

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  19. Good grief.Surely attempting fraud/theft is a serious crime.Anyone know if she was arrested for such disgraceful activity?


    Awww! I’m honored, guys. That was great – thank you! 🙂

    And I appreciate the “spot on”s, telling me you understand that although it sounds funny this way, its no joke. You’d only have to switch certain terms for…different terms…and it would become depressingly real.

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  21. I was joking about Rose West and Ian Brady yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised now to see Sabine defending either of them now. The Wests: loving parents with a strict approach to discipline? The moors murderers: an altruistic young couple who enjoyed taking deprived city kids out to the countryside for some fresh air?


  22. …And “Jack the Ripper was merely doing outreach work to curb London’s prostitution problem”.

    Mind you, she’s on record as defending Hitler, so these people seem like small fry!


  23. In the foreword to one of his books, Arthur C Clarke described how he used to receive mail from fans who claimed to have invented the most amazing spaceships. The letters were usually accompanied by pages and pages of diagrams, usually with a blank space in the middle labelled “anti-matter” or “warp drive”. It looks like such people have graduated from green ink to Microsoft Paint.

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  24. Mels cunning wheeze to trick viewers into gaining worldwide attention dont go quite according to plan.

    MKD`s compares and contrasts.Those eagle eyed devils never miss a trick do they.

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  25. “In this revealing interview Penny Bradley bravely shares her story of how she survived experimentation at Montauk, childhood CIA assassin training, and 60 years in an U.S. Navy exchange program with the Deep Space fleet and Mars Colonies. After her service she was reaged and sent back to earth to live out the remainder of her life with health disabilities.”

    Also comes recommended by Angela:

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  26. 20:17 – “Some people claim that they have the ability to shape-shift from a boy to a female sex and they would be used in sexual rituals. Did they ever convert YOU into a boy?”

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  27. I would imagine spouting abject shoite day in and day out must take its toll eventually.Still I am sure planet Earth will manage.


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