John Paterson sentenced

John Paterson, who pleaded guilty last month to two charges of stalking and one charge of malicious communications, was sentenced on Thursday, 27 May 2021 at Guildford Crown Court.

Paterson received a hospital order under Section 37 of the Mental Health Act, with a further restriction under Section 41 of that Act.

In practical terms, S37 means that he has been sent to a secure hospital unit instead of a prison, for as long as necessary. S41 means he has been identified as a risk to release, and will require not only an assessment from his responsible clinician, but permission from the Secretary of State to do so.

In addition, Paterson received an indefinite restraining order, which will remain in place until superseded by another order.

He is prohibited from:

  1. Contacting, directly or indirectly, Karen Irving, [the Hampstead dad], or Steve Martin;
  2. Posting any written article/material, picture, or footage concerning Karen Irving, [the Hampstead dad], or Steve Martin on any public computer network, internet website, or social networking website;
  3. Instructing, encouraging, or assisting another to contact directly or indirectly Karen Irving, [the Hampstead dad], or Steve Martin by any means;
  4. Instructing, encouraging, or assisting another to post any written article/material, picture, or footage concerning Karen Irving, [the Hampstead dad], or Steve Martin on any public computer network, internet website, or social networking website.

We will publish any further details as they become available.

68 thoughts on “John Paterson sentenced

      • Quite apart from the terror he spread, he is clearly a disturbed man and hopefully will now get the medical help he needs. But there are others who encouraged him in his delusions and they need a reality check as well. Are they just malicious or also mentally ill?. They all need to be legally held to account.
        In the long distant past I tried to aid a pal who was under a sustained attack from a severely mentally ill person and the toll it took on their mental health was devastating. The attacker of course never seems to suffer as they are either just vicious or believe they are on a crusade. We know who the others are.

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        • My feeling there, if I may launch into a general comment, is that “medical help” can make a difference *if* someone’s behaviour problems are secondary to an underlying ‘bad brain’ problem. Suppose, hypothetically, that you are plagued with ‘thought fragments’ popping into your consciousness, on account of the misfiring wiring of your brain. Random associations, dream metaphors, and so on. Naturally, because these are your thoughts, you try and arrange them into a sensible pattern and fill the gaps between them (even if this consumes much of your mind), and after a while the psychiatrists are making notes about “disordered thinking” and “clang associations” and “paranoid / grandiose ideation”.

          Then, after a while on the Big Drugs, your head goes quiet, and you can rediscover the pleasures of coherent thinking without all the intrusive thought fragments. Whether the diagnosis is ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘mania’ largely depends on which drugs turn out to help. Later still, you taper off from the medication (because life is not really much fun in a chemical straitjacket), and the intrusive fragments start popping up again, but you have learned to recognise them as ‘external’, and distinguish them from the thoughts you want to keep. Also you stay away from people and situations who encourage the craziness.

          My point here is that chemical intervention will not help, if there is no underlying problem — if the problem is the surface one that you just enjoy terrorising people (purely hypothetically again), and your delusions are secondary to that: you choose to adopt beliefs that give you someone to hate.

          Paterson might well have some organic things wrong with his brain: he has no impulse control, bugger-all executive function, no insight into what he does. But that’s not what made him into a vile gobshite. He is A&O x 4. He owns what he is.

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  1. Great result. The Cowardly Bastard and the Nutcase will be spitting Souvlaki and Lentils over this . I salute you EC for having the fortitude to take this on. Still a couple more to go but it is only a matter of time.

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  2. That must be a great relief EC – a pretty fair outcome I think. It’s particularly noteworthy that the prohibitions are so comprehensive, and the release conditions so stringent. I hope the rest of the “gang” reflect on the possibility that they might be in a similar situation in the not-too-distant future.

    I think we’re entering a new phase in the policing of stalking and harassment via social media etc. the police do seem to be taking it a lot more seriously, and another judgement today – the Arlene Foster libel case – is a clear signal that a casual defamatory tweet can cost serious money.
    Hope you’re have a little celebration today.

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  3. Excellent news EC. Hopefully he’ll have time and space to realise his friends are not his friends, as he is the one incarcerated and not them, save McNeill of course. Not sure given his age if he’ll ever be deemed sane enough to be released back into society, but unless he severs links with the likes of Devine & co his future will be bleaker than it already is. Well done to you all for seeing this through as it couldn’t have been easy. Trust Ricky is doing okay.

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  4. I think Andy Devine and Kaley Elinav should be in along with him.

    It was principally their encouragement that took advantage of John’s delusions and also that of John Wanoa in New Zealand.

    I told you all along that is would be a case of John Patterson being detained very likely for the rest of his life. Mind you, he has done some pretty horrendous things; not to mention “woodchippers” and talking openly on camera passing terror messages to target people through their children.

    Sabine McNeil has more likely-hood of seeing the outside of jail and time is not on her side either.

    As soon as some of the other lunatics get their just deserts also I will feel happier though. I am sorry that you had all of these threats but delighted that there is, after-all some sort of justice!!

    Great result El-Coyote!!

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    • Thanks–I agree that others such as Devine, Einav, and Power-Disney encouraged him (and others) to be their attack dog(s), but I think it went in both directions, with each person egging the other on. Like you, I feel that justice has been served here, though there will always be more to do.

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      • Yes. You get them egging each other on, but the main eggers on never seem to bite the bullet. I hope that Angie Power Disney and the rest of those that think they are safe will be dragged back to the UK to face the full weight of the law falling upon them. Locking them up and throwing the away the key would be the best thing for them too.

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    • Having had the displeasure of sitting along side Paterson in the public gallery at two trials, insane or not, he really is a nasty piece of work. At one trial he made audible derogatory comments to witnesses as they were actually delivering their evidence yet the judge and court officials all seemed to ignore him.

      I think moments like this, along with the egging on of Devine & co, made him think he was invincible and gave him the confidence to carry on his campaign of hate to such extreme levels he may never be freed again. All I can add is observing him at close quarters I’ve little doubt he is an extremely angry and potentially violent individual who the public needed to be protected from.

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      • Yes, I was there on one of those occasions, and I can say I was truly terrified of him. Of course, that could be because he’d done a video with Devine the previous evening, saying he planned to have me followed home from court.

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  5. I must admit I’m surprised at the sentence, it’s actually a fair sentence he will hopefully get the help he needs whilst protecting yourself and others but also in 3 and 4 it sends out a clear message to the idiots who encouraged him into this, of course they will claim he’s effectively been gagged and spend many hours on livestreams enraged by it all and bothering random people with pointless phone calls.

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      • Yes it’s a fair sentence imho and doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It obviously reflects his conduct on remand too otherwise the psychiatric report, which would clearly be key to the sentence, would likely have suggested non-detention at, effectively, Queen Liz’s pleasure.

        Paterson is now where he needs to be and should be: away from putting fear of violence into other people’s heads. Whether he wants help or accepts help offered to him is now up to him, I’d suggest the longer he avoids it the more time he will spend in the secure unit.

        I too can think of a few more who should be there with him for what they’ve already done and what they will likely continue to do. If they are not getting the message by now then they are clearly heading down the same route as Paterson. Not before time either.

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        • You are right on the button there about his conduct when on remand playing a part on his sentence.
          Andy Devine was ringing him & broadcasting the the calls live on FB for all to hear, when that was stopped because of complaints to the authorities, another person would step in to do it & pass the recording to Devine, which he would then play to the public. Devine also had so much hatred for J.P.’s solicitors & Doctors. He is the main instigator of everything & has made spurious comments about everyone.

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          • Yes, a few people assisted him in continuing his abusive tirades: first Devine, then Kaley Einav, and then Paris Barrington. It took a great deal of time and effort to shut off each new outlet, but I must say the police were incredibly helpful.

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  6. Personal opinion: a good outcome. This will annoy Satan Hunters. EC, you have taken the heat from the hatred and anger of many Satan Hunters who would have directed that at innocent children. Thanks for all your hard work and courage.

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  7. Fantastic result EC. *high fives*

    Paterson’s friends should now be very careful what they say concerning him. Especially considering the additional legal restraints on him. Sadly I suspect that they won’t.

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  8. WOW!!!
    A great result for you and the others he had been harrassing…
    I must say I am extremely pleased at the ‘severity’ of the punishment (actually its perfect imho) but so many others have ‘danced away’ with little more than a ‘tut tut’ and a slap on the wrist- good to see that they finally seem to be taking this seriously…
    Between Sabine’s sentence, and now his, I think a few of them might be quietly peeing their pants about now, wondering if they too are on the radar and just how much of their own threats are now sitting quietly on a police hard-drive now, with a bunch of other stuff from them and their mates….
    God I would love to be a fly on the wall at a few places right about now LOL

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  10. Good Result El Coyote, Sad that the Investigation into this didn’t expose the People who Brainwashed and Pushed this Mentally damaged John, Matt, Kaley, Lee Cant, Devine, APD, and many more should be Looked into and given at least an Injunction or something.
    Really glad its all over for you x
    I will be sharing and showing the Alt Media BS causes Real Life issues.
    ref Melanie Shaw and Sabine Mcneil and now John Patterson.

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    • I actually think Lee Cant is in the same “category” as Paterson. Neelu is just “bad” but our super qualified pharmacist is not stupid. She knows when to shut her trap or run away.

      Devine and AP-D are not in the UK so the threshold for extradition has to be that they are likely to face a sentence of more than 6 months. Their low hanging fruit offences are all around 6 months, Yes, I think they are both deserving of major custodial sentences, but that is a lot more detective work required than a summary rounding up,

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    • Hmm, I think this does Mr Paterson too much credit. He was perfectly capable of acting on his own. I saw him (with my own eyes by pure coincidence) push Matt Taylor into breaking his injunction (on television) about 10 minutes after he’d received it. And no-one made him telephone the synagogue in Boston to gloat over the people killed in a terrorist attack. And listening to him talking to Supergrape, he wasn’t taking instructions: “nah listen” he kept saying as he barked out instructions to her. Devine and Umbrella were followers as much as they were leaders; I’m pretty sure Paterson would have acted without them but he felt good to have a chorus of adoring fans.
      And even with Wanoa, though Devine was leading him on, I think it was because he’s so gullible he actually believed that he could bring the new millenium. Wanoa was a conman, after all, and Devine was one of his marks.

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      • Yes, it’s a bit of a twisted knot of mental illness and criminal behaviour, isn’t it? Hard to say who was leading whom at various points, but as you say, Paterson did a great deal of this all by himself. Nobody forced him to send me 855 threatening and/or hateful emails, nor make complex and sometimes terrifying threats in a huge number of videos, whether put out by Devine, Einav, or himself.

        However, given some of his clearly delusional beliefs—the nonsense about the “Royal Commission” and his alleged “Crown protection” come to mind—I think he’s exactly where he ought to be.

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        • The “Royal Commission” nonsense isn’t one of his. It’s direct from Neelu, who in turn nicked it from struck off lawyer Edward Ellis. But as EWE tends to stay away from Satanic conspiracies, he is mostly a tangential figure here. He specialises in interfering in family court and property matters and making it worse for his dupes.

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  11. In pre-Internet days those who had severe mental health problems could be easily identified and directed towards the help they needed.
    Now we have the Wild West of the internet where anything goes. Those who are mentally ill can be encouraged in their delusions by a multitude of folk who either believe everything they read or maliciously revel in helping along conspiracies or do so simply out of boredom or a need to be part of a “gang” of like-minded who feel they are in some sort of club when they encourage the David Ickes of the world to continue to make absurd claims such as the Moon being hollow etc. And of course a cadre of people who make a living out of encouraging falsehoods.
    Where it will all end is anyone’s guess.

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