Abe faces tough questions with his usual aplomb

Following this week’s exploration of the subject of the infamous tattoos—why they’re likely not real, how they exemplify Abe’s habit of claiming unwarranted expertise, and why Ella didn’t seem to notice that the fathers of her three children were, er, genitally decorated—we thought we’d take our theories on the road, and run them past Abraham Christie.

As one of our readers has pointed out, when faced with difficult questions, Abe “goes all hemp nemesis goo goo poo poo race is not for the swift bollocksy gibberish”, but still, we were curious. What would he say when confronted with this huge glaring gap in the hoax he and Ella had so lovingly concocted?

We decided to start with Ella’s interview video of 9 March 2017:

We led off with an easy one:

Free the Hampstead 2, could you please tell us about the tattoos RD and WD had? I assume they had them, as they were allegedly members of this multi-generational cult. I’m interested in the specifics of this, as I don’t recall hearing any detailed descriptions from the kids.

Polite, just a simple request for information.

Granted, this question was followed by two more, in rapid succession. First, Spiny Norman:

Perhaps Abe would be kind enough to explain why his hand is clearly in shot making those drawings that were supposedly made by RD’s children.

And then TorkGirl8:

Well said, Snake. She knew both of them well, so she should have seen them. Although, she didn’t seem to notice any injuries on the children either, when she was inserting enema tubes in their behinds, which I’m sure she would have, considering her and Abe said the children were being abused by the so-called cult since they were babies. Perhaps she’s the most unobservant woman on the planet? Nah.. more likely, is that there were no tattoos and no injuries on the children other than the ones inflicted by her and Abraham.

And then…we waited. It took nearly a full day, but finally Abraham answered, exactly as predicted:

Hemp nemesis goo goo poo poo race is not for the swift bollocksy gibberish.

Oh, all right. Not quite, but very nearly:

Straw clutching drowning “man”. YOU and your PEDOSODOMITE CHILD TRAFFICKING, CHILD MURDERING VAMPIRIC ILK have been exposed due to the courage of [redacted] and [redacted]. FREE THE HAMPSTEAD 2 FREE [redacted] AND [redacted].

So now we’re vampires? Live and learn. Still, that didn’t seem to us like much of an answer, so Snake tried again:

You’re not answering my question, Abe. What have you got to hide? TELL US ABOUT THE TATTOOS!!

No answer.

This lack of response (well, coherent response at least) was beginning to concern us. Could it be that ol’ Slick-tongued Abe just didn’t know what to say? So we tried again:

Snake led off:

Abe, I think it’s time you told us a bit more about the tattoos…especially those that were on RD and Mr Draper. You had the children claim that “399 of 400” alleged abusers had demonic/monster tattoos on their genitals. And the “cult” was supposed to be multi-generational and life-long. So RD and Mr D. must have had ginormous tattoos on their privates, correct?

So inquiring minds want to know: WHY DID ELLA NOT NOTICE THESE IMAGES, despite having been intimate with both men for long periods of time? Why did she not question what they were? When the children talked about the tattoos, why did she not say, “Oh yes, I’ve seen those, here’s what they looked like”?

You have stated on your blog that “if the children were lying about the abuse, investigation into these marks may have supported that”. So go ahead, Abe and Ella: TELL US ABOUT THE TATTOOS!

Lizzy Borden chimed in:

Come, come Abe, no need to be so coy.

After a four-hour interval, Snake tried again:

Hmm. No answer. Cat got your tongue, Abe? Come on, you can do better than this, old man. Tell us all about the tattoos that Ella didn’t notice! We’re dying to know how that happened.

A full day later, and still nothing. Undeterred, Snake gave it another shot:

Still don’t want to discuss this, Abe? Your loyal followers must be wondering what’s up with that.

So I’ll ask again: Why didn’t Ella notice that the fathers of her three children, whom she claimed were not just in the cult but the “boss” and “financier” of it, had very large, very noticeable demonic/monster tattoos on their dangly bits?

She would have seen these between 20 and nine years ago, but in all of your long descriptions of the alleged tattoos, she never mentions that she saw them before, or wondered what they were. Why not? It’s a simple question. We’re sure you must have a simple explanation…right?


We’ve since asked this same question on several other videos on the “Free the Hampstead 2” YouTube channel, just in case Abe wasn’t paying attention to this one. We wanted to give him a fair chance to explain himself, but so far we’ve heard not a bit of gibberish from his direction.

Our challenge to the Hoaxtead True Believers

Since we seem unable to get Abe to answer this question, we hereby challenge those who believe in the Hampstead Baby-Eating Cult to ask Abe yourselves: Did Ella notice the demonic/monster tattoos on RD’s and Mr Draper’s nether regions? If not, why not? And if she did notice, why has she said nothing about it?

Will Abe come up with a satisfactory explanation? Or will he go all “hemp nemesis goo goo poo poo race is not for the swift bollocksy gibberish”?

If the latter, we believe you will have your answer.

p.s. If you don’t want to ask Abe these questions, you might want to ask yourself what’s stopping you. Are you afraid of what you might learn? Again, this should tell you something.

56 thoughts on “Abe faces tough questions with his usual aplomb

    • Interesting that when caught red handed Abe pulls out the God shield get out of jail card.This ultimate(nay desperate) act of virtue signaling(well at least God is on my side,honest guv) is commonplace in the hoax cult when they notice themselves dangling from their own petards without so much as a paddle.


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      • Abraham is usually so eager to talk about the tattoos, he obviously forgot to make something up to explain this part of the story away. Careless Abraham, very careless.

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  1. Abe really put himself and Ella in a corner with this one. For it to be true 399 out of the 400 people accused, would have to have tattoos of the devil related variety, in the genital area.
    Chances of these people having any kind of tattoo around the genitals is pretty low, not impossible, but at best maybe a few may have, but the further chances of those tattoos being satanic is even lower. Abe would be lucky if one of the 399 people, has a tattoo in that area that is anywhere close to his pervy little drawings.

    Such a f’ing stupid part of this moronic hoax.

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    • Many of the details would be utterly comical if they weren’t believed by so many Hoaxtead mobsters and their followers, and used to hurt so many people. The dildo crown is really my favourite—but the ridiculous tattoos and the various secret rooms that don’t exist are tied for close second. Oh, and the “child’s diary” which Abe and Ella produced out of the blue in late 2015…written in a very adult hand, mind you. That was another good touch.

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  2. My ex did have a tattoo in that general area!

    However I haven’t seen any literature describing satanic butterflies…

    So I don’t think she was involved…

    Off to google I go…

    well what do you know, she was Illuminati apparently…
    The Monarch mind-control program subjects victims to severe abuse in order to create programmable individual personalities which can later be triggered when needed. The butterfly represents this metamorphosis.) from http://illuminatisymbols.info/

    Not only that but my car is too (http://illuminatisymbols.info/wp-content/uploads/illuminati-symbols-bolt-1.jpg)

    Now I am suspicious of my toothbrush and my shampoo, they have housed themselves in a masonic lodge, cleverly disguised as my bathroom, but I’m onto them now!!!!
    (Checkered Floor
    The contrast between the black and white squares represents the duality between good and evil. The checkered floor is in all Masonic Lodges.)

    And that bloomin budgie, last time I call him a pretty boy then…. he’s an Illuminati spy as well!!
    Symbols of imprisonment are used in Monarch mind-control programming. The symbols are a literal representation of the mental and physical bondage of Illuminati slaves. )

    We are through the looking glass people…..

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  3. Abe and Ella must have got a big shock when the police turned up at their door after Abe’s brother in law spilled the beans, as people on here have speculated before the plan was to take the kids back to Morocco and for RD to be told to give up the fight for access. The police were never part of their plan. All these American pizzagate people who have recently got into Hampstead think Ella went to the police.

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    • Yes, they all seem to believe that, because it’s what Ella has told them. Abe and Finnbarr can be heard freaking out about the horrible coincidence that DC Martin had handled Abe’s assault on his own son, and then turned up in this case as well. It wasn’t a coincidence at all, of course: DC Martin was with the Child Abuse Investigation Team (CAIT)!

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      • So Angie and all the other idiots who keep accusing DC Martin of the worst crimes imaginable are doing it to a man who saves children for a living. What person who cares about child welfare would do that? I hope he one day gets to put the cuffs on Angie.

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        • Oh it gets better, mate. She’s plucked this out of a baboon’s arse now:

          “Word on the ground came through that Detective Constable Steve Martin, the Freemason Copper who facilitated the agonising retractions from [redacted] and [redacted] at Barnet Police Station, has gone to protective custody in order to whistle blow….if true this will be a huge breakthrough and beneficial to all unjustly victimised in trying to get justice and transparency for the Hampstead children and victims across at least the UK…..I have not been able to verify this intel yet so have not addressed it in videos ….but please pray this continues to unfold for the good of humanity especially the innocent children”

          (Update 15)


          I hope that when she is eventually arrested, it’s that nice Mr. Martin who gets to slap the cuffs on the lying skank.

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          • What drugs is Angie on? Seriously she just makes stuff up out of the blue if she thinks it will sound exciting enough for the fruitloops to believe. I so hope that she gets arrested and the one to arrest her is DC Martin.

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          • Angie has pathetically attempted to set herself up as the intrepid “go to” person for all breaking news in Hoaxworld,thus all the yawn infused bollox about “Intel” from “sources” in “high places”etc etc blah.Only the near brain dead would fall for unverifiable hypebole but Angie insists on raising the bar in desperation only resulting in entrenching herself deeper her own mill of nonsense.

            One surefire way to alienate yourself from the rest of humanity(not to mention an almost inevitable stretch in nick).Cupid stunt if ever there was one.

            My own sooper seekrit connections have revealed that Oldcastle residents have had a whip round to afford her discreet and dignified attendance at the family bash.

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  4. If Angie is not up on charges or in prision by the end of the year, it really is no holds barred as to which a person can defame all and sundry without facing any consequences.
    Personally if this is the case, I will be defaming the ever living shit out of her and the rest of the hoaxers regardless whether I have any evidence to bck up a single of my claims.

    They will all be villified in the worse and most awful ways, I assure you.

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    • It seem to me that the law has a problem in getting hold of someone who commits offences abroad? I don’t know how this works now we have the internet….could the UK CPS prosecute someone who’s offence was committed on foreign soil?

      Anyone got any info on this?

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      • It’s definitely an issue, Fnord. It’s one reason it’s been so difficult to stop some of the worst of the harassers, as they work from abroad and therefore cannot be charged under local laws. It’s something that really ought to be addressed on a multi-nation basis, to allow cross-border enforcement.


  5. “So Angie and all the other idiots who keep accusing DC Martin of the worst crimes imaginable are doing it to a man who saves children for a living. What person who cares about child welfare would do that? ”

    One of the most telling things for me, and this applies across a number of different hoaxes, is how vitriolic and obsessive and deviant the accusations they level at those who expose them are. -They will go to the most extraordinary lengths to try and draw the light away from their own failings. None of the con-artists who involve themselves in promoting these hoaxes give a hoot about child welfare. That’s why they run these scams in the first place, children are just pawns in their games, a stock to be traded. Nothing more. One of the other points that was put to me recently is that there is very little point in arguing with these idiots or their followers……

    “Debunk them and dissemble them by all means, and be as harsh as you like in that process so long as you stick to the easily verified. Leave marker posts and waypoints for others to find their way out of the mire; but don’t give the hoaxers – criminals as they typically are – a platform nor oxygen. The sincere will come to realisation, the dishonest will just dig ever-deeper holes for themselves as they mine the credulous for all they’re worth. – Which is often very little. “

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    • Several people here have noted this before as well, A seems to be the one fascinated (some would say obsessed) with the sodomy aspects, I listened a while back to the video where he can be heard `coaching’ the children what to say- very obviously so
      Getting the kids to recite it back seems to be his aim, and listening to him in that video is quite disturbing

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    • What a lying piece of shit, his brother in law turned him in because he feared for the safety of those kids and that they would be taken back to Morocco. In the recording Christie is treating the kids like wayward dogs he is training, he was breaking them down to get them under manners and obey him. That’s the closest thing to trauma based mind control ive ever seen.

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    • Deleting your post is the action of a guilty man who doesn’t want others to see your post and start asking him difficult questions.

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  6. Mektopath is the idiot that thought ‘Abe is a great man’ and defended him and the hoax even though he had only found out about the story around 2 months ago.

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    • I think that Debs needs a new hobby. Perhaps i should send her a Rubik’s cube, that should keep her busy while trying to solve it.

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    • Micro Expressions, Duping Delight, someone’s been watching shitty youtube body language/behaviour videos, and becoming a self taught expert like so many of these clowns.


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