Angela’s ‘coach’ does more harm than good

One of the ongoing debates amongst those of us who’ve watched the Hoaxtead mobsters in action centres around the old “bad versus mad” question. Certain promoters of the Hampstead SRA hoax are fairly obviously mentally ill: we’re thinking of people like Arthur Kaoutal, who we understand was recently sectioned by the authorities in Australia.

Others, though, while they might seem “not quite right” in some ways, also seem to fall more on the “bad” end of the scale. In this category, we’d include people like Angela Power-Disney, whose nearly constant online harassment has made so many people’s lives difficult over the past three and a half years.

The other day, though, we learned something which, while it might not substantively change our opinion of Angela, certainly throws some of her behaviour into a slightly different light.

On one of her recent posts, Angela shared that she has been working with a counsellor, Linda, from an organisation called BRIDE Ministries. Our ears perked up: who is Linda, what are her qualifications as a counsellor, and what is BRIDE Ministries when it’s at home?

BRIDE Ministries: Prayer, Coaching, and…SRA/DID?

Readers will be unsurprised to learn that BRIDE Ministries is a Texas-based evangelical Christian organisation which offers the usual prayer resources, alongside a rather more interesting menu: they also offer “coaching” sessions in the area of Satanic ritual abuse and dissociative identity disorder.

The organisation’s leader, Daniel Duval, offers “solutions for highly complex dissociation due to satanic ritual abuse, government sponsored mind control agendas, and Illuminati programming”. Duval’s specialities include:

  • Satanic Ritual Abuse, Government Sponsored Programming, Military Programming, and Illuminati Programming
  • Mind Control, Pre-Conception Trauma, Pre-Birth Trauma, and Dissociative Disorders inclusive of Highly Complex DID
  • Black-Outs, Repressed Memories, Wiped Memories, Missing Time
  • Demonization, Soul Ties, Ancestral or Bloodline Bondage, Generational Abuse, Interface with Heavenly Powers
  • Implants, Interface with Quantum Computers, Holograms, Wave-Based Technologies
  • Bondage in Regions of Captivity including Alternate Timelines and Evil Realms
  • Paranoia, Mood Swings, Narcissistic Tendencies, Mania, Mood Disorders
  • Self-Sabotage, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Tendencies, Self-Harm
  • Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Sexual Abuse
  • Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD
  • Codependency, Self-Esteem Issues, Difficulty in Relationships
  • Gender and Sexual Identity Issues
  • Grief, Broken Heartedness
  • Mentoring, General Life Coaching

And all this amazing expertise is available for the low, low price of US$100 for a one-hour private session, US$200 for two hours. A bargain at twice the price.

Qualifications, you ask?

Duval lists his:

Daniel Duval graduated from The Ohio State University with a BSc in Microbiology with honors and distinction. After turning down a fellowship for a PhD in Virology from the University of Maryland at College Park, he attended Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK. He was later licensed as a minister by Faith Ministries Alliance and discipled by Dr. Preston Bailey. He is the founder and Executive Director of BRIDE Ministries and the Senior Leader of The Fire Place Church.

Ah yes, the old “bachelor’s degree in microbiology totally qualifies me to counsel people with their pre-conception trauma issues” argument.

Angela’s counsellor, Linda Craig, has a slightly less impressive range of specialities and credentials:

Linda Craig provides biblically based coaching sessions for those dealing with severe issues, such as childhood abuse resulting in Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder), as well as, pastoral counsel for those looking for prayer and encouragement during a tough time.

Linda specialises in the following areas:

  • Inner Healing, Deep Trauma, Fragmentation, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Lost Memories, Nightmares / Sleep Paralysis
  • Demonization, Generational, Ancestral or Bloodline Bondage, Unwanted Bonds / Ties, Deliverance, Breaking Occult Practices
  • Mood Swings, Narcissistic Tendencies, Mood Disorders
  • Addictions, Substance Abuse, Cutting & Self-Harm / Self-Injuring Behavior
  • Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Molestation / Abuse
  • Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
  • Self-Esteem Issues, Difficulty in Relationships
  • Grief, Broken Heartedness
  • Pre-Marital Counseling, Parenting Issues & Support, Marriage and Family Issues, Pastoral Counseling
  • Stress Management & Reduction, Lifestyle Management
  • Life Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring

While she doesn’t offer “coaching” in “Government Sponsored Programming, Military Programming, and Illuminati Programming”, and the website lists no academic qualifications whatsoever for the work she does, Linda’s prices are a bit less insane than Daniel’s: only US$50 for an hour.

We also notice that nowhere do Linda or Daniel mention that they are qualified mental health counsellors; rather, they refer to themselves as “coaches” or “pastoral counsellors”.

What does this mean in practice?

While most people who attend counselling of any sort are happy to keep that deeply personal experience private, we can always count on Angela to over-share. Sure enough, she has posted a number of videos consisting of counselling…er, “coaching” sessions with Linda. We found them quite enlightening.

After a brief discussion of the various tech issues Angela has experienced with Skype, Linda launches into prayer. She prays…and prays…and prays. About two-thirds of this video consists of  Linda praying, sometimes “in tongues”, which sounds oddly like really badly spoken Spanish to us, but what do we know?

Even Angela starts to get visibly impatient, and mutters an encouraging “amen” a few times, but Linda doesn’t stop until nearly 20 minutes into a 30-minute video.

Angela gets to talk a bit about how she is a “government asset”, an assessment which Linda does not challenge in any way. Hint: real mental health workers might ask things like “what has happened which makes you think this?” Not Linda: she’s totally into the whole MK Ultra/Illuminati thing, apparently.

The session continues in a second video:

Linda prays some more, but this time Angela starts just talking over her, interrupting the prayer to talk about her own sense of deprivation as a child. We won’t include the entire session here, but here are a few examples of the interactions between Linda and Angela:

A: When I dissociate under stress—when I get a geographical thing, I have to test it, as in the past that has been my default.

L: Let’s pray first to put on lockdown any sabotaging parts—go before yourself and pray that—if you have someone still connected, who is still connected to the people who programmed you, they could sabotage you. Put on lockdown any parts of you that are getting in the way of what you’re doing, pray….

A: I have some family members who even though they’re coming awake, can still sabotage and trigger me.

L: Just pray against that.

A: I ponder in my heart like Mary did when she was pregnant with Jesus—until God gives me details—I was triggered into a time when I went into this— when I was six months into getting a green card in the USA, I got a prophecy to go home. The elders advised me to ask for three confirmations from God. I got them; it might have been God, because if I hadn’t gone home I may not have had my sons—bit I have a fear of making the wrong move—like when I walked away from four acres of land I thought that was from God, but it might have been from the enemy. I ask God for a fresh start, for the courage of my convictions, to take a brave step.

L: I agree with Angela, Lord God, thank you, you have your hand on her for protection, to help her to take steps, to accomplish one at a time—if she has any parts within her that are programmed to sabotage, I thank you God for freezing them, put them on lockdown, put them behind a door right now….

Or this, which seems to refer more specifically to dissociated “parts” of Angela’s personality:

L: What you brought up about the bestiality and all that stuff, that’s something that the enemy could have used against you.

A: What about the parts that we left under the waterfall, do we leave them there? What about the parts we left in the parlour? Do we leave them there?

L: For now we can, the Lord will show us when we want to do something. They need…they’ve been hurt for so long. Now the ones that are in the waterfall, they feel refreshed? They can come out and help with the littles, if they want to, they can move around wherever they want to. if They feel like they have a mission from the lord to help. That’s perfectly fine too, because they’ve been getting refreshment so they can share, if any of the littles or the twenties or the teens need to go over to the waterfall…

A: Yeah, that’s more what I felt, but the parlour scared me. And the food scared me. The closed space scared me. So Ikind of wanted to say, I’d like to say to all of them that they can freely move between the parlour and the waterfall.

L: All right, let’s do this: Lord God in the name of Jesus,i thank you for putting a line of angels around the area , you determine the circumference around the parlour and the waterfall, if you want to add parts like a park or something….I thank you for sending down as many angels as are needed to leave enough room to add something [and a whole lot more that we got really tired of transcribing, but you get the idea].

First things first: no, we have no idea what “bestiality” Linda is talking about. Whatever it was, we think it’s best left private.

And we cannot tell from this video whether it was Linda who introduced the idea of “parts” or “alters” to Angela, or whether she acquired them under the auspices of some other quack.

However, the harm that can be done by this kind of “coaching” is inestimable. Whatever mental health problems Angela might have started with, it seems unlikely that praying over her and making up stories about “waterfalls” and “parlours” and “littles” will do much to help her.

‘Breaking ties’ with Rupert?

Angela asks Linda for help dealing with the remains of her relationship with Rupert. This video was released in March 2017, while Rupert was on bail awaiting trial.

A. I hadn’t been in love for years, and then somebody who’s not really a Christian, she’s more of a new-ager, she sent me a message last spring and she said oh, I just feel like you’re going to fall in love and it’s going to be somebody who’s going to help you with your work, and you know, something you’ve waited for for a long time. Well maybe that was fortune-telling, because she’s not fully subjected to the Holy Spirit, but then came this Rupert, a CIA kind of guy, and then we really did seem to fall in love. We didn’t fornicate but we, you know…it felt like falling in love to me. And then he betrayed it all and went to England and got arrested and said it was Angie’s fault and this that and the other, and so I’ve been feeling…I listen to a teaching with Daniel and a girl and Dr Bailey, and she was talking about how some of her parts were still in love with her narcissistic abusive husband, but others of her parts knew that she should step away from him because he was her handler and he was very abusive. It really resonated with me because I thought parts of me know that I need to get a strategy and defend myself against Rupert’s betrayal which will affect the children I’m trying to protect, and thenbut there’s parts of me still love him and still hope he’ll get fixed, and still hope it was real and still hope he’ll come back….

L: Yeah, that’s the difficult part for you, but you can, at least you can recognize that you have parts that do that and….for me, I had that early 17-year-old first love, and God had to get that totally out of my heart beforeI could get here. That happened a year and a half ago. I mean, in the physical that happened, I saw him for what he really was. He wasn’t that 17-year-old boy that I fell in love with. He was an angry man that was full of unclean spirits that’s exactly who he is right now, and I pray for him, but I’m not in love with him, that is gone….God had to get rid of that, and I thought that was heart surgery! That was hell! But it’s gone now, and he had to take that out of my heart, create me a clean heart, oh God, renew my spirit….

A: I still…this is probably parts talking but I still nurse and still dream that he will finish the court case this summer and then he will come back to me and say I never stopped loving you, I just freaked out and got scared and I’m sorry, and this that and the other but I think I need to just decree and declare that I’m surrendering him back to God, whether he was “the one” again or not, but…

L: Your parts need to see the real him. They need…They may need…

A: I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff. I mean I’ve seen some beautiful stuff but I’ve seen some really deep betrayals.

L: You can’t put new wine in old skin and all those metaphors. You can’t have this part of him be wonderful and this part of him be crappy…

A: Yeah, it’s resonating with me that he’s a narcissist and he’s not good for me, even though some of his parts and some of my parts make magic. We just had the most amazing time. But I just feel that I want to spend this last 30 seconds or whatever just saying I ask you Lord and I give you full permission to sever whatever heart ties, I don’t think there was a soul tie because we didn’t fornicate, but maybe you say even to lust with the eyes is the same as adultery, so I repent of any lust that I showed towards him, and I ask you to sever any connection heart wise, soul wise, spirit wise even, and if you want to do anything more with that in the future that’s on you lord, but for me I’m saying I’m done with him, and I repent of any sins that I committed in that journey. I pray to you that I didn’t fornicate, but I’m just clear that I allowed myself to be betrayed. And I’m…I ask you to heal that Lord. and just create a clean heart, amen.

Amen indeed. And we sincerely hope that this is the last time we have to type the words “Angela” and “fornication” in the same blog post.

Putting that aside, though, once again we’re struck by Linda’s apparent inability to help Angela reflect meaningfully on her own issues. Whatever we might feel about Angela, it’s hard not to think that this sort of “coaching” has not helped her in any way, and that it might have exacerbated whatever problems she had going in.

There’s more—much more—to say about BRIDE Ministries, but we’ll save that for another post. Stay tuned….Angela and Linda counselling

74 thoughts on “Angela’s ‘coach’ does more harm than good

  1. “One of the ongoing debates amongst those of us who’ve watched the Hoaxtead mobsters in action centres around the old “bad versus mad” question.” ”

    Yep. I think most of them are mad, some (a smaller %, in my view) are plain bad – and the smaller % is mostly more concentrated among the “higher echelons” of the Hoaxteaders. Of course, it is possible to be both mad and bad, and that description might apply to some of them.

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  2. I could have a lot of sympathy for Angela if she had a less damaging effect on anyone who enters her world. Great article look forward to more on BRIDE ministries.

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  3. So she dabbles with the ghastly Evangelicals in the US. It figures. They have in common with all the Hoaxers and fellow travelers fevered “Christianity” that verges on extreme right-wing political views and believe Trump has been sent by God.

    To a man/ woman they are antisemitic (but welcoming of African Americans or Latinos who will contribute $$s). Recall at the official party at the launch of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem contained two virulent antisemite Evangelicals who were allowed to give speeches. They believe of course the move of the Embassy is the beginning of the End Times and return of the new Messiah (and the destruction of Israel).

    But Ange has already, like those who preach Armageddon claimed the End Times are coming twice but got the date wrong which raises some questions:
    1. Is she counting on a third End Times to whisk her away just as she steps on the Court steps and she can watch the prosecutor, Garda and all those who were facing drink driving charges disappear in fire & brimstone?.
    2. Will my distant New Zealand relatives allow me to put a bunker in their suburban back garden?
    3. How can one cat drink so much Vodka?

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  4. Ode to Angie (Pimped out Angie)

    Pimped out Angie was rode more times
    …than Henry Bascombe’s old mare
    …and Ali Baba’s clapped out camel

    Pimped out Angie looks to the right
    Then up to the sky with all of her might
    As she smiles and peddles away

    Pimped out Angie couldn’t find punters
    So they sold her to hunters
    So she fled to the woods…in the nude
    …it wasn’t good…

    Pimped out Angie high as a kite
    Can’t remember that night
    Oh can it be true, or was it a dream

    Or part of a fiendishly devilish scheme
    So dreadful and awful, and spitefully mean
    Where pimped out Angie could…
    ..reign as the queen

    And from that lofty Hampstead throne
    She’d toss those waiting plebs a bone
    Of Intel gold and pixie dust
    and crumbs from pimped out Angie’s crust

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  5. Fascinating post, EC. Your patience with this drivel is highly commendable.

    This bit gave me a chuckle:

    “Amen indeed. And we sincerely hope that this is the last time we have to type the words ‘Angela’ and ‘fornication’ in the same blog post.” 😂

    By the way, I wonder why she never uploaded (or uploaded but never made public) part 2.

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  6. May I be so bold as to add two further categories to ‘mad’ and ‘bad’? The under-educated and the unintelligent. I reckon they’re also pretty vulnerable groups and highly susceptible to the array of crazy conspiracies out there, lacking as they do in the intellectual capacity to question them or spot the obvious flaws.

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    • I’m thinking some obvious candidates for these categories would be Andy Devine, Deborah Mahmoudieh, John Taylor, Tracey Morris, Cat Scot and Malcolm Ogilvy.

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        • Re the ‘Dunning Kruger effect’, I was thinking about this recently in relation to say, racism. I am living in an area where there is a very high level of what I would call micro-racism in comparison to my previous home town.

          However people here always claim that they are not racist. They are adamant in this belief and highly offended if invited to consider anything they say or think as being racist. They often start sentences with “I’m not racist but” before saying something very cringeworthy.

          When I lived in a big city people were more open about discussing racism, especially unconscious racism. People with white privilege were generally more likely to be willing to think about this and acknowledge it. Just the mention of the words “white privilege” here is enough to send most people into a rant about political correctness and do-gooders.

          People who are more able to acknowledge their unconscious racism are less likely to act it out as overt racism in my experience.

          I think that there is a similar dynamic happening with SRA hoaxers. They are stunningly unaware of their own bigotry, sadism and perverse tendencies. I try to be aware of my own impulses towards cruelty, a very human trait, that has manifested as me laughing at and enjoying the misadventures of certain hoaxers. I am not proud of or happy about that side of myself, but I notice it and move on.

          I sometimes feel extremely angry and have violent feelings towards people who sexually or otherwise abuse the vulnerable. I notice the feelings but do not act upon them or spend hours on the internet posting hate filled narratives about hanging, burning, castrating them. I just notice the feelings, accept them and move on by trying to find a constructive way to help, a way that does not involve violence.

          I found this article about bigotry that I thought was interesting.

          Just sharing some thoughts 🙂

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    • But stupidity and ignorance don’t account for the seething resentment that characterises the scunners and shitweasels on your list; or their sense of entitlement; or their eagerness to see other people suffer on any old specious excuse, preferably but not necessarily people with more successful lives than their own.
      The modern world does not provide them with lynching parties to attend, or opportunities to denounce their neighbours as witches. They would prefer to live in the world of Jackson’s “Lottery” (as long as it’s someone else being stoned). They have to make do with the Intertubes.

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      • Yes, I should clarify that I believe many hoaxers/troofers/conspiranoids come under more than one category, several in some cases. They’re in no way mutually exclusive. Malcolm, for instance, may actually come under all of them.

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  7. “US$100 for a one-hour private session, US$200 for two hours”

    So they feel the need to clarify what 2 x 100 is? I wonder what that says about the kind of people that come to them? 😂

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  8. @El Coyote

    Thank you for bringing these prayers to my attention, my child. Turns out they’ve been languishing in my spam folder for over a year. All prayers that the heavenly algorithms identify as fake, misleading or disingenuous are automatically filtered out and sent to spam.

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  9. To put oneself out there as a therapy/counselling service when one lacks the requisite qualifications and training is at best irresponsible at worst dangerous.

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  10. I suspect that Angela’s sudden decision to leave the USA has more to do with not wanting to get caught over her sham green card marraige than a prophecy from God:

    (2:44 to 3:52)

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  11. Re. the Rupert romance/crush stuff covered by Angie in the second video (and ably transcribed by that nice Mr. Coyote), this is what Angela said 5 days later:

    And this was Rupert’s take on the situation, though I can’t be precise about the date of this one (though someone else here might be):

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    • He’s entitled to his opinion. What he’s not entitled to do is to name people.

      He also seems to lack curiosity as he doesn`t question why a private police interview would be on the internet in the first place. I`m at a loss as to why You Tube etc allow this. Not right at all.

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  12. The story of Becki Percy gets stranger… according to blog by Catherine:

    “I don’t know what this was. You can read for yourself. I don’t know why I needed to know this. I didn’t. There was more conversation about this. Maybe someone can explain it. For a proper understanding Wendy sleeps with Rebecca to comfort her throughout the night.

    Why did they think I needed to know this? I didn’t get it then. I don’t get it now. It pissed me off.

    I am a Christian, no shrinking wallflower, and this ‘person’ helping Rebecca is telling me Rebecca is having involuntary orgasms sleeping with Wendy three nights in a row. What was I suppose to do with that information?”

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  13. For anyone who missed this in the wee small hours (at the tail end of the last post), this is the anti-child abuse campaigner and Fresh Start Foundation director Cat Selvester picking on a visibly upset young girl and her family over their ginger hair:

    Plenty of back-up copies are available if Cat has this taken down.

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  14. Call me cynical but I’m wondering whether Angie started to upload these videos with a legal defence in mind when her fellow activists started getting arrested and jailed.

    I don’t believe that Angie is stupid. Cloud of cigarette smoke aside, she appears charming and eloquent and I can understand how she could lure naive people into her web if they had no knowledge of her scammy activities.

    The dynamics between Linda and Angela are interesting. Both appear to me to be narcissists who struggle not to be the centre of attention and find it difficult to stay quiet and listen to the other. Linda’s strategy appears to be to say “Wow!” and “yeah!” and “exactly!” all spoken with a stunning lack of affect. The exclamations are an attempt to alter the trajectory of the conversation so that she can interrupt and start talking about herself. Angela uses “yeah”s and “Amen”s in the same way.

    At 8.07 Angie claims to have been praying in tongues for an hour and then talks about receiving “downloads” – a very new age concept – “that have blown me out of the water!”

    “Wow!!!” exclaims Linda, (it’s not a “wow! tell me more kind of “wow” it’s a “wow!” now I’m going to talk about me kind of “wow!”), before changing the subject to her husband’s prior involvement in AA.

    Angie and Linda’s discussion about 12 Step programmes is interesting. While I do not believe that AA, NA and associated 12 Step groups are a front for MKUltra or freemasons I do have serious concerns about some 12 Step groups. It can be a bit of a lottery as to whether vulnerable people end up with a sponsor who is genuinely helpful or whether they end up with a sponsor who will encourage them to become involved with a cult, sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

    One of the most interesting depictions of how such groups can go very wrong was the fictional depiction of Christopher’s involvement with his sponsor in the TV series The Sopranos. Although it was fictional it demonstrated very clearly how things could end up getting really bad when the relationship between sponsor and person in recovery was not properly boundaried.

    I mention this simply because it is a common experience for me that I will have serious concerns about an organisation and the hoaxers also express concerns but embellished with MKUltra, super-soldiers, satanists, freemasons etc.

    Anyway, I digress, great article EC and I look forward to learning more about Bride Ministries.

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  15. Linda Craig has a LOT to answer for in encouraging Angie and not challenging her more bizarre beliefs. I didn’t see any real counselling going on in those videos – just someone enabling a woman who’s joining ridiculous dots in an effort to explain the abuse she suffered. Linda might be a successful counsellor on the planet Zog but we’re having none of it down here on Earth where our feet are firmly on the ground.

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    • “not challenging her more bizarre beliefs”

      I suspect that one does not make money in this particular niche of parasitism by challenging a client’s beliefs. Affirmation is what they’re paying for.

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  16. There’s a lot of praying for money and stuff (a car) in all this isn’t there.
    I’m sure Jesus would do the same….or maybe not. 🙂

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  17. Interesting that APD makes that claim about Mary Magdalene. There is nothing in the canonical Gospels that says that. However, there are statements in the Gospel of Mary (a Gnostic text) and the Gospel of Thomas to that effect, but the main source of that particular assertion is from the Gospel of Philip, which is a Coptic text. That makes her a BLASPHEMER!

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    • Mary Magdalene – my opinions.

      Neither in the official or the gnostic sources does it say Mary Magdalene is the wife of Jesus. As a historian I stress that the words that a writer or translator uses has to be looked at carefully, and can be misunderstood. Some writers in the gnostic tradition use the word for “companion” of Jesus that can be misunderstood as “wife,” but also in the context of the wider writings about Mary Magdalen can place her in the position of a primary follower of Jesus.

      Mary Magdalene has been by error and stupidity been linked to another person – Mary Bethany – and wrongly linked to as a prostitute or fallen woman. Both ancient and modern sources correctly makes clear Mary Magdalene has no connection to prostitution. Mary is a common name in the time of Jesus.

      Most of the three-year ministry of Jesus, he correctly starts from age 30 as per Jewish tradition for religious leaders, was around Lower Galilee near the Sea of Galilee, and it is in this area Jesus meets Mary Magdalene. Mary is said to have died in Ephesius in Turkey, the city of my number one favoured philosopher Heraclitus.

      Mary Magdalene probably had mental health issues considering the mention that seven devils had been cast out of her. In my opinion the female sex can become the most devoted of followers of a religious path, and I think Mary Magdalene was such a person. Mary Magdalen was wealthy, she is said to have significiantly contributed to Jesus and his ministry.

      Of all the billions of Christians that lived in the past, present and future, Mary Magdalene has the most understanding of the “word”, “logos”, “way” or “gnosis” of what Jesus was teaching. According to the Derveni Papyrus, those that have understanding of something are the ones who believe. For instance, Angela Power Disney has no understanding of many of the teachings of Jesus, so she is not a believer, since you cannot believe something if you do not understand it. Because Mary Magdalene has a greater understanding of what Jesus was teaching, she had the greatest faith, and the leading position, which is a reason why she is mentioned so many times, is given a significant status or involvement in the events around Jesus, and is accorded a position of leading person above the disciples. Ironically I have a greater understanding of what Jesus is saying than most who claim to be Christian.

      One of the regular themes I picked up on is the resentment and hostility that the disciples have towards Mary Magdalene as having such a significant status above them in the eyes of Jesus. In the Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern world the woman was regarded as inferior to men, they are made from a rib of adam, a lower version of a man. Some of the symbolism used with regards to Mary Magdalene plays on how the woman Mary Magdalene is transformed into a man, someone worthy of her status and entering into the kingdom of God. This issue of a status of women and of Mary Magdalen was a significant source of tension between Jesus and his disciples. The negative status of women in the Christian and Islamic tradition impacted how their writers treated Mary Magdalene, and their effort to diminish or erase her completely from the narrative.

      Of the four political/religious movements in the lands of Israel in the time of Jesus, he (Jesus) was most likely an Essene. In the other three Jewish movements in the time of Jesus it would have been odd to be unmarried. In the Essene movement, the most strict of its members did not marry or have children, since they regarded, as most gnostic-type thinkers, that the material world and the body is corrupt and inferior to the spiritual. I have detected nothing that indicates a wife or children of Jesus in the narrative, even if hidden or obscured, I would have picked this up somewhere in all the sources.

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      • There is much in what you say that is correct. This is not a theological debating site so I’ll skip the bits I have differing opinions of, but yes, there are conveniently “skipped” stories. But equally, they are emphasised by people who would want to emphasise alternatives!

        1) The early church was less patriarchal than it became in the third century and St Paul was a terrible misogynist. However, even he wrote: “there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Jesus Christ.”
        2) Alternative Gospels are worth reading to give context and I’ve been to Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer. Early church folklore is a very interesting pursuit.
        3) Historical/archaeological research around El/Ishtar/Baal; Sumeria/Canaanite/Jewish religions; Gilgamesh/Noah legends; Genesis and the Nephilim/Sons of God/Fallen Angels narratives are fascinating 😉
        4) APD is not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination!!!

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    • Why does she keep tagging Arthur into her posts when she knows full well he’s been sectioned again? It’s creepy.

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    • In a world outside of Disney World.

      1. Facebook is a non-Government owned business, meaning if it decides to terminate the accounts of Angela Power Disney because it did not like her face, it could do that, without need of justification, and there is nothing no one can do about it.

      2. Unless Angela Power Disney can legally prove her personal information was stolen and misused, that she suffered harm from this, and go to the trouble and expense of running a lawsuit in the courts, she will get a fat ZERO from Facebook.

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      • My friend who successfully sued Google faced a battery of lawyers and barristers and still to this day has only received her damages while they haggle over costs awarded after running the case by herself for the last year after exhausting her funds.
        Facebook, Google, and Youtube are rapacious in the way they frustrate litigants. They treat every case as a new one to win despite precedents being set as in Australia where they have been deemed to be publishers.

        APD wouldn’t be in the race. The only way these social media giants can be tackled is political and most politicians- as evidenced in their “grilling” of Mark Zuckerberg in the US Senate haven’t a clue how it all works.

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    • You would think Neelu, of all people, would have factored in an additional £20,000 to pay the inevitable operating an illegal HMO fines.

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    • So no bank will agree to a mortgage or lend money to someone whose entire philosophy is “I don’t need to repay”? Shocked and disappointed, here.

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  18. On the collision with reality.

    Some clever wit in Roman Pompeii wrote on a wall that if you bugger a fire you burn your willie. Other citizens of that place believed wrongly that the smoking local mountain would not cause them a problem, which it did, and their faces showing their last moments are on display in the local museum.

    One time when a storm was about to hit, I went camping, because I was feeling like those people in Pompeii. I camped under a tree, figured that the tree looked unsafe if it fell on me, the storm came, I got the willies, and decided to evacuate, the tree fell on the place where my tent had been, and I thank my lucky stars that I can relate this little story to you now.

    Satan Hunters Neelu Berry and Angela Power Disney have lived in a state of unreality for years. These ladies, if they had willies, have been poking fires. Now, Angela has been raided, Neelu faces trial and lost her home. Despite burning their metaphorical willies, they have now gone from probing the fire to jamming it right in. Neelu has been harrassing a security guard at her former home nearly every day for fifty days, and despite all her cunning alternative currency schemes, wants people to loan her £70,000. Angela Power Disney has gone deep into Disney World.

    Its all a bit like those people in Pompeii. There was even a thief in Pompeii who took advantage of fleeing residents hoping to grab a coin or two in the tragedy, rather like Neelu and Angie. The thief is displayed in the museum too.

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