Belinda, Iran Aid, and the Mujahadin-e Khalq: Making connections

The stench of the fraudulent charity Iran Aid has hung about Belinda McKenzie for more than two decades now. Speculation regarding Belinda’s involvement with Iran Aid, and the amount of money she is alleged to have pocketed from the charity during its heyday, runs rampant in the troofer community, while more reputable researchers have tended to run up against brick walls when they attempt to investigate more closely.

Here’s what we do know: Iran Aid was registered as a charity in 1983. Its charitable objects, according to the Charity Commission, were to “provide for the relief of conditions of need, hardship or distress of Iranian refugees and Iranians in Iran who are in necessitous circumstances”. The proposed beneficiaries were orphan children in Iran who were in need as a result of their families being opposed to the Iranian government.

In 1996, The Charity Commission cautioned Iran Aid about its heavy-handed fundraising tactics. We discussed this a couple of years ago, in a post by a donor to the charity whose experience resembled nothing so much as a gangland shake-down. Despite the warning, the Commission continued to receive complaints from the public about unethical tactics used by Iran Aid.

Charity Commission investigation

In March 1998, the Charity Commission received allegations that Iran Aid was being used to fund a terrorist organisation, the Mujahadin-e Khalq (MEK), sometimes called the MKO.

According to the results of the Charity Commission inquiry into these complaints, the Commission enquired into the bona fides of the complainants, whose identities were kept confidential at the time, but who were later revealed to be former Iran Aid employees. The allegations were considered credible. Rather than attempting to determine whether Iran Aid was diverting its funds to a terrorist organisation, they decided to investigate whether the funds were actually going to the charity’s designated beneficiaries.

According to the Inquiry results:

On 22 July 1998, after obtaining information from the charity’s bankers about the destination of the charity’s funds, the Commission froze Iran Aid’s bank accounts. The Commission was concerned to find that the funds, some £5 million per year, were all paid into an individual’s account in a country other than Iran.

The charity’s funds were all sent via a middleman based in the Middle East, but not in Iran. [The middleman was later revealed to be located in Dubai.] The Commission interviewed this intermediary in Germany with the aim of establishing the reason for the charity transmitting its funds in this way and how these funds might then reach the charity’s beneficiaries in Iran. Despite this interview, investigators were unable to establish sufficient details about the individual or his activities to suggest he was an appropriate person to handle these significant amounts of money. The trustees claimed to have references for him but would not show them to investigators.

The trustees effectively had no control over the distribution of funds once these left the charity’s bank accounts in this country. Furthermore the trustees were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for certain missing funds having admitted that by their own reckoning, 10% of the funds sent to Iran could not be accounted for. The trustees were also unable to show that adequate financial controls were in place over the distribution of funds through a complex network of intermediaries.

During the Inquiry investigators sought information from other Government Departments including the Department for International Development and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. These bodies had no knowledge of the charity operating in Iran. Representatives of Charities that operated in Iran were also asked whether they had had any contact with Iran Aid during their relief work; none had. These discussions also gave rise to serious doubts that a charity would be able to run such a large covert organisation inside Iran, supporting some 14,000 children, without it being detected by the authorities and stopped.

In other words, the money wasn’t going where the trustees of Iran Aid claimed it was, and it certainly was not going to support the 14,000 children it claimed to be helping. In addition, about 10% of the money (about £500,000 per year), was probably being skimmed…by someone. Was it the “middleman”? No one seemed to know, and that question has not been answered conclusively.

Millions of pounds were simply disappearing into a “black hole”…and no one seemed to be able to say where all that money was going.

The occupation

During its Inquiry, the Charity Commission determined that the trustees of Iran Aid had not met their obligation to maintain proper records. When the Commission pressed the matter, staff at Iran Aid staged a sit-in at the charity’s Barnet-based offices, preventing officials from gaining access to records and accounts. This sit-in lasted 20 months. At one stage, Iran Aid workers threatened to commit suicide if the documents were removed from the building, and police advised the Commission to back down to avoid public disorder.

Eventually, following a High Court decision which would have permitted the Charity Commission to examine Iran Aid’s records, those records were illegally destroyed. While the Commission claims to have reported this to the police, Freedom of Information enquiries made by a concerned individual could find no police department willing to admit having investigated the matter.

Iran Aid was dissolved, and £600,000 of its remaining assets were turned over to a new independent charity, the Iran Aid Foundation, in 2001.

What is the Mujahadin-e Khalq?

The original complaints which set off the Charity Commission Inquiry claimed that the money raised by Iran Aid was going to support the MEK, which at that time was a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK and the United States.

But the MEK seems to be more than a terrorist organisation: former members and external analysts have described it as more like a cult.

This fascinating yet horrifying 2007 video, produced by Al Jazeera, delves into the workings of the MEK, which began as a paramilitary group and evolved into a cult of personality:

The MEK, or the People’s Mujahadin of Iran, is a terrorist organisation. Masoud Rajavi is the leader of this bizarre Iranian cult who over the years helped Ayatollah Khomeini overthrow the Shah, then declared war on the Islamic Republic, ruthlessly killing their fellow countrymen. They allied themselves with Saddam Hussein but now that he’s gone, are ardent supporters of the Coalition. The MEK has switched allegiances so often that any underlying ideology is long gone. But one fundamental tenet remained: personal power.

Masoud Rajavi claims to be a bridge between his followers and God, and the faithful believe him. Rajavi is a master of human psychology. He manipulated his followers’ weaknesses until they are prepared to do anything for him. One woman carried cyanide capsules in her mouth for two years, ready to die for her leader.

The video, which is well worth a look, describes how Rajavi manipulated his followers, turning them into dedicated warriors ready to kill on command. Some started to question their leader, however, when he asked them to kill children:

[Announcer:] In 1991, at the height of the first Gulf War, Saddam found a new use for Rajavi. He ordered the MEK to help put down the uprising of the Iraqi Kurds, with maximum force.

[Interviewee:]…(T)he MEK used heavy artillery against anyone who was in their way. It didn’t matter if the person was an innocent civilian, a man, a woman, or even a child. The MEK shot anyone who came in their way through the town.

[Announcer:] Majeed’s platoon killed most of its captives, but one was handed to the Iraqis to be executed.

[Interviewee:] They brought this little boy, who was hit in the stomach and was suffering a lot. The MEK didn’t give him any medical help or even a glass of water. The next morning, they handed the boy to the Iraqi authorities, and the Iraqis killed him right there and then. I can never forget the screams of the boy, who called, ‘Baba! Baba!’ asking for his mother. Those words still echo in my head.

A 2009 report by the RAND National Defense Research Institute notes:

From its earliest days, the MeK had had tight social bonds, but these began to be transformed into something more sinister during the mid-1980s after the group’s leaders and many of its members had relocated to Paris. There, Masoud Rajavi began to undertake what he called an “ideological revolution,” requiring a new regimen of activities—at first demanding increased study and devotion to the cause but soon expanding into near-religious devotion to the Rajavis (Masoud and his wife, Maryam), public self-deprecation sessions, mandatory divorce, celibacy, enforced separation from family and friends, and gender segregation.

Prior to establishing an alliance with Saddam, the MeK had been a popular organization. However, once it settled in Iraq and fought against Iranian forces in alliance with Saddam, the group incurred the ire of the Iranian people and, as a result, faced a shortfall in volunteers. Thus began a campaign of disingenuous recruiting. The MeK naturally sought out Iranian dissidents, but it also approached Iranian economic migrants in such countries as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates with false promises of employment, land, aid in applying for asylum in Western countries, and even marriage, to attract them to Iraq. Relatives of members were given free trips to visit the MeK’s camps. Most of these “recruits” were brought into Iraq illegally and then required to hand over their identity documents for “safekeeping.” Thus, they were effectively trapped. …

Although a large portion of the NCRI’s funding was provided by Saddam Hussein and some came from Saudi Arabia, the NCRI also raised money through fraud. For example, until recently, MeK supporters sought donations at airports and public parks, often showing gruesome pictures of women who had been tortured by the IRI, by claiming to raise money for human rights victims in Iran but funneling the money to the MeK instead. The FBI arrested seven MeK supporters for raising more than $1 million for a sham charity, the Committee for Human Rights in Iran, at Los Angeles International Airport.

The British Charities Commission closed another MeK sham charity, Iran Aid, after finding no “verifiable links between the money donated by the British public [approximately £5 million annually] and charitable work in Iran.” The German High Court closed several MeK safe houses, “foster” homes, and compounds after an investigation revealed that the MeK fraudulently collected between $5 million and $10 million in social welfare benefits for MeK children sent to Europe at the outset of the first Gulf War.

Where does Belinda come in?

Belinda’s longstanding involvement with Iran Aid is well known, though she has never admitted the nature or extent of her role in the organisation. However, she has left behind numerous tantalising hints of where her interests lay.

In December 1998, for example, as the investigation into Iran Aid was just taking off, we find Belinda writing in the “Letters to the Editor” section of The Independent:

Sir: As the dust of the last week’s futile bombing raids on Iraqi towns and bases settles and we move into the, hopefully, reflective period of Christmas and year end, it might be an appropriate moment to ponder on the Government’s dealing with Iraq and its next-door neighbour, Iran.

All year there has been the spectacle of our Foreign Office sidling up to the murderous mullahs (who are suddenly handing out oil contracts), lauding by turn the new “liberalism” perceived to be prevailing under President Khatami and his “rule of law”. Salman Rushdie is publicly mollified (and privately gagged) and there is a scramble to comply with Tehran’s orders to “close down” all groups working from this country purported to be in opposition to the Iranian government (first in line being the UK-registered charity Iran Aid; after 15 years of rescuing children orphaned by the regime its funding has been cut off).

On the other hand Saddam Hussein continues to be presented as number one Bogeyman, the sledgehammer comes out again to crush him and his people and Iraqi opposition groups are invited to tea in Whitehall.

Make no mistake, the regimes in question are still equally horrible, so we could ask, which of the two diametrically-opposed policies is the “ethical” one – or are they both?

She signs this curious missive, “BELINDA MCKENZIE, Friend of Iran Aid, London N6”.

Eleven years later, she’s still a fan of the MEK (which she calls by its English name, the PMOI):

This story concerns the Iranian opposition hunger-strike in Grosvenor Square, now in its 38th day. The 12 who have taken no food at all throughout the whole of August are supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) which has been battling the regime of the ayatollahs for the best part of 30 years. Their headquarters since 1986 has been a sprawling complex out in the desert north of Baghdad in Iraq known as Ashraf City or Camp Ashraf.

On 28th July Camp Ashraf was brutally attacked by Iraqi security forces and 11 of the 3,500 inmates killed, 400-500 wounded and 36 men, included several wounded in the raid, abducted to an unknown location. 5 weeks later it is known that these 36 hostages continue to suffer torture and are in a state of severe exhaustion.

There is little doubt that the Iranian regime was directly behind this atrocity. Several of the thugs who beat up the inmates of the camp with iron bars, batons spiked with nails and chains and sprayed them with jets of boiling water were heard calling to each other in farsi (Persian). The head of the Iraqi government, Nuri al Maleki is known to be friendly towards his counterparts in Tehran, who are using the opportunity of US/UK withdrawal from Iraq to extend their influence in the war-torn country. Ahmadinejad who in his capacity as State Prosecutor under Khomeini personally supervised the torture and shot thousands of PMOI dissidents in the 1980s was doubtless hoping get Ashraf wiped off the map of Iraq and the PMOI excised from the page of history for ever.

Well so he may have hoped – but now, despite the attempts of the Iranian government’s friends and appeasers who include President Obama and our own government to turn a blind eye to the incident, thanks to the internet news has got out and there has been an outcry from around the world, most notably within Iraq itself where the PMOI enjoy enormous popularity. They are seen as a bastion against the Iranian regime and also as a profoundly humanitarian organisation on account of their care of local war-victims. The Iranian resistance, as the PMOI like to call themselves, has friends in many of the world’s parliaments including our own, where a group of some 30 distinguished members of the British House of Lords have been warmly supportive of them for many years and recently helped get them removed from the UK & EU terrorist lists.

What shocks everyone is the sheer cynical destructiveness as well as savagery of the raid in which bulldozers and armoured jeeps were used to mow down the inmates of the camp as well as raze many of its amenities. Prior to the raid Ashraf City with its well-tended gardens, sports facilities, library, schools, hospital and concert-hall was an oasis of order and civilisation. Furthermore, the residents of whom a third are women were totally unarmed and defenceless, their weapons having been confiscated in 2003 by the incoming US forces. Each resident received at the time a signed guarantee of protection by the US military, in addition to the right of protection to which they are entitled under the 4th Geneva Convention.

The 12 on hunger-strike in London, 6 of whom are British citizens as well as having relatives in Camp Ashraf, are growing weaker by the day but remain determined the US must fulfil its moral and legal obligation to protect their loved-ones in Iraq. They will go to the death if needed. “We have to do this, there is no other way” they say. Above them however, the bald-headed eagle atop the brass-and-concrete façade of the Embassy carries on looking the other way and the hours tick by monotonously, with little sign that any going in or out of the imposing building opposite the small, placard-encrusted encampment with its neat row of beds are the slightest bit concerned…

CALLING ALL HUMAN BEINGS! whether Iranian or British, please come and meet 12 of the bravest people in the world at an ‘Evening of Solidarity’ on Saturday 5th September in Grosvenor Square, 6-8pm. Your presence will help send a strong message to the US government and to the Tehran regime as well as to the hunger-strikers that they are not alone and that the world is watching.

Belinda McKenzie 3rd September 2009

Belinda and her Iranian husband Esmail Vafa Yaghmaei, who currently lives in France, were at one time vocal in their support of the MEK.

In 2009, they could be found standing together in Trafalgar Square and outside the Iranian Embassy, urging passersby to “support a free world” by supporting the MEK:You can find videos of Belinda and Mr Yaghmaei on the MEK-affiliated YouTube channel, IranSolidarityGlobal.

Camp Ashraf

The MEK founded Camp Ashraf, which was really more like a small city, in 1986. Named for the murdered wife of MEK leader Rajavi, Camp Ashraf housed between 3,500 and 4,000 MEK members at any given time. In keeping with the MEK’s cult-like control of its members, the majority of the city’s residents were denied contact with the outside world, and their families were banned from visiting them.

According to a report from a human rights organisation, one of the teen residents of Camp Ashraf as of 2006 was Amir Vafa Yaghmaei, a Swedish citizen who was helped to leave Ashraf after two years with help of Swedish government.

His father, Mr. Esmaeil Vafa Yaghmaei was so loyal to Mr. Rajavi at NCRI that he ignored several requests by his own son, who was 16 when sent to Iraq, and refused to help him. Amir was abused inside Ashraf and also in US Camp, TIPF, for almost 2 years.

Clearly, at that time Mr Yaghmaei was a devoted member of the MEK cult, so devoted that he could ignore the pleas of his teen-aged son to help get him out of a situation in which he was subject to abuse.

The wind shifts

However, at some point between 2009 and early 2015, something seems to have happened, a sea change if you will; by 2015 Mr Yaghmaei and Belinda had changed their tune quite drastically.

We don’t know what prompted them to begin to see their former MEK friends in a different light, but in the 30 January 2015 edition of Iran-Interlink, a doggedly anti-MEK website, we find Mr Yaghmaei being downright snippy:

Internal critic Esmail Vafa Yaghmaei wrote to expose the MEK’s deception of an English activist and friend Belinda McKenzie. The MEK took money from her through unethical influence after persuading her to re-mortgage her house and hand over around £300,000 which they promised would be repaid “after the overthrow of the Iranian regime”. Yaghmaei tells the MEK he will sue if they don’t return her money now. The MEK responded through the NCRI to say ‘these are the actions of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry’, and accused Yaghmaei and McKenzie of being part of a conspiracy to start a new court case against the MEK.

The MEK also published tens of receipts and cheques made out to Yaghmaei and two other former NCRI members, Karim Ghassim and Mohammad Reza Rowhani, saying they have received thousands of pounds from the NCRI, but with no further explanation. The MEK admits it took McKenzie’s money but said it agreed to pay this back after the MEK “topples the Iranian regime”. The MEK also offered a veiled threat by accusing McKenzie of having worked with Iran Aid charity – which was closed by the Charity Commission – with the implication that she had been involved in its wrongdoing [money laundry].

This seems to raise more questions than it answers. For example, what sort of “unethical influence” did the MEK use to persuade Belinda to re-mortgage her house and give them £300,000? Are we wrong in thinking that this sounds an awful lot like blackmail?

This is borne out a few sentences later, with the MEK offering a “veiled threat by accusing McKenzie of having worked with Iran Aid charity…with the implication that she had been involved in its wrongdoing [money laundry]”.

In a since-deleted post on her Knight Foundation blog, Belinda attempted to answer this charge. First she said,

It was always my intention to work full-time for the benefit of humanity once my children were grown up and had left home. This moment for me coincided with my having received a substantial inheritance, £4 million to be precise from my wealthy landowner father on his death in 1996. £I million of this money I used to buy my sons and daughter their first flats, £2 million I put into a Trust for them and their future children and the remaining £1 million I resolved to devote to humanitarian good causes, as and when need presented itself.

However, a few paragraphs later, she said that she had donated “some £1.7 million in all to this cause, including taking out a mortgage on my house”. Somehow, the £1 million from her father had morphed into £1.7 million…during the bearish stock market of the 1990s.

No inference of “unethical influence” here—far fom it. Belinda paints herself as a devoted humanitarian, not a person whose involvement in a fraudulent charity could have opened the way to insinuations that she was involved in such criminal activities as funding a terrorist organisation or engaging in money laundering.

Which brings us back to those heady years at Iran Aid, when it was shipping off £5 million per year to the MEK.

We wonder: was Belinda put in the position of having to personally fill part of the shortfall for her “Iranian friends” once the Iran Aid funding dried up?

It is not inconceivable that the MEK would be in possession of evidence that their English benefactress had been involved in less-than-legal activities, and that they might have, in a fit of pique, suggested to Belinda that it would be in her best interests to re-mortgage her house and give them a share of the proceeds. Re-mortgaging a house is no small affair, and we think one would have to be under significant pressure to consider doing so, simply in order to make a charitable donation.

And we do know that the MEK and its UK fundraising organisation, Iran Aid, were in the habit of making use of large, threatening-looking gentlemen to persuade people to donate an appropriate amount.

Of course this is mere hypothesis on our part, but it does open up some interesting avenues of investigation for anyone who might be interested.

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    So this is the woman all those people are trusting with Sabine’s bail money? Wow. Good luck with that, guys!

    As for Bellender helping to fund a terrorist group (by her own and her husband’s admission), shame on her. I’m shocked that she appears to have supported an organisation that was killing children with such abandon. And this is a woman who calls herself an anti-child abuse campaigner?! The story of that poor Iraqi boy left me numb. How Belinda could have continued to support this evil group after that is beyond me.

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    And not an “allegedly” in sight, just a barrage of defamatory bollocks fed to her by Tracey M that her fawning, gullible supporters will lap up.

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    • I guess we should wish Linda the best of health but check out her biog : “Human rights activists, Funeral director, Screenwriter, Embalming and Free-lance Writer”

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      • I do indeed wish her well, it’s a sad day when an intelligent person can be drawn into this s*#te, also the “stealing children” sites & protests.

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      “It is just GOOD to give SOMETHING of your weekly income away…Anyone who gives into my journalism and activism work through this forum will be on a mailing update list where you will see my work on a daily basis and hot off the presses…Even if 100 out of the planet’s 7 billion plus inhabitants become monthly partners with me in the work I do, this will allow me to pay the bills, and do what I do best….which is to write, to advocate especially for an end to child sexual abuse, to lobby, to empower and to inspire.”

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      Earth To Angie : You are entering an already crowded field Angie as even Fake News websites have been up and running for years so that leaves you out.
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  4. Just checked the Land Registry, Belinda has indeed paid off her mortgage and is the sole owner of 83 Priory Gardens …. hmmmm.

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    • I know of a certain father with two children who could use a home in North London. They need to ascertain whether they really want to sue for repeated malicious defamation.
      My belief however is that Bellend would be advised by a solicitor to formerly apologise in writing and on various forums she has used and pay all legal costs to avoid a financially crucifying case she would surely lose, and an agreed amount of damages.
      To fight a case like this when the High Court has concluded twice that this father is totally innocent and the victim of a vicious campaign would be financial suicide.

      If I were that father I would be going to the defamation expert Peter Carter Ruck (Peter Carter Fuck in private Eye) who I’m sure would take on the case without money up front.
      They certainly frightened the Bejesus out of the News of The World when they mistook me for someone completely different but with the same name and a lengthy criminal record for producing (adult) porn.
      It was over within a fortnight and for 10 years I really loved the brand new Mini I bought with my agreed damages.

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    • I recon belinda might of had a lot to do with paying sabine’s money off anyway, the other money she begged was just an extra, just like before when she begged for money and sent it to Sabine in Germany.

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      • Good point Farmer Giles, wasn’t the money she sent to Sabine to help her out, coming out of charity funds that Belinda had collected from members of the public?

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        • That’s right. The problem was that she hadn’t actually registered The Knight Foundation as a charity. When interviewed, she said that it was a business that acted like a charity…by which she apparently meant that she felt free to scoop up its assets and send them to her friend in Germany “just because”.

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    • Indeed that would have been a lot simpler unless:

      A)She knows Sabine will do runner and/or is even planning to help her do one.

      B)She has spotted a handy earner in creatively “losing” contributions and already has various sob stories lined up as to why monies cannot unfortunately be returned.

      A cunning,slippery old bat if ever there was one.

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    • Yes, interesting how that seems to happen. Terrorist organisations realise that one of the easiest ways to make money is to claim it’s to assist the downtrodden, apparently.

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  5. I think Tracey and Penny think Sabine is completely free, lol. I don’t think they’ve quite grasped how bail works 😀

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    • The pervy stalker is back, trying to convince the world that he doesn’t go around harassing elderly people, young women and even the dead – by re-posting material that harasses elderly people, young women and even the dead! Way to prove the points people are making about you Malkie! LOL! Much butt hurt, but zilch by way of a counter argument.

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  6. I note with interest that Belinda’s long-time friend Christopher “Mad Dog” Booker has written, favourably of course, about Iran Aid.

    From 2005:
    “As for the Iranian debacle, Britain’s long-standing involvement in this latest bid to give the EU a “common foreign policy” has been one of the murkiest adventures our Foreign Office has ever put its hand to. It is now seven years since I first reported on the bizarre saga of how the Foreign Office sought to appease Teheran by closing down Iran Aid, a charity set up, with support from several distinguished British lawyers and academics, to give practical help to the families and dependants of dissidents who had been murdered or imprisoned by the regime.

    “The strategy chosen to achieve this was to call in the Charity Commission, which sent in an administrator from PricewaterhouseCooper to take over Iran Aid’s affairs. Despite spending two years combing through the charity’s files (in consultation with a former minister of the Teheran regime), and retaining well over £100,000 of the charity’s funds for his services, the administrator never found a scrap of that evidence to link Iran Aid with terrorist activities the Foreign Office was hoping for.

    “Naturally the FO publicly disclaimed any connection with this heavy-handed intervention by the Charity Commission. But as British ministers continued to visit Teheran, Iran’s government radio boasted of how it had brought pressure on the British Government to close down the charity, which was eventually able to re-establish itself under another name. The lesson the FO has never learned is that appeasing dictatorships rarely yields any dividends. But its part in assisting Iran to become a nuclear power may prove to be one of the EU’s greatest blunders to date.”


    He’s also a fan of the MEK:

    From 2008:

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      • Yes, I can’t believe that an experienced journalist like Booker seems to have such a loose grasp on the basics of how things like the Charity Commission work.

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    • Considering that the charity commission AND Belinda have said that there wasn’t access to the files. There was a mysterious fire. People in the charity said that no one outside could have access to the files because it would put people at risk from the Iranian government, I call this article bollox, codswallop, shite.

      Makes me wonder how long Booker has been fed stories by Belinda, that he has at times appeared to do little fact checking of.

      MEK was at one time based in Paris.

      I am pretty sure it is no longer a proscribed organisation.

      I am also certain that the Iranian government doesn’t like the MEK.

      The missing £500k figure is from Iran Aid, in fact they accounted for £0 to the Charity Commission, and refused to say where the money went. The whole lot was handed to one person apparently.

      Also,Lord Alton was someone who was involved in inviting the MEK leader to the UK to speak. See Bailii for more info. See also other crossovers with this lot.

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  7. Let me get this straight then.

    Ex employees from Iran Aid felt strongly enough to report the charity the Charity Commission because they thought funds were being sent to a cult/allegedly terrorist organisation.

    Belinda is involved in that charity.

    Belinda and her husband are shown to have sympathy with the cult/terrorist organisation.

    Later they fall out with said cult and her husband says “The MEK took money from her through unethical influence after persuading her to re-mortgage her house and hand over around £300,000 which they promised would be repaid “after the overthrow of the Iranian regime.”

    Did I get that right? In a nutshell?

    The phrase ‘unethical influence’ is interesting isn’t it. Who would re-mortgage their house and hand over a lot of money like that, especially when the outcome (the overthrow of a regime) was not certain? You’d have to be daft, brainwashed or blackmailed. If there is any other reason someone might do this please post here. I’m flummoxed by this.

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    • I think that’s an excellent summary, Fnord. And yes, I’m perplexed by the phrase “unethical influence” as well. To me, it implies either that someone held something over her head, or that she was somehow brainwashed into re-mortgaging her house.

      I personally don’t see Belinda as a victim of brainwashing. If anything, she’d be the brainwasher, not the brainwashee. Just my opinion, however.

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    • Very much doubt any insurance company would cover losses of such a nature but I wouldnt put anything past the grasping old dragon if any skimming earner presented itself.

      I wouldnt be overly surprised to see Belinda`s granny up for auction on ebay(all in a highly ethical cause of course).

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  8. Fantastic article! For those who have only found the Hampstead hoax late, this is a great summery into the scamming origins of Belinda McKenzie. I was aware of her Iran aid scam, but this has bought so much more to light!

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  9. Neelu’s latest bizarre ramblings

    Logical Jurisprudence (1) Comedy Multi-Lingual Script Writer Volunteers Urgently Needed – Well there is going to be a huge comedy one day about my Lucky Trolley the Car Coat and the Pencil of the Equity Lawyer White Gandhi hehe. I have a few of these trolleys but the current one belonged to my late dad. It had an interesting day on Friday 15 December 2017. It found itself preventing access to the Royal Courts of Justice building, in the famous Strand, London, UK, blocking entry to many people – because it was itself banned from the RCJ building. I happened to put my trolley first, the Equity Lawyer had walked through the barrier and then was told to put his coat through the x-ray machine, but my trolley was already on the conveyor belt. The security guard had a belief that the Equity Lawyer was banned entry to the building so he refused to turn on the conveyor belt to scan the Car Coat (and my trolley) demanding that the Equity Lawyer returns back through the barrier and exits the building, physically blocking him access to retrieve his coat. I offered to bring the Coat of the Equity Lawyer in to the building – [there was no point in wasting time arguing that there was no ban on the Equity Lawyer, it was a fraud ban and in any case Mr Justice Turner and many other Senior Judges had lifted the Fraudulently Enforced Ban from the letter by RCJ Director acting outside her authority and above the Judges on several occasions after keeping him waiting for many hours. But it was gone 3.30pm and the offices close at 4.30pm so Equity Lawyer ran up the staircase of the side entrance (situated under the fees office, opposite Tesco). The Security Guard demanded I pick up my trolley and the Coat as I was not allowed entry (on grounds that I offered to bring the “banned” coat into the building and so my trolley was banned too – and so was I). The security camera would then provide false evidence of me removing the items voluntarily rather than forced out. I refused. So the recording shows the Security Guard removing the trolley and removing the coat to ban me from the building. As the Guard folded the coat a pencil fell out of the pockets on to the floor. I asked him why he was banning me. He accused me of being “With him [the Equity Lawyer” – I said I wasn’t, I had to do filing of papers in the Court of Appeal Office and the Actions Department and was only offering a Coat Delivery Service. The Security Guard then positioned my trolley outside the entrance doors and threw the folded coat next to it. I pointed out to the Security Guard that the pencil on the floor belonged to the coat. He asked me to pick it up. I refused and asked him to do it. He picked it up but refused to give it to me saying he would give it to me after I exited the entrance doors. So as I held onto the pencil to take it he would not let go of it and used it as if I was a trolley to spin me around the pencil and push me out backwards by tugging at the pencil. I had no choice but to give the Trolley Coat and pencil precedence over access to Justice…

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  10. This psycho’s getting away with murder and sticking two fingers up at the law and the police. How long before her luck runs out, I wonder.

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  11. Thank you for the article which provoked a memory from a long time ago when I was living in the Hampstead area and was visited by a couple of Iranian gentlement. For that is what they appeared to be, well dressed and well spoken. When they knocked on my door I was on my way out, so they said they would come back the following day. They did and came in, had a cup of tea and told me their story, showing me a plastic folder of pictures demonstrating the most awful atrocities and crimes and further, photographs of a local celebrity who was supporting them. They were there for almost an hour and at some point it became evident that they were looking for me to give them a cheque for £2-4,000. Despite not having that sort of money, I felt almost compelled to find it: to not do so would have felt wrong and heartless in that moment. Because of the high amount of money being requested, I said I needed time to think.

    Luckily that thinking time included a chat with my partner who talked me down! May be completely unrelated to the above but it did come to mind and I’ve always felt a bit bad for not helping out.

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