Kaoutal admits, then denies allegations of child sexual abuse

Last week we noted that Angela Power-Disney had promised to have Arthur Kaoutal on her (now defunct) Con-the-Consumer Network show. We hadn’t heard much from Arthur for a few months, though we’d heard he’s now out of prison, so we thought we’d check up on him.

What we found was startling: according to posts on his own Facebook profile, Arthur Kaoutal has previously posted material claiming that he was accused of (and served prison time for) sexually abusing children.

Mr Kaoutal posted the following on his Facebook page on 26 January 2015:


However, Mr Kaoutal now denies that he made the post himself, claiming that his Facebook profile was hacked, and that some combination of John Kramer, Andy Wright, and Narkia Rae McDonald  created a phony post in Photoshop “or some shit like that”, which they placed on his Facebook page in order to discredit him:


Mr Kaoutal then wrote a longer post in which he emphatically denied that he’d previously outed himself as a child sexual abuser:


Mr Kaoutal claims that John Kramer is an associate of this blog (mm…sorry, nope) and that he is a London Metropolitan Police officer (unlikely, as police are generally forbidden from having social media profiles).

We don’t know why Mr Kaoutal assumes that Mr Kramer is affiliated with Hoaxtead Research, but it’s flattering that he (and many other troofers) seems to think that anyone who disputes the veracity of the Hampstead SRA hoax would automatically gravitate towards us.

Mr Kaoutal also claims that Mr Kramer, Andy Wright, and a woman named Narkia Rae McDonald have:

Ganged Up On Me By Spamming All My Posts With So Called Screenshots Of This Specific Post From The 26th Of JANUARY 2015. I Have No Idea How They Manipulated This Post. Maybe Through Some Computer Application – I Do NOT Know.

HOWEVER, I DID NOT WRITE THOSE WORDS EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! One Need Only Ask The Question Why John Kramer @JOHN KRAMER – Has Waited Nearly 2 Years to Share The Screenshots Now???

Also – John Kramer @JOHN KRAMER & Andy Wright – Have Fabricated A Thread From A Post Of Mine From SUNDAY The 4th Of DECEMBER 2016 at 01:41am (Yesterday). This Post Has Now Been Deleted By Facebook.

Why these three individuals would do all this is not really explained.

However, Mr Kaoutal’s defence against allegations of paedophilia are original, we think you’ll find:

In Conclusion – How Many Pedophiles Do You Know That Openly Post In A Public Forum That They Are One??? My CRIMINAL RECORD Is Open To Anyone….

Truth Be Told – Children Love Me – A Lot. They Always Have.

Because that’s not creepy at all.

At this point we are not in a position to verify or deny that Mr Kaoutal “did time inside for touching children”. We are only able to quote what he’s posted on his own page, and we think you’ll agree that as usual, he’s painted a rather confusing picture.

It seems unlikely that anyone could have hacked his page without his knowledge. Whenever a Facebook account is hacked, Facebook automatically contacts the account owner, verifies their identification, and then has them create a new password. If this had happened, surely Mr Kaoutal would have been aware of it, at least on some level?

And why would a purported hacker place a post on Mr Kaoutal’s timeline nearly two years ago? It seems to us that if a hacker wanted to “discredit” him, they would place their incriminating material up front, where Mr Kaoutal’s friends could see it. As anyone can verify who’s gone looking for a two-year-old post, it can take ages to search through one’s timeline.

As it stands, the entire thing seems very mysterious. And given Mr Kaoutal’s very interesting communication style, it’s bound to get more so.


73 thoughts on “Kaoutal admits, then denies allegations of child sexual abuse

    • After extensive research, I’ve ascertained what song Arthur’s singing in that picture:

      “Little children – you better not tell on me
      I’m tellin’ you
      Little children – you better not tell what you see
      And if you’re good
      I’ll give you candy and a quarter
      If you’re quiet like you oughta be
      And keep a secret with me”

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  1. Don’t know if this barking mad dog has been convicted of child abuse but he has a lengthy criminal history.

    He’s a low level career crim although who seems to aspire to greater things such as in the videos he posts where he visits a local shop who have incurred his displeasure and kicks in their glass door.
    Another reason to question the validity of the Disability Pension going to lazy scumbags.

    Also an active supporter of raving nutbag Fiona Barnett who is thriving in the spotlight of ‘truther’ websites with her new found fame as a ‘satanist pedo world ruling cult’ whistleblower. Arthur posts his support on the excellent Aussie show Media Watch which a year ago questioned the mass media’s ridiculous reporting of Barnett’s claims of a pedo ring operating out of the old Oz Parliament House.

    Her claims include being abused by Walt Disney 3 years after he died and that US president Richard Nixon flew to Canberra in AirForce One on a Saturday morning just to abuse her (wot no kidnapped kiddies in the USA available?) unnoticed by the media. You can see from the replies on Media Watch the Usual Suspects rant and rave in support of Barnett including Katoul.

    One of Barnett’s loopiest claims is that a secret railway runs underground from the Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor just outside Sydney to the US top spy base Pine Gap in the middle of the desert, some 2000 kilometers. Why they need a railway when Pine Gap is completely isolated and has it’s own air base with 747 jets arriving daily is a mystery : # I have a relative who lives in the nearest town Alice Springs and the locals all celebrate when there is a regular staff changeover at Pine Gap as all the possessions the Yanks have jetted in are sent to an Alice Spring’s auction and fab goodies are available at knock down prices.

    Why Angela Power-Disney would interview this ranting loon is a mystery but perhaps they have something in common : low level crim !

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  2. I have just seen the Mckenzies devils videos with Mel and Biggi taking psychedelics. No wonder these clowns have no judgement and cant tell fact from fiction. I took mushrooms and LSD about 30 times in the late 80s/early 90s and it changes you drastically and takes a long time to recover,. I cant imagine doing it at their age.They are a pair of twats.

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  3. Angie’s Farcebook page is so informative. I go there for all the latest updates from the tinfoil hat community.

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      • Latest 2017 breaking intel from Twattileaks:

        . Biggi to be released back into the wild to chase mad tree frogs in Borneo during the january transfer window;

        . CCN continues tallking to itself about fucknows what and for no disernable reason powered by a second hand QEG contraption that doesnt work either;

        . Angie to annoy the tits off prison wardens in HM Holloway with her bible readings.

        .Neelu discovers Patrick Cullinane hiding up her arse.Receptionists go on strike.

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  4. I had a look through Arthur’s videos a while ago. He films himself drinking beer – head tipped back and chugging the whole bottle and on one occasion he manages to chug two at the same time. Evidently he’s skilled in the social graces. He says his Aunt ‘N’ (I won’t name her) made him the man he is today. I’m sure she’s very proud.
    There are other videos of him being apprehended by the police because he’s disqualified from driving but continues to drive as a protest against the state and all the terrible things they do. There are videos of him going to the police station and promoting his You Tube account and encouraging policemen to check his social media. He seems to think he has something to teach them and if any of them want to develop their beer chugging skills, he is most certainly the man to watch for instruction.
    Then there are his window smashing and assaulting the alleged drug dealer videos. Bless him. He’s a warrior for the community and no mistake and if those pesky Policemen would bloody well stop arresting him the world would be a safer place.

    I was left with two options when summing up Arthur:

    1. He’s ‘awake’ and operating for the good of all and just wants other people to wake up.
    2. He’s a nuisance with mental health issues (he says he’s been diagnosed with bi-polar) who keeps breaking the law and has to be locked up from time to time.

    I’ll leave you to make your own mind up.

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    • I’m slightly perplexed as he appears to live in Pennant Hills in Sydney which is an outer suburb but very upper middle class with probably million dollar$$ house prices.
      Perhaps there is some social housing there and Arfer managed to score one as he doesn’t come across as being from the moneyed classrs even though his social graces are impeccable.

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  5. He strikes me, as did the fellow the other day who is up on charges in England, as very typical of the sort of sub-human scum that clings to the edges of the ‘conspiranoid movement’.

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  6. My favourite Arthur quote:

    “Shove your science and history up your arse CUNT!!! I’ve been in the human manipulation scene for 15 years. And I manipulated you into believing I’m a dumb cunt who bites. I have no ego. I stripped that years ago when I had my kundalini spiritual awakening FUCK WIT!!!

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  7. Well it wouldn’t be any surprise to find another actual paedophile among the hoaxer mob. It would just be another on an ever increasing list. As long as one is not part of the “elite”, ones crimes against children can be forgiven by this mob. The ‘common paedophile’ goes ignored, or even gains help from them.

    Having said that, this guy appears to be a total scatter brain. He seems like the type of person that would easily fall for a hacking attempt. Though as pointed out in this post, it would be very strange to change such an old post. It would also be strange for just one post to be changed. Usually, when someone manage to access another person facebook, they can’t help but post various things over time.

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    • No, I am reserving judgement on this one. I can’t think how he wouldn’t notice his account being hacked, but as you say, he does seem pretty tuned out much of the time.


  8. Now that I’m living in Sydney some things stand out with Mr Kaoutal. Having watched some of his YouTube videos I find some slightly odd things.

    Arthur is an Indigenous Aussie who wears a lot of “Rabbitohs” clothing in his videos. He has no apparent occupation. The Rabbitohs are the football team owned by Russel Crowe and are based in a suburb called Redfern in inner Sydney which has a high Indigenous population and is mostly council housing. I find it odd that he lives in a wealthy outer- Sydney suburb (if he does) but perhaps his parents were well off and he is the wayward (useless ) son.

    He appeals several times in his videos about the nasty crackpot Fiona Barnett to an utterly hideous politician- Senator Bill Heffernan. Heffernan who is now one of the most reviled Australian politicians, a homophobe who has blood on his hands. He’s also a has-been and has been thoroughly discredited.

    Heffernan was behind one of the most disgraceful episodes in Aussie political history when he (falsely) accused one of the countries (and indeed the world’s) most represented jurists, Justice Michael Kirby who was on the High Court and had quietly ‘outed’ himself as gay via his Who’s Who entry.

    Heffernan claimed Kirby had been cruising Sydney’s notorious ‘Wall’, a hang-out for undergrad male prostitutes in his chauffeured government car. Kirby stood aside and was nearly ruined except- an eagle-eyed politician noticed that the government car records filled in by the driver co-coincided with dates he had used the same car and driver in Canberra.

    The vile scam fell apart and the PM had to apologies as did Heffernan in Parliament.

    But there was a footnote barely reported: the chauffeur who had falsified his records and had been encouraged by Heffernan suddenly found himself (rightly) unemployed and committed suicide. Such is the viciousness of these ghastly false accusers.
    # Heffernan has recently attempted to ramp up publicity about Barnett and a ‘Satanic pedo ring’ in Canberra but the media & the police ignore him.

    I’m on Katoul’s case now but I’m pretty sure we are seeing another seriously psychotically disturbed case who should be in a mental health unit.

    # I believe his own words that he is a convicted child abuser- he’s an absolute no-body and no-one would even bother ‘hacking’ his account. But like Power-Disney these people are dangerous and inspire even more disturbed minds to commit crimes. I think the Kaoutals & Power-Disneys of the world should be pursued to the bitter end and demolished (not physically or course)

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    • Amazing Political History Story from Down Under! Looks like Anything goes in the way of political smears these days, Stateside too. That little Scammer Barrett reminds me of that nut, Cathy O’Brien and her “SCAMINFORMATION of America “book”! Many of these nuts seem like truly mentally ill time-bombs encouraged by criminals. Exposing them is the best thing but it’s tiresome. Everyone should keep flagging and pressure YT to take it down. Corporate advertisers are finally protesting content placement as it has been embarrassing for some like Kellogg and racist content. Thanks for all the info on this blog.

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  9. From my calculations Rupert’s Go Fund Me has brought him about £795 in the past month. Nice work if you can get it….

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    • Yes, I won’t be sending him a food parcel this Christmas. The only way he will starve is if he spends it all on drugs – which isn’t impossible.

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  10. Owing to Angies trawling of Lanzerote seeking out discarded fag butts we are currently being starved of viewing Angies descent into locked-in narcissistic madness.Thanks to the good offices of McKenzies Devils we are kept satiated with reminders about the damaging consequences of mad cow disease in our time.

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    • When all else fails, blame the Russians!! wth? Put her in the”Scold”! lol “most” innocent was Abe”? HAHAHAHA!

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  11. See Wesley in action. Go to 5:03 and keep watching. Wesley is the skinny guy with the Guy Fawkes mask on his head.

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    • While we’re on the topic of “violent yobs”, may I just point out that we got the date wrong on the original post about Wesley’s trial next week? It’s actually taking place on Tuesday, 13 December, for anyone who’s able to attend.


      • I have sympathy with anyone who is homeless but he simply ramped up the atmosphere there by attacking the police. He is just an agent provocateur fro no good reason. The majority of police would surely have sympathy for the homeless but that have a statuary duty to behave in a certain way and uphold the law. This goat is trouble and is liable to damage any genuine cause.

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  12. Ive personally seen the attack from both angles. Sad to say that this page is just sportng more incredulous missinformation with no real proof and is blatantly bullying and attacking someones credibility with no hard evidence. Shame on you all. You take evidence from a news article staying he has a lengthy criminal career. You do not provide actual records. You defame him for drinking beer and you use 2 pictures with a facebook logo on them. Hard evidence and fair trial were not your top priority here guys. It seems your total lack of professionalism will now have me doubt the authenticity of every other piece you produce.


  13. So now it’s come down to finding examples of celebrities mentioning pizza in any context and using that as a basis for publicly announcing that they must be paedos. Yup. On a scale of one to ten, how annoying do you find that? Or more importantly, how annoying do you find it compared to, say, the terminally irritating voice of the girl narrating this bollocks?

    Oh and look who’s promoting it. Quelle surprise:

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  14. I know that ‘hate’ is a strong word but in Angie’s case, I defy anyone to try not loathe and detest her with every fibre of their body. LEAVE THE McCANNS ALONE, YOU HEARTLESS WITCH!

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  15. First, I would like to express my up most sorrows for exposing you all (those who are new) to Arthur KrazyBalls

    As you can see, he is going a little bat shit crazy on his Facebook profiles (yes, he has two, maybe more)
    and for some reason, he is linking me: John Kramer to Hoaxstead and what worries me even more is that he thinks I am Constance Warning, despite me telling him many many times that I am not nor do I even know who Constance is.

    I have no idea if Arthur has ever touched children or not but what I do know is, his claims that his Facebook account got hacked are false.

    Anyone that has Facebook would be able to tell you, “if” you account is hacked, you do not get it back.. ever! it is deleted and you need to create a new one.

    He then said that myself and someone called Andy had photoshopped the image.. HOW? and why would it take two people who don’t know each other ?

    In a post defending himself, he also said that last year, he was accused of abusing his sisters children. this is something I did not know myself but interesting as HE mentioned it like it was some sort of joke.

    Arthur has made many posts about this Andy Wright person, tell him that he will shove his umm “Penis” in to his arse.. I believe the words used was “rip you a new arse with my penis” … and many, many more vulgar and nasty comments towards him.. NOW, head back to the post in which Arthur wrote, defending himself and he says that Andy is a teenager.

    Really! a teenager ? and you would say those sort of things to a teenager ?..

    People that know me, they know that I had been involved in Hoaxstead when it first kicked off, I was ‘thanked’ in a couple of videos and I had also visited the Church in question, looked around the area etc but I was way out of syn with it all before this research site had even been established.

    I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope you all get a visit from Santa however, I am more than sorry that Arthur the fucknugget has linked this site and the warm people within to what is happening on Facebook.

    All take care.

    JK xx

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    • Hi John—I’m sorry I didn’t recognise your name when I saw it on Arfur’s page! I do remember that you were involved in looking into the hoax way back before this blog even started; I remember you talking about having visited the church! 🙂

      Don’t worry about Arty going off the rails about us; we’re pretty used to hoaxers of one sort or another getting annoyed with us and making all sorts of mad threats, including death. Not pleasant, but then neither are most of these people.

      We’re also used to getting blamed/credited for almost anything that the troofers don’t like. They seem to think we are omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, LOL!

      I didn’t notice his claim that he’d been accused of abusing his sister’s kids—what kind of nutter would announce this on Facebook? And I agree, if Andy Wright is a teenager, why is Arty threatening to rape him? smh

      Thanks for dropping by to clear things up. Hope things are well with you, and that you have a very happy holiday season!


    • Hey, no apology necessary, John. Some of us are Arthur-baiting veterans and have appreciated this opportunity to catch up with the flabby-titted old bastard 🙂


    • Hi John. It’s Waring rather than Warning (though I must admit that Constance Warning has a nice ring to it!). And don’t worry – there’s no shame in being mistaken for me, if I do say so myself.

      See if this rings a bell…


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