SRA survivors on parade? Fact versus fantasy with ‘Wellbeing Scotland’ chief exec

Last week we discussed the “Fresh Start Foundation”, the SRA-promoting group which has sprung up in Scotland. One member of the FSF board of directors, Janine Rennie, objected to our take on the matter, and in particular our observations about another group she runs, Wellbeing Scotland (formerly Open Secret).

The conversation she initiated has been taking place on a several-days-old post, and as we know such debates can easily be buried by new material on the blog, we thought we’d bring it up front for the benefit of readers who haven’t seen it yet.

The opening salvo

On 25 January, Ms Rennie posted,

Looking forward to my book being published which sets the record straight about all of the above you have copied from being freely available on the internet amongst many positive articles so it would appear you don’t show balance in your posts.

We have a 24 year history as an organisation and a very positive 24 year history which sadly was affected by some very unfortunate circumstances. The truth behind them is evidenced and as I said will be published.

What concerns me is people wishing to fight against an organisation that is supporting many survivors (15,000 in our history and one complaint as you highlighted). What is your motivation to do so? Why do you want to stop Fresh Start seeking the truth? Some of the comments against Fresh Start Directors are actionable so the people involved must be very committed to discrediting those who would bring out the truth.

At best the comments on here are offensive and childish and I certainly hope none of you have contact with survivors as your behaviour is a risk. In this work ethics, morals and a balanced approach are essential.

Your site seems to have been established purely to identify hoaxes that you have no evidence are hoaxes so you could be calling the testimony of survivors untrue which is one of the most damaging things they can experience. I am very disappointed to see all of this and will not be involved in a protracted debate as it is unhealthy for all concerned. I really do hope you will all move forward in your lives in a more positive balanced way for your own sakes.  [Paragraph breaks added for readability.]

Jake Blake pointed out that many who read or comment on this blog are sexual abuse survivors, while Sheva asked why disclosing the required details to funders was so problematic for Ms Rennie.

Ms Rennie responded that she wasn’t going to get into a protracted debate (though her later actions belied this), and claimed that much of HR is “naive and most of the evidence is links or rants from one to another where agencies like ours and we are not the only one know the direct evidence and testimonies”. She also stated, ” The testimonies we have published have been given by survivors and we have been asked to make them public”.

There followed the customary sabre rattling and threats to consult solicitors over alleged “actionable” comments regarding child abuse, and so forth.

Several readers, including Sheva, Common Porpoise, and UK Callum, pointed out that publishing videos and images of RD’s children online does constitute child abuse, and that Ms Rennie’s fellow directors at FSF had demonstrably been systematically targetting abuse survivors online—clearly problematic behaviour for a company which claims to support child sexual abuse survivors.

‘Poundland version of Camilla Batmanghalidjh’?

Commenter OMGNotthisoldshiteagain made this interesting comparison:

Janine, I notice that you claim that the reason that you have refused to supply the required data to your funders is because it would compromise client confidentiality. Your funders claim that this is not the case and that no compromising data was required. ~You also are on record as claiming that your clients were at risk of suicide if services were withdrawn.

This whole scenario sounds very familiar to me. You are coming across as a Poundland version of Camilla Batmanghalidjh. …

I also watched your video here:

and I noticed that one of your therapists is Therese McGoldrick.

I have checked out her credentials and I understand that she treats abuse survivors with a debunked new age therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique that is known to generate false memories.

Under the circumstances it is hardly surprising that you claim that your client group present with “memories” of ritual abuse.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

A strange invitation

Ms Rennie responded:

To repeat again the information we were required to hand over involved the full client files including case notes and I gave the full email where this was evidenced to STV hence why they publicised the issue.

I wonder why you would believe what the funder reported rather than a charity and make a presumption it was similar to Kids Company without knowing any of the facts.

I am very worried about this site and the people involved in it as anyone trying to discredit survivors has a very strange view of the world. I’m not sure where you have your view of EMDR from as the therapy Therese uses involves no creation of memories and it is evidence based practice. It is also not the only therapy we and others utilise.

We have thousands of positive evaluations of our work which you are welcome to come to our office to see. In fact that is an open invitation to anyone on this site. Come to our office and I will show you evaluations, relevant emails evidencing what I am saying and let you meet the clients who agree to waive confidentiality. Then you can come back and report the truth on this site.

You should note we have regular meetings with the police and are open with them about the rings operating. Some have already been evidenced as being fact. We also do not just have evidence of clients reporting abuse we have much evidence of perpetrators admitting the abuse so tell me how you would explain that away as a hoax. I look forward to meeting you just give me a relevant time to visit.

(A brief aside: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of “energy healing” in which the therapist taps rhythmically on the patient’s “meridians” (energy lines said to flow through the body). EFT is the brainchild of Gary Craig, who is said to possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) was developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD, a graduate of the unaccredited and since defunct School for Psychological Studies. It involves the patient using back-and-forth eye movements while visualising, then “reprocessing” traumatic events. EFT and EMDR are not synonymous, as Ms Rennie seems to believe. However, the efficacy of both has been called into question. Right. As you were.)

OMG responded to Ms Rennie:

You wonder why anyone would make a presumption that your situation was similar to Kid’s Company without access to the facts.

Let’s look at the facts shall we?

Your funders ask you for information about the service users of your charity. They state that they are not requesting any identifying or compromising data, simply data to justify the money they gave you, You refuse to hand over the data claiming that, if you were to do so it would compromise client confidentiality,

This is exactly the same situation that Kid’s Company was in an the excuse for not handing over the data is exactly the same.

You claimed that, if the funding was withheld from your project that your clients would be at risk of suicide.

Camilla Batmanghelidjh made exactly the same claim about Kid’s Company clients.

You claim that criticism of your charity arose because of an evil conspiracy of the powers that be because you have access to information regarding a sooper sekrit conspiracy of elite child paedophiles.

Camilla Batmanghelidjh made exactly the claim about criticisms of Kid’s Company.

In addition to this both Kid’s Company and your charities make use of widely discredited and debunked new age “therapies” of dubious origin – actually, to be clear a lot of these therapies had origins in cults and the human potential movement, itself heavily influenced by cults.

For example Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and related “energy therapies” and “body psychotherapies” had their origins in Esalen and the various hippie communes of the notoriously abusive cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh AKA Osho. Do you remember them? The Rajneeshees AKA known as the “orange people” who called themselves “Sannyasins. They are the ones who committed the first act of bioterrorism against the USA when they poisoned over 700 people with Salmonella in the notorious Rajneeshee bioterrorism attack.

The Rajneeshees made an obscene amount of money for their guru via combining sex and new age ideas with western psychotherapy.

It is an outrage and an obscenity that therapists use quackery like EFT to treat police officers with PTSD.

Talking of the Rajneeshees I wonder whether you have seen this video?

Her response to the interviewer’s question, along the lines of “what people do in their private lives is nothing to do with us”, followed by attempting to smear her critic with false accusations is exactly your response to criticism about the appallingly sexist and misogynist creative work of Bruce Hotchkies.

Seriously Janine, it seems to me that the only difference between you and Batmanghelidjh is the amounts of money that you have managed to obtain from funders.

On the topic of Satanic ritual abuse, OMG pointed out,

You say you are working with the police and you claim to have evidence of ritual abuse of children.

You are not the first person to claim to possess such evidence. This video shows a therapist / trainer claiming to possess all kinds of evidence of satanic ritual abuse:

The thing is, no matter how much therapists over the years have claimed to possess evidence of SRA none of them ever actually provide such evidence.

You invite us to visit your charity and meet “survivors”.
Why on earth would any of us posting here wish to meet people who claim to have been satanically abused?

Either people have been satanically abused or they have not.

If they have then it would be completely inappropriate for you to parade them in front of sceptics and rationalists just to prove your point. People who have suffered genuine child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse receive professional services where they are protected from press intrusion and the salacious interest of the media. Service providers never, ever parade such people around to try to gain funding or to limit damage to their reputations generated by controversies and scandals.

I have met several people who were brainwashed by therapists who implanted false memories of ritual abuse by using new age “energy medicine’”, “body psychotherapy” and hypnosis / trance induction. Such people are usually vulnerable and have been manipulated by deluded abusive therapists.

Such people should receive proper care from properly trained and accredited professional people who understand the catastrophic consequences of false memories, especially given that many people with false memories have either suffered genuine abuse at some point or are very unwell mentally and are thus extremely vulnerable and in need of care and protection.

I find it astonishing that you think that it is in any way appropriate to invite people from this blog to your project to meet “survivors”.


Ms Rennie’s response:

There is actually no point in continuing to enter into dialogue with people on this page. We know the facts so I actually have no concern about what you think as I don’t know you. However I will respond to your comment re survivors.

Our organisation is survivor led and survivors have expressed to us that they wish to meet people who have scepticism it is not me “parading survivors”. The reason they want to do so is they know there are very difficult individuals who would seek to discredit them.

So I’m guessing it is a no re visiting our charity to see the evidence that we have responded to all government requests apart from confidential data. I guess it would’t fit your aims to see proof.

However you have spent a great deal of time trying to show some kind of pseudo proof of some wrongdoing so I do think your time would be better spent meeting survivors. However you strike me as someone who should not be anywhere near any survivors so perhaps your instinct on this is right as we wouldn’t want survivors around dangerous people as those they usually meet are very respectable and responsible even those with scepticism. …

Oh and I should add the so called scandal was almost four years ago and we have been funded extensively by the Scottish Government ever since as it was proven to be malicious in court

And OMG wrote back:


If, as you claim, you have written evidence that your funders demanded compromising, confidential information from you why on earth do you not make such evidence public? Post it here or on your website. Surely cutting and pasting is not so difficult to do? I really do not understand why you keep on insisting that people should come and visit your project in person when all it would take to prove you are not lying is to post your evidence to an open source.

You must appreciate that, by withholding such important evidence, if it exists, you are simply continuing to tread the well worn path of Kid’s Company style denials and deflection.

You raise an interesting point when you state that the “survivors” amongst your clients are keen to meet people who are skeptical of their narratives.

I am a victim / survivor (I dislike both terms as they have been so misused of late) of child sexual abuse and I have met and discussed child sexual abuse with many other survivors, I cannot say exactly how many but numbers possibly running into the hundreds. Child sexual abuse is incredibly traumatic and distressing and often effects people for their whole lives. The vast majority of the survivors I know are open about their experiences of being sexually abused only amongst their closest friends, in therapy groups, or with their therapists. Many hide their experiences even from close family members, often so as not to cause them distress. The only exception to this is probably on the internet where the anonymity offered (more properly assumed) allows people to share experiences openly with strangers.

The level of shame associated with CSA/CSE is significant and, at least at a residual level, stays with survivors into adulthood. Another unconscious feature of the subjective experience of being abused as a child is that one develops a distinct feeling that speaking out can be dangerous and that one’s words carry the potential to cause great destruction. I believe that this is a residual effect of the common “our little secret” element common in CSA/CSE. A person who grew up in a family where speaking out could destroy the family and send a parent to jail is likely to carry an unconscious anxiety that their words can be destructive and that speaking out is dangerous.

The point that I am making is that, while the effects of child abuse do vary from child to child, it is usual for survivors to feel disinclined to speak out publicly for all sorts of reasons. It takes immense courage to openly describe an experience of child sexual abuse without the cover of anonymity. The brave people who do speak out and who relinquish their anonymity generally keep some things private and also receive much support from friends and professionals in terms of limiting the information they provide to the media.

It is extremely important for survivors to understand that, even if they “go public” about their experiences, that they are entitled to privacy and are allowed to decline requests for further information if they feel uncertain or uncomfortable. Professionals supporting survivors are aware of the salacious interests of the media and the public at large and thus typically do a lot of work with survivors exploring the implications of public disclosure and inviting survivors to explore their feelings around boundaries. Sensitive persons are aware that there is a real danger that people who have been abused as children can have their boundaries violated yet again by the press or by curious members of the public who have a prurient interest in CSA/CSE.

I have encountered a lot of people, all female, who claim to be the survivors of satanic ritual abuse. One of the unusual features I have noticed about these people that differentiates them from survivors of ordinary, mundane, disgusting child sexual abuse is that SRA survivors seem extremely motivated to provide the most graphic and gruesome details of their alleged abuse to anyone who will listen to them. It is not unusual for people who claim to be SRA survivors to create websites, publish “memoirs” and generally make a lot of noise about being an SRA survivor, very often disclosing their real name and even making videos and uploading them onto youtube so they can trumpet their experiences of SRA, quite openly, to a massive audience around the world.

2 women of my acquaintance expressed a desire to relinquish work so they they could dedicate their lives to visiting schools and youth clubs and “educate” children about “the terrible reality of SRA”. They aspired to become full time SRA “educators”.

Pausing briefly on this point: the sense of reticence and feelings of shame which OMG describes in survivors of child sexual abuse echoes the responses described in a Swedish study of children who’d been rescued from producers of commercial child sexual abuse images and videos. Conversely, those who claim to have been victims of Satanic ritual abuse seem fascinated about their own experience, and rarely turn down an opportunity to “tell their story”.

Back to you, OMG:

I find it interesting that the therapists “supporting” the “SRA survivors”, rather that encouraging them to consider carefully all the emotional and practical consequences of going public about CSA, had encouraged them to relinquish confidentiality and talk about their “memories” to anyone who will listen.

I find this interesting and very disturbing in relation to your project. Surely, if you genuinely believe that your clients are SRA survivors, it is potentially very risky to exploit them by inviting them to meet up in real life with a group of SRA sceptics, even if your clients express an interest in such a meeting? I do not understand how you can justify this to yourself or to anyone else and I would welcome your thoughts on the issue.

There is one other aspect of your posts that I think needs to be addressed and that is the important of understanding the difference between personal testimonials and peer reviewed evidence. Anyone familiar with researching health and “wellness” frauds, scams and quackery will be aware of the tendency of quacks to use testimonials rather that peer reviewed evidence. You claim to have evidence but are only offering personal testimonials from people who possess “memories” of ritual abuse and who are clients of a project with a controversial history and that provides quack therapies, known to generate false memories, to its clients.

Finally Janine, you claim that the fact you are still receiving funds as proof that the controversies that engulfed your projects have been resolved satisfactorily.

Again I am reminded of Kid’s Company. Despite numerous whistleblowers, controversies and warning signs the charity continued to receive funding, including a payment of £3,000,000 just before it collapsed.

I am concerned that your project continues to receive funding. The similarities with Kid’s Company are so evident that I think it highly likely that your project will follow the same trajectory.

Of course your project has been funded on a much smaller scale than Kid’s Company. I suspect that when it does eventually implode, rather than making a spectacular crash like Kid’s Company it is likely to generate a small gust of noxious gas and a sound akin to that of a small mammal, possibly a Jack Russell terrier, breaking wind.


111 thoughts on “SRA survivors on parade? Fact versus fantasy with ‘Wellbeing Scotland’ chief exec

  1. Thanks for sharing this, EC. I’ve been following that thread with interest over the last few days. I’m new to the whole Janine/Fresh Start thing and have been learning a lot from OMG’s detailed, articulate comments. S/he makes some excellent points, raises some valid questions and offers some valuable insights, imo.

    I note also that there have also been some superb, detailed responses tonight from YdychyncachuTracey:

    On a humorous aside, I did chuckle at Janine’s accusation that people posting on this blog are “unprofessional”, as if we do this for a living 😀

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      • From

        Okay, excuse me if this jumbled, but I am tired.

        Janine. I know you are involved with a genuine charity that I have no doubt tries to provide real support to people who seek it.

        I wonder then, how you can possibly involve a person like CalamiTcat who retweeted a link to Stormfront? In case you have no clue what you are doing, I regret to inform you that it is the most notorious neo-Nazi website on Earth.

        How could you justify sharing a platform with Robert Green? What on earth gives him the right to take the supposed experiences of a vulnerable young woman with Down’s syndrome and parade them around the country to audiences composing who knows what sort of wrong uns? Did she say he could? Does she have capacity to agree to that? Is her private life and confidentiality important to you? Do you have no shame? On the one hand people’s stories are their own, on the other, meh, come to our conference and listen to Robert Green?

        Kevin-the-Queen-raped-and-ate-babies-Annett with his fake court and lies. Did you know he was waving about a bone that he said was the mortal remains of a child from one of Canada’s First Nations? He was waving a bone he said was from a baby for the cameras. How do you think someone who are supposedly that child’s relatives feels about that! Did you know he has been shunned by the First Nations? That it wasn’t a human bone doesn’t make it better?

        David Icke, just a little anti-Semitic eh? So that’s OK then.

        How many of your associates have shared the police videos of P & Q identifying them, identifying the two children, in a police station, having ABE interviews, describing sexual assault. Have no doubt that paedophiles would have watched them having a wank. Sorry for being graphic. But, that is the depravity of the people you are associating with. They are happy to provide wank fodder for paedophiles. In England and Wales identifying children in this way is a criminal offence. A sex-offence. Which makes those people sex-offenders. Who provide material for sex-offenders. The judge was less graphic, but she was under no illusions of the harm done or exactly who besides the curious would look at that material.

        Click to access gareeva-dearman-2015.pdf

        I too have my doubts about what your falling out with the Scottish Tribunal is about. In the face of their denial, where is your rebuttal with evidence? Isn’t this something you think is important? Where are the Tribunal terms of reference you object to?

        This parading of survivors worries me. I can envisage a situation where those willing to share the most graphic information being singled out for special attention could encourage vulnerable people to embellish stuff to get to sit at the big table, Be in a book even.

        I don’t expect counsellors to turn their back on their clients. To turn around and call bullshit, in a therapeutic manner of course. That isn’t a role most therapists would be willing to take. So, don’t expect me to believe you have discovered the truth, when that isn’t your job, or skill set.

        I have no animosity towards survivors, but I know people lie, misremember, get things wrong, get manipulated, for all sorts of reasons.

        This brings me onto Sandra Fecht. Sandra Fecht who had a client who had NOT A SCOOBY that she had been abused, for a long time. But, hey-ho, special Sandra got to the truth, her client feeling uneasy round her family member at a party just gave the game away. Doesn’t like Dad, well, obviously that’s years of rape she completely had no idea about before Sandra’s super therapy actually happened.

        Belinda McKenzie had a paedophile over to stay. He’d just got out of prison for having a mere 36,000 indecent images, some of the most vile kind imaginable. Just another day in conspiriland. Get him on Internet radio.

        Let’s get Brian Paed on the show. know it’s not his fault he’s called that. It is his fault he was convicted of trying to buy sex from a child who luckily happened to be a police officer. Never mind though. Let’s get the brave whistleblower on the you-tube channel.

        So, you, and your anti-Semitic nasty grubby little associates can just jog on. I don’t buy your bullshit.

        A person who was raped in childhood

        PS: I archived the Stormfont link.

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        • More from YdychyncachuTracey to Ms Rennie:

          Just in case you didn’t understand my overall point, your charity could go down the shitter because of the crap you are pulling.

          Clean up your act. You’ll be judged by others on what YOU do and what YOU in your acquiescence permit. Forget about disagreeing with someone on the internet, your links to CalamiTcat are all over the charity, right now. No troll or nay-sayer or sceptic did that. That’s down to you.

          That’s why I don’t trust a word you type.

          People resign from elected positions for less.

          Fucking amateur.

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          • Such an interesting post, thanks EC and thanks also to OMG. I wonder if like Kids Company Wellbeing Scotland will be handing out money for drugs and trainers?

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  2. How’s this for fair reporting and presenting both sides of an argument? 😂

    Such a contrast to your version, EC. Ogilvy could learn a thing or two from you. Actually, let’s face it – he probably couldn’t 😀

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  3. Can you explain why you gave me a list of people who are not part of Fresh Start Foundation and gave me information on them with no evidence to back it up where I don’t even know who most of them are or what on earth you were talking about. In terms of your accusations about Cat perhaps you want to put them to her as they are slanderous. When making slanderous comments perhaps you could have the courage to identify yourself/ selves as I am honest enough to respond as myself but very few people on this site seem to be which is why there are so many accusations of you being establishment plants (although not my view as I don’t know anything about any of you). You have accused her of being racist which is a very serious accusation. I only can respond to you re Cat as she is the only one who is part of Fresh Start. I have seen no evidence from you. Only increasingly abusive messages. I was reflecting on this conversation thanks to whoever posted the full thread and I wondered why I have suddenly become a threat to you all. It would appear being part of Fresh Start then leads to people doing extensive research on you and then trying to make some link to you a) being a paedophile b) being a mini version of Kids Company as they are the only charity you know where there have been publicised issues. Well apart from the ones who have in their history been involved in historical abuse. Or are the survivors all lying in your view? c) being a racist d) Sharing a stage with someone you don’t like e) being involved in some mind control or dodgy therapeutic techniques f) being friends with paedophiles g) bringing in loads of random people and obviously ongoing battles of conspiracies I know nothing about h) obviously now becoming an enemy of all you survivor doubters (I use the term survivors as that is the preferred term by the vast majority of people we have worked with). Thank you for handing me my a*** on a plate as one of your supporters so sweetly put it. I had no idea becoming involved in campaigning would lead to so much venom but I am learning fast. However until I have actual evidence of anything relevant I will just watch with interest. Who knew a very quiet charity worker who has dedicated her life to helping others for 25 years, who creates crafts for fundraising in her spare time and who is a granny would create so much controversy. Thank you for making my life more dynamic for the weekend as I have been a bit unwell and it kept me from being fed up.


    • Sorry Janine but your rant about us using pseudonyms is extremely disingenuous. Is that the best you’ve got? As you well know, people here use pseudonyms for very sensible safety reasons, to protect themselves, their families and their careers, having received death threats on a daily basis for the last three years, often from the kind of people you apparently suppport.

      Moreover, if you’re that against pseudonyms, take it up with the countless people on your side of the ‘fence’ who also use them.

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      • One thing which strikes me is that Janine might actually not know that the behaviour of many of her new colleagues at FSF has created havoc and fear in the lives of many. To give the benefit of the doubt, I think we should acknowledge that someone who’s relatively new to the UK Column/Belinda McKenzie/Andy Peacher cabal might not be aware of some of the harassment and distress they’ve caused to innocent folk. If that’s the case, I’ll be happy to explain it more fully.

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    • Janine, I hope this helps.
      It is confusing given the various names, the tactics & tricks to purposefully confuse people employed by the SRA myth makers.
      Showcasing some of Penny Pullens ‘work’ on this video set.
      Lou Lotus aka Neelu Berry aka Ved Chaudery often appeared on FreedomRadiouk with Andy Peacher, recently removed from the list of FSF partners.
      Andy Peachers guests have included Kevin Annett and Tory Smith (now deceased), but very disturbing, detailed fantasies of the rape of children were his forte.
      Penny Pullen also featured on Angela Power Disneys recording with Neelu, Lee Cant, Rupert Q & Sabine McNeill, 3/4 have either been imprisoned or awaiting trial, or have been visited by police for breaching the restraining order, which some of your colleagues are still, now breaching.
      In the background of these videos, can be heard some GetOutOfDebtFree scammers talking, some of them appeared at the event in Hampstead where churchgoers were subjected to abuse and harrassment.

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    • The Fresh Start Foundation lists as it supporters (apart from the other ratbags) 2 of the most dangerous Anti-Semites, Kevin Annett ( along with his falsehood that he is a “Nobel Prize Nominee”) and in particular the vicious Holocaust denier David Icke who has already been sued (and lost) in Canada over his vile anti-Jewish statements.

      # The facts about Annett’s “Nobel” nonsense is this : the Nobel Committee ask leading institutions like accredited Universities to nominate applicants for a Nobel Prize. Individuals cannot nominate someone and nominations can only come from the institutions invited to nominate.

      Annett was “nominated” by his father, a man who has acted as a bagman for his son by collecting sums of money from women who have come under Annett’s spell and then regretted it.

      Just these two matters alone are enough to tell you of the lack of values and ethics with this set-up.

      # How can Andy Preacher who admits he had his children removed by social services possibly be in a position to aid and genuine victims or survivors and how could he possibly pass a police check to work with vulnerable people ?

      The people and associates of this “Fresh Start etc” (very confusing as there are many “Fresh Start organizations) have been thoroughly discredited for promoting and conspiring to promote such matters as the Hampstead Hoax which was found to be as much in the UK High Court.

      They are dangerous, they are cruel and they are wicked in the way they have continued to defy the court and publish ( I believe in criminal fashion) and urge others to publish images, stories and videos of 2 highly vulnerable children along with numerous North London families and their children and besmirched, defamed and harassed innocent teachers and parents.

      You really have some nerve Janine Rennie to squeal about slander (and slander is the spoken word).

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  4. Posters are being too kind and indulging these scam artists.

    Actionable my arse but the claim itself indicates that these graduates from the University of Google aren’t too clever but clearly quite cunning.
    I get the feeling they have been getting away with a lot and their motives are only just now being questioned which has got them panicking.
    They are fraudsters plain and plain and this particular lot do not give me the feeling they are even part of the fantasy crew rather just an out & out Grab The Money bunch and the comparison with Kids Company is apt except that organisation did actually do a bit of good even while it’s head honchos lived the good life on taxpayer’s money even while their ‘clients’ were on the main, genuine and needy.

    However I think this mob are far more dangerous and sick than the out-of-control charabanc Kids Company became because they are trading on the emotions of some genuine victims and a bunch who believe they are victims (on no proof), indulging them and helping foster further false beliefs and in the end it’s all about Show Me The Money.

    I believe the up-coming The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) -if it ever gets off the ground – should also be looking into the numerous self-appointed “survivor advocates” & faux charities who are like leeches clinging on like barnacles to a ship out of control, soaking up multi-million £s that never go near genuine children in need when there really are 100,000s of British kids who need help.

    # and hasn’t everyone got a Fucking Book about to be published?

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  5. This was most excellent! Kudos to those involved in “discussion” with her – staying on point, sticking to the facts. The sra trainer ladies in the video though, made me want to shriek! LOL!

    I evaluated training manuals for the Detectives – before they went to a seminar or conference if they could get a copy early – or they’d bring me a copy after they returned. Mostly I went through the ooo-eee-ooo! stuff for them – pictures, drawings, symbols, cryptic writings, etc. Most were pathetic, no comprehension of what a particular ‘thing’ meant or what purpose it was intended to serve, just totally ignorant. Incorrect and unrelated definitions for many of them, childish intuitive definitions for others – probably some teenage metal-head informant’s guess. Total garbage, for the most part – I never saw a manual that I thought would actually be more of an asset to investigators than a detriment. Except for Kerr’s.

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    All rape cases to be reviewed by CPS after collapse of four trials within weeks.

    This is relevant as well. Since the original dramatic over-turning of the innocently convicted ‘IRA’ bombers Rough Justice has helped over-turn over 8500 convictions.
    Which shows male and females can be Equal Opportunity liars (or fantasists).


  7. Janine’s continued refusal to condemn the outrageous things that David Scot, Cat Selvester, Psychogilvy and the Wanker of Wigan have said in her organisation’s name speaks volumes, imo.

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    • And associating with/supporting con artists like Kevin Annett, Robert Green and David icke says a lot about her and her organisation too, I’m thinking.

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  8. I’d be interested to know what qualifications Janine has. She claims to have several but I’m curious to know what they are specifically. Are they similar to Angela’s ‘degree’, Abe’s ‘doctorate’ and Debrah’s ‘EU law specialist’ qualifications, I wonder 😉

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    • Good spot. I see lots of claims of qualifications there but not a single title for what these qualifications actually are.

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    • Wellbeing Scotland and Fresh Start Foundation are dealing with children and vulnerable adults, plus their personal information. Have all the people involved in these organisations been subject to enhanced checks to clear them? Can they produce evidence of this on their websites? Anyone representing abused children and vulnerable adults ideally is banned by law from getting involved in this sort of thing unless they are cleared and registered with an official regulating authority.

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        • Children and vulnerable adults have a critical need for protection from those that seek to exploit them fro personal or ideological profit as well as from paedophiles.

          In Ireland Angela Power Disney severely undermined the ability of a couple to retain custody of a baby (they lost custody) and contributed (in my opinion) to the suicide of the father of that baby.

          In the UK there is Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie who consort with paeophiles, but also have been actively involved in the orchestration of abuse of various abused kids they have identified on the internet. The legal car wreck of various cases involving custody battles is a matter of public record that these individuals caused. Also, the less than satisfactory dealing with large amounts of charity money by Belinda McKenzie in connection to an Iran charity.

          There is a clear gap in the system protecting children and vulnerable people that is allowing types like Disney, McKenzie and McNeill to parasite and exploit them, often with severe consequencies for those victims.

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      • They ask for volunteers so that rings alarm bells as there is no mention on their website of police checks and the fact they seek government funding and everyone is a volunteer..where does the money go?.
        Seems others are on to them though as they have been rebuffed as ‘core participants’ in the Scottish abuse inquiry.
        I so wish all these inquiries would investigate these alleged charities- they profligate and seem unaccountable to anyone considering they deal with vulnerable people.

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  9. So, this group is “survivor” run? By SRA survivors, for SRA survivors? Probably worthwhile reviewing what Dr Kluft said about that:

    “I am particularly wary of leaderless or peer-facilitated support groups for dissociative disorder patients and others who allege that they are survivors of ritualistic groups. I have tracked the course of more than a dozen of these groups over the years, and all but one were unmitigated disasters…the proclivity of these groups for overwhelming their members with one another’s traumatic material, excessive dependency, and unbridled requests for support and nurture…and the possibility that members will, under the aegis of group forces and their own vulnerabilities, come to believe that they too have experienced what others represent as their personal histories”.

    “But I can share the personal observation that among those MPD (DID) patients and allegers of satanic ritual abuse whom I have treated, those who have networked extensively with fellow patients or allegers invariably take longer to treat than those who do not, and their treatment runs a stormier course. I currently refuse to treat patients who insist on participating in [such] potentially contaminating and countertherapeutic activities”.

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  10. We can only pray, that these self-professed SRA investigators are better at hearing what people say to them than Scotland’s #1 child protection academic – Sarah Nelson.
    In 2006, the BBC ran this follow-up story about the Orkney abuse panic children – now fully grown & autonomous adults:

    “Children at the centre of the Orkney abuse allegations in the early 1990s have spoken of their experiences for the first time…”
    And they very clearly stated the alleged abuse never happened.
    But that didn’t stop Nelson from publishing, two years AFTER that, her review of the case: “The Orkney Satanic Abuse Case: Who cared for the children?” in which he continued to insist that many things about the case were suspicious, and that the allegations of abuse were not properly investigated – asking: “what if some of those children DID need our help?”

    The children, now grown, could have been standing right in front of her as she composed this essay, shouting:
    “Our families cared about us, our community cared about us, and your storm-trooper social worker SRA investigators DID NOT! They were abusive to us”.
    “There was NO sra abuse. We DIDN’T need your help!”

    And Nelson would still be: “la-la-la! Those poor children…”
    If you don’t live in the real world, how can you profess to help those who do?

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  11. Does this make sense to any of you? How exactly does Neelu think this is unfeasible?


  12. This is a satire

    I couldn’t get it to copy-paste the jpg directly into this comment box, Scarlet! Waah!

    I’m just flabbergasted, that a person whose parents were Jazz composers and singers wouldn’t have learned the lessons about social slander and bigotry. Considering that Jazz was called The Devil’s Music and blamed for just about every social-moral ill you could name. Obviously, most of that was ignorance & racism, but lots of African-Americans called it that too.

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  13. Janine
    I was interested to discover the below PDF presentation by Therese McGoldrick about how EFT works. I use the word “works” somewhat loosely.

    Apparently it’s something to do with tapping the energy meridians of the body yes?

    When you tap the meridians on certain points (indicated in the presentation) it effects the sooper sekrit invisible magical energy that flows through the body and thus effects the brain, Or something.

    Click to access Trauma14%20McGoldrick%20T%20Developments%20in%20Forth%20Valley.pdf

    I notice with interest that your colleague Therese McGoldrick references Phil Mollon in her presentation.

    Mollon is an *interesting* psychotherapist who is either a pioneer in the groundbreaking world of “energy therapy” or a complete quack, all depending on what your own beliefs are about “energy medicine”.

    I know several people who trained with him as a clinical supervisor and even the couple who liked him thought that he was extremely eccentric with very strange ideas about magical invisible energy blockages being a causal factor in mental illness.

    from his, er, unusual, website he offers some advice for people suffering from emotional trauma ……

    Some well-established meridian tapping (or holding and breathing) sequences for different emotional states (originally discovered by Dr Callahan) are as follows:
    For anxiety:
    under eye; under arm (bra strap); under end of collar bone
    For claustrophobic anxiety:
    under arm; under eye; under collar bone.
    For trauma:
    eye brow (next to nose); under collar bone.
    For trauma with complex emotions, of shock, anger, anxiety, shame and guilt:
    eye brow (next to nose); under eye; side of eye; chin; little finger (inside by the nail); under arm; index finger (thumb side, by the nail); collar bone [NB:this is not a standard TFT sequence]

    He is also an associate of the notorious Valerie Sinason and has “contributed” to her various papers and books about satanic ritual abuse.

    I have to say Janine that Therese McGoldrick seems impressed by some very strange and unorthodox ideas

    I feel very concerned that she is working in the health service at a very senior level

    There again she is not alone, unfortunately police officers, members of the emergency services, serving and ex service men and women who struggle with PTSD are fairly likely to be referred to a “professional” offering very unorthodox and bizarre treatments

    For example, here is Prince Charles endorsing a very interesting group called Innersound

    Lots of servicemen in the clip claim to feel much better for being treated by Innersound

    However the Cult Education Forum has a very interesting thread about this organisation,60845,page=1

    What can it all mean?

    Personally I think our police, servicemen and women deserve better than this

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  14. Awww, Malcolm’s crying. Diddums 😦

    By the way, I’ve no idea who the lady in the pic is but seeing as it’s accompanied by a clear death threat, I’ve elected to conceal her face for the safety of her and her family.

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      • She needs to cat chup ….the last conference they attempted failed dismally, Nathan was stopled, Willy got no wonga and Sandra is fucht ……………
        The days of these scamsters sabotaging genuine inquiries is over, the clingons can’t accept that it’s over, but it is…..
        Gone on the days when the Hollie G groups had 30,000 followers and Belinda McKenzies till was overflowing with cash.
        Gone are the days when people were oblivious to the connections from one scam to another, all congregating now in FSF.
        The motivations and intentions are so clear now, the damage so real and recognised………….. the child molesters protected by self proclaimed child protectors who are anything but……… the abuse and harrassment, false accusations levelled at so many people, too many people and by the same ones that claim that SRA is true, massive and that they are the only ones who can save the children and anyone refuting them are evil satanists that eat babies, has worn way too thin………….
        I think a crackdown is imminent, and all they will do is cry wolf yet again, that it’s cause they’ve got the truth and god on their side, and evil runs the world, according to Cat, that means you know who……yep, The Jews……….. I’ve got a screenshot but still struggling to upload here.

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  15. Someone could delete that post with the Devil’s Music flowchart in it, or that thread, now, if they would be so kind. I just had to get that out of my system 🙂

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  16. I’m not able to verify willy-wong’s case #2 on the UK convicted satanist list – the Brian Williams case. SAFF lists it as a real case, but the source & date reference they give isn’t working for me (Daily Telegraph 21.7.87).
    Further, there is a case discussed in Michael Hames’ book with very similar details, but Hames says charges were dropped.
    Anyone else wanna play de-tek-a-tive?


    • Ditto the Reginald Harris case. It is referenced in “Lure of the Sinister” as The Independent August 9, 1990 – but the word-for-word repetition of the accounts for these cases is making me suspicious. It’s a simple matter to attach a spurious media reference to a rumored case and have that passed down the line along with your “summary”.


      • Actually, MC, the case against Blah was dropped due to lack of evidence and Ribble’s connections with the Ouagadougou branch of the Darby & Joan Club look very suspicious. Which of course you’d know if you’d bothered to check your ‘facts’. Honestly, we’re going to Hades in a hamper >:D

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