Update: Whatever became of Jake Clarke?

Earlier this month we reported that following a two-day trial at Willesden Magistrates Court, Jake Clarke had been convicted on one count of harassment. At that time, Belinda stated that Jake would be sentenced on 17 October.

That date came and went with no news from court, but we noted that a cave-dwelling loony hiding out in India posted one of his standard cheerful prognostications on the matter on Friday, 19 October: Jake Clarke 2018-10-20 via Anthony PikeHoly batshit paranoid nutters, Batman!

However, by yesterday Angela Power-Disney had emailed and set Pike’s mind, such as it is, at rest: Jake Clarke 2018-10-20 via APD via Anthony PikeThe fact that this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever is completely beside the point.

We get the part about a six-month sentence, and the one year suspended. However, if it’s a one-year suspended sentence, how can it also extend for five years?

The clue, we suspected, was in the clause, “during which he cannot discuss the Hampstead case”. This sounded to us very much like a Criminal Behaviour Order, aka “CRIMBO” (which sounds to us like a type of chocolate bar, or possibly washing-up soap).

Pike responded with the following completely sane diatribe: Jake Clarke 2018-10-20 via Anthony PIke 2

So both Angela and Pike would like to see their young protegé serve time in prison rather than submit to the demands of the court. Here’s a suggestion: why don’t they both volunteer to go to prison, and leave Jake out of it? With friends like these, who needs enemas?

Suspicion: Confirmed

Late yesterday evening, we received an email from an alert reader, containing a screenshot which explained the legal situation a bit more fully:Jake Clarke via APD So, removing all Belinda’s pseudo-indignant hyperbole, two of Jake’s victims were permitted to make victim impact statements to the court, outlining the distress and fear his actions had caused them.

The fact that “Jake attempted to interject periodically regarding (perceived) inaccuracies or omissions of fact” most likely signalled to the court that he had no intention of taking his legal situation seriously, and may well have confirmed the need to impose the Criminal Behaviour Order.

Jake was fortunate enough to avoid imprisonment, and we found the judge’s rationale interesting: “I don’t want to make a hero of you by locking you up!”

Whether any of this will prevent recurrences of Jake’s behaviour remains to be seen. For his sake, and that of his family, we hope it’s successful. Willesden Magistrates

44 thoughts on “Update: Whatever became of Jake Clarke?

  1. It’s up to him now. I don’t want to see him in the nick either but if he carries on with the nonsense then so be it.

    I honestly hope he starts to do something useful with his life that doesn’t involve breaking the law.

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  2. I’m too busy fuming over that arsewipe Pike’s anti-Irish invective to properly comment…..grrrrrrrrr!!

    But despite the ludicrous translations of the judge’s decree by APD, Bellender and an embittered halfwit whose glorifying of those long last days of colonialism rudely interrupted by the dreadful Irish causing his Pater to lose his seat in Munster due to this or that – I reckon Pike is the same version of Anglo-Irish APD is – a figment of their imagination….their translation of the judge’s decree is typically nonsensical.

    Good luck to Jake’s nearest and dearest – I hope his family manages to protect him from those psychopaths.

    I’m really sad for Jake’s parents actually. This moment and the time leading up to it must have been such a stressful time for them. Obviously, I view Jake as an innocent abroad and so vulnerable to/susceptible to suggestion that his story makes me feel most angry with the puppet masters instead, not him, so much.

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    • Jake may not be the full shilling but none of them are and at the end of the day he’s a 30yr old man. Remember he was sectioned before for planning to give a child cannabis soup to deprogram her. These are dangerous people and the people who gave victim statements had a right to feel alarmed.

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      • Yes, karnevilnine, of course.

        Absolutely, he is responsible for his own behaviour and he needs to behave himself by taking responsibility for the upset he is guilty of causing and change his ways.

        Maybe he’s more demented than I realise…..down with Eastern European weed is what I say..too much THC, too little CBD….too much involvement in a criminal culture.

        Thank you for reminding me of who matters most….my thoughts, feelings, concerns belong to them entirely.

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      • Similar to the jailed Melanie Shaw whose history of arson is simply glossed over by these ratbags. While I hope Shaw receives all the mental health aid she clearly needs, it’s simply glossed over by Power-Disney who has just had an online discussion about Shaw with, believe it or not, Steven George who spent an inordinate amount of time in a secure unit for..arson.
        I have no problem with George or his sex-change and believe he is entitled to a full life on the outside but he’s re-invented his incarceration as always with This Mob, an attempt to silence a “whistle-blower”

        ## I’ve got a real thing about fire which I am petrified of. Two psychics, completely separately and years apart have told me it’s because in my last life I was a young Polish boy locked in a building with dozens of people by Nazis and burned alive !. Believe it or not.

        “Here’s a suggestion: why don’t they both volunteer to go to prison.” On Angie’s part she possibly will get there in the end but it may not be voluntarily.
        # Yet another example of a sociopath personality common with The Mob : a complete lack of empathy whereby they have zilch ability to understand that even a good behavior bond is far better than going to jail. It’s all a game to them.

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        • A very good post, and spot on about poor Melanie Shaw. Re. the thing the psychics told you, google the “Wola Massacre” which happened in Warsaw towards the end of the war. I used to live in Wola, near the monument to the thousands of local residents who were murdered during one horrible weekend, many dying in the way you describe.


    • Did you see the footage of Jake at Hyde Park? Looked like he was very single mindedly promoting his version of the Hampstead case, not with, but despite the mob.


  3. Thanks for these updates, EC.

    Good decision by the judge, I think. A custodial sentence wouldn’t do Jake much good at this stage and could even exacerbate his mental health issues. And if he does breach his order, he’ll only have himself to blame, seeing how many chances he’s now had.

    Oh and shame on Angela and Pikey for trying to push him to breach his order and end up in prison. Has Angela learnt nothing from what happened when she pushed Arthur in the same way (twice)?

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    • Has Angela learnt nothing from what happened when she pushed Arthur in the same way (twice)?

      Perhaps she learned that people are more use to her in prison or sectioned than they are at liberty.

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      • Yes, these people are users writ large. They care nothing for the welfare of those they suck into their vile plans. People like Jake and Arthur are just pawns to them, to be moved around on a board at will. As the judge pointed out, sending Jake to prison would have made a hero of him, and would have given the hoaxers a new hobbyhorse. As it is, he was dealt with fairly, so now what? All the hoaxers can do is moan about freedom of speech.

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    • Another example that most of our judges are sensible, sane people who really do care about those they sentence and overall have the best interests of society and defendants in mind.
      Jake has been very fairly dealt with. I’m sure his parents must think so.

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  4. I gave Jake quite a roasting the last time there was a post about him, simply because I have been dealing with a family member with serious mental health problems.

    I have no right to judge Jake or his parents but at the time, all I could see was someone using mental health as a way to excuse crime.

    I took a week away on advice from my G.P. & recharged my batteries & can see now how wrong I was to judge.

    My hope is for Jake is that he will get off the roundabout of SRA, knuckle down on a course that could lead to a permanent position & give his parents a bit of peace & quiet at last.

    As for the two ‘twankers’ mentioned above, the fish in the cave is just feeding the fires of the rest of them & APD, whatever you do, don’t get a friggin’ solicitor, please!

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    • Solicitor or not, APD is facing a five-year stretch, if she should be charged and depending upon her plea and if she might decide not to plead guilty as charged….the courts will frown badly on denial of guilt and the sentence given will reflect the time and expense taken in bringing this matter to the court before a jury etc.

      She’s fucked!

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      • If she dares to plead not guilty the fact that she’s continued after being interviewed under caution should prove beyond any doubt she’d been made aware of her actions. zero sympathy for her.

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    • Angela, you forgot to mention how you posted these sycophantic comments about Savile after he died, then later changed your story to say that he’d groped you and your sisters when people started asking awkward questions about it.

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    • Oh well, at least no one’s mindnumbingly stupid enough to believe these proven charlatans.

      Oh wait…


      • I’m plumping for a libel suit as I’m pretty sure a certain former Hampstead dad could easily prove ” the defendant made a false and defamatory statement and made an unprivileged publication to a third party”. Of course the level of maliciousness is easily shown (about 1000 times).

        My beloved lawyer, who I liken to a terrier who will not let go once his jaws are latched on and who I always send my friends to (very successfully), always says at the very beginning about the possible opponent : “do they own a house”?. For obvious reasons.
        I mention this for no particular reason but note that current property prices in Oldcastle, Co. Meath Ireland, for a not very grand terrace are around €130,000. Possibly more for an unattached house with a nice common garden to walk the dog. If anyone knows of such a house.

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  5. Jon wedger’s off his meds again and has found a victim of SRA to interview down the park. he describes joan coleman as ‘well respected’.

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    • The fact that the highly vocal crusading John Mann MP who out-rivals the hapless Simon Danzuck with his hyperventilated claims to be a “child abuse advocate” was a councilor at Lambeth when all this terrible abuse happened is entirely coincidental.


  6. Wow! Objectification of women on Angela’s Caches! Such nice ‘friends’ you have Angela! You disgust me more & more each day! Don’t pretend you didn’t check out ‘Pablo’ when he commented on your blog, yet you let him advertise soft porn, perhaps more! I didn’t click any further as I have respect for women, unlike you.

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  7. The ludicrous “Dr” Pike like so many of these ratbags, confuse Hollywood with reality. I suppose it just proves what a great actor Jack Nicholson really is.
    I wonder what they think of The Witches of Eastwick?. Another documentary?

    Even though Jake is 30 – a man- a suspended sentence is always preferable for so many reasons. There are many countries you travel to where it makes a huge difference. The USA for example. A jail sentence will make all the difference and may prevent your entry whereas a suspended sentence indicates to immigration that your conviction is at the lowest end of the scale.
    Not that it matters to Angela Power-Disney who cares not a jot about the people who she encourages to stuff up their lives (for her benefit)- Rupert? Arthur?.

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    • With regards the USA, that is not the case. Almost any crime with a maximum sentence of 12 months or more will get you barred from using the ESTA VISA waiver scheme but it matters not whether it was suspended or the judge gave you less than the maximum..Suspended sentences are at the discretion of the judge. I’m pretty sure there is no English law where the penalty is a suspended sentence.

      The USA has changed ESTA requirements slightly in that previously any criminal record involving the laxly worded “moral turpitude” had to be declared. Applications for proper VISAs are on an individual basis after interview so it may still be possible to travel.

      However, in Jake’s case this is moot as harassment in England has a max jail penalty of 6 months unless there are other aggravating factors which would trigger an additional offence. Now if it was in Scotland, they have a maximum sentence of 5 years!

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      • Yes I didn’t say a jail sentence would positively get you excluded (otherwise someone like Boy George couldn’t travel there as he has several convictions including one for false imprisonment). It comes down to Imiigration’s attitude especially in countries like the USA, Australia, NZ etc.


  8. Jake Clarke was used and abused by Belinda and Angela power Disney. As with all the people with mental health problems, it should be them in jail and here they are saying do six months for what nothing, he come out and be jailed again for mentioning the case. these people promoting this hoax are completely unbalanced in there way of thinking.i Just hope Jake listens to the court and not APD or Belinda or he soon be back in the dock. I’ve no doubt Angela will be secretly inboxing him giving him all sorts of bad advice.it should be her and Belinda locked up.

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    • I thought that was a nice touch of Sgt Bertie to tell the powers that be to hold off the chem-trails today and send a helicopter to follow her around.

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