Angela shares ‘abusive and threatening’ comments

For…months? years? we’ve actually lost track at this point, so let’s just say “a long time”, Angela Power-Disney has been claiming that people from this blog have been sending her death threats and abusive comments online. We’ve challenged her many times to demonstrate the truth of her allegations, but to no avail.

At one point she claimed to have put up a Facebook post on the matter, but we were never able to find it, and attributed it to her fertile imagination, which as we all know has a tendency to wander off on its own and just make up random shit.

However, yesterday an alert reader noted that in the course of trying to tell the Gardaí Cyber-Crime unit what to look for on her seized computers (yeah, right!), Angela mentioned the location of a cache of alleged death threats: Angela Power-Disney 2018-09-06 FB

Ah, an album! A photo album, we presumed. That made a bit more sense. Off we scurried, in hope of finding the elusive treasure trove of death threats.

This one looked promising: Angela Power-Disney 23-03-2016.png

‘Psychological warfare is the new terrorism’

Sure enough, this was a Facebook photo album full of screenshots, all of which seemed to have come from YouTube. Note that all of these are attributed to “RD and his henchmen”, despite the fact that RD has never, to our knowledge, participated in any online scuffles with any of the Hampstead hoaxers. No matter how often we’ve repeated this, it falls on deaf ears.

Note, too, the customary begging bowl. Just saying.

What we found

Keep in mind that the following screenshots will be completely out of context, as most of them were comments on YouTube videos. And remember, too, that YouTube is notorious for its opinionated and often foul-mouthed debate. Ready? Here we go.

1. Not even in the ballpark

The first category of posts don’t even come close to threats of any sort. For example:

(click thumbnails to enlarge)

In fact, the post from “Jane Doe 138” isn’t even addressed to Angela. We’re not sure why she included these in her list, to be honest.

2. Pointed questions

In this category, we include comments which ask pointed or uncomfortable questions, which are still well within the bounds of normal YouTube discourse:

Angela might not like these questions, but they are hardly abusive, and certainly not threatening.

3. Use of swears

In the third category, we find that some commenters have used impolite words. However, this is considered fairly standard on YouTube, so although we might call them rude, it’s hard to believe that anyone who’s ever posted in that space would think these were “threatening” or “abusive”:

It’s difficult to state that calling Angela a “child abuser’ is over the top, given her repeated assertions that she believed in beating her children (even if “only occasionally”) with wooden implements.

While the use of four-letter words might seem a bit harsh to those with delicate sensibilities, we remind ourselves that during Rupert’s trial the judge assessed Roger Flutterby’s tweet, which involved references to Rupert being a “knuckle-dragging twat”, as “fairly mild”. We also recall the judge admonishing Rupert, to the effect that “if he couldn’t stand the heat, he should stay out of the kitchen”. Ahem.

4. Using family as weapons

This is the one category which left a very bad taste in our mouths. We don’t know the author(s) of these posts, but we found them very disappointing.

It’s unacceptable, in our view, to use a picture of Angela’s dead sister as an avatar, and calling one’s self “ANGELA’S SISTER WAS A WHORE WHICH IS WHY ANGELA HAD HER BUMPED OFF” is not only grossly disrespectful of Angela’s dead sister, but deliberately cruel to Angela:

Similarly, allegations that Angela’s children have foetal alcohol syndrome are simply not okay:

Firstly, there is no evidence to suggest that this allegation is true; and even if it were true that one or more of her children had been born with FAS, it would be terribly cruel to use it as a weapon.

Yes, the material in this category would qualify as “abusive”. No doubt about it. And yes, one could argue that she has been equally cruel to others, but that doesn’t mean anyone should lower themselves to that level when responding to her.

5. Actual threats?

We found three comments which could be construed as threats of one sort or another:

In one, a person called “I have a Porsche AND a big penis” calls Angela out for claiming that men who own Porsches are over-compensating for being under-endowed, and suggests that they meet at “Gibney’s” so he can demonstrate that this isn’t true. It’s in questionable taste, but hardly a death threat. [Edited to add: A kind reader has pointed out that Gibney’s pub in Oldcastle closed many years before the Hampstead hoax began. This suggests that the post might have been made by a local person who disliked Angela.]

And in the second, “Tiny Magical Cretin” invites Angela to come to the UK and face criminal charges, so that TMC and “me and my mates can come chuck rotten fruit at you outside the courtroom”. Not exactly life-threatening, and hardly creditable—this read to us more like somebody blowing off steam.

However, the third, from an unknown sender, says, “It’s a shame your husband didn’t hit you…” Of the three, this comes the closest to being abusive toward Angela. We find it completely unacceptable, as spousal abuse is never okay, and wishing it upon someone, even someone we don’t like, is just not right.

Even so, it’s not a threat, just a very ugly statement.

Our assessment?

While the vast majority of posts which Angela singled out as “abusive or threatening” are neither in our opinion, we have to say that it was disappointing to discover that a few commenters resorted to very nasty and deliberately cruel allegations.

We don’t know the identities of those involved, and all of this happened more than two years ago now, so it’s unlikely we’ll find out.

However, we would hope that no one who reads this blog would lower themselves to that level.

A word to the wise

And should anyone be tempted to do so, may we remind you that there is a very good practical reason to refrain? Those readers who were around during Rupert’s trial will recall that one of his defences was that in harassing the families of Hampstead, he was merely giving back as good as he got.

While that argument did not prevail in the end, it was clear that at least some members of the jury were persuaded that he had received death threats, and was therefore entitled to defend himself.

Despite all the pain that Angela has inflicted upon innocent folk, anyone who wants to see her face justice should bear this in mind: if she can persuade the court that she was only responding in kind, she will walk free.

As readers here will know, we have a strict policy against threats of any sort, and while we can’t enforce what people do when they aren’t on this site, we can urge people to use common sense and moderation in any responses they make.

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63 thoughts on “Angela shares ‘abusive and threatening’ comments

    • Thanks. What’s irksome is that whoever wrote the nasty comments, ultimately they are laid at the feet of this blog. I’d never seen them before yesterday, but for two years apparently we’ve been blamed for them.

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      • Does Angie say we’re all gchq and mi5 ? Or is that just Deborah ?

        I bet the Guardia are spoilt for choice over the vast amount of material they’ve access to now. If she thinks they’re going to reopen Hampstead or trace a pack of foul mouthed idiots off youtube comments she’s sadly deluded.

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      • I’d like to think that it wasn’t anybody that comments on this blog that left those comments for Angie. Even if that was the case then how on earth could she prove a connection to anybody that comments here?

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        • Same way hoaxgirl proves her magic dynamo works, by the power of ill informed prejudice, absolute faith in unfounded gossip and an unswerving devotion to the mass stupidity of an angry mob of zealots. They believe what they want to believe in spite of contradictory or non existent evidence.

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    • Fnord, yes they are. They are unrecognisable as being from anyone who comments here. I have wondered sometimes whether some of those who send us vile comments sometimes write similar vile comments to Angie and others to try and make us look bad. Still though, were Angie and I to compare harrassment folders, mine beats hers hands down and many are provably from friends of hers and with some, her encouragment can be seen too.

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      • I have a beauty of a threat in my files. The idiot made it in a live stream, saying he had friends in the IRA who’d trace me and execute me. I don’t mean he typed it in the comments, he actually said it.

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  1. Agreed Fnord.

    Some of them sound like Angela’s on again/off again ‘friend’.

    A source tells me that Gibney’s bar in Oldcastle closed it’s doors many years ago long before the Hampstead hoax, therefore I am sure she could work out whoever that is, possibly someone she brought to the bar herself when it was open & fell out with along the way, as per usual!

    That cretin person is particularly nasty too!

    I do hope that the intelligence services are paying well for all that hard work btw! 💴💵💶💷💸💲
    Not sure which currency though, could be Swissindo or Bitcoin indeed!

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    • “Or is it that BRIAN HARVEY is back in court tomorrow and they don’t want news leaking out to the thousands who follow my main profile ??”

      Yes, Angela – that must be it 🙄

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      • Cast your mind back to the case in the excellent Perry Mason series where a simple Irish housewife & truthteller in the dock was accused of sending Poison Pen Letters (written in green ink) to the local constable and Town Mayor accusing the Vicar of an extramarital affair with a verger and the defendant cries out “I only sent one letter to each, is that such a dastardly act ?” whereby Los Angeles District Attorney Hamilton Burger (for it is he – imported for dramatic effect to Oldcastle to prosecute) whips out the defendant’s diary and points to an entry that proclaims:

        “I reach thousands daily on my main profile”.

        The camera pans to brilliant lawyer Mason who slumps in his chair, head in hands realizing for the very first time he is about to lose a case (outside, assorted peasants upon hearing the news reach for the pitchforks and torches and scream “whoopee, there’ll be a hanging tonight !)

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  2. Put your tits away luv, you’re scaring the children.

    Is that a jack Regan line from the Sweeny ?

    Getting abuse and death threats is not uncommon on youtube. If you maintain a position of endangering a family with false allegations of multiple cases of child murder, abuse, cannibalism and making csa/snuff films it’s never going to be fluffy bunnies and rainbows.

    It’s an undesirable way to behave but not unexpected. Insisting it’s the work of someone you’ve relentlessly branded a sadomurdering anthropophage is just another count of slander based on zero evidence.

    The bottom of her barrel is getting paper thin now.

    Why would the people from here bother posting foul mouthed rants on youtube that’ll be deleted when we can post sarcastic yet thoughtfully grounded comments here that we can all read ?

    She’ll have to find another tree to bark up.

    How is everyone ? I’ve been watching Hitchcock’s rear window on bluray disc and found it quite sublime. One of my all time favourites and the hd added so much to all the long shots with a fantastic amount of depth and detail.

    RD is a bit like a hitchcock leading man. A regular sort thrown into a maelstrom of danger and intrigue against his will battling the unseen forces of evil. Hopefully his happy ending is close and the villains will be dealt with accordingly and the hoax finally smashed for the insane gossip it is.

    If that’s Angie’s best hope of a defence then she’s gonna need a bloody good lawyer and a very tame quack psychologist.

    Also I’d recommend miss double barreled freelady of the angloirish land not speak in court. It’d be like waynetta slob crossed with hyacinth bucket antagonising a disgusted and dumbstruck jury into only one possible choice.

    Angie. Get a solicitor as soon as possible.

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    • Doesn’t she know how a court works ? Of course there are going to be solicitors and barristers whether she wants them or not. Also a judge, a jury, court staff, security. . . . . .and, I hope, journalists. Real ones who write for real papers.

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  3. I just don’t get how anyone can be so deluded & in denial all the time. Angela is taking the old adage of attack is the best form of defence too far.

    As Grobnob has said above, get a solicitor Angela, you will qualify for legal aid!

    *Waste of typing I know*.

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  4. I blame her tutors.
    The ones at the University where she says she studied journalism. Or perhaps she missed the lectures on “Journalism and The Law” as every hack / hackette is required to have a rudimentary grasp of basic law for fairly obvious reasons.

    Surely Ange recalls from her journalism days in the heyday period of publishing where usually every outlet had it’s own in-house lawyer who would go over each article before it gets published to avoid libel actions etc.

    While there isn’t one on Hoaxtead (or do we have access to MI6’s in-house brief?) even basic common sense (lol- you think that’s in abundance with this crowd?) will tell you that one crime does not automatically cancel out another.

    If Power-Disney has received death threats the perps should feel the weight of the law. It’s a crime.

    Doubtful that using foul language is though but I guess it depends on the circumstances. Recall that famously Christine Ann Sands who screeched obscenities at the top of her lungs in a genteel North London street outside a church was eventually frog-marched to Heathrow and that was part of the reason why.

    But dare I venture a scenario: quite apart from APD’s firm belief that Hoaxtead is run by GCHQ, MI6, MI5, a Rothschild’s family butler in his spare time, my drunken cat Whiskers and possibly an alliance between The Five Eyes (look ’em up) does Ange intend to try and prove a certain much-maligned father ( deemed innocent of any crime in the UK High Court) runs a blog that attempts to defend his innocence and therefore she is entitled to harass he & his children because as is the nature of The Internet and Social Media that every ratbag or mentally deranged person tends to put their two cents worth in on every aspect of discussion on this planet from the notion the Earth is Flat to “how best to craft your Baby Skin shoes after a long Wednesday lunch of Baby Stew (ref: see “Princess Neelu & 200 Baby Carriages wheeled into Church”) ?.
    I’d name names but I don’t think it’s fair although the words “John” “Patterson” and “Wood Chipper” (feet first) come to mind.

    And is at all possible that a person who accuses (on no evidence) a small family unit and their supporters of despicable crimes, and proceeds to make their life hell (and raise a bit of fag money out of it at the same time) could possibly have done similar to others in the previous decades and may have created the odd enemy who sees an opportunity to finally strike back?

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  5. Oh, Angela Power Disney is playing the “I have been harrassed” card in order to get out of potential jail time.

    Lets put it on record that Angela Power Disney is a vile human being who is the agent of her own misfortune. If people are going to play being a public figure, say controversial things, and attack hundreds of people, she must expect hostile feedback.

    RD and his kids have not been proven as having at any time to have had public debate with Disney, yet every week it seems for several years Angela Power Disney has been on the attack at them, and most recently in a vile way, giving them no peace or privacy, making so untrue statements.

    Angela Power Disney has rubbed people up the wrong way including her own family, neighbours and fellow Satan Hunters. The attacks on Disney could have come from her own neighbours, family, Satan Hunters and random trolls that infest the internet. All we know is that Disney has posted some of the attacks herself to play the victim card.

    Angela Power Disney is devious, manipulative and walking poison. She needs to be stopped from her relentless harrassment and abuse of her many victims, especially on RD and his children. She needs jail time.

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  6. I think she’s afforded too much attention and analysis and it makes her feel special. (Do appreciate the above post though which tells it how it is.) Basically, she’s an ordinary woman in a council house and the only extraordinary thing about her is that she’s got the brass neck to go on You Tube and make shit up.

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  7. Well it’s a constant theme throughout them all, actually and really shows how they were setting the narrative for their followers, providing the script and enabling the rabid, ranting trolls that have plagued anyone who exposes the hoax with false information and allegations that help them to feel justified to spew hatred, bile and venom at innocent people. But especially to believe that RD is responsible for this blog, all the videos made and that they are victims being harrassed by him and the authorities, the cult, plus MI5, MI6 and TPTB.


  8. Angies “missing” horse is currently benefiting enormously from daily updates from HR.


  9. Is it my imagination, or has Belinda McKenzie been very quiet recently? With so many of her friends facing legal problems at the moment you would think she’d be busy being her altruistic self in Courts across two countries. Maybe she is a “Fair weather McKenzie Friend”.

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    • Hunting hats at the ready. At 30:58, in a recording from 2015, Brian says he has a video up of Maloney talking about the Hampstead case!

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      • This is the video Brian is referring to. The Lou Collins interview with Maloney. I don’t think he talks about Hampstead in it. The children’s tattoo pictures are in it though. Guidance uploaded it in 2015 and Brian uploaded in 2017.

        At least, that’s the video Guidance thinks Brian’s talking about as he flashes those words on the screen and has left a comment under his own video saying this is the one referred to.

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    • Word on the street (the one outside Highbury Magistrate’s Court, that is) is that the malicious communications case against Brian Harvey has been dismissed.

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  10. LOL, Angie’s gonna love this…

    From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (
    To: hampsteadgroup (
    Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2018 19:55:30 +0530

    Institute of Satanic Studies

    St Anthony – revealing the truth the others can’t reach

    Fiona Barnett, 48, in Banora Point, NSW claim that she was raped by Billy Graham at Bohemian Grove, CA, which I’ve always understood to be false, has now been verified as false by retired NYPD child trafficking investigator, James Rothstein, 77, in St Martin, MN at who Fiona claimed had evidence of her being raped by Billy Graham, but the retired officer clearly states that there is absolutely no evidence of the late Billy Graham (1918-2018) being involved in such activities even though its a well known fact that he was a 33rd degree Mason who therefore knew that his God was Lucifer not Jesus, but that doesn’t mean he has to automatically be involved in child rape and paedophilia. The fact, however, is that Fiona suffers from multiple personality disorder which in religious terms means DEMON POSSESSION. Thus, depending on which demon is controlling her she can relate all sorts of stories however far fetched and claim that they are true ie. the Devil is a LIAR!!

    Yours in the battle for planet earth,
    Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
    Cosmic Research Foundation

    See the full thread (In irritating reverse order as usual) here:

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    • Now I didn’t expect the Reverend to bowl a googly! He is quite right. Multiple Personality Disorder is traditionally associated with biblical descriptions of demonic possession. As is Bi-polar and Borderline Personality Disorder which many of the hoaxers claim to suffer from.

      In these more enlightened times, you would be hard pressed to find a good Christian who would subscribe to such views but, as we’ve discovered, we’re not dealing with good Christians here.

      This admission that their anti-Satanic crusades is actually evidence that they are demonically possessed has made me giggle!

      Repent APD before it is too late:

      “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons” 1 Corinthians 10:21

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    • Neelu’s online & physical campaign against the sale of her former house and the fear a purchaser may think they could be subject to an endless campaign of harassment and intimidation could well put off bidders and it may be sold for less than it’s market value seeing it must be sold in a case like this.

      All these unnecessary costs will be deducted from the sale price which means fewer funds eventually for Neelu. Those who encourage her are irresponsible.

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    • It is somehow reassuring to see that Trash Maharani’s idea of Indian history is just as much an infantile fantasy as her idea of UK history. She is even-handed in her ignorance.

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  11. Another eye-roller…

    Hoaxted Paedophile Protectors Exposed by John Paterson

    El Coyote,Tranny Reva Burton, Sam Best, Butlin Dawg, The Judas Iscariot Fan Club,and The Rest Of The Tribe at Hoaxted Research.Fat useless bastards. We have thier IP addresses, just waiting for the right time.

    Hoaxted Paedophile Protectors Exposed, El Coyote,Tranny Reva Burton, Sam Best, Butlin Dawg, The Judas Iscariot Fan Club,and The Rest Of The Tribe at

    Of course, what Michael Adkins does not want you to know is is that Ella Draper also blew the whistle on 788-790 Finchley Road which is Zionist controlled and used as a boiler room for 100s 1000s fake oil gas and mining companies by this Criminal Fraud Network which I have been exposing long before I met Edward, and I do have some experience in this due to my inside sources. Some you know, others you would not want to. Why? Because some of the most dangerous of the London underworld have one thing in common, they hate paedophiles and those who spread vicious lies about whistleblowers like us, and try to cover-it up with false news in blogs like HAM AND HIGH. and the MSM…especially The BBC which I have reported to Ofcom, because it is proven that The BBC executives are linked to some of the most henious crimes in History, apart from covering-up Saviles Elite Paedophile rings formover six decades, they are suppressing the fact that £100s Billions of tax payers money has been extracted from the UK Treasury into off-shore accounts, and trust me, all I have to do is make one single phone call. FORGET CONTACTING YOUR LOCAL MP’S THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER.

    “Let’s see if we can do it the nice way first”

    Ella Draper has since taken a lie detector and passed as expected, but the BBC dare not tell you this, but instead gave a platform to that Evil Bastard Riky Dearman.

    Ex Police Officer Ray Savage from Sussex Police is a good cop, and I should know because I know all the bent one’s.

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    • trust me, all I have to do is make one single phone call.

      With great power comes great responsibility, which I guess is why he never makes that call.


    • Ah, the Finchley Road address of a business that forms companies for people to use off the shelf. I have to laugh. Gordon Bowden has been going on about it for years. The companies don’t operate out of that address. The old directors who formed the company aren’t responsible for what the new directors do years later.

      Also Ray Savage played host to the Miracle Mineral Solution (Genesis Church) scam who held an event on his campsite, that he was aware of.

      He uses dowsing rods to ascertain guilt. I fancy doing that to find all the hoaxers guilty because I was shown how to get them to cross by very small almost imperceptible hand movements. All in agreement say aye.

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    • Villains hate paedophiles ? Probably, apart from the ones, a small minority of course, who indulge.

      Do the dangerous criminals of the underworld hate people who expose self appointed whistleblowers with mad claims of satanic cabals operating in the leafy suburbs of London ? No ! They don’t give a Bradley Pitt for gobshites getting into slagging matches online.

      Seriously, you think drug dealers who spend their lives worried about getting nicked, being grassed or their competition muscling in on their manor are logging in to see if they need to defend some witless Muppet from butthurt on youtube or facebook ?

      They’re not, they’re too busy. Stop saying you have underworld or paramilitary contacts if you don’t want to look like a right dickhead.

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