‘Sexing up’ the Hollie Hoax: The precursor to Hoaxtead

The recent furore over the Wiltshire police’s £1.5 million, two-year investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against former prime minister Edward Heath has had some interesting and long-reaching side effects, some of which seem relevant to the genesis of the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax.

We noted a few days ago that Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale was in rather chummy contact with Robert Green, ex of the Hollie Greig Hoax; and of course we already know that Belinda McKenzie and Mr Green began their working relationship when the Hollie hoax morphed from false allegations of “girl with Down Syndrome raped by sex ring” to “girl with Down Syndrome victim of Satanic ritual abuse”.

As Belinda was overheard to say at the time, bringing SRA into the picture “sexed it up” and might make it an easier sell to the media.

We’ve discussed Robert Green’s passing along information to Mike Veale from Dr Joan Coleman, co-founder of the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS).

And then we began to find other, even more interesting titbits, which cast further light on the relationships amongst those in the SRA True Believer community.

It started with a chance find: would it surprise you to learn that Charlotte Alton Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer, aka Carleea) was working alongside Belinda McKenzie in 2011, helping to publicise an “invitation-only” event at the House of Commons? This request, dated 19 October 2011, was found in the David Icke forums:

Can anyone help?

I wrote to my MP, Jeremy Corbyn (Islington), asking him to attend the invitation-only Nov 30th meeting at HOC about the Hollie Greig case to which Robert Green was invited…..as displayed on David’s site.

Today, his PA emailed me and said Jeremy would like to go if he can fit it into his schedule—did I have any more details?

I don’t, of course, but can anyone else help? Thanks in advance.

We found confirmation of the event on Robert Green’s blog, Hollie Demands Justice:Interestingly, Mr Green states that the event was “attended by a wide range of experts in the field of ritual abuse as well as a number of distinguished guests and fellow speakers, which included two young but extremely efficient police officers from South Wales, who have recently brought to justice members of a satanic paedophile ring operating in Kidwelly”.

We did a bit of poking around, and discovered that the event had been organised by Wilfred Wong, who at that time was working for Labour MP Russell Brown, and was a member of something called the Committee on Ritual Abuse.

According to a letter sent by that organisation to The Guardian in January 2012, its membership consisted of “Dr V Sinason, Rachel Wingfield, Prof Joseph Schwartz, Dr Sandra Buck, Dr Joan Coleman, Carole Mallard, Wilfred Wong, Deborah Briggs, Dr Pat Frankish, David Leevers, Orit Badouk-Epstein, [and] Lynn Greenwood”. As you can see, there’s a good deal of overlap with RAINS.

Our source indicates that Wilfred Wong was introduced to Robert Green in the summer of 2011 by Anne Greig’s partner, Carl Sims. Mr Wong also introduced Mr Green to Valerie Sinason, who invited him to join the Committee on Ritual Abuse.

This all formed the background to the House of Commons meeting, at which Mr Green spoke. It seems probable that the meeting was attended by both Belinda McKenzie and Charlotte Ward, given that Charlotte was already publicising it in mid-October 2011. At that time she was living in Belinda’s house.

We were interested to note that “guests and fellow speakers” at the HOC meeting included two of the police officers from the Colin Batley case in Kidwelly, which we’ve discussed elsewhere on this blog. This case has been held up by SRA fanatics as “proof” that people like Jean La Fontaine are wrong, and that Satanic ritual abuse is indeed practised in the UK. While the Batley case was horrific, and those involved were degenerate and disgusting, this is another case in which supposedly “Satanic” trappings were used by the criminals to terrorise the victims, and by the media to sell newspapers. For a full discussion of why this is so, we would recommend that you read this analysis of the case on the SAFF website.

What interests us particularly is that according to a very reputable source, Valerie Sinason has since revealed that she was involved in the police investigation of the Kidwelly case, prior to the trial. This would explain the presence of the two police officers at the November 2011 House of Commons meeting, which as we’ve said was organised by Wilfred Wong, a member of the Committee on Ritual Abuse.

Keelan Balderson posts on the blog, The Age of Blasphemy:

According to research by TheHollieGreigCoverUp.net, in 2011 Sinason, Wong, MP Russell Brown and other members of the CRA invited Robert Green, the mouthpiece for the Hollie Grieg fantasy, to one of their meetings at the Houses of Parliament. In subsequent alternative media coverage Green then began to promote a ritual abuse element to the Hollie Greig story, a sort of satanic “sexing up” of the original allegations. Perhaps Green thought if he won the support of the looney pyschobabble Christian lobby (CRA) the case would get more publicity. Fortunately the only people left clinging on to the tale are the pseudo-celebrities of the online conspiracy theory community, such as the UK Column and Belinda McKenzie, the former landlady of ex-MI5 agents Annie Machon and David Shayler. Even David Icke, who includes “satanic ritual abuse” as one of the central themes in his books has stopped publishing stories about the…story.

And so it would seem that despite the failure of Mr Green and the Committee on Ritual Abuse to shoot the Hollie Hoax into the mainstream, which would no doubt have helped fill the coffers nicely, certain old alliances persist.

This helps to explain the utter insistence of people like Belinda and her sidekick Sabine (coincidentally recruited in 2011—prior to that date you won’t find her writing about SRA in any of her blogs) that RD’s children could only have been describing a Satanic cult in the videos they were forced to make. Hollie hadn’t made nearly the splash they’d hoped she would…but two sweet-faced, blonde, well-spoken and articulate children who could be beaten, starved, and threatened into making the right kind of allegations? There’s gold in them thar hills!

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  1. Sorry, off topic already but is there no end to Angie’s desperation, lol?

    Someone is seriously worried about her own arse, methinks 🙂

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  2. Blimey, nice bit of research, EC. What a revealing insight into how close these freaks came to duping prominent members of Parliament into getting taken in by their satanic panic bullshit. Scary stuff.

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  3. Even Rupert calls Angie out on the crap she spouts at 20:01 – “If a horse is dying and you can get a placenta from a mare that’s just given birth and you can feed that placenta to the dying horse, it’ll recover.” 😮


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  4. See how sly Charlotte Ward/Carleea was posting that comment on David Icke? She knew all about it, living with Belinda at the time.

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  5. Yes, I found it quite startling that MPs and Lords attended. Would be interesting to know which ones came, and whether they took the message of the event to heart.

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  6. I’m pretty sure John Hemming was also there. Sorry I’m still not adding much, I’ve been quite unwell. Sadly, it was my observation as this hoax was first on the radar, that as you have identified, there was perhaps a pre planned conspiracy by these diabolical people. It would be interesting if investigators can identify when Abe or Ella first met any one of the perps of this hoax.

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  7. Oh, I’m sorry you’re not well, Sheva. Take good care of yourself.

    I think you’re quite right that this was pre-planned; we have a couple of good leads on how Abe & Ella met their (dare I say) “handlers”, but haven’t been able to confirm them yet.

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  8. There’s some interesting stuff here too:

    “9/11 CultWatch
    A blog dedicated to exposing some of the more ludicrous theories concerning 9/11, and discussing the people responsible for such nonsense. With occasional forays into 7/7 ‘truth’ and similar curious beasts.”

    “Long gone it seems are the days of Belinda McKenzie’s capacious handbag sponsoring everything from the living expenses of MI5 officers cum truth activists to visiting speakers from the Icelandic ‘truth’ movement.”

    (Posted June 2009)

    “The PMOI attracted a strange base of UK supporters, following its proscription in this country under the Terrorism Act 2000. Similar legislation was passed against them across the European Union. Amongst the PMOI’s most prominent supporters in London was Belinda McKenzie, who went on to be the primary funder of the UK and Ireland 9/11 Truth Movement, and the landlady of former MI5 officers David Shayler and Annie Machon, when the ‘Highgate Hub’ dominated UK ‘truth’ activism. The establishment supporters the Khalq obtained, and the lobbying of its political wing, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, eventually saw the proscription overturned in 2008. Ms McKenzie remains supportive of PMOI activities in London.”

    (Posted April 2011)

    “Back on [sic] 14 January 2009 I attended a talk by the ‘Make Wars History’ group in Norwich. MWH had been launched in March 2008 as a successor group to the Britain and Ireland 9/11 Truth Campaign, which was dissolved following the co-ordinated resignations of its leaders on 8 March 2008. The main financier of the ‘truth’ movement in the UK, Belinda McKenzie, saw MWH as an opportunity to campaign on political issues, leaving behind some of the ‘controversial’ issues with which the truth movement had become associated. The ‘truthers’ wanted to go mainstream.”

    (Posted Sept 2015)


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  9. Yes pleased to hear you’re getting better Sheva.

    I had noticed you hadn’t commented of late.

    I’ve got a question for you…

    I was listening to a bit of Tracey Morris’ live feed the other day and she mentioned about her grandchildren being taken into care after her daughter’s death.

    That doesn’t tie in with Heather Brown reporting Tracey/the daughter etc. to the Irish social services does it, the timing of it all?

    I can’t remember the last time Angela and Heather did their videos, but I’m pretty sure Heather mentioned she had contacted Tulsa is it?

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  10. There was two different meetings in the House of Commons, there was one that Robert Green attended with Wilfred Wong, Wilfred worked for an MP at the time, if was Wilfred who advised Robert to sex the Hollie Greig stuff up a bit by claiming it was satanic abuse. The second one was with John Hemming, but every time Belinda or Sabine brought up the subject of Hollie Greig, John Hemming changed the subject, Hemming later admitted to me that he couldn’t do anything about the Hollie Greig thing because no one had given him any evidence.

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  11. Babs, I’ve a vague memory of that, but will have to try and review or trust that others can…. Recently, I’ve been thinking that I had heard Heather also saying that she was involved with the Conifer Inquiry ? I need to steel myself to re listen, but I do think you are right, there was some mention of Tracey.


  12. Well it’s a good job he’s not an MP any more so he can’t really do anything any more apart from sit at home eat cakes, and play his clarinet.

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  13. For Christ sake this crowd are utterly useless,dyed in the wool failures and need to sack themselves for such blatant unboundless ineptitude.

    I get the idea of needing to sex things up to glean more media/public attention to maximize conning the ordinary man on the street but leaving the likes of Belinda and Sabine in situ to front things up is a cock up of gargantuan proportions.

    They could at least have had their meetings at Hugh Hefners gaff and employed a team of leggy nymphette Hoochie Coochies to head up the campaign.

    What on Earth were they thinking?

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  14. I also have a video on my laptop of Belinda in Aberdeen, lying again, about the Violate club. She made up a story about dolls that were used in there that were child like with diamond eyes, that were used by most of the paedophiles in Scotland. It https://youtu.be/jjsUQUcCqzoas a conversation between her and Malkie outside Aberdeen court.

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  15. Bloody Hell! They don’t have any limits do they?
    Whatever charm schools they attended need to give them full refunds.

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  16. Jeez I forgot all about that.

    Shocked again but looks like Tracey doesn’t think the Grandchildren going has anything to do with Heather unless she is saving face.

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  17. Yeah neither Belinda or Sabine come into the above category now if ever but Belinda was Wonder Woman in one of the old videos on YouTube and she did look rather fetching in her outfit.

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  18. Hope your doing ok Sheva. Just come out of hospital myself, after nearly being let down almost fatally by incompetence. Glad you have a lappy now!

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  19. A quick question for you all. I’ve just this week finished watching the excellent HBO Paradise lost on the WM3 as well as a few other documentaries about them. Can anyone recommend any other good documentaries on SRA?

    Mucho thanks!

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  20. If anyone in is interested in a good documentary on crime and punishment, i can recommend “13th”


  21. A lot of the usual RAINS affiliated suspects, in those meetings you mentioned.
    Notably absent – Sue Richardson. But I recently discovered that she was involved in setting up Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, whose founder is herself an SRA victim claimant.

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  22. I know this one’s not mainstream but Keelan Balderson (Wide Shut) did a good job, if you haven’t seen it:

    There’s some nice analysis in that one. I did an edited, streamline version of it too, btw (with Keelan’s permission):

    By the way, sorry to hear about your recent health issues. Get well soon, mate – I’m keeping ’em crossed for a speedy recovery 🙂

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  23. What the bloody hell’s this about, lol? And who the feck is Adam when he’s at home?


  24. Great news if she does quit but I doubt she will – she needs the attention (and the funds).

    Off to check out the video now (on the Call for an Uprising Too channel)…

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  25. Wouldn’t that be fun!

    It’d be the No.1 rating for the Year.

    Btw on a similar vein of people that aren’t all there, I’ve now had 2 death threats made to me early this morning by Archiit Ssan on Abdul Sattar’s fb page dated 8th October, a few comments down.

    He needs to be Sectioned if anyone ever does.

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  26. They missed the best part about Belinda’s stint as “Coordinator” for the Association for Charities: that’s an organisation she started herself, in order to bash the Charity Commission about the head and ears for having forced the closure of her Iran Aid cash cow. Much like the Association of McKenzie Friends, the Association for Charities sounded benign enough but was founded with a very specific and malicious purpose in mind.


  27. Yeah, if Adam, may his name be blessed, makes the nutters sound like nutters, he is obviously “a paedophile Satanic abuser” or some damn thing. CfaU is an ignoramus.


  28. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been watching a few things with Doug Mesner and i’ve been really impressed with his presentations. Also a good few good journalists on youtube who have exposed the MK ultra myth,, about Cathy and Bill ect.

    i’ll have a good look and buy this immediately. Thanks for your help.


  29. He has clearly wound some of them up judging my the comments. I note there is one commentator claiming to have been at school with the McMartin PreSchool kids and saying it is all true – liar.
    These peoples fantasies need spoiling, they are the ones who have sent innocent people to prison.

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  30. So, then…
    The false SRA-related accusation against Hemming, by a wannabe celebrity CSA claimant, was vengeance for blowing them off about Hollie Greig?
    Mistaken identification? MY SKINNY ASS!

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  31. “I grew up with the McMartin kids. It’s 100% true. These poor people are SO incredibly messed up now. Everytime I hear Satanic Panic I feel sick knowing it’s hurting them again and again. This is no joke. The survivors are now in their 40’s. They can barely hold jobs, have miserable relationships, some violently angry, some lost in a void of sadness, some we’ve already lost to suicide. Please pray for the childhood friends I still have left.”

    Wow, that’s a whole new level of bullshit right there!

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  32. Thanks I will have a watch. The CIA site has most of the documents that are available publicy of what MKUltra and all it’s various sub-projects were about. The things relating Super soldiers and other fantasy elements seem to be newspaper clippings. Seems they were willing to meet with quite a few hypnotists and quacks that made claims but never could produce anything. I think it was Justin Sanity that explained the flaws in the logic of splitting a persons mind into different personalities. The person would still be sufferering under another personality, it wouldn’t end or relief any suffering.
    Skeptics dictionary also has a good entry on SRA which has been added to the SRA Fraud section under the Evidence tab on Hoaxtead.
    I have the e-book that is referenced “A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America”, which cover Cathy as well.

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  33. I normally just ignore the childish, ill-informed ramblings of Malcolm Paedogilvy (it’s like watching a monkey at at the zoo for free) but this new post is an actual death threat to our friend Maggs Shaw, in which the cowardly prick blatantly threatens to burn her alive:


    Would people mind joining me in reporting it? You can do so here:


    Thank you

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  34. It’s a question, not a statement.
    Are those two things related?
    A) Hemming blows off the SRA crowd about Hollie Greig case (according to comments above)
    B) An infamous publicity seeking CSA claimant allied to Exaro and “Nick”, filed a police complaint against Hemming that involved SRA-esque group abuse in the woods allegations

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  35. Glad I got that screenshot. The cowardly creep has obviously seen it and has now doctored the post to make it look that it was Sylvia who made the threat! LOL, what a sad twat.

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  36. Bill Maloney had something to do with that too, he spoke about it on Lou Collins radio show, as well as saying a certain female Home Secretary was a paedophile, but that story went quiet after a while, probably because he shit him self over fear of prosecution

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  37. @coyote – I’m not really suggesting that. It seems to me though, that many of Esther Faker’s criminal complaints have been blatantly motivated by personal grudge, such as harassment charges against two bloggers. Just wondering what the grudge motivation for the Hemming CSA charge was – ’cause I don’t believe it was mistaken identity.

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  38. Divvy Spivey frequently does the same, except he asks for a lot more and threatens to close down his (100% free) blog unless people cough up the dosh!

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  39. I’ve just checked Ogilvy’s Facebook page. Literally no one is liking, sharing or replying to his posts. I had to go down some distance to find any responses whatsoever! Even his fellow troofers have been giving him a wide berth, it seems 😀

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  40. Not sure what’s going on here, some of the comments could make you wonder though.


  41. I see that Angela has posted that live stream video on her FB page for a THIRD time!

    She must be desperate to rub it in Tracey’s face, lol.


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  43. 😦

    Facebook apparently still doesnt get it

    “You anonymously reported Sharon Chesterman for harassment.”
    “and though it doesn’t go against one of our specific Community Standards, you did the right thing by letting us know about it.”

    Apparently their community standards are pretty low….

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  44. Yeah and her Gayle Fawkes Exposures Page that she runs is back up!

    I’m waiting for the video she’s intending to do on me!!

    Tic, tock…

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  45. Yes I noticed that too.

    I also note that Angela has recruited a new woman Lesley … Perrin, think it is, sigh!

    It won’t be long until she is best mates for a short while with Lesley.

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  46. Sharon Chesterman on fb.

    She says she is going to make a new video all about little ole me.

    Last year she put up an almost 5 hour video on a page that she and others made and contributed to called “Barbara Collier/good gone bad”.

    Nearly had me committing suicide and the bitch is still trying to get me to kill myself 15 months later…

    She is EVIL.

    It’s not my fault she got bullied at school for being a Ginger, Skinny, BEAN POLE.

    I didn’t go to school in Wales!!

    She’s in all these men groups on the look out for ….

    I hadn’t clocked that she wanted a short arsed little ahem man who I was friendly with until he confessed some truly unsavoury things to me and other “stuff”. Really Horrific.


  47. Well usually I do chat a lot to people face to face but I don’t tell people in depth facts about my life, what I’ve been through or what I’m going through at the moment.

    I did mention to EC a few things in the past and thought maybe this time I would mention what had kicked off.

    Hope that makes sense.

    My personal circle is very small. People I know may think they know me but really they don’t if you know what I mean. Husband, Children obviously do.

    Chesterman has lied now rather than not understood and I can’t stand liars.

    She sent her daughter over to have a go at me on fb so to speak but my problem wasn’t with her daughter but Chesterman, pathetic.

    I’d never ask my family, husband, adult children to “fight” my battles.

    Mind you if the weirdos with the chainsaws attack me physically, yes I do want help.

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  48. well, if you change your mind or ever need someone to talk to let me know. you can talk to me on facebook if you like. emily thorn.

    EC kindly delete my reply after she has replied or liked comment


  49. Thanks.

    I’ll see how it goes with the WEIRDOS, INSANE and TARTS.

    I know she checks in here, she got tipped off I comment here by Judas2 David Conaghan.


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  50. What Fat Bastards! One day they will screw with the wrong person. Isn’t that Right Wellfleet Nutbag? lol


  51. Sorry to hear that Babs! These Scum are skating on Thin Ice and Frozen Plates, I’d say!


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