No change in Sabine’s trial date: Belinda

On Tuesday while Neelu’s courtroom drama was playing out, another hearing was held at Southwark Crown Court, this one to determine whether Sabine McNeill’s trial date should be brought forward to August (as Angela has been claiming it already has).

We are most grateful to Wesley Hall for kindly posting Belinda’s summary of the hearing, as we weren’t able to attend.

Belinda re Sabine 2018-07-11 1Of course, despite an informative lede, Belinda was unable to resist rampant editorialising. She claimed that the fix was in, the whole thing had been pre-decided, and so forth, based on the fact that on the same day that the court made its decision, Belinda received a letter from an entirely different court (Westminster Mags) about the bail security money which she and Tracey Morris scrambled to raise on Sabine’s behalf.

But of course, in the mind of the troofer, there is no such thing as coincidence. [insert exaggerated eye-roll]

Sabine not present in court

Belinda reports that Sabine was not present “on account of being unwell”…though it seems that there was more to this than met the eye, as we shall learn: Belinda re Sabine 2018-07-11 2As it turned out, Sabine was not so much “unwell” as “not bloody feeling like going to court that day”.

We do wonder whether this has anything to do with Belinda’s previous reports about Sabine being unable to acquire certain necessities of life, such as Vaseline for her lips and bicarbonate of soda for her digestive issues.

Belinda makes a weak attempt to claim that her friend was saving tax-payers’ money by sulking in prison rather than attending her own hearing, but when viewed next to the expense of a several-months’ long remand followed by a three-week trial, a short van ride to and from court seems a rather paltry saving.

Belinda re Sabine 2018-07-11 3

Belinda re Sabine 2018-07-11 4

Apparently Belinda appreciates our brilliant genealogical research skillz, though, so that’s something. (Hint to Belinda: genealogy is a fascinating and educational hobby, and might yield you more enjoyment than mucking about in other people’s lives. Just a thought. Plus you have to admit, your family’s history is pretty interesting.)

‘They are wealthy enough to sue me for every penny I still possess’

As for the idea that those that the Hoaxtead mobsters have persecuted for the past three years could afford to sue her, let’s ask that another way: if the parents, teachers, social workers, police officers, and small business operators of Hampstead could have afforded to initiate lawsuits, why would they not have done so by now?

In fact, we don’t think we’re speaking out of turn if we reveal we’ve been told that the police advised the dozens of people who’d been attacked out of the blue to rely upon the police rather than attempt to launch lawsuits. We understand that they were informed that it would not only be less costly—an important consideration for the vast majority of the accused—but also more efficient.

Sadly, this proved not to be the case, at least for the first two years of the hoax. Instead of making arrests and laying charges of harassment, malicious communications, violations of court orders, and so forth, the police naïvely adopted a strategy of visiting the prime movers of the hoax and requesting nicely that they cease and desist.

This had approximately the same degree of effect as farting against thunder.

Belinda’s description of her own friendly police visit was apparently not atypical, though we must say that the detail about someone potentially “arranging an accident” for her sounds very much a post facto invention. Perhaps it was prompted by whatever tattered shreds of conscience remain to her? Hard to say.

Belinda writes that she told the visiting police officer:

“Tell those angry people I can’t retract my allegations as there are no allegations to retract! There may be suspicions but suspicions carry even less weight than unfounded or unsubstantiated allegations! And the reason for the suspicions is YOUR, X Police’s failure to carry out proper forensics in this case. THAT is why the suspicions still hang around and THAT is why the people battering away at you are angry, because YOU lot didn’t investigate, therefore THEIR names have not been cleared – they could be INNOCENT AS THE DRIVEN SNOW!” is more or less what I threw back at this beleaguered policeman, clearly dying to appease the 30 Very Angry People in order to be able to enjoy his summer holiday with some measure of peace-of-mind.

Was I supposed to feel sorry for this poor police officer and ease his mind by complying with his suggestion?? It was a really quite surreal situation as I had no doubt that the Angry People, some of whom had already spotted me in the street or in the children’s playground of my local park and had made a fearful scene! undoubtedly frightening any children within range, were Very Angry Indeed so I could well imagine what this hapless police officer could have been going through and I did feel stirrings of sympathy for him at the time… just hope PS you did manage to switch off from the nightmare and enjoy your holiday! 

“30 Very Angry People”? But not a paragraph before, didn’t Belinda note that there were “some 70–80 aggrieved people”?

Perhaps, as her claims of fearing for her life grow, her recollection of the number of people whose lives she’d helped damage shrank.

And split hairs as she might after the fact, on various occasions Belinda did claim that those 70–80 people, along with RD, had committed some very foul crimes against their own children. If she’d like, we can provide her with chapter and verse. (Perhaps she could relay the request through Wesley?)

As for the angry people who spotted her in the street or in the park, we have heard about the 2015 incident, and find it shocking that Belinda would be surprised at the reception she received. We thought the parent in question was quite restrained, in the circumstances.

Perhaps if Belinda doesn’t want her grandchildren frightened and her own children embarrassed in public by irate people who’ve had their families, careers, and peace of mind destroyed by her and her followers’ lies and machinations, she might wish to rethink the entire “let’s start a Satanic ritual abuse hoax” scenario, and keep her well-manicured fingers out of other people’s lives.

As we say, genealogy can be a very fulfilling hobby. Belindq outside RCJ

78 thoughts on “No change in Sabine’s trial date: Belinda

  1. No such thing as 30 angry people. You see 30 angry people have parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. They have friends and neighbours. I’d say the number of angry people goes into the 100’s. I think it’s unusual that Belinda et al haven’t been shouted at in the street more often.

    Bumped off? Who’s she kidding? This isn’t the cast of Rosemary’s Baby, nor is it the mafia. It’s ordinary, everyday people who’d like a bit of justice please. What was done to them and is still being done to RD and his children is disgusting and it has to stop and it seems the only way to stop it is to get these ‘obsessional, delusional, irrational and odd’* accusers into Court.

    *Quote from Sabine and Neelu’s trial.

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    • “It’s ordinary, everyday people who’d like a bit of justice please.”

      Yes, exactly. The sad thing is that those who accept Belinda’s lies holus bolus don’t bother to question her allegations that the people she gets them to target are “elites” or “wealthy”. For some people, hatred of those who they think have more than they do seems to come naturally, so it serves her purposes to paint the people of Hampstead as over-privileged rich people. Her mobsters won’t bother to sit back and think for a moment that teachers, social workers, police officers, cobblers, etc. are generally nowhere near wealthy. They do as she suggests, like the obedient sheep they are.

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    • can add in my couple (who have 2 kids) who were not accused or involved but were friends with a family who were among those “30 angry people” (more like 100s) but who themselves were extremely distressed to see their life long friends horribly accused and who of course were beside themselves with stress not knowing whether a brick may come through the window or if they may even have to move to ensure their children’s safety.

      I loathe this Belinda McKenzie with a vengeance for the horrible distress she has caused so many innocent people. And they all have children but a sociopath like McKenzie would be ignorant to the fact children have hightened senses and can pick up when their parents are distressed.

      And what a make that a what Fucking Liar this ghastly person is. In her published account she claims she hasn’t accused anyone but only had “suspicions” but she clearly then goes on to accuse all and sundry and you don’t need me to point out how she basically says the children’s (false) accounts derived by torture are true. In other words all thos epeople are guilty.

      Belinda McKenzie: your viciousness is there for all to see but your absense of any self awaremness is extraordinary and is really quite unbelievable. You do however demonstrate that a privileged upbringing does not necessarily produce a person of good character . One can only imagine what grief you have cause innocent people over the years.

      ## Reading between the lines I would say that when she was visited by a policeman (who had the hide to then go on hoiliday) he was attempting to defuse a serious and dangerous situation and may have said that there were people who were very very angry at the nasty attacks upon them and that he cannot guarantee her safety as who knows what someone might do when they find their life unfairly turned upside down.

      Like a true sociopath it’s all about McKenzie who offers not a single second of sympathy for the dozens of innnocent people caught up in the drama.
      Is she worse than that other sociopath APD?. Yes, APD is really a joke but Belinda McKenzie has been the main driver of this lunacy.
      Karma will visit her one day.
      Sympathy for Sabine? At this stage- zilch.

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        • Reading the account of the person who confronted bellender in Highgate Woods back in 2015 made me feel so proud of that individual…I don’t know who they are, I know nothing about them but I could totally relate to every single thing they recounted about their experience, except, so far, I have not actually confronted my particular bullies but have fantasised about confronting them head on in the manner that person managed to do….that person is my hero.

          I feel like c&p-ing their story everywhere on the net as an example of how to exercise your autonomy and properly wrest control from horrible nasty bullies.

          Bellender is simply a bully, APD is a bully….all of their consorts and cohorts are bullies to the extreme, keyboard warriors, arseholes, fuckwits, demented deranged yesteryear exhibits as inmates of Victorian age mental asylums trying so hard to recreate Bedlam in the modern age, if not, their way of being is similar to being sideshow freaks at a travelling circus….they are all utterly outrageous and disgusting.


  2. If people actually did want some accident to befall Belinda then why hasn’t it happened? Perhaps it is because it is just another lie amongst many others to fall out of Belinda’s mouth?

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    • So…no lawsuits, no bumping off (despite people obviously knowing where she lives and how to find her), and only one known incident of an angry victim shouting at her whilst she was in a playground three years ago. That plus a visit from a too-deferential police officer who did little more than ask her nicely to please stop bothering her neighbours…I’d say her stories of persecution are vastly overstated.

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  3. Were Belinda and Sabine worried about children while plotting to send Barbie dolls covered in red nail polish to symbolize blood through the doors of Hampstead residents? Sabine just quit moaning, will you? You aren’t special and you don’t deserve to be treated any different to your fellow prisoners. I imagine your fellow inmates would be quite happy to see you sent off to the segregation block for a while.

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  4. “Hint to Belinda: genealogy is a fascinating and educational hobby, and might yield you more enjoyment than mucking about in other people’s lives.”

    …But whatever you do don’t ask Angie to show you the ropes or you’ll end up being related to everyone from Bertholt Brecht to Pee-wee Herman.

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  5. Belinda’s version of what happened when that police officer visited her has mutated over the years to suit her agenda. Am I right in recalling that she was originally quite positive about how nice he’d been? But then Tracey’s warped version came along and Belinda seems to have adopted it wholesale in a John Paterson revisionist stylee.

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      • Haha, i used to quite enjoy watching Prisoner Cell Block H. They had great character names,such as, The Freak and Vinegar Tits.


        • I watched a documentary series about the Dóchas Centre, the women’s wing of Mountjoy Prison :

          The last thing I felt upon watching it was hopeful (Dóchas is Irish for hope)…the producers focused on a recidivist who was a chronic alcoholic who’s behaviour when imprisoned was infantile to say the least and I marveled at how patient the prison staff were. If I were employed as a prison guard there and if every prisoner was like that woman, I would totally turn into a less inhumanely cruel version of Irma Gries barking orders at them all to get real (I have a limited amount of patience).

          Obviously prison is no place for any man or woman with substance abuse issues but I imagine Sabine must be keeping company with the same and it sounds like she has many issues herself because she appears to be behaving like an egotistical infant with no clue about reality and the great expectation of being adored regardless – such behaviour is absolutely acceptable if you are a tiny bundle of joy aged 0 – 2 1/2 but not aged 70+ when you’ll be rightly referred to as a megalomaniac.

          Imagine choosing not to get out of bed rather than take responsibility for the consequences of your actions…she’s behaving like she’s already resigned to the fact she is guilty as charged and will accept whatever outcome of her trial by jury in November.

          What happened to having the courage of your convictions Missus children’s rights activist?

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  6. Another day, another load of dot-joining lunacy from Catriona Selvester of the Fresh Start Foundation…

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    • And she’s still making friends and influencing people, I see. She must have been taking lessons from Angie 😀

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    • Wild cat ? She’s about as wild as Larry Grayson drinking horlicks. Where does the demented tub of lard get the idea she’s wild ? Or a force to be reckoned with ? The fsf are a laughing stock with the grottiest website design ever, a complete inability to organise any meetings and tired old content they just hijack wholesale from other idiots. Sooner or later someone is going to use them in a prank and they’ll fall for it they’re so monumentally puddled.

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  7. “undoubtedly frightening any children within range”

    She didn’t think of the children when those protesting at the church, making abusive phone calls and stalking the school were frightening any children within range.

    Pot, kettle, black.

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  8. “And split hairs as she might after the fact, on various occasions Belinda did claim that those 70–80 people, along with RD, had committed some very foul crimes against their own children. If she’d like, we can provide her with chapter and verse.”

    Case in point:

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    • “where there are some 70 publicly-named and aggrieved suspected perpetrators, none of these angry and upset people appear to be clamouring for the police to re-open the investigation in order to clear their names or better still for a public inquiry to be set up for the same purpose, why not???”

      I’m just guessing here, but it could be easier for the defamed individuals to call out the lying wastes-of-skin shitsacks who defamed them.

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      • “where there are some 70 publicly-named and aggrieved suspected perpetrators, none of these angry and upset people appear to be clamouring for the police to re-open the investigation in order to clear their names or better still for a public inquiry to be set up for the same purpose, why not???”

        Or could it because the fucking High Court found the whole case was a fantasy and a fraud you vile creature!! (not you of course Smutty- you’re OK.)

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      • At any rate, if someone were to defame Belinda McKenzie by inventing and publicising heinous accusations — that she’d taken part in rape, infanticide and cannibalism as part of an organised group of rapists / murderers / cannibalists — she would respond by asking the police to take them seriously, and to investigate her and all her friends, as publicly as possible.

        Good to know.


  9. I went shopping in Morrison’s yesterday. They were out of sugar free green jelly but did have a table of old books for charity at 50p a go.

    I got sailing, by Edward Heath.

    They didn’t have anything by Clift Richards, Michael winnalot or that johnny tarbuck fella (who once nicked a diamond encrusted cigarette holder out of dick dastardly’s dressing room.

    I think the Incident when Heath crashed his boat into a bouy started the allegations about him. Simple misunderstanding.

    As for muckendzy’s talk of wealthy teachers, social workers, cobblers, vicars and franchaise coffee and burger outlet staff who holiday in luxurious Abu Darby and can afford civil law suits and hitmen ? Utter balderdash. The woman’s an absolute wretch. She once whined about putting her life and her family in danger. 3 years on not so much as a fart in her general direction.

    If the rancid old witch reads this blog I hope she’ll look forward to the reedited tributes I’m editing for release on youtube. Green skin really suits her.

    Anyway gotta got, my yacht, morning glory, awaits me in aboo derby where I’ll be banqueting with my lawyers and top international contractors.

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  10. It’s all kicking off in E17.

    This has the lot. John Wedger; Operation Fernbridge (Elm Guest House); David Icke; Bill Maloney.

    “I’m not a money person.” True, but those drugs didn’t buy themselves. Don;t do drugs kids.

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      • I don’t think he promotes Baloney anymore, it does seem as if he was conned into being involved, to make use of his name and possible fame potential, by bill, brenda & co…. I just wish he would put his evidence of the coerscion of that vulnerable guy forward in the right way.


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