Satanic ritual abuse purveyors invade Orkney…again

It seems there’s truth in the old saying, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”.

Yesterday one of our readers pointed out to us that BBC Radio Orkney was helping to promote the highly questionable Fresh Start Foundation’s latest SRA-pushing roadshow, to be held today in Kirkwall, Orkney.

BBC Radio Orkney 2018-08-03 Fresh Start FoundationSurprisingly, no one at BBC Radio Orkney nor at the event venue seemed aware in the slightest of the tragic history surrounding the last episode of Satanic panic on the island  of South Ronaldsey in 1991.

At that time, in a dawn raid nine children from four families were taken from their beds in the tiny community of fewer than 1,000 residents. Over-eager social workers, newly exposed to methods of interrogation imported from the United States, convinced themselves that the children had been the victims of Satanic ritual abuse.

The children were held on the mainland, unable to contact their parents for five weeks, until the SRA claims were dismissed by a sheriff as “completely unfounded”, and the social workers’ conclusions “fundamentally flawed“.

This opinion was borne out later by a nine-month public inquiry into the Orkney scandal, led by Lord Clyde.

It was also confirmed by at least one of the children involved, who is now grown up.

‘It was designed to break a person down’

One woman, Esther W., testified as an adult that she believed she could have stopped the Satanic panic. She stated that while her father had brutally abused her and her siblings, both physically and sexually, there was no “Satanic” element to the abuse.

She believes that, had she been able to speak out at the time, the SRA scandal could have been averted.

In 2013 Esther was interviewed by the BBC:

Esther, who says she had a mistrust of social workers engendered by her father’s hatred of them and her own experiences, knew they were wrong but thought it was “just the kind of things these bad people do”.

Her brothers and sisters, the youngest of whom was just four, underwent “disclosure therapy”, although Esther says it would be better described as “interrogation”.

It was this process which led to the the satanic sex abuse allegations against the four families whose children were taken away.

Esther believes her brothers and sisters were being “coached” into revealing something which had not happened at all.

She says: “Sheriff Kelbie himself (the man who threw the allegations out of court) said it amounted to repeated coaching. It was pummelling and pummelling over and over. Even an adult would have been broken by that type of interrogation.

“It is designed to break a person down, so a four or five or six year old does not stand a chance.”

Why didn’t Esther say something to stop it?

She says at the time she thought the situation had gone too far.

“It was a monster completely outside my control,” Esther says.

“It had evolved into these satanic sex abuse claims.

“They had tried to look for evidence of sibling sex abuse and they had failed on that. But then, not content with that, because they didn’t want to return the children home, they looked to satanic sex abuse allegations.”

‘You’re being very good’

The lead social worker behind the Orkney scandal, Liz McLean, was a figure of fear for the children involved. One stated in a 2006 interview:

“I was terrified of her. She was very intimidating, very controlling. I was always small when I was a child but she would lean over me. She got very angry. She would want me to agree with what she was saying.” Which was? “They were mentioning about private parts, things like that. Asking me, did one of the grown-ups touch you and touch your brothers and sisters in your private parts? They would want me to agree with it. And when Liz McLean couldn’t get me to agree with it, she would ask me to draw a picture. So I drew a picture of my pony. That wasn’t right. Then I drew a picture of us playing football. That wasn’t right. Eventually, she pulled this piece of paper out which had a circle on it, and she said, ‘Copy that.’ So I drew a circle and she said, ‘Draw little stick men round it,’ and that’s what I did. And she said, ‘You’re being very good.’ And that was the meetings.”

McLean is also mentioned by several of the children in the subsequent Orkney scandal as a terrifying figure, fixated on finding satanic abuse. Other children also described being urged by McLean to draw circles and faces, presumably as evidence suggestive of abusive rites. She was later sharply criticised in the Lord Clyde’s judicial inquiry into the latter case, and in another investigation into similar allegations in Ayrshire. She resigned in 1992, and has since disappeared.

So the Orkney children denied the allegations of SRA all along. Why didn’t the social workers believe them?

We would suggest that while the mantra of SRA-hunters is “we believe the children”, in fact they don’t believe the children at all, and never have.

Rather, they believe in SRA. And if those they target refuse to admit in words that it happened, they will find some other way to drag the “correct” story out of them: drawings, play with “anatomically correct dolls”, signs and wonders such as the discredited “reflex anal dilatation”, or, if all else fails, their own intuition.

As commenter Justin Sanity noted some time ago,

They believe they are justified, because they believe that they know “the real truth”. I’ve said this many times, the basis of SRA allegation cases is – adult persons deducing that something bad is happening to a child, and then deducing the nature of that bad thing and deducing who is responsible for the bad thing, without the child ever having made a complaint to anyone, about being abused by anyone. And having decided that they know “what happened” to the child, nothing the child or anyone else subsequently tells this adult, and no facts or evidence presented to them, will ever persuade them that their intuitive deduction was not correct.

‘Fresh Start’? Not quite

Today’s “Fresh Start Foundation” meeting is anything but a ‘fresh start’ for the people of Orkney. Rather, it’s a regressive attempt to re-ignite an old flame which was extinguished nearly three decades ago, and which should have remained that way.

As we’ve written here in the past, the FSF is attempting to revive and publicise the efforts of the SRA hunters of the 1980s and 1990s. They aren’t coming to Orkney to help survivors of child sexual abuse—they are hoping to find adult SRA claimants, who they can hold up as trophies.

They are motivated by a combination of fundamentalist evangelical Christian belief, and their own devotion to conspiracy theories which include allegations of organised Satanic paedophile rings. Their goal is to initiate a reign of terror, which will be familiar to any who survived the bad old days of the Orkney scandal.

While it’s utterly shocking to us that nobody at BBC Radio Orkney thought to check the bona fides of the FSF before posting their advert on Facebook, it’s even more disturbing to think of the damage that they and their kind could wreak on an unwary community.

We must not let it happen again.Orkney scandal

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, EC

    And thank you to Jake Blake for letting us know that the post has now been removed by the Beeb.

    I posted this to them last night, when their post was still up (and I also sent them a link to Esther’s book on Amataxdodge):

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  2. Nice work, EC et al.

    I called the Orkney venue earlier this week to alert them to the FSF’s dodgy track record (including their ejection from various venues in Aberdeen) and to the potential dangers of the FSF going there to stir up SRA-related shit. The receptionist was completely unaware of what had happened there (maybe before her time?) and bless her, I did have to laugh when I told her that it had been in the news in 1991 and she responded with, “Lots of things were in the news in Orkney in 1991.” I tactfully suggested that the SRA thing was almost certainly the only one that made the national news in that year, if not ever.

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  3. They can’t start a panic here because we all know it’s bs. So they have to try we’re there was once fear in Orkney. These people are sick and need taking down.

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  4. Well, I’m used to death threats from the Hamphoaxer fruitloops but calling for their own beloved Ella to be burnt at the stake is a new one on me 😂

    Great post by the way, EC

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  5. Gullibility latest (honestly, I reckon as long as you called yourself a paedo-hunter, you could tell Cat the sky is purple and she’d believe you):

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    • There are (predictably) some pretty bizarre comments underneath that post, though I’m grateful to Tahlia for informing us that mental illness is in the mind. Who knew?

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      • Mental illness is in the mind? That’s the most shocking thing I’ve heard since Neelu revealed that “invisible things can’t be seen”.

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      • Cathy O’Brien sounds like an American equivalent of Fiona Barnett.

        EC also noted some similarities with Beccki Percy:

        “And some of Becki’s stories have a distinctly derivative ring to them: her claim to have been chased through the woods, attempting to evade rape by Satanists, who would steal pieces of her clothing until she was completely naked, is almost iconic amongst adult SRA /MK Ultra claimants these days. We’ve heard the same story from Angela Power-Disney, Fiona Barnett, and Cathy O’Brien. It seems to be de rigeur amongst a certain set—you’re nobody until you’ve been chased naked through a forest. Apparently.”

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        • Xmas night in a moonlit forest near Oldcastle. You, a man from Virginia, the hunter of Satanists, except you are the hunted. You hear a crash as a Satan Hunter granny appears riding a motorised zimmer frame. You are running again, breathless, tripping in the snow as more grannies from the sinister cult appear armed with plastic willies.

          You are naked, your clothing stripped item by item by grannies as they catch you. You are left with the gran-cam fixed to your head, streaming the hunt live to the global Satan Hunter granny elite.

          You stumble into the clearing, in front of you is a tree decorated with hanging cages, each with a kitten, puppy or baby inside. You look for a way to escape, but there is none. Fifty grannies circle you, each with a plastic willy and a spoon. Angie, the high priestess says you are the missing fairy for the tree, the doomed sacrifice for the ritual of Fifty Shades of Grey. You feel a hand on your bottom, and you pass out.

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          • I’ve said previously that a lot of these satanic “narratives” seem to be directly taken from movie plots. They clearly updated their “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Race with the Devil” fictional accounts after seeing The VVitch.

            I just hope they haven’t seen “Hereditary” or we are in for a whole new level of crazy.

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          • “Frailty” comes to mind for some of these witch-sniffers looking for a lynch-mob.

            “The plot focuses on the strange relationship between two young boys and their fanatically religious father, who believes that he has been commanded by God to kill demons disguised as people.”

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        • A really fantastic film, an old silent film, is “Haxan” – made in 1922 and banned in many territories it is sceptical of SRA but contains many incredible scenes showing the imagined activities of witches (including sacrificing babies) as well as the activities of satan hunters back in the day.

          The film is in the public domain, although many of the remastered copies are subject to copyright.

          trailer here

          full movie here

          Highly recommended

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  6. Angie would like us to boycott her (according to her) family business, it seems:


      • In the mid 70s I amd my then girlfriend were refused entry to Disneyland because she was deemed inappropriately dressed.
        If I’d known the Power-Disney family were involved and they were stealing children we would never have bothered taking that God awful 2 hour bus trip through the depressing slums of Los Angeles to get there !


    • “It was built for kidnapping, paedo parties and CIA mind control”… and here was me thinking it was built for family entertainment and fun holidays.

      This is a photo I snapped on one such holiday, when I spied that cheeky young scamp, Mickey Mouse peeking at us from the roof of a building as we made to leave through the gates at the end of a fun-filled day, oh how I laughed when he realised I had spotted him. Great holiday.

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    • Power-Disney Busted!.
      Rochdale where the dreadful child abuse scandal emenated from is on an island (called England I believe) next to another island called Ireland and it’s only about 100 miles from North Ireland as the crow flies.
      Clear proof Angela Power Disney is connected to the Rochdale Grooming Gang. Evidence?. One Rupert Quaintance, a vulnerable and simple minded lad from the US of A was “groomed ” by Power-Disney via the internet ( where was Dark Justice when needed?) and urged to travel to Hampstead and lurk about a school where young children attend. Poor Rupert was exposed on the net for all the world to see wearing just his knickers in her kitchen (possibly planning an escape).
      Where is PC Wedger when he’s needed?

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      • At the risk of nitpicking, are you sure about England being an Island, Sam? 😀


        • Trump said in a recent speech “I have great respect for the UK. United Kingdom. People call it Britain, they call it Great Britain. They used to call it England, different parts”. :/


          • He’s in no position to say he respects Britain after wrecking a Scottish village against the local population’s wishes just so he could build a private golf course. That’s how he first blipped on my radar, long before his presidential campaign.

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  7. I would have thought that sending FSF director Cat Scott’s homophobic messages to the BBC and any venues they wish to book in future would at least make them think twice about being complicit in endorsing hate crimes.

    Oh, and Cat, I’ve been under a gay umbrella and I can thoroughly recommend them. It was raining and I didn’t get wet, so many thanks to my friend and his umbrella.


    • make them think twice about being complicit in endorsing hate crimes.

      Hard to imagine Catriona abandoning her entire raison d’etre.


  8. Well, at least one FSF director’s determined to stir shit in Orkney today:


  9. Excellent post EC and absolutely terrifying that the BBC promoted the FSF. At least they removed it. We should be grateful for small mercies I suppose.

    I really love a lot of stuff that the BBC does but they seem to have an uncoordinated approach re SRA and related issues. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. It is very concerning.

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  10. Sam, what’s the opposite of a Koala Stamp of Excellence and can this rather unhinged Australian lady have one?


  11. This just in from Malcolm ‘Ann’ Ogilvy
    He still hasn’t realised that the post was taken down last night 😂
    Or that the event he’s telling his three readers takes place tomorrow morning actually finished three hours ago. Bless


    • In fairness though, TFS, he has been very busy putting spores on his tonga so might have been a little distracted.


  12. I find it difficult to think of words that describe what utter creeps these two are. First they falsely imply all manner of things about a man who has lost his daughter (no matter how regretable the circumstances) and this stinking lowlife Power Disney moans that it’s really these 2 slimeballs who are the victims as they put the knife into an innocent father (and us !).
    Karma will catch up with them. Power-Disney is a special kind of sociopath. She’s not stupid and she has the capacity to reel in her victims (not unlike Belinda McKenzie) while deftly stepping aside when it all goes pie-eyed. I think her eventual destruction will come from one of her own. BBC Radio Orkney need not think they are off the hook yet either. Apart from formal complaints (others are encouraged to do likewise) it’s a Private Eye snippet as well. Such slack research is shameful and dangerous.


    • Grrrr, CP. You know how to rile me up. Every time I see his face, I can’t help but click “play” and just end up shouting expletives at my screen.


  13. My ancestors were Orcadian. Originally blood-thirsty heathen-pagan vikings, we arrived either as Satanic conquerors with Harald Fairhair or Satanic settlers with Harald Hardrada. Previous waves of invaders having eaten all the Picts, it was a hard-scrabble life of Satanic farming (bountiful crops of ‘twigs and very small rocks’) or back out to sea for some Satanic fishing (little mermen were plentiful and great for sacrifices).

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    • Strange thing about these heathen-pagan vikings…they had an odd hobby of buildin’ ‘Kerks’ everywhere they went. Hmm…


    • Do you look like a Viking Justin? Orkney looks beautiful and it’s history so rich. I’d love to visit there. The BBC fb page made it seem really enticing with the images of a great community spirit and tables full to the brim of sandwiches and cakes.

      I worked with a group of Danish people some years ago, one of the women looked like she’d been plucked straight from the Irish countryside….we were all amazed but she had no Irish ancestry at all. Then we remembered that the Vikings, during their plundering and pillaging would take slaves back to Scandinavia and that must have been the reason for her features and skin type…a rogue gene.

      I think my youngest son looks very Irish but he used to get approached by Polish people living here who would automatically address him in Polish so convinced they were that he was a Pole and my best friend, a 6’2″ blonde with the longest legs ever used to get lots of Swedish people speaking hurdy-gurdy to her. Then there was some bloke I encountered who claimed Viking heritage, he said his ancestors came from Norway….but I knew he had the facial features of a Bavarian.


        • Ok, that was Fabio not me 😦
          I have previously confessed, here, that I’m actually a ‘spitting image’ of Mr Six:

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          • Ohmigod Justin! Fabio’s chest is magnificent, I’m jealous He’s a disgrace putting his mammaries out on display like that and putting us women to shame!

            Oddly, Mr. Six looks like a woman in drag…a bit like Catherine Tate’s Derek Faye.

            Myself, I’m no oil painting, in fact, I’m an awful looking sketch, a badly crafted sarcophagus of dubious ethnicity…..not that you had the temerity to ask haha.

            Did you know that the Vikings were mercenaries and employed by Roman emperors and Turkish Sultans alike as bodyguards? They were the mafiosa of their day/era. There’s a connection with Phoenicians too.


  14. I can’t see it being very wise turning up in a small community of very closely bound and exceptionally tough scotsfolk to remind them of how they where traumatized by obsessive bible bashers slandering them and legally kidnapping children because someone decided their was a satanic cult operating.

    About as wise as going into a Glasgow pub on a Saturday night and insisting everyone is a big fat pouf.

    I foresee a swift evacuation and them suddenly going very quiet.

    Nobody on Orkney wants witchhunters around and they’re going to have little patience for idiots like the fsf.

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