In heat of battle, Belinda forgets to mention: Sabine’s solicitor has quit

Poor, poor Belinda. All she wanted to do was announce that the Powers That Be at Bronzefield Prison, where her friend Sabine is currently being held on remand, had not taken kindly to Sabine’s refusal to attend her own court hearing earlier this week.

It was a simple enough announcement, calculated to stir the blood of the faithful: the cruel prison overlords had taken away Sabine’s TV privileges—oh, the humanity!

Belinda 2018-07-13 1Apparently we “shadow people” aren’t the only ones who have the honour of being referred to as “types” (Belinda’s word for “not quite human”). Now it seems that the prison is run by “types” who enjoy “INVERSION”—so let us guess, does that make them honourary Satanists too?

Rupert, who has had a small taste of life on the inside and is therefore a hardened cat (or possibly a fraggle), comments, “Oh she’s been put on Basic“. For those of us who’ve never experienced a prison sentence, that means “confined to cell with removal of privileges (television, books, etc.)”.

At first, things seemed to be going rather well. All was calm…Belinda 2018-07-13 3…until suddenly, it wasn’t:Belinda 2018-07-13  4.pngTrust the Gob of the North to stir things up. It’s her speciality, after all.

Almaz has moved on

But we have important news for her: the solicitor she so roundly abused during Sabine’s early attempts to avoid remand in custody is no longer hers to kick around. Noam Almaz has left the building, Tracey.

He is off the case. Gone-zo.

In fact, he accepted a new position with another firm about two months ago: Belinda 2018-07-13 14Belinda 2018-07-13 15Best of luck to Mr Almaz, who really gave it his all as Rupert’s solicitor, and seems to have done his best for Sabine as well.

Why so tight-lipped, Belinda?

We confess we’re shocked that Belinda would not have relayed this crucial bit of info to her loyal fans, as it would probably have averted the following shitshow:Belinda 2018-07-13 5Yes, it was a mother-son tag team event, Aaron and Tracey Morris versus Rupert “Badass” Quaintance. Honestly, it was hard to know which side to cheer for, so instead we settled for gaping in amusement amazement as the insults flew fast and furious: Belinda 2018-07-13 6Belinda 2018-07-13 7Belinda 2018-07-13 8Belinda broke in at one point to reassure the combatants that she loved them all.

She ought to have known that that wouldn’t stop Old Blabbergob, who managed to commit contempt of court five times in the space of a single comment:Belinda 2018-07-13 9Someone named Paul Wright tried to object to the pagga, but Tracey was on a roll and would not be deterred:Belinda 2018-07-13 10Staunch Belinda loyalist Kellie Cottam broke in for a moment, and it seemed there might be a lull in hostilities, but Tracey had her sleeves rolled up and fists at the ready for her, too:Belinda 2018-07-13 11…aaaaaand that’s Ms Cottam out of action. Stretcher!

Belinda tried again to smooth the troubled waters, calling for collective action (of what kind, we’re not sure), but Tracey was having none of it. One more shot against the now non-existent legal team’s bow…

Belinda 2018-07-13 12Excuse us for a moment, we must take some time to recover from the idea that Tracey has “no time for control freaks as you well know”. Ahem.

Belinda ends this round with a rather weak defence, admitting that she “wasn’t much help” in convincing Sabine to sack her solicitor in favour of Tracey’s cunning plan, and she hadn’t wanted to press Tracey and Linda to make a return visit…Belinda 2018-07-13  16.pngCompletely understandable, Belinda. There’s only so much of Tracey a person can tolerate, as we’re certain Gerry Adams will attest. We hear it took him months to recover from the trauma of being chased round Tracey’s front garden….

All in all a most satisfactory pagga, and we cannot wait to hear how Belinda justifies her failure to inform the troops that Sabine hasn’t had a solicitor since May. That ought to be popcorn-worthy….

Late-breaking update:Belinda 2018-07-13 17

Will Belinda let Tracey take over Sabine’s legal case? What is Baldrick’s…er, Tracey’s cunning plan to get Sabine out on bail? Tune in for the next thrilling episode of As the Heads Spin….


60 thoughts on “In heat of battle, Belinda forgets to mention: Sabine’s solicitor has quit

  1. Hilarious pagga action there. I can just see Tracey sitting there with her sleeves up pounding the keypad & feeling justified because her offer of saving Sabine with her wonderful barrister was refused.

    I wonder why she doesn’t use the barrister for herself!

    Great to see Rupert responding in his usual passive agressive manner calling the law out in the U.K. He wasn’t so brave when in the U.K. 😂

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    • No, and his latest spin on the entire thing is that he was stitched up. He doesn’t say by whom or for what reason, but it’s never, ever Rupert’s fault, is it?

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      • He was stitched up? Was it by a ‘biscuit’, I wonder!

        He is a big of an amadán (fool) I fear as is Tracey Morris, now there is a match made in………..Hell, they really should get together, imagine the tall tales they could tell! 😂

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      • “Your country is shit” from a man whose country locks up tiny children seperating them from their parents (and loosing details of where some kids are) and then forcing the kids to attend court without representation.

        Tracey Morris who has a severe case of meglomania whereby she is the only one who knows how to get people out of jail (she screams “success” as her mystery theory is never put to the test.)
        And is that third person claiming the entire matter of EU concern over abused children has screeched to a halt because Sabine is in the clink?. They are all barking. Every single one of them.

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  2. A woman who struggles to work out the difference between you and you’re has apparently all the answers and is the top paralegal that woman Linda who can’t even seem to brush her own hair at times – imagine if your fate depended on that pair.

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  3. Did Tracey and Linda manage to get that girl out of the mental hospital and back to her Ma? She’s gone quiet on that one.

    I thought Belinda was being diplomatic whilst thinking ‘Fuck…don’t come back ya pair of loons!’

    Rupert? I despair. What’s an under-achiever to do but take to the internet and hurl insults!

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  4. Epic pagga! Thanks for sharing, EC

    By the way, I find it rather disturbing that Tracey – who, lest we forget, considers herself a legal expert and frequently acts as a McKenzie friend to an array of vulnerable people – is so flagrantly committing contempt of court, again and again and again. Is that arrogance, I wonder? Or stubbornness? Ignorance? Or a little from columns A, B and C?

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    • I actually doubt she knows the difference, tbh. I would have thought that Belinda might have been a bit more cautious, and taken down those comments. But perhaps she was too busy wondering how to break the news about Mr Almaz, who knows?

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  5. “Almaz has moved on. The solicitor she so roundly abused during Sabine’s early attempts to avoid remand in custody is no longer hers to kick around. Noam Almaz has left the building, Tracey. He is off the case. Gone-zo.”

    Well, all I can say is… Almaz – you lucky, lucky thing.

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  6. I take it this isn’t THAT Paul Wright (the former Ham & High journo whiz who helped to expose the Hampstead hoax)?

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  7. I thought Kellie Cottam had seen sense on the Hampstead thing and walked away from it. She’s done a complete 360 now, has she?

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  8. “I think the EU and fae community need to understand…”

    The Fae community? No-one told me that the Unseelie Court are involved!

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  9. OK, I resign. The slimehoaxers have brought out their A-team now and I just can’t compete with this level of intellect:

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      • “YouTube is copping on to them”

        But…but…didn’t you just say that that’s a “classic harassment tactic”? I’m confused.

        “YouTube…have actually removed more than half a dozen of their trolling and harassment channels”

        Er…where to start with that one?

        – Trolling? Harassment? Are you talking about us or yourself, Angela? We’re all still waiting to see those screenshots of our supposed death threats you say you have. Having trouble finding them, are you? Have you looked down the back of the sofa? Always a good place to start.

        – While we wait, here’s a sample of you NOT trolling or harassing people:

        And there are plenty more where that came from.

        – As far as I’m aware, not one person from here has lost a YT channel recently. Nice try

        – More than half a dozen? Christ, if you mean seven, bloody say seven. Degree in journalism my arse.

        “I guess they forgot to mention that”

        Forgot to mention losing channels in July a post clearly dated 20th August 2016? Damn, you’re right there, Angie. EC’s crystal ball must have been playing up that day.

        “I have a feeling one of them is Tim”

        Ah right – you’re being trolled by ghosts now, are you, ladies? Thanks for sharing

        “Probably why I was banned for a month”

        Yeah – nothing to do with you trolling and harassing innocent people and their children, then.

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      • She has an interesting definition of “run free”…

        Facebook Terms and Conditions:
        We try to make Facebook broadly available to everyone, but you cannot use Facebook if:
        * You are under 13 years old.
        * You are a convicted sex offender.
        * We’ve previously disabled your account for breaches of our Terms or Policies.
        * You are prohibited from receiving our products, services or software under applicable laws.

        Of course, when her definition is “everyone I disagree with” it makes more sense that people have slipped through the net.

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  10. Arthur trying to play mind games by saying, “I LOVE YA” – minus squiggly bits. He’s creepy as hell, does he not realise most people would run a mile getting a message like that. 😱

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