Belinda McKenzie on trial for contempt of court

Belinda McKenzie is to attend Southwark Crown Court at 10:00 a.m. today to face a charge of contempt of court related to the recently concluded trial of Sabine McNeill.

Belinda was charged in court on 10 December, when it was alleged that she made a Facebook post which was in breach of the publication restriction placed upon Sabine’s case in December 2017 by Judge Beddoe. Following this charge, Belinda voluntarily absented herself for the duration of Sabine’s trial.

A few days earlier, HHJ Sally Cahill QC had made a pointed warning to those in the public gallery, noting that any form of communication which identified certain witnesses in Sabine’s trial would constitute contempt of court and would be taken very seriously.

Judge Cahill will hear Belinda’s case this morning, and we will report details as soon as we receive them.

UPDATE: Belinda’s hearing this morning has been adjourned to tomorrow, as the defendant failed to turn up at court, claiming that she is suffering from dangerously high blood pressure which requires medication, and that she had an appointment to visit the doctor at 11:00 a.m. to determine whether the medicine was working or not. Judge Cahill stated that she required a medical note by 11:30 a.m. if that was the case.

UPDATE 2: Belinda’s hearing on Friday, 11 January, will be held at 10:15 a.m. in Court 3.

For Contempt S20180335 MCKENZIE Belinda

We remind readers that this case is sub judice, and caution against any comments which could be considered prejudicial.

187 thoughts on “Belinda McKenzie on trial for contempt of court

  1. 9 years for Sabine, and now this- I wonder how some of the other hoaxers are starting to feel, especially those who were mentioned by Judge Cahill by name during Sabines trial…. (APD???)

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    • They truly believe that King John Wanoa will abolish the UK courts from his council flat in Rotaru, Andy Devine will start the Yellow Jacket revolution from a Greek island while General Sands will steam into town to free Sabine and Julian Assange having swapped Google for their freedom.
      # You think I’m making it up don;t you.

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      • I believe that the King has shifted his Court to the palatial accommodation available in Katikati (population 4710).


  2. Next up in the butt-hurt parade… Tim Veater:

    The awful Hoaxstead web site AKA “El Coyote “, which for years has run a venomous campaign against anyone with the temerity to believe either the children or mother central to the notorious Hampstead case, yet strangely un-harassed by any policing or legal authority in stark contrast to its victims, reports that Sabine McNeill has been handed down a nine (9!) year prison sentence. (See:

    I have tried without success to find any impartial or fair reporting of the recent trial of of the judge’s reasoning for this incredibly harsh and disproportionate sentence. We shall have to await the media reports that to date have largely either ignored this important case or poured scorn on the children’s and mother’s allegations, which were promulgated by Ms McNeill and which have got her into such trouble with the police and courts, culminating in this outrageous sentence that equates her action with the most serious crimes possible and contrasts with sentences handed down for actual child abuse.

    A friend of McNeill, Angela Power Disney, who has herself been raided by the Irish police (Garda) at the behest of the children’s father interviewed by the BBC here (People must make their own minds up about the voracity of that) has responded to the news of the sentence in the following video:

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    • There’s a hilarious rant from Angie in the comments, btw. She describes herself as “Gobsmacked! Disgusted! Dismayed!” and goes on to compare Sabine to Ruth Ellis 😀


      • Angie’s comment in full:

        UK elderly, disabled whistleblower particularly of FORCED ADOPTION and SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE has just been sentenced to NINE YEARS IN JAIL for her campaigning!!


        Gobsmacked! Disgusted! Dismayed!

        Clearly this is the legal establishment making an example of anyone brave (or stupid) enough to defy them in order to bring child abuse to light, when the same legal establishment has refused to do so. What conclusion can be drawn from this other than an an utterly disturbing one?

        What further proof is required that in respect of uncovering child abuse, especially when a certain influential or respected sector of the community is concerned, Britain’s justice system is deeply flawed. It appears to be far more concerned to protect its own than to protect the innocent or reveal the truth. Indeed this case and sentence appears to suggest it is determined to do the very opposite.

        The following article promotes the view that the children’s account in the Hampstead case was pure fantasy, as a result of evil coaxing by mother and step father (anyone who saw those videos of interviews by police and others – and there were millions of them – must beg to disagree) and that anyone who believes or promotes the idea that they were in fact telling their perception of the truth, supported it has to be said by independent medical and other professional opinion, are evil fantasists themselves. This narrative that seems to have been adopted by all the major outlets is itself a perversion of the truth as anyone who has studied the case must surely admit.

        The former persecution, confinement and nine year prison sentence handed down to a leading spokesman for the children, 74 year old Sabine McNeil, is merely confirmation of the lengths to which a wicked system is prepared to go to silence any mention of a notorious case and as punishment for any defiance of court orders imposed, despite earlier acquittal from the initial charges.

        Not since the hanging of Ruth Ellis has there been a more unjust or brutal sentence passed in an English court. The fake news that surrounds it deserves to be shown for what it is.

        Videos relating to the case are still widely available on You Tube and other formats.

        This is a flagrant example of disproportionate sentencing for which the legal term “In Terrorem” seems justified. It appears to be intended to put the ‘fear of god’ into any individual or organisation that dares to represent the children or mother’s version of events, or more generally in respect of those who allege sexual abuse.

        Further it appears out of all proportion to the offence given and for which she was formally acquitted. How can it be just, even if convicted at a second trial, to impose such inordinate penalty? It is impossible not to compare it to the treatment of those specifically accused by the children or those actually convicted of offences connected with child abuse itself which renders it even more outrageous.

        Following this case, how can the British public have any confidence in the British justice system as it relates to the matter of child abuse, biased as it seems to be in favour of the potentially guilty parties and opposed to those found innocent at trial as Ms McNeil formerly was?

        Videos relating to the case are still widely available on You Tube and other formats. A lengthy one that considers the children’s testimony in a responsible and balanced way can be found here:

        She then ends with a link Lift the Veil, because hey, every “citizen journalist” knows what a reliable fucking source he is, right? 🤭

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        • “The following article promotes the view that the children’s account in the Hampstead case was pure fantasy, as a result of evil coaxing by mother and step father (anyone who saw those videos of interviews by police and others – and there were millions of them – must beg to disagree)”

          Well, this is awkward…

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        • “It appears to be intended to put the ‘fear of god’ into any individual or organisation that dares to represent the children or mother’s version of events, or more generally in respect of those who allege sexual abuse.”

          Ah, so is that why you repeatedly accused the mother of sexually abusing the boy then, Angie? 🤔


        • “It’s obvious when I shot him I intended to kill him.”

          The words of Ruth Ellis, in the Old Bailey 20 June 1955, admitting that she deliberately murdered her lover.

          I don’t agree with the death penalty, but everyone agrees that Ellis did the deed. Is APD admitting that Sabine was also guilty of a terrible crime?


        • Did APd write that? It doesn’t seem like her usual style of communication i.e. guilty of halfway making some semblance of otherwise nonsensical bollix and baloney ……she managed to proffer her whateves opinion using proper bespoke English…..that’s unusual for her and beyond her capabilities


    • “I have tried without success to find any impartial or fair reporting of the recent trial”.
      EC’s daily reports were as accurate word for word recording of the day’s events that one could ever expert.
      Veater is being disingenuous. He could have attended the court himself.

      Very wrong to falsely accuse Hoaxtead commenters of a “venomous campaign” although many comments take the Mickey out of their opponents who have in fact conducted one of the most venomous campaigns against this website accusing all and sundry of wicked crimes against humanity and accused everyone of being either one of the victims in the case or paid agents of secret services or part of some mythical Freemason Pedo Gang.
      All while accusing 2 innocent children of having participated in the murder of babies but can’t get it through their thick heads that when those kids admitted they were tortured to make false claims and they along with other falsely accused victims were declared innocent by courts it should be a joyful outcome.

      ## I won’t name those who have participated in these venomous fabrications but the words Tim & Veater come to mind.

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      • Well said, Sam.

        Veater would indeed have been able to attend court and report on the proceedings himself if he’d so desired. There were no such restrictions. Pikey’s been making the same disingenuous claim about secrecy (see below) and that’s naturally been regurgitated without question by his Greece-based lapdog.

        By the way, regarding “venomous campaigns”, it’s worth also pointing out that some people associated with this blog have received death threats/wishes since last night as a result of celebratory comments they’d made on here.

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        • Great Moments of Irony:
          Apart from Veater and The Mob who all repeatedly claim the courts are ‘secret” which is wrong they also to a man & woman ( I’m thinking of our new Southern Belle – available for dates- addition to The Crazies) are vocal supporters of President Trump.

          Well they have a right to support whatever politician they like but at the very same time are claiming Trump has ordered mass arrests (something he has no power to do) of 1000s of alleged pedophile baby killers (all famous) IN SECRET and they are all being transported to Gitmo for secret trials and an eventual firing squad which they seem to heartily approve of.

          They are just bizarre the way they pick up on any current meme they had never heard of until yesterday and jump on board the bandwagon and weave it into all the other nutty conspiracies they lurve.
          Not mentioning any particular meme although for some reason this snap comes to mind:

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          • Meanwhile, children have been separated from their parents and in at least two cases allowed to die on Trump’s watch.
            When they say “the children” it reminds me of “support the troops”: the ones we have decided to care about, who look like us and who don’t actually need anything complicated or expensive.

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    • I have tried without success to find any impartial or fair reporting of the recent trial

      If it was that important to him, he could have attended it, instead of expecting someone else to do the work.

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  3. Aw poor andy, how dare we use facts to discredit him….
    “and they’re using them facts against me, to discredit me”

    (18.07 on his livefeed)
    Another one that is doubling down on his harassment and stalking…
    Tick tock andy, tick tock….

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  4. From one of the fruitloops on Angie’s timeline..
    Does anyone have a contact number for these Alien Abductors?. I want to suggest a few names they should round up for probing.

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  5. Bellenders rear must be quivering like a dog pooping razor blades! Does the UK have an extradition agreement with Greece? Another thing, I have notified UK Border Forces of ” King Johns’ ” intentions when he comes back in March and had a very encouraging reply. Any bets on him being denied entry?

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      • It would, though no-one should place any bets on what will happen after March at the moment.
        There have to be grounds to believe the defendant has done something which is a crime in both countries – contempt of court isn’t a crime, and I’m not sure what he’s done that’s criminal rather than just unpleasant or bonkers. With his John Wonoana stuff and hatred of the queen he does seem to be edging towards sedition or even treason but it’s so stupid I doubt anyone would take it seriously. But I haven’t listened to all his words of wisdom because I fall asleep at the 5th minute obviously. I also suspect that he could run a fitness to plead defence; I’m sorry for his family.

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        • “The main types of criminal contempt are failing to answer questions in court, physically interfering with a trial, threatening witnesses and conduct obstructing or calculated to prejudice the due administration of justice. It can arise before, during or after criminal proceedings at either the Crown Court or the magistrates’ court, or in the course of any civil proceedings.”
          (from the CPS website)

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          • Contempt is a sui generis procedure not covered by general criminal procedure, hence one of the magic questions Vanessa of the Family Fruitloop suggests you say is “is this a criminal or a civil contempt” and when the court can’t answer the question (as it’s not really either), she tells you that you get off! DO NOT try this.
            As this was in criminal proceedings it’s what’s commonly called a criminal contempt, governed by the Criminal Procedure Rules Part 48. There’s a very useful summary of courts’ powers in the rubrics to Rules 48.5 and 48.9:


  6. Blimey, they’re all crawling out of the woodwork now…

    To the tune of ‘Pump Up the Volume’:

    ♫ Bring on the butt-hurt, bring on the butt-hurt…


    • Angie isn’t happy unless she is in conflict with someone. She thrives on it and that’s why she can never stay friends with anyone for long.

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  7. Ok what was interesting, actually fascinating was….

    The judge asked sm to stand as so to give her sentence.

    So as she the judge called sm to her feet, sm…..and this is fcuking brilliant and what the whole feeling, attitude, lack of any sympathy in absolutely any way from sm, and totally embodies who and what she is……

    ……sm looks to her left, and then to her right, and then back to her left, and then looks up in a way to say …..ohhhh me? Do you mean poor old 74 year old me? Oh yes, yes…, yes that’s right.

    SM knew who the fcuk the judge meant! Who the fcuk else would it be You total idiot of a person!

    It was yet another display that sm has done from the first second in this complete BS saga.

    She has simply destroyed the lives of many, yet to accept any wrongdoing pretends, lies, and one of the words the judge used to describe her…..”manipulative”, in the highest order.

    It is done so, sooooooo much that it becomes so obvious that it is nothing short of astounding.

    And the judge……thankfully was totally and utterly all over this/her behaviour!

    To see BM even at this late stage of the case, continuing to pretend, even having the capability as she walked into the room to sit, to look over to MR and to give a wink and smile, as if to say fcuk these families, children and people…….I’m SM!


    Horrific doesn’t even come close to encompass what I just witnessed.

    And tmo it is this attitude that sm got rightly what was coming to her anyway.

    There were underlying emotions, tricks and games going on that…..and I dare say this without consequence……NO ONE…….absolutely NO ONE should feel any sorrow or pity for this, and in the judges words……


    “In my judgement you are an arrogant, malicious, evil and manipulative woman.”

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    • Thanks for writing, Anon!

      I happened to see Sean Maguire hawking his interviews with sabine from in 2015 in the comments on the devine livestream yesterday and listened for a little refresher of Sabine’s attitude and behaviour. This material should also come down now, I imagine, and wonder if the current attempt to erase everything that Sabine put up should really include these, somehow? ‘Airtight?’ She names the children and spouts her stuff about the case, and given what I know from my own research, can only conclude that she was either stupid or willfully ignorant, ie evil to not care enough to read the counter-arguments regarding the case, eg from this blog and review her beliefs, allegedly she had some kind of academic talent? and said she was a ‘systems analyst’.

      If she had any integrity she should have considered carefully what everyone was saying. But she was just extreme and dangerous to others. Without any regard for others, or sense of responsibility towards other human beings although made aware over and over again by the authorities, and, btw, we are all forgetting one hero here, and that is Steve Martin? Excellent work!

      Maguire reads out a question from a listener, asking how many cases she’s ever won as a McKenzie Friend.
      Worth listening to for a reminder of what Sabine is like. Comedy gold in some parts. Listening to it now may be accompanied by different thoughts and feelings by some, now she’s been sentenced.

      I looked for an image of Sally Cahill today, I recommend others do the same. She is a good judge of character. Extreme people do need extreme measures, as nothing else will stop them.

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  8. I am usually quite liberal in my view of the world but when I see idiots who support the terrible two I do have a certain nostalgic yearning for the good old days when you could just hitch up a horse and cart, visit their villages, round them up, and then dump them in some deep dark dungeon never to be seen again. 🙂

    Fingers double triple crossed that McKenzie gets a custodial sentence.

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    • In legal terms, all suspended sentences are custodial 😉 It’s just that the court may decide to suspend them.


    • Yes Araya

      Everyone is going to pay attention to your “exposes” when you spent time at the notorious “clinic” run by the quack and cult leader Joao de Deus or John of God who has been accused of sexual assaults by hundreds of women.

      There are several videos on your youtube channel showing your visit, in this one it can be clearly seen that the “casa” is that of Joao de Deus. The fact that you titled some of the videos “Joao de Deus” also gives the game away somewhat 😉

      I was just wondering whether you have any concerns about promoting such an evil man via your youtube channel?

      He’s currently in jail facing charges of rape. Are you going to expose him too or is it only innocent people you “expose”?

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      • Glaston is a village of 185 souls with a parish council. Becoming a parish councillor usually only involves being willing to turn up. Still, if you’re going to expose Freemason in the heart of government you have to start somewhere. 🤣🤣🤣

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    • She’s a fan of Godfrey Bloom? He was accused of sexual assault at a dinner party in 2004.

      Beware Araya, if you don’t clean behind his fridge enough he will have you shipped back to “Bongo Bongo” land.

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    • One reservation here, SH – ’60 Minutes Australia’ is not a reliable source, to say the least. Their show about SRA in the UK was a travesty:


      • @ Tinribs

        A bit like Dispatches then. Some good stuff and sone utter shite.

        I can remember 60 minutes being panned here before “60 Minutes of Shite” if my memory is correct. Even if that description is well deserved the JoG expose is definitely worth watching.

        The expose of John of God is very long overdue. Accused of child sexual abuse by his own daughter, claims for decades about rapes and molestations, multiple network connections to other extremely sinister criminal cults, debunked as dangerous quackery by proper surgeons for decades and, of course, promoted by Ophra Winfrey.

        All the red flags were there and have been there for far too long before anything was done.

        Some interesting videos about him on this channel

        The news about the rapes and sexual assaults are all over the MSM so you can take your pick of channels to check out the stories.

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    • I have to say that she strikes me as a complete and utter manipulator and this “panic” video stinks a bit. Angela’s actions online are always calculated to an agenda.
      So, in reality, at this moment in time, following Sabine’s sentencing, she must be seriously worried about the consequences of the police investigation in to her.
      Everyone should bear that in mind when she produces videos or posts on twitter or facebook.

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    • I guess the penny hasn’t dropped yet (or maybe it has for a few Yellow Jackets) that so many have encouraged and aided Sabine in her illegal campaigns- APD, Devine, know who they all are – and therefore they are not just guilty of causing Sabine to be jailed for so long but they are by association also guilty of serious harassment.

      And still it hasn’t occurred to one single one of them : if the 2 children in question still believed the claims they can speak out at any time. I think one is now a teen and over the next 3/4 years they will be pretty independent and will be able to go and tell the world if they had been abused.

      Logical thinking is another thing missing from The Mob just as not ONE single one ever went back to spot the alleged baby carriages being wheeled in every Wednesday, bought a McDonalds to have it tested or any of the other numerous real investigations they could have conducted even as amateurs.
      And of course they will claim the children have now been indoctrinated, inducted into the mythical cult etc and possibly they will try to make their lives a misery.
      It’s very hard to imagine what it must be like to be the victim of an internet hate campaign conducted by 1000s of idiots.


      • “Logical thinking is another thing missing from The Mob just as not ONE single one ever went back to spot the alleged baby carriages being wheeled in every Wednesday, bought a McDonalds to have it tested or any of the other numerous real investigations they could have conducted even as amateurs.”

        agreed 100% and worth repeating I think


    • I don’t want to brag, but the hoaxers have done a lot of praying over the last few weeks and got diddly squat for all their intercessions. On the other hand only a few words with The Father about making sure an evil individual from NW6 got what she deserved, and Sabine got 9 years.

      This has been an advert for the Church of Rome. Other faiths are available, but it seems my God is better than their gods.


      • They’re not praying to JC because I’ve had a word with him (her?) and he/she doesn’t want a bar of them. And he said “tell that Power-Disney dame that we don’t accept non-religious “Christians” up here and her name isn’t on the guest list – the door bitch will call security if she dares knock on my Pearly Gates.”


  9. @Heather Brown – How much more crap are you gonna post before it dawns on you that they just go straight to trash? Scream and shout abuse as much as you like but we won’t approve them – you’re wasting your time, dear.

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  10. I have to say that, while I am gratified that the courts are taking a hard line with the Hampstead hoaxers, I feel more than a pang of anguish about how it is that Valerie Sinason, Fleur Fisher, Rachel Thomas and all the various charlatans associated with the satanic panic generally and the terrible abuses against and mysterious death of Carol Felstead are still walking around not only free but offering mental health services to vulnerable people.

    When I went to the police about abuses I suffered at the hands of one of these disgusting quacks I was told that it was “not a police matter”.

    The fact is that while the agonies suffered by the innocent people of Hampstead are very serious they are only a tiny element of the massive, fraudulent hoax engineered by various corrupt and / or deluded mental health professionals.

    Families have been destroyed, reputations ruined, vulnerable people driven quite mad and the suffering of innocents has been immense. Police budgets have been squandered on wild goose chases leaving real predators free of police interest. What about the anguish caused to Lord and Lady Bramall over false accusations of historic sexual abuse, especially to Lady Bramall who died not knowing that her husband, a war hero no less, had been exonerated?

    When will Sinason and her cronies end up in jail? How many more decent families are torn apart by false accusations before their disgusting theatrical pretence at “mental health services” is closed down?

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    • Agreed, SH. Sinason is a menace to society.

      Robert Green should be locked back up too imo, having repeatedly breached the conditions of his gagging order.

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    • Thing is, if you actually study serious organised crime, especially re long cons, you will notice that theatre is a central theme.

      The ITNJ’s farcical larpfest is typical of the kind of parallel power structure that can be created by criminals using theatre and theatrical props.

      If you do a bit of digging you will find websites offering the services of fake solicitors and lawyers, fake PR and news companies, fake real estate companies, fake banks, the list is endless. Sometimes the fake websites feature grifters dressed in fake costumes just like the ITNJ but more commonly photos of real professionals stolen from genuine websites. Sometimes the websites are fake subsidiaries of real corporate entities.

      Why have a real lawyer when you can have Bellender or Sabine? Why go to an oncologist when you can visit a psychic surgeon like John of God? Why have a midwife when you can see a doula? Why see a proper mental health professional when you can see a life coach?

      Of course the other serious problem is that, even if you do take care to select properly qualified professionals you can end up with someone like Sinason.

      These grifters routinely promote narrative about “clearing blockages”, “burning bad karma” ridding the body of “psychic parasites” etc. but the fact is our society needs some kind of collective enema to flush out the quacks and predators who lurk hidden in the bowels of our NHS mental health services.

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      • Her’s just one example of a dodgy company with a dodgy website of the type I mentioned in my above post

        I have chosen the “partners” page as it links to a number of extremely dodgy / fraudulent enterprises, one of which is actually nothing more than a fictional organisation from a well known TV series. The scammers must have been having fun with their victims when they included that one in their webpage.

        There are zillions of websites like this and I am working fairly hard to put something together to educate people about this kind of crime.

        Of course the Hampstead hoaxers never expose real criminals, they just create misery by making money from exploiting already abused children. Shame on them. They richly deserve whatever jail time is coming their way.


    • I think poor Lady Brammal was suffering from dementia so wasn’t fully aware of the drama. However that great war hero Lord Bramall was treated disgracefully and by the police who were flying high at the time.
      The trial of ‘Nick’ is going to be fascinating (if only we could convince EC to cover that trial as well !!). I bet there are a lot of very nervous people who were involved with ‘Nick’ who may now be regretting their actions.


    • Well said SH, her shitty clinic has clients referred from the NHS – that’s our money propping up her deluded shite.


      • Not just squandered public money but other outrages; innocent family members falsely accused of CSA/SRA by their own loved ones, vulnerable people abused and alienated from their families, reputations and lives ruined, mentally healthy falsely diagnosed with serious mental illnesses, seriously traumatised people further traumatised, mental health services unavailable for people who desperately need them because of insane amounts of money spent on satan hunting.


  11. Finally! I was starting to think he’d never get round to joining the butt-hurt parade…


    • This guy is another one who is extremely manipulative. He tries to milk his ‘followers’ by throwing out ‘dog whistle’ phrases that he knows will keep them listening, enraptured by these tales of sordid goings-on.
      Firstly names innocent children at 4m40s.
      He then states as fact here:
      6m22s “Children were raped! Children, children were raped! Wednesday, Wednesday is the biggest day for sex”
      6m41s – names the primary school
      9m30s – again names the children
      17m04s – names a protected witness from Sabine’s case.
      He seems to enjoy talking up the sordid details. Then talks about about T shirt sales.
      He talks about how children everywhere are under attack. He does not mention the children who were affected by Sabine’s actions. Does not say why she was sentenced to 9 years.
      No thought about the nutters who will threaten even more innocent families after he again does in this video exactly what Sabine has been found guilty of.

      Disgusting broadcast.

      This is exactly what Angela does, what Belinda has always done too. There is a consistent pattern of behaviour. For the sake of money or publicity, they incite or provoke unthinking idiots or unstable people (who follow them blindly or take their word as gospel) to do very bad things and then they slip away on to another scam and try to evade any responsibility.

      Disgusting people.


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  12. Looks like they’ve squeezed it in in a court where the jury is out.

    For Contempt S20180335 MCKENZIE Belinda

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    • I remember after listening to his last interview that i left a comment somewhere saying that Max sounded like he was on a mixture of heroin and benzo’s.

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    • I’m probably late to the party but has she been reported for posting this?


    • So The Family aka The Children of God aka The Family International are also the same entity as The Finders?


      Anne Hamilton Byrne’s cult combined elements of yoga, meditation, brainwashing and psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) with organised crime, child stealing, child neglect and abuse, the creation of parallel power structures (the MO she used to steal children was to recruit social workers, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, etc. and to use them to steal children from vulnerable people in their care) and fraud. Hamilton Byrne’s cult was one of a number of cults using the name Great White Brotherhood but to my knowledge her cult was not associated with The Finders or the Children of God.

      For someone who claims to know about all kinds of sooper sekrit cult activities she seems to know nothing,

      No big surprise there though as she is just a giant bag of screeching wind.


    • Just had a peep at Sands insane fb page and followed a link which lists EVERYONE alleged to be in cult, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses plus names of all children involved – why is this still up?


  13. In my above post I thought it would nest below Hagwatch’s comment about C.A.S. posting a list of names. I think there may be some truth in Dracula being a distant ancestor of Charles because I saw him allude to it in an interview once. Trouble is some people take something with a little bit of truth to it and twist it to make something idiotic. I always liked the romantic explanation of the Order of the Garter regarding Edward III and the Countess of Salisbury but that’s probably as bogus as Hoaxted (but that legend doesn’t or didn’t hurt anyone).


  14. For the avoidance of doubt, re: my above post, an interview with Prince Charles and not Count Dracula.


  15. Pingback: Nine Years – part 2 – Spin vs Truth

    • Yes, Sage has posted it higher up the page. She was taken ill today and is due to appear tomorrow morning instead.


  16. I hope Belinda McKenzie was very, very ill, for her sake. I don’t think courts like defendants not turning up.

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  17. @y-tracy – you were right! Twitter wanted me to prove I’m not a robot 🙂
    I think they were upset about my logging onto their site using the international feeds we have access to, here at MI-99 headquarters 🙂 So I’m not using Twitter at work anymore 😦


  18. Neelu’s not happy and she’s on the warpath for… er… every judge she can think of 🙄

    (I’ve sliced off the judge mugshots, btw.)


  19. According to the Daily Mail

    “Ella Draper, 45, is believed to be in Spain having evaded arrest in February 2015 – while her former partner Abraham Christie remains on the run.

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told MailOnline today: ‘A 45-year-old woman and 61-year-old man are both wanted for questioning in relation to perverting the course of justice and child cruelty. Enquiries continue.’“

    I knew they would not have forgotten P & Q and about justice for them.♥️

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  20. Things are really hotting up between Angie and Chrstine Hart.

    (Name of a protected witness obscured)


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