Aiding and abetting

Oh dearie, dearie me. Kaley Einav seems unhappy with me.

On her latest video (well, “latest” as of this writing, she seems to pop them out with alarming regularity), Einav says:

Some tw@t has alerted me to the fact that some tw@t has given tw@ts on Hoaxtead, and like d’you know what, and at the end of the day, Karen, if she wants to have an arm wrestle we can do that all day long. I’m just not bothered, I don’t bloody care, it’s got no impact on my life, no matter what you think, how important you all think you are, I could not give two shits.


I’m going to take a flyer and suggest that perhaps this is Einav’s quaint and colourful way of responding to my having named her as one of those who’d turned a wilfully blind eye to John Paterson’s campaign of terror against me and others.

I’m not sure what she thinks arm-wrestling with me might solve, but I’ll go one better: today I’m going to talk about how Einav went far beyond simply ignoring Paterson’s hateful death threats.

In fact, she played an active role, helping Paterson continue offending even after he’d been arrested and remanded in custody.

A quick review: Paterson was arrested on 5 November 2019. He was charged and remanded in custody, but within days he’d already begun to find ways to continue offending from behind bars.

On 8 November, he called Andrew Devine, who recorded their conversation and published it as a video on YouTube. While the video itself is no longer available, as Devine lost that channel following multiple violations of YouTube’s terms of service, I do happen to have a transcript of it (and many of the others which followed).

Paterson: There’s people being disappeared. No one’s going to do anything about it, mate. Carol Woods is in the…now, they’re gonna be left to die. Now the police aren’t going to do anything about it, Andy, so I’ve got instructions for the people responsible to be dealt with. Right? It’s gone out, mate. It’s gone out. And I’m not going to call them off, right? I want the people of this country to understand that we literally are being run and controlled by Satanists! Right? And they’re using Hoaxtead, which is GCHQ, as a vehicle. Now we’ve proved all that, Andy.

A week later, Devine published another update from Paterson:

Paterson: I have 100% forensic evidence of secret locations of Karen Irving, [redacted], and DS Martin. I was informed that DS Martin is a Mason. Please confirm. I’m not sure about that, Andy. It’s what I’ve been told. I think Lee Cant has that information. …

Now then. [Redacted], Karen Irving, and their Hoaxtead thugs get away with child abuse, murder, and attempted murder.

You get the idea.

This went on until Devine was struck off Paterson’s contact list.

At that point, Einav took over as his new conduit. In one video, published on Einav’s Umbrella Grape Solutions YouTube channel on 10 January 2020, but now no longer available, Paterson made this extraordinary statement:

Paterson: All this bullshit that I’m stalking [redacted] and I’m stalking DC Martin, just because I appear in courts to give…to support friends of mine. I am an investigative journalist, and I will appear in courts, and if that’s stalking, then every member in that court must be stalking! I mean, I’ve never met these people before, and what you have to understand is, I’ve made some quite… erm, not politically correct statements. That was in return for Karen Irving putting love hearts beside comments like I’m a paedophile, I murdered my ex-wife, do I like the taste of concrete, after I was warned not to attend Southwark Crown Court, and when I did, I saw Karen Irving chatting to some guy who was texting, who had a grin on his face. He was texting the guy that was stalking me, and as soon as I left that court he approached me from the left, I didn’t see him coming. If I’d have seen him coming I’d have…literally, I’d have ripped his throat out, okay?

This is an interesting twist on history: the day Paterson attended Sabine McNeill’s trial and got into an altercation outside the court, he had specifically stated that he was coming to court, and that he intended me harm.

By mid-January 2020, Paterson, Devine, and Einav had devised a new way to allow Paterson to speak with Devine: Einav would open a Zoom call with Paterson, then bring Devine into the call. This enabled Devine to post gems like this:

Paterson: Listen. I’ve got on record John Green, who I call ‘Fat Boy Green from Wales’, I’ve got it recorded. It’s on my Bitchute account. He’s threatened to smash my face in, and do more damage than the thug that assaulted me on Southwark…on the steps of Southwark Crown Court.
Einav: Bloody hell, and you’ve got that recorded?
Paterson: Yeah, I’ve got it all recorded.
Einav: All right then.
Paterson: And he told me that [redacted] was a gentleman.
Einav: Yeah?
Paterson: What I want the police to find out is what links John Green has with [redacted] and Karen Irving.
Einav: Yeah…[to Devine] Ohhh, he’s just cut out! His credit must have gone. Oh, to be continued, peeps!

(Just for clarity, I don’t know John Green. Not that it matters.)

Shortly after the above exchange, Einav, too, was removed from Paterson’s outside contact list, only to be replaced by Paris Barrington, and eventually Lee Cant.

Each of these people enabled—no, encouraged—Paterson to continue the very behaviour which had got him arrested in the first place.

Now, I have no interest in arm-wrestling Einav, but if she would care to explain what moved her to do this, I think we could have a very interesting conversation indeed. Your move, Kaley.

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      • What are you doing to poor ☂️, you are actually daring to go where no man…etc. etc.
        Seriously, she was a conduit of many of JP’s heinous threats, she visited him in prison bringing him clothes, fair enough, no harm in that, but upon return passed all convos & threats on to Divvy who in turn published them, his minions (including a schoolteacher) expressing hatred for you Karen & agreeing with his vile threats, with encouragement from Kaley Einav who seemed to be Devine’s right hand woman.
        Nowadays however, Einav has since seem sense, thanks to one person, but as he now seems to be her enabler in spewing hate towards others for different reasons, doesn’t need air time so to speak.
        Einav goes into denial in some of her posts about that time with Divvy, others she defends her bff Devine, recently a video from herself & Divvy was released by Wake Up UK, which lo & behold had Einav & Divvy in a conversation from July last year I believe, this was shared to ‘paid more than others’ FMC channel, resulting in yet another vile, swearing, nasty & vindictive video from Einav. 🙉
        I will look for the link & post it if certain names are not mentioned.
        Karen, I am so happy that you are at last, publishing the truth behind the not so noble JP, Devine & his cohorts after keeping silent about it for so long. As we know, the case may not have gone ahead, had you broken your silence.

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        • Thanks, Crème…I think it’s fair to say that most of us have at one time or another been friendly with people who turned out to be wrong ‘uns. However, helping someone commit a criminal act, or cheering them on while they did so, is a whole other kettle of fish. I would think that rather than simply denying that it ever happened, a person of integrity would admit that they’d made a grievous error, apologise, attempt to repair the damage if possible, and then move on.

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  1. Kaley really doesn’t like it when people call her out on her links with the Divvy ‘n’ Praterson crowd and apparently, one of the triggers for her frequent rants is the sharing of this rather telling video. Of course, I’ve no desire to trigger her myself and am only sharing it here for educational purposes 🍿

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  2. I’m sure we decided Kaley was the Vicki Pollard of this little group. I now see Paterson really had serious mental health problems but as much as I feel sympathy for those who do, it’s so very hard when it comes out in such scary and threatening mode.

    This mob really are bordering on an illegal conspiracy to harass. It’s often one of the most difficult charges to prove but the crime is joining in the conspiracy itself whether an actual crime is carried out or not. Devine seems to be sailing close to the wind here as he liaises & encourages those like Paterson to continue down the path he has now gone. Neelu likewise and that ghastly Irish woman who seems protected by Irish law.

    Or is she?. Ireland has been the first to get serious about social media harassment and the new law came into force only early this year. But does it apply to non-Irish citizens who are tormented by an Irish resident?.

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    • GoS, is there an extradition agreement between Eire and the UK? I don’t know what it’s like in Australia but part of the UK population seems to have embraced conspiracy theories more than usual during the Covid periods of quarantine. Hopefully if things get back to ‘normal’ and people don’t super-spread the folk who aren’t hard line conspiracy theorists will slowly come out of the rabbit hole. Mind you I’ve had to (figuratively) pinch myself a few times because I’ve sometimes wondered if I’m getting paranoid myself as I’ve wondered if some of the “alternative” media personalities on sundry social media platforms are deliberately trying to spread dissent. There may not be a political aspect to it of course – they could just like the sound of their own voices.

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      • Yes there is a treaty. In fact there are ongoing extradition proceedings in another case involving a serial fraudster who ran to Ireland using a fake Icelandic passport. Look up Farah Damji.

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      • Crotchety: I’m not sure we’ll ever get back to “normal” (whatever that was).
        I know many people in the entertainment & promotions business and 2 fairly good pals who were top local publicists have given up the game. One said just recently : “it would be a brave person who holds an old style red carpet event today while 1000s are dying in India. They’d be torn to shreds by the media”.
        Likewise I have a pal of 40 years who was a top guy in NYC who has now semi-retired to the country and laid off his 30 staff & says New York is like a ghost town (not even I would like it).
        I reckon we are in for years of strange changes & no-one knows where it will al lend.

        Of course all this was pre-planned by the Satanist Freemason Baby Eaters at GCHQ to kill off the Useless Eaters & impose the New World Order ruled over by a triumvirate of Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Lord Wanoa & the CombOver Crybaby D.Trump, Oh no wait- The Donald was to free us from all them wasn’t he?.

        Sorry it’s 4am & I’m on Diazepam & sleeping tablets and none of it’s working. (Where have I heard that before?). I’d like to arm wrestle someone. Any one.

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  3. During one of her rants, yesterday, aimed at ECB
    Kaley says
    ‘you’re an [ __ ] and this is why i get
    pissed off with so many people online
    people that sit around and watch this
    [ __ ] happen and don’t call it out are just as bad as those doing it’ –

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  4. Interesting. Angie has looked petrified as she mumbled about Coco’s Law whilst trying to play the victim as they all do when called out or convicted.
    Recently Fat Faylor aka PAH is claiming innocence and pretending all of the press articles about his stalking convictions are lies. How can he get away with still taunting victims?
    Andy Decline keeps naming the PAH’s victims with still vile false accusations and Angie has defended FF or PAH like she has done for John Paterson.

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    • I’m not surprised John, she has a LOT to be scared of if they actually start getting serious about online harassment- She has hundreds if not thousands of videos online of her harassing people and she is ‘incountry’ not hiding away in Greece or the like….
      Easy pickings, so to speak…

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    • APD hovers between complete denial to worry as you mentioned but thinks the new law does not apply to her as the complainant filed the complaint before the law was passed, however there was a law in place previously which had her number bang to rights. The new law is a law which covers internet usage as that wouldn’t have been covered in previous pre internet laws.
      I found this article from 1998 which would possibly have covered APD’s alleged harassment.
      “Stalking has always existed but was not recognised as a separate phenomenon requiring separate measures until relatively recently. The difficulty for the law, as with the lower reaches of sexual harassment, has been in defining the point at which reasonable attention passes over into threatening behaviour.”
      Source link above.

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      • We may not have to worry about APD for much longer as her optician on an eye check up told her that one eye has slightly lower pressure, she’s took this to mean that the whole side of her face is collapsing under its own weight and that any moment soon she’s gonna drop dead from a stroke. I should imagine the residents of Oldcastle are distraught at this news.

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      • Safety in numbers, or so they seem to think.

        re APD’s videos, she is obviously targeting primarily a UK based audience. As such, and as I understand, she is not immune to being tried in the UK under UK law even after Brexit. Same applies to Devine.

        Even more important is that they are attempting to interfere with UK justice, there then becomes a wider public interest angle in making sure such interference doesn’t take place.

        It’s my opinion that there is more than ample evidence to seek prosecution of both. Whether they would need to be extradited or a trial on the facts could occur is open to debate.

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  5. In a video I watched recently Einav claimed Mensa asked her to become a member, I listed her comment in my head under the category “things that never happened”.

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  6. I now see Paterson really had serious mental health problems

    He’s an absolute gobshite, and a major driver in his toxic personality is his craving to have other people terrified of him… to think of him as a vengeful Hard Man with woodchippers and a team of murderous associates. So he pretends to believe any old made-up fairy-tale about any old random stranger, to give him an excuse to target that stranger with elaborate death threats (for some reason he’s reluctant to target random strangers without some excuse).

    Regrettably, though, I don’t know if that counts as a “mental health problem”. Paterson doesn’t think he has a problem, and has no wish to change. I hate to medicalise someone just because they’re garbage.

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      • He enjoys the attention, he`s being used by people who won`t do stuff but knows he wil. Grooming dosn`t just apply to children. He obviousely has a personnality disorder. But to claim he is mentally ill is an insult to people who are mentally ill and would never dearm of doing stuff he`s done

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        • I understand what you mean, “mental illness” can be overused as a reason for people to do bad stuff. When I think of it in Paterson’s case, I’m not thinking of depression or bipolar, etc., but I do think he has some delusional thinking going on. I could be wrong though, and it’s never a good idea to try and diagnose a person at a distance, so I prefer to wait and see what they say at his sentencing hearing.

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  7. EC and UKC, sorry, off topic but thought you might like to know.

    Arthur (“…euh, euh what’s ‘is name” says Angie) is deffo off the meds and back on the warpath against… …well everyone. He is still very angry about Hampstead and quite a lot else. Honestly someone should do a meme about his sign off thing at the end of the video. I’d forgotten how much it cracks me up.
    best regards,
    PS very nice to see new blog posts from you once again.

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  8. Stone me, you are back EC. I am so bloody happy. You may remember telling me when JP’s case first became known, and you were suspending the blog, that you were a complainant and asked me to keep it confidential which of course I did. Now I can shout it from the rooftops. I have spent my time baiting the Greece based idiot at every opportunity. I gave him the sobriquet of “The Cowardly Bastard ” and he absolutely hates it . Umbrella has the Edgar Britts with me as well as I keep pointing out her text book narcissistic personality.
    I can’t wait until the Pavement Taster is sentenced so we can experience the howls of outrage from the terrible two.

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