Neelu’s day in court, translated (sort of)

As we noted yesterday, Neelu Berry’s pre-trial and preparation hearing took place yesterday. While she did put up a Facebook video reporting on what happened, we’ve squinted and looked at it sideways, turned it upside down and shook it, tapped it several times, and still weren’t able to make much of it.

Here it is, in case you’re feeling lucky:

Here is what we were able to discern:

Neelu made it to the Crown Court at Snaresbrook at about 9:30 a.m. (Given some of her past performances, this counts as a small victory in itself.)

She and unspecified others “uncovered a lot of frauds”. Ooh, we can hardly wait.

Listing fraud

The first was a “listing fraud”, as the Court was under the illusion that at her plea and case management hearing, Neelu would be entering a plea. Silly Court.

Neelu had already answered the tricky question of plea, you see, by claiming at her last hearing that it was a “no jurisdiction plea”. She helpfully explains that this is a “no plea”—”not a guilty, not a not guilty, it’s a nothing”.

On Planet Neelu, this means that the judge cannot sit, because there is corruption. “Until the state sorts its corruption out, it can’t sit in judgment of the people”.


Neelu further claims that although the judge was “given information” at 10:06 a.m., she’d already made a decision.

According to Neelu, the judge told the CPS barrister that he’d only loaded the Crown case, but hadn’t loaded Neelu’s case onto the court computer system. Neelu seems to think that this constituted a failing of the prosecution, but according to ‘Notorial Dissent’ on Quatloos, that’s not quite correct:

The CPS lodge their documents on Digital Case System. This normally works because barristers are registered on DCS. Evidence uploaded to DCS is classed as served. If you are representing yourself, then you don’t usually have access to DCS. It speaks more to Neelu’s failure to co-operate with the court system than a CPS failing. It is not down to CPS to sit by a printer and provide them. If paper copies were not available, she probably hasn’t spoken to the clerk since the last hearing.

(Thank you, Notorial Dissent, that actually made sense.)

FOTL Frauds While-U-Wait

Back to you, Neelu:

So they’ve been routinely doing this fraud which is, um, ‘electronic case half-sided story fraud’ on everybody to get a prosecution and the judges don’t get to see the other side of it.

Extra points to Neelu for making up imaginary FOT  ‘fraud’ woo on the fly! Well played, ma’am!

Apparently Neelu believes that if the Court refuses a “No Jurisdiction” plea, then the defendant can ask for a trial to determine about the jurisdiction. The fact that this would ensure the courts were tangled up in a never-ending morass of pretend trials about nonsensical non-existent legal terms doesn’t seem to have occurred to her.

Now watch, as Neelu plays the old “Court of Appeal” card to get out of this trial:

So Crown or Magistrates Court can’t sit whilst you’ve got an appeal. I’ve got an appeal in the Court of Appeal I’m a protected witness. It’s a corruption claim—I’ve got so many corruption claims!

Yes, we’ll just bet she does.

So when the court clerk came out at 10:06, she said this case was meant to be before the Resident Judge. He got called to the Court of Appeal and we’ve got to adjourn it. If we didn’t kick up a fuss, they would have turned a no-jurisdiction trial into another plea and trial Preparation. …

…[B]ut yeah, so we adjourned to another date on the 24th of July when Mr Attenborough is available. So I was in the Snaresbrook Crown Court this morning; it’s been adjourned to the 24th July 2018 before the Resident Judge.

Whoa. Talk about a buried lede—she couldn’t have just come out and said that at the start?

Neelu with David Efthyvoulou-tripod 2016-09-05

Neelu and friend demonstrate how to use a tripod

56 thoughts on “Neelu’s day in court, translated (sort of)

    • Between the fact she hasn’t figured out live streaming doesn’t work that well from mobiles (why not record it as a video file, then upload it? Then we could actually hear what she said instead of ‘na…stic…fra…corrup….’) and her usual total misinterpretation of what actually happened… (No Neelu, you can’t plead no jurisdiction, you can plead guilty or not guilty, if you refuse to enter a plea, a plea of not guilty is entered for you- note this usually means a harder sentence if found guilty in the end, so is a bad choice if you are likely to be found guilty)

      Wish we had had an actual sane person who attended that could have relayed the facts as well as Neelus wild misinterpretations!!!

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      • I am so glad that you managed to decipher Neelu’s words EC as otherwise i would have no idea what the hell she is talking about.

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  1. Oh well done EC, I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Neelu certainly knows how to play the system, I can’t understand how she has been getting away with it for so long though. Surely there must be something the courts can do to stop all this carry on from her.

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  2. Neelu can spout all the rancid ocelot shite about “no jurisdiction pleas” she likes but rest assured that no one’s stupid/gullible/unhinged enough to believe her.

    Oh wait…

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    • Unlawfully prosecuted ??? Well if anyone is called to common law grand jury just tell judge Skippy you’re pleading non jurisdiction. How are the full’o shite foundation doing with their attempted lynchings, er I mean common law grand jury courts ? Last I saw they couldn’t even manage to sit in a pub talking bollocks amongst themselves without it all going pear shaped.

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  3. Yawwwn – not heard this one for at least 10 minutes.
    Seriously, can’t these psychotic pricks at least try to be original with their death threats?

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    • Not only have they posted that same quote every 10 seconds for the last three and a half years but they’ve even put the same picture with it every time 😂

      Here’s Aug Tellez speaking on the Hampstead case in 2015, for instance:

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      • It may well be the majority of real pedophiles (as opposed to opportunists who may have sex with an underaged person but are not necessarily obsessed with children) do not offend at all. There are many cases where a person has an affair with a legally underaged person and both are happy with the arrangement. And let’s not even get into the fact the age of consent varies wildly around the world including in US states where it can be 14 years old.
        It’s also why so many are afraid to seek help or counseling. Afterall it isn’t a crime to be a pedophile but it is a crime to abuse.

        I’ve always wondered how these fanatics think : does a person who has sex with a 14 year old in Italy – legal – become a pedophile when they visit the UK?.
        Human relationships can be complicated and there isn’t a “one size fit’s all” scenario. Of course people should obey the law but This Mob (™) are absolutely obsessed with the sexual side and it’s increasingly becoming obvious, I think, there is some other factor here (along the lines of “gay bashers”).

        Afterall..possibly 11,000,000 children in the Third World countries will die this year from preventable causes. I never hear a whimper about it out of these fanatics. No sex inviolved I guess.

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          • Yes indeed various (sane members) of our leaders around the world have over the years realised that human sexuality isn’t just black & white and have attempted to ensure those “grey areas” are also included within the law. Not always perfectly.

            But this just shows up these fanatics even more. Every instance is included into their hideous repressed sexual obsession & the “one size fits all” notion that comes into the open by accepting that a false case like Hoaxtead is proof of a secret baby murdering cult.

            Malcolm Oglivy demands “pedophiles” (he includes 1000s of innocent people, dead polticians and so on) -those accused as in innocent Hampstead / Highgate parents, teachers, police, social workers and so on should be subject to his Biblical quote punishment.

            But shouldn’t he be the first to offer himself up for being slung into the deep with a millstone around his neck?.
            He has a history of child abuse just by accusing the 2 children in question (and all the other Hampstead kids) of being guilty of the alleged crimes in this hoax: baby murder etc (and let’s not mention his own family history).
            He’s a perfect example of a modern day Mob Pitchforker who uses the internet to try and stir up an angry rampaging mob.

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      • Why do they all insist on using Biblical quotes as I certainly wouldn’t class any of them as practising Christians? The last time they were near a church was probably to bury some crystals in the gardens.

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        • They miss out all the biblical quotes relating to gossip and bearing false witness though. And I doubt they know that they constantly post graven images. Hypocritical spankers.


      • Jesus: “It’s not good to lie and trick children. People who do that, eventually they’ll wish they’d never been born.”

        Sadistic moron who cannot be left unsupervised with children: “Yay! Jesus says to drown people at sea if they laugh at me!”

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    • Funny how they never mention these:

      “Thou shalt not kill.”
      ~ Exodus 20:13

      “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”
      ~ Leviticus 19:18

      “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”
      ~ Matthew 5:38-40

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  4. Re: Neelu Berry… plea hearing first, then the trial many months later. Neelu is talented at playing the system, and seems to be getting away with things.

    Re: Becky Percy… excitement that she states she is 3-5 days away. Could this be because of her appeal court hearing?

    Re: trapped children in Thailand. Glad to see they were rescued. I feel contempt for those Satan Hunters who parasite on the suffering of the trapped children, making up and enjoying sadistic fantasies they will be sacrificed. An experienced diver died in the rescue in dangerous conditions where the water pumps failed a few hours after the last child was rescued. The event brought together an international rescue effort. Muslim and Buddhist came together, as did an entire nation. This success of rescuing the Wild Boars football team gives World Cup special meaning.

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    • What Neelu said about the adjournment made sense (believe it or not) – the case has been referred to the resident judge, i.e. the leadership judge, and this does generally happen with cases like hers, she is clearly not a defendant for an inexperienced judge. Then the resident judge has been called to the Court of Appeal to deal with cases there (Crown Court judges can be authorised to sit in the Court of Appeal). This also happens quite often, there is a shortage of judges at every level (and when you see cases like this you can see why), so judges may be pulled in to fill a void in the CA. So there’s really nothing to see, the RJ and listing officer (probably) have agreed this given what happened at the first hearing, this needs the top man or woman, and they weren’t free.

      You might think, how hard is it to take a plea, enter a NG plea and list for trial, but the trial preparation hearing is intended to get the case into trial readiness, including identifying what evidence would be called and identifying and sorting out preliminary issues and this is a case in which that will obviously be particularly challenging and necessary. People like Neelu sometimes have a defence but do everything they can to conceal the fact with other spurious points such as no jurisdiction corruption contrail fraud pleas etc. So it takes skill and determination to prise out the real issues.

      The other thing, the DCS system, was well explained on Quatloos – it’s a repository into which everyone puts their case documents and everyone else (other side, court, probation service, police) can access them. You obviously have to be a trusted person governed by either a professional code of conduct or an employers’ disciplinary code to access it, so It breaks down with litigants in person, but almost everyone is represented in the Crown Court so it isn’t a serious defect. When a LiP appears you have to revert to paper, or possibly emailing documents (as they are all in digital format) but obviously no-one would want to email in these circumstances as everything would be over Facebook before you could say ‘contempt of court’.

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    • Gaming the system..yes what if Neelu is not as barking as we think and is an extremely clever manipulater who is successfully giving the impression she’s a nutter so the court make take mercy on her?

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      • Note for all her cases where cars are dragged away by councils etc etc within her family- somehow they always manage to come up with the cash eventually to retrieve their possesions.

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    • Elisabeth Nolson might be worth keeping an eye on, she’s another one who has drunk deep of the FOTL koolaid…. along with every other conspiracy out there, the freemasons, 9/11, antivaxer, illuminati, she has em all…

      besides the whole phoning up bailiffs thing

      LOL at she is going to ‘stand him down’…

      and she’s phoned him…

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    • How on earth does Neelu keep getting away with this? She could do with a spell in prison just so that she can’t run up any new debts.

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    • So she’s convinced her sister that she is also entitled to take fraudulent benefit and not pay her bills? Perhaps she wants to be impoverished in company.
      This is, I guess, the sister whom she convinced to avoid cancer treatment until it was too late.

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        • Or if you claim it’s just an infection. And advocate putting maggots onto it, and then put a picture of that on Facebook. Which I am most definitely not putting up here. You’re welcome.


    • To be fair to Neelu, I think any bailiffs or collection agency should be told, with a Dr note, exactly how ill Neelu’s sister is. They may have in their guidelines things that tell them not to bother a very sick person. I think that’s not a bad thing. Especially if Neelu’s sister is terminally ill.

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      • That requires Neelu (or her sister) to accept the bailiff’s jurisdiction, and to accept the competence of the medical staff long enough to ask them for a note.
        She’s having too much fun being victimised.

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    • Neelu’s ability to unfailingly shoot herself in the foot is quite uncanny. If she’d sanely contacted them (or got a sane friend to do it, as no doubt she is well known in the enforcement community now) to explain that her sister is very ill, they would probably do the decent thing and hold off. Accusing them of corruption frauds, or getting a friend to call them arseholes is exactly the wrong way to do it.

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  5. OK, guys – I hereby challenge you all to a race. You search for Cat’s proof that the David Bowie was a “child raping twat” and I’ll search for the Loch Ness monster and we’ll see who comes up trumps first…

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  6. And arfurs at it again
    posted this…

    where the first post is this…

    Arthur Charbel Kaoutal is with Chrissy Carter and 65 others.
    14 January 2017 ·

    Please Listen to This Extremely Light Hearted Experience From A ~ ( The HAMPSTEAD Satanic Ritual Abuse Whistleblower Child ) Compared to The Rest Of The Case.

    My GOD, what a putrid Insult of my intuition & knowledge, intelligence & wisdom when A & G are called liars.
    >>>>>>>>>>❤🙏🏽✊🏽🇱🇧<<<<<<<<>>>>> Ahh’”meen <<<<<<>>>> ❤️🙏🏽✊🏽🇱🇧 <<<<>>>> Ahh’”meen <<<<<<<>>>> ❤️🙏🏽✊🏽🇱🇧 <<<>>>> ❤️🙏🏽✊🏽🇱🇧<<<<<

    Tag Time ~ RANDOM SWIPES Time ~

    (I edited out the kids names)
    It also has a rather bad copy of one of the police ABE interviews, taken by a phone videoing a computer screen….


  7. Amazed that The Mob (™) and all the Hoaxtead Loonies (yes you too APD & Neelu) have completely missed that the The Baby Eating Rothschild Cult used the 100th RAF Anniversery to Chem Trail the whole of London. Wonder which one will be the first to twig?

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