Calling all ‘Shadow-People’: Belinda’s monthly Sabine update

Hello all you wonderful ‘Shadow-People™’ out there in Radioland: it’s time for your monthly update from Sabine McNeill’s best friend (alleged) and occasional prison visitor (also alleged), Belinda McKenzie!

In this month’s episode, we’ll discover a side to Sabine which none of us could have suspected, and learn about how the evil powers-that-be have been finding ever more fiendish ways to oppress her whilst she awaits trial for 15 counts of violating her lifetime restraining order and four counts of harassment under Section 4 of the Freedom from Harassment Act 1997.

Take it away, Belinda!Belinda re Sabine 2018-08-04 1Update #1 of course is that Sabine’s remand has been extended past its statutory limit to the date of her trial. All you faithful Shadow-People™ out there already know this as we reported it at the time, but Belinda’s followers aren’t necessarily as perspicacious as you lot, so it could bear repeating for their benefit.

And Update #2 will excite those Mindless Minions™ and Gullible Numpties™ who were able to contribute to Sabine’s bail bond fund back in December: the £20,000 was refunded and has now been refunded. Huzzah!

We do hope that once all the pennies were counted everyone received their money back in the same condition in which it was lent.

Belinda’s next observation, however, did take us a bit off guard: “…Sabine being a fundamentally spiritual person….”

Say what? When did this happen? Unless by “spiritual” Belinda means “histrionic whiner”. Perhaps she could issue another update to clarify.Belinda re Sabine 2018-08-04 2Update #3: this is probably the most interesting of the lot, and one which has left us perplexed and wondering what happened to occasion it.

It seems that for some reason Sabine is now not permitted to receive mailed documents “by Royal Mail or through the prison letterbox in the lobby of the Visiting Centre”.

Whatever Belinda thinks, we at Shadow-People Incorporated™ do feel very strongly that prisoners must be accorded certain basic human rights; those on remand, of course, ought to be allowed a bit more latitude, given that they have not been convicted of any crime.

It seems to us very peculiar that Sabine’s mail privileges have been suspended, and even  more strange that she suspects that this was done at the behest of the prison’s Public Protection Unit. What must one do to have one’s mail taken away? We really don’t know, and we think it would be foolhardy to speculate.

(That said, Chester the Cat was recently heard to mutter, “Jake has probably been sending her tiny little files with which to saw through the bars and make her escape”. However, as usual Chester was under the influence of catnip at the time, so we paid him no heed.)

Belinda’s update was followed by the usual palaver from the Mindless Minions™ and Gullible Numpties™ , which we have omitted here because we are feeling lazy, but we did think this response worth preserving:

Belinda re Sabine 2018-08-04 5

After explaining that after her evening sherry or six she frequently falls asleep at her desk, Belinda tries to step back from her role as one of the prime forces behind the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Fascinating that she’s still claiming that there is a “particular group of people” (whom she cannot name due to her very own court order, and damned if Belinda will be joining her friend on remand!) who are “hell-bent on revenge that we exposed their doings 3 years ago”.

Hmm, we wonder who she could possibly mean? Skating a bit close to the edge there, Belinda, no?

We did get a good chuckle out of the idea that the “certain group of people” could have any influence over Sabine’s current prison situation, though. If the residents of Hampstead or those who contribute to this blog had any such powers, there are a great many people out there, who are currently still publishing hateful material about an innocent and unfairly smeared community, who would have been behind bars long since. Belinda McKenzie 2017-07-01

73 thoughts on “Calling all ‘Shadow-People’: Belinda’s monthly Sabine update

  1. As a proud paid up shadow person, I believe certain people are the agents of their own misfortune. Such agents have worked relentlessly to part a loving father from his children, and said agents deserve whatever lawfully and naturally is coming to them.

    I dedicate the following song to Ricky Dearman, all loving fathers and their children. May the forces of darkness never shatter the bond of love of father and their children.

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    • As do I, generally, but keep in mind that the case is still sub judice, and that we won’t be able to refer to anyone being a lawbreaker unless the jury finds them guilty. 🙂

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    • It is an unusually long remand and I don’t approve. Should have been dealt with by now, just in the interest of justice.

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      • The idea of ‘rotting’ in jail is medieval and belongs with the conspiraloons. Look to Scandanavia and Holland to see good prison systems. Instead we look to America and the balls up they’ve made of the whole institution.

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        • Getting a woman in her 70’s remanded in custody is a remarkable feat in these days of overcrowded institutions. However I think Sabine is largely responsible for her own misfortunes.

          She ‘did one’ back to Germany in a previous court matter, something the courts take a dim view of.

          Add to that repeatedly breaking bail conditions and by doing so allegedly committing further like offences whilst on bail (breaches of her restraining order), getting hauled in time and again, given lots of ‘final’ warnings by successive courts.

          She wilfully and rather stupidly called the court’s bluff and she’s managed to get herself banged up in the process. Now, what’s the likely most severe sentence if found guilty in Nov? A year? 18 months?

          She’ll have done that on remand so she whether she’s found guilty or not at trial she’ll most likely be immediately released.

          Albeit with a restraining order of some kind.

          Which she’ll ignore.

          Rinse and repeat.

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        • You’re right that it’s an unusually long remand, and I don’t like that the course of justice seems to be particularly slow in this case. For everyone’s sake I wish that the system were not quite so ponderous and slow. That said, I don’t see the alternative to custody, given the number of times bail was abused in this case.

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          • I think the court know what they’re doing and why. It should be a clear message, but I expect several of the hoax pushing clowns don’t appreciate the gravity of their actions. Sabine is being made a very public example of in the hope she’ll learn a lesson. I suspect the whole gang of pitchfork wielding mobsters won’t take a blind bit of notice.

            Also of alarm is the support surrounding tommy Robinson. Who is milking the publicity dry to applause from an army of misguided buffoons.

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  2. Hi EC,
    Glad your back! 🙂

    So sad a woman like Bellend who should be wise, is instead a crazy, malevolent old fool hurting people with her baloney and shenanigans. SMH :(. When will she change and apologise?

    Also can you update us on Neelu Pls? As you were on holiday during her eviction. Unless that post is coming?? Its just that Im blocked on her facebook after I tried to make her see sense and get rid of that idiot disbarred lawyer, Edward Ellis who is making things worse for her.

    Plus hope all agencies dealing with her since eviction, i.e. bank and enforcement agency see her facebook posts about trying to break in to the home she was evicted from as thats shocking and worrying plus criminal. Neelu needs help from every agency it seems as she is so mentally deluded and not clued up on the law of the UK that her trillion pound fines are laughable. Has anyone paid the Billions yet that she dished out? Another one I doubt will ever see sense like Belinda.

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        • Hey EC, I think the next big story will be facebook and youtube deleting Alex Jones from their platforms. He’s the role model in chief for all trutheroonies reporting garbage from their grubby dens. I suggest you keep an eye on how the usual gang of knobheads react to this. It’s the Hiroshima in the war against fake news and I suspect apd, debs, Hopegirl and cannabiscures cancer (to name a few) should be reacting to corporate censorship and the secure knowledge That an opening salvo has been fired at conspiracy loons and they’re not safe if a 2.5million subscribers channel gets iced. This has got to be the biggest story in the twilight world of online self appointed journalists. Should be amusing to start logging their reactions over the next week or so.


  3. Haha, nice digging by Belinda. Says she never accused Hampstead residents of anything, then accuses them two comments later! LOL

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    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Sorry, I know it’s not funny for RD – but fxxxing hell! He ate his kids and hired actors? I bet he flew home on his dragon too.

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  4. Looking at the prison regs for letters, she may have fallen foul of a number of rules.

    “However, if a prisoner receives an excessive number of letters either habitually or on one occasion, the Governor has the discretion to return excess letters to the sender(s) but the prisoner will be given the opportunity to select those which he/she particularly wishes to read. Similarly anyone who makes a practice of sending excessively long letters to prisoners may be asked to confine themselves to four sides of paper. If they ignore the request the Governor may return subsequent letters, in which case the prisoner should be informed accordingly.”


    “The Governor has the discretion to disallow any correspondence with a person or organisation if there is reason to believe that the person or organisation concerned is planning or engaged in activities which present a genuine threat to security or good order of the establishment or other prisons. This is covered under Prison Rule 34 (2) & (3) and compliant with Articles 8 & 10 of ECHR. If the Governor is disallowing correspondence between a prisoner and a close relative (defined above), this should be done in accordance with the guidance/procedures found in the Local Security Strategy.”

    “Correspondence may not contain the following:

    (a)​Material which is intended to cause distress or anxiety to the recipient or any other person, such as:
    (i)​messages which are indecent or grossly offensive;
    (ii)​a threat;
    (iii)​information which is known or believed to be false;
    (F) Obscure or coded messages which are not readily intelligible or decipherable;“

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  5. No news from the FSF fruitloops on yesterday’s Orkney crap as far as I can tell. (I’ve checked Cat Snot, Annie Ogilvy and Garish Brian.) I take it it didn’t go too well? Anyone heard anything?

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    • Been googling about myself. Found zilch. I suspect they may have been declined entry if anyone knew they were coming and they’ve decided not to comment on it. They must have rocks in their heads taking their loony roadshow to Orkney. Be about as welcome as the Japanese air force doing an aerial display over pearl harbour.

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  6. New bullshit orgonite scam video from Hope Tart and Tivon. Oh and it’s 4 hours long (no, that’s not a misprint – it really is).


  7. Try this for sighs…



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  8. Fiona and Neelu seem to think that “coming forward” means ranting and raving and slandering people on the internet. Personally I think it means bypassing the ego trip and reporting alleged abusers to the police. But what do I know?

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    • Fucking creep. Two separate police forces have investigated her claims and told her to shove it. She lies that she was given a special hearing by all the Royal Commissioners at the recent child abuse inquiry- they wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole and told her she could submit a written submission which no doubt was filed in the wastepaper basket.
      As for a book, no publisher would touch it and actually, Bob Hawke is very litigious and sues anyone who dares to defame him. I expect he hasn’t even seen or heard her stupid rantings but he does have grandchildren and will look after their interests.

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    • i think we can safely assume that there’ll be a celebratory, congratulatory piece from Lapdog Annie later. There always is after an alleged paedophile has been murdered.

      Not that that’s stopping him from promoting the self-confessed serial child rapist David Shurter, of course.

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  9. Another 24 minutes of Angie playing with her hair and talking bollocks:

    This is her 9th video in a week, by the way.

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    • She reckons she’s been invited to do some shows with a “big American platform”. Some conspiraloon’s YT channel, then.

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    • She mentions the East 17 Manager, “Tom Watson”. Great research as usual from Angela as it was Tom Watkins.

      I guess Brian Harvey won’t be giving her that desired interview just yet then.

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    • I once recorded about a dozen audio files of me playing an out of tune guitar badly. I set them on a loop and for a good two weeks would stream them in 8 hour chunks once or twice a day. My haters would actually sit through that as I snored away. Now that’s how you troll.

      I can’t be bothered with Angie. She’s nowhere near as much fun as mild scat , mad debs or the scamgelina family. She’s just an angry sexually frustrated chain-smoker spewing out David ickes leftovers in the hope she’ll make enough loose change to buy a reconditioned pc, cigarettes and 80s strength hair product. She’s just not bad enough to warrant attention.

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