Rupert Quaintance appeal to be heard today

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Angela Power-Disney was claiming that Rupert Quaintance had launched an appeal against his two convictions and sentence for Harassment 4.

We have now reliably confirmed this rumour, and have learned that Rupert’s appeal is scheduled to take place today at 10:30 a.m., before Lord Justice Holroyde, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb DBE, and the Recorder of Maidstone (sitting as a judge of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division):

As we noted in our last post on the matter, the appeals process involves several steps:

  1. 1. The person must make an application for appeal, within 28 days of their conviction.
    2. This application comes before a tribunal of three judges, who decide whether the application has any merit.
    3. If they believe it does, an appeal hearing is granted.
    4. The appeal hearing takes place, and a decision is made: the person’s appeal is either accepted or rejected at this point.
    5a. If the hearing agrees that the sentence is disproportionate to the crime in question, then person’s sentence will be adjusted.
    5b. If the hearing is about the actual conviction, and it goes in the person’s favour, then a retrial will be granted. In Rupert’s case, the retrial would involve only the two guilty verdicts he received on 30 August.

It would appear that Rupert’s appeal is currently at the fourth step: his appeal hearing has been granted, and today the three aforementioned judges will be making the decision as to whether his conviction is sound, and if so, whether his sentence is proportionate.

If it is determined at this stage that the verdict was unsound, the case will be re-tried; and if they decide the sentence was disproportionate, it will be adjusted.

We do not yet know the particulars of Rupert’s appeal, but it seems most likely to us that his barrister will focus on a point where he and the judge differed. Rupert’s barrister stated that because Rupert’s threats and invective were directed toward a group of people, individuals within that group had no reason to feel personally threatened. Judge Griffith overruled this argument, stating that any person within the group that Rupert targetted could be expected to feel personally threatened, and that Rupert knew, or ought to have known this. As we say, we don’t know that this is the line of reasoning behind today’s appeal, but it does seem likely given the way things went during Rupert’s case.

We will continue to watch this closely, and will bring updates as soon as we get them.

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  1. Is it definitely at the the fourth stage? Could it not be at the second, coming before 3 judges to see if the case has merit.


  2. Yep I’ve understood Spiny.

    He was appealing to one person at least but unfortunately for her he didn’t find her very appealing. at all.

    Okay, so if I’ve understood this correctly, the appeal is due to be heard at 10.30 am today?

    Are the public able to attend?

    I won’t be going btw, I was just wondering if Ms. McKenzie will be in attendance?

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  3. Agree!
    This is what happens when someone is a pathological liar. The shock that she actually said something truthful.

    I wonder if we should have her voice levels analysed as they did with Donald Trump’s . They found when his was actually telling the truth (rarely) his stress levels rose dramatically. When he was lying (nearly always) his stress levels plummeted and thus this was the state he felt not only comfortable in but was natural part of his character.

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  4. Something that made me giggle –

    I have just witnessed a force to be reckoned with Joe Public and Tracey Morris standing in force with Brave hearts Donna and Mandy…

    They have made Historic History and opened forums and investigation to cover up of child sex rings…torture and abduction and the ultimate murder of children…and not a thing in the media funny that…but just to let mainstream know…pmsl as I say it…

    Get your pen…papers…dictators…and cameras…cause what your been told to COVER AGAIN WILL BE BLOWN LIKE A SHIP OUT OF WATER…

    And we ain’t even started yet…

    Oh what a day to witness and what a beautiful achievement…

    Oh by the way WE AINT STARTED YET!!!

    Building like Bob The Builder…


    Tracey Morris, Donna and Mandy fresh from The House of Lords plus Dave Witcher Interview on RN

    ” They have made Historic History and opened forums and investigation to cover up of child sex rings…torture and abduction and the ultimate murder of children…”. I wonder if he ever read that over again, they are “covering up” child sex rings!

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    Thanks for this screenshot, Sheva, and for the work you’re doing in exposing this arsehole.

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  6. “You have no idea who I am”

    No it’s a complete mystery who you are, John Paterson of Seaford, East Sussex. The local police aren’t going to have a clue who you are either.

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  7. This anti-semitic Prat keeps sending death threats to genuine anti-child abuse campaigners like Sheva, whilst he promotes pathetic hoaxes and fantasies. The guy needs some serious help.

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  8. HI CM. To reiterate what I’ve said previously, some people are automatically sent to moderation and some even to spam, despite not being in the filter list. It’s an odd, inexplicable WordPress quirk, to the bottom of which we’ve never managed to get (you having that one, Mr. Churchill?). And if it’s any consolation, you’re in good company – Jelly Shouldn’t Run and ParaTroofer also go to moderation, whilst poor old Spiny, Karnevilnine and Relayer go straight to spam 🙂

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  9. I only have myself to blame though, Scarlet – it’s karma for naming myself after a Monty Python character. I’m surprised Raymond Throatwobbler-Mangrove doesn’t have the same problem 😀

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  10. Well, stick a porcupine in my ear and call me Quentin – I’ve fixed it!

    Three digits of your IP address were in the moderation filter list, CM, and I imagine they’d been there for donkey-yonks (since long before your time, I should imagine). Anyhoo, I’ve now taken them out, so it should work first time from now on. Go on, give it a go – you know you want to.

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  11. Thanks, both 🙂

    Sheva got two of his too and ParaTroofer’s just got one as well. So his PG account has had 5 strikes in 24 hours! 😀

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  12. Ah right, i have heard of this Malcolm Blackman before. If it’s the guy i am thinking of he was a really nasty mean troll of the very worst kind.

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  13. If he is, then he has a fake passport/driving licence and a lot of fake family photos. Doesn’t seem like his M.O. His writing style’s very different too. Are you absolutely certain?

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  14. A strange state of affairs with reference Maurice Kirk

    The latest Court listing simply shows tomorrows hearing as for mention, rather than sentence.

    For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
    T20170239 KIRK Maurice J
    Bail, Res’d HHJ T LLoyd-Clarke.

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  15. It think it’s the language they all use, and they all push the same racist garbage about Jews being kicked out of hundreds of countries. That Bellend Alanson spouts the same bollocks.
    They’re all conspirasheep, so may as well be the same person, lol.

    Unless, Andy “Simply” Devine, is just Prattlesons cross dressing alter-ago?


  16. I thought she had found love and was off to wherever.

    Oh well maybe his poo was the wrong colour.


  17. Nice pun buddy. Let’s hope there’s plenty more in Spore.

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  18. Oh God yeah. In fact, there are so many fungus puns in the store room that there’s not mushroom left for any more.


  19. Look, you guys promised to woo me with some great fungus puns, so please don’t truffle with my affections.


  20. Cheers, Daisy. He still has the other 11 charges against him, of course.

    By the way, I deliberately and categorically worded the above in an objective and and unbiased way, showing neither support nor disdain for the decision, knowing in my heart of hearts that it wouldn’t stop Paedogilvy (who’s pathologically obsessed with this fine blog) from shamelessly misrepresenting me to make me sound like a “nonce”. And lo, it came to pass:

    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity 😀

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  21. @Liza
    It’s nice to meet a lady with morels.


  22. David Seaman says he’s going camping in the woods for a week or two. Shades of his retreat to the mountains earlier in the year when he took all his videos down including the ones calling for fair trials then public hangings of Podesta and others.

    Wonder whether this has anything to do with his decision to become an off grid spoon whittler?


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