UPDATE: Rupert Quaintance in court today

According to the court lists at Southwark Crown Court, Rupert Quaintance will be attending court at noon today, in another attempt to have his bail conditions varied.

At his previous court appearance last Monday, Rupert applied to have his bail conditions varied to allow the return of his passport. He stated he wishes to return to the USA pending his trial on five charges of harassment. The trial is scheduled for late August 2017.

The judge refused Rupert’s request last week, though he said the application could be revived at a later date.

We’ll be following today’s hearing and will bring you updates as we receive them.


36 thoughts on “UPDATE: Rupert Quaintance in court today

  1. I actually sympathise with someone is such a position as being isolated from family and having to wait almost a year before a trial. Even more reason to stay within the law at all times.

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    • Unfortunately he was warned many times that his actions would bring him undone, and he ignored those warnings…

      So now he gets to reap the fruit of his labour lol (spellcheck doesn’t like proper english does it)

      (just deleted a bit, on rereading it, it possibly strayed too close to discussing his case)


      • Not only did he ignore our warnings but he mocked and ridiculed them repeatedly in his videos, his Farcebook posts, his radio shows and his interviews with the Wicked Witch of Lanzarote.

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    • Even if I tried really really hard G.O.S. I could not care less about what Rupert is going through. He’s a con man who sought to profit from bringing fear and alarm to innocent people, as well as slandering them and disrupting their lives; including the lives of children. He should wait his turn to face the courts however long that takes and personally I would feel much safer if he had been remanded.

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      • Question is, is he likely to return for the trial in late August?

        Maybe things will backfire and he could get remanded in custody if the charges are considered serious enough, I’ve no idea if they are or not?


      • I got to know Rupert a bit and he has a narcissistic personality, at times he can be nice but he suddenly changes into this unpleasant character, he has a bit of charisma which he uses to his advantage. I would bet he has many pals but very few if any friends


      • I agree with all these statements and was really commenting on how long the law takes to proceed but to the person in question : suck it up baby.

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    • His family surely have been free to visit him since he had his passport taken and as far as I know they haven’t. Maybe that means a lot…


      • I think many Yanks think the UK is still a toy country and are puzzled as to why the Brits would not realise how brilliant one of their sons are and will at some moment say it was all a mistake. Yes were is his family support. Perhaps he is far tougher than we think (or I think)


        • He thinks he is brilliant, his parents must have told him that, shame he doesn’t seem to be brilliant at anything, he didn’t quite make it in anything according to his own words.

          I’ve got no time for him, he doesn’t listen to good advice given to him by many.


  2. The variation of bail conditions is a secondary issue to the charges he faces, and is not an issue that can be influenced by public outcry. I therefore feel happy in expressing the risk that this man is a real flight risk. As others have highlighted;

    “Unfortunately he was warned many times that his actions would bring him undone, and he ignored those warnings…”

    And he also mocked them. UKBA were well warned about this man who intended entering this country and terrorising people. Letting him leave at this stage would in my view compound an act of terrorism. – The fact that Rupert is not a person of Asian descent with a big beard and dark skin, and the threat level might be relatively low makes him no less a terrorist. -What if he’d got hold of a firearm? Let us remember the threats along those lines that were made by others in his group, his Mother for example.

    Letting him go would compound one major failure with another. The courts have already proved themselves far too soft on the people who push these hoaxes and try to seek fame and fortune from them.

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    • I agree on him being a major flight risk, one he got on a plane to the states, you can guarantee we would never see him again (hear from him a dead certainty unfortunately. He would never be able to reenter the country but I doubt that would be a problem (in fact it could be considered an advantage lol)
      And of course it isn’t something worth extraditing someone over

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      • Although like GoS I feel a bit sorry for him in his predicament, I think it is vital that this trial goes ahead. If certain things are brought up in the trial it might be the lancing of the boil that is Hoaxtead. We just need to hold our tongues about the details until August.

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    • I can’t really image his passport being handed back unless there was a really serious event like a close family member near death. He will be subject to the same treatment under law as any Brit or foreigner is. Lawyers often ask for new bail conditions. Sometimes it works and often it doesn’t. Loneliness, missing family or your own home town, not being able to work won’t even come into it.


  3. I have fingers crossed that he will not be allowed to go back home until the trial as i really cannot envisage him coming back if he is allowed to leave the UK.

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    • Well if he doesn’t attend his trial he’ll be constantly looking over his shoulder and I hope he is billed for all the expense he has cost which must run in to the £100,000’s I should think quite easily.


    • Agree Arthur.I am not sure how these things work but in the event of refusal to return is there not some form of extradition arrangement that would kick in? Even if so I would expect all manner of protracted(and more costs) delaying tactics to be employed rather that face the music.

      Surely his parents are in a position to stump up a massive bail?Whether they want to is another matter.Maybe Alex Jones could come to the rescue 😉

      If this country is serious about getting to grips with terrorist threats the response sent out by the judiciary is an absolute no brainer IMHO.

      (EC if any of this is unwise to air feel free to wipe accordingly).

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  4. This video isn’t great quality but is interesting. The therapist’s questioning in one part defies belief. He is down on the floor questioning a little boy and says to him “You’re pressing your pee-pee against me, you know, and it feels good when you do that.. maybe, is that what they did too?”

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    • Extraordinary and a very balanced report.
      But here is the problem: those who promoted these false accusations are relentless and they have almost boundless energy. Now it’s morphed into Satanism and baby murder after the McMartin case and even after children recant their accusations and people finally go free, they are pursued with a new fervor. It’s a revamped and re-energised witch hunt that proceeds like a steamroller demolishing anyone who dares to question their actions.

      That was over 20 years ago.
      Can you imagine the interviewers, the falsely accused and convicted, the researchers, the doctors and so on : they would be decimated on the internet by these ghastly sociopaths. They would have websites published devoted just to them accusing them of the vilest of crimes (on no evidence, just a notion). They be harassed and threatened with death. Ordinary people live by a code of moral conduct. These fanatics are not held back by anything.
      They mimic morality but they have none and anyone they decide must be destroyed becomes their victim. And that is everyone from defending lawyers to judges to police to politicians to real experts and so on. Those who have some power either ignore or fight back, those who don’t can get crushed by these lunatics and that is what they tried to do in Hampstead. What despicable people they are and how can they be stopped.

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      • Well said, GofS. The ridiculous thing is, the Hampstead Hoaxers always try and link the case to other old hoax cases as if it helps the situation. The Little Rascals Nursery case was another travesty. Watching the therapist/investigator on the above video made me grateful for the way the Police handled the children involved in the Hampstead Hoax.

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  5. I understand that the case has just been called on, for all waiting to know an answer to todays proceedings we should not have to wait too long


  6. Sometimes its hard to understand the English justice system. An 18minute hearing today has resulted in only one change of detail to Quaintance’s bail.

    The judge has allowed Quaintance to have his passport back so he CAN GET A JOB and use it to prove his identity to a prospective employer. The Judge said that he would not allow any other variation of the bail conditions until the 21st August trial date is confirmed (the trial might move into November.

    A question – does a foreign national have the automatic right to work in the UK whilst held on bail, if not what is the UKBA stance on granting a work permit?


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