Update: Rupert Quaintance to be released, deported

A few weeks ago Belinda announced that Rupert Quaintance, who has been serving a prison sentence since he was found guilty of Harassment 4 on 30 August, 2017, would be released from Wandsworth Prison on 13 January 2018. Rupert was sentenced to nine months apiece on two counts of harassment, to be served concurrently. Pending good behaviour, it was expected that he would be released and deported after half his sentence had been completed.

However, 13 January came and went…with no sign of Rupert.

According to his friend Charlie Veitch, though, Rupert’s release date has now been set for 22 January:

So…what happens next?

Under the Immigration Act 1971, sections 3(5) and 3(6), the UK Secretary of State has the power to make an order of deportation against a foreign criminal. Deportation requires that an individual leave the UK, and sanctions their detention until their removal.

It seems probable that within a few days Rupert will be released from Wandsworth and sent to an Immigration Detention Centre while he awaits deportation.

According to the Citizens Advice website, people are not usually deported immediately, as it can take some time for the Home Office to arrange their documents. Once Rupert has been transferred to the Detention Centre, he won’t be deported for at least 72 hours, and probably longer. While in detention awaiting deportation, he will be able to have visitors, receive post and telephone calls, keep his personal property, and communicate with the outside world—for example, to tell his friends and family he is about to return to the U.S.A.

However, he will not be able to leave the Detention Centre until he is deported, and security is approximately the same as in prison.

According to DetentionAction.org,

People in detention have the right to apply for bail. If they are granted bail, they can live outside detention while they wait for their immigration case to be resolved. This usually involves living at a designated address, reporting regularly with the Home Office, and sometimes electronic monitoring.

However, it is very difficult to be released on bail. Around 90% of our clients’ bail applications are refused. People with minor criminal convictions are usually refused bail, even if deportation is impossible. They are often refused release despite doing everything that the courts and the Home Office have told them to do in order to return or be released.

While it is of course possible that Rupert might decide to appeal his deportation, we think it highly unlikely.

Once deported, it’s likely that he will be unable to return to the UK for the next 10 years.

Although Rupert was issued a criminal behavioural order for five years, which ought to prevent him from posting allegations about the Hampstead hoax online, it’s rumoured that he plans to write a book about his unexpectedly long sojourn in the UK. Will he write a tell-all exposing the group which funded his trip? Only time will tell….

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  1. Thank you for this update, EC.

    “Will he write a tell-all exposing the group which funded his trip? Only time will tell…”

    Ooh, I do hope so! Particularly as regards Belinda and Angie. They have a lot to hide by all accounts. (“Allegedly and without prejudice”, of course 😀 )

    And look on the bright side, Roops – at least you won’t have to set up a GoFundMe appeal for the air fare home. Don’t forget the thank the over-burdened British taxpayer for that in your next video
    😀 😀 😀

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  2. Doubtful a book titled “I Was Jailed for 5 Months in a British Jail by George Soros Satanists” will be featuring on the New York Best Seller list any time in the near future. But if he publishes an e-book on Amazon I might be tempted to buy one if he has a chapter : Angela Power Disney: Her Part in My Downfall.

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  3. Thanks for the update and also for explaining how the Detention Centre/Deportation side of things operate. I wasn’t aware of all that.

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  4. He looks like the actor from revenge of the nerds and the singer from the satanic punk band Devo. Who calls s kid Rupert?
    Another crisis actor you lot hsve fallen for.
    When will you learn?


  5. You’re the only Crisis Actor around here or perhaps you are having a mid-life crisis.
    Anyway I found your profile on the popular Crisis Actor Studio website.

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  6. How exactly have we fallen for Rupert, you strange person?

    And how is looking like Gerald Casale proof that someone’s a crisis actor? Seriously, what am I missing?

    And since when have Devo been Satan-worshipers? Do enlighten us, Professor.

    Oh and you do realise there was more than one actor in ‘Revenge of the Nerds’, right?

    Oh dear, you really are odd, aren’t you.

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  7. “Everything’ is a ‘crisis actor’ or ‘fake news’ to some people, imho it seems to be the only way they can reconcile their beliefs with the actual world around them. As they have no actual proof for their beliefs (due to the simple fact that there is none, being based entirely on fantasies like the illuminutti or lizard people living in Buckingham Palace and the like), anything that contradicts their way of how the world works HAS to be faked or made up
    It can lead to interesting (to any observers) positions, where they end up believing two opposing beliefs at the same time, they tend to react badly when these opposing positions are brought to their attention and tend to storm off in a huff, decrying those that pointed it out as being part of the plot/cabel involved and disappear for a while, then try and slink back in a while later, pretending it never happened- this happened a lot with things like niburu believers, JFK hoaxers, twin towers, moon hoaxers and the like

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  8. https://www.babycenter.com/baby-names-rupert-3936.htm
    Interestingly its popularity has risen slightly over the last 3 or 4 years in the US, but still a long way down from its heyday back in 1899 (I wonder what happened in that two year span that it became so unpopular, it plunged from 198 babies per million to only 78 two years later)
    These days it is 13 per million, so going by the current us population of 326.5 million, that makes 25115384 Ruperts in the USA so your answer is approximately 50 million people called their child Rupert (assuming both parents decided on the name together)

    And ironically enough for our Rupert, the meaning of his name is bright fame- the first part is laughable, and the second part is partially true, he got his 15 minutes of fame (well closer to 5 months LOL) but not in the way I suspect he wanted it…

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  9. You know what would be ironic is if, Rupert, pissed off at angie and group egging him on and then basically abandoning him to jail, and what with seeing with his own two eyes that the hampstead case is false- if he got out of jail and then joined us


  10. Okay Chris, I know it’s you posing as Thea 56.

    You don’t have any readers of your “writings” now, so you’ll be the only one praising yourself.

    Just sayin.

    I predict Rupert will have a nervous breakdown lasting 6 months.

    Then Therapy paid for by his Grandmother ongoing for several years.

    He’ll then find a wife/husband and live a life of obscurity in Dullsville.

    Meanwhile Angela is still camping outside Wandsworth Prison since she last went on her travels last week hoping to meet Rupert at the doors.

    Unfortunately she has been unable to “pick up” any of the other released prisoners as they have a lot more savvy than the gullible Rupert.

    I hope he gives her a good wave as he drives past her tent on the way to the Detention Centre.

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  11. I can’t see Rupert even saying a hello to Angela.

    Hopefully he will reveal all about “What happened in Lanzarote!” though maybe we might have to wait 5 years if he is going to be sensible.

    I’m patient, tick tock…

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  12. “These days it is 13 per million, so going by the current us population of 326.5 million, that makes 25115384 Ruperts in the USA”

    Don’t hate me but I think it makes 4,244.

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  13. Sadly, one thing that was noted at his trial and subsequent appeal was that he was unremorseful over his actions. I can’t see any kind of U-turn on the horizon myself.

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  14. Are you actually the utterly demented gibbering shit flinging loon your posts suggest?

    Your crisis actor nonsense will impress zero people here.

    He is named after his father. He’s a Rupert Wilson Quaintance the fourth.

    Thea =diarrhoea .

    Just sayin.

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  15. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV will have a challenging situation when he is deported to the USA. Before he touched the Hampstead SRA Hoax his only negative internet mentions was a complaint how he was a drunk abusive guy who was fired from a radio show; plus the mention of his orchestrating a demonstration outside a university where there were arrests. He also apparently had a criminal record for traffic violations and drugs.

    Rupert Quaintance now has a criminal conviction for stalking and harrasing children, their families, putting them in fear. He will be kicked out of Britain, a convicted criminal and with jail time on his record. His mentions on the internet are now extensive, and is for all to see who Google his name. Future customers, employers and anyone who will have dealings with Quaintance are going to Google and see what he is like, and his opportunities will be limited.

    Rupert Quaintance is the type of person that Judge Pauffley warned about, those that are sexually excited by viewing two little children talking about sex, torture and killing babies. We know that Quaintance was sexually turned on by watching video tapes of children talking about sexual abuse, because he told us on screen how he masturbated himself after he watched them. Quaintance revealed personal intent when he enquired what it would be like to have sex with a child. In my opinion Quaintance believed the narrative that children were being raped, tortured and murdered in schools, this turned him on, and under the guise of fighting child abuse I think he wanted to be part of the action. I personally believe Quaintance came to Britain to be part of the cult he believed existed and to participate with them in the sexual abuse of children. He wanted this fantasy to be so real, he wanted to be a part of it, so he had lists of the children names and addresses in his possession, and he acted like a creepster hanging around outside of places and schools associated with the fiction. Quaintance in my opinion presents a serious danger to children, whatever twisted sexual fantasies and deviancy that has been awakened in him is now active, thus when he predictably plunges back into drug and alcohol abuse, he will lose inhibitions, then harm a kid.

    It will be interesting how many friends and family will stick by Rupert Quaintance, and how much the Hoax will impact his life. I predict Quaintance will self destruct.

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  16. I found the “60 minutes Teresa, 15 year old SRA victim” citation.
    It’s in “Lure of the Sinister”, page 223.
    All charges against those she had accused were dropped by the prosecution, after the full extent of her SRA fantasies – revealed during therapy – became available to the defense. Which must mean…what she said in that program was only the tip of a seriously disturbed iceberg of delusional fantasies & allegations that she harbored.

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  17. You lot don’t know your arse from your elbow! Too busy reading the Daily Chimp to see the bigger picture.
    The DEVO connection is quite obvious.
    Devo LP …say it!! Devol p DEVIL

    Just sayin… now jog on.


  18. I wonder if she was simultaneously Joan Coleman’s #2 informant, the teenage patient brought to her by Dianne Core, whom I also suspect was Sara Scott’s foster daughter. That would make her the UK’s ‘SRA Typhoid Mary’ par excellence!

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  19. Excellent review for “Lure of the Sinister”, here:

    “Never mind the blurb or the contents page: it’s the index that really gives you the feel of a book, and you soon know where you are with this one. Under the entry for “Babies”, for example, we find “beheaded … cooked… cremated… crosses cut into… crucified…” and so on, all in neatly alphabetical order. And yet on the relevant pages it almost invariably turns out that nothing really happened, outside of someone’s fevered imagination. Satanism, as traced through history by the London-based pagan scholar Gareth Medway, is a nearly non-existent phenomenon. But the fabrications, persecutions and witch-hunts that pullulate around it are all too real”.

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  20. My favorite Samantha/Teresa/Natalie quote:
    Interviewer: Did they say WHY they ate the babies?
    S/T/N: They said it was “for Satan”. They said it made him happy.

    Perhaps the lamest excuse for a theological/ideological statement, in modern times.
    So, why would cannibalism make Satan happy? Presumably, what makes Satan happy would be humans getting lured into violating biblical law, i.e., Gawd’s commands. But there’s NO specific prohibition against cannibalism in Biblical scriptures. There’s just no logical connection between Satan/satanism and cannibalism.
    The idea of eating people, especially babies, may be reflexively repugnant and repulsive – but it’s not an EVIL thing to do, according to scripture. (My personal moral compass rates cannibalism as “evil”, but I still don’t think it fits the mythical reversed Christianity satanism “theology”)

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  21. During one of the crusades in the so-called Holy Land the Crusaders faced lack of food, so they ate Saracen prisoners. The complaint of Church authorities at the time was that the Crusaders ate dogs, it appeared that eating people was okay.

    The Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church continue to practice the barbaric rite of eating the body of Jesus and drinking his blood every Sunday.

    As a Satanist I do not eat people, I prefer fish.

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  22. scratches head- wonder how I got that?
    teach me to try and do maths when I literally had been out of bed for a half hour,not even had my first coffee of the day…

    Oh well, we can all make mistakes, and of course its good to know people can feel comfortable in correcting us when we do-why on earth would that make me hate you lol

    I REALLY need to have at least one cup of coffee before trying anything harder than getting dressed lol

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  23. devo lp- um when I pronounce it it sounds more like develop than devil- you want us to take photos with film cameras and develop the pictures?????

    Actually I have to admit, I much prefer the 80’s music to most modern stuff
    for our trollish friend- enjoy

    (this is one I havent heard for YEARS and came up on suggested videos…. describes the space inside its head- space invaders, player one)

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  24. Well one good thing has come of our little trollish vsitor, I am having one hell of a 80’s rock revival going on here atm (just found the complete talking heads, stop making sense album and blasting it) lol

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  25. One of his defences during his trial was that we sent him death threats (untrue), so it seems pretty unlikely to me that he’d switch sides. I think Rupert looks out for Rupert, and says whatever is expedient in any situation.

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  26. To be accurate, his conviction was for harassing adults. In fact, one of the arguments his defence team used was that if his threats were against the children of Hampstead (i.e. standing outside a school with a knife), then their parents could not rightly claim that they had been threatened. The judge rejected this argument.

    I do agree that Rupert’s antics here will have lifelong repercussions for him when he gets home. These days, we all must be aware that much of what we do will go onto our “permanent records” online.

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  27. No worries, mate – I’m just relieved that there aren’t really 25 million of the little buggers running round 🙂

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  28. “The name Devo comes from the concept of ‘de-evolution’ – the idea that instead of continuing to evolve, mankind has actually begun to regress, as evidenced by the dysfunction and herd mentality of American society. In the late 1960s, this idea was developed as a joke by Kent State University art students Gerald Casale and Bob Lewis, who created a number of satirical art pieces in a devolution vein.”


    Sorry, A56 – I’ve read that three times now but still can’t find any references to Satan or Lucifer. I know they must be there somewhere, so perhaps you could point them out for us…

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  29. Quite the collection you have there Sheva, one small thing is some of the screenshots are too small to actually read them
    thumbs up from me

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  30. @SV – that whole 60 minutes video, and all the victim claimants in it, express nothing but the childish, cartoonish, ‘Hammer films’ concept of “satanism” – an almost infallible tip-off that they are either delusional or a liar. Because the concept of evil people, dedicated to doing evil things in service to an evil deity. is as stupid & nonsensical as Dr Evil’s evil empire.

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  31. Probability of winning Lotto jackpot = 1 / 43,419,020.4

    43,419,020.4 squared = 1,855,211,332,495,616

    Therefore, the chances of winning twice = 1 / 1,855,211,332,495,616

    1,855,211,332,495,616 / 3,000,000,000 = 628,403.777

    Ergo, Debs, you are in fact over 628 thousand times MORE likely to not be reborn into abject poverty than win the Lotto jackpot twice.

    So… fortune here I come 😀

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  32. That creepy bloke’s obsessing over you again, mate. You know, the one who admitted to beating the crap out of his own daughter to “drive the Devil out of her”. Still, so long as he’s partaking in the Geography for Headless Chickens class, at least he’s not punching children.

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  33. The repercussions from his foolish actions will last a lifetime. Not too sure if he likes to travel but a stint in jail- as opposed to a good behavior bond or suspended sentence etc can cause difficulties as it indicates to Immigration officials the court thought your crime very serious. Especially as there was a knife involved.

    No matter how much Americans like Quantaince etc like to give out a slightly ‘superior’ air locals will be circumspect about giving him a job.

    The best course for Rupert would be to acknowledge his foolishness and become a campaigner against false accusations and admit how he was sucked into a web of truther conspiracy by nefarious malefactors (you know who they are !) whose clever manipulations caused his downfall.
    # not one has offered him support except for weasel words.
    There can be redemption and Quaintance can re-build his life and earn respect after this if he were to campaign against these horrid and vicious campaigns against innocent people.

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  34. Well I can guarentee that he is indeed a real person, but as I’ve just read that Rupert was involved in Sandy Hook debunking and harming other victims, it would be maybe justice if he now felt that…..
    Being rubbed, made to not exist… I bet Angie and Belinda would love that ! hahaha

    Theres alot that I’ve written that I havn’t expressed so clearly before, under this video…..
    I know that it upset some people to see that he had visited my house.
    But I was glad that most could see that my intentions had been good.
    I did think that he might get arrested, some of you seemed so sure, but after a good while of hanging around the airport he decided to risk it but he was half sure that I was setting a trap…..
    he was so paranoid…. I don’t know though whether Angie or anyone knew he was coming here, and that stupid and illegal photo did make me wonder if he was trying to get me compromised……
    I decided not to take action, though I was advised that I could.
    Not sure if I did right, but it was all so unstoppable once he got to Lanzarote and was spouting such moronic shite and acting as if it was a game, that if he was going to be arrested, I felt it should be for the more serious crimes he was committing, not least at the hospital where Jake was.

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  35. He have some very serious making amends first and then there’s no guarentee….. DOB
    He really made things worse for people in such a cocky, arrogant manner and all because he dreams of being the next Alex Jones or as near as dammit….. what an aspiration………..can only be the dollars, eh…. if only he could have used his humour, like Omni Mikey News does, to debunk and declothe these emporers of doom, or phrophets4profit (copywight Avid Mador), the manicsatanicpanicpreachers and all those charlatans ripping people of because they are needy using hard and soft sale, nlp, grooming methods, and they are despicable…….. Maybe he’ll change………. it’s always our choice how we use our talents and power, for good or evil….

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  36. He seem pretty revolted by her from what he wrote at the time.
    Not hard to imagine…………when she wrote some stuff about how she was sure her heart belonged to him it was so sickening, we all were wetting ourselves, he hadn’t even got there, then !! 🙂

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  37. I agree Sam and I really hope he does. It might feel difficult but it could transrorm his life.
    He could become a whistleblower for real.
    If he reads the victims’ stories and listens to them without the sneering, snarky attitude cos they’re all supposed to be actors, thereby dehumanising their targets, much like they do to all of us and others that won’t dance or sing to the beat of their drum.
    I do believe that anyone can redeem themselves, at the level he’s at, in the scheme of things……..it was appalling, what he did, but you and I have a similar idea about what could be possible…….. I just tried to make it happen beforehand …..typical me 🙂

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  38. Yeah I know, but really struggling to find a cutting tool, and correct, that monkey was supposed to be somewhere else, too 🙂 But I thought the shots were important enough for it not to matter too much, Thanks..
    Quite a serendipitious gift landed in my twitter feed courtesy of bournevexxed, who followed me the other day, and three clicks through his connections and I was on SMART s profile, so I knew something was coming, I had just finished getting all the screenshots uploaded to make a video anyway, whe voila ! The perfect addon 🙂
    I think she wants a catfight 🙂


  39. When Rupert is kicked back to his old life, he will be at a junction in life. Choices. He faces hell or redemption in how he uses this opportunity. His mind and his life is a mess. He suffers the temptation of alcohol and drugs. He needs discipline, an external structure to guide him through life. He is an ideal candidate for a life of a Trappist Monk.


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  40. That’s right, he chose to disregard the truth, I wondered why. But it was a few months before it was pointed out or I came across him supporting the Hollie Grieg hoax, so he probably was involved in that kind of operation, given that so many of his assoicates on American Freedom Radio also promote Santos Bonacci and Kevin Annett as well as the fake news, false flags, chemtrails, soveriegn citizen, idealogy and making a living out of the theatre they produce.
    Had I known that I would have had less willingness to attempt it.

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  41. Yeah i was up late, unfortunattely im working the nightshift for the next few nights

    Ohh well good money, until turnbull removes penalty rates, then the employers that are so keen on cutting costs by getting rid of them might find it hard to get people to work them

    I get more $$$ working two nights than five dayshifts,but i wouldnt do them if the pay was the same as day rates thats for sure


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