Paterson v. Costa in Twit-of-the-Year dead heat

We fear we may have been doing Kristie Sue “Defective Detective” Costa a disservice in our critiques of her fumbling attempts to “research” those who oppose the Hampstead SRA hoax. Yesterday Costa received a credible challenge from John “The Schnozz” Paterson, as he attempted and failed to rise to a simple challenge set by our own Roger Flutterby.

Paterson has been beating his chest with his tiny fists and screeching that he is the “best researcher in the world”. (Oi, you in back—stop laughing, he’s serious.)

Paterson claims that not only does he know our IP addresses, but he can identify each and every person who posts on this blog, and we are all in his beady sights. Thus, he claims, we should be careful when we use our credit cards, ride buses, or…wait, there was something else we weren’t supposed to do. Hold on, we’ll think of it. …

Never mind. The point is, Paterson knows all about us, and we should be very, very afraid, because he is very, very smart. Or so he says.

Mr Flutterby, amused by his presumption, challenged Paterson to provide the IP addresses he claims to have (which don’t correlate to street addresses in any case, but we’ll leave that for another day).

The following conversation ensued:Suffice to say, nice try, no cigar.

Kristie Sue’s entry

Now let’s have a look at Kristie Sue’s attempt to use her head for something other than a hat-rack:

On Monday, with something of a flourish, she posted this bit of brilliance to her Besmirch the Chickens blog: Pallas Athene IS Nikki Wyrd.

Her argument boils down to this: HR regular Pallas Athene once posted a comment to Kristie Sue’s own blog, using the avatar “PallasAtheneNike”. And when Kristie Sue Googled that phrase, she came up with a person on the site Deviantart named “Nikki”, who uses PallasAtheneNike as her avatar.

In Kristie Sue’s tiny brain, this passes for CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE that Pallas Athene is in fact Nikky Wyrd, partner of Julian Vayne.

We’ll let Pallas herself respond to this:

Soooo, basically anyone on the internet who uses the pseudonym of a Greek goddess is … me! I’m flattered (and I’m not a member of deviantart).

The funny thing is… by re-posting my comments to her blog, she’s basically repeating my views about Nathaniel Harris, so I’m totally fine with that. Thanks, Krusty, please keep sharing. Also — please feel free to contact me on my sooper seekret pallasathenenike email, give it out to anyone you please. Do you seriously think my IP address leads anywhere? Anyone reading this blog knows that I live in Glastonbury, and that’s about the limit of any information you’ll get from an IP address. If this were not so, I would be using a VPN.

Kristy Su —you’re a child abuser and an enabler of abuse. Your posting of the children’s testimonies and identities is a form of abuse. You’re not fighting for anything except excitement and attention for yourself, and you are endangering innocent people, including children. It’s a criminal offense here in the UK to identify child victims of a sexual crime, and you can be sure that if you ever do enter the UK, or the EU, you will probably be arrested. There. Post that on your arse-wipe of a blog.

Nicely said, Pallas.

And now, readers, over to you: who wins the Twit of the Year Cup this year? Cast your votes below!

139 thoughts on “Paterson v. Costa in Twit-of-the-Year dead heat

  1. Wow, I think I need to re-tune my brain to take this one in. I’m so used to seeing/using this slogan in an ironic sense that I’d forgotten there are still some pseudo-medieval psychos out there who actually mean it 😮

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  2. OK, I voted ‘plague on both houses’ because I was finding it hard to decide who was the most intellectually challenged between KSC and Prattle-On. Then I saw this – Prattle-On claiming, without so much as a hint of irony, that this blog is a friend and ally of…Kevin Annett. Yup.

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  3. Next victim located…
    Target locked…
    Begging bowl at the ready…
    Pound signs lit up in both eyes…
    Conscience chip switched to off…
    And fire!

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  4. Kevin Annett’s claim re Pope Benedict is a perfect example of the crackpot thinking of the Fruit Loop Brigade in the way they accepted it and promoted it.
    But there was one Tiny Flaw in the claim: no-one can issue an arrest warrant for The Pope in The Vatican City as it’s an independent state and any Pope as Head of State is immune from arrest.
    Ergo- why on earth would a head of state resign and become a civilian over an arrest warrant which would make them vulnerable? And since his resignation he traveled far and wide but is now almost bed ridden as he has a number of ailments coming on, presumably the reason for his resignation.
    Hold secretary just informed me that ITCCS warrants are accepted on the Planet Zog.

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  5. Ooh, I think Kris “I never show the children’s photos and I never harass anyone” Kosta just gained some ground in her Twit of the Year bid:

    (Red circles added by me, not Kristie Sue)

    By the way, Kris set this one to private, presumably hoping we wouldn’t spot it. But she hadn’t factored in her redneck mate Tina ‘One Bullet’ Kachina.

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  6. Seems she posted it in the ‘Pedosta’s Ping Pong Pizza Pool Party’ Facebook group. I’m not making that up.

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  7. Here’s my current IP address Sir John Paterson : I’m currently in Argentina and you are warmly invited to join me on the Pampas for a to man, nose to nose.
    Be quick though as I’ll be in China by afternoon via Iceland on the way courtesy of George Soros’ supersonic private jet.
    Maybe wait until this evening when I’ll back in the UK to watch some BBC Iplayer programs.

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  8. Oh my God, what a pair of vile, disgusting creatures. I hope Aaron’s mum is ok 😦

    (Red bars added by me)

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  9. I’m currently at, GoS, so at least we’re on the same continent. Perhaps we could meet in Paraguay before you head off to China? I’m dying for a good cup of coffee, and there’s a nice little shop in Assunção where we could meet.

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  10. Well, their research skills are awesome – they can’t even get the name of the bloke they’re harassing right!

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  11. I am, but I must say no more. After all, this is a family blog. And what Kristie Sue and Filthy Tina get up to in their off-hours is really not our concern. 😉

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  12. Look, we did send one of our people to meet Paterson, and it didn’t end well. Paterson got his arse kicked, his nose broken, and his precious sunglasses lost. I don’t entirely blame our man, as he was overwhelmed with disgust and lost his temper.

    Still, I fear we must chalk that up as a failure on our part. We do try to train our people to exhibit a bit more self-control, even in the presence of scum like Praterson.


  13. Which rats are jumping ship, exactly? I’m sure she cannot be talking about this fine establishment, as I notice views have risen precipitously in the past few weeks.

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  14. Does she actually not yet grasp that when a person is attacked and harassed by a drooling mob of lunatics and criminals, they automatically receive protection under the law, which is part of the established order, aka “the establishment”, in civilised nations?

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  15. This has appeared on Maurice Kirks website in advance of his sentencing hearing on Friday 17th (two days time) Its hard to believe that he wants to know why he should be in Court on that date!!!

    Its also hard to believe his title of the letter – does he not realise that its not an ALLEGED breach of a restraining order but a PROVEN AT TRIAL breach and he is going to be sentenced accordingly.

    Does he not realise that its a sentencing hearing not a retrial.

    Are these people truly stupid and the proceedings are beyond their comprehension or just totally deluded?

    14th November 2017

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sentencing Hearing for 4th Alleged Breach of Unserved Restraining Orders

    In Preparation of my 5th proposed Jury Trial on fabricated Cardiff Court and NHS (Wales) Records

    17th November 2017 sentencing hearing requires a number of outstanding issues to be addressed none of which necessarily requires my attendance unless I am seriously mistaken.

    In the light of my finding appropriate legal representation for the hearing to establish

    why your court refuse local psychiatrists as in HMP Swansea in order to double my sentence
    to have the court report the complainant police doctor to the General Medical Council now
    to obtain written proof a restraining order was served on me on 1st Dec 11 and 12th April 13
    why the last trial judge flatly refused to have any information removed from my web sites
    why 1st Dec 11 harassment records were doctored before and after CCRC received them
    why the court would object to an outside police force investigation of itself and local police
    why is it South Wales Police has been allowed to stand idly by, for so long, to allow their chief level 12 police psychiatrist knowingly to write my numerous fabricated medical reports and his own false witness complaints if not to aid the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to save her pension by having me repeatedly unlawfully goaled to aid her defending my compensation cases against her for persistent bullying and refusal to investigate crimes committed on me, my family and past veterinary staff with, mean time, ‘sweet Fanny Adams’ doing anything to correct my seriously damaging MAPPA forensic and NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic medical reports,
    does the court really need my attendance and if so, what on earth for?


    Yours truly,

    Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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  16. Plumbing new depths that i didn’t think even KSC would be capable of. She gets so excited about paedophile stories which she must know came from the mind of a mentally ill man.

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  17. Spot-on, Arthur. And if anything happens to Aaron’s mother or to Ricky or to anyone else whose names, addresses etc. Tina and Kristie Sue have published alongside calls for them to be murdered, there will be blood on their hands. Just like there was when Kristie Sue hounded Ricky’s grandmother to death.

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  18. Sadly for Angie, Hilary is still alive and Podesta remains un-arrested. As for the “arrested” Saudis- still holed up in luxurious suites in the Ritz Carlton and as they are all mainly related to the current King I expect a few $Billion will change hands and the matter will be settled.

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  19. It’s those nits in her hair. They’re the brain eating type. Done the job and will shortly be moving on. Wasn’t much there to munch on in the first place.

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  20. Last week she was reporting that ALL of them had been murdered in a helicopter crash. Yup.

    She’s also been alleging that the Vegas massacre was an attempt to assassinate Saudi Prince Salman!

    And lest we forget her recent claims that smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

    Oh and it’s now 3 days since her follower Paul Martin asked her what her source for the Hillary suicide claim was. Let’s just say the silence has been deafening.

    But get this – there are one or two people out there who STILL believe her to be credible 😮

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  21. I notice that Lee Cant and John Duane have been suspiciously absent from her page lately (they used to be prolific commenters on there). So it seems even they’re wising up to her. Even her most sycophantic lapdog Tim Veater appears to have been giving her a swerve lately.

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  22. Nothing strange about it Wes ……. Bully real advocates, lie, create false allegations, try to drag people into your racist, vile, threatening posts……This is what happens.
    Dropped the by now, totally discredited Opdeatheaters tag now ?
    Cryto currency? I guess you need to be able to buy more filth to sell on to your creepy mates, to drool over, eh ?

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  23. The police are there to protect people like RD and the chldren from the vigilante mob and, as far as I know, RD has no more ‘power’ than anyone else.

    Only a FOOL or a mentally ill person would make more of this.

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  24. What I find utterly despicable about the Tina Kachina types is this (as demonstrated by the snap she posted below)..they remind of my youth many decades ago when I attended Ban The Bomb marches and at one such event several of us got arrested for no good reason. I was let go but the arresting cop punched one guy in the stomach, smacked a girl over the face and whacked her in the back with a truncheon all the while mouthing off disgusting sexual insults.

    A few short years later I ran into that cop in a pub. No longer in the force, he had grown his hair long and was mouthing off about the joys of cannabis. I reminded him of our previous encounter at which he guffawed and made idiotic “peace and love” inane comments. I had great joy in tossing my drink in his face.

    They are phony “hippies” (as someone said, perhaps Manson types) phony “alternatives” etc etc but reading their timelines they are racist , redneck, right-wing Neo Nazis, attacking anything to the “left” of Attila The Hun. They are arrogant plonkers who just don’t fucking well get it.
    That felt good.

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  25. In protest at being unable to hide your scamming, lying and vile racism ? Thanks to the many good people who have shared evidence and put the spotlight on your nasty, abusive behaviour.
    Especially to abuse those two children and try to encourage more people to keep doing so, disgusting…..All victims of child abuse deserve protection. Those two children abused in Morocco, by friends of Defective Ray Savage and HopeGirl,probably, I reckon…….tortured by Abe Christie, who you and your close ally Angela Power Disney keep promoting……

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  26. Bugger me, Sam – that was you?! You owe me half a pint of Bishop’s Finger and a fiver for the cleaning bill. A cheque’ll do.

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  27. “I’ll use any money I make to increase the presure by filming a documentary”

    I’m still waiting for him to go to University and write a book. He said he was doing both.

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  28. Gimpy vs Limpy!
    Too close to call, although Costa has done more damage to the childrens future, who surely just want to move on with their lives and forget they ever met psychopathic abuser Abe.
    Paterson throws about racial slurs much more though.
    Maybe some pagga style head to head would sort out whose the worst?

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  29. Thanks to the sooper secret anonymous source who sent me a bunch of these the other day.
    I wont post all of them as there’s too many and it pretty much all boils down to Nathan thinking every single troofer, or person he disagrees with, is working together to bring him down, or towards some agenda.

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  30. “There was no question of keeping his mouth shut..”. Have they actually read Mein Kampf. Talk about obsession. On and on and on and on he ranted about Jews. Insanity. God he must have been a bore at parties. Not a single funny bone in the man’s body.
    No wonder these loonies admire him.

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  31. “Investigating the Dead
    Law in Action

    Joshua Rozenberg asks what’s the point of investigating the dead over allegations of abuse. He speaks to the former judge Sir Richard Henriques, who is critical of recent police investigations into dead people”

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  32. Yep, I made a foolish mistake to think I was moving into, at a time of complete breakdown,a so called healing house, once. They were as disgusting then, as now……… someone in the circle had a serious car crash, lucky escape, to be asked by the drug dealing chief honcho type dragon queen, ‘What did you do, to get that karma?’…… Meanwhile, they are loving the opposition 🙂

    Nina Valentine/John Paterson & Angela Power Disney – Anti-Semites & Hampstead Satanic Hoaxers Unite

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  33. @Jake – thank you! (previous thread).
    That demonstration was very humorous, but I think you put me on the right track. I’m thinking that my english-language brain-washed language centres were rejecting “mnu” as a nonsensical construct;
    “mnu? don’t make sense – must be something else” and then auto-correcting it with a familiar whole word that has similar letters. (?) It was very strange, especially how persistent it was – almost like an optical illusion. Not happening any more though.

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    Thanks for the extended gardening leave EC,I won first prize at the village fete for my marrow,so that was good.Its a shame I was the only entrant following the spate of oblong shaped vegetable abductions in the area,but as they say,shit happens.

    Anyway,I have completed the anger management course without actually terminating anybody,as such,and ive heard the tutor is now finally out of intensive care following that unfortunate water cooler incident.He had a big nose too.

    Oh,and thanks also for the Lanzerote assignment,the stupid cow really believed I was from the BBC and was too busy talking about herself to even notice me lacing her cigarettes with that extreme intensity laxitive stuff the boffins came up with.The arse desensitizer pads worked a treat too,didnt notice a thing when she was grappling away like a bleedin octopus as I made good my escape out of the window.

    If any of the team should perchance bump into Paterson in court or somewhere,do pass on my gratitude for the shades,I managed to get a tenner for them on ebay.

    Anyways must dash as I have to get to the tip before it closes,to get shot of some old veg thats been festering in the boot of my car for blooming weeks.Mums the word,chin chin.

    A Orange.(Twat Interception Team)

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  35. I am assuming the likes of Neelu and Jake were left out of the twit of the year nominations on account of the logistics involved in them attending the presentation ceremony in a fucking straight jacket.

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  37. LOL! You’re welcome, JS. Interesting how easy it was to read, even with the letters jumbled about. 😀


  38. It worries me that Praterson the coward is threatening women. What a sad pathetic lowlife piece of crap.

    Also, by implication of his threats to send violent gangs to our houses, he’s threatening people’s families and children too.

    Not that it’s ok for him to threaten grown men either, btw.

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  39. And I’ve reported you, Praterson, you lowlife piece of pond scum. I have a zero tolerance policy towards cowards and bullies.

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  40. Actually, Praterson, I think your right hand is too preoccupied to put it on the deck, you fucking wanker:

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  41. Sheva, that post is about Hillarry Clinton and I think the ‘noose’ comment is about her, not you. Not that that’s ok and I’ve still reported it.

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  42. Sheva, can I strongly suggest you block Praterson and all his socks/cronies? And maybe report all these posts and comments before doing so? Facebook are much more willing to sanction for harassment if the person reporting is the person being harassed and those comments specifically mention you. I’ve also reported them anyway, though.

    By the way, Praterson et al, good luck with reporting Sheva’s “fake” profile, haha!

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  43. Sorry, Praterson – I know you’re working very hard to clutch that ‘Twat Twit of the Year’ prize from your arch rival but she’s determined to put up a fight…

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  44. Brilliant summary! I love Cracked—their news explainers are often far better than what one finds in the allegedly “serious” media. 🙂


  45. @ Charlotte Ward

    Re. your 12 Christmas wishes from 2015:

    “12 nonces nailed
    11 judges jailed
    10 coppers collared
    9 teachers fired
    8 priests examined
    7 parents questioned
    6 CAFCASS subpoenaed
    5 trolls slain
    4 activists
    Abe & Ella safe
    2 children home
    And Ricky in the penitentiary”

    Sooo, how did all that work out for you? Bwahahahaha! 😀 😀 😀

    Actually, “12 nonces nailed” wasn’t far off, seeing how many of your child-abusing mates have been arrested so far (with one in prison).

    PS: cheated a bit on 3, didn’t you?

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  46. Interesting. I think I see now why he usually has Sabine write his blog posts. His own efforts are growing more incoherent by the day. However, he definitely does not have a progressive, incurable brain disorder. No sirree!


  47. Is it just me or do others find Titus one of the most annoying tits among this group of nutbags? The others seem so easy to laugh at because their fruit loopery is so blatantly on display but he oozes a sort of quiet arrogance.

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  48. I wandered over to Facebook to “research” some of these creeps. What is it about them where they simply accept a blatant untruth and fabrication like this : “WIRRAL COUNCIL Admits thatCouncil Tax is Unlawful”.
    No such thing happened.
    They may wish council tax did not exist and they would find much support and fairly so. But what is that makes a person accept a complete lie? Wishful thinking? It’s more though isn’t it?. It’s surely a sign of mental disturbance to state that a non-event happened. And when yoiu type in the term you see it’s repeated ad infinitum by 100s of “fake news” sites that parrot claptrap.
    The Internet has shown that society is riddled with these people who thrive on gossip and innuendo and if it’s repeated enough times, it becomes fact for them.

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  49. Thanks SSFS….. You are right, I normally would block, report at first instance. But, on this occasion I let the rope out for them because they have identified themselves and proven how diabolically they will behave. It just took me a while to screenshot, capture so that I can send all the links to the police.
    Facebook took down one of Peter Greens posts swiftly, I;ve been reporting too, as quickly as possible.
    It was also a chance to demonstrate their disgusting treatment, that has been dealt to many, will carry on, if they are not stopped or shown for what they are really about. Alot of us have been subjected to various forms of abuse for years by these creeps claiming to fight for childrens rights.

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  50. Well spotted, jake.

    By the way, shortly after that he says, “This is all based on forensic company documents.” I’m thinking of that ‘New Age Bullshit Generator’ site from the other night and thinking there must be a ‘Troofer Bullshit Generator’ site somewhere for Praterson to be coming up with utter shitewaffle like that.

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  51. Praterson is soooo desperate for any attention, it is unbelievable.

    He is like a jealous toddler, angry that his younger sibling has got the attention he feels he is due.

    I’m getting well peed off with John.

    He is the “yellow scum bastard”.

    As you are so in the know John why don’t you pay a visit to any of our homes on Hoaxtead?

    Come on Johnnie Boy, get your finger out and get on that Bus.

    It’s Thursday today, the day all you Senior Citizens collect your Pension from the Post Office plus isn’t it free after 9 am for you to travel?

    Now you’ve got no excuse have you?


  52. Oh dear, don’t encourage him!

    And folks, if you see this creepy old weirdo anywhere in your vicinity, just remember the advice given by that nice Mr. Holder:

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