Rupert Quaintance found guilty of Harassment 4

Following two days of deliberation, the jury in the trial of Rupert Quaintance came back with a verdict earlier today at Southwark Crown Court: they declared Rupert guilty of two of five charges of Harassment Level 4 (putting people in fear of violence).

At about 11:40 a.m., the sequestered jury sent a note to the court stating that they had been unable to reach a unanimous verdict. They also asked whether 5 September 2016 was the first day of school. Judge Martin Griffith said he would accept an 11-1 or even 10-2 verdict if necessary, though a unanimous decision would obviously have been preferable.

He also confirmed that 5 September was the first day of school.

Rupert had been charged with five counts of Harassment 4; he was found guilty of two of them, and was sentenced to a nine-month prison sentence on each conviction, to run concurrently. In addition, he was given a criminal behavioural order which will be in force for five years; he was also assessed costs for the trial.

In his sentencing, Judge Griffith quoted U.S. president Harry S. Truman: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”, referring to Rupert’s complaints that he had been trolled and harassed following making threats of harm to the parents of Hampstead. He noted the growing impact of the internet on people’s lives, and emphasised the importance of self-regulation and thoughtfulness when making posts online.

Rupert made no response as the verdict and sentencing were read, and was taken down to the cells immediately following sentencing.

Belinda McKenzie, who had attended the trial regularly since it started, was not present during today’s verdict and sentencing.


298 thoughts on “Rupert Quaintance found guilty of Harassment 4

  1. Important to note that he was found guilty by a jury. This is what the person on the street when called to do jury duty thinks about what he did.

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    • There is a small typo you may wish to correct concerning the jury verdict. you’ve put 11-1 or even 12-2.
      I believe you mean 10-2. Easy mistake to make, unless the Judge actually said that.

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  2. Important too that this utter failure of a man should contemplate the fear and misery he inflicted on ordinary decent working people and their children. His dishonest ill-founded hubris has paid the correct dividend due… Next time perhaps he could try honest labour if it’s respect and standing he seeks, as opposed to being a fake and a coward.

    And to the scum who spawned him; shame on you, shame on your name, behold your personal failure.

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  3. EC and everyone, well done on all your hard work in fighting this crazy hoax. You have been a source of strength and support to so many innocent and frightened families and children.

    With the jailing of Rupert Quaintance the momentum has now moved against the Satan Hunter, though the process of trials will take several years to reach their conclusions.

    My time is at an end. I wanted a successful outcome with the Quaintance case to mark my retirement on a high point, and this has now happened. My days of fighting injustice is over.

    Merlin has always been an archetype I identified with, and his words seems the most appropriate to end my last comment post here. Farewell.

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  4. I hope they are very ashamed of what they have encouraged, although I very much doubt it.

    Any of them reading this blog would be wise to now pack this Malarkey in for good, that’s if they have any sense in them before they find themselves in a similar predicament to Rupert or worse.

    If JC is still sharing images of P and Q he’s going to end up getting sectioned again.

    Please tell him to stop and Angela just leave him alone. You have done more than enough damage.

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  5. Hoping this News makes it’s way to Nathan Slopman aka Sniff the Fail, as I believe he is planning a trip to the UK. We was meant to be doing a live stream with someone in London about Hampstead a while ago and that got shelved. But he has mentioned recently about his interest in coming to London.

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  6. It appears that the evil old hag Angela Power-Disney has learned nothing, posting;

    “#Rupert csa investigator found guilty of harrassing alleged paedophiles and sentenced to 9 months are you fucking kidding me??”

    No you old bitch, nobody is “fucking kidding” anyone except perhaps you, kidding yourself.

    Rupert Quaintance was not and is not any kind of ‘investigator nor ‘journalist’… Rather, he is a delusional and dishonest fraud armed with nothing more than a toy camcorder and a bigmouth attached to an empty head driven by stupidity and dishonesty… He ‘investigated’ nothing; he simply posed playing the ‘tough guy’, running his vapid trap off… The only sexual abuse of children that took place was in the twisted minds of perverts like himself – and you.

    You dirty, filthy, evil old fraud Angela. What Quaintance was found guilty of was harassing ordinary decent hard-working people trying to live normal family lives… Something, I suppose, as dysfunctional fraud with a brood of abject failures and a family that despises the rotten bones of you, you’re unfamiliar with.

    Do you want to see a real child-abuser Angela Power Disney? Then simply look in a mirror! – Vile isn’t it?

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    • What Sir Henry of the Family Rawlinson said.
      Tough words but I know meant in a caring & sharing manner.

      Frankly I thought if found guilty, the most he would get is a suspended sentence. He’ll be out in under 5 months but he’s also had, what over a year of stress unlike those of the harassed and libeled Hampstead families (let alone a dad & his 2 kids) who have had years of fear and may suffer on-going ramifications.

      Congratulations to those who chose to be witnesses. They must have had a terrible time protecting their own children from this tawdry episode. I hope they find peace.

      The Judge sounds eminently fair and intelligent and his Truman quote is very apt.

      As to those anonymous creeps who continue their vile campaigns of anonymous trolling of innocent families, hopefully Karma will strike one day.

      And the arrogant ones like APD : as the eminent US Government counsel Joseph N. Welch said (and finally began the downfall of an infamous With-Hunt) during the 1950s McCarthy “anti-Communist” slurs on so many artistic people and specifically as a fine young soldier was about to have his life destroyed by all sorts of accusations : “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

      # Fascinating (in a guoolish way) that one of the drivers of that particular Witch Hunt was the creepy lawyer Roy Cohn who as a young gay Jewish lawyer led that vicious campaign and specifically targeted gay Jewish men in Hollywood. That Donald Trump hired him for years (his other clients being Mafia families) seems to have really opened flood gates of on-line (and physical) hatred & ramped it up a notch. I once saw Cohn across a New York bar and have never seen a man with such an aura of Pure Evil.

      ## A must see is Al Pacino’s amazing performance as Cohn in Angels in America where the subject of those who lead these vile witch -hunts are often deep down the very thing they are attacking- a subject raised on here often.

      It will never occur to those who promote @pizzagate that there are numerous relatives of those targeted who become de-facto victims just as several have with Fiona Barnett’s hysterical campaign.

      So that’s one relatively young life fucked up for the immediate future by these Hoaxteaders although Quaintance is lucky as he will leave the UK one day and return to the USA where his conviction won’t carry too much weight.

      I predict sadly that eventually when he leaves the nick and settles in back home, Rupert will again become a Poster Boy and Martyr and continue his campaigns as his arrogance has only been temporarily muzzled.

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      • I’m not impressed with the jumping off the 60 ft cliff.

        Push comes to shove, we could all do that.

        Is that the best he could come up with?

        I’m hoping that the 5 year Order he’s received from the Judge will go some way to stopping Rupert becoming the Poster Boy and Martyr.

        Jeez what will his fellow Prisoners think of that name.

        Prison is going to change him.

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      • “ABOUT ME
        I am a writer and video journalist from America, traveling around Europe gathering footage for documentaries and a book.” ๐Ÿ”’

        “One Amazing Thing Iโ€™ve Done

        One time I jumped off of a 60 foot cliff into a rock quarry filled with water.”


        “I can teach video editing and production. I can teach acting and comedy. I can teach drums to children.”

        I’m sure his fellow inmates will be overwhelmed at his brilliant skills, best to not mention children though!

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        • I’m not impressed with the jumping off the 60 ft cliff.

          Push comes to shove we could all do that.

          Is that the best he could come up with?

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        • โ€œI can teach video editing and production. I can teach acting and comedy. I can teach drums to children.โ€

          I seriously doubt that… ‘Video editing and production’, to a basic level of competence at least, is something that takes around 2400 hours to learn; at least to the stage where you’ll be allowed to start training in earnest to reach a professional level. – Rupert obviously hasn’t done that himself. The people who teach it need to be highly qualified and experienced in the subject to be allowed to do so. Besides which, isn’t Rupert on video saying how he can’t be assed editing video?

          Acting/drama/comedy is much the same… Thousands of hours of learning and teaching, years of professional experience, degree level (somewhat above the American mickey-mouse ‘bachelor’) education etc… And I seriously doubt if he’d pass the PVG requirements to be allowed anywhere near a class of children, even to teach drums and even if he could play the fucking things himself… We’ve heard him, he can’t.

          Rupert Wilson Quaintance… Convicted criminal and fraud to the morrow!

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          • “I can teach drums to children.โ€

            Well having lost his high and mighty hat Stickman Quaint-Arse can now learn to keep time HMP stylie.Keep it tight Roopy baby.

            Cue Epic Buddy Rich drum solo pretty much for the hell of it really.

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        • As the case is over… This was bang-on-the money IMHO, right at the beginning;

          “See a psychiatrist if you think it’s reasonable to threaten the peace and safety of Hampstead residents based on silly perverted fairy-stories generated by a known criminal with a record of abusing kids”

          Quite prescient too as the clock very clearly was ticking for him.

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  7. This should never have happened. Rupert was warned (nicely by some) and is the author of his own misfortune. I know Angela (‘considerably dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’)* Power-Disney encouraged him, but he’s now having to take responsibility for his own actions.

    What a terribly hard lesson to learn.

    Angela doesn’t have a lot to look forward to either. If she manages to avoid the law she still has to weather Rupert telling it all when he gets out of prison. I don’t know what his Court Order says but I suspect he’ll be able to tell his side of the story once he’s back in Virginia. Then again perhaps she’ll like the attention.

    *Quotes from the prosecution and Rupert.

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    • He should never have been allowed into the country; he was a reported terror threat… Is what he inflicted upon innocent British citizens not terror?

      Having reviewed much of what went before, I discover that the bulk of what Rupert sought to misrepresent as ‘threats’ were in fact warnings that people would not hesitate to involve the police if he proceeded to carry out the threats of violence he himself made. – I think I said this the other day, but isn’t it strange how all of these rogues start crying ‘death threat’ when the only ‘threat they face is that of arrest?

      I’m reminded too that his mother threatened to turn guns on people… Again, as I said the other night, the act of an out-of-control psychopath. Well seen that Rupert didn’t pick his stupidity and tendency towards violence off the ground.

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      • I bet he now wishes he had been turned back at Immigration.
        I think his time in a UK nick will pass fairly easily as he won’t be compelled to join a White Aryan Nation group or have a hefty Black Lives Matter Charlottesville chap who just watched a bunch of white Nazis march through town take a fancy to him.
        (On reflection- maybe he would actually like one of either scenarios to happen)

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    • Yes.

      Rupert was told by numerous people nicely, but the immature, no responsibility for his own actions fool thought he knew best, the arrogance of him is astounding.

      Time for him to fess up and realise he has to take responsibility for his foolish awful actions.

      Well he’s got a bit of time to reflect on his actions and the trouble he has caused.

      However I’m not so sure he will even now take responsibility.

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    • Lol “Not a nice person” and “considerably dangerous “. At least that might put to bed any thoughts that Angela had of a reconciliation between her and Rupert. Stupid deluded bitch.

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    • “Rupert was warned (nicely by some) and is the author of his own misfortune.”

      Yes indeed, he was warned. Unfortunately, rather than taking the warnings on board, he chose to believe Belinda, Angela, et al, decided the warnings were actually threats, and continued upon his merry way. I personally don’t wish Rupert any harm. However, I do think people must be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. In this case, prison seems to be the only effective way to ensure that happens.

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  8. Thank you for bringing us updates on what happened in court, a difficult line to walk.

    I would feel slightly sorry for Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV if I wasn’t certain that he will be wallowing in self pity at the moment.

    I got the impression that he was so caught up in 1st Amendment style defences of his own bad behaviour that it barely crossed his mind that other countries have different laws, legal traditions and constitutions. A rookie mistake for a travelling self styled international journalist.

    Seeing the events in Charlottesville made my remember his mum, and her job at the local museum, where desegregation of schools is not mentioned in the local history timeline, but building two separate schools for white and black children is mentioned without a comment. There’s the abscence of any mention of anything that happens pre colonialisation (if that’s not the right term, it should be). Confederate flags and those whole groups. The twee pictures of white women role playing in olde worlde costumes. A whitewashed history.

    I have noticed the alt-right’s obsession with certain subjects, like pizzahate, and then the pizzahate people’s Nazi marches, and anti-Semitic chants outside the synagogue in Charlottesville as they marched past. The whole theme of conspiranoid fantasies of secret groups doing nefarious things and the link this thinking has to fascism and outright murder in a small town I imagine Rupert has some affection for.

    He has been going down the hate and fascist path, because anger and hate feels good I imagine.

    I have watched the bots, and screeds that can hardly be called journalism pushing hate.

    I know which camp I would place Rupert in, if it was a choice between the pizzahate conspiracist gun loving Nazis and the left-leaning rainbow wearing Trump haters that have peacefully marched against them.

    I’m sure his mum is proud, sitting in her not exactly expensive house near the trailer site. She could clean her guns to commiserate.

    I’ll shut up now.

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    • 90% of what you have said is subjective and has nothing to do with the court case. I agree, you should shut up now. Here is not the place to spout your own political agenda.


          • I do not wish to get into a debate here, it is not the place. Though your comments which I quote:
            “I have noticed the alt-rightโ€™s obsession with certain subjects…”,
            “The whole theme of conspiranoid fantasies of secret groups doing nefarious things and the link this thinking has to fascism and outright murder in a small town I imagine Rupert has some affection for.”
            I believe that is a ridiculous claim. You claimed it, you support it with evidence. That is what the law requires.
            “conspiracist gun loving Nazis and the left-leaning rainbow wearing Trump haters that have peacefully marched against them”
            Are you serious?
            How about staying on subject and leave your politics at home.


          • “That is what the law requires.”

            No it doesn’t. She’s entitled to express an opinion. I disagree with her on this one and I’m allowed to express that too. The law has nothing to do with it.

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          • Actually Jim Dandy, I’m in support of um..Tracy(I cant cut and paste atm and I cant see what comes in from sorry)
            I suspect that with the increasing ‘trumpnessness’ of the US, such court cases in the UK are going to become (unfortunately) more frequent, not less…
            The entire country seems to have taken a lurch to the extreme right and Ruperts ‘style’ of ‘reporting’ is exactly the same as is done by the president of his country every day on twitter- misreporting ‘facts’ and slandering people
            I help mod a forum and the level of bans and suspensions caused by US originated IP’s behaviour is becoming such a problem that we plan on doubling the number of mods, just to keep up with it- the idea has been touted seriously that we implement a IP ban on the most common US based isp’s…
            and thats on a woodworking forum :-O

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          • Seriously, look up some of the speakers at the so-called alt-right rally in Charlottesville! They have Twitter accounts and everything. People have been pushing pizzagate, and other conspiracies for nearly a year. Dip your toes into r/conspiracy if you can stomach it. This isn’t something that just came into my brainz out of nowhere. Quite a few people are also putting the Hampstead case in their big lists of things that prove pizzahate is real. And the rally was supposedly about a statue, but not actually about a statue. Counter protesters were actually marching with LGBT flags, and against Trump’s policies. There were Nazi slogans chanted as people marched past a Synagogue. The rabbi has written about what happened. Also, someone died.

            Like it or not pizzagate and also the Hampstead case has been picked up by a pretty extreme element in American fringe politics.

            There may be a reason for this. Have you any suggestions?

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          • It appears I’ve been blocked from replying to any comments on this thread, I am also getting no notification of replies. I am only able to comment on the original post.
            So to Fnord, I absolutely agree! We are all able to post a point of view, I was being provocative I admit. Also thank you for confirming that you also do not agree with YdychyncachuTracey’s views.
            The fact that I am unable to comment on replies to a post here and that I am not getting notifications of replies is confirmation of my fears. It’s a sad sad day.
            You are all free to agree with Ultra left wing propaganda. Don’t dare to give an alternative point of view that you can support with evidence. Don’t even hint at it, as you will be shut out.


          • “The fact that I am unable to comment on replies to a post here and that I am not getting notifications of replies is confirmation of my fears. Itโ€™s a sad sad day”.

            I don’t think anyone’s blocked, but WordPress does have an odd habit of limiting the number of levels of threaded comments. I believe it’s set to 5 here. We do have the option of expanding that, but we’ve generally found 5 works all right most of the time.

            If you want to respond to a comment that doesn’t have a “Reply” box under it, the best thing to do is exactly what you did: go to the previous level of the thread and respond there.

            As for receiving notifications of comments, you’ll only get notifications of comments that reply to yours, I believe.

            No one is attempting to block anyone from any commentary on this blog, don’t worry.

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    • “I got the impression that he was so caught up in 1st Amendment style defences of his own bad behaviour that it barely crossed his mind that other countries have different laws, legal traditions and constitutions.”

      Yes exactly right. And as we know he doesn’t research anything well, so he won’t have found out.

      Having watched a lot of Rupert though I think he’d be out with the Trump haters and not the other side. Strangely, he doesn’t have much in common with the nutjobs who stand outside Comet Ping Pong with signs that say ‘Homosex is Sin’. He seems like a lot of Americans I’ve met who are (to us) a funny combination of liberal and conservative. There seem to be many ‘liberals’ in America who have guns and don’t have a problem with guns either.

      I’m told he mentioned Trump in Court. So you see, when Angela (‘considerably dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’)* Power-Disney wonders why she was mentioned in Court but wasn’t called, we find that Trump was mentioned too. He wasn’t called in either. I wonder why?

      *Quotes from the prosecution and Rupert.

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      • His previous causes have certainly been very different to this one. But, I’m not convinced he’s not sinking in the whole morass of quite nasty stuff now. Maybe not so far to drag himself out,

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        • If he had been in America and free, he would have been on the Pizzagate/Pedogate bandwagon full steam as it was extremely popular during and after the elections over there, and a lot of YouTubers made their channels popular off the back of that bullshit. David Seaman, Titus Frost, many more.
          He would have dropped Hampstead for something closer to home, and built up a following of weed addled followers off the back of Pizzagate instead.

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          • You may well be right. He is, after all, a publicity junkie. I just don’t think he’d stand next to one of those crazies with homophobic signs though. I don’t think it’s the way he thinks.

            He certainly not a Trump supporter either. He apparently dissed Trump in Court.

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          • He might not like Trump, but he wasnt a Hillary supporter either
            “ – Rupert Roasts Hillary
            Hi, it’s Rupert – Episode 61 INFOWARS.COM Make Fun of Hillary Contest submission
  ” Video removed


          • That will give him a little bit of time to reflect on his stupidity, Maybe the rest of them will learn to conduct themselves properly in the future


        • This could be a positive turning point in his life if he CHANGES.

          It might be for the best if Rupert stops the trying to get “Rich Quick”, thinks that he is entitled and that he is so special method that he has used up to this point.

          He wants to get a steady job when he goes back to the USA, have a complete change of friends and forget all this Conspiracy stuff.

          He hasn’t done too brilliantly so far and it works for millions of others, it might work for him.

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          • This is my hope too. I know it’s probably ridiculously optimistic of me, but I hope that Rupert will come to accept responsibility for his actions, rather than sinking into a morass of self-pity and claiming he was stitched up, or that he “suffered ten-fold” more than the parents whose lives he terrorised.

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      • I find most of my US pals, all lovable, have no idea that laws may be different when they travel.
        Aussies as well as the Dept of Foreign Affairs issues notices in all passports to be aware of the laws of the land you may be visiting.
        As for Freedom of Speech- an over-used term that covers a multitude of sins.

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        • I think anyone who thinks the laws of the land in one country are going to be the same in another country is being a tad naive.

          Are there any countries in the world where it is okay to go out and promote violence to others?

          Maybe there is, who knows but where Rupert thought England would accept that type of behaviour from him I just don’t know.

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  9. Hello Everybody Newbie here,

    Just to let everyone know Neelu is a scary scam artist. I don’t think she is half as mad as she makes herself out to be. I think she’s manipulative and wicked, dare I say it villainous even. My friend nearly got scammed by her, how they met I don’t know but Neelu’s printing Swissindo (I think it’s called) cheques and bond certificates and handing them out to people. Why aren’t people like Neelu being arrested for what she’s doing? Surely it’s illegal?? It blows my mind what she is getting away with. Also Neelu has squatters (homeless people) at her house so when bailiffs come its going to be a violent confrontation with her at the front serving people with treason notices and handing out ยฃ5 billion commercial liens for dishonour. LoL

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      • Thanks Steved,
        I’m glad people are keeping an eye on her as she is verg dangerous to me and a liar. Her mental health team really should also be aware of what she’s doing. Surely she is deteriorating or should be given an award for upstanding performance as her acting a nutcase is spectacularly awesome. LoL. I think she should be sectioned though, she could hurt someone if she doesn’t get her mortgage paid by SwissSwindel!

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    • She is still publishing videos showing the images of the children (Censored by me).
      Still supporting a known child abuser who went on to torture and groom two children into repeating his perverted fantasies of sexual abuse and murder. She is sick in the head.

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      • She even wants the children to be returned to their abusers for more torture porn for her own gratification.
        A parasite and a danger to children.

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      • Agree but no one does anything about her behaviour, not her community health nurse or the judges in court. So Neelu will continues until I believe she really hurts herself or someone else.

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        • I think her day in Court is coming very soon.

          With the precedent that is now set with Rupert getting 9 months Neelu is going to end up either locked up by Sectioning or locked up in Prison.

          Which who knows but the woman is boring…

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    • Neelu has been on the London ‘scamming scene’ for a very long time – and is associated with a particular crowd and particular activities. It’s unsurprising that she’s been ‘supplied’ with a team of squatters and I’d offer the opinion that the person orchestrating that is Belinda McKenzie. – She’s very good at playing the looney, which no doubt will form the basis of some later ‘defence’ she’ll present. – But you’re right, she’s not half as mad as she makes herself out to be; I’m not buying hee act either!

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      • Neelu is one scary woman.

        Pint sized but intimidating.

        Run would be my advise, don’t go near her if you can help it.

        I wouldn’t fancy living with her.

        I wonder if they are being charged to stay there?

        ยฃ400 a month for a room paid for in Housing Benefit?

        I haven’t any idea, but I agree the idea comes right out of Belinda’s handbook what with her 30 odd rooms to rent in her underground bunker.

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      • I think the question of Neelu’s “madness” was settled last year in her criminal trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. At that time, the judge ruled that he found both Neelu and Sabine “delusional, obsessive, irrational, and odd”…but not insane according to the legal standard.

        “Legal insanity” and “medical insanity” are two different things.

        To meet the legal definition of insanity, a defendant would need to prove that he or she did not understand what they were doing, that they were unable to tell right from wrong, that they were unable to understand the outcome of their actions, etc. This means the defendant must suffer from a “defect of reason” so that they either did not know the nature and quality of their action, or did not know that what they were doing was wrong.

        Given that Neelu seems able to snap in and out of her “insanity” when it suits her (finding the money to pay off the bailiff when push comes to shove, for example) I suspect that she would have a hard time hiding behind an insanity plea.

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  10. Glad Rupert Quaintance went down and is going to prison. Hope other idiots and perverts learn a lesson not to harrass or threaten violence on others. Don’t drop the soap Rupi or twerk that ass! LoL

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    • Ok, but no rape jokes please ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I know sexual assault happens in prison, but it isn’t something I think should be joked about. People who are assaulted in prison are sometimes in an impossible bind, say nothing, or say something and then be at risk for being a grass.

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      • Agree. Just giving him advice. LoL. No one has made rape jokes and don’t think anyone will but I have a feeling more people will harrass and threaten the poor people of Hampstead. Rupert’s sentence will not be a deterrent for majority of the nutcases obsessed with paedophilia!


      • Yes I don’t find RAPE jokes funny either.

        I wouldn’t wish that on Rupert.

        My husband used to work in a local prison and told me about how one of the inmates had told him he had been raped on Christmas Day.

        Just not nice to happen or make jokes about.

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  11. Belinda’s absence is telling. She accompanied him to the police station for his bail interviews and was there throughout the trial but absent from the sentencing. What’s the bets she paid him to keep her and her friends out of it and went along with him to make sure he kept his part of the deal? If she was there just to support him she would’ve been there today.

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    • Rupert didn’t mention Belinda partly because she was giving him money.

      He’ll need some cash in Prison, will she be sending him some?

      Rupert would have done better to have gone out on the streets and beg for money for food than to have taken what she gave him.

      He would have got a lot more too.

      Nasty Belinda and so calculating.

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    • She did the same at Mr rusty’s trial in Aberdeen a couple of years ago, as soon as her name was mentioned, she was off back to England

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  12. Apparently American Freedom Radio was mentioned in Crown Court during the trial and some of Rupert’s radio show was used as evidence against him.
    Well done AFR at your total lack of judgement when you let one of your presenters threaten people and you didn’t edit it. He’s now got a few months to think about it.

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    • Unfortunately Mrs Overall, American Freedom Radio isnt an actual radio show, its an online pay per ‘radio station’ much like ccn
      I think its station ‘motto’ says it all

      “Welcome To American Freedom Radio, No Rules, No Taboo Subjects, No Fear of Doom. The Worlds Meeting Place For Free Speech And The Search For Truth!”

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    • As far as I’m concerned, AFR were indeed complicit in Rupert’s behaviour, which they demonstrated not only by allowing Rupert’s unedited death threats to be broadcast but also by failing to respond to and (as far as I’m aware) act upon my complaint:

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  13. If no one else is going to be crass enough to openly gloat, I guess I’ll have to do it…


    I’m not saying goodbye to SV, though, ’cause I finished my poppet of him this morning – so I’ll be able to summon him into my presence whenever I wish ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • oh we are Justin, we are….


      Sad to see SV go too, I got his blog in my favs tho so I’ll be popping in from time to time there as well

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    • In a case like Quaintance, it’s a practical impossibility to charge him with everything he’s done wrong and build cases for each; so the CPS will build a ‘palette’ of charges to be tried and build the case against him around that… He terrified dozens of innocent people; some of whom upped sticks and moved to the other side of the country! Others were too scared to give evidence – the witnesses that did appear were a particularly brave sample.

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      • Good on those who took the stand.

        I can understand why some people decided not to. If the trial had completely collapsed they might have felt particularly expose.

        Lets hope that the tide has turned and the victims will start to feel bolder.

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        • I wonder if any of the victims have considered getting together to pursue civil action and claims against certain individuals.No legal eagle here but the evidence seems pretty much overwhelming after this case.

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          • There is a rumour going around that one of the victims is planning to sue Quaintance’s mother in a U.S. court because she made various threats to people in support of her son that became part and parcel of the campaign Rupert ran. Securing the conviction against Rupert is a great step forward in this as it’s pretty-much irrefutable proof that terror was caused. I hope it’s true, but I imagine we won’t hear much about this for close on a year – stick man will have to be back in the U.S.


          • Certain old trouts evidentially orchestrating the victimization may not have fully squirreled away their bags of nuts yet is what I mainly had in mind.Just be good to hold them to account and face the facts of their disgraceful antics.

            I agree Rupert himself may only be able to pay in drum lessons which would be somewhat counter productive ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • What needs to be appreciated is that there is more to this hoax and the associated threats than Rupert’s involvement… And other hoaxes!

          I have a colleague who used pretty-much his own name while posting here, and gave something away of where he lived, he was accosted in the street and subjected to verbal abuse. Another guy (who really has helped put certain perverts away) has had his home, family and business attacked. As I’ve mentioned before, one Hampstead family moved clear across the country they were so rattled, others have moved within London. – Most (all) of the Hampstead victims are perfectly ordinary people who had no interest or involvement with the freakzone, new age troofer thing these grifters work within; they were literally just ordinary people sitting at home minding their own business when Christie decides to target them.

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      • That’s right Sir Henry. The two charges that were dropped between December 2016 and February 2017 were most likely charges the CPS deemed too difficult to prosecute to a standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Better to choose the charges most likely to succeed, than to throw a bunch of random charges against the wall and hope some will stick.


        • And of course we have to consider the witnesses EC… A good number of people would be far too traumatised to testify.

          We were talking about it here at Rawlinson End a little earlier in the day, and we feel that a huge vote of admiration and thanks is due to the people who took the stand against this vile little man. Courage and integrity of the first order.

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  14. I know someone already posted the screehsnot but here’s the actual recording of the latest poor unsuspecting bank clerk to be subjected to the Neelu treatment:

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    • Q) As the woman in this video states. If our currency is counterfeit, what currency does Neelu use?


    • Oxford Dictionary 2017 Edition

      “Angela Power-Disney”
      An “Angela Power Disney” is common parlance for a con artist or grifter: someone who swindles people out of money through fraud.
      Angela Power-Disneys are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men /women. Selling a bridge and starting a Ponzi scheme are things an Angela Power-Disney might do. The difference between an Angela Power-Disney and a common thief is an Angela Power-Disney tricks you out of money through lies, while the thief takes it by force. The end result is the same. An Angela Power-Disney will often wear lipstick and is the origin of the term “pig with lipstick”.
      Particularly vulnerable to an “Angela Power-Disney” are impressionable but arrogant young American men. Expert advice is to “run like the clappers” if you encounter one of these flim-flam women.

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  15. Great news on Rupert, by the way. Hope the little runt likes prison food. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the prison canteen when he tells Barry from B-Wing not to put his carrots next to his peas.

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  16. It’s great to be able to enjoy all these old videos again, with much of what he said now carrying a whole new level of irony.

    “I kinda got in a little bit of trouble. Erm…I think it should wash itself out. Everything should be ok. But for the meantime I’m stuck here. I’m locked down.”

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    • I do wonder if the Dog will miss him and the Old Woman he cared for!

      Cared for?

      Fantasy tale told in Court by his Defence.

      Yeah likely story, I thought that was what her grandson that lives with her was meant to be doing.

      Mind you she will probably miss him.

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      • They are assembling Parcels For Britain as we speak with tins of carrots and peas (separate tins of course). Maybe a file in a cake.

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        • No sense of shame or remorse for the harm their ill-bred brat did… their hubris goes marching on apparently. So someone decided to help Karen out with her tacky amateur chav graphics.

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          • Are we certain that the failures of the son can be attributed to the parents though? I would tend toward the belief that Rupert is well past old enough to blame his deficiencies upon those who raised him. I recall him saying that his brother is a “successful” person in ways which Rupert was unable to be; so presumably, their parents were able to turn out at least one well-functioning adult.

            At this point, I feel his parents have enough to cope with, without the added burden of blame for Rupert’s actions. We aren’t privy to that family’s dynamics, and all anyone can do is speculate…which puts us on the same level as the troofers who, when they don’t know the answer to a question, just make shit up.

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          • …Given that Karen Quaintance was at one point ready to tun her guns on people, and had Rupert tied to her apron strings all the way, yes… This manchild is hers, she’s part of the problem. I’ve certainly heard that some people feel they have a legal case against her; and I hope that’s true. Certainly, she’s in no position to be boasting about the ‘land of the free’; and really ought to be apologising to the good people of Hampstead for her ‘baby boy’s’ behaviour.


          • Yellow seems an appropriate colour for snivelling little cowards who go around putting the frighteners on small children – some barely past the toddling stage! Karen ought to remember the scum she raised went armed with a knife to a place where decent respectable children (i.e. the exact opposite of what she raised) were having their very first day at school…


          • There is a good reason why the Mail said he had a knife…

            During a Facebook conversation his friend asked if he had a biscuit in his pocket; quoting, almost verbatim, the advertising tag line for a particular weapon marketed as a ‘biscuit knife’. Rupert replied to the effect he was carrying ‘sharp ham’. – A reference to thin-bladed ‘kitchen knife’ type weapon. – Whilst he created a cock-and-bull story to try and cover this, it was not accepted by the court.

            This is evidence that was admitted to the record.

            The conclusion (or inference) reached (by reasoning based on this evidence) is that Rupert effectively admitted that yes, he was carrying a knife; that is certainly what his victims were lead to believe. – therefore the Mail printed that he had a knife, and for my own part I have no cause to disagree with them.

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          • Indeed it is EC… You might recall I questioned the reference the other day after evidence on that matter was led… I referenced this particular advertisement;

            Note, particularly, the tag line on the advert; it’s almost exactly what Rupert’s friend asked him to which he responded “knife?” – His friend then clarified that yes, indeed he meant “biscuit knife” to which Rupert replied “sharp ham” – implying he possessed a long thin kitchen knife. – It worried me slightly that the prosecution hadn’t drilled quite far enough into this.


        • Will they visit him in the nick?

          I reckon that is most unlikely as I’ve not heard that they have visited him since 13th September, 2017 at the very least.

          Fancy that, I’ve just realised it took 50 weeks exactly to arrest to imprisonment and he thought he could use his “charm” on the UK Police and the charges would be dropped.

          Oh dear.

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  18. For many of us jail time for one of these creeps has been a long time coming.

    What a result. Now let’s see what happens to Scabine.

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    • She’s still referring to the witnesses as “alleged abusers”. That woman makes me sick.
      Just when WILL her time in Court come?

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      • It can’t come too soon.

        The public gallery will be packed with all the people that don’t believe a word that comes from her lips.

        Any one with half a brain doesn’t believe your bollox Angela.

        You know f… all about the people of Hampstead that you continue to lie and defame.

        NASTY, leave them alone and everyone else you slander and libel.

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    • I really can’t believe the comment made by Kevin Allen to this post by POWER-DISNEY.

      I believe he is the brother of Martin Allen who disappeared in the Gloucester Road Tube area in London on 5th November, 1979.

      Martin Allen is believed to have been abducted by a mystery blonde man.

      Kevin thinks Rupert should have a KNIGHTHOOD!

      WTF for?

      For causing immense grief to the families in Hampstead and the ripple effect of this…


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    • Feel free to post this back to the old sow via FB; although she’ll read it here anyway…

      Factually you’re wrong Angie… The police fully investigated Abe Christie’s paedophile fantasies as projected onto and coached into the children; puerile and incoherent as they were… Not only did they find nothing to support the accusations, what they did find proved the impossibility of this warped fairy story.

      Therefore your claiming that these people are “alleged abusers” is in essence defamatory and actionable… As for that low life fake Quaintance; of course he deserved jail – this is what happens when you go around picking on innocent working people who were doing nothing but getting on with ordinary family life! – Something an old grifting freak like yourself would know nothing about – Do you seriously think people don’t remember you from back in your London days?

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  19. Isn’t there a video somewhere of a conversation between Rupert and Angela Powdered Old Dinosaur, where she said she went into the church in Hampstead and took photographs of blood on the floor, and Rupert has a go at her because she never told him before. And also didn’t Rupert go to the same church and have a piss in there. Why is she defending him when he says he thinks it was all a Hoax, and also I wonder what his breakfast was like this morning.

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    • Yes you are right. Rupert gets very excited and says something like “this changes everything”. I think I have seen either Angela or Neelus film of the “blood” stains; they are actually just a couple of specks of dirt of some kind on a tiled floor.

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        • or, more likely, laugh at them for how obvious it is that it’s just dirt. wet or dry, blood is stupidly easy to clean from tiles so i doubt it would be an issue of “couldnt get it up, so just left it there”

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          • Even if it was a speck of blood, the photos were apparently taken in the women’s toilets – at least Neelu’s was. I’m reliably informed that when you see a speck of blood on the floor in a women’s loo you generally assume someone had a monthly accident. At least that’s what my Mrs said. Of course you could assume mass murder, but then everyone else would think you were a FRUITCAKE.

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        • I think it turned out to be paint. And I think if the powdered old dinosaur red everything properly she’d see that apparently Rupert realised it was a Hoax and distanced him self from her. Also there was the patting of the buttocks in the kitchen Rupert said was assault did he not?

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          • The problems of blood spillage can easily be solved by the use of a Mooncup. This is the preferred method of Araya as it makes it more convenient for her favourite drink.


    • You can hear it at 3:00 in this old MK cracker:

      Angie: “I went to the church and I infiltrated it. I went into the church and I saw blood on the floor and I took photographs of it.”


      Liked by 1 person

      • Rupert @ 3:35


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      • LIES Angela I was there that very same day as you.

        You were sitting half way down the Church on the right.

        I was sitting there highly embarrassed.

        I used the toilet just before we left and you left before me!

        NO BLOOD, Stop With All Your LIES.

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  20. Very good news. I have been trying to create some distance from this case but still keep an eye on what is going on and especially this excellent blog.
    All too often people that cause such harassment get off on technicalities or unproven verdicts. About time some justice was handed out. Hopefully it will make others think twice about what they support and what actions they take. People tend to think that as long as they don’t physically harm someone they are safe from the law. This demonstrates that harassment is serious and can result in prison time. There are a number of others surrounding this case that i would like to see join him in a cell.

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    • I would read all this as meaning Angela is waking up to the fact that the hoaxers aren’t as invulnerable as they once thought they were. Justice is coming closer Angie, you’ll get your day in court and you’ll find most jurors are brighter than the people you usually manipulate.

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    • I do feel offended by this. I comment here sometimes. I’ve NEVER protected a paedophile in my life and never would. Meanwhile some of Angie’s friends protect and even house paedophiles – men who I wouldn’t let pass my front door. After Rupert made that comment about wanting to ‘try it out’ he wouldn’t have got into my house either.
      She really is a job of work.

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      • I was accused of the same thing recently, Mrs. Overall, as was a member of the teaching profession who comments here. I agree that it’s unpleasant and totally unfounded.

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      • And what happened to this amazing proof that “Spiny Norman is a convicted paedophile”, Angie? You had documents, press articles, sources, the works. So what’s the hold-up, luv? Suddenly dawning on you that not even knowing Spiny’s real fucking name has scuppered your story somewhat, is it?

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        • Morevover, she is on record as stating categorically that Spiny is Ricky Dearman, who has provably never had any convictions for child molestation. She even stated that Spiny had been “forensically proven” to be Ricky (whatever the fuck that means). So that’s one hell of a U-turn on her part.

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    • She’s desperate and it shows.
      Who knows what Rupert is now saying to authorities and we know he must despise her for luring him into destruction.
      Plus she has Heather Brown threatening a knee capping & her bodyguard Tracey has turned on her.
      I wonder if Belinda is quietly packing a suitcase and planning an extended holiday?
      All we need now is for Mad Moo to spontaneously combust.
      Oh forgot about Sabine- surely a new video of her a’weeping and a’wailing is due.

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        • But he did wind her up by walking around in his daggy jocks and probably got her all hot & steamy.
          I reckon they did the deed and that also explains Rupert’s sheer disgust. At night after a few joints comes the cold harsh light of the morning..


          • Ooo you could be right there GOS but could APD have kept quiet about that?

            I’m not so sure she could.


    • Angela you are on “Stupid has been, never been.”

      The Judge has a bit more knowledge of what has gone on in this case than you have.

      Where the f were you in the Court room, too frigging scared to attend that’s where.

      You manipulated Rupert and told him a pack of lies, he never believed you and any right thinking person doesn’t believe you then or now.

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    • Ha bloody ha.

      What “investigator” Angela Power?

      There wasn’t one if you’re meaning Rupert.

      He took your $1000 and did f all apart from give immeasurable grief to many, many families.

      Liked by 3 people

        • You must admit it was useful for the Police when they wanted to double check they had the right address. Perhaps all criminals could be persuaded to signal their presence by painting a huge psychedelic mural on the side of the house?

          Liked by 1 person

          • 1. you aren’t “cursed into being in love with him”. you’re just obsessed. with yourself. and therefore with any guy who gives you the slightest bit of the time of day or who’s actions involve you and therefore make you more well known. how about you actually, idk, go do something with your life instead of trying to ride on the coattails of others to fame. you claim to give a damn about the children yet do nothing practical to actually help them. you are a shameful woman who uses the abuse of others as a stage to get money. fuck you.
            2. wow… are you now implying that RUPERT is a victim of this satanic ritual child abuse shit? i really hope that you just mean normal child abuse, though given his attitude, i suspect she you are talking out her ass even if that Were what you meant.
            3. Ummm… where in the bible, exactly, is it written that jesus confided in mary magdalene the most? if fact, as i recall, john was his confidant, the disciple jesus loved. i’m quite offended that you are using the bible to imply that you should be “honored and listened to”… and we all know that what you really mean by that is “worshiped and obeyed”
            4. “i refuse to work publicly with this man” um…….so….you gonna go back in time to make that true, or what? interesting how you all of a sudden are against him. fair weather friend much? you lack the basic human decency to even attempt to actually be there for someone without selfish motives. you are a grown woman, who needs to go back to preschool and learn the basics of how to share and not be a shitty person.
            5. Rupert never loved you. in fact, he thought you were a sick person and wanted to get away from you and all of the drama, so much so, that it was to the point of indicating that he would be happy to go to jail.
            you never loved him either. from my understanding you do this with multiple men, and i believe you’re a psychopathic manipulator who isn’t capable of loving anyone but herself


    • Angela seems to know all about this ‘satanism’ lark, more it seems than the actual Satanists we’ve heard from; a very rare and rather tame breed by all the evidence that can be found…

      Thing is Angie… “Inversion”? You, a lifelong fraudster, con merchant – liar -fantasist, sex pest and uneducated idiot Vs an entire community of successful, hard working, normal people with nothing by the way of adverse indicators to their background? – Not hard to work out who’s talking bollocks; especially as the things you’re claiming are so ridiculous they wouldn’t take in an educationally challenged doorpost!

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    • “The memories she thinks she possesses were retrieved through the use of hypnosis, which would make her story approximately slightly less reliable than if she had came up with it in a dream. ”

      “Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips have kidnapped a young girl Shaela Miller.
      A lady named Tammy Miller & her family claims her daughter went to go live with Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips for a job and her daughter became a different person who now accuses her father of molesting her and mind controlling her in interviews and workshops that she does with Cathy & Mark.

      Shaela Miller appears in this video along with Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips around 28:57….discussing her “mind control” at the hands of her father (which her family disputes as all lies and BS).”

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    • Hello, interloper here. I’ve been fascinated by this blog for a number of days now, primarily because it’s well written, researched and your contributors, including commentators, obviously intelligent and extremely witty. I felt I needed to say, for now, the above video is brilliant! A great summation of the decline of Q-pert IV…I especially enjoyed his sliding down the slippery slope and when declaring he was going to solve the crime, he gets spun around and unceremoniously ejected…great imagery.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Why cant Neelu settle for earning an honest crust like most folks instead of going around blathering out of her arse and only convincing people she is a sad and annoying nutter?

      If she is really that strapped for cash,why not simply sue the pants off Arnold Schwarzenegger out of total recall for copywrite infringement or at least challenge him to a pay-to-view cage fight.I`d watch that.



  21. Hiya, my fellow flappers, and salutations from the planet Nibiru.

    Just stopping by to let you know that that nice Mr. Alanson’s in a bad mood. So no laughing at him, mkay!

    And he is not – I repeat: NOT – a creepy knuckle-scraping twat. I cannot stress that enough.

    Anyhoo, must fly. I have a date with Penny Pollen. Byeeee x

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