The tragedy of being Sabine

Long-time Sabine watchers will know that when it comes to other people’s problems, Sabine is always there…to tell them (and anyone else who’ll listen) all about how the same thing happened to her, only it was a hundred times worse, and caused her terrible trauma.

Starting with her story of how she was “chosen” to be rescued from the Dresden firestorm in 1945:

My mum was 22 when Dresden was bombarded and her landlady’s house was the only one left in the whole street. So she used my nappies before her mouth to enable her to breathe and walk, walk, walk with me in her pram and 75 kg ‘flight luggage’, as she called it – the reason for her back pains later…

Apparently I was too traumatised to even cry. My baby bum was the sorest a nurse had ever seen, but I didn’t cry. Maybe that’s what trained me for experiencing pain every day since 10 January 1973, when the car fell 25 feet and dislocated my hip as well as a whiplash…

…Sabine’s life has been a non-stop cavalcade of trauma and disaster. Much, much, MUCH worse than anyone else’s pain or disaster, you understand.

And so it came as no surprise to find the following comment on her friend and colleague Maurice Kirk’s blog the other day. Maurice, you might recall, was recently found guilty of breaching his restraining order for the umpteenth time. And as we all know, Sabine is no stranger to restraining orders.

She wrote:

Let’s have a look at that numbered list, though; we think we see a few problems with Sabine’s logic.

Internet as ‘last resort’?

  1. Using the internet as a last resort, when we can’t get justice in courts;

Hmm. Funny about that “using the internet as a last resort” thing. We remember events a bit differently.

In fact, we remember Sabine writing this to then-Home Secretary Theresa May, in January 2015:

To avoid high level embarrassment, the following possible arrangements might be worth considering:
1) Instead of starting public law proceedings against the school, the children are returned – with immediate effect – to live with the maternal grandparents in Russia.
2) Instead of mobilising English and Russian social media, the father is given a non-molestation order for life, anywhere in the world.
3) Instead of joining the Russian government to the proceedings, the children are released to their mother and maternal grandparents with immediate effect.

This sounds awfully like a series of threats to us. At this point in the Hampstead SRA hoax, Sabine had not even been before the courts; her complaint was not that “she could not get justice”, but that the courts were not doing as she wished with regard to RD’s children.

Sabine would not come before the courts for another year and a half, but that never stopped her from using the internet as a weapon to push her own sick conspiracy agenda.

Was the restraining order legal?

2. Being expected to comply with a ‘Restraining Order’ — no matter how valid, lawful or legal;

We’ve explained this before, but let’s give it one more go: the restraining orders which Judge Worsley imposed on Sabine and Neelu following the collapse of their trial in July 2016 was, in fact, perfectly legal. According to the Crown Prosecution Service,

Section 12 of the DVCVA 2004 introduced section 5A into the PHA 1997, which allows the court to make a restraining order after acquitting a defendant of any offence if the court considers it necessary to do so to protect a person from harassment from the defendant.

As to whether the restraining orders were “valid”, in the sense of being justified and proportionate, we wrote at the time,

Judge Worsley ruled that despite the acquittal of the defendants, he was still given powers by Parliament in respect of restraining orders. He said he could not think of a better case or circumstance in which to exercise these powers.

He said he felt he had reached the bar of necessity in this matter, as in his view the defendants were likely to pursue a course of further intimidation. He noted that the test of ‘reasonable’ and proportionate’ rulings had also been met. Any further breach would be subject to a maximum of 5 years imprisonment. …

Many arguments set forward by the defence in objection to the restraining orders were overturned by the Judge. These included freedom of speech and the right to legitimate protest; it was also suggested that the limitation of the order duration ought to be confined to a maximum of two years.

The judge stated that whilst he was mindful of the first two issues, he also had to balance the issue of harassment and distress caused. He noted that as Neelu had documented her intent to turn the church service of 22nd March 2015 into a ‘court of common law’, this served to prove the intent to harass. As he was of the opinion that this harassment would continue, he therefore didn’t believe that the orders were unreasonable or disproportionate.

With respect to the limitations of the orders, he decreed that these should remain indefinitely.

Judge Worsley stated that he was far from convinced that the harassment would last only for the short term, saying he felt rather ‘that it would go on and on and on’! He went so far as to state that even in a period of 5 to 10 years, he was not convinced that things would have changed or subsided.

The background to the case had been “well rehearsed and the obsessive campaign in the face of Justice Pauffley’s ruling had been an appalling and frightening experience for the witnesses”, he said. The protestors as a whole continued to make allegations regarding drinking babies’ blood and sexual ritual abuse.

Perhaps Sabine wasn’t listening to the judge at the time. We hope this clears things up for her.

Alleged criminals posing as witnesses?

3. Alleged criminals posing as ‘witnesses’;

We’re beginning to wonder whether Sabine has completely lost the plot.

We assume she’s referring to the witnesses at Rupert Quaintance’s trial in August, all of whom were victims of the Hampstead SRA hoax. It seems that Sabine expects some of these people to testify at her own trial (which hasn’t even been confirmed yet).

In case she’s forgotten, all of the people originally targetted by Belinda, Abe, Ella, and Sabine were fully exonerated in Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment of 19 March 2015. None of these people are “alleged criminals”, and Sabine’s calling them that further underscores the need for the aforementioned restraining order. If she still cannot grasp that these people are innocent of any wrongdoing, then it seems likely that she’ll continue harassing them ad infinitum…which means that Judge Worsley was quite correct in making the restraining order valid for her lifetime.

No complainants, just witnesses?

4. Police instigating procedures without ‘complainants’, but bringing along ‘witnesses’;

This is a bit of a head-scratcher. We aren’t sure what Sabine means by “without complainants”, unless she thinks that no one made the original complaints against her when (at various times over the past year) she breached her restraining order. This seems implausible, as a police investigation is generally opened when someone makes a complaint.

As to “bringing along witnesses”, is it not standard procedure for witnesses to testify at trials? We’re confused. If any of this blog’s legal eagles have any idea what Sabine is talking about here, please feel free to let us know!

Preventing or investigating crimes?

5. Having to face prison for ‘contempt of court’ or the violation of said Restraining Orders, which actually do NOT apply when we ‘report or prevent crimes’.

While it’s true that Section 1(3)(a) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 specifies that the charge of harassment “does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows—(a)that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime”, it has been made clear in three courts of law now that there was no crime to detect. Mrs Justice Pauffley’s original ruling was accepted by all parties in both Neelu and Sabine’s 2016 trial, and in Rupert’s trial a month ago.

Again, the fact that Sabine clings to the delusion that she is “preventing or detecting crime” further illustrates the necessity of the restraining order which she feels is so oppressive.

Sabine has mentioned several times that she expects to be charged in mid-October. If her arguments above represent any part of her defence plan, she’s betraying both her own sense of superior entitlement and a fundamental lack of understanding of how the law works. Should she be charged and eventually face trial, we doubt very much that the jury will accept her arguments…no matter how much she claims to have been “victimised” by the courts.

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  1. I suspect that her mental health is about par with what she claims her physical health to be!
    In that photo she doesnt look at all good
    She does seem to be intent on ending up in with Rupee doesnt she (there you go mate, theres something to look forward to lol)

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    • I hope she does end up in prison. Sabine is a danger to society as she wishes to disturb the peace wherever she is. This Mckenzie friend thing also should be outlawed. These lay lawyers are liars and troublemakers! Especially the Belindas and sabines of the world. Evil!

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      • Did you know McKenzie friends have access to children and vulnerable people, but Belindas version at least, and other vol organisations too, do not have any requirement for staff to be DBS checked, legally? It is one of the loopholes for paedophiles to get access to children. Their mothers will be grateful to them, in ignorance, and maybe leave them together while they pop to the loo? It was only recently I realised how quickly these people can act, in a matter of seconds, any opportunity…a prolific paedophile can harm hundreds if not thousands of children like this over time.

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          • They don’t need any kind of DBS, criminal checks, or do the mothers they help ask for these? It is up to the organisation that employs them to require DBS checks. I did some research a while back, looked on Belindas website, nothing, and it does seem that vol organisations can evade these obligations…esp if they are small. Please can people do more research as I am pressed for time right now, and mine was not in depth, but that was the impression I came away with, and it seems a very important issue if this is indeed the case.

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          • So McKenzies have access to vulnerable children?
            What if someone, lets just call them a McKenzie, sought out mothers of young children to represent in court? What if this McKenzie also had people staying at their house people who had been convicted of sexual offences against children?
            Hypothetically that would be really worrying. It would be almost as if this person was abusing their position as a McKenzie to some how bring together children and known sexual predators.

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      • Genuine Mckenzie friends, who act as they are meant to, can be a great help to people in court. Belinda’s antics are likely to get them banned altogether.

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      • There was a ”Reforming the Courts approach to McKenzie Friends’ consultation last year by the Lord Chief Justice. However, no outcome has been published and it is well overdue. As I understand it, the abolition of legal aid created a need for alternative sources of legal assistance, which led to the rise of the lay lawyer and MKF and mostly good professional people. It is a shameful weakness of the justice system which has led to an abuse of process by rogue MKF – much discussed here – who seem to be allowed to continue without redress, publishing confidential court documents and testimonies, etc, etc. IMO, it is totally counterproductive for the courts and British justice to expose vulnerable litigants to the potential dangers of unregulated, untrained, as well as potentially unethical and exploitative, McKenzie Friends.
        Hopefully some useful regulation will come out of that consultation.

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      • It is with much regret that I hereby announce that the heavy duty industrial compactor involved in the operation never pulled through or what our technical staff refer to as “completely fucked”.

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    • She’ll play the disabled/old age card.

      The woman exaggerates in whatever she does, she’s not going to change now.

      She’s literally on her last legs, she won’t be on the Earth much longer…

      How old is she now, 73?

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      • It’s funny…someone spotted her near Southwark Crown Court during Rupert’s trial, accompanied by a male, and seeming to need no walking sticks. In fact, she was swinging along looking quite spry. However, I predict she’ll have a “relapse” when she must stand before the judge (whenever that may be).

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  2. Hi Guys,

    Late congrats on the 1 million views on this incredible and amazing blog. Well deserved and well done.

    Sabine is seriously sick and a psycho, she is not mentally ill but a very cunning and perverted individual who loves drama. Sabine loves creating drama if there isn’t one for her to get involved in. They all make my stomach turn, Belinda, Neelu, Angela, Arthur, Bill Maloney and now this hideous ogre called Robert Green who was the guy pushing the Holly Grieg story, well he has reared his ugly head again. Green has appeared on Ritchie boring disinfo agent Allen’s show talking more satanic child ritual abuse by elite paedophile network of politicians, judges, doctors and celebs. You name it. These people make me sick. Why doesn’t the government arrest these people and give long prison terms for trying to create civil unrest because they want chaos in the country, mainly US and the UK. It’s like they want some kind of war which is unsettling.

    Sorry I had to rant. All this SRA makes me sick along with those obsessed with it.


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    • Ritchie does indeed put me to sleep.

      It’s like listening to Father Dougal’s boring uncle.

      It’s a big issue – what can be done about the conspiraloons. In olden days they just sat around in the pub talking crap and gossiping but now we have the internet. I think we need new laws to cover this!

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    • Oh yes aparrently, Mr Green, the alleged champion of children is digging the horse manure about Edward Heath, and this alleged police investigation in to Edward Heath being a paedophile. Another croc of crap really if you investigate the story of Edward, his boat, and the American holiday maker in the Channel Islands all those years ago. So now we move on to a police inspector, a source close to the Daily Mail, and all these so called victims who’ve allegedly come forward with similar testemonies. Aparrently the Sunday Times did something on it last Sunday. Well all I can say is, there has been so much crap pedalled in this country over the past few years. Here are just a few, We all know of Hollie Greig, and the fact that Brian Gerrish had so much written evidence in his cupboard that he couldn’t show anyone. Not even Robert Green it seemed because at his trial Robert didn’t have any evidence at all, just a scrap of paper that Robert himself had written on. Then there was the Fking artist Bill Maloney who said in his very tight trousers in Trafalgar Square that Da Quayn Muvva was a kidday fiddalar he had it on good Awforraty. The list goes on, oh yes and only the other day some one said to me they knew some one who was trust worthy who had told them that they had been thrashed by Cliff Richard. What at, Tiddily Winks? One thing that always strikes me with these supposed types of anti child abuse campaigners is, if there is a chance, and I mean a good chance of a person who might be a paedophile, then these idiots support them, and anyone who looks at the facts and says yes they are a paedo, is accused by these people of being a paedophile or a paedo supporter.

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      • What had Robert Green done of note before “reporting” on Holly Greig? Surely he only starting reporting about the case to sell the story to any mainstream outlet who would be willing to pay and actually believe it?

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      • FG, those bizarre claims about Cliff Richard take me back to a classic Danielle la Verité faux pas. For some time she was publicly alleging that Cliff wrote the song ‘Carrie’ as a coded murder confession relating to some hapless young woman he’d supposedly bumped off at the Elm guesthouse. “Carrie doesn’t live here any more”, etc…Hint hint blah-de-blah… One massive snag, though – Cliff Richard didn’t write ‘Carrie’! (He almost never writes his own songs.) Oops! I did try explaining this to DLV at the time, of course. But you guessed it – clicky blocky bye bye. We do try to help these wretched souls but their ignorance and stubbornness are all-consuming, it seems. And I assume that the genial Mr. Webb is yet to receive a letter of apology from the aforementioned wig-wearing waif.

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        • Around that same time (late 2014) she was also claiming that Cliff Richard’s vineyard was so successful because he was using the bodies of murdered babies as fertiliser. Yup.

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        • Yes, I remember her assertion that females with a ring finger longer than their index finger are actually male, thereby proving that Michelle Obama is a man. I asked her some rather hard questions about this at the time and guess what? Answer came there none.

          And who doesn’t recall her insistence that she has an IQ of 151! In her dreams mate, in her dreams!

          We used to play her videos in the pub and it caused much hilarity but I’m afraid people were laughing AT and not with.

          She has indeed gone on to practice as some kind of psychic. Tea leaves I expect.

          And that’s not a wig. If you bought a wig you’d get summat better than that.

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    • Farmer Giles loved your reply. My God there people are mad and dangerous aren’t they? It’s so sad really, also have you realised they are only intrested in Elite peados whose guilt cannot be proven. But you mention to Bill Baloney the smelly chav down the stret abused you they don’t want to know. Bet its all about money and compensation!

      Also agree with you Mrs Overall we need more laws to control these psycho demons. I’m sick of them!

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      • Thanks Dolly, this is the thing though, these people have no evidence, it’s almost as if they get off on it they are so desperate for it to be true, what are they hiding by making these allegations. When you look at some one like Chris Fay for instance, he’d been making up stuff for years and selling it to the Sunday Toilet papers, a dirty filthy old man going round bars in Soho in the 1980’s people would tell him anything just so he went away. Then he also talked to genuine vulnerable survivors, getting them to say they’d been abused by so, and so, who was an MP then Maloney doing the same.

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        • I hope Chris Fake along with Bill Baloney go to prison. Their encouragement and support of Andrew Ashworth calling himself Nick or David in the papers and on TV making false and filthy allegations against innocent people needs to be fully exposed, and all of them fined and imprisoned for making people’s lives a misery and destroying reputations. Evil! They are the satanic lying ones! Utter perverts!

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    • Hi Dolly. I know I’m gonna sound stupid but how can she be a psycho but not mentally ill? Or do you just mean psycho as a generic putdown?


      • As I understand it some people have “personality disorders” that can’t be treated. Mental illness implies a condition that can possibly cured and isn’t indivisible from the person’s actual personality. Health professionals please feel free to expand or correct me on this!


        • Sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists can’t be treated, only identified.
          When you encountered one, run for the hills.

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      • Hi Fairly Sane totally agree with you. Whatever mental illness Sabine has it is incurable. When I say psycho Sonic Van-Welder I mean she acts like one but she isn’t. She is just evil! May take on her anyway.

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        • Maloney is somewhat famous for blagging his way into a do for TV people, where he made a right tit of himself and was laughed out the door. He then proceeded to have a stand-up-row, in classic John Cleese stylee (only without the talent obviously), with a liveried-up Smart Car belonging to one of the local TV companies. It just sat there grinning at him with that silly smile they have, but people do speculate as to what it might have said if it could answer him back.

          My favourite;

          There are many more!

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          • Mon Dieu! Quel bel anglais gris est-ce? Il déshonore la belle tradition qui est la chaussure de clown!

            We ‘ave isolated ze fraudeur in question. We present ‘im ‘ere for your considération. We ask only that you ensure ‘is clown shoes are properly coloré in! Zis ees the proper way and tradition!


      • I’ve heard about this Build-a-Bill Group before, don’t they have an annual meeting?


        • Monthly, old chap. It’s in the Floggit & Runne, 666 Upper Dark Alley, Swineville on the 32nd of the month. Newbies buy the pub a round for admittance.


  3. @el coyote – loved your re-tweet about the vice article: Conspiracy Theorists Just Want To Feel Special.
    Really dove-tails with that other study (?) or discussion, that conspiranoids need to believe their very normal concern about issues like pedophilic offenders – a very widespread concern throughout the entire population – is somehow special & unique…eh?

    I’ve been concerned about pedophilic offenders my whole adult life, but there’s nothing special about that and happily nothing special about me. Take it away, illscarlet!

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    • Hmmm…my US feed simulator says: “video not available”. Can’t check my UK fee simulator ’cause somebodies on it, so take no chances…

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    • Thanks, Justin. Yes, the link to the “conspiranoids just want to feel special” article reminded me of our post a while back on the “specialness” of those who bang the drum repeatedly about being opposed to paedophilia, as though the rest of us are not.


  4. All those who commit child abuse need to be held accountable by the law, including those who commit crimes against children by uploading private Police interviews and display the childrens images, names, and personal medical records. There is no point in having laws in place if they are not implemented.
    The police have failed to do this, as have all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. These child predators have got away with this for far too long.

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  5. I say I say I say…

    What does Sabine’s nappy have in common with her blog?

    They’re both full of shit.

    Ooh, missus!

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  6. Thanks for this fascinating peek into Sabine’s psyche, EC.

    Seeing as Sanine has breached her restraining order so many times recently, do we know why she hasn’t been re-arrested yet?

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    • My understanding, based on what she’s said, is that she’s due to come in for a police interview in mid-October. I think this has to do with the new arrest and bail protocols which were put in place earlier this year.


    • OMG, that works brilliantly to the ‘Spider-Man’ theme tune 😂😂😂

      ♫ Child abuse – child abuse – we’re so sick of it – child abuse
      Sick of it – sick of it – it is making us so so sick
      It’s a…psycho-sexual disease… ♫

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  7. I think Sabine might have hypergraphia and I think mad moo has the same affliction but she prefers to produce youtube videos, maybe the technical name for that is ‘broadcasting mania’?

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  8. Angela Power has a touch of Sabine too doesn’t she, you know the, I’ve had it worse than anyone else in the whole wide world. Do these peopl expect to be handed out awards. Peter Cook and Dudley Moor did a scetch about this years ago. I was born in a shoe box. Well I was born in the gutter blah blah blah.

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    • Most of what Angela claims is totally made up nonsense.

      Journalist my arse!

      Super spy my arse!

      MK Ultra survivor my arse!

      Whistle blower my arse, maybe her arse but not mine!

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      • I’ve tended to accept most of Sabine’s biography as she presents it. I’m having more doubts now. Didn’t the book she claimed to write with her late husband turn out to have a bogus ISBN?

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        • I have looked it up. Seems to depend on whose database you use.

          On a site called ISBNdb we get:

          “ gets the data in a unique way – it scans libraries all across the world for book information. The scanning is random and similar in a way to how general purpose web search engines scan web sites.

          Scanned results are then parsed and stored in a searchable and browsable database that you see here on An attempt is made at cross-indexing the database by author, publisher, category and so on. Cross indexing is still a work in progress and is likely to improve as the time goes on.

          Starting late 2004 we also started scanning book merchants for best book prices. You will see best prices for new and used copies on all book pages below the left menu in most cases fraction of a second after you load the book data. Active and historic prices are also available through the data access API.”

          (So the results might not be reliable).

          However on the site we get:

          Now you see it, now you don’t!

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  9. It is odd EC. It shouldn’t happen. ISBNs are meant to be unique. My theory is that Sabine might have cooked up a bogus dust jacket and added an ISBN number from a book that she had on her shelf (telling that a self proclaimed pioneer of computing, who apparently started in the 70s, should require a beginners guide to the BBC Micro published in the 80s).

    There is a book on computers called “Only Connect” (lots of people have used that title for all sorts of publications)but it was written by Trevor Haywood in 1999. There is an author called Ian McNeill credited with several books on the Vietnam War.

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    • This Illuminati thing seems like the easiest organisation to leave. I thought they often bump people off and the like for talking about the Illuminati agenda, but hey! Your free to leave at any time!

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  10. I found this article interesting, A quite concise run down with links to more information. Not that it will stop conspiracy types reposting old cases as proof these things are going on everywhere.

    “A four-year study in the early 1990s found the allegations of satanic ritual abuse to be without merit. The study was conducted by University of California at Davis psychology professors Gail S. Goodman and Phillip R. Shaver, in conjunction with Jianjian Qin of U.C. Davis and Bette I. Bottoms of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Their study was supported by the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. The researchers investigated more than 12,000 accusations and surveyed more than 11,000 psychiatric, social service, and law enforcement personnel. The researchers could find no unequivocal evidence for a single case of satanic cult ritual abuse.

    A study published in 1992 by Kenneth V. Lanning—a Supervisory Special Agent at the FBI Academy—came to the same conclusion: there is no good evidence for a single case of SRA. Lanning has investigated SRA since 1981.

    If there are thousands of baseless accusations, how do they originate? Most of them are said to originate with children. Since there is a widespread belief that children wouldn’t make up stories of eating other children or being forced to have sex with giraffes after flying in an airplane while they were supposed to be in day care, the stories are often taken at face value by naive prosecutors, therapists, police officers, and parents. Yet, the researchers found that children are unlikely to invent stories of satanic ritual abuse on their own. They get lots of help from therapists, district attorneys, police investigators, and parents. There is ample evidence that therapists and law enforcement personnel encourage and reward children for accepting the suggestions of bizarre abusive behavior. They also discourage truth by refusing to accept no for an answer and forcing children to undergo interrogations until the interrogator gets what he or she is after.”

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      • It does use a lot of the links already of the HR SRA page as sources. Thought it was quite a quick and short article for people who don’t want to read too much on the topic.

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    • Years ago, at a party, some friends of mine who were student nurses introduced me to “the dream game”. To play it you send one person out of the room, when they come back they are told that the other people have discussed what dream they think the person had last night and they have guess what it was. They have to make guesses and get yes or no answers. In truth, no one has discussed any such thing, they just answer yes or no depending on whether the question ended with a vowel or a consonant. The result is that people make guesses that become very surreal and psychologically revealing.
      What is interesting about the game is that it demonstrates how quickly a long narrative can be constructed from nothing at all. With a bit of prompting and expectation you can probably get any story you want.

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    • ‘You don’t have to eat a babies head or chop their nose off and put it in your soup to be a Satanist.’

      I feel so relieved to know that.

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    • Nathan’s just said that he’d never kiss anyone who smokes. Expect millions of women to take up smoking by the end of the week.

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      • Nicotine is harmless and helps schizophrenia/Bi-Polar, Mushrooms are good for you, Cocaine is good for ADHD, ummm okay mate.


        • So he was drinking, on top of either percocet, vicodin, or oxycodone, and then cocaine as well. Later Methadone by prescription. Poor fella.


  11. After seeing many chat rooms, forums, websites, soical media, full of conspiracy theorists and observing them, Weed plays a massive part in how they form their opinions. Get stoned and go down the rabbit hole, even when there is no hole.
    Even the extremely religious right wingers seem to think it’s a plant given to them by God, that opens the mind.
    There is no doubt in my mind, from Abe and Ella being stoned out of their brain, promoting Hemp, and creating the ridiculous story that only a stoner conspiracy clown would believe, to all their rabid supporters, that cannabis is the catalyst for all of this.


  12. I have just now seen brand new youtube videos talking about things like the McMartin SRA case from way back in the 80s/early 90s. These clearly false and heavily debunked fantasies would never convince anybody, but troofers are STILL peddling this stuff 30 years later.

    What on earth goes through the mind of these people? What drives someone to ignorning all forms of logical thinking, of selectice blindess to evidence and truth, of refusal to listen or research the topics? I find it very difficult to understand how anybody could beleive Hampstead, or any other SRA for that matter, is true.


    • Many people who claim to believe them, don’t. Frankly.
      Some people claim to believe unbelievable SRA allegations for a wide range of reasons; to promote outrageous racial, ethnic or class bigotry, to promote political sex slander against a specific party or just politicians in general, to facilitate their personal false identity claims – that they have multiple selves, that they are a super soldier, that they are the most abused person who ever lived. Etc., etc, etc…

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  13. With regard to Sabine’s complaint that the police don’t bring complainants to trials, but witnesses, this is I think just the common pseudo-legal belief that you can’t be convicted without a complainant – Brian Pead maintains he can’t have been legally convicted of harassment or breach of a restraining order as the victims gave evidence. Chris Spivey argued he couldn’t be convicted of harassing Lee Rigby’s relatives as they didn’t give evidence in the magistrates’ court (he had his wish on appeal, sigh). And so on. Some of this I think (certainly in the case of Spivey and Kirk) is disappointment that they can’t revictimise by cross-examinining the victims, but I think it goes wider than that – people really think that you can’t be convicted without the victim coming to court. Bit tricky for murder, but we’ve all seen Rashomon …

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    • I’m as bad as Madmoo, that video is from 2015 but I’d never seen it before and had googled Wong in light of recent events.

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      • Don’t worry, JB – it is definitely still relevant and topical, in light of Wong’s current appearances on the SRA conference circuit, where he’s still pushing his shite. I’m glad you’ve shared it. Thank you.

        Wong is a major SRA bullshitter and hoax-pusher. Did you catch him on that show with Andy Peacher? Mad Carew posted it earlier.


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