Maurice Kirk found guilty of breaching restraining order

Yesterday afternoon, we received word that following a four-day trial at Cardiff Crown Court, Maurice Kirk had been found guilty of violating his restraining order, put in place to protect an individual he has threatened multiple times over the past several years. According to the court lists yesterday, Mr Kirk is listed for sentencing on 17 November. It seems likely that the long gap is to provide time for a psychiatric assessment—ironic, since Mr Kirk’s original gripe against the person named in the restraining order was that the person was a psychiatrist who had made the 2009 diagnosis with which Mr Kirk disagreed.

Here is the offending page of the psychiatric report, which Mr Kirk has published many times: Mr Kirk has stated that he objected to the part where he was diagnosed with

some degree of neuro-cognitive damage (brain damage), probably as a result of a combination of normal ageing, previous heavy alcohol misuse and deceleration injuries following plane crashes. The specific area of brain damage affects his ability to monitor and control his behaviour, decreases self-awareness, judgement and decision making abilities and have compounded his paranoid beliefs to the extent that when subjected to further stress, his beliefs intensify so that for periods they have a quality of a paranoid delusional disorder (mental illness characterised by fixed false beliefs unamenable to reason of a paranoid nature).

The report further states that not only is Mr Kirk’s condition not amenable to treatment, but it could potentially be progressive.

Mr Kirk apparently took this report quite personally, lashing out against the psychiatrist who assessed him, and posting “Wanted, Dead or Alive” posters featuring the psychiatrist’s name, contact details, and image across the internet. [Clearly a man with immense self-control and excellent judgement—Ed.]

Why this matters to the Hoaxtead mob

On Mr Kirk’s blog, which seems to be jointly run by himself and Sabine, Sabine writes,

Going through the bundle of 135 pages that Maurice has to process for this case, I ask myself how many staff have been paid by the public purse to put him into Caswell Clinic, where Dr [name redacted] was the Director, and / or in prison since.

At the time, Dr [redacted] was commissioned by South Wales Police to put him away to the high security mental hospital Ashworth for life. Hence he produced the false diagnosis that has been refuted by six documents on this blog post.

However, South Wales Police keep trying to get him behind bars, using the infamous Restraining Order of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 that I have also experienced – for the same reason: online exposure – even though Subsection 3a says clearly that Section 1 does not apply,

when reporting or preventing crime.

It’s the last bit that is crucial: Mr Kirk clearly planned to use Subsection 3a of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 as his defence: his argument, it seems, was that his breaches of the restraining order were justified since he was attempting to report or prevent a crime.

The “crime”, of course, being that his psychiatric assessment was supposedly a crude ploy to have him committed to the Caswell Clinic for treatment of his psychiatric condition…even though the psychiatric report states quite clearly that Mr Kirk’s condition is not amenable to treatment. Why they would attempt to incarcerate anyone in a treatment facility to treat an untreatable condition is a mystery to us.

Both Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill have stated that they fully expect to be arrested and charged this autumn, and we expect that Mr Kirk’s conviction yesterday will have come as a blow to them both, not least because it demonstrates that the jury simply did not buy the “get out of jail free if you’re trying to report or prevent a crime” argument.

Despite Sabine’s impassioned outpourings, it seems that this argument won’t hold up; we don’t expect it to perform much better when it comes to years-long harassment of people who have been exonerated of any guilt by a High Court judge.

At this point, Sabine and Belinda must be reviewing their options and finding them wanting. Apparently “whine until they let you go” might not be as effective as they had at first hoped.

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    • It explains Neelu doesn’t it. All the deceleration when she was coming down from Lord Ashtray’s space ship. I ask you, who’d be an astronaut!

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      • It sure does. And being in Space where Neelu often is, time loses all meaning ( Einstein can explain it) so that when Neelu returns so much time has passed here on Earth, which to her seemed a mere 24 hours, she’s forgotten to make all her mortgage payments and didn’t realise her car was over-parked at a meter for some 250 years.
        Perhaps we are too tough on her.

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  1. What I’ve never understood is how you get a plane off the ground and fly it around when you’re clearly a danger to yourself and other people! I mean, if you were some looney disqualified driver the police would soon have your car impounded and you’d be kept off the road. How do you get a plane in and out of airfields and through ATC when you’re completely fucking mad? I always thought a pilot’s licence was a hard thing to get and keep!

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  2. They are extremely hard to get these days, I tried to get mine back in the early 2000’s and although was able to get a G.A, due to my colour blindness (of which between 10 and 20% of the male population suffer) I am restricted to daylight flying only and will never be able to get night or IR qualifications or get a commercial license. There was a brief time when it looked like this might change, but the ‘closed group’ that have basically taken over aviation regulations (all basically ex military) have no interest in allowing this (or indeed any change) to the regulations.
    How the hell he keeps his license (or indeed his plane in the air) is a mystery unless its some kind of ‘grandfathering clause’ where he had one early on and it allows him to keep it.I’ve seen pictures of his plane too, and it looks- well- I wouldn’t fly in it…

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    • Father in law gained a pilots license in the 60,s whilst serving in the army. As far as I could fathom he just required a basic medical every few years and complete 5 hours per year flying time in club owned Cessna to maintain his private pilots licence.Enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon sharing the dual controls with him and generally bottling it.

      I assume there is some kind of incident monitoring procedure/paperwork that can trigger license review but perhaps any such documents now exist enshrined as holy religious texts worshiped by assorted nomadic tribes following Kirk’s repeated descents from on high.The poor bastards.😯

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    • I did a bit of searching and found pictures of his plane. I’m not sure I’d grow tomatoes in it let alone fly in the bloody thing! Grandfathered rights or not, surely there must be some medical grounds to deck him? I don’t know much about flying, but I was under the impression you couldn’t just hop in an buzz off without logs, flight plans, insurances etc?

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  3. Irony update:

    So there you have it, folks. The biggest liar on the internet claims to stand for the truth; a woman who’s repeatedly abused two vulnerable children and dozens of others in Hampstead has declared herself “the voice of the children” and a member of the group which has brought us the greatest paggas and bickering matches of the sporting year has just said, “United we stand.”


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  4. Mad Moo has been instrumental in promoting the Hampstead hoax since it first went viral in Feb 2015.

    I wonder whether she’ll say this to the coppers’ faces when she’s eventually arrested:

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    • She sure has, JSR.

      Here is just a small selection of her posts and comments from Feb 2015:

      Sample posts:

      Sample comments:

      She was posting round the clock on this shit at the time (and hasn’t really changed her repertoire since). Many of her posts contained illegal images and videos of the children.

      She also put up dozens of posts and comments supporting Bronwyn Llewellyn, who as we know was threatening to come to Hampstead and shoot all the “accused”.

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      • “Every family is entitled to a private life” except of course the ones Deborah Mahmoudieh decides are “lawfully suspected” of some claptrap which she thinks gives her the right to deny those children and their parents & family the dignity of privacy as she publishes the images & names of numerous North London residents repeatedly on the net. Doubtful she even knows what the word hypocrisy means.

        Listening to her earlier videos it seems she was far more together mentally than today. Viscous, nasty and I believe quite evil but not nearly as hysterical. She’s clearly deteriorating as her foot stamping is ignored. She also perfectly examples my claim that among those who are mentally ill, there are ones who it’s difficult to feel sympathy for.

        I’m reminded of visiting a doctor a few years ago and he was ushering out a patient, a woman in her late 70s who was mouthing off and saying the most vile things about all manner of people. Making small talk later to the doctor I pondered what had made such a little old dear so irritable. He responded that he had known her for about 30 years and she was nasty when middle aged, nasty as an old woman and had probably been a nasty little girl as well.

        Moo’s recent videos really do border on the hysterical and obsessional as she finds no-one will take her seriously and tries to fob her off as gently as possible. I never wish harm on people but she is one who I’d quite like for her head to actually explode when she reaches final boiling point.

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        • Indeed, Sam – and you’ll see that in at least one of the screenshots in that folder I linked she names and slanders several parents and their children. Yep – child abuse campaigner committer Deborah names and humiliates CHILDREN by name.

          And still she doesn’t get why the parents who testified against Rupert were so upset.

          She also names, insults and slanders the CC School headteacher in a number of posts and videos too.

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        • She may have seemed relatively calm in those two videos, Sam, but go have a rummage. There are plenty from 2015 where she totally loses it. The ‘best’ one from 2015, though, was one where she became totally hysterical, screaming and yelling at the BBC. To give you an idea of how severe it was, she herself took it down within hours of posting it – the only time, as far as I know, that she’s ever taken down one of her own videos. I was kicking myself that I hadn’t downloaded it before she removed it.

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        • Deb’s disgraceful,diuretic diatribe deemed diabolically dim and declared desperate, dilusional doggy doos.

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    • “…TRUST in those authorities as is to be LAWFULLY expected in a DEMOCRACY…”


      htt ps://ww w.facebook. com/deborah.mahmoudieh/posts/10152739055897898

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    • Wait – what the fuck? You mean a woman managed to walk and speak at the same time? My God, is she even human? How is this astonishing feat of multi-tasking even possible? That’s it – I’m calling the Guinness Book of Records. Thanks for the tip-off, Troy.

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      • I doubt Moo & her nasty chums are capable of walking & chewing gum at the same time let alone wield a mobile phone whilst stepping out.

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    • Another ‘false flag’ to advance the government’s secret agenda which is so secret they don’t even know about it themselves.

      One of those injured was a 10 year old boy. But hey, “child protection campaigner” Debs thinks it’s all a thigh-slapping joke.
      Does she take the prize as the most vicious & nastiest of the Hoaxers?

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  5. Sooo, let me get this straight. Physically impossible Hampstead SRA claims = REAL. Crappy homemade explosive device on a London tube = FAKE. K, got it. Thanks for enlightening me, Professor Mahmoudieh.

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    • Bollocks is the right word. Another nutbag who thinks he’s being targeted. Why these people who would bore for the world think anyone would want to “target” them is the great mystery.

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  6. I hadn’t realised that Paedogilvy was on an FB ban. Great news 🙂

    And well done to whoever reported him.

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    • Reported once again by normal, sane people he means. Aberdeenshire knows what he is, the man he tried to frame has seen to that. It’s only a matter of time before monkey boy is caught and banged up in one of her Majesty’s “class A” establishments.

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      • Mebbe so, there are plenty of people locally that want to see him go down both for what he did to his kid and what he’s done since. He’s a sick puppy, a FB ban is the least of what needs to happen. About nine years in Shotts would be more like the thing.

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        • I see he’s completely going nuts again over the redoubtable Mr Quinn! Showing his homophobic side again too! He did, after all, “accuse” his ex of being a lesbian as if that were some kind of terrible thing! Apparently I’m either Mr Quinn or his boyfriend! Not that it would be an issue if Matt was gay, but what evidence do you have of this Malkie? Or is it just another one of your fairy story fantasies? Sadly Malkie you’re going to be disappointed as I’m fairly sure Matt is not only heterosexual but has been happily married for decades! Funny how you just can’t help yourself projecting Malkie! Oh! And college teaching packs are not things you can just “google” – which is something you’d know if you weren’t such a stupid uneducated dimwit. They’re internal to the college(s) and developed from the SQA unit specs. You see Malkie, they actually contain the confidential assessment materials (i.e the exams etc.) which they’re hardly going to put online FFS! You only get access to them if you’re planning or running a class as a lecturer or are a tutor in a partnered training institution.

          The fact still remains Malkie, no matter what shit you write, that man spent over ten years lecturing at one of the most notable music and media colleges in Britain. Which fact alone means he must have a very advanced education and a stack of professional qualifications that distinguish him. What’s more, as you demonstrated yourself, his clientèle include some pretty prestigious organisations. Glenalmond, for instance, is a place that takes only the very best, £40K a year to send your kid there. They not only chose Mr Quinn to make that video for them, they’ve been using it for over six years, so it must be working well. – Kind of kicks your sad attempts to do him down into a cocked hat!

          So, while you’re sitting ranting like a madman having reached your destination as a nobody, he’s been walking the walk for decades! Yes you “perverted the course of justice” or at least tried to! You tried to frame your ex’s father for child rape! That’s why you were banned from seeing the kid because you made up a pack of lies about an innocent man and cared so little about your daughter’s welfare you were quite happy to fill her head with your dirty fantasies! Who to believe? The ranting, obsessive, thick as a brick druggie who abused his own daughter and does nothing but spout paper-thin stories? Or a respected learned man of letters who has actually achieved something in life, not the least of which is helping to put a least three perverts away! You’re obsessed Malkie, absolutely obsessed, you must be shit scared that you’re the next one he helps put away – it’s fucking hilarious watching you squirm! And yes, I do love winding you up you clockwork clown! ROFLMFAO!

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          • Who was? Ogilvy? I thought that was Bill Maloney? These guys are all the same anyway, they never learned a lesson in their life because they know it all and can’t be taught, so they’ve got a special kind of resentment for those that have walked the academic walk and people that really do know better.

            Good example, scrolling through Malkie’s bog I noticed he posted some more shit about the small claims process in Scotland again. Obviously he didn’t take the time to actually read it though, if he’d done so he’d have found;

            * The rules changed last year;
            * The old small claims process specifically excluded things like aliment and damages;
            * The new simple procedure has the same exclusions.

            And it still costs £10K+ to even file a defamation action, not that he has a leg to stand on anyway!

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          • You’d sent him a LETTER Scarlet? How quaint! Ogilvy isn’t bright, and he probably thinks framing people for rape is a routine thing to do. Given his own history that would be classic for him on a couple of scores. I’m surprised he knows a letter is something you read and not just free cat litter, or food! I do know that a few years ago there was a lot of spoofing going on, mainly done by the hoaxers trying to set their opponents against each other. IIRC there were about four versions of the “Sound Affects” alias, some of which were trolling people pretty badly. TBH I was under the impression Ogilvy was one of the main suspects in that effort and certainly not a target! As I say, classic projection. Whirrr whirrr!

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  7. While Kristie Sue is whooping and cheering about ‘achieving’ 1,000 hits for her ‘Believe the Bollocks’ page, this may be a timely moment to point out that this humble little blog is creeping towards the one million mark.

    By my reckoning, it should hit it in less than two weeks’ time (at 1,000+ hits per day on average).

    Well done to everyone for making “the little blog that could” such a success 🙂

    PS: still waiting for Defective Costa to display the hit counter on her blog as requested. I’m not sure what she’s so scared of, seeing as it’s “the 55th most viewed website in the World”. Hehe 😀

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  8. OK, I’m not going to post screenshots of Kane Crackhead’s last three FB posts but can I implore everyone who has an FB account to report them and the accompanying images?

    Post 1

    Post 2

    Post 3

    If these posts aren’t taken down, there is something very very wrong with Facebook >:D

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    • At some point, I’m convinced, her head is actually going to explode with rage. I would prefer to be elsewhere when that happens, lest I get splattered with all that bile.

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    • She demands to know why, if Ella was guilty, she wasn’t arrested…in practically the same breath as she states that Ella fled abroad to avoid arrest. LOL, how does that work, Debs? Not sure you’ve thought that one through, luvvie.

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  9. Liza, which option do you choose when reporting those kinds of posts? I want to make sure any reporting is done in tandem. I noticed something about Slater’s photography, firstly, it’s not great by any stretch and it appears as if he is very fond of capturing images of birds and bees ‘in flagrante’. Invading the privacy of small creatures seems a regular pattern of his.

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    • Good question Eliza but actually I think that a variety of categories might be useful, so that if FB doesn’t agree that it contravenes one rule, it might contravene another.

      The disgusting images of RD and KF I reported under the ‘nudity or pornography’ category but the ‘humiliates someone I know’ should work too. The other two I did as ‘harassment against an individual’.

      Annoyingly, however, there are three different sets of categories that come up and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which one you get. Plus if you want to report a comment that accompanies a picture, it won’t let you, it will only let you report the photo.

      Thanks for reporting them anyway 🙂

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  10. Hmm. Tell you what, luv – you let us worry about that; and you worry about gun nuts, race riots, chronic obesity and the fact that you just voted Donald fucking Trump into power. Mkay?

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