The real Hampstead Coverup…revealed!

Coverup: an attempt, whether successful or not, to conceal evidence of wrongdoing, error, incompetence or other embarrassing information. In a passive cover-up, information is simply not provided; in an active cover-up, deception is used.

If you’ve read even a little of what devotees of Abraham Christie and Ella Draper have to say about the Hampstead SRA hoax, you’ll have come across the term “Hampstead coverup”.

To these people the lurid and bizarre story which was originally built and promoted by Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper, Abraham Christie, and Belinda McKenzie is no hoax at all.

Not only is it all 100% true—thousands of babies shipped by DHL from abroad for the purpose of slaughter and sit-down feasts at the local McDonalds, small children raped with “plastic willies” yet magically suffering no physical effects to speak of, dozens of adults squeezing into tiny disabled change rooms at a popular swimming pool and somehow managing to hold orgies in broad daylight—but it was “covered up” by the UK police, courts, and news media in an effort to keep the horrible truth from the populace.

But the real “Hampstead coverup” is very real, and should be very, very disturbing to anyone who truly cares about children, families…and the truth.

Hiding the truth

The inception of the Hampstead hoax is shrouded in mystery. No one knows exactly where the first discussions took place, but we can pinpoint those who were involved, based on three years of research.

We know that Sabine McNeill was a prime driver of the hoax, along with Ella Draper. Sabine and Ella were acquainted before the summer of 2014, and we know that by June 2014 plans were already under way to create and promote a “Satanic abuse scandal” which would not only ensure that Ella never had to deal with her ex-partner RD again, but that Sabine would be seen as a national heroine—a longtime ambition of hers.

They brought in Belinda McKenzie, Sabine’s friend, funder, and business partner, who had spent more than a decade hobnobbing with UK-based conspiracy theorists, and whose connections would prove so valuable to the nascent hoax.

And of course, the hoax wouldn’t have worked without Abraham Christie, whose skills included fraud, forgery, assault, and child battering. Abraham had been trying to remake himself as a health guru, and fancied himself something of an expert in mysticism and the arcane—though like most small-time criminals, his ego far outstripped his actual abilities.

These four conspired to create a hoax which would catch the fancy of the conspiracy community, while also cynically playing upon the sympathies of anyone who cared about children.

Burn + bruise 2018-05-05

They kept the real child abuse carefully hidden, though they couldn’t quite disguise the bruises and burn marks on the little girl’s face, nor the ruptured eardrum and dried blood in the little boy’s ear, both of which pointed to very recent abuse.

The co-conspirators worked hard to cover up any trace of collusion.

This was the plan: keep Sabine, Belinda, and those they recruited to help publicise the hoax—Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Araya Soma, Charlotte Ward—under wraps until the children had been trained to recite their lines perfectly.

Burn and bruise 2 2018-05-05

Following a month in which Abe and Ella would physically and mentally torture the children until they could perform more or less convincingly on video, they returned briefly to the UK, to show off their handiwork to Gerrish in Plymouth, and Araya Soma in Glastonbury.

Once this was accomplished, the plan was to fly back to Morocco for good; they’d be able to share the videos online without fearing repercussions from the UK police.

The plan went wrong when Abe’s brother-in-law, a Special Constable in the Metropolitan Police, reported the children’s strange story. This led to the police investigation, which threw a major spanner into the carefully laid coverup…but by the time the hoax went public, the conspirators were able to turn that to their own advantage, playing upon their audience’s fear and mistrust of the police by claiming that “no real investigation” had been done.

In reality, the investigation had been all too thorough, and had revealed the conspiracy for what it was.

However, by releasing only selected pieces of information, and quietly hiding anything which might reveal the truth, the co-conspirators carefully manipulated their followers and supporters. Shown only the videos which seemed to support the story that a secret elite group of Satanists were abusing children and murdering babies in a well-heeled area of London, most of those in Sabine and Belinda’s existing fan-base accepted what they were told.

What was kept hidden?

While videos such as the children’s “confessions” to Abe and Ella, and eventually their police interviews and the Jean-Clement audio recording, were released to the public, much remained hidden from view.

For starters, while Ella is in possession of her interview with police in September 2014, she and Abraham have kept it carefully under wraps, out of public view.

We know from notations of the CRIS report (which they did release, with parts redacted and certain pages missing) that the police were puzzled by Ella’s seemingly relaxed attitude toward her children’s alleged abuse. The police mention in the report that Ella was “laughing and joking”, but someone has pencilled in, “Did not happen!”, in an attempt to cast doubt on this observation.

There’s only one way to know for sure whether it did or did not happen: those who’ve been covering up the Hampstead hoax need to release Ella’s police interview, complete and unedited. People who believe in the hoax should demand this, as a bare minimum.

Abraham’s dodgy past

Believers in the hoax also have a right to know the details of Abraham’s history as a child abuser. We have had communications with his step-daughter, who told us that Abe used to line her and her siblings up and make them read aloud to him; if they made any mistakes, he would beat them.

We also know that Abe tried to get his step-children to falsely claim that their own father had abused them; and we know that Abe was cautioned for physically attacking his teen-aged son. We’ve heard from the nephew of a woman who was forced to fight Abe off, in an attempted rape.

Those who’ve participated in the Hampstead coverup try to downplay all of this, but we believe that believers in the hoax should be made aware of the full truth.

They also have a right to know the extent and nature of Abe’s criminal activities prior to the Hampstead hoax. We know from the March 2015 High Court judgment that Abe had multiple criminal arrests and many jail sentences, but those who believe in the hoax should be aware of these details. What is he hiding?

Ella’s history with the family courts

Those who have been duped by the Hampstead coverup also have a right to know about Ella’s many violations of court orders. They have a right to know why her children had a CIN (Children in Need) plan with the London Borough of Camden in 2008, six years before she accused RD of any wrongdoing. 

They have a right to know why she was referred to the Tavistock Institute for assistance with her parenting skills. They have a right to know the truth about Ella’s pre-2014 allegations against her ex-partner, and how they were all deemed false by police and the courts.

Don’t let the Hampstead conspiracy fool you. If you are inclined to believe what you’ve been told by the likes of Gerrish, Sabine, Belinda, Abe, or Ella, you have a right to the full story.

You have a right to know why Ella told Nathan Stolpman that she’d invented the part of the story about her ex-husband and eldest son…but still had her children and Abraham claim that that their half-brother and his father were “in the cult”.

You have a right to know how Ella could have children with two men who she later claimed were “in the cult”, and yet fail to notice that either of them had the tell-tale tattoos. You have a right to know how Ella could fail to notice that her children had been “bleeding from their bottoms” after allegedly being sexually abused each day at school.

You have a right to know how Sabine could claim to believe in the Satanic abuse story, and yet was perfectly willing to exchange her silence for the return of the two children—which would have left dozens of other children, and presumably thousands of innocent infants, at the mercy of the “cult”.

When you look at the Hampstead hoax more closely, it becomes clear: there really was a coverup, but it wasn’t perpetrated by the police or courts.

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  1. i would like to add the question of: if there was a whole school full of children being repeatedly molested, satanically ritually abused, forced to watch the killing of babies and eat them- why did no other children but those two “come forward”? i do not know how many children attended that school, but do hoaxers really believe that the other parent’s would fail to notice anal bleeding, “syringe marks” or the psychological damage that would result from such prolonged abuse? and why did no other children or parents come forward after these two children had been forced to tell the story?
    all questions hoaxers should consider

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    • When you ask entirely reasonable & obvious questions like that we refer to Private Eye: answer came there none.
      Indeed and recall Neelu Berry whose expertise with the IPhone camera stirs up jealousy in me with her habit of recording every visit and detail of her life, failed to record her claim that she went one morning to a Hampstead church and watched dozens of baby carriages being wheeled in as proof that babies were being eaten every Wednesday.

      And did she go back the following weeks or even stake out the place to capture this important event on film? Or did any other (lazy) Hoaxer do likewise? Of course they didn’t. All you have to do with This Mob (™) is say it on the net & it then becomes Gospel.

      Excellent analysis EC.

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      • Indeed, Sam. And lest we forget that Neelu and Christine waited several months to “reveal” that Christine had actually witnessed a baby sacrifice during the church service. Alas, they’d seemingly forgotten to report it at the time and fucked off to the pub instead.

        By the way, I’ve mentioned before that it’s a pleasure to have a fellow Eye-reader among our ranks. Do you have much difficulty getting hold of it in Oz?

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        • I subscribe. I often see ex-pat Brits on beaches in Asia reading it and if you have a copy others beg to have when you are finished.

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      • Sam, your point about them going back to catch the cult in the act brings to mind that video (which I can never bloody find whenever it comes up) of Neelu, Butlintwat, Christine and Saskia skulking round the back of the church banging on about how the caretaker was a reincarnated clone of a Hollywood actor and how hundreds of kids were marshalled in from other schools in the area every Wednesday for a mass orgy and sacrificing ritual. They were, ahem, hell-bent on coming back on the Wednesday to film it all. They never did. Funny that.

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          • The way Butlintwat laps up the utter bilge that Neelu and Saskia come out with and believes every word they say is scary. 😦

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          • “You go to the church and you don’t believe it, you go to the school and you don’t believe it, you talk to the people and you don’t believe it …”
            That should have brought you to a very obvious conclusion Christine!
            Had they been to the pub at this point? Woman Neelu (as she apparently likes to be called) is just pulling things out of her fundiment to compensate that there is absolutely nothing untoward to see. The most sinister thing is a the group of adults lurking around a school gate with a video camera talking about infanticide!

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    • Yes, these are excellent questions. The hoax conspirators tried to claim that “only these two particular children were brave enough to come forward”, but they also acknowledge that they had to “punish” them to get them to tell, as they were unwilling to co-operate with Abe and Ella in the beginning.

      Why no one outside the alleged cult noticed anything amiss has been an ongoing mystery, which none of the conspirators has ever seen fit to clarify.

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  2. Nice analysis, EC.

    Re. your list of unfeasible claims in that fourth paragraph, another one that springs to mind is the one about hundreds/thousands of skulls being kept in draws under the church and hundreds of people dancing around with them in one tiny room. (Not to mention that none were found when said room was checked.)

    You summed up the maths nicely here:

    Abe (as you pointed out), not so much:
    “So there’s over 400 adults and they’re all wearing 20 skulls each. Can you do the maths? Over 800.”

    Was that just a mathematical boo-boo, one wonders, or a deliberate attempt to mislead (800 is a little less unconvincing/unfeasible than 8,000, though still pushing it)? Who knows? You do the maths 🙂

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  3. That combo of religious zealots, far right bigots and paranoid conspiracy theorists (religionoids?) was a potent mix, a raging inferno waiting to happen, and this case was the spark.

    And as we’ve seen, many of the most rabid participants – Costa, Mahmoudieh, Ogilvy, Angela, Alanson, Araya, Charlotte, to name but a handful – are people who come under all three categories.

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    • I love that Ella says there’s just one last little point she wants to make, then drops one of the biggest bombshells of the last three years 😀

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      • Correct, Fnord!… and that’s what always makes me laugh. Abe wanted to release the Jean Clement recording “edited in the format he wanted”, instead, it was released unedited, showing him coaching the children.

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        • Again, something Hampstead believers should know: the extent to which Abe, Ella, Sabine, Belinda et al managed and controlled the material they released, with the assistance of their various stooges…er, helpers. As my dear old dad would have said, Charlotte really pissed in the pickles, and earned her ex-communication from the cult of Abe and Ella, LOL.

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  4. “The police mention in the report that Ella was ‘laughing and joking'”

    Damn, that’s completely scuppered my view that she’s never shown any emotion when talking about her kids 😂

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  5. “They have a right to know why she was referred to the Tavistock Institute for assistance with her parenting skills…”

    …And why hoax bullshitters such as Kris Costa have repeatedly stated that it was RD who was referred, not Ella.

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    • I think I can answer that: Ella still participates in the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, and feeds them this sort of rot on a regular basis. We’ve found that whenever she states that RD was guilty of something, it turns out that she was the real culprit. Again, obfuscating the truth seems to be one of her specialities.

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  6. I love your impassioned “You have the right to know” plea towards the end of your post, EC. Frustratingly, however, I fear we never will and that the only thing we will know is what a hundred squirming hoaxers running away sounds like.

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    • I fear you’re right, CP. I wish even one of the followers of this hoax had the courage to demand the information that’s been withheld from them. I do feel they have the right to know they’re being lied to.

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  7. *Missionary Work Update*

    Spreading the word to primitive communities around the globe (in this instance the ‘Free Sabine – Hampstead Whistleblower’ tribe):

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    • A very grim case, and one that explains why the care of children is no longer a completely private matter.


  8. *Classic Songs of Yesteryear*

    No.94 – ‘Scansion Malfunction’ by Muse Moos

    I can’t imagine why this wasn’t a hit…

    Written by François, Revaux, Anka & Mahmoudieh

    [Posted by Debs on her FB page]

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  9. LOL, even Lee C*nt is sharing our stuff now 😂

    They all know where to come for the latest hoaxer info’ 😀

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      • All great suggestions.

        Jake’s is very close to the one I had in my mind, which was ‘Child-Torturer Ella Gareeva Takes Fake Polygraph Test’.

        Follygraph is very clever but I don’t know that the fruitloops have the intellectual capacity to get it.

        EC’s is very good too, though this is a full-length version rather than condensed.

        How about I combine the best bits from all of them? “Ella’s Polygraph Folly – Evil Hampstead Hoaxer Blags Her Way Through Fake Lie Detector Test”

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      • How about.

        You cheapskate bastards, getting the audio for free, instead of giving Ella/Abe money through amazon, you know, the ones you claim to support. We will be letting them know who you are, expect a good spooning from Abe.

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        • Love that Cap’n 🙂 I was thinking that now it’s out there for free…. plus the fact that so many are scared witless of being jailed or sanctioned in anyway…….they may think they can share that recording without fear, because the names are removed……. main thing is Abrella will not earn the kind of coppers they hoped for, but maybe the other kind will find them, now…… like er via that lie detector guy ?

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    • So is the video they are asking people to pay for now available somewhere else? Google drive?. That would be excellent & almost worth buying one in order to post a review and tell the world they can hear it for free somewhere else.
      Poor Abe- everything he touches turns to dust,

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  10. Excellent post, EC.

    Also another good one to link any “newbies” to as well, seeing as the people who have believed Ella and Abe’s phony version of events from the start haven’t dared ask any of those questions, perhaps one of the newbies looking for answers might? Hope so.

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  11. Where does tm come into this. Wasn’t she the saviour? Also who was the solicitor who was abusing her daughter? What was she doing in England at the time. She once said she was there as druggies were attacking her and her children in north Belfast. The usual crap that they were afraid of her and she would bring everyone of them down, they don’t know who they’re messing with. Usual saint like behaviour, not

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    • Brilliant comment there, thanks for sharing it Tinribs…… In fact last night, I felt really sick realising that even now, as the hoax was simmering down, videos are being removed or largely ignored, now that so many have been informed…… If she had any real mothering instinct left, she would be imploring people to stop sharing videos of her children, not making another that repeats all of the solacious details, to the delight of the interviewer… that her children have less chance of peace……. really sickening.

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  12. LOL, I’m not saying Ogilfail doesn’t read the articles he copies and pastes to his ‘blog’ (ok, yes I am – you got me) but he’s just pasted the Guardian’s entire ‘Since you’re here’ section (which is actually longer than the article itself):

    Oh and he apparently finds the disappearance of Madeleine McCann hilarious:

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    • “Children do not lie about child abuse especially satanic!” Yes, they do Barbara, especially if they are physically and psychologically tortured into lying by an evil mother and her nasty boyfriend.

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  13. Are these people really this stupid or are they just some kind of performance art flashmob?


    • She’ll be fuming when I get round to her, till then she can wait in like with all the other jam rolls


  14. Just been for a quick lucky dip on Angela’s Facebook page and found this:

    (The thread is about visiting Jake in the psychiatric hospital, btw.)

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    • Beware fake PHD’s from Diploma Mills! Watch this CBC Doc and be Appalled at this Scam! “Therapists” Degrees….omfg


    • Debs, No one listens to you, nor likes your videos, the only support you’ve had lately has been from fukushima frauds who support Kevin Annett, who is promoted by Hampstead hoaxers…… you havn’t really followed your agreed conditions, just shifted slightly amongst the connected scammers all willing to raise funds to aid paedophiles like the one that Belinda McKenzie, partner with Angela Power Disney, housed. The fresh fart foundation, links with the QEG Scammer, Hope Girl, who also links with Angie Power disney, cosying up right now to freeman & pgator Field McConnell……. linking back to Brian Gerrish……. linking to other paedohijackers involved with ITNJ…….. There’s a whole mix of people, with a whole army of malicious & sadistic trolls infiltrating or creating groups for CSA Survivors too, pretending to hunt paedos but instead aiding them…….. a web indeed has been woven…..and you can quote jah as much as you like……. you are aiding and abetting people who are damaging real victims and more importantly , real children……. How dare you keep calling people these names, with no proof ? ………. your lot has made false accusations a common thing, too common…..purposefully, without any care for the consequences and who they fall on…. It’s time for them to fall on all who’ve been responsible for this relentless disgusting hoaxing…… and smearing good people just because they expose liars.

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