Sabine McNeill has never believed in a Hampstead ‘death cult’

Yesterday on Hoaxtead Research we revealed evidence indicating that two years ago Sabine McNeill, acting as Ella Draper’s McKenzie friend, made a ham-fisted attempt to blackmail the courts and others. Directing her threats at the “Secret Judiciary, Father, LB Camden, LB Barnet, Cafcass and Met Police, Christchurch Primary and other Schools”, she said:

To avoid high level embarrassment, the following possible arrangements might be worth considering:
1) Instead of starting public law proceedings against the school, the children are returned – with immediate effect – to live with the maternal grandparents in Russia.
2) Instead of mobilising English and Russian social media, the father is given a non-molestation order for life, anywhere in the world.
3) Instead of joining the Russian government to the proceedings, the children are released to their mother and maternal grandparents with immediate effect.

In essence, she demanded that the courts return the children to Ella…or she would use the internet to publicise the hoax far and wide.

We know that Sabine has repeatedly claimed that the courts, the Metropolitan Police Service, and Cafcass are all “in on the cult”; in fact, in their initial allegations to the police, RD’s children named several police officers as “cult members”. These officers turned out not to exist, but the hoax narrative was very clear that “the cult” was everywhere.

This makes Sabine’s blackmail threat all that much more strange. She claims to be a “campaigner for children’s rights”, and yet by her own admission, she would be willing to forget everything she knew about an alleged “death cult” that ostensibly rapes thousands of children, and sacrifices thousands of babies per year…in exchange for granting the mother custody of two children.

So she’d have been perfectly willing to forget about all those other children and babies, and let the alleged “death cult” go about its grisly business as if nothing had happened, if the courts had been willing to accede to her demands?

Not bloody likely.

If Sabine really believed in the carefully constructed Hampstead SRA hoax, how could she have even considered such a deal with the devil (literally)?

The obvious answer is that she didn’t believe a word of the rubbish she was spouting.

Since the beginning, Sabine, Belinda McKenzie, Ella Draper, Abraham Christie, and Charlotte Alton Ward have all known full well that there is no “death cult” in operation in the schools and churches of Hampstead. They created the hoax as a cynical ploy to attract publicity and donations from those gullible enough to fall for their lies.

By the time the case came to the family courts, Sabine and Belinda realised that they had lost control of the narrative: Abe had jumped the gun by taking the children to see his brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou immediately upon their arrival in London, and as a Special Constable, Jean-Clement had taken his video evidence to the police, which sparked the criminal investigation.

This was not supposed to have happened. The hoax was never designed to stand up to police scrutiny; the plan was to release the videos of the children “confessing” onto the internet, one at a time, in order to build momentum.

Those videos were made in short, bite-sized chunks for a couple of reasons: first, despite the month of torture in Morocco, the little girl was still stubbornly refusing to coöperate and lie about her father and her teachers and school friends. It was difficult to make longer films, as the children, especially the girl, would frequently go “off script”. In one of the videos, we hear her younger brother urging her, “Please, you have to tell the truth!” In other words, “Say what Abraham wants you to say, so he’ll stop hurting us!”

Secondly, the videos were meant to act much as TV adverts do: they were short, fascinating, and left the viewers wanting more.

Had things not been thrown off-track by the police investigation and subsequent attempts to reclaim the children from foster care, Sabine might not have felt the need to attempt to blackmail the courts. And when her attempt failed, she might not have felt compelled to follow through on her threat to release the videos, and then the lists of Hampstead parents, teachers, and clergy.

Once this material had been released, Sabine had only one choice: she had to act as though she believed her own lies. But the way in which she released the videos and other material, and her apparent willingness to forget that potentially thousands of children could be at risk, so long as she “won” by having the children returned to their mother, tell the true story.


138 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill has never believed in a Hampstead ‘death cult’

    • These perverted idiots have little talent but to be fair they have got hoisting by own petard down to a fine art.Their fall into abject disgrace dutifully aided by EC and company as ever.A breath of fresh air observing the dance of light prevailing.Thankyou,thankyou and thrice thankyou.

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  1. She keeps on digging, doesn’t she. It’s embarrassing to watch. What was it the great philosopher Mel Ve was saying about how sometimes you can’t resist watching someone running into a tree? You know they’re gonna hit it but you just can’t bring yourself to stop them. In other words, Sabine’s downfall is a lot of fun to watch!

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  2. Any evidence of any judges/court officials soiling themselves when Sabine threatened them? Or did the inconsiderate bastards react with the same bemused indeiiference as they do whenever they encounter Neelu and her arrest warrants? LOL

    Great post, by the way, EC. Nice bit of digging 🙂

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    • Ha, no–I expect they treat her deluded machinations with the same bemused tolerance they give Neelu. I would have hoped that they’d reacted a bit more sternly, but hindsight is 20/20.

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  3. Highlights from the latest thrilling instalment of ‘Trouble In Paradise’, the soap that’s got everyone talking…

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      • Why are none of them clocking that this guy isn’t right in the head? In fact one of the startling things about Hoaxtenders is they seem not to notice when someone has mental health problems….

        They also seem able to overlook or make exuses when someone is in and out of prison too.

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        • That’s a really good question. He’s clearly got serious issues, as do several of the hoaxers. My best guess is that they’re so acclimatised to nuttiness that they don’t see it.

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      • I’m going to invoke my goddess-like powers here and say “happily married”? I don’t think so. I’ve got a funny feeling that Mr. Costa is either not totally au fait with his wife’s online trolling/harassing of people, or he’s so busy down at the John Birch Society or the KKK that his wife is looking for company elsewhere.
        Kristie Sue – if you’re reading this, as I know you will, just remember that Arfur and Nathaniel are not a patch on your real-life husband. Arfur’s a meth-head with impulse control issues, and Natey is a card-carrying psycho with a long history of making things up and hitting women. I’m sure you can do better than that for a quick virtual romance. Have you considered a proper dating app, where you might at least meet guys who wash occasionally?

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        • Mr. Costa surely can’t be happy that Kristie Sue’s trolling and hate campaigns are carried out with their own child’s photo on prominent display as her profile pic. Hardly mother-of-the-year material, is she?

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          • I’ve never really understood this thing where people believe the world is ruled by Satanic paedophile cannibals and at the same time put pictures of their children on Facebook. I mean, if you really believed in all that crap surely you’d want to keep your kids photos private? I know I would – I’d be effin’ terrified.

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          • If I found out that my partner was doing what she does, and using our child’s photo, I’d be deeply unhappy. I’d be even less happy if I discovered that my partner’s activities could be putting our house and financial security at risk.

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    • Wow, just as someone mentions that Mel Ve can’t help watching someone walking into a (Cedars of Lebanon) tree comes our very own train wreck.
      Doesn’t Arfur have some local loonies he can play games with or has he alienated the entire populace of West Pennant Hills?

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  4. I have to keep reminding myself of Ella’s part in all this. She was clearly Sabine’s willing accomplice, despite her butter-wouldn’t-melt denials.

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  5. “She claims to be a ‘campaigner for children’s rights’, and yet by her own admission, she would be willing to forget everything she knew about an alleged ‘death cult’ that ostensibly rapes thousands of children, and sacrifices thousands of babies per year…in exchange for granting the mother custody of two children.”

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      • Er….do people go around remembering the date of their last sexual encounter?

        I only sort of remember mine. I know Elvis was still alive…..

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        • “Sometimes a cigar just a cigar unless fondled provocatively by >>>>some extremely pointless obnoxious bloated arsewipe”<<<<"

          Sigmund Freud

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      • Colour me shocked and surprised!!!!

        What woman could resist the ‘charms’ of our friend Arfur???

        With his charming turn of phrase and witty and insightful social commentary?

        And he’s a wealthy landowner to boot!

        I would have thought they would have been flocking around him!!

        Oh wait, this IS arfur we are talking about…
        In that case I’m surprised it was that recently

        (is he counting his cellmates in the many times he’s been in jail?)

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          • Pretty sure it’s Middle English, actually.
            “Whan that Aprill with his god dame shoures soote the droghte of March hath pierced to the roote, and bathed every vane in swiche licour, of which hoaxtead engendred is the flour…” and so on.

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          • Recent scientific studies reveal that when ones head is wedged up ones own well padded arse the ability to receiving any useful data from the external universe is significantly diminished.(sorry cant find the research documentation at the moment) 😉


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  7. Sabine was also happy to campaign for the children to be returned to the people who had actually abused them, perverse or what?

    But they then changed their campaign to return the children to the grandparents, why was that, what was wrong with Ella&Abe?

    Maybe thats what Ella wanted all along, the children with the Grandparents whilst she did her poster girl for cannabis farms gig. With RD having parental rights she couldn’t get her way.

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    • Ella gave the eldest son to her ex-husband to care for as she couldn’t be bothered.

      The 2 younger children were a pain in the neck to her.

      She’s a “hard faced cow” and didn’t want them either but she didn’t want RD to have them.

      I’m glad that facial recognition had her down as 99% man as I always thought she wasn’t much of a looker. Slim yes but not attractive.

      Ella is a younger Angela who shunted her children off to boarding schools (despite all the CSA issues some of these places have), so she could live the “lady that lunches” lifestyle on State benefits and no doubt paupers grants.

      Sabine hasn’t had children, so she hasn’t got a clue whether she claims to care or not, she just doesn’t have the experience no matter what she can “no tears” cry.

      All a lot of sick people and that’s putting it mildly.


    • Sabine was also happy to campaign for the children to be returned to the people who had actually abused them, perverse or what?

      Yes, it’s perverse, but sadly it’s also par for the course for Sabine and her gang of McKenzie enemies. A quick look back over their cases—Melissa Laird, Vicky Haigh, the Pedros, the Musas, etc.—show that Sabine is always willing to return children to their abusers. Her goal is not to help children, it’s to help abusive parents, while blaming everyone else in sight. In that sense, Hoaxtead is perfectly in character for her.

      I think Sabine and Belinda realised at one point that the courts weren’t going to cave and give the kids back to Ella, so they turned to the next best option: her parents. If you notice, in the “blackmail statement” above, at one point she refers to “returning the children to their maternal grandparents”, but two sentences later it’s “their mother and maternal grandparents”. I suppose they reckoned it was six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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  8. Araya Soma shared Dodo Impact’s video.
    21 January at 00:00 ·
    Children know the truth and tell the truth unless beaten to tell lies

    Has Araya had a change of mind, doubt it, so just irony then.

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  9. This is an amazing post as it actually never occurred to me that yes, Sabine was prepared to overlook her claims there were 100s of Satanists in North London eating children if Ella got her kids back. And there is the proof staring us in the face.

    More evidence of a serious conspiracy to pervert the course of justice which is sadly, a very difficult charge to prove.

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    • I was amazed that it’s so obvious, yet so much a part of the narrative that it had become virtually invisible. Once seen though, it can’t be unseen. 🙂


    • Maybe Ella was going to bung Sabine some dosh if Sabine’s plans actually worked for once.

      How many failures has Sabine had so far in how many years?

      How many successes = 0.

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      • Though tbf I think the initial plan was to get RD imprisoned and then Ella would have thought of the next stage.

        When that plan got scuppered the next alternative was the Maternal grandparents.

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        • Agree FA.I very much doubt these deluded dullards had any masterplan involving more than one move at a time blindly driven by sloth,envy,greed and vindictiveness(oh and cannabis oil).Children used as porn pawns and click bait in a futile game of blindfold idiot Russian roulette chess where the participants checkmate and shoot each other simultaneously whilst incuring maximum collateral damage to innocent bystanders without giving a flying monkeys.

          I somehow feel it unlikely this sport will meet the criteria for Olympic accreditation.

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  10. Angie often gives her impersonation of Woody Guthrie but she has emphysema!
    Gee I wonder how she got that disease? Anyone have a clue?

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    • Oooh ouch,you “sexual deviant of a thing” Spiny.Arfur definately has major turn of phrase issues not to mention serious hots for the prickly one.He would be well advised to make the right approaches and check his insurance policy fine print before making any moves .Backs to the wall lads, backs to the wall. 😉

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    • Well i imagine that his “Righteous Sword” is so sharp as he has been sharpening it by hand since February 7th 2012.

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      • Not me, mate. Let’s see if running the above rant through Google Translate helps. English to Korean and back into English again, then into Zulu and back again, then into Uzbek and back again – that should do it…

        “+ The Mule demon ~ Norman difficult. Ricky, this is true. I think the most effective sword of righteousness? You deviant sexual corrupt and evil demon, “” !!! We have a theory of my time. Make comment MmUmY + £ Xhøa >> << DEAT + nal chapter. the world, and continues to provide more firepower. All of this is an important feature of the ~. I promote myself before I was born.

        I'm sure the general public to follow the plan for Hampstead. My silly and stupid as the name of the church. If people are small and do not see the whole show, you think?

        Ricky job. I Hampstead community and spread the message to as many people who knew how to surprise? Ricky, I wonder what will happen if I achieve. Well, I am! hehehe"

        Hope that helps 🙂

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    • Arfurs self inflicted knot tying peccadilloes are probably best left within the dark nether realms of the seriously unimagined.Personally I would be surprised if the idiot has even learnt to tie his shoe laces yet.

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  11. One saving grace from the likes of that fat windbag Kaoutal is that anyone with an ounce of decency that unfortunately comes across his posts will see him for what he is. Imagine that mouthpiece being allowed anywhere near children.
    I love how anyone that doesn’t follow the lies suddenly becomes RD. Hey perhaps everyone that responds to his posts should sign off with ‘I am Ricky’.
    Reminds me of an old story. One of Kirk Douglas’s sons was an aspiring comedian. One night as he was ‘dying’ on stage he said to the audience ‘you can’t do this to me, I’m Kirk Douglas’s son’. One wag in the audience stood up and said ‘no, I’m Kirk Douglas’s son’ he was then quickly followed by everyone else, the whole audience stood up saying ‘I’m Kirk Douglas’s son.
    So if you are reading this Smeghead (you know who you are)…I am RD.

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      • Seems apt.

        The day the dream went right back to base
        There was blood on the ground
        Blood on the sand
        Blood all around
        Tracks of the ride of the bright murder hawk
        The day the dream debased and went home
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        Saw a mouse, who flapped at my wife
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        Who then did not know the extent of the show
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        And Dopey and Mickey, Brer and Pluto
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        Was the day Disney’s dream debase

        Dark glasses on Western Union
        Man the gates
        The dream, an innocent meets her fate
        Far away from Appalachia and the city hate
        The day X3

        When there was no doubt at all
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        It was the day the dream debased

        I remembered it from
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        The tune that I wrote
        In fallen dreams
        Anthem to
        Creator of all that had stopped

        So there was no doubt at all
        No two ways about it
        It was the day the dream debased

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  12. My first encounter with Sabine came early in my introduction to the Hampstead affair. I had come fresh from Above Top Secret where the few threads on that topic were dealt with as they should be. As fate would have it my first contacts were Sabine and Ward. I had no idea of their mind set nor indeed had it crossed my mind that there might be some sort of agenda at play.
    I asked her very politely if, notwithstanding all the other allegations, she was comfortable with the idea of those children being returned to the mother and boyfriend. She replied ‘ I have been to their home James ‘. Of course I followed up by saying that it is easy to be deceived, or words to that effect. She then replied with her CERN resume. Ward was more direct, called me a shill and offered to sell me her book.

    There was an attempt recently to bring up Hampstead on ATS. In a thread about child abuse that was nothing to do with that particular case a new member made a rather lengthy post with links to the usual dodgy blogs. I stoked the fire by reporting the post and exchanged some telling comments with the new member and as it doesn’t take much to spark those loons off a ban was implemented. In that exchange I was immediately called RD which told me that this was no newbie to the subject.

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    • It’s nice to see you back—it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you!

      Sabine’s and Charlotte’s reactions sound very typical and don’t surprise me a bit. They both had agendas to push, and nothing was going to stand in their way.

      Interesting about the ATS thread; some of those who believe that a child trafficking ring operates in the (non-existent) tunnels below a pizza restaurant in Washington have been trying to link that story to the Hampstead SRA hoax, but it really doesn’t seem to be taking. We had a small blip of interest at around the time the gunman went to the restaurant to do some “self-investigating”, but not much since then.

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  13. “Consider yourselves warned, you big smelly poopy-heads. Not fair not fair. I hate you I hate you I hate you. Waaaaaaah!”

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  14. I’ve been enjoying sitting back and watching ‘the wrecking crew’ at work – taking down the last hoaxer sites and exposing the last of their lies & pretensions. Great fun! 🙂

    Y’all remind me of another team composed of super-pros that no one could beat…

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  15. Yes G.O.S.

    Fear the ENEGRY!!!

    (um can you enlighten us exactly what it is we are fearing? Google isn’t much help, except to suggest the below)

    enegry is when someone is too retarded to spell ‘ energy ‘ properly. The mistake is usually always done on the keyboard, and over 90% of the people who spell energy as ‘enegry’ , are complete and utter spastics.
    Tom: Dont you hate it when you see the typo ‘ enegry ‘ , Alex?

    Alex: Yeah, I just want to beat the shit out of the bloke who did it. Fukin tomato heads
    #energy #enegry #typo #retard #spelling
    by Craazy_Jak May 18, 2009

    Although despite being almost twenty years ago, it shows an almost (dare I say it) ‘sinister’ foresight.

    “I am RD”

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  16. Where did I get twenty from??

    Well I suppose eight is close to twenty using arfur maffs (like his 500+ brain dead urban warriors lol)

    I am RD

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      • Her family are not in any danger and neither is Angela.

        I bet she’s laughing at sucking Arfur in.

        I think he’s trying to get in her big girl pants that she was wearing the other day and is probably still wearing…

        It sounds to me like he’s inviting her to visit him in Australia and the big fat titty bear man will protect her.

        Go Angela Go.

        Do a new Gofundme page and team up with Arfur.

        Think of all that Sun.

        Your dream man is in Australia, I feel it in my bones.

        Go sista, GO.


        • Please NO Fanny Adams
          Not that!!

          What did we ever do to you to threaten us with such a inhuman punishment?


  17. Oh dear it would appear there is a major outbreak of drama queenery from downunder steming from a build up of pressure somewhere in the wastelands of Arfurs underpants since February 7th 2012.

    My sick bucket over floweth.

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    • Well Angela’s supporters have more money than sense, if that’s actually true.

      Is she able to live in Lanzarote if she can’t support herself and has to beg for money?

      Surely the government there wouldn’t like that?

      Note to supporters of APD.

      ANGELA is laughing at you sending her money.

      Angela is no Messiah, go give your money to someone that is starving if you have too much cash you don’t know what to do with it. Buy a homeless person a coat or a hot meal.

      That laughing bitch is pissing it up in bars and sitting on her fat arse in nice sunny climes.

      All she does is peruse the internet, any f..ker can do that.

      She does no more than you, in fact less, going swimming and walking and smoking about 120 fags a day.

      Eating out in restaurants…

      You’re all paying for that!

      Does she deserve to live the life of Riley at other people’s expense?

      I THINK NOT.

      What good has she actually done for others in her life?

      None that I can see.

      She has done harm though that’s for sure.

      Allegedly embezzling from Kenyan Orphanages?

      How low can you go?

      Ask RQ.

      Ask Belinda McKenzie.

      Ask Ella, in fact ask all the people that have unfortunately met her…


  18. If you can see and hear this, enjoy…

    Annoyingly, I’m being told it’s blocked on copyright grounds in 149 countries, because of the song ‘Hey Pedro’ by Chuck Berry. I’ve filed a dispute, as the video doesn’t feature that song – it’s ‘Shout’ by the Isley Brothers! LOL


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