Sabine sez: Breaking bail conditions perfectly fine!

Well, this could explain a great deal.

Apparently Sabine McNeill, recently re-arrested and re-bailed, thinks that “(I)t is NOT a criminal offence to violate bail conditions. And I am protected by the Protection from Harassment Act…”

She justifies this extraordinary statement by claiming that she is only doing the will of her now-extinct petition, which accrued 16,000 signatures before it was taken down for illegally breaching the confidentiality of two vulnerable children.


Because, as everyone knows, when a whole bunch of misguided people sign a bogus petition put up by a person who believes she was ‘chosen’ to fight injustice (see her remarks re her mother rescuing her from the Dresden firestorms of WWII), that supersedes the law of the land.

Oh, wait, no it doesn’t.

And yes, Sabine, the police will continue to arrest you, so long as you keep harassing the innocent children, parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead. The fact that you imagine yourself to be in the right will carry no weight whatsoever when your case comes before a judge—and that is exactly as it should be.

did she really just say that



10 thoughts on “Sabine sez: Breaking bail conditions perfectly fine!

  1. Wow. Just Wow. I am not legally trained, and do not claim to be a lay-legal advocate, but even I know the protection from harassment law is written to those who are being harassed by others and cannot be applied to evade other laws, court judgements and orders. LOL I’ll give Sabine 10/10 for the creativity of a criminal though. See

    LOL loving the court directions, tracey!

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    • And Sabine cannot claim she does not know she is harassing and causing others to harass innocents. The injunction is an order to desist.

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  2. Sabine’s just posted an Ella Draper interview on Twitter. So yep, she’s still breaking her bail conditions, even after her latest arrest! She never learns.


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