Tracey’s day in court, translated

Tracey Morris just cannot seem to help herself. Her most recent video, posted Friday night after a day spent in magistrates court, is yet another stunning display of ill-conceived braggadocio, strange misapprehensions about the courts and legal system, and unwarranted and/or false allegations—some against the very people she stands accused of harassing.

As we listened, we tried to work out exactly what had happened in court. Not an easy task, as while Tracey is full of bluster and false bravado, she rarely presents any actual, you know, facts.

However, as far as we can gather, it went something like this: Tracey is facing charges related to the death of her daughter Corinne Rice, who was found hanged at Regina Coeli, a Belfast shelter for homeless women.

Tracey, having taken it into her head that her daughter did not take her own life, but was murdered, began accusing staff members at Regina Coeli, loudly and publicly. She was arrested and charged with harassment on 21 October 2017.

At that time, we wrote:

Ms Rice was seen very drunk the night before her death. When she returned to the hostel she was placed on suicide watch for the remainder of the night. She got up in the morning and seemed all right, but some time later she committed suicide in the shower.

Tracey is accusing the staff of being involved in her daughter’s death, and her arrest appears to be related to threats she has made against staff at the hostel. She stated in one video, “Every member of staff is involved in the cover-up in that place”.

Stating that the hostel is in the habit of taking in young women and murdering them, Tracey is also alleging that her daughter was drugged prior to her death, and at one point mentioned having her body exhumed and drugs-tested. (She did say “consumed”, but we assume she meant “exhumed”.)

Tracey is also claiming that social workers had told Ms Rice that she would be able to get her children back if she kept them away from Tracey. Again, the veracity of this statement has not been confirmed.

Tracey goes for broke

At this point, instead of backing off and waiting for her trial date, Tracey decided to lead a protest march at the gates of the hostel the following week, complete with loudhailers and more accusations against hostel staff. On a scale of 1 to 10, how surprised would you be to learn that she was arrested following this escapade?

We assume that her appearance in magistrates court on Friday was related to the charges laid against her in October, though she doesn’t specify that in the video.

She does, however, go through her usual palaver about “[the courts] are terrified of me, they’re intimidated by me”. She also congratulates herself on not having breached her bail conditions, as though this is especially meritorious behaviour.

She also notes that she and her supporters sat quietly in court and didn’t have to be spoken to once! Mirabile dictu!

However, she seemed surprised that the magistrate disapproved of her and her supporters’ choice of attire: t-shirts with silk-screened images of a photo of her dead daughter, which she described as “a massive reminder to the people who did what they did to her”.

Bearing in mind that Tracey claims to believe that the person she’s alleged to have harassed actually murdered her daughter, and that the shirts were clearly meant as a message to that person, we have to say we weren’t particularly shocked to hear that Tracey and her gang were told that if they wore the shirts to next week’s hearing, they would be arrested for contempt of court.

Tracey’s alleged response, as she tells it on the video:

I made that judge aware that that’s my daughter—I asked the judge, ‘Do you feel intimidated by my daughter’s face on this top?’ She then told me she would do me for contempt of court, so I told her to do what she liked, it makes no difference, next week you’ll be seeing even brighter tops!

She claims to have been stunned that the person she’s accused of harassing asked to give their evidence via video link, as they felt intimidated by Tracey’s presence in the court.

From the beginning, the CPS was insistent that the person connected to the Regina Coeli hostel who put the harassment charge on me felt intimidated, and they insisted on going through a video link. We actually objected to that application, as it should have been put in before now.

According to Tracey, though, the biggest indignity came when it was her turn to give evidence, and instead of being asked to stand in the witness box, she was sent to the dock. You know, where the accused stand:

I was asked to go up into what should have been the witness box, but they put me in the glass cage, they put me into the “already found guilty” box. …

She refused to see me in that witness box like a normal adult.


As it turns out, the case was adjourned to next Friday, 20 April. Tracey wasn’t pleased, but tried to make lemonade from lemons:

New allegations was put up by the prosecution, evidence that somebody screamed, I’m still trying to figure out where that came from. If they have a recording that’s good enough for me. …

But that’ll give me a week to gather up even more stuff on yous….

At the end of the day these people have no rights, I didn’t kill anybody. So there’s no grounds. There’s not one judge in this land who I fear to go up against and speak my mind.

Yes, Tracey, we bet every judge in the land is quaking in his or her boots, and they’re drawing lots as we speak to see who will have to deal with your case. We hope they have their ankle guards at the ready.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

31 thoughts on “Tracey’s day in court, translated

  1. She thinks that she has taken the hostel to court, instead of the other way round. Her own solicitor didn’t turn up, which speaks volumes or is she her own solicitor? In the lead up to this case, she has given people the idea that the police, courts and her ‘legal team’ were all on her side and more or less telling her she had a case and would win it hands down! There are different variousness of where she was found and how she died. Apparently staff swung on her daughters ankles in order to break her neck in the hostel. Again giving of because Corrinas friends didn’t turn up and also threw in how she took down the biggest paedophile ring in the UK. I genuinely worry that this woman has serious mental health problems. Has her grief for her daughter exacerbated these? In the months leading up to this case, she has put across that the highest judge in N.I has supported her story and also the police ombudsman agrees with her. She certainly has grandiose ideas of herself, big clue to mental health problems. Also that her daughter has spoken to her and told her what actually happened and what paper work she needs. In a worse case scenario, Tracey will lose custody of her children and be sectioned, i don’t have much time for her, but this would impact badly on the kids.

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  2. Why doesn’t she let her poor daughter rest in peace once & for all. Is she feeling guilty because allegedly she & her daughter had a falling out & allegedly not on speaking terms before this very tragic incident.

    I know it is extremely difficult to accept that someone you love dearly has taken their own life but at the end of the day, we need to realize that is the choice they made. It is nobody’s fault, it was not Tracey’s, it was not the hostel staff’s, it was not the ex’s.

    As for her grandiose way of telling everyone that she said those things to the judge, I highly doubt it, the bit about her & others turning up next week with brighter shirts on them.

    Ms. O’Riordan had more sense than to go to court, knowing how Tracey acted in court in London. I don’t think she would want to spend time in the cells for contempt of court.

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  3. Always difficult to know how grief will affect a person but I don’t see much compassion in Morris’ videos and claims. Just lots of self aggrandisement which was there long before the death of her daughter.

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  4. You know we all sometimes need to knowledge that the tragedies in our lives aren’t the fault of other people and are often the result of out own weaknesses. I think both Tracey and Matt Taylor, who you featured yesterday, have a tendency to lash out in order to avoid confronting the black void in the centre of their lives.

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    • If that’s the case then it’s very sad. I refused to acknowledge my twins death at 18. I went from not drinking to near enough an alcoholic. Which wasn’t fair on my parents. Being taught how to recognise grief and finding a way through it, was the best helpline ever. I still have a few dips now and then but a good talk with someone brings me back to rights. If not acknowledged grief can eat a person from the inside out

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  5. That’s very true GoS that she was like that anyway, it’s just so sad that now she is not grieving and thus not allowing her children to grieve by carrying on with these accusations.

    I have no doubt of her grief though, but as you say, it’s always difficult to know how grief will affect a person.

    I honestly think she will just crash someday, be it in prison or at home. I hope that her supporters who are egging her delusions on will see how wrong they have been & what harm they have also caused to the family & the hostel & it’s staff. There really was no need for all of this carry on.

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    • It’s difficult to know what her problem is. We know she makes bizarre claims- shooing off the IRA and Gerry Adams from her front yard etc.
      It’s such mad nonsense yet she does have a coterie of pals who indulge and encourage her.
      Not unlike Neelu who is positively cracked but they are there egging her on. Even quite intelligent ones like Bellend. All very strange. We shouldn’t laugh at mental illness but the problem is there are a lot of mentally ill people who are just not very nice people and who can be a nightmare to deal with.

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      • Yeah she does make wild claims, is that to impress her followers I wonder & I wonder if they really believe her, the Gerry Adams thing is laughable but possibly she may have met him when he was canvassing. We did too but most of Ireland, North & South in all probability did so it’s nothing to shout about. With Ireland being a small country, we meet most of the politicians at one time or another but Tracey seems to think it gives her more cred with her crew.

        It would be much kinder for the people egging them all on, to tell them the truth but would they listen! Not likely. 😋

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  6. This will sound unkind – To me, Tracey sounds puerile. She doesn’t seem to have evolved much since her primary school days and so when I listen to her I’m often reminded of these animated shorts from Brown Bag Productions.

    The children in these videos all have Dublin accents….it’s the way they embellish and let their imaginations run riot that puts me in mind of T., also their language in all its immature glory.

    I know this is a grave matter and I genuinely feel for Tracey and all of her daughter Corinne’s family and friends who surely miss her terribly.

    I also remember that T. has slagged off her daughter’s father’s family and that at one point an aunt produced a video denying T.’s accusations and threatening to get the law involved unless T. shut up.

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    • I also bear in mind that, as Tracey pointed out, Regina Coeli is a 20 minute walk from her house. Yet somehow she was unaware that her daughter, who seems to have had multiple mental health issues, was living so near by? And is there a reason that the daughter didn’t come to live with her mother in her time of need?

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      • I recall her son who’s been reunited with Tracey in recent times stating on a video that he grew up hating his mother…I do find his and T.’s accent difficult to understand (it’s amazing T.’s diction is so poor given she studied drama) so I’m unsure what he said exactly – I don’t know if he claimed he was encouraged to hate her by people being negative about her or if the hate evolved as a result of the forced separation and blaming her for failing the child he was…still is. Perhaps her daughter felt the same?

        I don’t know. I feel a bit guilty speculating about something so delicate and I would not judge Tracey on her past at all. I wish her life was easier for her and I suspect the system let her down.

        As she behaves now…I don’t have any respect for her at all because it seems to me she’s abusing others’ kindness and goodwill and taking advantage of vulnerable people to promote whatever narcissistic misadventure she’s currently pursuing. Also, it annoys the crap out of me that she’s such a bully….a real fighter doesn’t resort to empty threats and cryptic wittering-ons which are never conclusive…basically I think she’s an arsehole and a dreadful bitch.

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  7. Meanwhile, the Weasel Revolution is well underway:

    I think he’s planning to bore Mrs. May to death. Alert the Met’s Snooze Squad immediately!

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      • I wouldn’t dance on Maybot’s grave and I’m dubious about the Syria situation but ohmigod world politics!

        I have a feeling though that any right-thinking person ought to completely disagree with Weasselly’s inane declarations. His fb avatar/selfie taken in such a complementary fashion as to make him appear somewhat attractive looks a lot like a good example of the ‘golden mean’ but only if it applies to the perfect s-shaped dump.

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    • Sections 95 and 96 of the
      Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 (Vic)
      make it an
      offence to desecrate memorials and places of interment. The penalty for offending
      against these provisions is $28,668
      or two years imprisonment or both.

      I hope the UK rules are similar, here he would be liable to 2 years in the slammer or the equivalent of 15500 pounds in fines, as a minimum! and thats just for damaging/destroying the headstone, interfering with the remains is 5 yeas in jail

      Posts like the above show the disgusting little weasel for the slime he really is


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