Video share: Who is Ella Draper?

Today on the Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel, we look at the truth about Ella Draper, the woman who colluded with Abraham Christie in torturing her two young children in Morocco, forcing them to make false allegations about their father, their classmates, and their community.

We discuss Ella’s background, her history with the family courts and social services, her relationship with the other parents at the school in Hampstead, and much more that you won’t hear from the “alternative media”.

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30 thoughts on “Video share: Who is Ella Draper?

    • That pic you’ve used in the thumbnail – Abe’s eyes have always freaked me out in that one. Not that I judge people by their creepy-looking eyes of course but the hoaxers do, so by their own “logic” be damned.

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      • That is one annoyed-looking koala! Has he been deprived of his eucalyptus leaves? I hear that makes them a bit tetchy.

        Oh, and err, thanks for the award. Much appreciated.

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        • I believe that’s Gerald, the much feared Killer Koala who hunts down hedgehogs. Most Koalas munch on eucalyptus leaves all day long for the soporific and calmative qualities. Otherwise without their daily dose there would be few hedgehogs left along with those who promote them.


  1. Shame on Ella for how she treated those children. First the neglect; then standing by and allowing a creepy convicted abuser – whom she’d only just met – to beat, threaten and torture them; then fucking off to Spain and abandoning them to (according to her) a child-raping cannibal cult; then for failing to turn up for the custody hearing; then for all those nasty illegal videos in which she repeatedly named not only her children but also several other children as well as their parents and teachers.

    And shame on her creepy supporters who think that’s ok. It isn’t.

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    • Yes that point about leaving their children with the alleged rapist, murdering, cannibal devil worshipers is a good one.
      The same applies to those who demonstrated outside a Church screeching obscenities at parishioners (or any passerby they thought might be one) egged on by dills like Neelu who claims she saw dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into a school one morning (which they claim was the regular weekday Bub Brunch event followed by a demonstration of Skull Dancing in your Baby Skin moccasins) and Mr Assange’s alleged fiance who reckons she heard a child being murdered- did they ever go back to gather evidence?. Not on your Nelly. Too much like hard work when you can fight your battles over the internet.

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    • Andy is claiming the coppers who told him to take down his flag in the park were warned off by him when he told them he had a battalion of Veterans who would make mince meat of the trembling Plod and who have already had a word to the Armed Forces who have agreed to lay down their arms Come The Revolution.

      The fact he had never mentioned Veterans before or on that date until many demonstrated 2 weeks later and were then included in the Wanoa mix signals to me Our Andy may partake of mind altering substances (I’m being kind here by not accusing him of just being bonkers).

      Seeing he’s somehow infused a Reggae theme into King Wanoa’s pending coup I reckon this song is more appropriate and the singing kiddies could become Child Soldiers in Wanoa’s Army (mind you they’re probably all middle-aged blokes by now).
      Note in the video: there are Judges & Royal Courts of Justice and even Edward Ellis features ( I made that bit up) which equals : REMEDY !


  2. That sick bastard Devine has gone too far this time. He has just posted an Info Wars video extract showing parts of the Christchurch Massacre video and calling it all a hoax/false flag. Words fail me.

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    • It’s like Groundhog Day for this idiotic woman. She’s been going to that court and getting no-where time after time and all she do is grin like a moron as her house is removed from her possession.
      The grinning? What’s that all about?

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      • Personal revelation, on occasions I’ve been coming out of the RCJ when Neelu and (on one occasion) Matt Taylor and John Paterson have been there filming selfies, and I’ve felt obliged to duck back in out of sight, to avoid the temptation to offer helpful commentary.

        Have you noticed that as the screen pans round it appears she has those cast iron black flowers coming out of her head?

        She’s there in support of David Noakes, a vile conman who preyed on victims of cancer and HIV and people with autism, by selling them an unlicensed drug which carried a significant risk to their health. The motive was £££, which he spent on planes.

        She says it’s a scandal that he went to prison. The fact that he only went for 15 months, maybe.

        Doesn’t seem these people have ever met a conman they don’t like.

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        • Noakes was inspired to take up a career in medscamming by Ian R, Crane, so he is fondly regarded within conspiracist / Truther circles – he is “one of us”.
          Also of course he follows the usual conspiracist approach of blaming everything on The Jews and on immigrants.

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