Sabine McNeill denied core participant status in IICSA

A Notice of Determination released on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse website 10 days ago reveals that while Sabine McNeill applied for “core participant status” in the IICSA in early September 2017, her application has been rejected by Inquiry chair Alexis Jay. Thanks to commenter “tdf” for pointing this out to us.

In explaining her rationale for excluding Sabine from the Inquiry, Ms Jay cited Rule 5 of the Inquiry Rules 2006:

She further states,

I am not satisfied that Ms McNeill fulfils the criteria in Rule 5(2) or that there are other good reasons to designate her as a core participant. The application is put on the basis that Ms McNeill has received information from others relevant to alleged child sexual abuse and the alleged existence of a cult in Hampstead said to be connected with Hampstead Christchurch (sic), and that she can provide information about the actions of a number of agencies, including councils and the police, in relation to these allegations. Ms McNeill expressly states that she is not aware of evidence relating to child sexual abuse by ‘Westminster personalities’ but says that the harassment which she has experienced can only be explained by orders ‘from “high up”‘.

We think it is safe to infer from this last statement—”the harassment which she has experienced can only be explained by orders ‘from “high up”‘”that Sabine continues to believe that this blog’s continuing scrutiny of her actions is only explicable if one believes that we are under orders from some covert person or persons. We hate to burst her bubble, but we’re quite certain that her activities are of no particular interest to anyone “on high”.

Of course there’s no point trying to explain this to her or any of her wacky friends and followers, but what ho. It’ll all come out in the wash, as they say.

Back to Ms Jay’s brush-off:

The Westminster investigation is, as set out in the Definition of Scope, concerned with allegations of child sexual abuse involving current and/or former Members of Parliament, senior civil servants, government advisers and/or members of the intelligence agencies (collectively ‘people of public prominence associated with Westminster’). The allegations to which Ms McNeill refers do not concern allegations involving ‘people of public prominence associated with Westminster’ and accordingly do not fall within the scope of the Westminster investigation.

I am accordingly not satisfied that Ms McNeill fulfills the criteria in Rule 5.2 as a person who played, or may have played, a direct and significant role in relation to the matters to which the Westminster investigation relates, or that she has a significant interest in an important aspect of such matters or may be subject to explicit or significant criticism during the inquiry proceedings or in the report, or in any interim report. I do not therefore designate her as a core participant in this investigation.

I will keep the scope of the investigation and the designation of core participants under review and further invitations to apply for core participant status may be made as the investigation proceeds. I should add that I shall consider any application which Ms McNeill may make in future to be designated as a core participant in any other investigation.

Sabine’s reaction to this rejection is not on record, of course, as her current bail conditions prohibit her from using the internet.

However, we’ve heard reports of sturm und drang, including phrases such as “how dare she?!” and “doesn’t she know who I am? I didn’t survive the firebombing of Dresden just to have some hopped up academic tell me I’m irrelevant!” emanating from the vicinity of Sabine’s flat.

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  1. Intriguing find, EC. Good to know that ‘the system’ is still capable of making the right decision, though this one appears to have been a pragmatic one in that Sabine was deemed to lack knowledge of what does/doesn’t go on in the corridors of power. However, even though it’s not mentioned in the report, I trust that they will have carried out a background check on Sabine, found that she has form herself and taken that into account.

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    • You can almost see why she was awarded that Young Hackette Award as she has framed that little movie so perfectly. It just makes you want to leap onto a ferry and rush to yet what looks like another glorious day in Ireland.
      Note that doggie: clearly desperate to get through that fence so she can flee her mistress.

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      • It is amazing how she can take any subject and through a mixture of poor filming and flat delivery make it tedious.
        She should have taken some lessons from Rupert; at least he knew how to edit!

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        • Yawns, sorry I dropped off, I must say, she could make a legitimate fortune, selling her movies as a cure for insomnia…

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    • I’m not surprised tho, Fiona barnett tried to muscle in on the Royal Commission, despite her claims being totally unbelievable- its disgusting the way these idiots try to force their way into any legitimate inquiry, just so they can feed their ego’s

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      • That creature Barnett claimed she had met privately in a hotel conference room with all the Royal Commissioners. She did no such thing and they refused to meet with her (both the NSW Police and the ACT Police had investigated her claims previously and found them to be without substance). She simply wrote them a submission which any member of the public can do and of which they would have filed it in the appropriate place.

        I can imagine the up-coming UK Inquiry is going to be riven with phonies trying to get in the act causing havoc for genuine victims.


    • I was thinking, yesterday, about the detailed discussions about CSA and related issues, that we often have here – both in the articles and our comments to them.
      And how much more interesting, entertaining and constructive they are, than this: “Ug-ug-ug, want kill pedo – want kill pedo!”


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    • So only we make death threats right angie???

      Like the one your supporter just made…

      Thats right, you have 40 pages of them…

      you dont….

      Seems another case of projection to me- We get accused of doing things only the hoaxers do….

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      • Turns out the “40 pages” came from none other than Yannis; Angie never actually saw them herself. Hands up, everyone who’s surprised.


      • She also claims her “many supporters” are reporting back to her about Hoaxtead but if you look at her timeline hardly anyone ever responds to her posts and one is so obviously a fake profile with nil information it just has to be an Ange created person so she can respond to herself.
        And the other is quite possibly stark raving mad.

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  2. I do hope that you can all report the BASTARD Chris Spivey now that Jamies Bulger is back in the news. Spivey has openly mocked everyone involved in that case aswell as countless others.


    • Oh he hasn’t has he?. I won’t even venture there. I hate the way the media whips up that case and basically puts the poor parents in this non-winnable situation.
      What a low-life that Spivey is.


      • I thought you lot here were fully aware of Spivey and his idiotic ramblings. Bulger is not the only kid he has mocked…. Since his conviction for harrassing the family of Lee Rigby he really stepped up his venom spitting. His targets were kids with cancer and any high profile murder victims. Sarah Payne,April Jones both hoaxes according to Spivey…and then fully supported by the comment section on his stupid website.
        Amazingly there are still legions of his followers who beleive him every time that his dot org site costs a staggering £350 PER MONTH! to keep running? LOL.
        This clown posts maybe 2/3 times a month and it costs that much??? Amazing really.
        I guess its cos he has to re-route every article or something so that M15 don’t delete it before its published. Or maybe its the cost of running his FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE. LOL! He could have mined 10000 Bitcoin with the amount he has supposedly spent keeping up his dumb blog. Then maybe he would be able to pay his fines or atleast upgrade his lager stash from Asda Smart Price to 8ACE 😉


        • £350 PER MONTH! my arse. Web domain a fiver a year and then the rest is easily set-up for free or with minimal monthly cost by anyone with a rudimentary working of the web.
          Of course I had to check it out and I see the despicable man is actually claiming most victims don’t exist.

          He’s also a blatant plagiarist and his whole shtick is a rip-off. I’ve been occasionally looking at this mad website : welaware1 – for years and find it quite amusing (my favourite being HM The Queen doesn’t exist and it’s actually the actress Betty White). This geezer invented this ‘everyone is someone else ‘ theme and Spivey has blatantly nicked the idea and presents it as it’s own but with an intensely nasty angle. What on earth is wrong with him? Telling people their murdered children never existed? I’d like him to wander into a Woolwich pub one night where a bunch of squaddies were drinking…

          This Man Believes All News Events Are Staged By Actors

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  3. Is Cat Scot possibly a failed musician who’s psychotically jealous of anyone who’s made it in the rock ‘n’ pop world? Or is she just a twat?

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      • Looks like Cat Scot is new to all this as all the Wyman tales are as old as the hills. Another loony playing catch up and think they have discovered the wheel.

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    • Errr.. as George Harrison passed away in 2001 I think his estate would have been well & truly settled by now, some 17 years later.

      What ghastly horrible minds (mind?..if that’s what you can call it) Cat Scot & their ilk must have. No joy to be found in music. Every aspect of life must be drafted into their insane fanatical desire to make the world a dark place. Every musician, composer and entertainer is to be reduced to something akin to the devil. No joy, no happiness. Visiting one of the great art galleries of the world must be sheer torture for them.

      As for this bizarre notion that someone being photographed with someone else ( Gawd help all those 100,000s of fans who now get ‘selfies’ with celebs who are only to happy to pose with them) means they are intricately linked with them in every single sense, I guess anyone snapped with Jimmy Savile – especially those who were supposedly giving him donations for one of his appeals- must share blame for his alleged satanic abuse.

      For behold: here is the Young Hackette of The Century one Angela Power-Disney worshiping at the knee of Savile !
      # how much BBC compo did you get Ange? Was it the going rate about £8500?. Just enough to spend a nice long Summer sojourn to Lanzarotte. Soon runs out doesn’t it?

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      • Can’t remember what that syndrome is where people seek out (fake) information that re-enforces their already false beliefs but dummies like Cat Scot are so behind the times it’s sad. What an awful life they must lead .
        The Beatles’ pic with the crosses has been blown apart so many times and is simply one from the 1960s- long before these creeps had even discovered anything alternative let alone their @pizzacrap rubbish etc- and is from a series of when they received their MBEs at the Palace & were published in 1000s of newspapers world-wide.

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        • Yeah, I spotted that too. Thanks, Sam. Does Cat call herself a journalist? Scary. Wasn’t Piers Morgan marched out of Mirror HQ for faking photos in this way? Not that Cat would have had the brains to doctor the photo herself, she will have simply posted that article without reading it. That’s known as Angela syndrome or Ogilvy’s disease.

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          • Ogilvy thinks the Sun shines out of Cat’s arse. He affords her the same unconditional hero worship as he does the convicted hate campaigner and hoaxer Robert Green and posts literally everything of hers on his (cough cough) blog.

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        • “awright you Beatles you long-haired layabouts. ”

          Sorry but I’m just jumping in to share one of my favourite comedy sketches-


  4. @Steved

    Speaking of cures for insomnia, I see Neelu’s got a new one up. And today she’s taking about “judicial corruption and maladministration and its connection with counterfeit currency, state terrorism against 7.4 billion people and our mass remedies”. Again. Try to contain your excitement

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    • @ -21:59

      “The intention was with the Garouder [sic – she presumably means ‘Greada’] Treaty 1954 with the USA and the Reptilians was to steal our DNA, mix it with and produce these Reptilian humans…and then we were to be wiped out but the underground bases were pulverised. The angels, the hierarchy of angels, are here. They will not allow any nuclear bombs on this planet. They will not allow the Reptilians to take over humanity, coz humanity is here to basically serve as the 3-dimensional platform for the whole of the universes, all of them, all the universes. The millions, billions, trillions of them.”

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  5. Fact of the day; Stieg Larsson based his book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” on the exploits of Angela Power-Disney!

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