Sabine’s green kryptonite

Anyone who was present at Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill’s witness intimidation trial earlier this month will no doubt recollect the sight of poor Sabine, crippled and hunched over with pain, as she manoeuvred her way slowly along the hallways of Blackfriars Court, leaning heavily on her walking sticks. Of course her loyal friends shuffled alongside her, ready to lend a helping hand should she collapse.

When asked to stand to hear the charged against her, she declined, stating that she was in too much pain to move. Hearts broke, hankies dabbed away onlookers’ tears. Clearly, Sabine was far too frail and elderly to endure the indignities of the courtroom.

She did seem to have a brief moment of spryness one morning during the trial as she emerged from her taxi onto the almost-deserted Pocock Street. Out she bounced, hale and fit, only to glance back and note the presence of (gasp!) a non-supporter. Quickly, she grabbed her walking sticks, assumed the Cripple Position, and shuffled toward the court.

And of course after the trial was done, she seemed to rally suddenly, in time for the celebratory group photo:

Penny Pullen-Belinda McKenzie-Matt Saunders-Neelu Berry-Sabine McNeill-Dave Conaghan-outside Blackfriars

Penny Pullen, Belinda McKenzie, Matt Saunders, Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeill, and Dave Conaghan outside Blackfriars Crown Court. Belinda holds Sabine’s walking sticks, while Sabine brandishes her Nordic walking poles—doesn’t she look jaunty?

In the weeks before the trial began, of course, Sabine was in fine fettle. Here she is at an EU event in Brussels in late June, hobnobbing at an event for MEPs:

So nice that she didn’t have to bring along those pesky walking sticks!

Here she is at an event at Ergon House in Westminster on 7th July; seated, to be sure, but once again sans sticks:

Sabine-Ergon House 2016-07-07And again yesterday at Ergon House, where she’s been regularly dragging herself to attend an event called #opencave, apparently to do with numerical metadata and Russian dolls:

Sabine 2016-07-28 at 3-45 PMAmazing but true: Sabine seems to have fully recovered from the agonies she experienced less than two weeks ago.

Doesn’t she look great? Ten years younger, and standing straight as a rod, nary a walking stick in sight. We’re all so happy for her!

One of our team members speculated last evening that perhaps it was contact with courts and police that brought on Sabine’s distressing physical condition. Maybe, they speculated, cops and courts are Sabine’s green kryptonite?

In fact, odd as it might seem, we do have some evidence to bear out this hypothesis.

Watch this video from 5th August last year, as Sabine is arrested at the Royal Courts of Justice. The combined effects of being in a court building, and confronted with uniformed police officers, almost does her in!

It’s shocking, really. Clearly, Sabine ought to have some sort of exemption from having to deal with courts and police at all, since they have such a detrimental effect on her health.

We wonder whether there’s some sort of Blue Badge equivalent she could get for that?


50 thoughts on “Sabine’s green kryptonite

  1. Well there’s enough evidence there for the DWP to assess her claims for the Disability Benefits.

    I’d like to also know who funds her jaunts, little holidays over to Brussels all the time as she claims she hasn’t 2 beans to rub together.

    Well she certainly has magic beans at times…

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  2. It appears the RO seems to be working (for now), unless I’m missing a trick, I’ve not seen any post-court online material from Neelu or Sabine regarding Children being cooked in McDonalds ovens (I cannot ever recall seeing an ‘oven’ in a McDonalds, in a Pizza Hut yes but not McDonalds)…I’m sure the itch will come back to test the waters.


    • I’m not sure the RO is working.

      Ved Chaudhari – Neelu has posted something about the Hampstead case on her fb page about 5 hours ago.

      I’m not sure if it breaches the RO.

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      • She has indeed posted “something” about the Hampstead case – incomprehensible waffle, frankly – and if anyone can work out what the hell it’s about and whether it breaches her RO, I for one would be very grateful.

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      • I feel Lotus Princess is gearing up to put her foot in it but if you understood that rambling gobbledygook post of hers, congratulations.
        The finer points of the Planet Bizarro language elude me.

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  3. Could this be the result of that range of German cosmetics Sabine was promoting? She swore they would wipe years of your raddled face and put a spring in your step.
    Is Hoaxted being a tad cynical and ignoring the stress poor Sabine was under during the trial and thus forgot her miracle-makeup routine?

    Perhaps Sabine is missing a business opportunity here and should approach the UK Office of Disabilities and demonstrate the rejuvenating abilities of this wonderful range of products. She could even use the videos Hoaxted has posted as proof that her aching legs can come & go in a flash (of a camera)

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    • No doubt Sabine and others saw their cunning hoax as likely to lead to adoration,international stardom and foresaw wealth beyond their wildest dreams adding many,many zero`s to multiple bank accounts across the globe.

      The book,the movie,the perfume,guided tours,chat show circuit,madame tussauds minature figures all the trappings of the celebrity lifestyle the list was no doubt endless.Certainly Sabine would have been able to stop the benefit fiddling game with all that bothersome form filling and looking over her shoulder malarky.

      But as with all mice and men things did not go entirely to plan and as we have seen the death throes of the hoax were read out in a packed court 2 with the obituary “Obsessional, delusional and odd” read out by Judge Worsley (without laughing it must be said) and infinite restriction orders banged her and her even more demented gold digger to rights.Whatever the word for “Oh bugger” is in German it must have resounded firmly within Sabines cranial orifice at some juncture.

      Even earlier in the case things were looking decidedly grim as all the legal bods had concured the SRA hoax was precisely that and were not going to waste further time or tax payers hard earned cash on that crap.

      It is rumoured that Belinda and Sabine are now establishing a training school for “crisis actors” and have negotiated a European grant to buy up Russian dolls, flip charts,post it notes,and lots of German cosmetics and stuff.

      Good luck I say.

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  4. Russian dolls are an Illuminati invention! Each one contains a hidden ‘chip’ so they can spy on you!

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    • ….Oh. I thought the hidden chip was in case you got hungry! Actually I was hoping for a full bag of chips! 😉

      I often find myself laughing at the fact they’re all over Facebook and Youtube and Skype – banging on about the Illuminatti spying on them etc. etc. etc. Festooned with the very technology that is rejected and banned in many industrial contexts because of its lack of security!

      Teddy Ruxpin…. Now he had a chip in him! And he would randomly go off in the middle of the night! Woooo!

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      • Teddy Ruxpin was one of the creepiest toys I’ve ever seen. The only thing worse was a singing ‘Barney the Dinosaur’ doll that one of my nieces had many years ago. (If they had come with free chips, though, I might have been slightly less disturbed by them.)


  5. Hey Jake, George & Barbara – didn’t you get the memo from General Weaver? “This case is over – move the fuck on.” Or words to that effect.



    Here’s that two-part memo again in case you missed it:

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    • ‘Jake, George & Barbara’ has a ring to it. They could be the new Rod, Jane & Freddy. If they had any talent.

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    • Has anyone read George’s post in full? It reads like an A-Z of Hoaxtead clichés. I zoned out about a third of the way through and lost the will to live.

      George, you really are a great big trucking idiot.

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    • Jake Clarke has breached the suppression order as he is certainly an ‘agent’ of Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry. Moreover he was in court to support them and has no defense of ignorance. He is however, entirely ignorant. He will end up in court on charges at some stage.

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      • The tricky bit of ‘agent’ is that the court must prove that the person was acting at the behest of the person under the restraining order. It can be done, but the evidence must be there.


  6. This is another reason I simply loathe these false accusers. Of course I’m a bit out of control as my favourite way of dealing with them would be a horse whipping in the town square followed by tar & feathering.
    Fortunately saner legal minds prevail but we must never forget these ghastly things have pursued an innocent father, urged strangers to kill him, attempted to destroy his children’s lives along with their classmates and a group of parents, while giving succor to a vile child beater and a bizarre cold fish mother.
    They must be pursued until they are silenced or hauled before the courts.

    “Heartbroken mum of teen who killed himself after false rape allegation found hanged at family home “

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    • Yes, that story is really heartbreaking. And as it turns out, the original allegations were withdrawn. Too late for the boy and his mother, though.


      • Angie Power Disney posted this on her facebook account about an hour ago – did she generate the passport? A little bird has told me that this has been reported to her local Guardia – Identity theft to add to her issues?

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          • I cant quite make out the reason APD would publish a copy of a passport on her facebook page. At best its stupid, at worst it might be an example of identity theft. Whichever way I hope the Guardia ask her some tough questions.

            Not very bright of Angie….

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          • I hope you guys appreciate how difficult it is to be RD AND some woman called Christine AND a satanic cult leader AND a government shill all at the same time.

            By the way, I think I’ve uncovered the source of Angie’s amazing detective work:

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          • I hope the “legals” that she alludes to do indeed knock her door and seize her computer and phone during their investigations.

            At least it will free the world from her drivel for a short time

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        • Nah, JW – if only Angie were anywhere near that shrewd. This passport was discovered by Keven ‘Tits Out’ Weaver a few nights ago when he Googled ‘Gabriella Barney’ and that was one of the top pics that came up. It sent our Kev into a frenzy, of course, and he immediately posted it on Angie’s timeline. Now Angie has used her amazing journalistic prowess to publish this second hand report of a 3-second Google search as irrefutable proof of amazing scoop 😀


    • To any police officers reading this, here’s a photo of Maria MacMahon, queen of the vigilantes:

      Yeah, Maria – I can tell from your pic that you’re a real force to be reckoned with. We’re all cacking ourselves. Let’s hope this venture works out better than your pathetic plan to kidnap two children and announcing it in advance on Facebook.

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  7. I hope its not a gun that the person is looking for – with the reference to “black market piece” in the context of vigilantism.

    Have the nut cases crossed a very dark line?

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