Margaret Sneddon Added To Perps List

…Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Margaret is one of Jacqui the Troll’s most vociferous supporters. She has supported, aided and been involved in much of her illegal activity. She has also committed a number of criminal offences herself, including malicious communications, slander, data protection infringements and posting death threats. She is severely unhinged. Here’s just one of her multitude of hate-filled bile-fuelled defamatory rants and it culminates in a borderline death threat:


“…Let’s dance like in DISCO. Fuck these crazy CUNTS…Can you imagine what you’ll endure in prison. Ha ha fucking ha. Pedophiles are tortured. You’ll know what’s coming. Have a good black pudding supper because it’s soon going to be your last.”


You’ll be pleased to know that Margaret has been added to our Police “persons of interest” file (as have all identifiable Hoaxteaders). Her comments about prison may soon be tinged with irony 😉

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40 thoughts on “Margaret Sneddon Added To Perps List

  1. What the hell is she on about ? What a stupid woman, she sits for weeks slandering, libeling and defaming people and now says they are going to take the piss….isn’t that what they have been doing for all this time. Because the rubbish and baloney that comes from HER MOUTH in particular is disgraceful !!

    What has she ever done for anyone? What have her efforts in libeling people and destroying innocent people’s lives produced other than making her look a complete buffoon. She will probably pray for me now, strange how these religious cults deny they are A CULT !! I have noticed her in particular, and for such a religious person she is EVIL !!!!


  2. As long as you had the first dance with me Scarlet 🙂

    Religion is a CULT what else do they think it is ? Bloody loony tunes !!

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  3. You could have chosen a better picture I was in Switserland at out chalet and it was a blizzard. However the champagne was delicious. You were probably drinking blood that tastes like metal. Have a good day DARLING. Xxx


    • Your Chalet? Do you not mean Catherine’s and Peter’s. Another couple who you sponge off. But that’s just typical of your life eh Sneddy… Your Facebook looks like you have a perfect life and marriage but you have had so many affairs haven’t you! Bankrupt drunk driver bank has decree on your house. All your neighbors are on look out for you driving to report you! The vet in your street needs his money. How’s your relationship with your own family? Well that’s a laugh as none of them talk to you. How your husband puts up with you is beyond belief, but then again he would forgive you anything so long as the money keeps coming in eh! He even forgave you forging his signature on the mortgage, but you are good at that Sneddy, did you practice Mr Mc before the final draught? How’s your “friends” doing, have you paid them back yet? I’m sure they will get their pennies very soon. Not from the expenses though as you have lost that case too…. Congratulations Mr K. It was always a given as anyone with more than the one brain cell you possess would take you down any day. How’s the mortgage fraud investigations going? How’s the bankruptcy fraud investigations going? How was court on Thursday…. This is only the beginning of my rants, do stay tuned bitch!!!!!!

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  4. Ps you could have picked a better pic. I’m on the balcony of our chalet it Switzerland and it’s very windy. Regardless the champagne was delicious. You were probably drinking blood that tastes like metal according to the kids but hey everyone to their own Xcx


    • I changed your video link, Toothless, seeing as yours depicted illegal content of a vulnerable child speaking about extremely personal sexual issues in confidence, is highly illegal and makes you a child abuser. You’re welcome.

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  5. You really ate uneducated. Poor you being abused instead of learning. It shows now. The anger inside you is so obvious. Try chilling with a Bloody Mary.


  6. My daddy took me fishing. Where did yours take you ? No need we know. Don’t put your children/ grandchildren through this. Get out. Enjoy a real life. FREEDOM. It’s not too late.


  7. Now this is getting interesting. Has nurse Marden injected you to stop you telling. I’m an open minded person. I know it can’t be easy but this must stop. You must want to lead a normal life!


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  12. It’s her friends chalet not hers. The bank has decree on her house so she really has no pot to piss in or anywhere to call home. Perhaps she an sleep in her car that she is not allowed to drive as she has been banned for drink driving. Not that it stopped her as she was caught for a second time. Mortgage fraud and bankruptcy fraud are next on her court to do list. Clink clink….


    • Margaret has a drink driving ban? Thanks for the info’, Karoline! Can’t say I’m surprised, though. It’s clear from Sneddy’s comments that she has an insy-winsy bit of a drink problem!


      • Banned for 18 months at AYR sherif court. Was stopped again in Forth South Lanarkshire again. I have much more information but not sure what can legally be printed on the site. I came across the site when searching for something else.


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