Brian Pead and the Tony Martin connection

Yesterday Neelu Berry was due to find out whether she faces charges in regard to breaches of her restraining order; we’ve still not heard the outcome of that, but will bring it to you as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, though, while we’re on the topic of restraining orders, it seems that Sabine and Neelu aren’t the only ones who have difficulty accepting—and obeying—them.

We’ve spoken here about Sabine and Belinda’s friend Brian Pead, aka William Brian Freeman. He’s the counsellor working in an agency for vulnerable youth, who was convicted in 2010 of offering to pay a 14-year-old girl £300 for sex; however, the ‘teen’ turned out to have been an undercover police officer. Mr Pead later claimed his actions had been undertaken in the name of “research”, but the judge didn’t buy it.

Mr Pead was placed on the sex offenders’ register, prevented by a sexual offences prevention order from being in contact with children, and had to attend a community sex offenders’ treatment programme.

It seems that in November 2011, Mr Pead was convicted of harassing his daughter and granddaughter. At that time he was issued a restraining order preventing him from contacting them.

However, he breached the order multiple times, and in 2015 was remanded in custody due to several concerns: the likelihood that he might abscond; the likelihood that would re-offend; and the possibility that he might interfere with witnesses. The court was also concerned about Mr Pead’s past failures to obey court orders.

On 17 April 2015 Mr Justice Mostyn refused Mr Pead’s application for the issue of a writ of Habeas Corpus. He appealed, and the case came before Mr Justice Foskett in the High Court of Justice in May.

According to Mr Justice Foskett’s judgement on 15 May 2015, Mr Pead (here going by the name of Mr Freeman) claimed that the restraining order was invalid:

Mr Freeman claims that the original restraining order was unlawful and void ab initio because, he alleges, neither his daughter nor grand-daughter appeared to give evidence at the original hearing and he was thus denied the right to cross-examine them. He has also said that neither provided any witness statement. On this basis he contends that the Magistrates’ Court had no jurisdiction to conclude that he was guilty of the offence of harassment, that since that is so he cannot be guilty of a breach of the order as alleged. He seeks his release from custody for those reasons.

Mr Pead/Freeman’s application was refused.

(As an aside, Mr Pead/Freeman was assisted in preparing his application by yet another McKenzie friend, Alexander Forbes, whom you might recall from our recent post on Belinda McKenzie’s Knight Foundation: Mr Forbes is the sole remaining director of that company since Belinda bailed in April 2016.)

The Tony Martin connection

On 15 August 2016, Mr Pead was arrested yet again, on charges of breaching his restraining order:


The “Tony Martin manuscript” in question is a book Mr Pead has apparently now written about the controversial millionaire farmer Tony Martin, who in 1999 shot dead a teenager who was burgling his home, and seriously injured his accomplice.

According to a 2003 BBC article:

The episode began in August 1999 when 16-year-old Fred Barras, and 33-year-old Brendon Fearon, broke into Martin’s remote, semi-derelict farmhouse in Emneth Hungate, Norfolk. Martin’s farm was extremely remote and had been burgled many times.

Martin, who was in the house at the time, opened fire with an illegally-held pump-action shotgun.

Barras was shot in the back and died at the scene, while Fearon was shot in the leg and recovered after treatment in hospital.

Three days later, Martin was taken into police custody and charged with murder and wounding with intent. …

When his trial began in April 2000 Martin argued that he had genuinely been acting in self-defence.

But it emerged the pair had been shot as they tried to flee through a window.

Mr Martin was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, but appealed this based on a psychiatric diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder, which was said to have diminished his responsibility. His murder conviction was downgraded to manslaughter, and he left prison in 2003, having served tw0-thirds of a five-year sentence.

In December 2015 Mr Martin, who had been banned from owning firearms, was arrested on suspicion of illegal firearm possession.

It seems that Mr Martin and Mr Pead met for the first time in early 2015, and have put their heads together to write a “tell-all” book, which Mr Pead claims will reveal never-before-known “facts” about the killing of Fred Barras.

Mr Pead is also now acting as Mr Martin’s McKenzie friend, most recently in an attempt to appeal his manslaughter conviction:


Mr Martin’s appeal seems to us quixotic at best. Whatever one might think about the pair who attempted to burgle his home in 1999, it’s undeniable that burglary is not punishable by death, and Mr Martin’s conviction seems to fit the facts as presented at his trial. And what is the point of appealing his conviction now, 16 years after the fact?

And given Mr Pead’s very peculiar view of his own legal history (he refers to himself as a “whistleblower”, not a convicted sex offender; he appears to believe that all restraining orders against him are illegal and invalid; he claims to believe that his arrests for breaches of those orders are actually just clever ploys by police to prevent him publishing his block-buster book), we wonder how well Mr Martin will be served by his ghostwriter/McKenzie friend?


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  1. Excellent research as always, EC.

    The crap people like Pead come up with to cover their tracks never ceases to amaze me.

    And even worse, child-abusing idiots like Sabine, Belinda, Angie & Neelu are queuing up to believe them, nay encourage them! 😮

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  2. It’s very disturbing that this dirty bastard used to work at a PRU. Thank Christ he got caught before he did any more damage.

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  3. So if I’ve got this straight, this convicted child molester has endeavoured to turn everything around to make it look like he was framed to cover up his “work” in trying to expose abuse in Lambeth Council institutions?

    And he’s not letting it go either:

    This is probably me being stupid but if these supposedly rich and powerful “paedo-protectors” were so keen to shut him up, wouldn’t they have slung him in jail for propositioning a 14-year-old rather than impose a mere supervision order on him?

    If anything he got off lightly! And he’s still allowed to write letters about it all on the web without let or hindrance! Did the meaning of the word ‘cover-up’ change while I was blinking, Brian?

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  4. Thanks, SN–I am appalled at the way these people all seem to twist reality to suit their own ends. And I’m starting to lose count of the number of convicted killers Sabine, Belinda, and their various colleagues support.

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  5. Yes, the conspiranoid nutters are constantly ranting about how they’re being oppressed and stitched up and so on. But it seems to me they face negligible consequences for their actions. If I were them I’d shut up and count my blessings.

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  6. Thanks for the link, KN.

    Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen this bloke before? Has he blipped on our radar previously, do you know?

    By the way, he’s not without his critics, it seems (LOL):

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  7. Brian Pead is full of shit. His whistleblowing consists of accusing people he doesn’t like of raping children or selling them to be raped. To give you an idea of his utter fuckwittery, he had a 1-2-1 meeting with a woman from the Connexions service (youth careers service) he memorised her job description prior to the meeting (creepy or what?) and decided she was a child trafficker of children into sexual slavery FOR ONE REASON ONLY, when he grilled her on her role she didn’t repeat her job description back at him but was a bit too vague. That is all he needed for a campaign against this poor woman.

    When people say the word whistleblower it ought to mean something other than being someone like Brian Pead.

    He tried to get core participant status for IICSA. He wanted access to information about child abuse. He is a child sex-offender himself.

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  8. He did a video about CCN and Zed Gardner in which he slagged them off and ive seen MkD posting on his channel before so you would be aware of him. He makes a good connection in this latest video about the bases project interviewees being selected for their acting skills, it makes a lot of sense when you think about it, they see it as a career with the interviews and convention appearances, books etc.

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  9. By the way, on her GoFuckMe page Angela says she’s “a graduate of the University of Warwick in English, French and American Literature & Theatre”. Now correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t she recently been claiming that her degree is in Journalism?

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  10. I’m surprised she didn’t get an Honorary Doctorate as a former student who wrote the Oscar winning film Good Will Hunting.

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  11. These are really creepy perverts & unlike some who may get on the wrong side of the law like Pead- where others will admit their crime and accept punishment – all they do is cry “whistle-blower”, “cover-up” etc etc blah blah and all is forgiven.

    Meanwhile this ghastly woman Power-Disney continues to roam the ludicrous right-wing websites and now, like she has so many times, posted a ridiculous claim that the CEO of Hilary Clinton’s foundation has fled to the Russian Embassy, when he was actually photographed 2 days ago at a Clinton function and the snap appeared in the New York Times.
    Is she just a bat-shit crazy loon or a sinister scamster? Either way she’s a fucking hideous creature, ugly in body because she is ugly in mind.

    And Jesus would run a mile from you Angela Power-Disney if he encountered you or probably grab you by the scruff of you scrawny, cigarette reeking neck and drag you down to the bowels of Hell and deposit you at Beelzebub’s feet you dangerous incompetent lying fraud.

    Journalist my arse you lying scumbag.
    (God that felt good typing that !)

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  12. PS: Neelu’s case update at 6:05 (her version at least):

    “…And it was meant to be my bail return date. I was meant to be going to Colindale police station. I got an email yesterday at 2pm from DC ***** ****** to say that he’d not received enough information to take the case forward…er…which means that there is…I mean, they haven’t brought any charges against me. He tried to interview me to…hoping that I would incriminate myself but I told him…He said, you know, said, ‘Why have you published this picture of this baby?’ And I said, ‘It’s my niece, you know, and I’m still trying to get justice…'”

    She also (illegally) talks about Hampstead at 13:00

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  13. I’m on a quest now, then. I thought that in response to someone on Facebook questioning whether she had a journalism degree, she waved an alleged photo of herself in graduation garb at the camera in one of her video rants. (Because just producing the bleedin’ certificate would be way too obvious for her, lol).

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  14. 26:28

    “My bail return date is now 22nd of December 2016 at 4pm at Colindale police station with DC ***** ******s [sic] still as the officer in the case. It’s changed from ***** ****.

    And Lee Cant is at 2pm on the same day and [sic] the same place and same officer.

    Erm…so Lee’s equipment, laptops, he’s requested his laptops back, ’cause he’s an accountant and he has sensitive information on some of the accounts that he’s supposed to be filing with the, you know, tax people, Inland Revenue, and he’s been prevented from doing his work, so he’s requested that he…that the laptop that he does not use on the internet is returned to him, which hasn’t been honoured.

    Erm…I still have damaged laptops returned. I still don’t have the SD card. I thought I had the SD card from the recordings outside the church but I don’t. Erm…so there’s [sic] some cameras and SD cards and laptops missing from the equipment that they returned to me.

    And I understand that Sabine has also not received back her equipment from the police yet, as there are ongoing issues about police [sic] continuing to dishonour us, damaging our equipment, computer equipment, damaging our…our recordings and…er…totally…er…er…acting above the law and acting criminally to pervert the course of justice in the crimes that we’re alleging that they committed or that they covered up, or that they failed to investigate.

    So…erm…I just think we gotta keep going and…and not give up and be positive and get the remedies for everybody on the same day.”

    Aww, diddums. Is having your computer equipment seized for posting illegal stuff on the internet a little bit inconvenient? How sad. And there was me thinking it was all tailored to suit the needs of the alleged perpetrators. *Rolls eyes*

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  15. Good work.

    Would be better if Angie was just honest about what she does with the money:

    £15 will buy Angie a bottle of Lambrusco.

    £30 will keep Angie in cigarettes for one day.

    £45 will buy Angie 1/4oz of marijuana.

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  16. Power-Disneys academic accomplishments are insufficient to seek gainful employment as a friggin part-time bag lady who require some standards.

    If there is any justice the only letters after her name will be the ones with a hefty court summons enclosed.

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  17. Today’s article actually tells me an awful lot about what sort of man Tony Martin is. Like Pat Cullinane, he was the darling of certain right wing journalists; like Cullinane, he is not merely the innocent victim of a corrupt system. What sort of millionaire can’t find a proper lawyer to defend him in court, but instead employs a convicted sex offender?
    Reading between the lines, I have come to some conclusions about a lot of these people but I don’t want to put any libellous speculations on this site. I think it could though be fair comment to say that none of them are very nice.
    Joe Kerr has been on to whats going on from the beginning. There is no big mystery, the facts are there on public record. It seems that, forgive the crude language, a number of people have discovered that if you are caught sh!tting in public, the best distraction is to act like a chimpanzee and fling your scoria at someone else.

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  18. She really does check her facts doesn’t she! LOL

    Did she also do a production of George Orwell’s “War of the Worlds”?

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  19. She would need a decent sized allotment to keep up with her habit Norman!

    At least 150 – 200 plants to keep her going for a whole year, plus a drying shed.

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  20. Thus Neelu Berry, Rupert Quaintance and Lee Cant have been summoned to answer for their wicked war upon children on 22nd December 2016- the Winter Solstice.

    This is the event that marks the restoration of what is broken, sick and lost to its original integrity, when the darkness and cold begins to retreat against the light and warming sun. This is where the Satan Hunters meet their just endings.

    The individual who hits the 600K hit mark on Hoaxtead wins a blind date with a Satan Hunter randomly drawn from a hat by El Coyote. Good luck.

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  21. I remember now, it was you Sheva that first told me to check CWs channel out, I think it was in the comment section of one of Omni Eris’s videos, as CW says “its a small world in the conspiracy game” (or words to that effect)

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  22. The wheels verily do turn as the wind doth gently blow.Well lets hope so anyway.

    My sooper secret visionary powers forewarn a massive dip in HR traffic around the 599,999 mark.

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  23. “…point out a breach in the wall that needs sealing up.”

    Hmm,psychosis anyone?

    Its the whole edifice that requires sealing up truth be told.

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  24. Pead is yet another example of a sexual abuser of children who hides behind a smokescreen of diversion. The more we dig into Sabine and Belinda’s circle of colleagues, the more of these types we seem to find. It’s very disturbing.


  25. I can’t vouch for Ireland or Spain, EC, but fags in the UK are around £10 a pack! I reckon that that 40 squid would barely last her a day!

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  26. CW does put an intelligent view across but I think he goes a bit too easy on Miles Johnson, I understand Miles and the bases are entertainment and most of its harmless (aliens etc) but he also pushes this child sacrifice thing which thousands believe is real, its why many believe the Hampstead story, its the old jewish blood libel tale rehashed and upgraded for the 21st century and is stupid and dangerous, you just have to look at the Hampstead case to see how out of hand this crap can get, people fearing for their families safety? Miles Johnson is one of the chief propagators of this bullshit as a quick look through his recent videos show.

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  27. Beats the hell out of me! But if she smokes 40 a day (conservative estimate) and Ireland/Spain prices are like the UK, Angela’s habit must cost her upwards of £600 a month! I suspect they’re cheaper in Spain, though.

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  28. What I find quite extraordinary in this case is….

    It has become clear that it is these sick people who have pointed fingers at the innocent families of Hampstead who have created and hide behind a smoke screen!

    For it is they that are the REAL Child Abusers!

    It is they that run these rings of abuse!

    And they are getting paid to do so by the oh so obvious!

    Let GOD rain down upon them…..ALL of them, BM, SM, APD, NB, ED, AC….and the rest.

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  29. I HAVE taken a stand for peace, truth and integrity which is why I think the innocent people of Hampstead should be protected from those who are delusional, misinformed and/or able to be hateful towards ordinary people online and in the street.

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  31. Blooming Henry.By the time she has put all that clobber on she will be even later than usual.I am far from convinced that helmet of salvation thingy will fit over her bloated ego mind.

    Madame ineptitude needs to watch out lighting fags with that vast stockpile of firey darts or Lanzarote will most definately emerge from its PRESENT DARKNESS.


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  32. Ah yes, Atya. She’s an odd duck, rampaging over on YouTube with her smitings and judgings and casting into the fiery pits and so on. Whenever I read things from people like this I wonder whether they actually believe the stuff that comes out of their own mouths. Amazing.

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  33. And regarding core participants:

    “Those designated as core participants will:
    a. be provided with electronic disclosure of evidence relevant to the particular
    subject matter of the Inquiry in respect of which they are so designated,
    subject to any restrictions made under section 19 of the Inquiries Act 2005”

    Click to access core-participant-application-protocol.pdf

    Which is why I’m saying he wanted access to stuff about child abuse. He doesn’t claim to be a victim of child abuse in Lambeth.

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  34. I’ ve been an avid Pead-watcher for a while as he has such a presence on the web he’s an easy study. I was initially interested as he seemed a perfect specimen of the narcissistic conspiracy theorist: the kind who believes there is a huge conspiracy, but it’s all about HIM, and everything bad which ever happens in his life is not due to bad choices (e.g. committing crimes) or bad luck (e.g. getting caught) but is part of the conspiracy. However unlike other examples (e.g. Maurice Kirk – also represented by Sabine McNeill – or Maurice Kellett) I’m not sure that Pead is genuinely deluded or is simply trying to persuade others of his case without actually believing in it. He is clearly not quite normal (and appears narcissiic in a personality disorder sort of way as well) , but I think the issue is that he lacks empathy so can’t look at what he’s saying through others’ eyes and see that what he’s saying is not credible or his cunning plans (he’s another one who tries to arrest judges) are not going to work.
    One of his most recent tricks is to say that because he is a whistleblower of child sex offences, anyone who doesn’t help him must be a paedophile – even his MP, who has given him so much support his office even helped him breach a restraining order, got that accusation when he declined to help him breach it again.
    He does have a habit of latching onto people and offering them help which turns out not to be very helpful (whom does that remind you of); that’s how he got his conviction for impersonating a barrister. He used to run a website called “Seeking Justice For All” the “all” being himself and his landlord, who had been convicted of threatening to murder the members of Fenland District Council. Now, while Tony Martin is not an attractive figure, he is a vulnerable one and Pead’s engagement with him seems exploitative, for example he’s used his name to make freedom of information requests about his own cases.
    He does share with NTCs extreme malice (Norman Scarth springs to mind) against anyone who has ever crossed him in any way and that’s the origin of his “whistleblowing” claim – he was dismissed for misconduct and turned the story round to accuse the staff who gave evidence of misconduct of being paedophiles, and his dismissal a consipiracy by them, Lambeth Council, three police forces, the judiciary in three counties, EON the electricity company (came to read his landlord’s meter) etc etc.

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  35. Fascinating stuff, SJ. I’ve been very interested to note that no matter what ridiculous self-serving shenanigans Mr Pead gets up to, his friend Sabine always seems to have his back. Funny how when her friends are convicted of child sex offences, they’ve been stitched up; when others are accused, no matter how spurious or discredited the allegation, they’re guilty, guilty, GUILTY!


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