Diabetes-inducing bit of troofer drivel reveals more than intended

Just as we were growing accustomed to the delicious sounds of silence from people like Kristie Sue “I BELIEVE!” Costa and Maria “Let’s organise a kidnapping posse” MacMahon, they float back up to the top of the Hoaxtead mobster cesspool once more. Thanks to Ethel the Aardvark for pointing this one out:

This kissy-kissy lovey-dovey bit of mutual masturbation is a bit hard to stomach, but it confirms a few things we’ve heard from a couple of sources recently.

We’d heard, for example, that in the past few months Maria had wound her neck back in as a result of concerns about her Hoaxtead activities attracting a bit too much police attention. Long-time readers will no doubt recall that Maria and some of her friends got together on her Facebook page more than a year ago to discuss the possibility of finding and kidnapping RD’s children. It was only when Maria received a message from a Daily Mail contact of our acquaintance that she did an immediate and panicked volte face, and hastily began deleting all evidence of the kidnapping discussion.

Since then she’s stuck her head above the parapet a few times, but not so much in recent months.

We expect she and her friend Helen McMenamin (who plays Lady Macbeth to her louder but less strategically minded husband Jim) might have had a wee heart-to-heart, after Helen and Jim received an unexpected visitor who explained to them that it’s perfectly fine for them to believe whatever they like about the Hampstead SRA hoax, but it’s not such a fabulous idea to broadcast defamatory and harassing material across the internet.

Interesting, too, that Kris, Helen, and Maria are still fully paid-up members of the infamous Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, though we understand it’s been languishing a bit lately.

We’re genuinely sorry to hear that Maria has been struggling with serious health issues recently—we wish her no ill, and hope she makes a speedy recovery. We do find it ironic and rather sad that she seems to believe that RD’s children repeated Frank Herbert’s rather famous “Fear is the mind killer” quote from his novel Dune of their own accord, but if that mantra helps her stay on top of her current situation, more power to her.

‘No child could repeat all that’

Speaking of children who’ve been coached to repeat things they don’t really understand, this four-year-old child with the unfortunate name of Abraham Christie is a perfect example:

You can hear a man—his father?—in the background, encouraging and coaching him, but this little fellow has clearly absorbed the message he’s meant to repeat. His gestures and intonations, complete with fiery-eyed air punches, are pitch-perfect right down to singing and clapping along to a gospel hymn.

Does he grasp the meaning of what he’s saying? Hard to say. But he has learned it, and he knows that repeating it makes his dad happy.

Now, imagine a pair of children four or five years older, whose mother has allowed her creepy career criminal boyfriend to isolate them in a foreign country so he can “train” them to repeat certain allegations against their father, their friends, their teachers, their whole community. Watching little Abraham “preach it” in the video above, it’s easy to believe that two much older children, both of whom are very intelligent and well-spoken, could be induced to say what they did.

Next time a troofer informs us that “no child of that age could absorb and repeat that much information without having gone through it themselves”, we’ll suggest they watch the plethora of YouTube videos in which much younger children recite—with feeling—material they are far too young to grasp. For an intelligent, motivated child, it’s not nearly as difficult as the Hoaxtead mob seems to think.


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  1. These fruitloops seem to go quiet for months at a time, then get together for a day or two to either strop about “those devil-loving ring-tailed vermin on Hoaxtead”, worship at the altar of Ella the “warrior mum” and their cult-leader Abe or bicker about who loves the Hampstead kids the most. They then crawl back under their rocks to sulk for several more months before resurfacing for another round of making tits of themselves. And so the cycle is repeated ad infinitum. It’s the Hoaxteaders’ version of Jeepers Creepers. (And fair play to anyone who gets THAT reference!) Anyway, next up should be Sonya, Melissa and Artfur. Stay tuned…

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    • #Jusayin

      ” ‘Pleading the blood of Jesus’ has no clear basis in Scripture. No one in the Bible ever ‘pleads the blood’ of Christ. Those who ‘plead the blood’ often do so as if there were something magical in those words or as if by using them their prayer is somehow more powerful. This teaching is born from a misguided view of prayer that prayer is a way of manipulating God to get what we want rather than praying for His will to be done. The whole Word of Faith movement, which teaches pleading the blood, is founded on the false teaching that faith is a force and that, if we pray with enough faith, God guarantees us health, wealth, and happiness.”


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    • Well, it’s gone 3 o’clock and still no sign of a show. Looks like she couldn’t be arsed.


  2. Little Abraham Christie reminds me of Marjoe Gortner, who I think has featured on this blog previously. Marjoe was a boy preacher who spilled the beans when he grew up and talked about how he was violently coerced into learning his part, so that he could preach and con money from the public.

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  3. He’s quite adorable that little Abe but he most definitely says “God made the bed” but God hasn’t made my frigging bed and I want to know why!

    No-one will ever best Marjoe Gortner as a child evangelist. He was the tops. He made a wonderful documentary when he got older where he went back stage and filmed helpers counting $1000s given by the poorest in the Southern US states. Whatever happened to him?

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  4. Let me get this straight.

    To be a super solider you’re taken as a child and tortured so you can be indoctrinated, learn to be psychopathic and kill people……

    ….but at the same time it’s impossible for children to be threatened into learning some information which they repeat to the police.

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    • It’s only coaching when the police are “making them retract their statements”. But when they say something that supports the hoaxers’ narrative, it’s 100% true.

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    • It’s “impossible for two children to lie in that much detail”…er…except when they’re talking about Abe.

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  5. ‘The Police in Ocean City, MD Have My Brother’s Collection of Satanic Child Porn Pictures’

    Shouter’s video titles get more surreal every day!

    Same old lies, though, and he’s still got his microphone in his fishtank.

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    • 2:39 – “I’ve seen the child porn pictures.”

      Jesus H. Christ! I hope the Algona police hear that confession 😮

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    • As David Sher’ter has said, God is his father, thus Jesus Christ is his brother. David says his brother has a stash of CP, which is to say Jesus Christ is into child porn, why am I not surprised by that?

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    • LIES!! of course.
      Analysis of commercially produced and/or distributed child sexual abuse image materials, published in Forensics journals, do not use “satanic” as a category nor even as a sub-category of something like “S&M”.
      And that is because, there never was any! Ask Tim Tate…he actually watched all of the commercial productions (up to a certain point in time) as research for his book on the subject, so he would know.

      We’ve been through this before. There never were any, because no one would have bought such materials.
      The belief that “Satanism” has some intrinsic relationship to child abuse, is a delusional fantasy obsessively promulgated by Satan Hunter conspiranoids and paranoid evangelicals, it certainly IS NOT a doctrine of any organizations or communities that self-identify with that term. More importantly, “satanic child abuse” IS NOT a distinct sexual paraphilia – as some folks ignorantly assume.

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    • Angiespeak decoder report:

      Got up back of midday,stonking hangover,panicked on finding I was down to last 20 fags,raided £20 from grandkids moneybox,refused service at cornershop because they must be paedophiles,nothing to do with bottle of gin,leg of lamb that fell into my knickers.During kerfuffle,must have set off fire alarm and miraculously on arrival home discovered 40 fags tucked down bra.Knowing Jeshua Jesus had worked miracle felt inspired to donate fiver to grandkids moneybox.

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