Why do Hoaxteaders love some paedophiles?

Here’s a question for the ages: why do so many of the Hoaxtead mob, who portray themselves as the sworn enemies of child molesters and paedophiles everwhere, seem so determined to defend certain people who’ve been accused—or convicted—of child molestation and paedophilia?

Brian Pead comes to mind: in 2010 he was convicted of having offered to pay a 14-year-old girl £300 for sex:

Brian Pead, 56, of Days Lane, Sidcup, was trapped in an online police sting by an undercover officer posing as a teenager.

The man, who worked as a therapist for a counselling agency for vulnerable youngsters, including victims of sexual abuse, in Hackney, East London, later claimed the chats were part of research for his job.

And yet, despite this conviction, his friend Sabine McNeill has stood staunchly by him, even writing a letter to the Home Secretary to plead that Mr Pead ought not to be denied contact with his grandchildren. According to Sabine, Mr Pead was not a paedophile, you see, but a noble whistleblower.

Then there’s the case of Peter Hofschroer, who is currently on trial, accused of having 36,000 child sexual abuse images on his computer.

According to the York Press:

Peter Hofschroer, 60 of no fixed address, denies 16 charges of downloading indecent images of children.

The charges relate to more than 36,000 pictures and videos on computer equipment seized from the Hofschroer family home in Rosedale Avenue, Acomb, on December 7, 2012, from a laptop carried by Peter Hofschroer at York Magistrates Court on December 1, 2014, and on computer equipment found in an Irish car driven by Peter Hofschroer in November and December 2014.

The jury has heard when some of the charges were laid, Peter Hofschroer told officers among other things: “Your police force is utterly corrupt”, “I am an investigative journalist, you are trying to stitch me up”, “have you ever tried to catch a real criminal” and “I have enough evidence to put half of you in jail.” 

To hear the troofers tell it, Mr Hofschroer is yet another victim of a conspiracy, stitched up from the start because he dared to speak out against institutionalised corruption in North Yorkshire. His own family has taken part in betraying poor Peter:

[T]hey were all trying to set him up on various false charges. One was a firearms charge (he had antique weapons that could not fire), another was material allegedly found on a computer. He believed the material was planted by people wishing to protect an international paedophile ring from his exposure. He had been speaking out about North Yorkshire involvement with Jimmy Savile, and about police and council corruption.

The jury in Mr Hofschroer’s trial has heard a different story though: his nephew Martin stated that he’d had to change jobs after Mr Hofschroer contacted his employers, accusing him of being a pervert, a fraudster, and a criminal. In addition, Mr Hofschroer had been preparing to prosecute his brother Robert over a long-running dispute about the care of their elderly parents.

Hofschroer, 60, of no fixed address, denies 16 charges of downloading indecent images of children. They cover more than 36,000 videos and pictures ranging from the lowest to the most serious categories of illegal pornography.

Opening the prosecution, Mr Hampton said the defence does not dispute that the indecent images found on two computer hard drives and two computer towers in his home on December 7, 2012, on the laptop he was carrying at court on December 1, 2014, and on a laptop and a computer tower in his car, also in December 2014, were illegal.

“The ultimate question in this case is who put the images on the computers we are talking about,” Mr Hampton told the jury.

Hofschroer is expected to claim he is “the victim of an elaborate and cunning conspiracy by his brother and his nephew who have, in fact, framed him by putting those images found in 2012 on his computer equipment without his knowledge,” said the barrister.

“He will tell you he is the victim of a further conspiracy,” said Mr Hampton. “He will suggest to you that this includes police officers employed by North Yorkshire Police who have fabricated evidence against him ….. and that they did so for reasons I am sure he will explain, to discredit him.”

This makes us wonder: had a resident of Hampstead, for example, been found with more than 36,000 child sex abuse images on various computing devices, would Neelu or Butlincat have posted the following notices online? Peter Hofschroer 2016-07-05Peter Hofschroer2 2016-07-05We’re thinking probably not.

So what is it about Mr Pead and/or Mr Hofschroer that makes the Hoaxtead mob hand them a free pass?

We’re guessing that it’s because both men loudly declared themselves to be ‘whistleblowers’ against systems they said were corrupt; and both claimed to have been framed for terrible crimes as a way for those corrupt establishments to shut them up. This is the kind of narrative that’s irresistible to a Hoaxteader: it sends them into an hypnotic trance, and renders allegations (or convictions) of paedophilia completely invisible to them.

Apparently if you’re a paedophile who wants to build an unquestioning following of conspiraloons, the trick to having people ignore your alleged (or confirmed) crimes is to belong to the Sooper Seekrit Society of Persecuted Whistleblowers. The secret handshake is accompanied by a cry of, “They’re all utterly corrupt!” followed by an explanation of how one could, if one wished, expose the entire vast fraudulent system and its nefarious ways.

Hey, it worked for Abraham Christie!Government conspiracy

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  1. Ah, the old “I didn’t download those child porn images, honest – the Illuminati put them there to frame me” ploy. Traditionally known as the Spivey defense, more recently as the Christie defense.

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  2. And then there’s Abe himself. Nearly 70 arrests and 37 convictions for drugs, violence and fraud, an alleged rapist and a “man” who got caught with child porn on his phone and who is looking more and more likely to have molested A & G….and the hardcore hoaxers can’t stop rabidly defending him! Many of them have turned their back on him and now see him for what he is but there are still some stubborn idiots hanging in there.

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  3. Tbf the Peter H case hasn’t been concluded yet.

    And i’m being fair dispute him blocking me on fb ages ago, no idea why i might add.

    As for the Pead guy, he certainly looks a “weirdo”.

    People are wrongly convicted but just because they say evidence is planted, doesn’t mean it was.

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    • With you on the innocent-until-proven-guilty thing, Babs. And well said. I do, however, think we need to be very careful about assessing people’s guilt/innocence based on their appearance. A lot of perfectly decent people “look like weirdoes” and we need to avoid doing what we criticise the hoaxers for. (For instance, they’ve made a lot of serious allegations about Mr. Dearman based on nothing more than his facial expressions in that BBC interview.)

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      • Yes I agree, you can’t say someone is guilty just because they “look in your opinion guilty”.

        Pead was found guilty on the evidence I believe.

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    • “Tbh the Peter H case hasn’t been concluded yet.”

      Absolutely and I believe one should wait for the outcome. The issue though is why certain Hoaxtenders have already made their minds up and are shouting ‘INNOCENT’ before the evidence has been heard. Why do they profess to be anti paedophile and yet allow convicted and alleged paedophiles (who they don’t know personally so can’t really vouch for them) into their sphere.

      I believe one should proceed with caution before waiving banners.

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      • Yep agree there.

        That’s why it irritates me the likes of Christine Sands, Angela, etc etc saying people are guilty when they haven’t heard the evidence.

        It’s just their opinion…

        And a fat lot of good that is Mrs. Disney.

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    • You’re right that the case is in process. I think the point, though, is that the Hoaxtead mob are just fine with allegations of paedophilia, proven or otherwise, when the accused is one of their own.

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      • Of course the paedophiles they know must be the paedos that are alright really. Same as racists who have a black friend for example but it’s ok because he is one of the good ones. Hypocrites of the highest order

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  4. It seems a very sensitive subject for the hoax pushers, so many of them have associations with persons linked to child sex abuse, some of those associations are with convicted child sex offenders.

    For example, Angie Power Disney and her “marriage” to an American paedophile

    The association of McKenzie Friends and Brian Pead.

    Sabine McNeil and (to quote her) “In 1988 I married Ian R McNeill who as a young man had been the Assistant Director of the Greater London Council”

    McNeill was rumored to have links to PIE

    Rupert and his claims with regarding wanting sex with a minor

    The list goes on, but the common factor is that you do not have to look far to find such links

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    • Not only do you not have to look far to find such links JW, drill into these people and you will struggle hard to find one that has made only normal, human mistakes in life. – It’s the extreme/bizarre nature of them which marks them out.

      For instance… What sort of crackpot BOASTS of their firearms convictions in an attempt to gain status? Or deals in drugs then tries to present their resulting criminal record as ‘normal’? I’m sure many people reading this have been divorced; but who would dream of setting their ex-partner up to be convicted of child abuse? What is wrong with the mind that could conceive of using their own flesh-and-blood as a pawn in such a game? What sort of woman goes to work of a morning knowing that she has hidden the manuscript of a ‘paedophile novel’ at her office? Worse still that this office is at a charity that operates to assist sick and vulnerable children!

      It’s not unreasonable for a normal, average person to be concerned by something that threatens children. But which of these hoaxers lives a normal, average life where they have perhaps made only minor mistakes and transgressions – each and every one of these fruit loops is completely over the top!


  5. Folk such as Sabine McNeill and Angela Power Disney follow a worldview akin to a type of religion of the NWO being nasty to everyone, and they (Sabine) are the spiritual champions of good to reveal and destroy those evil nasties. Anyone can tap into this religion by screaming about a government conspiracy and thus get instant support from the fanatics such as Sabine McNeill.

    Nothing is black and white. There is no NWO, but there is a complex network of power of individuals and groups who if threatened will use that power to deal with anyone that threatens it. During Brexit those systems of power could be seen in motion with Project Fear, but they failed because of their own hubris, they were so sure they would win, they were had made no preparations for a potential exit from EU, so now UK is suffering a big political and economic mess.

    Personalities from my childhood such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris revealed for what they are, and questions of how they got away with it so long and on the scale they did?

    Peter Righton in his position of power and influence who assisted in building networks of paedophiles, getting them access to children, championing acceptability of man-child sex, and covering up crimes of associates.

    One must not forget that one of the most powerful and well organized empires in the world – Rome – was on several occasions ruled over by mad men, one known as Caligula made his horse a senator.

    Everyone was seduced into following Bush and Blair to a war in Iraq that should never have happened.

    A UK fraudster who sold fake bomb detectors to Iraq who did ten years for the fraud, but his bomb detectors are still being used due to corruption, and thousands of people have died from car bombings as a result.

    The system is only as good as its administrators, and if they are corrupt, the system is corrupt. We do not live in a black-and-white world, so the individual needs to treat each case on its own merits.

    Right at the start of the Hampstead hoax I ran an intense and deep objective analysis of all the evidence to see if there was a “cult” or a paedophile ring in operation. I found no evidence of that.

    From what I know of the Hofschroer case, there does not seem to have been any indicators that he has stressed or threatened the system, indeed, he has been a useful supporter of the system as a military historian. The case is still in play so he might yet produce evidence that he is a victim.

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    • I think Peter H. is complaining about his Mum losing her home and his brother getting the proceeds.

      He Peter H. doesn’t get a 1p.

      Something along those lines.


      • Peter H ended up losing a lot of money (£10,000 I think) after being sued for libel by historian John Hussey. I’m not sure of all the details, for once the details seem to have vanished from the net.


    • Excellent points S.V. We saw something similar during the Scottish referendum (the original Project Fear!). I know of one man who was physically threatened by members of the Orange Lodge, who told him his business was being ‘blackballed’ in the local area – and it has been! Why? – He’d signed a perfectly-respectable, organised pro-independence declaration which was published in the Glasgow Herald! There were incidents of shops (with flats above them) being set alight, disabled people having their Motability vehicles damaged simply because they had ‘yes’ stickers in the window….. Little or none of this was reported in the MSM, and where it was, it was deliberately mis-reported and played down. Whereas, in stark contrast, there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth when a Unionist politician has a few eggs thrown at him and ran away crying about it!

      We are very aware in these parts of a tawdry band of local council corruption that stretches from beyond Glasgow in the West through to West Lothian and Edinburgh. I know of decades-long campaigns of intimidation and abuse of power/position conducted by council officials against those who genuinely HAVE blown the whistle on them. – And yes, those are just the ‘little fleas’ of corrupt officialdom.

      Sexual perversion and drug abuse very often plays a big role in this corruption. Consider the two most recent ex-leaders of Glasgow Council; A cocaine-addicted ‘gay-moll’ to certain of the city’s gangsters, very much in their pocket in the opinion of many. The City Chambers were said to be awash with white powder and rent boys! And his successor, an individual who while in office, was caught dogging in a city park! – Naturally his power and influence ensured he got away with it! It’s funny you should mention Rome because that particular individual often reminded us of Kenneth Williams’ interpretation of Caesar in the way he conducted himself and tried to run the city! I dare say a similar pattern is repeated all over the UK.

      And then we find bigger and bigger and bigger fleas infesting almost all aspects of public life. The examples you provide are quite – I was going to say ‘good’ but there is nothing good about them; the examples you provide are quite sound! I wish I was in a position to publicly name the individual ( I’ve been asked not to as people DO want to see him jailed and I don’t want to jeopardise that) but I know of one corpulent piss-stinking pervert who, between the early 90s and until about three years ago made a living trading in ‘underground’ porn – including child pornography both visual and textual. That same pervert has repeatedly tried to involve himself in politics, but was rejected as being ‘too extreme’ for even the most extreme parties. He’s broken the law MANY times, been reported MANY times – but is ‘fireproof’ and never prosecuted. The reason being his ‘customer list’ and therefore his leverage includes some very high-level high profile individuals who are in a position to kill the career of any Police Officer who dares try to take him down!

      We saw one locally quite recently – genuinely an ex-Army intelligence officer – now doing ten years for raping little girls. He had been reported to the local police as a potential paedophile over 18 years ago; they did NOTHING! It was only when one of his victims – now an adult with her life in ruins – came forward that they could protect him no longer. His wife, who holds an MBE for no good reason that anyone can discern, covered for him; actually hiding textual child pornography (one way perverts get round the law is not to ‘make images’) for him at her office (wait for it!) in a children’s charity! – She hasn’t been touched! another example of a Teflon-coated pervert! And notably, this is one very easily verified case that the Ickes and McKenzies of this world are running scared and steering well clear of!

      And talking of McKenzie – why wasn’t this vile old trout banged-up years ago? Like the pervert bookseller or the paedo’s moll, who grants HER immunity from prosecution? The system is corrupt. Sex and drugs are used as one among many means of control, and the more perverted and/or illicit the sex is the greater the level of control. These benders range from ‘swingers’ who don’t want their bizarre rutting habits to become known, to the most dangerous of predatory paedophiles. Conflating the reality of endemic corruption with a collection of infantile fairy stories does appear to be one of the ‘approved techniques’ that has been adopted by the ‘Powers That Be’. And I do think they ‘be’ as bent as the proverbial four-pound note!

      The whole NWO thing and the people promoting this sort of crap are really just blowing smoke and rolling mirrors around the place to disguise how corrupt public service actually is. And, as many note, a great deal of the noise comes from people who ARE, at some level directly involved in the corruption themselves!

      Why do Hoaxteaders love some paedophiles? Because hoaxing is part of the paedophiles ‘ defence mechanism’. Many (most even?) hoaxers ARE paedophiles simply trying to deflect attention away from the reality of their disgusting lives and activities. – Witness how readily they will turn on anyone who actually DOES start drilling objectively into the truth.

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      • One does wonder if Belinda is protected by someone who uses her to distract the world from some sordid but banal truths. Her involvement with the 9-11 movement focused on baroque and unlikely plots involving illusions and controlled demolition; there are questions that need to be answered their but they involve failures of intelligence and some dodgy international politics.

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      • I knew a newsagents who successfully took on the local authority over sunday trading laws, as a result the council officers embarked upon a long campaign of official harassment to try and destroy that business. The police and my local council are working together on a highly dubious campaign to drive some local nightclubs out of the area with making a vast number of demands upon them.

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  6. It’s a mystery isn’t it? As long as the accused is on the side of the cult members any alleged crime they commit is forgiven or deemed a set-up by the Illuminati.

    A timely reminder from Australia as well where a ghastly shock jock has been elected to a 3 year term in the powerful Senate. The new Senator elect is radio “personality” Derryn Hinch who calls his mob the Justice Party and under the rules of the Double Dissolution election (don’t bother asking) called by PM Malcolm Turnbull only half the number of votes were needed to get a cushy seat & sinecure in the Upper House.

    There is a big problem here though : Hinch is a convicted criminal who has served time for breaching court orders re the identifying of convicted abusers in a case similar to Hamsptead where children were protected by privacy. The sentencing judge was particularly scathing of Hinch.

    Hinch however is Peedofile Hunter and wants Australia to have a Sex Offender’s register on the internet. Something police vehemently oppose as they control a private register in the hope no-one will go underground as in the USA and who also carry out regular checks. Even more alarming, Hinch claimed in 2005 he had sex with a 15 year old girl when he was in his 30s but thought she was older. So no problem there.
    I’ve always said : those who seem fixated on child or sex abuse and take the High Moral Ground really need to be fully investigated to see if they don;t hide their own dark secrets.

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    • Well said Sam….. And yes; I’ve had a weather eye on this and wondered to my self what-the-fuck is wrong with Australian law that a obvious crim like that is allowed to even stand for public office?

      I came across this (greatly truncated apparently!) list of ‘foibles’ relating to some of the empty barrels that involved themselves in the Hollie Greig and Hampstead cases… Some of these ‘attributes’ can be attached to more than one bender, whilst some of the benders can have several attributes attached to them.

      Struck me as a good basis for a new board game – ‘Name That Loon’

      “Have you ever…

      Boasted of the primary school you attended – in a manner designed to mislead the casual reader into thinking you attended Cambridge university?

      Been convicted of drug offences?

      Been convicted of possession of a HIGHLY illegal firearm?

      Been convicted of possessing a type of ammunition for that firearm that is banned under the Geneva Convention?

      Used the terrorist-favoured technique of breaking your illegal weapons down into parts then hiding those parts across several buildings?

      Been convicted of raping a number of young girls, some not even past their first decade of life?

      Run a scam ’employment project’ ostensibly intended to relieve poverty in one of the most deprived areas of an inner city – then embezzled the various grants and loans received?

      Been convicted of beating up a disabled man with an mental age of around seven in the street because he mocked the ridiculous ‘top hat and cane’ outfit you were wearing?

      Gone bankrupt because you were too stupid to realise your business partner was a con-man who held all the assets while you held all the debts?

      Failed as a husband/wife/father/mother because your former partner felt you simply weren’t safe to be around your own kids?

      Subsequently been banned by the authorities from contact with your own child because you were deemed a such a serious danger to them?

      Coached a very young child into repeating a lurid sexual fantasy of your own creation then recorded that performance on a mobile phone?

      Done time in Jail?

      Been bankrolled in middle-age, by an elderly parent (after a lifetime of bumming around and non-achievement) in a property and business which you then allowed to dilapidate into a slum and go into financial freefall while you pursued the creation of various childish, self-aggrandising fantasies?

      Run a business into the ground to the point where it was half-boarded up and not trading… Then tried bizarrely to project the blame for that failure onto the local council for having upgraded the local high street and promoted the town?

      Expressed delight at the fatal stabbing of an innocent and perfectly respectable middle-aged woman as she shopped for clothes in a high street store?

      Defamed a perfectly respectable headmaster and war-hero by falsely claiming he spanked you in a sexualised way?

      Boasted that of effectively walking in the shoes of Dunblane monster Thomas Hamilton by visiting your former school with the intention of murdering your former headmaster?

      Having indulged in a chilling pre-echo of the Dunblane massacre (according to your own boasts) since then publically obsessed over that tragic event?

      Trawled enthusiastically in an online blog (or other media) through the deeply-personal and minute detail of the alleged sexual abuse of a disabled child? Or put another way, written up what amounts to textual pornography along those lines…

      Baselessly stalked a Cheshire solicitor and harassed the man at his house?

      Baselessly accused a judge of being a sexual deviant?

      Stalked the Lord Advocate at her home?

      Baselessly accused your child’s grandparent of being a paedophile out of spite – because the authorities had barred YOU from seeing your child due to the danger you presented to them?

      Deliberately misrepresented documents and facts – even after you have been publically debunked with written evidence and checkable references – in order to promote a money-making/politically motivated hoax?

      Been implicated in a £75M charity scam and subsequent ‘torching’ of the paperwork to avoid prosecution?

      Subsequently been implicated in dodgy scam after dodgy scam?

      Fed small children on dope?

      Stalked a teenage university student, causing her to fear for her safety?

      Traded in extreme pornography?

      Been a drug dealer?

      Stolen a van or other motor vehicle?

      Robbed a house?

      Mugged anyone?

      Run a charity recycling scam?

      Indulged in the ‘swinging’ scene?

      Been involved in the making of an underground pornographic film or video?

      Been a Soho stripper?

      Been convicted of fraud?

      Hidden textual child-pornography in your office at a children’s charity on behalf of your sexually-deviant partner whose predilection for young girls you had known about for decades?”

      I’m sure at least one or two familiar faces spring to mind there….. Missing from the list is ‘have you ever mused on buggering a child just to see what it’s like?’ – Rupert the Peado Bear of course!

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      • Even worse is the fact that Hinch despite being a convicted criminal,now joins a body that makes our laws yet has mocked those very same laws- he has openly flouted court orders several times, just like the Hoaxers.
        ## I was talking to one of his arch supporters yesterday and she listed all the things Hinch wants and says “oh he’ll get them, he won’t rest until he has”

        I sadly pointed out to her that all the things Hinch wants fall under State law-bail conditions, pedo registers. (non) parole and so on. She was crushed as the Federal government cannot tell State governments what to do. they have their own parliaments.

        Summed up so much today that includes what is so wrong with the Hampstead Hoax mob- massive communications with the internet yet ignorance seems even more entrenched.

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    • …….Are you sure that’s desperation Norman?

      I think I might defer the redoubtable Ms Dunbar on Rupert’s proposals and Angie’s bleating.

      In fact, I think she has all the bases covered when it comes to the activities of the ‘hoaxing set’!

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    • That was one very smart investigator ensuring he would be paid up front as his time would be wasted and he could do little.
      It doesn’t occur of course to dopey Angela that when someone asks for a large sum it’s usually to get rid of you knowing you don;t have it.

      # And there she goes again posting tales that she picks up from the internet or was it the moron Rupert? 100 suspect British police say the FBI so ergo, the FBI is doing it’s job just as the British police do.
      But she thinks Rupert Q the druggie dickhead film-maker wannabe is going to blow the Illuminati Baby Munching Cult out of the water?. Barking mad, nutty, insane, a loony, a crackpot and a dunce.

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      • I’d imagine asking for a substantial deposit/retainer must be fairly standard practice in the ‘P.I.’ game. – After all, there can be no guarantee of being able to tell the client what they want to hear. Particularly if what they want to hear is absolute bullshit.

        One of the many things that makes me laugh about Rupert (and others) is they want to be film-makers. But they have no thought of picking up a book and learning even the very basics. They think talking incoherent shite into a webcam or some kiddies-toy is ‘film making’. We had some Primary school kids in the office the other week; one of our clients is sponsoring a little film competition for them – I’m not being remotely facetious when I say those five, six and seven year-olds had a far FAR better grasp of visual grammar and construction that Rupert, Angie or any other of these fuckwits.


      • I was thinking the same, Sam. Charge them up front, knowing damn well you’ll find nothing: smart PI strategy. And making the retainer ridiculously high does tend to cull out the fruitcakes and undesirables.

        I think the thing Rupert has failed to grasp is that he’s being made a fool: he’s being sent out to find evidence of a non-existent ‘paedo ring cult’, and the people who’ve been accused of belonging to that cult have had it up to the back teeth with the whole thing. One way or another, Rupert will discover that he’s going on a fool’s errand.


    • That’s a news story, a real one, that is almost a decade and a half old.



      Obviously anyone committing those sorts of offences, and being in a position of authority, or working with children is a very real concern. As far as I can work out it was a problem with beaurocratic inertia, and a lack of resources. People were in fact arrested, charged and convicted.

      Though how anyone could admire Jacqui Farmer for viewing those sorts of images, and then post that story, baffles me.

      Abraham Christie, said himself, that images of child abuse were on his phone. His story is it was a plot by people he names to put them there.

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      • Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Alton Ward’s defence: “It was because I was trying to find paedophiles online!”
        Abe Christie’s defence: “I was framed, yer honour! That nasty man put the bad pictures on my phone to make me look bad!”

        Interesting how these two lines of defence seem to echo those mentioned in today’s post. Apparently they’re not exactly original.

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    • I’d really love to know what Angela ACTUALLY thinks Rupert can do?

      Q. Who the f is he?

      A. A 37 year old American that like going to Italy and smokes dope is about all there is to him oh! and having a few Skype calls with the delightful Angela Power-Disney.

      Just great!

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      • I think Angie’s real goal with Rupert is to breathe new life into the rotting corpse of this hoax. She grabs onto anyone she can think of who might be able to help do that. I think it’s called “failing to acknowledge the inevitable”.


    • To the author(s)

      From: https://hoaxteadresearchmessiahlawyer666.wordpress.com/about/

      “One of us has a background in Psychology so was able to provide great insight into the forensic workings of deviancy: psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths along with impacts on victims. One of us is a Lawyer and gave us great insight into the legal frameworks and also how rights operate both for victim and perpetrators. One of us is a Nurse working in a mental health crisis team, so was able to offer information regarding vulnerable people from her day-to-day job experiences. One of us is a Teacher, so was able to relay concerns to do with cyber-bullying having had to deal with situations first hand regarding children using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to continue the bullying after school hours. One of us works as an IT Analyst and we were able to understand in detail the intricacies of social media and information management. ”


      Well, I’m here to call you a cheap, deluded fucking liar whoever wrote this bollocks….

      Lawyer? My ARSE!

      ……ENGLISH law? As far as I and a couple of others are concerned you can shove your English law up your arses; even if you did actually know what the hell you’re talking about (it’s obvious you don’t) it’s just not relevant! – Don’t like what I’ve got to say? Sue me you sad-ass ba’bag!

      ‘Background in psychology’ – Oh I dare say you’ve known plenty you fucking nutjobs, but nobody in your group is a psychologist… If they were, they wouldn’t be defending a collection of wasted drug-addled scumbags, paedophiles and con-artists; which, factually, is EXACTLY what the hoaxers are!

      Likewise with the ‘mental health nurse’… A sad little delusional fantasy. Roll over and take your jags you sad little basked-case!

      IT analyst? – Works in PC world maybe? On the games counter on a Saturday afternoon… Funny how you’ve not the slightest fucking clue who ANY of the people you’re having a pop at are or even what country they’re in!

      See you in court you bunch of shitebags! – Oh! That’s right! It’s actually very wasters you’re trying to ‘defend’ that are up in court shortly… ‘kin hysterical!

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    • I saw that site a few nights ago, SV. I’m in their Hall of Fame. I would’ve preferred a star on Hollywood Boulevard, hey ho…

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    • HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR !! 🙂

      Remarkably transparent, that site, don’t you think? It’s your toddler brother or sister aping everything you say & do, but with no comprehension of the meaning.
      And whom, other than your toddler sibling, would be interested in their detailed study of your appearance and habits? Nada, me thinks.

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      • Well now. I resemble that remark. I think we’re very interesting, and not just to that snot-nosed little kid my parents saddled me with, I’ll have you know! 🙂
        p.s. #JeSuisRicky


  7. Champion the paedophiles and slander and harass the innocent…that’s the hoaxers way and they’ve the cheek to call us paedo supporters in their rabid YT comments below videos.
    Yep. Hypocrites of the highest order!

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  8. I think it shows that their worldview is more important to them than child abuse. A worldview that all authorities are bad guys, whether that be the police, social services, government, illuminati….etc. And if someone who has been accused of child abuse claims to be a whistleblower or freeman against those authorities, they are automatically innocent, and the authorities are guilty.
    In contrast, if an accused is part of the establishment, then they are automatically guilty.

    Luckily, courts tend to go by evidence, not that it matters to the hoax supporters.

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  9. I’m looking forward to the idiots trying to doxx people who post here…. they are going to start from the premise that everything disclosed here by anons is absolutely true. Take me for example…. what do you know about me?… that I live in Glastonbury. Maybe I don’t… I might live in Wells, or Ulan Bator. So, assuming I live in Glastonbury… who am I? only about 7k people to rootle among to find me……. happy hunting! As a lizard Freemason satanist I can shapeshift to anything I want so if you fail, you can blame RD, which is my real identity. Eh, I think I’ve confused myself now.

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    • I really was in local authority care. Hence my annoyance with certain people. My annoyance was later magnified by seeing their antics close up and also having first hand experience of the misinformation put out by campaigners. Though seeing as I was obviously part of the Illuminati NWO Satanic Babylonian Childsnatching Protege Party stolen from my loving parents to be put in the evil SS care system in cahoots with the secret family courts, what do I know. I am also Sarah. And RD.

      I don’t have kittens. That was not true.

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    • I have ascertained through pure dead scientifical research that you are French and were produced between 1979 and 1991 – although you may be a cut-and-shut job and/or have had replacement panels (probably just a new bootlid). You are 54 inches high, 68 inches wide, 183.7 inches long and weigh somewhere between 2,789–3,351 lb…

      …..No I’ve no idea why I’m up this late either! 😉

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  10. Hey Barman – if you’re watching (which, let’s face it, you are), this might come in handy:

    And please do keep the ill-informed hypocritical tantrums coming. They’re giving us all a great laugh and I’m sure that that nice Mr. Coyote appreciates the free advertising 🙂

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  11. Listen to the opening moments of this one (in fact, that’s all you’ll be able to cope with before you zone out and/or lose the will to live). Angie goes into overdrive on the begging bowl front!

    By the way, is it just me or does Cathi Morgan have a really irritating voice?

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      • 0:30

        “I’m gonna address briefly the thing of…erm…You know, it’s not a begging bowl thing…but the thing of…it’s scandalous that someone who’s work is, you know, cutting edge and…and…er…so in depth…that the website’s down and, you know, the…the…equipment’s in danger of swallowing up…er…evidence of research for years, so if…if you can donate, small or large, any amount, if you agree that this is something that makes a huge difference and needs to get out there, needs to be documented, until we get this in book form, I would really passionately implore people to donate, either through my GoFundMe…erm…you know, through which I’ll channel some funds to Cathi and…I would like to get Cathi’s website back up and secured…erm…you know…and get, perhaps, you know, more reliable equipment and new laptop or something…So if you feel like I do, as passionately, that this work is invaluable, needs to continue and needs to be disseminated…erm…your…your donations, small or large, will be hugely appreciated.”


  12. I live at No 11, SW1P 4QY, in my lair. I have a secret tunnel so I can go and see Her Maj for a pre-lunch gin and Dubonnet. It is also vair close my bijou penthouse flat in a lovely block right on the Thames.


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    • Last line encapsulates situation to a tee:

      “The self-perpetuating cult-like group will defy the law (and common sense) because they have no respect for it or anyone else.”

      Thanks OOT

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  13. They are mates with another convicted child sex offender too. Brian Paed.

    He was convicted of soliciting a 13 year old for sex and arranging to meet her in a hotel room. It was actually an undercover police officer.

    He also tried to publish a book which contained libellous statements about his ex colleagues, but much more disturbingly identifying information about looked after children including I believe information about why they were in care and their time in care.

    Lately his daughter wants nothing to do with him and wants him nowhere near the granddaughter. He was convicted of harassment and sentenced to prison for contacting them in breach of a court order I believe.


    Look at the category. Abuse survivors.

    There’s also Maurice Kirk, punched a teenage girl in the head, for no reason.

    Musa family, parents whipped their children and left scars. Fraudulently claimed benefits and made the children pretend father wasn’t around. These are British kids, but these lot wanted them sent to Nigeria to live with family they had never really met and who weren’t up to the task of protecting them from their parents.

    Melissa Laird. Let her dog bite her toddler son, was unconcerned, had been banned from keeping dogs because she wasn’t able to care for them, son poorly looked after, couldn’t speak due to neglect, did a flit with him (actually kidnapped from care) and went to live in caravan in Spain that ended up covered in shit because she got dogs again. Has serious mental health problems on top of that.

    Are you beginning to see a pattern?


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