The tide is turning: New video questions Hoaxtead narrative

Yesterday we learned that three YouTubers—”Echo Truths“, Lulu from the YouTube channel “itsgonnab alright“, and Kitty McCaffery from the channel of the same name—had released Part 1 of a video called “HAMPSTEAD – Two Sides to the Story”.

Our overall impression: it’s very clear that the women who made this video put a great deal of thought and care into it. They discuss the Hampstead case in some detail, questioning things that have been accepted as writ by many of their fellow truthers; and they take a factual, down-to-earth approach that’s refreshing and engaging. That said, it’s more than likely that they’ll receive a great deal of flak from their fellow truthers about their conclusions. As the video’s makers say, people don’t like being fooled, and as we saw in yesterday’s video from Plymouth Fury, reactions to news that children were not sexually abused can be surprisingly hostile.

While Echo Truths and Kitty are relative newcomers to the Hampstead SRA hoax, Lulu says she’s known about if for some time, but all three started off believing the hoax narrative: that a school and church in a North London suburb is home to a group of child-raping, baby-murdering Satanic paedophiles, and that two of this cult’s victims were “rescued” by their mother’s new boyfriend Abraham Christie, who was able to force them to tell the truth about the horrors they’d experienced.

They noted, however, that once they began reallly researching the hoax, the “amount of stuff (they) found out is incredible”.  While they do state that they believe in the existence of Satanic ritual abuse, a statement with which we’d take issue, they do probe beyond the surface of Hoaxtead to look critically at the behaviour of Abe, Ella, and RD, in an attempt to determine which of the three is more likely to be lying.

One of their problems with the hoax, they say, is Ella: they describe her as cold, almost robotic, and “edited”. As ET points out, Ella does seem capable of smiling, but she shows absolutely no emotion when discussing her two children, who allegedly have been brutally abused, and then taken from her care. “No matter how factual you’re trying to be, there’s not one point in any of her statements where she looks like she’s coming close to breaking”, ET says. The others agree: Ella never tears up, her voice never breaks, and her words have a robotic quality to them that belie the situation she claims she’s in.

Interestingly, they point out that Ella seems much more relaxed in her more recent videos than she did in the first year or so after she and Abe fled to Spain to evade arrest. Her focus these days seems to be more on advertising their cannabis and nutritional businesses than on the fate of her children.

ET, Kitty, and Lulu reserve their harshest criticisms for Abraham Christie, though: they note his criminal history, his violence and abuse of his own children and his step-children, and his fascination with Crowley-esque mysticism. They note that he seems to have tailored his publicity campaign toward those on YouTube who “believe in this stuff, who know cover-ups happen”; when Pizzagate emerged in the wake of the US election, Abe was quick to modify his videos to include Pizzagate in the descriptions; and when the Audi commercial featuring a young actress who looked like RD’s daughter emerged, Ella used this as a hook to rehash the hoax.

Incidentally, Kitty was able to debunk this lie by doing some actual investigating, calling some agencies, and determining the real name of the actress in the advert. This forced Ella to admit that she’d been mistaken.

They make use of the Jean-Clement Yaohirou video to illustrate Abe’s coaching techniques, noting that at several points Abe either corrects the children or tells them to shut up; and then, of course, there’s the chilling “Kill, kill, kill, kill the baby, kill the baby, kill the baby” chant, with Abe telling the children he likes how that sounds.

Then there’s Abe’s effort at poetry, which you can find at 1:03:40. Horrorshow doesn’t even begin to describe it.

They bring up the issues of the tattoos—specifically, why the children never described their father’s tattoos, and why Ella never seemed to notice them on either of her partners—pointing out that Ella must have known RD would be brought in by the police, so if she claimed he had a tattoo, it’s likely the police could have demanded to see it as part of their evidence gathering.

And they point out Ella’s recent retraction of part of her story, noting that in addition to her statement to Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil, she mentioned it to Sofia Smallstorm during the podcast they made together a few weeks ago. As Kitty said, “She said it because she was distressed, so she just accidentally threw them in there”. “Well, that’s a pretty fucking big accident, isn’t it?” replied ET. Kitty responded, “Yeah, just ruin somebody’s life…and she threw her oldest son under the bus”. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Responding to the inevitable question of how the children were able to remember all that information if they hadn’t actually experienced it, Lulu says, “Does anyone not remember history class in grade school? It’s not that hard”. Excellent point, and one we might borrow in future.

Speaking of borrowing…

Yes, some of the information used in this video was found either on this site, or on some of Barchon Mad’s excellent YouTube videos. We want to state very clearly that where our blog is concerned, borrowing is perfectly fine with us. This blog is not the property of a single person; it’s a collaborative endeavour, and one of its purposes is to provide a repository of factual information about the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Some have complained that our information wasn’t properly acknowledged, but we see it another way. First, we did hear our blog referenced a few times during the video; but even if it hadn’t been, we wouldn’t have been offended in the least. The information is provided here for anyone to use, and the more it’s used the happier we are.

Another factor, of course, is that when Hoaxtead believers hear our blog’s name mentioned, they have a tendency to shut off and refuse to listen to anyone who quotes us. It’s assumed (incorrectly) that this blog is run by your pick of RD, the CIA, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, Mossad, or the Lizard People from Outer Space. Hoaxtead believers seem to think that anything we say is toxic or self-serving. So if not mentioning our name too much is what it takes to get the truth out there, we’re good with that.

And finally…

We know several of our commenters have had their issues with ET in the past. We don’t know how to phrase this delicately, so we’ll just put it out there: ET seems to believe in a lot of stuff we disagree with, and yes, we have found several of her videos (the ones claiming the Manchester bombing was a hoax, for example) offensive and downright cruel. That said, we feel it showed courage on her part to admit she’d been wrong about Hoaxtead; and we appreciated her efforts to keep the children’s names and images out of this video.

As well, there’ve been some epic troll wars waged in the comments sections of several of ET’s videos. ET states she’s received death threats; if those have come from anyone who frequents this blog, we’d very much like to see them, as that’s not behaviour we have ever condoned. Since the blog’s inception two years ago, one of our strongest principles has been that death threats are off-limits.

We were pleased, then, to see that all three participants in yesterday’s video expressed disgust with threats and violent trolling, no matter who it comes from. We agree. While emotions run high in this case—because we are discussing whether children have been horrendously abused—we’d far rather see people try to keep their epithets and accusations to themselves, and try to communicate across the divide. We know that doesn’t always work: some people just won’t play nice, and that’s a fact of life on the internet.

Here’s the thing: we might never be best friends. But we do believe that when we can share information and start to communicate across the divide, we all win. And more important, so do the children.

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    • This is great to see! Katrina goes by the name Kitty in the video we reported on today; it’s really good to see critical thinking and analysis like this taking hold.

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      • Makes a cracking double bill with her satanic classroom expose!
        No creepy licks his lips at kids Ryan though. Pretty sure the first person to ever hear that worldcorp skippy video realised the audio was separate from other audio parts. Waptek wrecked it 3 months ago along with every bit of pizzagate bullshit. BZ also wrecked Ryan completely along with pizzagate lol. Ryan is still sweating over them kids and being outed as a pervert.
        Are people just claiming to debunk things now because they have ears and eyes and can tell its bollocks? Same way i debunked hampstead the first minute i ever saw of one of abes pedo grooming videos, never claimed any credit though, probably because nearly every sane person did the same, lol.

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    • 16:53 “The Hoaxtead side is aggressive and crazy at times. Very foul people.”

      Katrina (and any newcomers looking into this) – check out what we’ve all faced for the last two and a half years from the hoax-believers:

      And the vast majority of the threats and abuse that we’ve encountered have been in response to polite, diplomatic efforts to set the facts straight. You go on to state that we’ve put hoaxers off of seeking the truth but actually it has consistently been their aggressive/crazy/foul attitude that has prevented this from happening and most of them have been decidedly uninterested in anything resembling the truth.

      But yeah – in fairness, we do get a bit stroppy at times – as would anyone who’s been slandered, verbally abused and threatened day in day out for such a long time – but unlike the hoaxers, we have never issued any death threats or threats of violence. We just take the piss to keep ourselves sane. It’s a crude form of satire.

      I agree with most of what you say, however, and find your open-minded approach very refreshing, your insights informative and your explanations eloquent.

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    • PEDOGATE Interview, Really? really?
      Attach two hoaxes to one. Well now Pizzahate died a death and every case of abuse/allegations of abuse from when time began, including ancient sacrifices is now used as proof SRA is everywhere and everything is one big Pedo Ring. Maximum exposure, except most conspirasheep don’t want to know the truth, everything is a cover-up, except when kids get blown to bits, then it is a hoax or false flag.
      Amazes me the amount of information people need to realised Hamps is a hoax, but within minutes of a tragedy without any facts, it’s not real. Every part of pizzagate was torn to shreds but they kept stitching the monster back together again and repeating it with no evidence except dodgy art and instragram pics, some 4chan codes and interpreting every triangle as a pedo logo despite not matching in the slightest.

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      • “everything is a cover-up, except when kids get blown to bits, then it is a hoax or false flag”

        Yes, this puzzles me too. I understand people believing that they’re not being told the whole truth about certain things. Yes, governments and corporations lie; and the media can be biased, whether intentionally or otherwise. But to decide that every bombing or shooting rampage anywhere must always be either a hoax or false flag just makes no sense to me.

        Incidentally, I notice that there’ve been several bombings/shootings in various Middle Eastern and Asian countries lately, which haven’t received as much news coverage in the West. Are those false flags or hoaxes as well?

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    • Oh dear! Andy ‘someone found same IP address’ Stoner has not bothered to read the comments under the very video he got this fake info from, along with accusations that RD made porn and advertised his daughter through his websites. It is quite a long thread, but quite enlightening. Of course Ella read these comments, at the time, since she watched the video: Ella is only too happy to keep reciting this ‘evidence’ at every opportunity she finds – to fill in and divert from actually dangerous territory, the bits about what happened in Morocco.

      I wonder if that fund that Ella’s maintenance payments are being held in could be frozen pending the outcome of a defamation complaint RD could claim. LOL

      Nathan Stolper should be a good journalist and ask her about this accusation in light of the evidence – he can repeat the experiment: Maybe Ella will concede this bit was made up, too, before those maintenance payments go bye-byes forever.


  1. Beautiful piece EC.

    The “Two Sides” video certainly represents a sea change away from the echo chamber,Witchfinder General,shoot first,ask questions later approach to analysis and dialogue.

    These folk stuck their heads above the parapet and will definately receive poison from some quarters for effectively leaving the cult and tearing up the sacred rule book.

    I`d pay good money to see Abe and Ella settling down to watch “Two Sides” Gogglebox” stylie.

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    • Thanks, Mik. Looks like there’s more to come, as the second half has been released. Despite our differences (or “indifferences”, as Ray Shaw would say), I welcome this development, as it’s the only way the truth will make its way into the “truther” community. (And yes, I’m aware of how ironic that is.)

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        • Umm…he’s talking about Larry (Lawrence) KING – not “Summers” – and the “working with kids” was only a rumor, and at least 10 years old! If Larry KIng still exists today, very good chance he’s in a geriatric ward/ facility somewhere.

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          • Here’s why I pointed that out.
            It’s very nice, that these ladies have taken the time to actually go through some of the Hampstead case evidence, discovered the truth and made an anti-hoax video. Good for them!

            However I don’t think that anyone here needs to feel apologetic, about being contemptuous or even rude to others who only heard about the case a few weeks or even months ago and then presumed to make videos or comments to videos based on their frankly superficial understanding of the matter.

            And frankly, why shouldn’t people like myself, with 30 YEARS of experience investigating these subjects, not be contemptuous of anyone who started looking into them 6 months ago, got suckered by a superficial understanding of all the old conspiracy hoaxes – the Finders, Franklin, SRA, MKULTRA, etc – and then presume to screech their intolerance for anyone debating their supposed “facts”?

            Nevertheless when they come here – if they are sincere and respectful – as Barchon was, we will of course treat them in a similar manner, and be patient about getting them up to speed with reality.

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          • “I don’t think that anyone here needs to feel apologetic, about being contemptuous or even rude to others who only heard about the case a few weeks or even months ago and then presumed to make videos or comments to videos based on their frankly superficial understanding of the matter”.

            Justin, you know I don’t often disagree with you, but on this one I have to say I see it differently. For starters, I don’t believe that ignorance is a good enough reason to treat anyone with contempt or rudeness.

            Years ago, my father told me, “Treat everyone with respect, until they show you they don’t deserve it”. That’s always made sense to me.

            My starting point is always to show people respect, whatever their level of knowledge. Yes, if they turn around and start badmouthing us, or seem determined to stick to their own agenda no matter what, I’ll lose patience after a while. But for people who come here looking for information, even if they are starting from a place of believing in the hoax, I say, “Come on in, welcome, let us share what we know”.

            We’ve had to ban our fair share of people from this blog, for issuing death threats, spamming us with allegations that we’re all (your pick of) cult members, RD, part of a giant psy op, government agents, etc. I don’t let people come here and abuse our commenters, or our hospitality.

            But I see people who come with a superficial understanding of the matter as an opportunity to inform and assist, and get the truth out to those who most need it.

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        • Should be reported to the local cops. Very dangerous driving and recording a video at the same time. How can he concentrate on his driving?
          The man is a complete menace to be doing this and puts other drivers at risk. Do we know where he lives? He mentions the name of the highway.


          • This has been noticed at other websites about the driving while filming themselves, one FOTL exguru was doing the same thing and people commented that many of the `truffers’ had taken to doing it as well- apparently its supposed to convey the impression they are `rushing to the scene’ like an intrepid journalist would…

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    • Nice that it took that slobbering retard to wake up to what everyones being telling him.
      Don’t worry him and others are already on the bandwagon making their groundbreaking truth videos years late.

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      • Better late than never, though. Keep in mind, this is what we’ve been waiting for: the opportunity to finally show the “truther community” that the evidence is against Abe and Ella.

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        • I must admit that i was one of the people that wasn’t very happy after watching the EchoTruths video yesterday. I felt that this blog deserved far more credit than it was given for aiding the 3 ladies with their research. I was annoyed that people here had dedicated there time for over two years investigating this case and pulling the story to pieces not to mention their hard work in closing down the funding sites that Abe & Ella set up.

          Now i’ve had time to cool down and think about things with a clear head i realise that acknowledgement of our work isn’t the most important aspect here. What is important is that we have finally got some ‘truthers’ to see the truth and to put out videos about the hoax. The fans of Truthers will never believe what we have to say but they hopefully will pay more attention to their own kind who are also now telling them that this whole case is one big hoax.

          Finally a truther has the guts to listen to us and believe the facts represented in this fine blog and hopefully more truthers will also see the truth now of what we have been saying.

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  2. Well done to HOAXTEAD for keeping at it and putting this information in one place where people can find it. I’m sure the hoax will be rediscovered by new truthers in a couple of years and this archive will be there.

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  3. How about…more good news? 🙂

    “A Florida woman pleaded guilty and was sent to prison Wednesday for threatening a man whose six-year-old son was killed in the 2012 mass shooting at a Connecticut school, which she contended was a hoax.
    Senior U.S. District Judge James Cohn sentenced Lucy Richards, 57, to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention. She pleaded guilty to interstate transmission of a threat to injure in communications with Lenny Pozner, the father of Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn.
    Cohn called Richards’s actions toward Pozner “disturbing” and said no one should cite a conspiracy theory or belief in a hoax in the deaths of 20 children and six adults that occurred at the school”.

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    • Actually I think it is rather sad that a mentally ill, disabled woman is the one who will be serving the time, rather than Alex Jones who profited from promoting the hoax. Equally with Hoaxtead, it is the gullible who suffer and end up in the dock while those who started the whole thing seem to be able to evade arrest.

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      • Of course the reason why Jones back-peddled at a great rate on @pizzacrap was a via threatened lawsuit but I don’t see why the victims of Sandy Hook (and others) don’t take a class action against this vile man.
        They would easily win and he would be crushed financially which is all that concerns these hoaxers.

        But the victims all make the same mistake : they think if they ignore these dreadful defamers and conspiracy merchants that somehow it will all go away. It never does, it never will as there are 10,000s of creeps out there to keep it alive.
        My own lawyer thought that until he found his harasser sitting right behind him in a cinema where he had taken his 2 small children to a kid’s film. Absolutely freaked him out and cost him mega $$ get an anti-harassment order.

        Crucify them in the courts. It’s the only way.

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      • Good Point, it’s why I think Mental Health services should be made aware, that these clients are also victims, perhaps they are, hence the leniency..But to prevent this does, I agree mean that the likes of Alex Jones & David Icke etc need to be held to account.

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    • 5 months only? Will do only half that and then lounge around at home probably harassing more people on the interne
      Should have been 2 years hard labour.

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  4. I know I said yesterday that we should be pleased that these people have admitted their errors and but a couple of things are irritating me.
    Firstly, in the part 1 video (I have not listened to part 2 yet) they were bemoaning that this blog has been keeping the hoax alive on the internet for so long and that it would be better if everyone just shut up about it for the kid’s sake and future. No irony then that they were saying this in a youtube video series(!) about this very subject.
    Secondly, whilst it is great to see some people starting to shed their illusions about it like their religious belief has been shattered, it is still galling that it is because one video has surfaced detailing a small portion of all the stuff that has put out here for years now.
    This site has been patiently cataloguing all the nonsense and how much damage this hoax has and will cause in the future and just because a truthy type changes her mind it is suddenly a hoax for her followers too. Group mentality?


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    • Sorry guys, after the years of hard work and dedication you have all put in, contributing, documenting and exposing the Hoax, it’s time to pack it all up and go home.
      The brains of the operation found out about this last week and is here to save the kids, although what from, noone is sure. Everyone here has just been wasting their time all along waiting for the Queen B and her amazing display of intelligence,reason and conspiratard logic.


      • The insanity here is that a goose like Gidget Frigging Coe thinks she is actually fighting some cause by surfing the net. Morons.

        As for attacking Hoaxtead, how fucking dare they ! This site religiously reports the facts and despite posters either joking or fuming over the ugly slurs and the relentless barrage of false accusations from the likes of APD whose complete timeline is a catalogue of falsehoods against innocent people even while she moans to High Heaven that she is being unfairly’s very important a record is maintained to counteract the putrid lies spewed out by conspiraloons.

        As for Echo Lies, she may be seeing the light on this matter but her arrogance is astounding and her vicious and cruel promotion of “false flags” is simply a horrible attack upon genuine victims (and their families) when most of the poor souls haven’t even been buried.

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        • What i dont get is, how are they helping any children?
          How did pizzagate and the likes help children? Surely whilst they were chasing shadows and their own lurid tales of whatever part they could fit into the puzzle, it completely overshadowed any real cases going on.
          It’s not even like they can claim its raised awareness of child abuse, as I believe everyone is already aware of child abuse. It certainly raised awareness of many of the conspiraloons YouTube channels, and filled their ad revenue and patreon accounts up a little, also brought back all the old hoax cases up.

          How is it helping children when some of these channels had live streams minutes after the news broke on the Manchester attack. Parents where still looking for their children not knowing if they were dead or alive and some Youtubers had live stream and the chat saying “y’all jus naw this be a false flayg right?”.
          What Alex Jones had to say about it was the sickest thing i have heard him ever splutter, he said it would take showing the dead bodies of dying children flopping around live on tv to get through to people. Sadly that is what a lot of these youtubers seem to want, as no blood equals fake, dead bodies equal dummies.

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    • We’ve talked here a few times about whether this blog serves to keep the hoax alive, so I think that’s a valid concern to raise. Ultimately, whenever we’ve discussed it here we’ve come to the conclusion that the hoax is showing few signs of going away, Abe and Ella and their sheep-like followers keep finding new ways to introduce it to new audiences, and this blog is needed as a counterweight to those who insist that the hoax is real. Ideally, there would be no need for the blog: people would have realised that they were being duped, packed it in and gone home. When that happens, we’ll close our doors.

      As for the fact that those on the other side are finally picking up on what we’ve been saying…I think Barchon raised something a couple of weeks ago to the effect of “if we’re not actually going to convince anyone on the other side that this thing is a hoax, why are we bothering?”

      Well, it looks like after two years of slogging away at this, our message is finally starting to get out. I don’t personally care whether we get credit for that or not: to me, this goes far beyond who owns the information, and who takes credit for it. Yes, perhaps there’s probably some group mentality at play, but to my mind that’s good, if it means that more people will understand, finally, that the thing is not real.

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    • Having two totally opposing sides without any bridge of communication between them creates a total split. Then no one hears the other, let alone listens and considers their points. I know we do, but they don’t. But if they can bear to listen, as these ladies did, and then consider the evidence, are honest in their findings, and even bring new information to the table (eg the name of the girl in the audi ad), so far several of their friends have listened to them, thanked them, even: ‘I was just going to debunk that hoax myself’. Therefore one friend – not enemy – made by us has the potential to be more effective in getting the message across than we can ever hope to be. They said this blog is excellent in part 2 but also had a complaint. I am not sure what they objected about at the same time though, something about comments?

      As for needing acknowledgement of work done here or in any of our endeavours, I think EC deserves praise and gratitude for the continued high standards, commitment and time he puts into the blog. Without it, and each and every contributor, commenter and visitor here, we would have missed so many original thoughts and information as well as all the new developments in this case, the latest of which, the 2 sides video, is an extremely interesting and hopeful change. About which I would not have known had it not been for this blog. Thanks!

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  5. Shurter caught lying. At 2:15 he says “That’s not uncommon (about cults with no name) I cant tell you the name of the cult I was raised by” Now he says they call themselves “The Order”

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      • This is one of the most self-evidently stupid lies I’ve ever come across. I could bring in academic data from Group Theory to back this up, but that shouldn’t be necessary.
        If the members of an organization don’t even have a term for themselves as a group, how could they know they belonged to an organization, rather than something like a circle of friends?

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      • Yet again “Hollywood” rears it’s head as the Ninth Circle comes into the lexicon of these conspiracy morons.
        The term was rarely heard of until a couple of films were made with the title.

        Ella is just fucking dumb isn’t she? Really & truly dumb. She is reduced to communicating with a man – and quite a revolting and ghastly man (all sympathy about his mental health problems out the door) – he hopes his neighbours children die and who thinks rocks in his garden are sending microwaves into his brain, when there isn’t a person on the planet who would bother with the fuckwit even if such nonsense were possible.

        What is her end game? What does she think she is going to achieve? She’s created an unholy mess for herself and her only ally is a druggie career criminal and some morons on the internet. She’s created a life that now can only be filled with doom & gloom. Mad, bad, cold, unfeeling, stupid and thick.

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        • Yes, I think Ella and Abe have failed all along to predict the consequences of their actions. Everything they do seems to have an air of “ooh, we’re so clever….oh, whoops”. She’s never going to see her children again; she’s stuck in a hovel with a madman and a bunch of cannabis for company; and she’s flat broke. Who says there’s no such thing as karma?

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          • They say when you are in a hole you should stop digging. Abe and Ella seem to only know how to dig – and dig – and dig. Abe gets so upset about being exposed, but he just keeps on with the same old lies. The pair of them can’t seem to see past this ridiculous vindictive hoax they have created. If Ella had any sense and any feelings for her children she would get out of there and come back to the UK. You never know, if she ditched Abe there might just be some hope of a reconciliation.

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          • Not unlike the hopeless girl,Abe and Ella have saught the holy grail of a perpetual free lunch even resorting to abusing children and doing a runner.Everything has a price tag attached.Both will expect and indeed insist the other take full responsibilty to cover the humungous bill (with interest).Strangely enough both are correct and both inevitably will.

            This stuff is as old as he hills.

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    • Everytime he opens his mouth, he inevitably lies 🙂
      “That’s not uncommon” – what nonsense!

      I grilled this fool good, many years ago, in a discussion group about murdered children & their families.
      OF COURSE, he had no name for his alleged cult – that had never even occurred to him. He failed to provide a coherent response to ANY & EVERY indicator – no concept of an ideology, or a liturgy, no titles that the members called each other during rituals or ceremonies, no title for their leader, nothing! He even repeatedly referred to solar cycles as lunar cycles – an ignorance that not even the lowliest initiate to a Golden Dawn or OTO or Church of Satan style study group could betray. And all the while, he was claiming that he had been personally indoctrinated in “satanism & the occult” by one of the most educated persons alive, on those subjects – Dr Aquino!

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      • I bet the only order David ever received in his formatory years was his mum ordering him to tidy up his room.Evidentially he didnt take a blind bit of notice and its been all downhill ever since.


  6. Excellent coverage E.C. and Co. ! Loving it! Alex Jones should have at least been an “un-indicted” co-conspirator in Lucy Richard’s GASLIGHTING by Hoaxers!(she is not the only one) If the Secret Service can investigate a comedian? It’s good enough for Jones! lol Joel @ AryanEmpires aka Reich Watch has done the best de-bunking of SH Hoax….. Best Jones slamming vids for sure!! I learned of this blog on one of the comments left by Spiny there! Thanks Spiny! It has been invaluable reporting these creeps off-line! Cheers! xox The “hoax is over” when enough People complain…LMAO 😀
    Also, I want Sheva to know she is admired and supported in my book!🎈🎈🎈

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  7. @coyote – GASP! You failed to slavishly accept what I said, earlier ?!?
    That’s it – you’re out of The Cult!
    ROFL !

    (Oh wait…I’m not The Leader this week, am I? Where’s that damned schedule? Oh sh*t, it’s GOS! rats…)

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  8. Ok, here I am, in the lions den! At this point if we have information wrong in Part 2 we will be more than happy to set it straight and take the lead from you guys. If you wouldn’t mind making a note of the things we got wrong in comments, we will do a follow up over the weekend.

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    • Welcome, ET. I’m planning tomorrow’s post, and will be addressing any errors, so hope that’ll help. There is a LOT of stuff here, and to be honest sometimes I forget things and have to be reminded, so it’s not surprising some mistakes would creep into your video. Stay tuned. 🙂

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      • Spiny – I have figured out where that came from now. I have written a comment on my top comment apologising. it was some God Of Copyright Strikes and another one Kuntz and Hores or something. He had similar videos to some of your channels and was subbed to all of them so i assumed which just made an ass out of u and me. Sorry for that.

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  9. You mentioned death threats before ET, i can assure you that nobody that comments on this blog would issue any death threats. It is the main rule here and we all stick to it. We have received plenty of death threats though but we never retaliate in kind.

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    • Just said to Spiny – I have figured out where that came from now. I have written a comment on my top comment apologising. it was some God Of Copyright Strikes and another one Kuntz and Hores or something. He had similar videos to some of your channels and was subbed to all of them so i assumed which just made an ass out of u and me. Sorry for that.

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      • Greetings ET.Its a sharp learning curve this stuff but full appreciation to anyone that can step away from the emotional content and use objective,impartial reflection prior to drawing conclusions and condemning innocents.We all make mistakes all of the time,there are no exeptions.

        You do realize that now youve entered this portal you will inevitably face the wrath of a thousand and one(at last count anyway) terminally obsessed fruitcakes,accused you of being RD,funded by mossad and you might even receive the privilege of a stint as Spiny if you play your cards right lol

        The satirical and at times plain silly input(guilty as charged yer honor)is as mentioned earlier in this thread something of a basic survival mechanism.Humour is the nearest thing we have to therapy here 😉

        Good work.

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        • Yeah i understand that now but others will need more time.

          As for them calling me RD I have already had that. There’s a whole video out there about how I am Ricky Dearman. lol. Stupid baseless claims dont bother me.

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          • Echo, may I ask that you also lay off “the other RD”? If he exists, he’s an innocent bystander who’s name and reputation have been dragged through the mud by the likes of Angela Power-Disney, Arthur Kaoutal et al.


    • GofCStrikes has explained it was not a death threat, they were not threatening to kill ET. They described it as a suggestion and is something they say to all paedophiles, child abusers and promoters of them online.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m in full agreement with that method but to someone who has been abused, tensions can run high when people slate the innocent party.

      At the time, ET was was slagging off RD (still does, to this day) and calling everyone who left comments relating to the facts of the case under her videos – trolls – and blocking them, she even made videos of RD and Hoaxtead “trolls” which was only fueling Abe and Ella’s cause.


      • I only had that one to show. As older ones were on the videos I deleted about Hampstead. So i cant access them any more. Some of them were death threats. but I now know none of them came from Hoaxtead.

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        • I just tried explaining this to them. The death threats had were from other weird accounts not from them. All this confusion is because of me initially thinking these guys were part of you. THEY left the suicide thing, the death threat was from i THINK something to do with a panda. There were so many accounts and it was so long ago.

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  10. I love it when the TRAP has slammed shut long ago but the Rats are still clueless, flailing and ADD to an already Ginormous PILE of Evidence that they are lying SCUM! HAHAHAHAHAHA! What Luck!

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    • Another headcase who just found out about this case last week and doesn’t realise it was debunked years ago and covered on here everyday since. But are so self indulgent and deluded they think they are helping, children that have been safe since they were taken from child groomers.
      Supporter of child abusers Abe and Ella whilst defaming the father and supporting the idea that even an innocent mans no better than a child abusing mother. You cannot comment without this person using the same old RD, RD, the paedophile protectors have used since day one.


      • It’s yet another comment which ET “loves”. Her subbers leave a lot to be desired. SMH


        • For the record, Gidget is a long term sub who i have talked with many times. When those people comment I always heart to note that it has been read if i have no reply. Like with JTH2, it wasn’t about what she said about him, i just heart her comments as she is a loyal sub and a nice lady who is still just taking all the new info in. Give people a bit of time to come around to the idea of all of this. And also for the record, i just defended all of you to her in the comment section on part 2. You have told me to check facts before and i am glad you did. please do the same.

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          • I often “star” comments here for the same reason–just to let people know I’ve seen the comment, even if I either don’t have time or don’t feel I need to say anything in response.

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          • Echo, you discussed in your video the logistics of some of the claims made by the accusers, i.e. the fact that much of what was alleged would be practically impossible to pull off. Should you elect to continue this worthy line of inquiry, here’s an interesting post from the early days of the blog about the infeasibility of an entire school shutting down once a week for an orgy with the kids without anyone ever getting caught or reported:



      • Does this person still think the children are in danger? what from? Why does she hate Dearman on every single comment? Why is anyone who isn’t a fucktard and realises it’s a hoax, Ricky Dearman?
        Why does she believe Hillary is involved in satanic ritual abuse?
        How can you disrespect a child abuser with words? Is she deranged?
        There are no words low enough to describe a paedophile child groomer who supported and abetted Abraham’s torture of the children. How has she helped the children?
        In other words her opinions add nothing, just more Dearman obsession and hatred.

        What is it that is being undermined, a debunked hoax, that any sane person with any personal or profession experience, could tell was a hoax within a few minutes of Abe and Ella’s videos?

        There are people like this that have had more than long enough to read the court documents and evidence online from a ton of great articles covered all over the net and here in the Press Release section.
        Sad state of the world when people can no longer read but get all their bizarre ideas from YouTube videos.
        They will always believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse and conspiracy theories, even if you debunk one for them to their satisfaction they will believe another one based on hearsay, dot joining and falsehoods.

        Don’t worry guys like Titus who peddled zionist Talmud abuse, Hampstead, and McMartin as evidence of pizzagate live on stage, despite admitting to be in contact with an individual who accessed Child pornography under the guise of hacking “Comet”, basically which can never be proven that it actually happened, that the guy isn’t just lying, or that he even planted it on there computers.
        Waptek has debunked most of this shite.

        Random Rants of Ryan, aguy who had his tongue out drooling over children,

        or hopefully not The Honey Bee who told us all to investigate Hampstead by watching all the illegal police videos then ranted about a load of other conspiracy theories, before then spending whole videos admitting to accessing illegal images of children.

        So 3/3 Child predators with much more evidence than these people will ever have on Dearman despite repeating the website hosting nonsense they saw on a video and Charlotte Ward/ Kristie Sue’s defamation website as proof.

        They will always think the father is shifty or a shit actor, and that is proof he is as low as Ella to them, a known child abuser, just because he is a man.
        Strange as in the first video there was a Russian comment and I didn’t see this fruitloop pissing and moaning about that eh?

        “The important thing is those children”, umm it’s debunked dear, like over 2 fucking years ago, they are safe and free from people like you.
        Removal of Youtube videos would help as those personal videos of police interviews published online may put off victims coming forward fearing the exact same will happen to them, but she has not helped in this nor helped in removal of funding sited for Abe and Ella, I imagine she probably donated to them.
        No proof needed of that allegation it’s as sound as any conspiracy theory that she supports.

        Nice moral crusade for her own self importance though.
        Good luck to all of you with these people, you will fucking need it.


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