More blaggery, hypocrisy, and untruthiness from Angie

Amusing as it is to know that the majority of “new intel” spouted by Angela Power-Disney is actually stolen nicked lifted directly from this blog, we do think it would be nice if she could at least acknowledge that we’re the ones doing the heavy lifting here.

Take, for example, Angie’s latest blag-fest on Facebook:

I’ll just tell you who Finnbarr is…and um, I’m going to try to make contact…now I don’t want to drop him in it, but at the same time I think he kind of owes the children an explanation. So his full name is…hmm…here we go…he’s got a website called, and I wish no harm to your online, you know, advertising for your means of making a living, you know…but his name is Finnbarr Hagan, H-a-g-a-n.

Erm…yes, we know. We know because one of our sharp-eyed readers saw him in the comments section on YouTube and recognised his voice, we matched the image we had to Mr Hagan’s photos online, and did the legwork to find out who he is, who he might have been working for, and what he was doing interviewing RD’s children about their alleged sexual abuse.

You’re welcome, Angela.

And in our bitter irony category…

The first video that Echo Truths made about Hampstead I enjoyed. I just thought these are three women doing some research and giving their honest opinion, without undue reverence towards Ella or Abraham. They let RD off the hook very lightly I thought. And when I got to the second, third, and fourth videos I got extremely uncomfortable because it seemed that Echo Truths was cosying up to Hoaxtead, being flattered that they wrote a nice article about her video….

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight: in Angie’s book it’s fine to scoop up any information she fancies from our site, so long as she doesn’t admit that it came from us, because that would be “cosying up”. Right. Got it.

Frankly, we wrote a “nice” article about the Echo Truths/Lulu/Kitty videos because we agreed with much of what they were saying, and thought they had worked hard to come up with the information they had. We are happy to help anyone—troofer or not—get the straight goods on Hoaxtead, because that’s what we do. We look at facts, assess them, attribute them properly, and present them for others to see, judge for themselves, and if desired, use them.

In her usual smarmy style, Angela managed to squeeze in a reprise of her false allegations against commenters on this blog:

I’ve been told the pseudonym of Spiny Norman and one other are documented paedophiles, like prosecuted, in the newspapers, the whole, you know, names, addresses, contact details, everything, the whole nine yards, and I’m waiting [sic] confirmation on that but I completely believe it.

Of course we all know the source of Angela’s “intel” here; this person has been banging the same drum for several months to anyone who’ll listen. Problem is, he’s a known compulsive liar, so the only people who take him seriously are those of Angie’s ilk—those who are as dishonest and smarmy as he is.

If any of us were “documented paedophiles”, why would this person not simply forward the information to Angela right away, rather than playing silly buggers and promising to send it “later”? If it exists, let’s see it. Up front, right here, right now.

If he cannot produce it, it doesn’t exist. Simple as.

As usual, Angela has learned nothing from her previous adventures in “ooh, I have some amazing ‘intel’ for you, I’ll send it along…later….”

Anyone remember the Ellagate fiasco from last autumn? Angela finally had to cave and admit that the person involved had nothing, was never going to send her anything, and that Angela had made a great flaming idiot of herself with grandiose allegations about Ella having participated in making child sex abuse videos. There were no videos. There was no evidence. The person in question was lying. Angela sounded like a Grade A, Number 1 twat.

Plus ça change….

50 thoughts on “More blaggery, hypocrisy, and untruthiness from Angie

  1. She’s unbelievable. That woman just opens her mouth and spews nonsense, except for the times she quotes accurate information found on HR.

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  2. Er…Hampstead Research did some amazing research did they? Hasn’t most of what they said been discredited here and now by Kitty et al?

    “Don’t cosy up to Satanists.” I’ve probably got a stereotypical idea of Satanists but I don’t think of them as being that cosy. If I ever meet one I’ll let you know.

    “Hoaxtead Research is a combination of active paedophile Satanists and Government paid agents….”
    What?!!! I beg your bloody pardon!

    Re Echo Truths videos. Angie mentions Video 4. I couldn’t find it. Did she imagine it?

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    • I thought perhaps she meant the video ET and Kitty made about the trolls who were trying to dox Kitty…or Angie hasn’t learned to count yet. 🙂


  3. The green eyed monster must surely glow bright each time Angie (never,sometimes,regularly) pokes her not unsubstantial nose into these hills.

    The very witnessing of quality,fact based research and objective analysis must truly rancour the self appointed “young journo of the year”, who lets face it, is so clueless as to be unfit to wipe the office cats bum,which no doubt is already well ahead of the curve and making evasive plans for such an assault on its person.

    After all one cant be too careful with Angie rifling through the drawers for tit bits.

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    • Finbar adversities his services on his website where he publishes photos of himself playing the bagpipes at weddings, funerals and maybe even bar mitzvahs but a child can be seen.
      Is it appropriate that a man who colluded in such a shocking hoax regarding abused children should be working at such events?


      • I have a slightly different view of Finbar than others here. When I saw his interview with the girl I thought he sounded genuinely shocked. What he used was poor judgement in conducting an interview like this though – as a layperson with no expertise at all he should have stayed out of it. Did he consider that he might be tarnishing evidence for any potential court case? Also, after the interview did he report what he’d been told to the authorities? If a child alleges that she’s been abused in front of you don’t you take further action?

        I wonder how he feels about his interview going online and the child’s privacy being violated to the extent that it was? Mmmm?

        Despite all this I’ve not seen anything that would make me ban him from playing the bagpipes at my next party. Just so long as he tunes his drones….

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        • Perhaps I’m prejudiced having had a grandfather who played the blessed things every Sunday morning when we stayed with him.

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        • The thing that concerns me about Finnbarr is this: he took those videos, or at least some of them, covertly. When he heard an adult approaching, he quickly shoved his phone into his pocket without turning it off—that’s how he captured the conversation with Abe. So the question is, how did the video get from Finnbarr’s phone to the internet? It seems most likely to me that he had to have edited the pieces together and then put it up himself.

          Of course it’s possible that he gave them to someone else for safekeeping, and that person put them up. But given the subject matter and the fact that he’d filmed children, I have concerns about the whys and wherefores of how the video made its way from Finnbarr’s pocket to YouTube.

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          • I can’t remember now, was it both Ella and Abe coming back to the house that ended the recording or just Ella?

            Was he trying to see what the children would say without the influence of Abe/Ella?


      • So it’s not just a ‘pedo behind every bush’ but a collective of them?. You do have to wonder if folk like Rich Orange are fantasizing that someone may give him a clue where this bush is so he can join the club.

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        • Rich Orange is probably from the school of thought that considers paedophilia as a phenomena exclusive to strange individuals that lurk in bushes near school gates whom randomly leap out from bushes in brown macintoshes at unsuspecting victims.

          Nothing can be further from the truth although no doubt it wont stop Mr Orange and his ilk from putting their idiotic theories into practice in a desperate attempt to smugly prove themselves to be right.

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        • @GOS – “You do have to wonder if folk like Rich Orange are fantasizing that someone may give him a clue where this bush is so he can join the club”.
          The infamous ancient heresiologist, Epiphanius of Salamis, wrote a giant encyclopedia supposedly exposing all the known “heretics” of the first 3 centuries AD. His most vehement & virulent condemnations were aimed at one particular sect of alleged demon-worshipping sex maniac child killers. He even claimed that this group tried to recruit him as a lad, and that he ratted them out to the Romans.
          Strangely, while describing this sect that he allegedly believed ought to be wiped off the face of Earth, Epiphanius goes out of his way to reveal; all of the names by which they were known in every nation, where and when they congregated (i.e., how to FIND them) and even the secret handshake they used to identify each other as members. All of the information anyone might need to track down this secret society and join up if they had wished to do so! He even says, that he had second thoughts about including all these details just in case he might incite wayward youths to go looking for it! Remarkable!

          Which has led to the observation that, if HE was secretly the leader of such a sect himself, he could hardly have advertised its existence and openly recruited members, but he COULD have done that in a back-handed way by pretending to condemn them…

          No shit. This is all historical fact.

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          • I should add…what makes all of this even more peculiar, is that Epiphanius doesn’t seem to possess similar details about ANY other heretic sects that he lists & discusses in “The Panarion”. Or if he did, he didn’t blatantly disclose them in his encyclopedia of heresies.


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      • Mr Orange is clearly unaware of the number of decent people who’ve been hurt and that there are a lot of people willing to offer them support by fighting this awful hoax.
        He must also be unaware of who the promoters of this hoax actually are (apart from Ms M) and that some of the main people are close friends with convicted (yes, convicted) paedophiles, even to the extent that one of them is housing a man who collects child porn. He should ask Ms M about this. He should ask a lot of questions before he buys in to a lot of nonsense.

        Ms M has yet to comment on Belinda’s new lodger. What does she think? If I were her I’d be doing a bit of shouting in Belinda’s direction for a change.

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    • Hampstead is a hoax promoted by paedophile protectors, one is even housing a convicted paedophile right now. It’s a smokescreen to make a mockery of child abuse cases, so real cases are not taken seriously in the future. It was intended as a money maker for those promoting it, such as Angela Power Disney who has pretty much lived off the hoax for 2 years.
      No sane person took it seriously, only conspiracy theorists, the delusional, criminals, drug addicts, lunatics, and perverts.

      People hate Debs video because they are angry rants in which she says the most depraved things imaginable, they are disgusting.

      Abe and Ella wanted to blackmail the father and innocent people of Hampstead, Ella said herself they never intended it to go before a court, they even tried to blackmail the courts into giving the children back in exchange for not promoting the hoax anymore.

      Anyone who supports Abraham and Ella is disgusting and supporting two child abusers.

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      • Several people have been saying as much for some time…… And it’s not unique either. I just hope people are mindful of all that’s been going on when the next scam is trotted out.

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        • Indeed Alfred.One of the beauties of this place is not just the on going challenges to these criminals who consider themselves entitled to pump out a veritable mill of unsubstantiated nonsense,but it will hopefully stand for a long time as a resource archive,nay monument to ordinary peoples refusal to blindly allow such mindless shoite a free pass.

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      • I was just wondering how much “courage” it takes to throw away a perfectly good career, use your skills and learning to become lackey to a bunch of low life organised criminals and completely fuck up your health and lose your mind through consuming your own garden shed experiments. -Probably not as much as it does to do a clutch on a Citroen C6 I imagine.

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      • “Amazing courageous lady” who believes that a space ship hovers over her house and sends her messages…..

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  4. I’m sure everyone has read that the EU has fined Google over £3B for manipulating advertising search results but it’s somewhat overshadowed a decision in the Canadian Supreme Court that has ordered Google to remove links to websites or entities that sell goods that breach trade secrets or patents (think fake Cartier watches etc ).

    # I’ll upload the court decision online so it can be read.

    Google pleaded that the particular corporation had won a lawsuit against a (fly-by-night) website by default over goods being sold that breached their copyright but the plaintiffs claimed they were unable to get sites removed and the long winded Google process to seek relief was inadequate.

    We’ve all experienced this when complaining to Youtube etc over repeated publishing of the children’s videos.
    Now the CA Supreme Court has ordered Google that links to such sites must be removed asap from their search results worldwide and not just Canada as Google tried to claim, in Canadian search results.

    It’s another chip in the fact web corporations like Google, Facebook etc have acted like lawless, tax avoiding entities whilst claiming the ridiculous “free speech’ B/S, and aided anyone to defame & harass innocents.
    ## as an example: Kane Slater will come under this ruling.

    I’m not sure who voted for or against Brexit ( I didn’t because I no longer live in the UK) but it’s worth noting the EU lawsuit against Google proceeded because the EU being the third largest trading bloc on the planet is all powerful. If the UK eventually leaves the EU it must ensure citizens have the same rights that can be secured via the power of the EU.
    # with the EU Google fine, the UK is obviously due a percentage of the money.

    Eventually websites & individuals that host defamation’s, lies and promote hate against persons like RD will be dealt with by the law. When of course is the problem.

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    • Yes. They can’t hear the thunder, because they don’t wish to hear it. But the institutions of civil society will tame this anarchic playpen, just as they created the ‘space’ for it to exist in the first place.
      Even Mark Dice has been demonetized now. HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR!!

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  5. Here is the difference between Satanist and Satan Hunters like Angela Power Disney and Abraham CHristie… the cat next to me right now, I raise my hand out to her, she will riase her head and bump it into the palm of my hand in anticipation of the pleasure of being stroked… if Disney and Christie puts their hand out to a child or animal, it will cringe in fear of being hit. Yes, there are great differences between Satanists and Satan Hunters. Another thing, a Satanists does not think of children as property like Disney and other Satan Hunters like her. No, we Satanists are not cosy, try touching a Satanist bum Angela, and get your arm broken.

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  6. Another day and more lies from the child abusing witch, still clinging to her scamming ways. When will they arrest her?

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    • Angie rambles on aimlesslessly about this and that.Shoehorns herself into credit for any positive outcomes and blames others(or her absense) for any negative outcomes.

      Hey presto,Angie turns water into wine whilst crocheting a gold purse from a pigs ear and and managing to heal the free world and its dog from all their combined ills.

      All this whilst simply sitting on her arse,chain smoking fags and conning the benefit system of unwarrented entitlements.

      Given such a miraculous talent Angie doesnt need Jesus but simply an audience of deaf,dumb and blind mutant monkeys who randomly hit the “like” button from time to time.Oh and some ointment for that giveaway itchy nose!

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    • Angie’s been communicating with Kitty Mccaffrey? Kitty if you read this do not tell Angie anything about your family or private life, she will turn on you and make up lies about you.

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