Video share: Let’s be kind to Hoax Girl!

Hoax Girl got very upset about our first video about her, in which EC might have come across just a teensy-tiny bit too fierce in rebutting Hopey’s lies.

So today, we have a peace offering: a video made especially for her! A kinder, gentler video, in which EC…er, exposes more of her lies. But nicely.

And don’t forget, Hopey: whenever you tell a lie, it makes Baby Jesus cry.

66 thoughts on “Video share: Let’s be kind to Hoax Girl!

  1. “Let’s be kind to Hoax Girl!”

    Will do, Karen. My one reservation, though, is that if I say nice things to her, she’ll claim they’re death threats 😂

    Superb presentation, btw 🎯

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  2. For anyone who missed it at the tail end of the last post, here are some highlights of Devine’s latest anti-Facebook rant. He’s been permanently banned on all four of his accounts (hehe) and can’t seem to work out how to open a new one. Bless…

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    • Pikey and Paterson will be gutted, lol. Devine’s the only person unhinged enough to share their crap on his FB timeline 😆

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    • Why does he even bother?. It’s not like he had 1000s of followers breathlessly awaiting his next interminably boring monologue. He did have one rusted-on fan but she was always apologising because she was on heavy medication and rarely made sense.

      And now that he claims that FB, YT etc are all evil entities run by the same cabal ( Rothschilds? ) that run Hoaxtead why was he on there in the first place?. How good are his “investigative skills” if his claims were even slightly true?

      I do agree with him on one thing: in that video he claims you must empty your head or brain of everything you have been taught and presumably re-fill it with “knowledge” ( ie: that a New Zealander living in a shipping container is the true Ruler of Great Britain). Clearly there was a great vacuum in Andy’s head but what has he re-filled it with? God only knows.

      I blame illicit drugs.

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  3. Thank you so much, Karen xxx 🙏✨💙 I first came across your blog last year along with some of my friends, I’m so sorry for what you have been through with this vile Evil piece of Excrement 👿🤮
    I’ve been targeted by Hope Girl originally starting 21st January of this year, then again 25th March of this year, I’ve been warning people about her on YouTube and Twitter, John Paterson is back btw, threatening people, I saw a comment yesterday and “it’s” words to a lady going through some very difficult Times was “You won’t be chuckling when you go feet first into the woodchipper… CHIP CHOP!”

    That is a blatant threat so I’ve added the information to my evidence and will pass on to relevant authorities.

    I will again screen shot my replies as they love to change my comments 🤣

    Definitely get in contact with a solicitor regarding your evidence as they along with so many others just want to protect children, whereas these Scum like Hope and Paterson don’t seem to want to whilst protesting constantly that they do🤔🙄 Time is ticking for them, some allegedly 🤣 have connections to neo-Nazi groups and convicted pedophiles! 🤔👿🤮 Mmmm 🤔

    Sending so much love to you and your family, you are one Strong wonderful lady 🤗✨💙🙏🤗xxx

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    • Well they certainly do have links with highly suspect far-right groups and that is a worry. I’m always shouting into the wind about this but anyone who has read the many documented history books on the rise of the Nazis in Germany in the 30s should worry especially when the majority of Germans never supported them but ended up under their rule anyway.

      Hannah Arendt’s ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’ written in the 50s almost describes how the far-right are operating today- step by step. When she coined the term “the banality of evil” she describes exactly the mundane ordinariness of those who latch on to Fascism. Based Amy always reminds me of this (but there are 100s of other examples) as she attends demonstrations, sometimes in a Donald Trump MAGA hat accusing anyone who dares to disagree with her as a “traitor”. Sadly Brexit / Remain (no matter what side you are on) seems to have brought many out of the woodwork with an endless drip drip of normalizing the far-right.

      John Paterson is a real extremist with his vicious antisemitism.

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        • Indeed and the way the Greens did so well in the EU elections as people react to the far-right examples the polarization of political beliefs. There will be tears before bedtime.


  4. Awesome job, EC 😃

    And in the extremely unlikely event that anyone thinks Hope Girl still has any credibility left, check out this paragraph from her last blog post:

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    • “Sabine’s refusing to speak to anyone…”, for which read Hope Girl I suppose. She should ask herself why. Everyone now and then I feel sorry for Mrs McNeill and the fact that just about everyone she knew abandoned her as soon as she went into prison is one reason.

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      • John Paterson in one video says he had just returned from visiting Sabine. Could be a fib of course but perhaps that’s her “ties to Nazis”. Poor Paterson tells a lot of fibs. Example- he claims he majored in Wood Chipping but I know for a fact he failed miserably and never got his Wood Chipping License hence he would need to be very careful once he’s rounded up all the Hoaxtead readers (nearly 2 million so far) after tracking them down via their ISPs as he’s just as likely to step feet first into his own Wood Chipping Machine.
        Anyway he needs to be very careful- there are bylaws in Sussex about operating Wood Chippers in Caravan Parks and it’s not as though you can hide the fact you are feeding numerous people into one feet first. I imagine other happy campers would complain about the noise and mess.

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          • Interestingly, his references to feeding the pigs relates to the case of Robert Pickton, a Canadian serial killer (yes, we’ve had a few) whose modus operandi was to pick up (mostly aboriginal) sex workers in Vancouver’s downtown east side, take them to his farm some miles away, murder them, and then feed their remains to his pigs. While he was found guilty of the murder of six women, trace remains of many more were found on his farm.

            The fact that Paterson would even consider modelling his threats on Pickton’s horrific example is very disturbing.

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          • I can see why you’d think so, but Paterson’s constant references to “Piggy Palace” is the giveaway: it’s what Pickton and his brother named the farm. They actually registered a charity called the “Piggy Palace Good Times Society” with the government, and held massive parties at the farm under the auspices of this organisation. It was a truly horrifying story, and Pickton’s trial got a lot of news coverage, as you can imagine.

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          • I thought it was to do with one of those The Silence of the Lambs movies where the villain is pushed into the pig pen by his butler, to be consumed by the ravenous beasts.
            I like pigs and I always think of how people (Winston Churchill ?) say they are the most intelligent animals even if they are the dirtiest.
            I don’t eat them because my Mother never would even though she wasn’t strictly religious but I don’t really care if they want to eat me. I’ve always wanted, when I die, to be fed to the Buzzards and birds like the Buddhists used to do with the deceased in Tibet (after a suitable period of wailing). I love the idea of being eaten by birds and finally being of some use.
            In fact I might add a codicil to my will that I can be flung into any old pig pen but I’ll certainly stipulate John Paterson must not be involved.

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        • But…his dear friend Hopey says Sabine isn’t really in prison!

          Also, I am assuming that Paterson never watched the film Fargo. Let’s just say that it turns out that feeding people into wood-chippers is not as easy as one might think.

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  5. Interesting that Hope Girl is moaning about “fat jokes”, whilst sucking up to Paterson, Cat and Malcolm, all of whom have an appalling track record on fat-shaming and -bullying 🤔

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  6. LOL that video is hilarious, sooo good. Neighbours must think I am mad, laughing so loud!! Really, EC, you are so funny. I don’t think HG will risk mentioning your name again.

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    • Just watching from the beginning now.

      Devine @ 11:25 – “Well, you are humans. You’re monsters. That’s what human means.”

      Huh? 🤔

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    • Praterson @ 5:25 – “The reason he doesn’t use his real name is because he was threatened.”

      Oh I see – it’s ok for them, then. What happened to “Anyone who uses fake names is a coward”? 🤔

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    • Can’t find a Russian microbiologist called Gercher but this one should appeal to Paterson:
      “Viktor Grebennikov, naturalist and entomologist, claimed to have built a levitation platform by attaching dead insect body parts to the underside”.

      “He claimed to be Nikola Testa’s reincarnation and built blah blah..Pentagon came down etc etc”.
      David Noakes “cured” cancer sufferers yet pleaded guilty to the charges he was on..
      Cancer ‘cure’ boss David Noakes tells court ‘It’s all my fault’.

      These guys don’t even surf the Net properly when they are scooping up all this nonsense.If they aren’t careful some New Zealand grifter will convince them he is the King of England and has a “wave machine” to provide “fee energy”. ( Scotland Yard in the 1960s once warned the public to be careful as a number of NZ con-artists who had arrived in the UK and were far cleverer than the Aussie ones who they previously thought were the best)

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      • David Noakes “cured” cancer sufferers yet pleaded guilty to the charges he was on..

        It is an article of faith in the Looniverse that Noakes wanted to prove his innocence but was coerced into pleading guilty by his lawyers (who were really in the pay of Big Pharma).

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          • Interesting and very revealing find, EC. Good to hear the shocking truth rather than the disingenuous, ill-informed bollocks still being peddled by Noakes, Ramola, Neelu, Devine, Ogilvy, Praterson et al.

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          • Great that you posted that.
            I’ve said before that I’m actually a great fan of “Big Pharma” but I do recognize that in the USA they can be fairly exploitative but that’s more to do with the US refusal to consider any sort of universal healthcare and their monopoly of the market with medical insurance. In Australia the government uses it’s massive purchasing power to drive down the prices ( capitalism at it’s best).
            That doesn’t mean some products are faulty (those that have been found to be, the makers are generally financially destroyed in the courts & US authorities have come down on the manufacturers like a ton of bricks).
            The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) is annoyingly stringent and no drug gets released until they give the go ahead often after years of tests..
            Those who believe these quacks (J.Paterson- it’s a Rockefeller Family plot) are really quite odd.

            One question I never get an answer to: they really believe in Chem Trails (yet they also think mainstream drugs are fake) yet why do they not think they must be affected by these Chem Trails?.
            (editor: your unanswerable questions make my head ache at times. Go home)

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    • Andy hits the nail on the head as he describes his life as like being in the Game of Thrones (whilst admitting his never seen it ) ..pure fantasy about imaginary Kings.

      He was also just about to launch into a put-down of the show until Johnny Boy said he loved it. Bonkers people.

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  7. Abe’s back and still trying (and failing) to dox and slander innocent people and their families. I’m not a violent man but can someone slap him with a wet fish, please?

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  8. Well, this is interesting. Both Devine and Praterson had yesterday’s live feed on their channels. I reported them both and Praterson’s has now been taken down. Fingers crossed they also take down Devine’s, as that would be strike 2 for him (the first one being the John Wanoa rant a few days ago) 😀

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    • Actually, hush my mouth – I’d forgotten about this one, which was less that 3 months ago (just), so he must be on two strikes 🤭


  9. There is something “cultish” (is there such a word?) about these channels. Do they have many followers or is it the same people following each other all the time?

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