Why the original interviews are unbelievable

One of the many things we find hard to understand about the Hampstead SRA hoax is how so many people have been sucked into believing that the original videos of RD’s children are utterly convincing. The troofer argument generally goes something like, “No child of that age could possibly know so much about sex/cult activities/cannibalism/what have you…ergo, they must be 110% the genuine article”.

No matter what other arguments are advanced—no matter what gigantic gaping holes are found in the story—the True Believers always come back to, “The children said it, so it must be true”.

Those of us who dare to not believe, meanwhile, can often have a hard time putting a finger on what it is about the children’s videos that rings false. Most of us aren’t mental health professionals, but there’s something about the excitement in the children’s voices, the wideness of their eyes, as they look directly into the camera to tell their bizarre story, that rings wholly false.

As Mrs Justice Pauffley put it in the 19 March 2015 judgement,

Again and again, as I watched the interviews of 5 and 11 September my sense was that the children, for the most part, were in the realms of fantasy. There was an urgency and an excitement about what they were saying as the detail became ever more elaborate. It was as if they had been transported away from reality and into dream land. ….

There was no change in the presentation of either child when they described apparently horrific acts as experienced by them and others. There did not appear to be any emotional connection with what they were saying except that they seemed energised.

At one point, the little girl moves straight from discussing the abuse to talking about the Indian food she’d had for supper that night. Her tone doesn’t change: she seems to be able to go from talking about the most horrific abuse to discussing the particulars of the food she’d just eaten without skipping a beat.

It turns out that those of us who found the children’s behaviour in the videos bizarre were right to be suspicious.

‘Why Didn’t They Tell Us?’

A couple of days ago, long-time commenter Justin Sanity shared a fascinating, horrifying, but ultimately very educational document with us: Why Didn’t They Tell Us? On Sexual Abuse in Child Pornography, by Swedish researchers Carl Göran Svedin and Christina Back, describes a detailed case study of 23 children who were identified through police investigation, and/or abuser-perpetrator confession, as victims of the abuse recorded by their abusers in photos & videos seized by police.

Be warned: this is difficult material to read, as it describes the sexual abuse of children ranging in age from infancy to adolescence. As Justin says,

I’m not sure why some people seem to intuitively conclude that the more ‘detailed’ a child’s account of the abuse they are alleged to have suffered, the more truthful it must be. In reality, professional CSA interviewers and researchers have found the opposite to be the case. When children seem eager & excited to relate “their story”, when they spontaneously relate details beyond what they’ve been directly requested to provide, when their narration flows easily from them in big chunks rather than being coaxed out of them in fits and starts, or when the telling doesn’t stumble over appropriate expressions of intense emotion—fear, anguish, sadness, , anger, despair—these are signs that the child is relating something they have not personally experienced.

Keep in mind that in the Swedish study, the sexual abuse was verified and documented: the children were identified via the photographs and videos that had been made of their abuse, so there is absolutely no doubt that they suffered serious sexual abuse. However, they were remarkably reticent about describing what had happened to them.

From the study:

“A total of twenty-one children were interviewed about their experiences of sexual abuse. When the children were interviewed, their average age was 10 years and 8 months (between 4 years and 1 month, to 17 years and 8 months). The number of interviews with the children varied from one to three.

Different routines were used regarding substantiation. The majority of children were videoed while being interviewed, but some of the older children were just audio taped.The interviews with the children were carried out in different ways. The majority of the children were interviewed without any of the seized material being shown to them. In several of the earlier interviews, seven instances with older children (>12 years old), the children were shown the seized pictures. More innocent pictures, such as portraits of the exposed upper part of the body, were first shown and as the interview progressed more indecent pictures were shown.

To sum up, one can say that of the interviewed children, only two of them began to talk spontaneously, and there were five others who eventually gave a fairly complete account without being shown the pictures or the investigator saying that he/she knew what had happened (from the seized material). Five children denied that anything had occurred”. …

All the children’s accounts were fragmentary, and the children showed great difficulty in talking about their contact with the suspected perpetrator.

By contrast, when the police interviewed RD’s children, they were animated, excited, and eager to describe what had happened:

The children both describe killing and eating babies, drinking blood, being anally penetrated and being injected with drugs. They provide details of all the people who have been involved – all the teachers, parents of children at the school, social services.

In the Swedish study,

They often said that they did not remember what had happened; we do not know whether this meant that they did not have any memory of the incidents or if it was too difficult to put it into words. Nevertheless, it became apparent that what the children least “wanted to remember”, were the most unpleasant or abusive activities, and these were probably the most shameful and guilt-ridden.

Unlike their Swedish counterparts, both of RD’s children were very keen to describe all the gory details. They are never overcome by negative feelings, Justin says, “not even when describing experiences that would have to be terrifying, extremely embarrasing, humiliating. They express no feelings of shame or guilt”.

P says that the killing of babies is done with “cleavers”; the blood from the babies is poured into a “silver bowl” and she and her brother are “sold for £50 each every single day.” When P is asked what sex is, she initially says it’s when they are hit with a big plastic stick between their legs. Then she says “real sex is, like, they get plastic willies, they stick it in our bum, that’s what kind of sex they do.” When asked about the people involved in these activities, P suggests the police should “catch the whole school, catch all the staff there.” She adds a little later that “all the Hampstead schools do it.”

Q tells the police all about the plastic willies, who makes them and how his dad has the biggest because he’s “the boss of every single thing.” Q says that his bottom bleeds and that the last time this happened was on the last day of school when there was a big party. All the children, says Q, “do sex to him;” and at the end of the party his Dad “kills babies and eats the meat.” Like P, Q suggests that “all the teachers, (his) dad’s friends … and also the parents who are really mean” to him are involved.

Those who claim to “believe the children” will say that they show no shame or guilt because they have become so acclimatised to this abuse that it seems “normal” to them. However, in the Swedish study, some of the victims were mere infants when their abuse started; as they grew older, they learned from sources such as television that what they were suffering was not, in fact, normal. At this point, they began to feel very guilty and ashamed of what was happening to them.

Unlike RD’s children, who went out of their way to embellish their stories with details which had not been raised by the police during their interviews, the children in the Swedish study “only talked thoroughly about those incidents that the interviewer knew about—whether as a result of photographs or owing to what the suspected perpetrator had themselves talked about. When the interviewer did not refer to substantiating material that showed what the children had been subjected to, most of the children did not talk about anything”. In other words, they did not volunteer anything but what they were asked about.

Justin writes: “One of the most remarkable aspects of this particular study are the short ‘case histories’ from many of the children’s interviews”. For example,

‘Tore’ was 5 when he was interviewed. For several years prior and up until very close to the interview date, Tore was subjected to very extreme abuse experiences, which his abuser recorded on film.

Subsequently in the meeting, the interviewer continued to ask what he had done when he was filmed, and Tore said: I just said that, I did as he said.
I: You did as he said.
T: Mm.
I: What did he say that you should do then?
T: Don’t know?
I: You don’t know?
T: Ah, it’s a lot.
I: What did you say?
T: It’s a lot that he said
I: But try and remember something that he said that you should do.
T: It was so long ago. (It was only some weeks since the last occurrence of sexual abuse.)
I: But can you surely remember something that happened when he film you.
T: Ah, all I know is that I did as he said. Now I want to look at these here (he began to investigate the alarm buttons in the room).

Tore could not talk about the incredibly many and painful sexual abuses he had experienced without instead changing the subject to something more innocuous, such as how the alarm button in the room worked.

As Justin says, “‘What did you do [when he filmed you]?’ ‘I did what he said’. A remarkable solution, this little boy exhibits. He doesn’t deny that ‘something happened’, but he’s not going to describe what took place. Instead, when asked ‘what did you do?’, he replies: ‘what he said’ to do. And what was that? ‘A lot of things’. This is typical. Spontaneously describing the size, shape & color of dildos allegedly inserted into their anus, is certainly not”.

As Justin notes, despite the horrors they had endured, none of the children in the study were willing to volunteer any extraneous or embellishing information to their interviewers. As an experienced family court judge, Mrs Justice Pauffley would no doubt have been aware that the descriptions offered by RD’s children, which were devoid of negative emotional affect but full of exciting detail, were completely unbelievable.

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  1. I’m sorry to say that this accords with my own experience in a particularly awful way.

    A friend was interviewed by police about abuse they had suffered, and recounted enough, so they thought, for the abuser to be put away. The most serious offences were withheld from the interviewer. The awfulness is that the perpetrator “confessed” to the less serious offences that the police were told about, less serious in the light of what went on only I must add, and escaped prison and got a “treatment” programme and a two year suspended sentence.

    Anyway, you both forgot that Abraham broke their mind control programming with cannabis. And spoons.

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    • I’m really sorry to hear about your friend; I think it’s an instinct to avoid thinking or talking about the worst of the abuse, and discussing it makes it all that much more psychologically “real” for the victim. I’ve had similar experiences with friends who’ve been sexually abused—they all take a “less said the better” approach, and the one I know best told me that even when her therapist tried to get her to talk about it, a few months after it had happened, she couldn’t do more than choke out a few words. This was when she was a teen.

      Also, forgot about the weed and spoons. Silly of me. Won’t happen again.

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  2. The hoaxer’s make the same excuses that child abusers make. The children are so used to the abuse, that it is normal to them, what does one more time matter to an abuse victim. They also know that it is easier to abuse those that have already suffered some abuse, or have been groomed in the past.
    Many offenders repeat this sort of mantra that the victim enjoyed it, or that it really wasn’t as bad as they thought and it’s only years later that they begin to understand what happened to them.
    It seems very common that abuse victims do not come forward until years later when they are maybe more settled and able to talk about the abuse they suffered, at the time it maybe too painful, or they may have not been believed, or even were still under the control of the abusers.

    In the documentary “An Open Secret” one of the alleged abusers says things along similiar lines, that is wasn’t as bad as maybe they thought it was and that the young actor/s liked it.

    This is where Abraham Christie’s ideas about ‘Pineal Glands’, ‘Chakra’s’ and the supposed benefits of opening the third eye comes in. This is a common held belief by conspiracy theories that there are some magical transfer of power to the abuser through this vile act against a child, the Pizzagate/Pedogate people have been pushing this idea about Satanic Ritual Abuse, Freemason’s, Illuminati, Elite’s, Reptilians, Aliens etc.

    They try to say the children are so used to being abused it is normal and no longer traumatic, or they are under some sort of mind control to cover up the abuse.

    This is a very dangerous opinion to spread, as child abuse is never normal or an acceptable practice, there are no benefits to the victim, spiritual mumbo jumbo or scientifically.
    Absolute Nonsense of the worst kind, and as we have seen in the past, these Satanic Panic ideas lead to mentally unstable parents, believers in all this sort of thing, posing real danger to the children in their care, other people’s children, and the innocent people who have had their lives destroyed by fake acusations.


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  3. The children’s accounts seemed unbelievable to me because they didn’t seem to have an emotional connection to what they were saying. There were also slight clues in that they appeared to be quite insistent on certain details that Abe and Ella would have known would cause the police to respond in a certain manner (if they had believed the accounts) and that it would give an impression to the public when the videos were released.

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  4. Very nicely written up. Thank you.

    Very simply, it’s a case of TMI – too-much-information, dude!
    Too much highly personal, intimate, necessarily embarrassing & humiliating information.
    Too much gruesome, gory, necessarily terrifying, shameful & guilt inducing information.
    If these things had really happened to them, they wouldn’t disclose such information so freely and easily.
    The children whose extreme abuse experiences were documented by their abuser’s CSA image recordings, certainly did not.

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    • Thanks for bringing this study to my attention, Justin. I found it tough slogging, not because of the academic nature, but just because of the horrific abuse perpetrated on children.

      You’re right, it boils down to TMI in the Hampstead case. It’s so clear that they’re not speaking from their own experience, despite what some hoaxers think.

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  5. What is also worth a mention, is Ella’s complete lack of emotion in every single interview she has been involved in from the very start of her and Abe’s hoax.

    No upset, no despair, no tears about the fact her children supposedly suffered the most horrendous abuse imaginable from hundreds of people.
    RD showed more emotion in his single interview, than Ella has shown in ANY of hers.

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    • Interestingly, here’s what the Swedish study had to say about the reaction of the parents whose children had been sexually abused:

      “None of the parents had the slightest suspicion that their children were subject to sexual abuse and exploitation for child pornography purposes. The parents described that at first they could not believe that
      it was true, partly because it was their own child who was actually sexual abused, and partly that an adult whom they had trusted could assault their child. They were deeply shaken and described their initial emotions
      of unreality, utter confusion and panic. Subsequently, there were feelings of anger and a desire to avenge
      (fathers), and also emotions that were mingled with sentiments of pity for the perpetrator’s tragic fate (mothers).

      “The lingering problem has been anxiety that the child has been harmed along with feelings of guilt that
      they had not understood what had been happening. The mental stress was also greatly heightened by mass
      media pressure. The feelings that everybody knew who one was and what one had gone through were intense for both parents and children. Most parents have had drawn up crisis plans to go into hiding or to
      move home. It has been considered especially sensitive when many children and their families have been involved together, for example in the Örebro case. The possibility of remaining anonymous seems to have
      been correspondingly reduced as mass media interest increased; this attention grew in intensity in connection
      with large-scale cases of sexual abuse. What have remained have been continuing difficulties and feelings
      of embarrassment, and unwillingness in the family to talk about the sexual abuse. In many families there
      are still close relatives who do not know anything about what has happened”.

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  6. Oh, what a load of nonsense! Listen, as soon as I finish off the Audi Commercial II and bury the many shills out there alive (is there any other way, I ask?) I’ll write a piece in these ideas. You know that Truth1 does it. It will be done to perfection. no. 1 and the only 1. there are not 2 of them. I’ll even let ya all know about it. I know you hang on my every word.


        • Barchon, cool detective work with the updates collated in this way. Can you do this for any website?

          I had a quick look at one of the links, and wow! see http://truth1.org/plea3.htm:
          ‘From an update in In that same year of 2015, the world did erupt in October to the amazement of many, particularly among conspiracy theorists as some call them and we even call ourselves by that. Clearly, this seemed to me to verify that Satan was hurled down to earth to begin the great miseries foretold by You thru Your son, my redeemer. And now the USA election also proves to be a time like no other before it.’

          That’s what we are dealing with here, folks!

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          • The updates are just Troofless1 making a contents page and pasting links to his “Articles”.
            That link you shared, really does show the unhinged mind of these conspiracy types.

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        • That truther1 site is just SOOO over the top
          when someone said a picture is worth a thousand words- they didnt mean you needed the picture AND the thousand words….
          Especially as practically every sentence has a picture…

          And the… well sorry, but there is no other word for it- shit that flows forth from this so called christian….

          I just downloaded and saved to a usb stick all the hampstead links in case they try to disappear anything, I cant find the upload and save this website link posted earlier, if someone has it be good to do…

          Did you know that between the 2nd and the retracting statements made by A, the reason that she retracted the statements was that she was held at the police station, and sexually abused??

          It is my strong contention that A could have possibly been raped right there at the police station, or sometime after, but before the 3rd interview as Ella had some suspicions that something like that was going on. She had been locked into the room she was in, which some have said is standard procedure. Ella had been interviewed on that day as well. I’d love to have her tell us all what they had asked. It would be nice to hear more from her to determine when it was most likely that A was rapped. I have solid reason to believe she might have been raped multiple times or even by multiple assailants. I’ll address it in the next interview, the 3rd and final one, the so called retraction, which also is a lie.”

          “1:52:05 – 0:01
          Just watch the 1st 30 seconds! It does not seem like A at all. She moves slowly in the other interviews. Here, its jerky, fast, and she looks a mess and very quiet spoken. A demeanor so different from before. If I were a video editor, I’d do video comparisons to show it all better. I have no video skills. Her hair is a mess. Mom had it done so nice the 1st two times. Hair nicely tied up. The far right number on the screen says 10:28. So this is in the morning. Poor little A is a wreck. Was she sleep deprived before this? Has she been raped and how often?

          It is my contention that the photos that I present will unequivocally show that A had been heavily drugged some time before coming in and that while it seemed to wear off some, it still manifested itself even late into the interview. I am sure any honest and objective psychiatrist who knows the effects of various medications would tell you exactly what drug or drugs were used.”

          To tell the truth, this `truth1′ is barely a step above Abe, if you have a strong stomach, have a look at some of the snide comments made by this `person’ throughout the many pages dedicated to the hoax at the site
          warning lots of very strong language and disgusting `thoughts’ put forward by this `truth1′ throughout, as well as literally hundreds if not thousands of images freezeframed from the video with homebrew `diagnostics’ of the kids thinking attached to each

          Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to take a shower….
          (only change to the quotes above was redacting A’s name)

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          • Yes, i think that has been discussed before. i can remember saying he was disgusting saying that because the girl sat with her legs crossed that he attributed it to her just having been raped at the Police Station. It was a ludicrous assumption.

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          • Yes, he’s a nasty piece of work. Then again, he lives in a small town in Maine. Probably not much to do there but salivate over online child sexual abuse, courtesy of Abe and Ella.

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      • This is what Truth1 gets upto in their spare time. http://archive.is/10QCb
        Very Creepy and and strange how he/she think’s RD would be that upset over a hoax, where as Ella is an absolute heartless, emotional depraved, ghoul of a human, who never shows any tears or anything other than stoic or hateful emotions.

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        • These nutcases have been banging on about RD “pretending” to cry during that interview and not one , NOT ONE has mentioned that Ella Draper is yet to shed a tear in her videos.
          Cue: video any day soon of Ella Draper tearfully but robotically talking to the camera. Abe will probably have to smack her around the chops a bit to get her upset. Message to Abe : try not to clout Ella over the ears. As much as I dislike her she doesn’t deserve to have a damaged ear drum like you did to that little boy. Perhaps the hot spoon treatment might work.

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          • A common theme with the hoaxers, is the obvious obessession and attraction to RD. Don’t get me wrong, he is a handsome man, but the amount of images of him on that page is worrying. I think Truth1 was trying to find a paused image of RD, where it looked like he was having an orgasm, to fulfill a fantasy he has about the man.
            “In all, I took 105 screen shots of this interview. I don ‘t plan on using them all but I wanted to be careful and sure.”


      • A death threat, Coyote? Really? And you expect me to take you and your biddies seriously with crap like that. Now when it says you welcome comments, and assuming you were sincere, (Hah! I know better) then you should not have been offended by my obvious joke. But do as you must to silence and censor anything that might slightly offend your or make your arguments look questionable. I understand having to face serious challenges for the first time must surely be traumatic.


    • You are a creepy child predator which is shown by your site and obsession with the children.
      Stop projecting your fantasies, you are a danger to all children.
      Please get some help for your addictions and delusions so you do not offend.

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      • Yeh it’s gone so well hasn’t it UnTruthfull1 since the court case where the nutters were lucky enough to get off on technicalities.
        What sort of brains (?) do this mob have where a court victory is turned into some sort of defeat?. They wanted both didn’t they? To get off but get up in court and repeat their madness, probably abuse the judge and court wardens, police etc and then look forward to reading about in the Ham & High.
        Talk about desperate publicity seekers of the very worst kind- as long as their name is spelled correctly.

        How do you “symbolically” burn someone on the street?. Is this a new meme with this mob- threats of “I’m going to cut your throat” or “burn your house down” are not meant to be literal but symbolic even though Neelu has expressed a desire to be hang-person as she executes most of Britain’s judges for High Treason (ie: not agreeing with her)

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        • “They wanted both didn’t they? To get off but get up in court and repeat their madness, probably abuse the judge and court wardens, police etc and then look forward to reading about in the Ham & High”

          This is exactly what they wanted. They were planning to use the court case as a platform to stand up and tell the jury (and the journalists present) their fantastical story, after which they would be acquitted and hailed as heroes. The look on their faces when they realised this wasn’t going to happen? Well, let’s just say I wished that cameras were allowed in court.

          This explains the strange outburst on the part of Aseem Taj on the last morning of the trial, by the way. If Sabine and Neelu couldn’t use the trial as their own personal soapbox, he would do it for them. The complete mayhem of that morning still gives me a chuckle, though.

          Judge: “Sit down and shut up!”
          Taj: “No, YOU shut up!”


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        • That was not my picture, that was in the post I responded to. And it was addressed to shills. I know, you moonlight as shills, too. did I trigger you. oooooh, so sorry. I ‘ll send a crying towel over there of ya all.


          • That didn’t even make sense, Goofy Troofy. You admitted to posting it and it was most definitely directed at us. Keep digging, though – one last push and you can join Arfur Kaoutal in Australia. You two are made for each other.


    • “and bury the many shills out there alive”
      That’s one of Abraham Christie’s preferred threats although he only uses it on small children. Perhaps you read about it in the medical report.

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      • I just cannot stand the sight and sound of Hopeless Girl and listening to her spout her QEG crap as if it is a real thing that works rather than the load of crap and scam that it really is. I love the work that MKD are putting in to exposing her and her scams.

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      • How can he say that without laughing? “I have a free piece of cheap metal with a bunch of holes in it that will convince you (assuming you’re in the lower quartile for IQ) that it can keep magical waves out of your brain”.

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    • Seems like the cash has dried up with this Moroccan based grifter and she is rapidly trying to develop as many new schemes as she can.
      I think there is an encyclopedia of well know cons and she is going through them one by one.
      She’ll claim to be able to raise the dead soon for a sizable donation.

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      • Yes and no doubt if you sign over your entire estate to them and include one toenail they will “undertake” to utilize cellular regeneration technologies “in the pipeline” to ensure you will be reconstructed with the added gift of eternal bliss chucked in as a gesture of good will.And all with a full moneyback gaurantee if not entirely satisfied.

        It all has the makings of a worthwhile scoop for an undercover investigative camed-up journo to infiltrate the camp hopeless inner sanctum,get the gory lowdown on their fraudulent wheezes and blow the bloody doors off (metaphorically of course).

        Perhaps the intrepid duo are still plying their trade?

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      • She won’t be able to actually raise the dead you know.

        Raising the dead will be in development.

        Donations needed!

        She’ll give out the necessary spells for free.

        When it doesn’t work you’ll be able to hire her as a consultant to try and raise your own particular dead person.

        On day you will reach ‘Resurrection’ and she’ll be famous.

        Got it?

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    • OMG. Did you see Tivon talking to DHL on the phone. That’d be the same DHL that ship live babies round the world!!! What is he thinking!

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  7. I hadn’t read the judge’s comments before which echo my thoughts exactly.

    It’s also so insulting to these children to claim they had become ‘normalised’ to this claimed abuse which is beyond almost any case that’s ever appeared in court.

    Children are not unfeeling little creatures who could witness babies being slaughtered in front of them, watch their blood being drunk and flesh eaten and then happily dance around in circles with their skulls. The sight of just one death would send both of these children into a terrible state. The notion they could spend a few years going off to school (along with all the other supposed child victims) and appear quite normal is laughable.

    These ghastly hoaxers should read up on how child soldiers in Africa are conditioned to brutality. One necessary aspect is to isolate them completely from any sort of civilisation & to live among a band of soldiers. It would be like saying these child soldiers could be forced to commit the atrocities they do and then carry on going to school every day, to the local pool, play with other kids etc etc. Part of the conditioning is that isolation from any other human contact.
    And even then most of them break down eventually into terrible states of despair.

    I think it’s a very important point to note those who promote this hoax seem to salivate over the horrific claims just as Abraham Christie does- a man who supposedly heard of these dreadful mass murders of infants but with Ella Draper, just continued to holiday in Morocco.

    What they didn’t mind that several more children were murdered in the month they lay about in the sun and then cheerfully boarded a plane back to the UK and felt no urgency to rush off to the police?

    It further convinces me that these people are a weird type of closet pedophile who may never carry out what is lingering in the darkest recesses of their mind, but reading about it and watching videos of the 2 children gets their rocks off.
    And that is important : this is not a unique case of a satanic fraud but it is unique in that there are videos of the children talking about sex and murder.

    And every time those videos are removed from Youtube etc, they upload them again from the hard drive where they probably watch them over and over again, and the reason to upload them is to lure more like minded people into their cult of vicarious closet pedos.
    As for Ella, I now think she is one of the most thoroughly evil women. Christie is just another opportunist criminal but Draper sold her kids out to a true child abuser and for what reason we can’t really know. I doubt she will ever see them again and that’s a very good thing.

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    • Finally Zuckerberg does something I like!
      It must be such a pain to the Pattersons of the world that so many Jews are successful via their own abilities, so they have to craft it all into a Rothschild plot.
      But why does he want to be on an entity like Facebook if it’s controlled by the Illuminati? Consorting with the enemy?

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  8. I had reported the posts she had shared a few days ago and forgot about them until i checked Facebook today and saw the reports from the support team. I’m not usually this lucky withFacebook.


  9. Well it’s obvious funds are running low for our two hemp addicts on the lam….Welcome to a new, new and improved low for them

    buy the teeshirt, or a coffee mug…..

    http://hampsteadcoverup .com/ (broke link as it has the kids faces)

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  10. El Coyote said:
    “The troofer argument generally goes something like, “No child of that age could possibly know so much about sex/cult activities/cannibalism/what have you…ergo, they must be 110% the genuine article”.”

    That argument is, however, yet another Achilles Heel for them.

    Jean-Clement Yaohirou’s audio recording of his discussions with Abe, Ella and the children, at his home in 2014, documents very clearly that Abe and Ella were the source of any ‘age inappropriate’ knowledge or understanding the children might appear to possess about; anal sexual practices, orgiastic group sex, adult sexual abuse of children, child prostitution, CSA image and ‘snuff’ video distribution, pedophile rings, body art, satanism/ “satanic ritual abuse” /cults and cult practices, child murder/ sacrifice, or cannibalism.

    Abe and Ella are both recorded therein, blatantly discussing such subjects in the frankest manner WITH the children, and also between each other and/or Jean-Clement, IN FRONT OF the children during the same conversations! And these discussions are not confined to merely soliciting statements from the children about their alleged experiences relating to these subjects, or discussion of the children’s responses – they also include both Abe and Ella expounding on their own personal knowledge about these subjects, going far beyond simply clarifying or “fleshing out” a child’s statement and demonstrating that both of them, (Abe especially), believe they possessed a generic expertise in all of these subjects long before the children’s alleged ‘disclosures’. It is very obvious that the children’s disclosures didn’t teach Abe & Ella everything they know about these subjects that isn’t specific to their allegations about Christ Church, and that both of them had been discussing their own understanding about such things, with each other in front of the children AND directly with the children, for some time.

    Perhaps just as important, everything these kids might appear to know about all of these topics is WRONG. They don’t appear to possess any knowledge, (or experience), of child prostitution, CSA image and ‘snuff’ video distribution, pedophile rings, body art, satanism/ “satanic ritual abuse” /cults and cult practices, child murder/ sacrifice, or cannibalism that would be corroborated by the valid & documented reality of these things, in Western Nation societies. Everything the kids “know” is clearly derived from the urban legends and conspiracy theorist mythologies about these subjects, accumulated over the last 40 years. In fact, their understanding of these things perfectly reflects obsessive conspiranoid ABE’s own understanding of them.

    And of course, many of the persons who are exposed to the Hampstead Hoax videos or propaganda will have been exposed to the same urban legends and conspiracy theorist mythologies about these subjects, because the internet is saturated with re-tellings of them in a variety of guises. So they recognize something RD’s kids are alleged to have said, corresponding to their own ‘mature’ & ‘informed’ knowledge about it and are amazed – how these little kids possibly KNOW about these things, without having experiences them? They don’t understand that the real sources of what the children appear to know are Abe & Ella, and that Abe has been obsessed with all the same conspiranoid info that their own misinformed understanding of these subjects came from.

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    • And I have to thank you again, El Coyote, for this perfect illustration of how the self-reinforcing circularity of misinformation about these subjects works. I haven’t been paying attention to Abe’s ignorant rant’s lately, so I didn’t pick up on the fact that Abe stole his entire theory about “satanic, anal sex based, mind-control” from Marion Knox until you pointed that out.

      I’ve satirically mocked Marion Knox as an uneducated farm boy, but this is also literally true of him. Knox grew up in a farmer family, and became a grass-seed farmer, a construction worker and a gospel singer. That’s really the extent of his claims to fame, education and qualification for presuming to ‘counsel’ people on subjects like satanic cult beliefs & practices, child sexual abuse, mind control programming or multiple personality disorder. Just how ignorant, ill-informed and misinformed Knox was, is illustrated in this interview:


      K: “…this is my impression: the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy”.

      “What is it about sodomy that does that”?

      K: “It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will, as near as I can tell. In other words, I would state it this way: for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four”.
      “…This goes back to Nimrod. This is the Egyptian initiation of the child to open the third eye”.
      “I don’t believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they’re ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated because you can’t open the third eye after about five or six years of age”.

      Well. Wouldn’t the hundreds of millions of Hindu & Taoist practitioners, over the last 3000 years, be disappointed to know that they were all wasting their time, or that their “attainment” was simply a delusion, if they weren’t anally raped as a toddler? Someone should have told them!
      And anyone diagnosed as MPD or DID over the last 50 years, who wasn’t anally raped as a toddler – they were all duped as well it seems. And this makes every CIA mind-control sex slave victim claimant, who stated that their abuse-based ‘programming’ started after 4 yrs of age, a lying fraud I guess. Good to know.

      “Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program in directly to the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it.
      You take a three-year-old child, untouched. Somebody sodomizes the child, the guy’s name is Joe. Now, all of a sudden the child has a sodomy demon called Joseph riding with him. That thing was conceived or reproduced from the Joseph demon that the man had who sodomized that child. Where’d it come from? It was birthed in the child’s mind by the act. It didn’t have to come from anywhere; it just was birthed, reproduced right there. The child was given a copy. Joe is like a copy machine that can reproduce another copy. I don’t feel all demons are that way, but that kind are. They don’t live in the bloodstream, they don’t live in the genes; they live in the mind”.

      Oh yea! Sodomizing someone, not just a child, “injects” a demon copy of YOU into their mind and soul. Multiple personality “alters” aren’t a result of traumatic dissociation, they are sodomy demons, and an Illuminated sodomite can customize them so that they ‘program’ you to do whatever they want. This is some of the most ignorant, made-up bullshit I’ve ever heard. There is NO documentation, that any known occult practitioners or pedophile ring perverts ever believed this or attempted to practice it.

      So, Abe is obsessed with sodomy. He therefore coaches RD’s kids to describe an anal sex obsessed satanic abuse cult in their allegations. Abe then takes his sodomy obsessed mind-control cult theory from Knox – because he only has conspiracy theorist ‘knowledge’ of the subject and doesn’t understand that Knox is a poser and a fantasist. Conspiranoids watch Abe’s videos and think the kid’s allegations validate Abe’s cult theory, or they read Abe’s sodomy mind-control cult theory and think that validates the kid’s allegations. In either case, a fantasist’s misinformation generates a self-reinforcing circularity of belief.

      For a great expose on Marion Knox, and the havoc his false pretensions to knowledge and spiritual insight caused in other people’s lives, go here:

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