Ella and Abe take another crack at fundraising via Patreon

Ella has been working overtime in the past couple of months, giving interviews to various YouTube troofers as if they were going out of style. Her latest, with two cellar-dwellers on a channel called “Through the Black” is pretty standard fare: we’re not going to post it here, as the thumbnail contains pictures of RD’s children, but you can find it at this link: DESPERATE LYING SCAMMING VIDEO FROM CHILD ABUSING MOTHER

It looks as though Abe must have told Ella to try to look a bit less zombie-like in her interviews, as in the first few minutes she does manage to stretch her lips over her teeth a few times:

Dear Ella, please stop trying to smile. The effect was less “warm, approachable mother” and more “vicious chimpanzee preparing to attack”.

After a few introductory lip-stretches, she did seem to settle down, the better to read from her script, which contained nothing out of the usual:

It’s become quite clear that Abe and Ella have no intention of stopping their campaign of lies and harassment, but have decided to try to reach out to the much larger audience of American troofers, who seem just as eager as their UK counterparts to leap aboard the Hampstead SRA hoax. Indeed, the primary interviewer on this video was practically salivating as Ella gave her version of events.

Really? Tell me more!


Abe and Ella’s true agenda became clear in the last 15 minutes of the video though, when Ella began to outline the “initiatives we are carrying out right now”. Referring to a “defense fund to cover legal expenses”, she offered details of not only her PayPal account, but yet another Patreon site which she and Abe are building, this time under the name “Raw HempStars“.

Having assured her mouth-breathing interviewers that the real goal of the “cult” is to “work together with intelligence services to create mind-controlled slaves”, that their “central tenet is sodomy” which “enslaves and binds victims to them”, and that the Satanic ritual abuse aspect is “induced to create non-credible disclosures”, she pointed out that, by an astonishing coincidence, the cannabis that she and Abe plan to sell via their Patreon site “has the ability to relieve trauma-based mind control programming”.

Well, how about that, then? Is that amazing, or what? We really think it’s quite astounding how well Ella managed to regurgitate Abe’s words and phrases.

Profits from their Patreon page, Ella assured her interviewers, would go toward the “children’s campaign”. She didn’t bother mentioning to them that she is legally blocked from obtaining custody or access to her children, so any funds raised will instead go toward the “Line Abe and Ella’s Pockets Campaign”.

We are led to wonder whether Patreon is aware that Abe and Ella are taking another crack at trying to use their platform to raise money on false pretenses? You can be certain that we’ll be writing to let Patreon know.

If you’d like to join us in having this latest scamming attempt taken down, you can find full instructions on how to contact Patreon on this page.

Frankly, we are becoming extremely concerned that Abe and Ella continue to be allowed to run their vicious hate campaign from Spain, with no consequences in sight. We’re not experts in the subject, but it seems to us that they’ve committed more than enough crimes over the past two and a half years to justify rapid and decisive action by police and the legal system. Unless such action is taken, sharpish, Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper will simply continue to push their lies, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead will continue to feel terrorised by their horrific publicity drive.

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  1. LOL, in that video they’re banging on about how all the “perpetrators” have scattered off to undisclosed locations to avoid arrest, “because that’s what they do”. And they’re saying this whilst interviewing and supporting a woman who pissed off to a secret location to avoid arrest. Couldn’t make it up, could you?

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  2. At Ella’s request, the lowlife bastards who conducted this interview have posted the email addresses of social workers in the video description to enable people to harass them. There really are no words for people like this.

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    • Good reason for me to email them and tell them why so many people are emailing them and give them the link to the video which is showing it.

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    • I’m reporting them to the FBI child abuse unit.
      Publishing the videos of the children which they do about 30 minutes in, is publishing child abuse material. Numerous people have been convicted for far less when it comes to child abuse material. Even possessing a written story that involves children and sex is an offence in the USA and the FBI are very active. Until one of these hoaxers in the US who thinks they are impervious gets a 30 year jail sentence nothing will change.
      As for Mark Zuckerberg and Youtube execs, some shoud face jail terms as well for providing a platform for child abuse material.

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      • Who exactly are you reporting to the FBI? I do fully agree that the Directors and Executives of the social media sites which facilitate this sort of thing should face the consequences of personal criminal responsibility. After all, as individuals, they are personally benefiting from what is is a trade in human misery. – But the FBI have no jurisdiction outside the U.S.A. – And most of the world isn’t in the U.S.A.


  3. LOL! Methinks this is going to be easy, once we tell them it’s the same two fugitives they previously banned from their site.

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    • Looks more like the opportunity to market products from a scamming criminal than out of any concern.
      Also not addressing the real issues of mental health but reaffirming the guys believe’s and pulling an Angela by adding this targeting to her/husbands list of personal experiences.
      Another one that should be eating prison food.

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    • Confirms my suspicions that drama, fights etc are a pretense, to cause ‘poison n cure’, tactics to be put into play…….Roll up for the choices of your dreams…….. to the back passage….. Abrellas Hempsteed to the rescure…. Up the other alley find clownface fully christianised, new age debunking, QEG SCAMMER, with many businesses in the background for dwoobs to buy into…..MLM style….. Moulds, stuff, to cure even the chemtrails, everything any believer needs…..Slick, Snakeoil saleswomanship, there dopey hopey….. You were there at the early days of this hoax, soon after the christchurch squawk, fake ex cop, Ray Savage, hosted your junk machine….. How did exposing this site go ? LOL
      Tell your mate, Angela Disney Puppet, that Heather has no chance of scaring me into silence……
      One reason, I absolutely can identify with the two children, is something that happened to me, a part of my testimony, released in many support groups, by me, myself and I.
      I was sadistically tortured, locked in a cupboard, sprayed with fly spray, quite young, for telling a friend, whose mum, told mine, about special secret stuff, my dad was doing. So that the smelll of citronella, could still trigger me into a dark, madness, that I hadn’t managed to work through, although i had tried to access help…… pre 2010, since I seem to have managed to, mostly.
      What a dirty game is played……here I and others are, having been targetted, threatened, stalked online, by followers of these hoaxes, while you pretend to be victims and saviours to all …… false hope, is a moral crime.
      Morocco being the place of torture for the two children, you’d think by now, that these researchers could easily have identified where that hole was dug, to threaten to bury the children alive in.
      I’m an idealist. I have a hope that we can remove most of the info if not all, of the disgusting abuse of the two children……. But I am committed to trying, doing what it will take…… which means inspiring others to help ….that is my best card.
      The recording of the final death threats by The Watcher profile, named Angela, MelV, HopeGirl, as people i should stop attacking, otherwise…….and a string of incoherent threats of every kind followed, by then, i had a week or so of 5am phonecalls, ‘Your’e throat is gonna be slit’, was the gutteral shit that came first, to my sleepy ears…… It’s a poor recording, the police didn’t want a copy…. at the time.

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      • These people are getting desperate, time is closing in on their dirty scamming ways.
        Notice how Abe/Ella, Angie, HopeGirl, have all fled abroad.
        Anyone who exposes their scans gets targetted.
        They are all pedophiles and/or supporters of child abusers and all beg for money on the internet through crowdfunding and paypal.
        Prison for them all, now, 2017.
        Does anyone know where abouts Abe and Ella are in Spain?
        Surely a Spanish tv crimestoppers style show wanted campaign or contacting the Spanish press telling them two child abusers are hiding out in their country could flush them out if they publish their pictures.

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        • It is a shame that ‘The Cook Report’ isn’t on tv anymore. I’d like to have seen Roger Cook go to Spain to find Abe and Ella.

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  4. Ella talking about the parents “….it’s for material gain, for their career growth…it’s a part of this…whatever…Masonic Jewish groups or whoever they are……blah blah blah….Babylonian Talmud….they’re involved in this kind of blood sacrifice…” (said while smiling)

    She goes on to talk about how the ‘cult’ got together with the Intelligence Services to create ‘mind-control slaves’ via the act of sodomy (here we go again!) and how everyone is being mind- controlled re TV, food, etc on a mass scale. There’s something about pineal glands and how an army of kids are being created as killers.

    Apparently cannabis can ‘prevent and delete mind-control programming’.

    The interviewers buy it all hook, line and sinker and not an eyebrow is raised or a difficult question asked because, once again, very little preparation or research has been done prior to the interview and let’s face it, she basically she does a good job of confirming their already entrenched biases and worldview.

    And still….apart from a bit of smiling….no emotion.

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      • The entire idea is disgusting beyond anything I’ve ever come across before. As we know Abe and Ella believe that the act of sodomy brings about some kind of spiritual experience in the victim and this ‘binds’ the victim to the perpetrator. Any interviewer who believes this perverted nonsense must have a screw loose themselves.

        Have the interviewers ever asked themselves which is more likely? That a narcissistic mother meets a guy with thirty+ previous convictions (and a history of prison) and they concoct a hoax which targets everyone they ever fell out with in the past OR that a whole community of people (runs into the 100’s), including the police, are attending Satanic sacrifices (live babies delivered from abroad in boxes via courier) at a primary school on a Wednesday and nobody notices!

        Interview after interview and nobody had done the necessary research so they don’t ask Ella any hard questions. As far as online journalism goes, Tom and Jerry shouldn’t give up their day jobs. Do they still give Bad Journalism Awards?

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  5. New round of self-pitying from Slurpy…

    I published this note as a letter to my circles of friends, some of whom, have been most unfriendly and some infected by the gossip and lies from the unfriendly – rumours run rife and so, being as i cannot go to each person individually and speak in my own defense for sake of maintaining integrity and attention on the REAL issues i am asking people to help in addressing, i felt i had little choice except, to respond publicly in face of otherwise, covert-persecution.

    It is an annoyance and irritation to be forced into focusing on judgements against myself, to be facing hurdles of pre-judgements based on lies – my levels of anger about those judgements & lies, are directly related to the DISTRACTION i KNOW they most truly are.

    Certain ‘friends’ DO come out bad and i am sorry about that and truth is, i could forgive every one of them if they could forgive me for disturbing their ego’s and cozy ‘realities’ – if they could understand how much i love them and how only because of that love, i have felt so deeply hurt by their ignorance, neglect, actions and slanders.

    It is sad to witness how many good people are twisted and corrupted by this world – our brains are infected with fictions subconsciously upheld as ‘truth’. Those falsehoods and misconceptions DO rule like a ‘god’ in our sense of self – they are deeply embedded, they take root in our heart.

    The purpose of the ‘note’ shared below is not to invite sympathy for myself or hatred for those who have hurt me. The purpose is to expose the problem – to expose the cognitive-dissonance going on in our circles of friends – to expose the innate loneliness among the crowds – to expose the facts of WHY and to PROVE that no matter what troubles will afflict us in this life, we CAN and WILL keep on PUSHING THROUGH to keep doing-it-doing-it-doing-it = MAKING SENSE.

    We all need forgiveness and it is NOT a shame to be forgiven, it is an HONOUR and a testament to our humanity. Forgiveness is to eradicate shame, to abolish guilt, to strengthen the TRUE goodness in an ACCURATE sense of self founded on facts and a fair perspective on life. It is to WELCOME a true friend back into our heart and it takes courage to face our wrongs and reclaim our RIGHTS = our humanity.

    I am just a little person in a big, big world yet, my message is HUGE and no matter what the world says, i am blessed with Jah Light and i have got a job to do = TO STIR IT UP and people need to rouse from their slumber, to get informed, to carve out new neural-pathways in their presently, mostly closeted minds, to remove the thick skin that is the result of the injuries this world has inflicted against our hearts from CHILDHOOD.

    The forgivers and forgiven deserve and need to be celebrated because they CAN be forgiven because they HAVE strength and a HEART because they ARE capable of recognising that the truth is to set them FREE from the miseries and confusions of inherent disrespect we all experienced in this world as children. The forgiven are beloved because they CAN be trusted because they have dared to step OUT of the characters this world had imprinted on them.

    The note below is a reflection of my attempts to SHATTER the ‘character’ presently being imposed on myself. I am NOT a ‘character’ and i REFUSE to pander to ‘characters’ as ‘friends’. Still, i LOVE the human being i KNOW is trapped inside. I once lived in that same jail too: I know they are afraid, i know they are insecure, i know they live in the cold, i know they are unwilling to trust.

    PLEASE understand, the purpose of this open-letter is NOT to spread negativity against certain individuals – it is my HOPE that we ALL ask for, give and receive LOVE and END the divisions, the gossips, the judgements and petty-crimes being committed between friends.

    We need UNITY now – we’ve got troubles a head and either we are going to GET STRONG and bring calm to those troubles or else, we all just carry on living out the fictions and let the troubles continue in the destruction of humanity and the very LIFE of our Mother Earth.

    ❤ & strength to all x

    https://www.facebook. com/notes/deborah-mahmoudieh/riding-through-the-ruts/1470727712991004

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    • Debs could save much time and effort by simply pasting “I am still wallowing in the same pointless shit” 3 times a day and get some housework done,

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        • I am in the process of starting up a telephone helpline and councelling facility for online nutjobs offering precisely the same handy tip for a bargain huge monthly fee. Iamstillwallowinginthesamepointlesshit.con

          Just need to find a suitably ridiculous hat and an account in the Cayman Islands and I`m good to go. 🙂

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      • Can’t Hopeless Girl And Twaton invent a perpetual ranting machine for Debs or something? Then Debs could just sit back and listen to Bob Marley, sing to Jah and smoke crack whilst the machine yells incomprehensible abuse round the clock on her behalf.

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  7. Just a thought. Would it not be worthwhile making contact with the CEOP (child exploitation & online protection centre)? On the NCA ( National Crime Agency) it introduces CEOP Command by saying…

    CEOP works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. We protect children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies.

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    • Great idea. I think something needs to be done to raise some awareness, the police don’t seem to care or have the time to track down Abe and Ella or even get their own illegally leaked police interviews removed from Youtube.
      None of the social media sites give a shit either, all of them are commiting crimes of child abuse and endangering the children and innocent people by hosting vile content from the hoaxers defamation campaign.
      Youtube, facebook, twitter etc should all be sued by the innocent people accused along with every person uploading the illegal police videos, every person who has made websites or videos repeating these false allegations.

      RD should be a very rich man by the end of this, and the children will have some money to put away for their future if they ever need to start a fredh new life away from all these bad reminders of Abe’s torture.

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      • Encouraging people to sue is the hard part. I think people fear the “Streisand effect”; but letting this go on is going to do more damage in the long term. There is already a legal judgement that says this defamatory and illegally obtained material should be taken down, the media platforms need to be held to account and get it off there servers AND KEEP IT OFF!

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        • This is part of why these conspiracy theorists are likcing their lips and chomping at the bit over the Hampers hoax, because finally they have footage of two children graphically describing satanic ritual abuse in genuine police interviews. Like Pizzagate, they got so excited over the thought of catching elites in a Pedo satanic child trafficking cult, with Hampers, they have what one of them described in comments section under one of the illegal videos as “gold dust”.
          This is what they have been dreaming about and finally they have something than conforms to all their previously held beliefs about Satanic ritual abuse and CSA.

          Anyone who disagrees and posts court documents or any information just gets labelled a troll.
          These are comments from the video in the above article by EC, most of the decent comments are getting removed. SGT Report needs locking up. I have censored the names of the children.
          These people are vile.

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          • >>>>>This is part of why these conspiracy theorists are likcing their lips and chomping at the bit over the Hampers hoax, because finally they have footage of two children graphically describing satanic ritual abuse in genuine police interviews. <<<<<

            As noted by the judge, this and the original videos amount to a form of 'pornography' where certain 'types' are concerned. The law prohibits them from making or possessing images of child abuse, this kind of 'Jackanory' material is a substitute.

            Something similar is true of sites that 'scrape' abuse stories – often complete with graphic images – and regurgitate them. – There are cases on record where convicted child abusers where found to be authoring 'textual' child abuse pornography as well as images and video; they do not do this without a reason, and obviously have a market for their filth.

            I have often wonder if Christie made the original abuse images as a sort of 'trailer' for worse that he intended to make once he had established contact with an audience. It's slightly-similar to a technique I have observed another known dealer in obscene publications try to use; in that case they posed as a 'campaigner' and tried to in-gather salacious stories. – No doubt with the intent of gauging the vulnerability of their prey before passing them on to others.

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        • Who sues? Who gets sued? How is such an action funded? And to what end exactly? Defamation is not a crime. Also – one of the major problems with these companies is that they are offshore and just do not give a damn about who they exploit or how up to and including the point where it affects their bottom line. And even then, their actions take the form of a few PR stunts.

          Do you seriously think Zuckerberg or Mullenweg give a moment’s thought for the people who’s lives are being destroyed so they can line their pockets?

          We need criminal defamation laws in this country that can render much of the vile dross on social media as a clear criminal act of disturbing/breaching the peace. And that needs to be bound to legislation which makes the Directors and senior officers of these companies jointly and severally liable as parties to any such acts. We then need ‘cyberpolicing’ unit(s) to which threat can be reported and are ultimately able to deploy local officers to deal as necessary.

          I’d love to see Zuckerberg arrested the first time he tried to enter Britain – it’s not going to happen though.

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          • I am not educated in law, but imagine it would be difficult across different countries, but something needs to be done. I like what John Podesta had to say on the whole pizzagate fiasco. Peddlers in fake news and lies need to be held accountable, Alex Jones and even the smaller channels and sites.

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  8. None of our comments are coming up on that Video EC.
    If you log out and view it they are all blocked or deleted.

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    • I have a lot of sympathy with some of the things Debs says, especially about the victims of child abuse and those with PTSD. She sounds so sneering though that I want to run a mile.

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      • It’s her aggressive arrogance that she alone is battling against the world that gets on my nerves.

        It’s a very imperfect and unfair planet we live on & the vast majority know and acknowledge this and try to effect change via the ballot box but this idiot thinks rambling on via a Youtube video is somehow going to change the world.

        She’s just a lazy ranter who seems to have turned off all her friends and she’s quickly losing me because her latest videos have all been on ‘one level’ without the rising crescendo as she shakes and fulminates in a fit of anger that attracted me to in the belief she may be a suitable replacement for the late great Irish “shove your ambulance up your arse” comedian Patrick Cullinane. Debs had the potential to be a one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but she’s blown it. Kudos to others who listen to her nightmares on our behalf.

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        • Her fact-checking is appalling, though. And she’s always so far behind. Melanie’s been inside for nigh on a year – and it certainly isn’t for “whistleblowing” – yet in Debbie’s mind it’s hot off the press and she’s simply in there for speaking out against the Illuminati or whatever.

          And I also don’t think we should lose sight of the disgusting, slanderous things that Debs has said about the Hampstead and Holliehoax families and all the other innocent people she’s defamed and harassed.

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    • Like all low-level scam artists Feagin (and APD) latch onto any new sensation and weave it into their con. Thus when lunacies like @pizzacrap take off it’s soon part of their scam or as news that Putin & his Russian Mafia thugs hired 1000s of young trolls in East Europe to produce a barrage of ‘fake news’, so that too becomes a theme for a grifter like Naima Dawn Feagin to weave into her inability to provide results with her ridiculous ‘free energy’ hoax.

      Six months ago they never mentioned these matters and their inability to even be creative in the slightest way demonstrates they are nothing better than those old grifters that used to inhabit Oxford Street with their cardboard box tables and card tricks or fake name brand bottles of perfume.

      The very notion that any government would even acknowledge her existence is a fantasy but the aim is to convince those poor fools who believe there can be a ‘free energy’ machine ( the quickening advance of solar energy must be doing in their heads) and who basically believe every internet conspiracy are their marks in the hope they will send some cash via Paypal.


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      • Meanwhile, Angela is still promoting Hopeless Girls amazing unlimited energy generator…whilst simultaneously begging for money to pay her electricity bill! Couldn’t make it up, could you 😀

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    • Scamgirl rarely misses a trick to lighten the cash balances of her braindead viewership does she?

      Her soon to be published masterwork “Prison food is well shit” should prove to be an interesting read mind.

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  9. Video reported, Patreon contacted, named Social Worker’s contacted, Police contacted.
    My work’s over for the day. LOL!

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    • I hope so, I do have compassion for those in poor countries who are pushed into making or taking 600 calls a day and having to get a certain amount of closed deals. It is those who operate these schemes that need taking down.

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  10. The Child abuse and child torturing supporter trolls are a disgrace on that last video of Ella’s.
    SGT called for removal of all anti-Pedophile comments, look at the titles of his videos and he is a Russian anti-American scumbag.
    A small antidote, not much but something.

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