Video share: What’s eating Hope Girl?

Hope Girl has been indulging in an unprecedented rampage of hatred and defamation over the past couple of weeks. As her target(s), EC and her friend Bucky have this to say about that:



But never fear—if you want to watch it, you can find it here:

And have a great weekend!

70 thoughts on “Video share: What’s eating Hope Girl?

    • I think what she means by “big fancy techy words” is “techy words that I don’t understand but a real engineer like Waptek does”.

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    • Did HopeGirl think because the internet clamor about her scam had died down for a while she was free to be off and running again?. The internet is full of exposes of her scam. Did she think because most exposed her4/5/6 years ago it had all died down and she could get on with the grifting?. No way Jose.

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    • Meanwhile, support for Hope Girl from the fruitloops she’s been sucking up to and trying to “recruit” is dwindling. Taylor, Paterson, Cat, Abe, Malcolm… None of them have exactly taken the bull by the horns, just shared a few of her videos/posts on blogs/channels that few people read/watch. And in fact, it only seems to be Ogilvy now who’s still doing so. And on Twitter most of her posts are being ignored, apart from the occasional like from her zillions of three followers:

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    • It’s sort of very sad. Poor things. On the other hand it’s quite pleasing to see the Kong of Kons has only a handful of followers so raising that $Billion will only take another 5000 years.

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  1. Those such as Hope Girl, Becki Percy and Angela Power Disney define their lives by their choice to become parasites and frauds feeding off the innocent and spreading their fetid misery on everyone and everything they touch. All we can do is call them out and reveal their diseased character and schemes to the world in the hope people avoid them. I hope your lawyers nail Hope Girl EC.

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    • For the uninitiated, John Taylor is a Liverpudlian stunt motorcycle rider who latched on to the Hampstead case early on, trolled various blog associates and made numerous death threats to P & Q’s father, including a video in which he repeatedly fired an air rifle at a photo of him.

      (I won’t post the link to his file, as it contains the name and photo of the aforementioned protected witness.)

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    • I forget the name of the bloke she re-tweeted but he spent two years screaming from the rooftops that I’m “a Brummy nonce”, then I was some Scottish bloke called Dom… and now I’m the father in the Hampstead case? I wish the drunken sod would make up his mind 😆

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  2. Hope Girl’s blown us away. Apparently… 🙄


    Oh and we’re dead, I gather. When did this happen? I miss all the fun… 🤔

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      • Probably saving his money for those King Arthur movies he will never make after that Hollywood visit he never took and the Moonscape (boooring) Tourist Thing he will never build on that non-existent island off Brighton. Along with Wacky Wanoa’s fleet of container ships he will never have and the private jet he’ll never get which he will never travel in to countries he isn’t allowed into. ( I won;t mention that Cook Street car-park).

        One day, just one day one of This Mob (™) may actually have a plan that actually works as to date not one single scheme or claim has eventuated with some of them even ending up in court on charges and some jailed. You would think that possibly one may just get the message they are doing it all wrong.

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      • I can’t understand why anyone would be taken in by a QEG scam these days when re-newable energy such as Solar is surging ahead in leaps and bounds and after an initial investment is virtually free, replaceable and will be for now until eternity unless the Sun explodes one day.

        But that could be why QEG promoters are getting very edgy and lashing out as their marks lose interest.

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    • Here you go Naima :
      Carter Ruck, Britain’s most successful defamation lawyers ( ). They even win cases against Private Eye Magazine which is saying something.
      1. You may need about £50,000 deposit- these bloody lawyers always insist on money up front however, some will take on cases on a “no win, no fee” basis and I reckon if you bring a QEG Free Energy Perpetual Motion Machine Thingy to the UK to demonstrate it for the lawyers you are on a winner.
      2. As an old hand on publicity I’d be happy to organise a press conference pre-trial to demonstrate your QEG Free Energy Machine Thingy. That may make the Hoaxtead crowd cave in quickly and settle for a few million to avoid going to court. In fact I have a very good friend who is a highly respected NASA scientist who would love to give evidence in court on such a fascinating case. Think of the publicity.
      3. Can’t help though if you take the case to a Moroccan court – no idea how it works there.
      4. Better still, ignore all the above advice. You would be decimated in the courts.
      5. Contact the FBI and hand yourself in and do a plea deal.

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      • Libel lawyers may give you a free hour long consolation, they might even do further work on payment of a £500 retainer 😉 but I’m unaware of any who would take on a libel case on a no-win no-fee basis!

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      • Anyone who knowingly sells or distributes any product and who falsely characterises the utility of that product–i.e., an “energy generator” which does not and never will generate energy–is looking down the barrel of some significant liability.

        Meanwhile, according to the UK Defamation Act 2013, a statement is not defamatory unless its publication has caused or is likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of the claimant. And it is a defence to an action for defamation for the defendant (in this hypothetical case, that would be me) to show that the imputation conveyed by the statement complained of is substantially true.

        Naima Dawn Feagin’s lies about me do not fall under this defence.

        My statement that she is selling a product she knows to be fraudulent, however, does.

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  3. Don’t they say something about drawing fire if you’re over the target – so EC must have hit a nerve.

    I think sometimes people threaten legal action as a form of sabre-rattling. I don’t want to be doxed (especially as I am nothing more than an intermittent commenter) but I’ve not long had a letter from someone at the local council last week. I do live near an empty property and it’s fair comment that my garden is badly overgrown and I have a broken window in the front. I’d had a chat with this chap on the phone previously and had explained that I’d been ill and my condition means I sometimes get fatigued. Anyway, the follow-up letter came in the form of an “awareness” letter – I would have thought a straightforward letter asking if matters could be redressed without too much delay would have been more appropriate. What got my goat though was something about the person having to think about legal measures that might be appropriate. I’ve got an untidy garden (and it is untidy – that’s true) and somebody mentions legal measures but YouTube and social media are full of scammers and people slandering/libelling (or very close to doing so anyhow) and they seem to get away with it.

    I wouldn’t mind a decent King Arthur film – not sure if MT is the person to bring it about though.

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    • I sued the News of The World in the early 80s for libel when they mistook me for someone with the same name but I couldn’t have done it without my then business partner who was wealthy and had lawyers on tap.
      NoTW caved in within the fortnight-no defence- and settled with enough damages for me to buy a new Mini which I called ‘Rupert’ in honour of Mr Murdoch. My partner was pissed off as he got £500 less as he wasn’t called a Soho porno film director like I was.

      The apology in the High Court-part of the settlement was delightful with a QC for NoTW, a judge (court officials) and just me. Apparently no-one usually turns up for that but I insisted. Plus of course an apolgy in the NoTW in the same place the defamation was.
      No idea what the lawyers fee was-paid by the NoTW but the lawyer scoffed and claimed he could have bought a new Jag not a Mini with his fee.

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    • It’s a Section 215 notice (under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990). It is normal for a pre-notice letter to be sent. You will usually get enough time to remedy the situation but specific policy is down to a council. It is a very efficient way of getting eyesores cleared up at upward of 90% of owners comply with the notice letter

      Failure to comply does allow the council to act and then charge for their costs to clear it up. You can also appeal a Section 215 notice in a Magistrates court.

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  4. ‘King’ John Wanoa addressing his subjects with dignity and decorum that one would expect from a man of his stature:

    Sample quotes:

    “You bastards! You supported that bloody little black shitarse Mayor of London…”

    “You’re busted, Tarragon. I’ll bust that fucking head on you, mate… [Makes sword/axe motion.] Cut your fucking balls out. CUT YOUR FUCKING BALLS OUT… And hang you up… I’ll put that fucking picture there, hang it up for paedophiles…”

    I’ve reported both of those, btw. Having been wiped off of Facebook, I think Devine’s now on a mission to get banned from YouTube 😆

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      • One point: why does Wanoa & Crew think that at a certain point in time one privileged bunch of people should own all the land (including car parks in Auckland) ?. What makes a bunch of people who are long dead from the 1700s rightful owners of property?. And why should their descendants own that property?.
        Why do I ask these ridiculous questions?

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        • There is really no difference in what is left of Wanoa’s brain between “I want X” and “X belongs to me”. All his thoughts revolve around inventing elaborate reasons (like the bogus Polynesian and Irish aristocratic ancestries) for *why* things he likes should belong to him.
          So he has to assume that “one privileged bunch of people should own all the land” in order for him to *belong* to that elevated class.


    • Sorry, I need subtitles, it’s not the accent, it’s the teeth.
      Does he remind anyone else of Chancellor Gowron when he went all to pieces towards the end of DS9?

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    • A bit depressing after Good King Wanoa’s furious rant.
      Earth to Andy and John Paterson (he reckons he’s hiding out in a caravan on the Sussex coast) – actually nothing has happened to the Police superannuation and pension fund and all the retired coppers are getting their pensions. Even Jon Wedger.

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  5. Your video has really got to Hoax Girl, EC. She’s spitting feathers all over Twitter, lol… and still most of the fruitloops are ignoring her 😆

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    • No of course not, Johnny Paterson has never threatened to kill anyone. But our secret cameras tell a different story as this recently acquired footage from a caravan park on the Sussex Coast proves..for it is he..John Paterson practicing his Wood Chipping technique.

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  6. Hope Girl has recently gone about re uploading old videos, including one where she claims that I am a spy for Hoaxstead / Karen Irving, which is not true, and even Karen Irving would confirm that. Beneath this video was a comment by Papa Hemp / Abraham Christie, sucking up to his “SiStar” Hopeless Girl, whilst also making up lies / false statements about me, claiming that I interviewed Brian Harvey about the Red Rooms, and that I engaged in a 20 year harassment campaign against Brian Harvey and his manager. Firstly I have never interviewed Brian Harvey… second, I did not even know who Brian Harvey was 20 years ago, as I still lived in South Africa at that time, and lets be honest, nobody outside the UK actually knows or remembers Brian Harvey. When I did move to London, I was not into boy bands, having always preferred indie music, and I did not even know who Robbie Williams or Take that was, even though Robbie lived on my street and walked past me often on Kensington Park Road. I had to be told by neighbours who Robbie Williams was.
    My last and final point is this… I have now finally seen for myself what a liar Abraham Christie is, making up lies about me. If there is one thing I am an authority on, it is me and what goes on in my life. I challenge Abraham Christie to provide the actual links to any interviews I supposedly did with Brian Harvey.


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