BREAKING: Aaron Dover dead at age 42

We have been informed that Aaron Dover has died whilst abroad. Mr Dover, who was living in Thailand at the time of his death, was 42 years old. We offer his family our condolences.


26 thoughts on “BREAKING: Aaron Dover dead at age 42

  1. My condolences to his family and loved ones too.

    I have nothing but sympathy for them at this time, and no doubt whatsoever it is as they say, a very beloved son and a deeply mourned brother.


      • Not you! But not everyone against the hoax is you, or me, but we’re all RD, so I am you, so if anyone did, it would be me. Ahh .. never mind.

        Just in case anyone was for a millisecond tempted. Just, no. You are better than that by a mile, no matter what you thought of him.

        Thinking of his family at this sad time.

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        • No matter what people thought of Aaron i am sure that nobody that comments here would stoop so low to troll his memorial page.


  2. I am sure his family would be able to tell us some amazing and wonderful, generous things about him, and how much he meant to them. We are not only the bad (and my opinion of his bad to boot!) that we do.

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  4. Aaron was one of best researchers I met on youtube, and a person I learned. I’m really sorry if this is truth, ’cause we lost a great intellect.
    I hope he has found the truth he was looking for in this life…


  5. ..strange how the things go but Aaron MATTER to me… Mis más sentidas condolencias. My deepest condolences to his family.


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  7. Mr. Aaron Dover was a Brave one man army, who, unlike most so called leaders and government people of many Nations, refused to let himself and Nation of people, along with other Nations of this flat beautiful Garden Of Life, be continually mislead and outright lied to about a fake world system for centuries by a set of people calling themselves ‘elites’ ‘wealthy’, ‘aristocrats’,’secret societies’, even ‘reptiles’, all in the name of Control and Greed.Gone too soon,just 42,but most of your brave revelations will resonate with like minded people for centuries to come. You did whats ‘Nature-ally’ correct as bravely as you could. Glide With The Lights Above my Caucasian cousin of the North. You will be Sincerely missed.


  8. I met Aaron online in 2010 and we had many enjoyable conversations about life. We lost touch over the years but I’d occasionally check his Facebook to see what he was up to. He was a funny and intelligent guy although I sensed he was struggling with issues in his life. I was saddened to read of his passing and I hope that he has finally found peace after many years of difficulty. I will always remember him for being a one of kind character, whether you liked or hated him for it. To Aaron’s family, I wish you long life.


  9. I don’t really know much about Aaron only seeing the death threats and anger he displayed, I don’t even know how he got that way and managed to alienate his family.
    To me it was clear he was suffering from severe mental illness and much of his anger and bitterness seemed to cloud his judgement on the Hampstead case and skewed his world view and outlook on life.

    It’s sad that he could not have got some help, as living life dealing with those issues is a living and tormented nightmare and no real life at all. When a person is only living to keep others happy, day in day out there is only so many years of that a person can take before it really starts to affect every aspects of their life. Then relationships fall apart, loss of employement,withdrawal from society and a normal life, turning to medication, drugs or alcohol to block out the thoughts when you can’t sleep at night. Watching someone gradually go downhill and become someone unrecognisable to what they once were is harder than losing them.
    He Seemed to lash out at those closet to him, as they are the ones who will stick around despite a persons actions. Once isolated from those people, there really isn’t many options left.

    I hope he is at least at peace now and his family can reflect on the good times they shared and not how he was in the last few years of life.

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