Maurice Kirk to face prison again?

It’s been some time since we checked in with Maurice Kirk, Sabine and Belinda’s “Super McKenzie Friend” and loyal foot soldier. When last seen, he was creating havoc as he attempted to fly the length of Africa in a plane seemingly held together with bits of chewing gum and string.

Mr Kirk is known to readers of this blog as the McKenzie Friend for the Musa parents, in one of the worst cases of child abuse in the UK at that time. You might recall that he was charged with conspiracy to abduct the Musa children, the plan apparently being to fly them to African in one of his small planes.

So we were interested, but not particularly surprised, to discover that not only is he now back in South Wales, attempting to defend himself against four charges of breaching a restraining order. Mr Kirk appeared in court on Thursday, 30th March, to enter his plea, but says he was thwarted in this by the South Wales courts, which he claims discriminate against him because he is “an Englishman”. At least, we think that’s what he said.

He offered this somewhat garbled and selective account on his blog on 31 March…but strangely, when we returned to the blog to find the link yesterday, the post had disappeared. Thank goodness for screenshots, we always say!

As usual when it comes to any of the hoaxers or their friends, the evil lying CPS had “misled the court” in unspecified ways, documents and important information that would prove his case had been withheld, yadda yadda yadda blah blah bullshit gallywumpus. By the way, if anyone out there is able to translate the underlined sentence above, please do let us know. We’ve given it our best shot, but had to give up and go have a lie-down after half an hour or so.

Mr Kirk did post this interesting and not-at-all paranoid-sounding video, in which he elaborates on his current situation:

According to Mr Kirk, he has only been diagnosed as “insane”** seven times. We found this quite amazing.

We did find the following posted on Mr Kirk’s Facebook page, and feel that it might offer some background information about his problems:

We’ll keep our ears to the ground, and will let you know the outcome of Mr Kirk’s Tuesday court appearance.

**”Insane” is not a valid psychiatric diagnosis, just for the record, but may be used as a descriptor for one whose behaviour is considered shocking or outrageous. It can also mean, in the colloquial sense, someone whose state of mind prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction.


50 thoughts on “Maurice Kirk to face prison again?

  1. Re the underlined sentence, does Maurice mean he was handed a disk as he left the Dock which was blank?

    He therefore cannot prepare for his trial, where he faces 5 years in Prison, as there is no interview on the Computer disk??

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  2. PS I hope the little dog in the photo with Maurice hasn’t been shot. I don’t like the way Maurice has that gun in his hand and the dog in the other??

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  3. He’s like a character out Midsomer Murders. Poor thing. Barking (And I don”t mean Fluffy in the snap with that bloody great machine gun). How very mean of His Worship forcing poor Maurice to have a solicitor in court. Will the indignities forced upon him never end?

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    • He’s a real charmer basically claiming that if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump and for someone else (that was actually around 74 million Yanks as people forget the Greens/Independent votes) you support child abuse.
      In fact that should include the eligible 90 million voters who didn’t vote for anyone which makes over 150 million claimed Satanic child abuse supporters.
      Funny old me, I usually vote on policies like increased wages, health and social security benefits, good roads and hospitals, defense and so on.
      And still as always with these nutcases nary a mention of the kids in Syria, Libya, Iraq and so on where our government’s meddling causes untold horrors for them.

      As always- minds fixated on sex and especially a love of talking about sex where children are concerned.


      • I forgot of course that all dreadful crimes where children are concerned ( Sandy Hook etc) and that poor little kid on the Turkish beach are faked- even read some of them claiming the boy was a “crisis actor” (at 3 years old !), a dummy or was murdered by the Illuminati Cult to whip up public sentiment.
        I’m beginning to hope that there is a special spot in Hell for this mob.


    • Is Mr Semen one of the “reporters” that a Fat & Stupid hillbilly on meth mentioned having “let go”, during his apology broadcast?


  4. Ah, the ‘Believe the Children’ page, where all the sane, rational, intelligent people go to discuss the issues of the day…

    (Course fully endorsed by Professor Kristie Sue Costa. Apply now!)

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    • 2:22 – “I’m still a work in progress and I am kind of anxious about a few things that are going on in my life, so forgive me for my visible sin. [Lights fag.] …Some sins are more visible than others.”

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      • It is a phrase that appears in the Bible in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9.:
        “…I am aware of the slander of those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are in fact a synagogue of Satan.”
        “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.”

        It is about false Jews (or people who aren’t “real” Jews in the “No true Scotsman” sense). By implication real Jews are good.

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    • ET is a poor researcher if she can’t find videos of the children without ‘blurred’ faces on YT, as she stated in the above. They’re everywhere!
      I see she has now joined the Guidance2222 camp in thinking Hampstead was a PsyOp. Why the hell do theses idiots believe anything but the truth?

      She’s still banging on about wanting proof of Abe’s previous convictions. Has she even read the Court documents??

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      • She’s been provided all the info she needs several times. Another youtube researcher who only wants to watch youtube videos and read things that fit her narrative.
        Now she thinks all the adults were in on it and promised the children fame and fortune for going along with it all. She wants to find a video interview with Abe now, so she can use her shitty body language skills lol. You can lead a horse to water…

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        • ET and her fawning fans are pathetic. If she told them that if they jumped off a cliff they would be able to fly, they are the type of people who would do it.

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      • She is an idiot. Within minutes of her seeing the court judgement she declared it as a whitewash. A judge that knows all the details of the case including speaking to the children, police, CPS, social and many more is better qualified to make a verdict than Echo Truths or SGT report so they should STFU. Do they believe every paedo in prison was framed?

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      • They continue to use vision of that poor Sandy Hook dad seemingly laughing before an interview which shows they have never really ever touched real despair or had their lives upturned by a dreadful event.
        I recall my at my brother’s funeral 15 years ago my mother who was distraught begining to laugh at an absurd wreath a pal had sent. Shortly after she dissolved into tears.
        I also recall an old uncle’s funeral just when mobile phones became common and during the service someone’s phone rang and one of his old soldier pals called out :” he’s up there already and ringing to say it’s like Heaven”. Of course we all laughed.

        Emotions are very powerful things and can come out in strange ways. But this mob- I’m not sure they have an emotional bone in their bodies.

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        • Yes, bereavement can put people onto an emotional seesaw. My experience is also that some people cope with the stress by cracking jokes, others will sit quietly and apparently simper – then have a sudden breakdown.
          What ET and her friends are actually revealing is that they have very limited experience of real life and real emotion. I wonder if she was the sort of teenager who made histrionic scenes in front of the parents because she saw people behave like that in movies and soap operas and thought it was an appropriate way to carry on in real life.

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          • I come from a family that tends to laugh at wildly inappropriate times–yes, including at funerals. A close family member died quite recently, and if ET had observed our behaviour, I’m sure she would have concluded that we didn’t care about the person at all–when nothing could be further from the truth.


      • Why the hell do theses idiots believe anything but the truth?

        This is a really important question. One thing that has often puzzled me about conspirasheep is that they spin these elaborate fantasies and then claim that those of us who accept the simpler, more common-sense version are deluded sheeple who cannot stand to face up to the ugly truth.

        And yet…most of the conspiracy theories I’ve heard of seem to stem from the theorists’ complete inability to face the stark, ugly truths out there: that mums (and their boyfriends) can sometimes lie about child sexual abuse in order to get back at the children’s fathers; that someone could be insane enough to drive a car at full speed into a group of innocent pedestrians, and then stab someone to death; that a young soldier could be hacked to death in the street by a pair of madmen…you name it.

        Each of those things can be hard to accept, so in one sense it’s understandable that people should make up fairy stories to account for them, and claim they didn’t really happen. It’s a way of protecting one’s self emotionally from some of the horrors we hear about every day. But the sad thing is that conspiracy theories, which are meant to insulate the conspiraloons from the truth, in fact wind up making them even more fearful and paranoid.

        It reminds me a bit of people who are depressed and “self-medicate” by drinking alcohol, a known and quite potent depressant. While the booze does relax the person and give them a temporary feeling of well-being, over time it sends them spiralling into an even worse pit of depression, which can be that much harder to escape. Same with conspiracy theories: the more you believe that the world is directly controlled by evil forces who would do something as mad as arrange for all these false flags and such, the more you’re likely to feel that nothing you can do or say will change the situation. It’s a form of giving up hope, and it can destroy people’s mental health and sense of personal agency—the exact opposite of what it’s intended to do.

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        • Well said EC! (although I see you’ve even copied my typo! I hit the ‘s’ after typing ‘these’

          I’ve come to the conclusion they enjoy refusing to believe the true story, can find no reason or evidence for their doubts about the true story, so then settle for calling it a PsyOp. It’s their “get-out clause” LOL!

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        • Good post but with respect It is not unreasonable to ask sceptical questions for example regarding terrorist attacks (without going into loony-land).

          Off the top of my head:

          (1) Recent alleged terrorist attacks in Russia. Not unreasonable to ask ‘Qui Bono’ particularly given numerous well-documented concerns about the operations of the Russia state and government.

          (2) Troubles in Northern Ireland. The terrorist organisations were heavily infiltrated by state security services – that’s on the record from, inter alia, the Stevens Inquiries. Therefore it logically follows that many of the attacks attributed to terrorists may not have been quite what they seemed at the time. Or, more accurately, some of them were indeed terrorist attacks but controlled by state forces.

          (3) Operation Gladio – a conspiracy openly admitted to by a former Italian head of state.


          • I’m not disagreeing with your general narrative though. Always thought Noam Chomsky does a good & quick rebuttal for the 911 conspiracy theories:


  5. Good write up EC. Its strange how many of the people linked to Sabine Mcneill or Belinda Mckenzie have breached restraining orders.

    The story of Maurice Kirk is incredible, he seems to have spent quite a long time in prison fighting for what HE believes, he seems to be quite vengeful of anyone who opposes his point of view, especially if that opposition is from an authority such as the police or the Courts.

    Having googled Kirk its almost as if he prefers prison to facing a hearing where he might not win?

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  6. Usually I quite like eccentric folk but this guy seems dangerous with it. I certainly don’t want him flying anywhere near my house. Reminds me of Toad from Wind in the Willows, but with a passion for planes.

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    • You may have a point, GofS.
      I thought this part was interesting too..

      “Mr Ward also claimed the 28-day limit was “unrealistic” for some types of investigations, saying: “Cyber-crime, for example, requires computers to be seized and equipment to be interrogated to gain evidence. The results for detailed forensic tests also take some time to come back.”

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  7. Has anyone been watching the Craig Sawyer fiasco on Alex Jones’ channel and how his fundraising campaigns have been shut down by GoFundMe and YouGiving? LOL!

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      • Sadly, Abe left out the other half of that quote from Oscar Wilde: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence”.

        And Debs is apparently incapable of either.

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        • Would as many people as possible complain about ‘Safe Kids International’ on Facebook please. They’ve posted the Hampstead kids photos. The eyes on the photos are blurred but it’s clearly them and they are identifiable from the photos. Thank you.


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