UPDATE: Irish ‘mystery man’ identified

Here’s how things work at Hoaxtead Research: we’ll be all set to write a particular post—research done, screenshots and links gathered, the beginnings of a story in our head—when something comes along at the last minute that completely blows our plans out of the water, and we wind up doing something completely different…but better. Like this, for example:

Anyone remember Finbarr?

Let’s go back…waaaaaay back, to late October 2015. At that time, we had managed to put together a transcript from a video that had surfaced, in which an older Irishman with greying facial hair and a bit of a wheeze secretly recorded himself talking to Abe and Ella. We were unable at that time to determine who this person was, or what his relevance was to Abe and Ella: all we knew was his first name, Finbarr.

For context, here’s a review of Finbarr’s secret recording, which can be found here

Warning: the sound quality is very poor; we recommend that you listen with headphones only.

It is Tuesday, 08 Sept 2014, just after 2 pm. Finbarr has just been recording RD’s daughter inside the house. They are interrupted, and he jumps up and presumably shoves the phone in a pocket while it is still recording.

Finbarr whispers, “Yeah, yeah, good, good…” as though to himself.

Abe says, “Just keep your mouth shut…” then mumbles something inaudible.

A child’s voice (G?) asks, “Is it really bad?” and both men hasten to reassure him. “No, no, it’s not bad,” Finbarr says. Abe interjects, “It’s what we expected”.

“Exactly”, says Finbarr, “it’s why I’m here and he’s here”.

Abe repeats, “It’s what we expected”.

The child asks, “So one of them are…” but is drowned out by the two men: “Ahhhh!”

Finbar yells, “Rock and roll!” and then he and Abe both shout, “We know! We know!”

“Ha. All right?” asks Abe. “He’s all right,” Finbarr responds.

Abe says, “And they were telling him all about M.E., M.E., M.E.”

Finbarr asks, “What’s M.E.?” and Abe shouts, “Me!”

With a chuckle, Finbarr says, “Well, they can have me too”. At this point Ella enters the room, and she and Finbarr greet one another.

What’s this all about?

We’d suggest that Abe (and Finbarr?) had started off with a plan, and are now concerned that something has come up to derail it. They shout excitedly, as though trying to convince themselves that all will be well.

Abe sounds nervous as he says, “They want to talk to me. I wonder why they want to talk to me”, and then “It’s him. It’s him, who we suspected, S.T….” The child exclaims, “Steve!” and Abe confirms, muttering, “It’s him, it’s him, it’s him.”

Ella interjects, “They were really pressurising me today”.

But Abe is on his own track: “It’s him. We know it’s him.”

The child says, “I think I know what, it’s both of them. Fat lady and Steve…” but Abe goes on: “He likes, he doesn’t like babies. He likes boys. Steve, Steve likes boys. He came for F******” (referring to Abe’s teenage son).

Finbarr says, “Who’s that, the cop?”

Abe replies, “Yeah, he came for F*****”. And he didn’t get him because of me, right, he didn’t get him because of me…and now, he sees I’m here again, another child case. Well, I keep turning up. He keeps turning up”.

“Strange”, says Finbarr.

“Steve” refers to DC Steve Martin, who was the police officer involved when Abe assaulted F*****…and who coincidentally has been assigned to deal with the Hampstead case. Abe keeps muttering over and over, “It’s him”, as though he can’t quite believe this unexpected turn of events.

Ella’s contribution: “They were really pressurising me today” seems to confirm this. It sounds as though the police had begun to ask her some tough questions about her relationship with Abe, and his relationship with the children.

Abe mulls over the horrible coincidence of having this case—for which he’d had such high hopes—being handled by the cop who knows him to be a child abuser: “Now, he sees I’m here again, another child case. Well, I keep turning up. He keeps turning up”. And note that he’s already begun as he means to go on, accusing DC Martin of “liking boys”. This is Abe’s standard tactic: when feeling threatened, he throws shit at others.

“So he knows everything?” asks Ella.

“Oh, he knows, yeah”, Abe says. At this point his phone begins to ring. It’s his brother-in-law, Jean Clement Yaohirou.

“One moment, everyone keep cool”. Abe puts on his calm telephone voice: “Hi, Jean-Clement, how are you? I’ve got…erm…I tell you….” and then as an aside he says, “G, come with me”. In a small voice, G says, “Bye, Mum”. Abe continues: “I’ll be back in a minute, Mum (meaning Ella). You have a meditate and we’ll sort it all out, you’ve got the key.”

Finbarr mutters, “Strange days, strange days. I’m going to keep my shoes on”.

Ella tries again: “He was giving me pressure, those guy, today…the policeman”. Then, “We went out yesterday, to second house. G showed it”.

Finbarr says, “It might be a good idea if you get somewhere else”, to which Ella responds, “Sorry?” He repeats: “If you could try and move somewhere else….”

Ella asks, “Meaning where?”

“Anywhere”, says Finbarr.

“Out of the country?”

“This place isn’t safe. It’s the country…it’s in the institutions…it’s…away”.

Ella responds, “We knew that. We knew that. We were discussing this yesterday, just we were really like…yesterday. I am going to pack a bag”.

Finbarr says, “And then ask Abraham, he’ll say the same.”

Ella continues, “…away, in about two, three days…yesterday…we talked about it”.

Finbarr tries to sound upbeat: “Okay, everything is going to be cool. Well, we are going to make sure everything is going to be…cooler”. More loudly, he says, “That’s why I’m here, and that’s why he’s here, all right? I’m going to put on my shoes in case I need them, all right? I’m going to put my shoes on in case I need them”. There’s the sound of a door opening, and then he asks, “Who is Jean Clement?”

Ella whispers something, and Finbarr says, “It’s all going to get fixed.”

The video ends with the sound of a zipper, and then a quick shot of Finbarr’s shoeless foot.

Finbarr is familiar with Abe and Ella’s story, but isn’t close enough to them to know who Jean Clement is. Finbarr seems to view his job as “fixing” things for Abe and Ella, though how he planned to do this we cannot say.

This video does cast some light on Abe’s continuing animosity towards DC Steve Martin. He recently posted something about DC Martin being an Nth-degree Freemason or something, so clearly he still feels compelled to attempt to smear the cop who had the misfortune of encountering him on two separate child abuse cases. We’re sure DC Martin thinks very highly of him, too.

It also shows that Abe and Ella must have been on tenterhooks in early September 2014, and were already preparing to make a run for it.

The day after we posted the above recording, one of our volunteers was able to extract some blurry screenshots of Finbarr, captured as he was quickly putting his phone in his pocket following his interview with RD’s daughter.

Here they are: He looks like a middle-aged man, ruddy-skinned, with a white or grey beard and moustache.

New information

Last night, sharp-eyed reader Jake Blake drew our attention to this video, featuring an Irishman named Finn Hagan:

Have a listen and judge for yourself whether the voices match up. Adjusting for the poor quality of the screenshots above, the face certainly does.

Finn Hagan, from his website at http://www.londonbagpiper.com/

According to this blogger, Finn Hagan lives in London. He is an associate of the UK Column, and a devotee of David Icke.

We believe we’ve found our man…now, we’ll be looking into why he was at Abe and Ella’s that day. What was his role? It’s early days yet, but it’s possible that he was there as part of the planned social media blitz that Abe has referenced. We’ll bring you further details as we unearth them.

127 thoughts on “UPDATE: Irish ‘mystery man’ identified

  1. Am i right in saying he did one of the first videos, talking to the children in the back garden?

    I think the Tap blog posted it.

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  2. Yep. He was a mystery for a very long time until tonight. Finnbarr Hagan left a comment under a David Shurter video, telling David he was welcome to stay at his house in London. When I went to Finnbarr’s YT channel, I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard him speak on one of his videos, this led me to more videos of him on YT and the voice and face is a 100% match!

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    • That was an awesome catch as the conspiracy crowd like to say. I have been wondering who that guy is and what his role was since those videos were first released. Interesting enough that he is clearly a conspiracy nut, but even more interesting that he is an associate to UK Column and David Icke fan. Especially as he was involved very early in the case, before the second interview, medicals…etc had even been conducted.

      Interesting also that Ella stated that she and Abe were already thinking about running away the day before the recording. Recording being the 8th and the discussion of running away being the 7th. So just two days after the first police interviews and again, before the girl mentioned Abraham’s violence or the medical proved Abraham’s violence. I wish we could know if Ella had given the children’s passports back to the solicitor by then. Because if she had, then she was considering running abroad without the children.

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      • You’ve summed up my thinking, Dave. At this point in the hoax, Abe and Ella seemed remarkably fearful considering none of their wrongdoing had been uncovered yet. As for Finnbarr’s role, my sense has always been that he was there as a scout–checking out the story to see whether it held up. Interesting that despite his obvious belief in the story, UK Column didn’t see fit to pick it up until Sabine had released the videos.


  3. As a reminder, here is a video which includes Finnbarr interviewing the children (from 20:45 onward)
    Remove the space after the question mark in the link after you copy it as the thumbnail showed the children.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=d3F5dwzTi6s&t=2186s

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    • My link doesn’t appear to work. The video is called “HAMPSTEAD CASE: Children’s Whistleblowing Testimonies on Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead” uploaded by sherrill mcnellis


        • Todd, that’s the same video which EC has included at the top of this post. The one of Finn interviewing the girl in the garden is on the sherill mcnellis channel though.


  4. Must admit, I’m scratching my head at this. El Coyote, you yourself stated in another thread ‘We have reason to believe he’s from Belfast’.



      • Jake Blake, the point of my post has gone flying over your head!

        Perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly. Let me try to spell it out to you. Belfast is in which jurisdiction, precisely?


          • Ok, I guess I’m going to have to spell things out. In really clear language, London is in the United Kingdom, we can accept this, I assume?

            Can you think of another city in a neighbouring island that is also (at least for now) in the United Kingdom? 🙂

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        • Belfast is in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Belfast comes under the jurisdiction of Northern Irish Law but Finnbarr Hagan now lives in London. What are you getting at and why the condescending attitude?

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          • Tdf is referring to the fact that both Belfast and London are part of the UK, and therefore the same laws apply in both jurisdictions.


          • Quite right, but I think when arrests need to be made, they can be done across those borders more easily than, say, between England and Ireland?


          • With them all being part of the UK, yes.. but none of that matters as Finnbarr now lives in London. So I still don’t understand what mattered to tdf.

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          • Interesting as I always thought North Ireland law would come under UK law. I would probably think the laws are very similar though.


          • Jake Blake, I was not being condescending and somewhat resent the implication that I was, but simply appealing for accuracy.

            There is a long history of the British media referring to Northern Irish people as ‘Irish’ when they do something bad, and ‘British’ when they do something perceived as good.

            It’s a sensitive issue for Irish people, particularly in this ‘Brexit’ era.

            I have no idea whether this person considers himself to be Irish, British, or Northern Irish. His name suggests that he is someone from a nationalist background – but I would not be inclined to read too much into that in itself.

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          • Ok it looks as though, according to El Coyote, he’s from the (Loyalist) Shankill Road and considers himself to be an evangelical Christian (virtually all of whom in Norn Iron are from Loyalist backgrounds.)

            My initial (“condescending”) impression might have been on the ball, yeah? 🙂


        • Northern Ireland, like Scotland, has its own separate legal system. Scotland’s is ancient (like the Scottish parliament itself it didn’t cease to exist with the act of union) , N. Ireland’s goes back to the partition in 1921. In practical terms there s a great deal of transparency and inter-operation between all the states of the British Isles, especially the UK states, but it’s something of a misnomer to speak of ‘UK law’ and certainly a misconception that there is any unified system that applies across the UK.

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          • If someone commits a crime in England, they’re liable under English law, not the law according to the country where they come from (thank goodness, or we’d have to be applying Scottish, Brazilian and Kyrghyz law on a regular basis). NI law is very similar to ours, but not the same, and it is a different jurisdiction. However arrest warrants in one part of the UK can be executed in another part.
            I too don’t see the point of the query, but hey ho.

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  5. Does this not open it up for him to be arrested based on both abuse of minors and sexual abuse of minors?

    That was and is illegal to be talking and interviewing such young children!

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      • If you consider all of the thought that goes into ‘special measures’ interviewing requirements for safe interviewing of children with respect to sexual abuse allegations, all 257 pages of them, then I very much doubt he would fit the bill: https://www.cps.gov.uk/publications/docs/best_evidence_in_criminal_proceedings.pdf

        Here is the official definition of what child sexual abuse isin England: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/child-abuse-and-neglect/child-sexual-abuse/legislation-policy-guidance/

        ‘”Involves forcing or enticing a child or young person to take part in sexual activities, not necessarily involving a high level of violence, whether or not the child is aware of what is happening.

        “The activities may involve physical contact, including assault by penetration (for example, rape or oral sex) or non-penetrative acts such as masturbation, kissing, rubbing and touching outside of clothing. They may also include non-contact activities, such as involving children in looking at, or in the production of, sexual images, watching sexual activities, encouraging children to behave in sexually inappropriate ways, or grooming a child in preparation for abuse (including via the internet)…’


    • I don’t think he’s done anything illegal. His interviews are cack-handed and clumsy but I haven’t heard anything he could be arrested for.

      It’s always a bad idea to do amateur interviews (as he did) in a case like this as you can easily mislead a child and thereby contaminate the evidence and if there IS a case to answer you’ve not done the victim any favours.

      What I remember about this man is that he interviewed the little girl in the garden and gave us a perfect example of how people hear what they want to hear. I don’t have the video to hand, but I remember him talking to her about the taste of blood and she says it tastes like metal. He (and the other fanatics) seem to miss the part at the end where she says something like ‘I have heard it does’ or something like that. In other words she’s heard that blood tastes like metal or someone told her about it. She wasn’t speaking from direct experience. He missed this and didn’t ask her to clarify. So, poor interview technique Mr Finn. Go back to detective school!

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      • I’ve given the garden video name above, Fnord. I didn’t link it as the children are in the thumbnail but copy and paste the name into the YT search bar.
        His involvement in the hoax is evident by the things he says to the children and to Abe and Ella.

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          • Yeah, I know, I don’t know why that link didn’t work. That’s why I put the title of the video in the comment underneath it. Copy and paste the title.

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          • Actually, just discovered the link to the video does work but you need to put it into a GOOGLE search, not a YT search – and remove the space after the question mark.

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        • Finally got to see the video again! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this.

          It’s a worse interview than I remember actually. Leading questions etc.

          Finn sounds genuinely disturbed by it all tbh. (Who wouldn’t be!)

          He loses my sympathy though when he’s willing to name the names of innocent people. He forgets that an allegation is just that – an allegation, and that by publicising peoples’ names you put innocent lives at risk.

          I don’t have a problem with people discussing the Hampstead or any other case that they’re interested in. What I do strongly object to is people being named, singled out and targeted. The only ‘targeted individuals’ I’ve seen so far are the innocent people named in these videos.

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    • LOL! No wonder Finn was interested in trying to pull off a Satanic hoax! Look what he writes here on UK Column..

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      • If his bagpipe playing is anything like my Grandfather’s who took to it every Sunday morning Finn could drive off an army of Satanists.

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        • Did your Grandfather play the highland pipes or uilleann pipes? (Finn is actually playing the uilleann pipes in that picture, they have a very different sound to the Scottish highlands pipes)

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  6. He also seems to have lived in Glastonbury for a time.

    Araya connection?

    He may be from Lisburn originally.

    Is he a bit of a chameleon?

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  7. Another brilliant piece of deduction that gets Jake Blake a Gold Star and El Coyote a ‘go home early’ pass.
    I keep saying : CONSPIRACY to pervert the course of justice.

    Also shows that Abraham isn’t the brightest spark. Did he not think the Rozzers would look up everyone involved in the case? Why does he think they keep something called a ‘police record’ on their computers?
    (I hear Abe though has 5 gigabits dedicated just to him to record all his criminal activity.)
    And Ella? Is she just mad or very, very dumb? Does she have any idea of the perilous position she is in?

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  8. Hey, whether it’s him or not that Bunker Report video gave me a headache. The bits about the origin of words is particularly irritating. I can only hope I personally never talk such twaddle with authority. Some people have the gift of the gab and talk utter bollocks don’t they. (It’s early and I need my coffee….)

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    • What else would a conspiritard be discussing? When they’re not fantasising about sexually abusing and torturing children? Or fretting about where their next handout is coming from?

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  9. …but he seemed a bit confused. I thought he would be anti-reptilain, but no, he has one emblazoned in the most prominent position of his attempt at art. ‘Strange days!’

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  10. He hails from the Shankill in Belfast and he recently left this on an article about the death of Martin McGuinness.

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  11. Something I forgot to mention in my comment above. I have also always wondered why Finn Hagan appeared to record secretly and didn’t want Abe and Ella to know what he was doing. It could be that he liked hearing a little girl talk about sexual activity. However, it could also be that he didn’t really believe the story and felt it was important to get something on record from the girl. Hopefully we can soon get the answer.

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    • I’m not sure, Dave. Listening to him interviewing the girl in the garden, he seems to be actively playing along with Abe’s hoax, naming names etc, saying RD will be getting arrested and so on…I honestly feel he was in on it from the start, especially when he says to Abe (when Abe is worried that Steve Martin is involved) “Well, they can take me too!”

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      • He’s definitely chosen sides, and believes in the hoax. Whether he was always in on it, or had just learned about it, is really open to speculation at this point.


    • He certainly travels in the conspiracist circuit.


      Maybe he knows Brian Gerrish who was contacted very early on. Plus, Abraham Christie was doing research in Morocco. Who know when he came into it all.

      Also been on a BBC documentary, and had a spot in a Hollywood film (in it, or on cutting room floor?)

      See at 25 minutes in.


      That must make him part of Abraham’s imaginary masodomite death cult.

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      • Wasn’t there a theory, early on, that the Belfast guy was sent by Gerrish to ‘look after’ their scoop? Can’t remember if there was any hard evidence for this or just speculation. It’s true that Gerrish backed off pretty sharpish but at the interviewing of the children stage I think he was still convinced the story was true.
        Great work, by the way, Jake.

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        • Interesting theory, Sue.

          What is evident though, is on the one hand Abe had Araya contacting Bill Maloney and on the other, he had Finn Hagan on board (you can also hear Jean-Clement phoning Abe when Finn is with them) VERY early on their return from their trip to Morocco.

          So Abe and Ella had CLEARLY planned spreading their hoax online to the world from the very start, to smear RD and the Hampstead community.

          Sabine, of course, helped later when Maloney and UK Column were not jumping aboard..

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    • I’ve wondered about it too, in much the same way.

      Done in secret, it still ended up online but, with no input from the maker.

      Maybe he made it to grab his own chunk of the hoax and ‘glory’ that went with it, but then bottled it or had doubts.


    • I like the `sex addiction travels on a continuum’ comment
      its hetero, then rape, then homo, then prison, then death….

      So let that be a warning to all you heterosexuals- you are only steps away from being executed!!!

      Does it strike anyone else as being ironic that someone so `antisexual’ (is that a word???) uses the name `flufferstuff’ to sign on with???




        • And admits knowing one!!!!
          (what the one is is unclear-our fluffy friend seems to be admitting to knowing someone who is trolling messageboards?- exactly what they are trolling about is also less than obvious)

          In fact IMHO the entire post needs to be run through babblefish’s gibberish to english translator but I suspect it will still come out as gibberish- babblefish really need to lift their game and get it sorted out so we can make some sense of this peoples posts!

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    • Jeez youre a busy lad arent you
      Dont know how you get time to do all that sodomy and organ trafficking, and get time to post here as well as finding and posting all over the web on their sites as well

      Spinys superhuman I tells ya

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    • Has she just admitted salting the plate? Why would her inheritance and gifts in kind go through a crowdfunding website? And then there’s the fees she’d have to pay. It doesn’t make sense.

      You can help me continue this work by donating securely here: https://www.gofundme.com/ *******
      Don´t be put off by the total raised, much of it was gifts in kind and a small inheritance, and the pot is empty after 18 months surviving

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    • Aww..the lovestruck Angie still has a picture of Roopy in her “Pictures”. I spotted it when she shared her screen.

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    • Angie’s method of interviewing is absolutely ridiculous. Every damn question and she’s looking for a conspiracy. I wanted to watch this as Tessa was Philip K. Dick’s wife and I was interested in what she had to say. So far;

      The person who introduced Tessa to Philip at a party was “probably Philip’s handler” according to APD
      The tours Tessa took of Military Bases were “probably orchestrated” according to APD
      “I wonder if you have any implants, have you ever looked into that?” Angie asks..
      “A psychiatrist running a School?, that’s MK Ultra right there!” she exclaims..
      “It’s possible you were being medicated at School with experimental drugs.”.. and it goes on..

      She even asks Tessa if Philip had occult or abuse history in his family.. insensitive and ridiculous questioning.

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        • She doesn’t entertain Angie’s suggestions early on.. but later in the video she says things like “Yeah, well, maybe” I feel kind of sorry for Tessa.


      • I once had an encounter with a rather dishy sailor who took me on a tour of his aircraft carrier. He was obviously my handler and probably drugged me with that ice cream. Implants? Er….yes, but a girl has to look her best and you can’t blame her for it….

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  12. Thanks, yeah, there’s an excerpt from that page further up in the comments, it’s certainly a strange one.


  13. Angela has taken both her “#DICK” and “#Pizzagate” posts down from her Farcebook page. Something’s got her spooked!


  14. I’m still waiting to see her correct her post regarding Roop getting his passport back. 😀


  15. Crikey! We’re satanic, child-raping, murdering, drug dealing, porn dealing, satanic lost souls now?
    The woman is losing her mind.


  16. “Injection of Mesh” to wrap an electrical grid around the brain to control it? Will it make my lazy witch-hunter wife clean the house and tend to the children? Will it get her off-line to cook a meal too? The laundry is piling up! It can’t get any worse after that Nutty Ozzie’s FB posts calling her “maternal” whatever it was followed by a wall of emojis for ALL our Friends to see. Sheesh! Now, she’s exposing me to liability too with her big mouth! Where can I get some of this Mesh Injection STAT!? I knew we should have never moved near Salem.

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