All just a little bit of history repeating

When the Hampstead SRA hoax was in its infancy—that is, after Sabine had released the videos of RD’s children but before Mrs Justice Pauffley issued her judgement on the fact-finding hearing—Hoaxtead mobsters in training had a very nasty habit: they would trawl the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts of anyone unfortunate enough to have been named by Ella and Abe, looking for “clues”.

Clues to what? Why, clues that would verify to the Hoaxtead mobsters’ satisfaction that those people…and their friends…and their friends’ friends…were child-raping, infant-murdering cannibals, of course!

Charlotte Ward, who was going by the name “Jacqui Farmer” at that time, wrote about this practice in her now-defunct blog, Hamster Research: “We’ve got some interesting snippets of info, info we collected long before the names and addresses were leaked onto the internet”.An important question arises from this: if Charlotte admits to having collected this info “long before the names and addresses were leaked”, how did she know what to look for?

The fact that she claims to have known exactly who and what to look for, prior to anyone else knowing the names of the falsely accused, seems to point to some sort of collusion between Charlotte and those who already knew the names: Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper, and Abraham Christie.

This admission helps to confirm our belief that Abe and Ella were not acting alone when they started this hoax. At very least, Sabine, Belinda, and Charlotte were involved in the planning stages, and worked as a team to get the thing off the ground.

It’s all just a little bit of history repeating

The practice of trawling strangers’ social media pages in search of damning snippets of information isn’t limited to Hoaxtead, unfortunately.

Yesterday, regular commenter TorkGirl8 posted a video made by a Piece-a-hate afficionado named NSCLady, which basically consists of a woman screaming and crying hysterically while she scrolls through…a perfectly normal Instagram page, in which a man has posted pictures of his daughter as an infant, then a little girl.


In other words, “I’m not saying anyone is guilty…but this person is totally guilty. Of something”.

Is it just us, or does this sound an awful lot like “I just want to remind you, as you know, that there is absolutely no implication of guilt here”? Yes, it’s simpering Charlotte all over again, with her carefully placed disclaimers.

Back to NSCLady: she is utterly horror-struck when she comes across a woman’s face, eyes closed, skin tinged greyish blue: “THIS WOMAN IS NOT ALIVE!” she screams.

No, dear, she’s not. That’s a screen shot from the popular television drama, “Twin Peaks”, in which there is a shot of (gasp!) a corpse. We’re going to take a flyer and assume that the owner of this Instagram account is a fan of the show.

“OH MY GOD NOW THEY’RE GROOMING HER!” she shrieks, scrolling past a picture of a little girl in her Sunday best.

To which commenter YdchyncachuTracey pointed out,

(W)ho on earth plonks baby on proud grandad’s lap and takes a picture of everyone cooing at baby, with THEIR CLOTHES ON! Never mind those evil bunny ears on a baby sized headband MUST BE PLANNING TO EAT BABY IN A BABY PIE. Taking a picture of baby with their card, it’s not a card, IT’S AN ORDER FORM FOR BABY SAUSAGE ROLLS. Those aren’t adoring kisses by relatives, THEY ARE SUCKING BABY’S SOUL OUT FOR SATAN.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Explain again who the perverts are?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the histrionic ranting of the Hoaxtead mob and the Piece-a-haters says a great deal more about their own disgusting thoughts and feelings than it does about those they’re accusing. People who look at innocent childhood pictures and overlay them with fantastical stories of sexual abuse clearly need to take a look at their own urges before they start finger-pointing.

For instance, what might a Hoaxtead mobster/Piece-a-hater make of a photo like this?

What we see: a little boy and girl, dressed up for the boy’s birthday dinner, the boy getting ready to cut his birthday cake while his little sister looks on, half-admiring, half-envious.


Trust a troofer to turn a festive occasion into a paedophilic blood-letting orgy.

Safety first

As commenter Alfred the Adequate said yesterday,

The main thing this is proof of is why personal photographs, especially those of your kids, should be kept off the internet or at the very least locked down so only your real friends and relatives can access them. This woman is nuts and arguably more to be pitied than scorned. But who knows what a hoaxer will steal in order to weave one of their fantasies or attack someone?

Yes. Very true.

Even though sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram encourage the sharing of “family moments”, the experience of those harmed by the Hampstead SRA hoax shows us that it’s really not safe to use those sites to show off our kids…or even to let the world know that we got a bit tipsy at a party last weekend. Those of us who’ve been speaking out against Hoaxtead learned very quickly: make sure all your social media settings are as tight as they possibly can be. If you choose to share pictures of your children (a practice we discourage), make absolutely certain that you set your privacy to “friends only”, and let your friends know that you will not tolerate them sharing your family pictures.

We might not be able to stop the perverted keyboard warriors of Piece-a-hate or Hoaxtead from sharing their disgusting fantasies amongst themselves, but we can keep images of our children and families out of their greasy clutches.

Here endeth the lesson.


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    • “Who on earth plonks baby on proud grandad’s lap and takes a picture of everyone cooing at baby, with THEIR CLOTHES ON!”


      (apart from nudist families- so not EVERYONE….)

      But most people, yes….



  1. Charlatan Ward’s rummaging of innocent people’s Facebook accounts was vile. She used to post photos of people’s children and even name them and make accusations about them! One particularly shocking moment was when she referred to one little girl as “the star of the show”, which gave us all a rather revealing snapshot of Charlatan’s own warped mind.

    On another occasion she did a thorough character assassination (using her sooper-seekrit disguised voice) on one of the family’s cleaners, just because – and I kid you not – she “looked creepy”. Anyone else remember that?

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    • Deb’s videos are like long rambling therapy sessions were the therapist got up and walked out 2 years ago & Deb never noticed.
      Or maybe she has a ‘therapist’ propped up in a chair Norman Bates’s style.

      Good to know Jesus Christ has taken up reading government reports. Must be quite busy.

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  2. Great article EC. The Pizzaloops are the worst. The things some of them have said about the Comet Instagram pictures of children are disgusting comments from clear perverts. Unprintable here by a long shot.

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  3. Not changing the subject but are there updates on:-

    1. Belinda visit to Colindale police station?
    2. RQ’s appearance at Court yesterday?

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      • We don’t know what’s happening with Belinda at the moment, but I can confirm that RQ’s plea and case management hearing was moved to tomorrow. We’ll bring updates as we receive them, but as FS says, we aren’t able to print anything which might prejudice anyone’s rights to a fair trial.

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  4. How’s this for hypocrisy? 😮

    Has anyone seen child-torturer Abe Christie in public of late?
    Or is he too busy selling weed, punching Ella and weeping over the fact that we got two of his illegal fundraising pages taken down?

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    • LOL, no, he has been keeping a distinctly low profile, sending the only slightly less unlikeable Ella out as spokes-thingy. I think the two of them have finally twigged that even amongst the looniest of the conspiraloons, Abe is persona non grata.


    • This is going to sound incredibly naive, but it dawned on me today that they actually believe all the garbage they come out with about people on here and anytime you question them online.
      Like all those that spoke at the weekend about the Talmud and Rothschilds at the Pizzahate rally, even that guy banging on about these people not being human but some mythical creatures from scriptures, they genuinely believe they are facing pedo satanic, cannibal,baby munching cults that gain life extending properties from abusing children and eating them.

      Most of my notifications on youtube are from people like that Loon Wolf character saying things like we are coming for you and you will see in three months time, or that you protest too much.
      How stupidly touched in the head do you have to be, to really believe all that nonsense just because someone doesn’t agree with you.

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      • Wilfull ignorance and delusional beliefs have been a plague on humanity for millennia. From one perspective, people actually have a human right to this condition – its called “freedom of religion” 🙂

        That wonderful video someone made, analyzing the real life dangers posed by belief in gang-stalking – the truly lethal consequences, not just for believers but for others in their community – I believe can be a powerful antidote. Perhaps not so much for the already deluded, but for the rational majority who just don’t take these issues seriously (or are not aware of them at all). We need to reach out to those folks more, perhaps, and help them to understand that tolerating their child’s obsessive interest in “far-out” conspiranoid stuff is wrong. That it is, in a sense, a type of self-harming.

        BBC Trending, (radio) will have a special program on US conspiracy culture next week. It will be an important broadcast. Encourage all the rational folk in your life to give it a listen, please.

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        • “BBC Trending, (radio) will have a special program on US conspiracy culture next week. It will be an important broadcast. Encourage all the rational folk in your life to give it a listen, please.”

          Reserving judgement until I have actually heard the programme of course, surely the immediate flaw in this is that conspiracy culture, like the Victorian freak show culture it grew from, is not uniquely American?

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          • I agree that conspiracy culture here can be just as toxic as that in the US, but I think that any insights into how and why people latch onto these ideas could be interesting. That said, there can be a danger of believing that “only those people over there” believe insane things, and I hope the broadcast won’t take that tack.

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          • Trust me. This Trending broadcast will focus on a particularly ugly manifestation.
            It will be perfect for parents of young ‘uns, teens or young adults, for educators and others in helping professions, and for those who perhaps haven’t paid much attention to conspiracy culture or think it’s stupid but essentially harmless.

            They will be horrified, I promise you that.

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      • “even that guy banging on about these people not being human but some mythical creatures from scriptures, they genuinely believe they are facing pedo satanic, cannibal,baby munching cults that gain life extending properties from abusing children and eating them.”

        Obviously the people that do really believe this sort of thing are either educationally sub-normal or suffering from some form of mental illness that leaves them delusional. In my opinion those exploiting this sort of thing (From Jones Ike and his ilk through to scammers such as McKenzie) are in essence plain simple criminals – at best they’re running freak shows. Unfortunately though they also do have the effect of covering up genuine corruption and serious crime, including child abuse and exploitation, by facilitating it being hidden in plain sight.

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      • Barchon, the ‘alternative media’ is such an addictive, enticing thing. From experience, you begin to read slightly amusing tales of alien abductions, then somehow you end up believing that there are hidden messages in adverts just tempting the ‘sheeple’ into being depraved in so that the illuminati can control them. Or something. I must say, at a low ebb I got interested in all things conspiratorial, but I like to think that I kept my critical eyes open. However, when you begin to feel that you are ‘waking up’ to something, it makes you feel superior, and sorry for those who haven’t yet ‘seen the light’. So, some people may believe this stuff…some may simply jump on the bandwagon to make cash.

        Though I don’t agree with everything he says, I do enjoy the videos by this guy to get people to think for themselves. I feel, like me, he has seen the inside of the conspiracy echo chamber, and is attempting to help people to really look around and think about their internet consumption:

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        • I understand where you are coming from and have had similar experiences myself. You feel like you need to tell everyone about all these things that are going on that really don’t effect their normal day to day lives.
          Sadly, a lot of information about certain topics is flooded with conspiracy nonsense and finding a rational and objective opinion on many cases is more difficult. I was taken in by parts of the Franklin scandal after watching conspiracy of Silence, being influenced by the echo chambers of online forums and reading Nick Bryant’s book on the case. I also followed Pizzagate at the very beginning with a critical eye, and have had an interest in unsolved mysteries from reading the sub reddit r/Unresolvedmysteries and watching the tv show unsolved mysteries and disappeared. I suppose it’s similar to people who read about true crime stories and have a fascination with serial Killers.

          A decent review of John DeCamp’s Franklin Cover up book.

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          • Thanks for this, Barchon. I’ll take a look at that link. I too have followed unresolved mysteries and often watch Disappeared on TV. I’ve never spoken to anyone in my life about that, but it is interesting that you have followed the same things, as well as the conspiracy stuff. I even wrote a blog post collecting all the evidence I could find about one case close to where I live (the murder of 12 year old Keith Lyon in the 60s). It is a fine line between concern, distress, helplessness and obsession with such tragedies. Thanks Barchon – you’ve made me feel a little less ‘mad’ today! All the best.

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          • No worries, it’s good to be honest. I only ever spoke about these things to my dad on a walk a while back, lol, he must have thought I was nuts. Operation Paperclip, MKULTRA Mind Control etc I did read as much of the documents as I could on the CIA website, but still ended up forming some of my opinions from the reprinted newpaper clippins on there and also from inaccurate Youtube videos.

            I think my lowest point was emailing this video to my dad (although I don’t believe in Lizard men/reptilians or Icke’s fantasies), he didn’t reply and we never mentioned it again, lol.
            Icke’s argument is there are things we can’t see and things we don’t understand, so…Reptiles. He’s been all around the globe collecting traditional myths and legends and making them fit his narrative. I bet they saw him coming, that crazy English guy who will pay the local shaman or peruvian goat herder good money to listen to old stories.

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          • Well, I’m in the same boat as the two of you. I’m actually ashamed when I think back on how stupid I was and the silly things I said to friends and family. I’ll even delete some of my old comments from years ago, if I happen to come across them, now knowing they were nonsense I had typed before I had researched anything. I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

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          • Years before Hoaxtead was ever a gleam in Abe, Ella, Sabine, Belinda, and Charlotte’s beady little eyes, I used to be fascinated with “urban legends”—the stories that used to be passed around from person to person, often gaining lurid details as they went. The woman who tried to dry her miniature poodle in the microwave, only to have the dog explode; the couple parked in the woods for a bit of romance, who drive away when startled by a noise, only to find a bloody hook on the car door handle when they get home. One way to look at those stories is to see them as morality tales: “don’t trust this newfangled technology”, or “bad things happen to people who park in the woods”, for example.

            I don’t think I ever believed in any of these stories when they were making the rounds, but I was very interested in how they evolved, what they represented, and why certain people seemed to take them at face value. These days, the internet can take a story like that, inflate it, and turn it viral in the blink of an eye—I think Piece-a-hate and Hoaxtead are both examples of that.

            The problem is that with so much information bombarding us constantly, it can be really difficult to discern truth from fiction. That’s where Justin’s advice about talking to our children (and, I would argue, our friends) about what’s wrong with unquestioning belief in conspiracy theories comes in. Just as it’s important to question the information we’re fed by the media, we really need to teach ourselves a more critical stance when it comes to information we’re fed by the “alt media”. Both information sources have reasons for pumping out the sort of stuff they do, and media awareness is becoming a vitally important life skill.

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    • Nice one Spiny. Idiot also needs to know that if you end up in the clink re: anything at all to do with children, you will meet with a series of unpleasant accidents.

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  5. I can’t face checking that out at the moment.

    Will brace myself, will probably take me several hours until I’m ready…

    I expect it will be the usual hogwash, like it always is.

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  6. “If you choose to share pictures of your children (a practice we discourage), make absolutely certain that you set your privacy to “friends only”, and let your friends know that you will not tolerate them sharing your family pictures.”

    Good advice, but what can be done about pictures that were shared by some means or another 15 or 20 years ago? One individual I know of has recently had scans of them with their now grown-up child as a baby, which were originally sent to a family friend back in the late nineties turn up being misrepresented as something else. As far as they recall the only place they *might* have been *online* as such was on Compuserve via some sort of private folder. That platform is long gone of course but presumably was archived on the Wayback Machine or similar? Somehow the pictures have been ‘dug up’ and are now being used to promote a fraud. Make no mistake, although many of the footsoldiers may well be mentally ill, the people behind these things are either a part of or beholding to organised crime. And from where I’m observing that does seem to be very much at the heart of the Hoaxtead scam.

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    • I was rather annoyed to find some of my work – not family pictures but landscape photography – turning up without permission or credit on other people’s sites and Facebook pages. It was things that had been on the now defunct GeoCities site in the 1990s. Once things get onto the web, who knows where they will resurface.

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      • Yes, I know someone whose face has been used without his permission in all manner of internet adverts: he’s been used to sell razors, energy drinks, and drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction! He’s currently trying to have these ads removed, but I don’t know how much headway he’s made.


  7. I’ve said it repeatedly : this has been a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and that is a charge Abe & Ella should face when they are finally extradited back to the UK. How many others are charged is up to the CPS after the police investigate.

    As for NSCLady, Jesus H.Fucking Christ, how many more fruit loops are out there like her? What if they are driving buses or flying planes or working as nurses or at some control and able to push a button to drop a ton of bricks on someone below they spot and think is a Satanist baby eater? Brrrrrr

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    • G.O.S. I am amazed and worried by the sheer numbers of people, ranging from complete idiots ( i.e. the wilfully ignorant and uneducated) to those who really should be receiving psychiatric treatment, that are now able to commune with each other via the internet. It’s a surprise to me that they exist in such numbers. The latter, particularly, are being done real harm. But then, since many of them seem to have lost their minds through drug abuse, they are to some extent the authors of their own plight, and still responsible for it. A criminal conspiracy? More likely just another organised scheme to extract cash, so many of the faces involved in the Hoaxtead caper are interconnected criminals who have been on the fiddle, one way or another, for decades.

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  8. Some of you may have already seen this documentary but it’s an excellent 50mn piece on the Therapists who implanted fake Satanic memories on patients. Even the Hospital staff were accused of being in “The Cult” if they spoke out saying they noticed that fake memories were scenes from movies, etc.
    Very interesting documentary.

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    • This is a fascinating programme, TG, especially the part where the supposed “expert” discusses the child’s description of slitting open someone’s belly, and the guts spilling out and smelling terrible. “How could a child know anything about that?” he asks. Simple, says the mother: he watched the second Star Wars film—in one of the first scenes, Luke Skywalker slits open the belly of the animal he was riding, and…guess what pops out? Shortly afterward, Han Solo shows up and makes a comment about how foul the thing smells.

      This reminded me of the allegations that Abe and Ella forced RD’s children to make—and the people who are convinced that children of that age could know nothing about what they described. If you listen closely, it’s clear that they are repeating certain stock phrases they’ve learned, with no real understanding of what they mean.

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    • I think Fairly Sane mentioned mental illness, which I think is self-evident.
      I think drug-abuse is playing a major role in conspiranoid culture, behind the scenes. Many brag about their marijuana use/abuse, we know that. More recently, revelations that some are/were heroin junkies. I suspect crystal meth abuse too. I’ve observed, from the Gay party scene, that people who haven’t slept for a week ’cause they’re on a meth binge get…verrry weeerd, and randomly aggressive.

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  9. I am so glad that we do not have a gun culture in the UK. I just can’t imagine ever wanting a gun and carrying one around with me daily.

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      • Yes indeed EC. It only takes one person to get themselves wound up at some event like the pizzagate rally and then go and do some serious harm to people. I certainly wouldn’t trust a lot of the people on Youtube who bang on about paedos, conspiracies etc to be considered safe to carry a gun.

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    • The problem isn’t the guns, it is the people who have them. Unfortunately most of the people who are most vociferous about protecting their Second Amendment Rights come across as being mentally unstable and the last sort you would actually want to hand a loaded weapon to.


  10. LOL Well, at least the DC protest was crawling with “SS”(smirk) officers!! Good Job Torkgirl8, Spiny and Barchon!! 1666? bwahaha See what you get when all the Nut Houses have been shut down since the early 80’s…..Only the well off or insured get decent psych care in US. Prisoners get better care than Gen. Public. Maybe “crying lady” can appear on Spectrum Cable’s new SCIENTOLOGY channel coming to E. Grinstead soon!! Be sure to watch, “My Big Fat Stupid SCAM CULT” LMAO!

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  11. I think i may take myself to court if Nathan thinks people who comment here are SJW’s. I am far from being an SJW and i may take him to court for accusing me of being one.

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    • Yes we `need’ another gun toting, loud mouthed yank to come and `clean up’
      (please bring some wipes if you have to use public buildings to urinate on tho)
      The last one didnt turn out so well
      (also please bring enough cash to cover the costs of your extended stay while awaiting your inevitable court appearances, so negating the need for you to have to set up gofundme’s to support you)

      Thank you for your cooperation

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  12. HAHAHA! Do we know what State Our “Assault Weapon” toting Friend*friend Nathan is from? Did I hear “California” in that mess of an alleged “protest vid”? Same Nathan on FEECESbok??< Tracyspeak That guy acted like a paranoid weasel I hope he is on their radar. I trust he is. However, so many of these creeps were "on their radar" in the past and still created Mayhem.

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    • Well, that was a quick turnaround by Nathan Explosion! What exactly does he believe? What he told Spiny?..or what is on the comment which Barchon has just found?

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      • Spiny’s Post from that guy NE was more recent. Mine was two days ago. So NE changed his mind again?
        These people are sick to the core though. I thumbed up his comment then realised after the death threat at the end, only after screenshotting. Just to clarify I don’t condone that even for a scumbag like Christie.


    • Barchon, do you have a link to the video where you found this thread? I can’t find it on the Ella video. It’s just that I’d like to post a screenshot of the Melica comment on the ‘Trolls’ page but the bottom of the comment has been sliced off. YT does that sometimes and it magically appears when you refresh.


    • LOL! They STILL think SatanicViews is Julian Vayne, plus they think JustinSanity is Lucien Greaves.

      Their so-called ‘research’ is bloody laughable too. 😀

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      • What I love is how earnestly they seem to debate this. It’s a bit like listening to five-year-olds…except the overwhelming majority of five-year-olds are more intelligent and erudite than those two.


        • Angieballs: 17:50 Snake Logan and Sam Best were Sheva Burton acting as RD`s lovestruck admin.

          Wiseacring at its very best.


          • LOL, I’m still chuckling over Heather’s “pseudonames” and Angie’s “recruitment dive” 😀


        • It’s no secret that Lucien Greaves’ name is Doug Mesner, they’re acting like they should get a Gold Medal or something. LOL!


          • Private Eye does a column every fortnight called ‘Pseudonames’. They use the word to refer to punny names (e.g. Mary Christmas, R. Soles, Jay Walker etc.). However, Heather clearly doesn’t mean those kind of names and almost certainly doesn’t read Private Eye.

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    • I love how they start every video by saying how they’re not bothered by anything “the trolls” and “that satanic blog” have to say about them and how they’re not prepared to give us the oxygen of publicity…but then spend the entire video talking about us. And how many videos have they made about us now (you know, just to demonstrate how little they care)? LMAO! 😀

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      • Heather admits to shoplifting again from a bookshop whilst her son ran around the shop. What a great example to set.


        • MKD`s hone in on that. “Precured”,”confiscated” my arse.Plain and simple tealeaves the both of them.Neatly exposes how they distort facts to suit their selfish agendas and total denial of any personal responsibilty for their actions.

          Everything finds its level.

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      • Yeah, just listening now. She’s clearly very right wing and a Trump-supporter. And she’s just said that she wouldn’t let a transgender person near her children. Frankly, I wouldn’t let HoneyBee near ANY children!


    • Honeybee aka Mel, is a person who looks for illegal images in support of her claims.
      She was at the Pizzahate rally as well and a self admitted conspiracy theorist into aliens and bullshit.
      Say no more.


  13. I’m surprised APD got Retarda back on….Looks like she sprung for a bottle of dye so she doesn’t look like a Satanist? LOL I’m glad I listened to Greve’s Interview. It cleared up many misconceptions. Very knotty 1st Amendment issues indeed.

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    • um- no thanks just the same Barchon…..

      (now thats an image I DONT want to think about…)

      (scrubs brain with bleach)


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