Sabine’s ghoulish attempt to co-opt Felstead tragedy

Some time ago we wrote here about the tragic story of Carol Myers, née Felstead, a young woman who died in 2005 under mysterious circumstances after she fell into the clutches of a psychotherapist who convinced her that she had been ritually sexually abused by her own family.

According to a 2015 article in The Standard, which covered the inquest,

Carol Myers, 41, claimed her family were part of a cult and abused her before alleging that her mother murdered her sister and set fire to their house to hide the evidence.

But a police investigation found the disturbing allegations were unsubstantiated and her family believe they were false memories dreamt up during controversial recovered memory therapy sessions.

The coroner, Fiona Wilcox, stated that “extreme allegations that were made of satanic sexual abuse and murder were investigated and found to be absolutely unsubstantiated….I wish to be clear that the family absolutely protest claims that Carol was abused sexually, and that the allegations of Satanic sexual abuse and murder that she made in life were investigated by police and found to be unsubstantiated”.

Her family has been fighting since the time of her death to obtain “a factual narrative of the circumstances of Carol’s death”; one of her brothers has written a book about the matter, and currently maintains a blog called Justice for Carol.

Despite the coroner’s inquest, many questions remain about Carol’s death, and her family still has not received the answers they so badly need. This is a family not only devastated by the loss of their beloved daughter and sister, but confused and angry that after many years of demanding answers that could explain her transformation into someone who avoided them, who seemed to believe that they had perpetrated horrendous acts upon her, and who ultimately was in such emotional turmoil that she apparently took her own life.

So when one of our readers pointed us to this comment on the Justice for Carol blog, we were first stupefied, then horrified:Say what?

Is Sabine really saying she wants to “help” the Felstead family in their battle against a therapist who reportedly indoctrinated Carol with a false belief that she had been “Satanically ritually abused”?

Or is she merely looking for her next high-profile case upon which to build her (and the Association of McKenzie Friends’) reputation? To our admittedly jaded eyes, this looks awfully like a cynical attempt to horn in on a nationally known news story, and use it to her own nefarious ends.

Here’s what El Coyote posted in response to Sabine’s comment:

Let’s hope the Felsteads see Sabine’s ghoulish attempt for what it is, and show her the door.

Carol Felstead as a pupil nurse

Meanwhile, back in Hoaxteadland…

We have an update regarding Rupert Quaintance’s plea and case management hearing: it’s been pushed forward to Friday, 31 March, at 10 a.m. We will bring you further updates as we receive them, as always.

And several people have asked us about Neelu’s impending eviction from her house. We have no specific information on that as yet, but we did notice yesterday that she was quite snappish about someone who had apparently reported her “disappearance”:

We don’t wish to read too much into Neelu’s internet problems; we have no idea whether she’s still in her house, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any news.

145 thoughts on “Sabine’s ghoulish attempt to co-opt Felstead tragedy

  1. Hopefully Carols family will get the answers they so clearly need.They clearly will only be led into a dark obscure corner if they choose not to heed your sage advice and engage with her.No good would ever come of it and would definately end in tears.

    Thanks for RQ update and I feel sure the internet is welcoming her internet sabbatical.

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  2. Sabine is barking up the wrong tree isn’t she. I can’t imagine the Felstead’s want anything to do with her or indeed anyone who believes in the Satanic Ritual Abuse nonsense. In fact, how dare she comment on their genuine campaign which aims to get answers about their daughter and sister. Shame on her.

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  3. “Or is she merely looking for her next high-profile case upon which to build her (and the Association of McKenzie Friends’) reputation?”

    Can Sabine still practise as a McKenzie friend now that she technically has a criminal record? Not sure what the rules are.

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    • Does she have a criminal record though? Sabine is obviously trying to find a new case to glorify in. Jonathan Clarke is the very same pervert that thought it was okay to slap my backside last year. Neelu has done the right thing in blocking him. Btw Heifer looks 20 years younger with her new dyed hair.

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    • Almost anyone can “practice” as a Mckenzie friend, their character is not a question for the Court and acting as a McKenzie friend does not allow them to directly address the Court.

      If they want to speak on behalf of the person they are helping (NOT REPRESENTING – a significant difference) then the status of that person changes from “McKenzie friend” to “Litigant friend”, at that point the Court will want to know WHY they are asking to speak on behalf of the other person (why are they incapable of speaking themselves?) and also how are they qualified to speak for the other person (be that through experience or qualification)

      Don’t forget Sabine used Maurice Kirk (aka The Flying Vet” as a “Mckenzie Friend” in the Musa case and he has quite an extensive criminal record


      • Even Heather admitted she acted as a McKenzie Friend, the same Heather who issued death threats to Sheva Burton. Seems like absolutely anyone can be a McKenzie Friend.. and that is more than worrying.

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  4. I got so angry when I started reading your post, thinking “Someone has to alert the blog owner ASAP!”
    Then I continued to scroll down to see you had already attended to it in an excellent manner.

    I’m thinking that Sabine actually believes the “Satanic element” of this, something her family won’t entertain. I see they have allowed her comment and yours is awaiting moderation so I hope they contact you rather than Sabine (although they would soon find out Sabine’s angle, if they contacted her..)

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  5. A tragic case I have followed. Terrible for her poor family.
    Sabine is a really bizarre ambulance chaser.


  6. Off topic: The YT channel “Plymouth Fury” @ “hashtag PEDOGATE Hamps “needs a take down flagging. More Ella interviews? WTH?? She is adding more facts!! OMG! She NEEDS a JAIL cell!

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  7. It’s good to know that the family have been warned about Sabine. A vulnerable family could easily be taken in by her rubbish and end up in a storm of crap. The family seem to just want real answers, not the satanic panic circus lead by Sabine et al for their own financial gain.

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  8. Given Sabines normal MO, I just don’t get what she thinks she is doing, is she just being perverse?

    Is the part of her brain that deals with empathy, decency, common sense etc missing?

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    • Sabine is an ambulance-chaser, pure and simple. She seeks out the vulnerable and tries to worm her way into their lives so she can “represent” them and gain exposure for herself and the organisation she and Belinda run. Then when she fails, as she inevitably does, she can blame “the system” for “persecuting” her, and say things are set up so they can’t win.


      • If she thinks the Felsteads are vulnerable she’s off her head. These are educated, intelligent people. I’m glad they’re still trying to find out what happened to their daughter and sister. I wish them luck!

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      • I really hope anyone she reaches out to, check her and Belinda’s track record online, prior to engaging with them.


    • Very like Joshua Langley’s comments and Arty’s. Lots of emoji s seeing as they don’t have anything valid to add.

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      • I’ve seen Elaine’s comments. Her “research” showed that every single teacher was eating babies and cutting babies heads off. I believe her research consisted of other YT videos.

        That is truly the mentality of these people. Astounding.

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          • Here’s what I wrote. GoFundMe asks for a list of statements that are false, hence the odd format:

            “The ‘Free The Hampstead 2’ campaign is dedicated to securing the freedom of Alisa and Gabriel, the courageous brother and sister from Hampstead, London, England, who were unlawfully kidnapped in order to silence them after their testimonies revealing the inner workings of State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs shocked millions of internet viewers.”
            WRONG: the children were taken into police custody to protect them from violent abuse by Ella Draper and her partner Abraham Christie. Both Ms Draper and Mr Christie are currently wanted by UK police on charges of child abuse. The police officer in charge of the case may be reached at: [email redacted]

            “After being spotted touching each other intimately during a family holiday in summer 2014 by their mother’s partner, Axxxx and Gxxxxxx disclosed that their father RD had been subjecting them to sadistic sexual abuse from as far back as they could remember.”
            WRONG. A judge in the High Court of the UK found that neither the father nor anyone else had subjected the children to sadistic cult sexual abuse. The only abusers were Ms Draper and Mr Christie. I can provide the official judgement if need be.

            “The children explained that along with an extensive group of professionals including priests, police officers, teachers, nurses and social workers their father had been forcing them and other children from ten schools within the Hampstead area to partake in bizarre satanic rituals, including sodomy, torture and sacrificial murder of countless trafficked infants. These acts were taking place within schools, churches and in concealed rooms within private dwellings throughout the affluent Hampstead and Highgate areas.”
            WRONG: see above re High Court fact-finding judgement, which exonerated all those falsely accused by Ms Draper and Mr Christie.

            “Their mother and her partner recorded brief video clips of the children’s testimonies shortly after the initial disclosures…”
            WRONG: It was confirmed during the police investigation and fact-finding hearing that the children were physically and mentally tortured into making these false allegations.

            Ms Draper and Mr Christie are currently on the run from the law, having escaped arrest in February 2015, and have since then attempted to use their false narrative as the basis for a money-making campaign. Previous attempts have been removed from Patreon and Generosity, as they violated both platforms’ terms of service. Please consider removing this campaign from GoFundMe, as well.

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        • It should get easier as the list of nameable competitor platform takedowns grow.The tightening of the noose.

          Abe and Ella know what will happen which serves to expose an increasing desperation as the cold light of day begins to dawn.Plan A failed dismally,plan B is rapidly going down the tubes.They should consider plan C to be where they hold their hands up and face their crimes.The courts may even some credit to the one that breaks rank first.

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        • Judging by the noise of the chickens in that latest interview, something tells me they will probably be living on egg and hemp smoothies. LOL!

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    • 55:33 – “OK, you blame me. You put it in the newspapers. So why you never charge me?”

      Altogether now…


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  9. LOLOLOL! Ella’s appearing in a conspiracy video about excrement eating and chem trails. Granted, I’ve only just started watching.

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    • Haha, love it!

      I seriously wonder what Ella’s doing with chickens—last we heard, both she and Abe were extolling the wonders of veganism! In fact, I believe they had gone a step further, and were only eating raw vegan foods. Not sure where eggs, or chickens, fit into that diet.

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      • The brief parts I watched of the Police interviews from videos on here of the retraction, the girl stated that they don’t get to have normal soup like chicken soup, just hemp soup. It’s so sad that people support those that have actually abused these children, starving, neglected, bullied and tortured by Ella and Abe.

        I had chickens as a child as pets mainly, but for the eggs also. Looks like Hemp and Raw food Abe really brought further misery to the dietery needs of growing children. It gets me so mad that anyone would defend Abe and Ella, them let alone give them money.

        But of course Angie doesn’t see those things as abuse, the end justifies the means in her opinion, as long as she has a nice juicy satanic, baby munching death cult to sink her teeth and claws into, she’s happy.


      • I think it was you who mentioned them and it made me laugh as well as someone mentioning the clangers in the Echo Falls Video, added another element of laughter on rewatching that video. The horn is a clown hoen from youtube music libraby sound effects, and music is also from youtube library.
        I prefer to use song I know for replay value but there is some good stuff on there.


  10. Maybe getting ahead of things but Paypals own T & C User agreement is pretty damn extensive and a fair chance the grewsome twosome are leapfrogging something(s)in this little lot.—>

    A sharper legal/financial mind may highlight red flags better than I but Section 9.1g states for instance “You will not..Send or receive what we reasonably believe to be POTENTIALLY FRAUDULENT or unauthorised funds”.

    Possibly shooting in the dark but it would really stick a chunky spanner in the works should the likes of paypal et al fear potential consequences of aiding and abetting criminality,particularly proven child abuse fugitives and feel compelled to wield their digital axe to protect their reputations(and arses) in this increasingly tricky climate. #jusayin 🙂

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    • Whta about getting Angies Gofundme taken down? She claims she is in contact with groups hunting the children down. Sounds like a threat of possible stalking and kidnap imho.

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    • Yeah even go one further and get in touch with her bank? “Hope someone becomes concerned” enough and takes action!

      Just have to find out which bank she is with?

      Sometimes the answer is staring right at you!

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    • I’ve read through PayPal’s T&C, thanks for the link, Milk.
      Yes, they are definitely breaking certain conditions by asking people to donate to their PayPal.
      Looks like we’ll have to contact them with the usual info, letting them know that 2 fugitives avoiding UK Police are collecting money using their service. 🙂

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  11. This popped up on my feed.

    “Youtube advertisers BOYCOTT- 750 million to PUNISH THE INDEPENDENT MEDIA!”


      • The recent update to the families in this that can’t afford to eat, is: all the money goes to pay mom or pop’s humungous cellphone bill, squandered on 72 hour meth-fueled binges of scanning random people’s Instagram accounts for “evidence” that they are satanic child-trafficking baby-eaters.

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