Hoaxtead Research: Standing firm against the Hampstead hoax for 2 years

When Scarlet Scoop started this blog two years ago today, we can safely guarantee that she had no idea we’d be going strong two years later.

In its earliest days, this blog was an in-your-face answer to “Jacqui Farmer” and her disgusting Hamster Research blog, now mercifully defunct. Scarlet, who coined the word “Hoaxtead”, led off with a jaw-dropping 1,000+ posts in our first four months—an awesome output by any standard—before handing the reins over to El Coyote in late August 2015. EC has maintained a rather more sedate pace over the past year and a half, but this blog has continued to grow and thrive, achieving a loyal readership and a stalwart group of regular commentators who really make HR the “blog of record” for those who oppose the Hampstead SRA hoax.

It turns out that those who support the hoax seem to like us too! We are frequently amused to find our carefully researched stories quoted by various Hoaxtead pushers, who just can’t seem to stay away, no matter how much they vilify us in public.

At various points over the past two years it’s seemed as though the hoax was on the verge of complete collapse, and it would soon be time for us to pack away our deerstalkers and magnifiers and go back to our normal lives. Invariably, though, the hoax has managed to pick itself up, coughing and gasping, and stagger along…and it seems there will always be someone out there willing to be duped by the Hoaxtead mobsters. And so we carry on, and will continue to do so until the last Hoaxtead mobster has given up.

Following the Hampstead hoax is a bit like being addicted to Eastenders: each time things slow down a bit, you just know there’ll be another bizarre plot twist round the next corner! In honour of some of the highlights of the past two years, our friends at “Hands Off Hampstead” have put together this video for your viewing (and singing along) pleasure:

We’ve celebrated many victories here at HR, and as we head into our third year, we won’t be slowing down. We can promise the Hampstead mobsters that we will be watching their every move, reporting on their scare tactics and harassment, and uncovering their lies, for just as long as it takes. We think it’s fair to say that we are in this for the long haul.

As we said last year in our birthday message, “Our goal remains the same: to stand up and say a resounding ‘No!’ to the liars, scam artists, and gullible dupes who’ve done their best to destroy lives by spreading this hoax. And we’ll keep on doing that for as long as need be, until Hoaxtead is nothing but a bad memory”.


92 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research: Standing firm against the Hampstead hoax for 2 years

    • It was both: it started online, but those who were named quickly found themselves receiving threatening phone calls, letters, and emails. The demonstrations outside Christ Church were frightening to those inside the church—some of the children believed that the protesters who were pounding on the doors were going to burn the church down with them in it, and were absolutely terrified. Other children were aware of protesters peering into the Sunday school windows at them, which distressed and confused them. Some of the children were later targetted by paedophiles online, who had read that the children had been sexually abused (they hadn’t) and believed they would be vulnerable targets. Their parents have continually had to deal with their children being named over and over online.

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    • @Bobb: The virtual world has an impact on the real, does it not? If you were one of those named, fearing a petrol can might come through your window at any moment, due to your name being on that list, and the online hysteria whipped up by false reporting, would you say: ‘nah, nothing to worry about, it’s just online’ ?

      Congratulations to the little blog that could, and all of your achievements. There have been times when I thought, ‘great, it’s died down’, but each time it appears so, the dickheads reappear, and therefore it seems necessary to have a constant presence, watching, reporting…
      EC, all the others, thank you for that constant vigilance.

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      • Thanks, BU—you’re right that what’s online has led to fear, as one never knows when someone will take it into their heads to “investigate” as that fellow did at the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in DC…carrying weaponry. As we’ve always said, it only takes one…and the threats online have ranged from “hunt down the baby-eaters” to “kidnap the children” to “burn them in the streets”.

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  1. YAY! Happy Birthday Hoaxtead!!!! 😀 oxoxo “We will see them in chains” Anybody who wrongfully phuc’d with my Client is gonna be REAL Sorry! There will be tears……Paper and Ink.

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  2. Happy Birthday Hoaxtead!

    I still haven’t been paid. Remember, used ten pound notes in a brown paper bag behind the cistern. You know the cubicle.

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    • Well, did you put your time sheets in? You know the Big Boss hates it when they’re late. And don’t forget the secret password: I think it’s “Celery stalks at midnight” this month.

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  3. Best I can do, by way of a birthday present:
    So…some thoughts on hoax & debunking ‘mechanics’.

    The claims about genital tattoos are really claims to possessing “special knowledge”, which we’ve talked about before. This isn’t a claim to divinely inspired knowledge, of course, but you could call it “privileged” knowledge. It is a claim to possessing knowledge that only certain persons under certain conditions could possess, specifically – only someone who had seen the genitals in question.

    This particular claim may have been inspired by similar claims made against Michael Jackson, since those claims enjoyed universal media saturation. The claim was, that there was something distinctive about his genitals that only someone who had seen him naked could know about.
    In both cases, the provability of the claims – whether they are factually true or not – is irrelevant to the motivation for making the claim. The purpose of the claim is to plant the idea in people’s minds, that the claimant possesses privileged knowledge about the accused and therefore could believably possess other ‘secrets’ about them – in Jackson’s case that he was a child molester, in this case that the accused are satanic abuse cultists. (That’s flawed, but common, popular logic) I’m sure everyone understands this.

    There are a number of options, for debunking claims to possessing “special knowledge”;
    1) Direct evidence that the claim is false – (you could create a gallery of photos, of accused person standing there naked, that demonstrate there are no such tattoos. As you’ve observed several times, True Believers would simply claim that the photos are ‘doctored’, so there’s really no point to that approach in this case).
    2) Evidence that the claim is impossible/ irrational/ illogical
    3) Evidence which contradicts central aspects of the claim – (documentation that satanic cultists used some other symbol, in this case)
    4) Evidence that the claimant has made false claims to possessing “special knowledge” in the past
    5) Evidence that the claimant is otherwise an untrustworthy source of info, i.e., they are a proven liar, a criminal, a drug-addict or a loony – (this is considered a weak argument in formal logic, but it can also be the most fun)

    Just some principles to keep in mind.

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    • Interesting….. I suggest though that (looking at point 5) unless you can prove direct relevance to the actual thing you’re debunking you risk incinerating your own credibility.

      For example, taking (4) and (5) together, you prove that someone has previously lied about being a spy, working for MI5 etc…. And that this gives them “insider knowledge” of all these shape shifting lizard satanists we hear so much about. – Fine, job done, case closed. Something similar would be true if you proved very serious dysfunction in their life such as drug addiction or relevant criminal convictions; i.e. they’re a serial fraudster, have firearms convictions or are on the sex offender’s register; things that are both serious and relevant. -But it really rather knocks your own credibility if you start reaching into their past and painting false pictures….. Like somebody is maybe pictured from twenty years ago on the one occasion where they got drunk and unconscious. They’ve pulled themselves up and lived an entirely sober life ever since. And understandably embarrassed deny that picture’s them. Sure, you’ve “proven them a liar”, but I think the scale and relevance of the lie is vital. One of the main tactics you see from hoaxers is that they take snippets of “information” about people and twist them into nonsense. Was it Ghandi that said “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”?

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      • Interesting comments, Alfred, thanks!
        I’m just saying, when the best option, #1, is not a go for whatever reason there can still be other strategies to take. Some may be more problematic than others, and there certainly could be more than the ones I’ve listed. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts about that…

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        • We’ve talked about Abe’s claims to “special knowledge” here in the past, but this might be a good time to do an overview of that aspect of the case.


  4. Two years!

    Great going but lets hope the hoax dies a complete death before we make it three. I hope we will keep going to cover all the trials though.

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    • Personally I’d like to see the blog morph into something that takes a more holistic stand against the world of hoaxers and hoaxing generally.

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      • Let’s hope it is dead and gone by next year. Must say I wish the police would pick up a few more people. JC is most definitely in Contempt of Court as he’s flouting Judge Pauffley’s Order not to identify the children – he has a photo of them on his Facebook page.

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  5. Well done indeed Hoaxtead Research. A big thankyou to Scarlet Scoop and El Coyote for all of their hard work and for also providing a place for people to come and discuss this hoax and others. This is truly a great blog.

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  6. Happy Birthday and a huge thank you to all that contribute to the blog, for standing up to these hoaxers and keeping us all informed of the latest happenings. Hopefully, the hoax will faze out over this third year and more hoax creators and supporters will get their comeuppance.

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  7. Hapy Birtday as people who make me homemade cards and can’t spell would say.
    Special treat, time to show off my devil tattoo, i usually keep it hidden under a hat, then when one of the satanists/cult members flash their tattooed bits at me in public, show it to them.

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  8. Hasn’t time flown? Thanks Scarlet and EC and to all who visit this blog for the contributions and posts over the last 2 years. Happy Birthday ‘Hoaxtead Research’. 😀

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    • I do feel somewhat sorry for David, his health seems to be suffering from his delusions and I have no knowledge of what is wrong with him or experience with whatever it is he is going through. I’m not sure what sort of treatment would enable him to live a normal and happy life.
      However, he is very wrong about suggesting that people here say there are no pedophile rings or trafficking, many cases have been mentioned here before such as Project Spade arrests.
      The Hampstead case is undoubtably a hoax, it falls apart at every level right down to the cold facts that abused children do not act like that, in such a matter of fact manner, rushing and being prompted to reel off as much information as possible to please the abusers coaching them. Anyone who says they act like that because they have been abused for so long that it is normal, veers on repeating the type of phrases that pedophiles and abusers say in order to make excuses for their actions. There is never anything normal or acceptable when it comes to child abuse. The medical records show the accusations of long term constant abuse to be untrue, there are too many people who seem to want the children to have been abused to fit their perverse fantasies about SRA and CSA.

      All most people here stand for is standing up for innocent people who’s lives have been turned upside down by false accusations, and the very real fact that every hoax undermines real cases of child abuse.
      All the hoaxers have many things in common, most importantly that they have made zero effort to help real victims of child abuse since this hoax started. People like Angela Power Disney and Kristie Sue Costa have not helped a single child, all they have done is put peoples children at risk from vigilante’s and pedophiles who are attracted to their abuse stories.

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  9. Wow! Two years? I’d like to thank you, Hoaxtead Research, for your phenomenal work. Whoever really writes the articles, you are tireless, meticulous and one hell of a wit.

    I do hope that this hoax is erased from memory, soon, especially for the two original victims, and those further victimised.

    However, I feel that there will ALWAYS be a place for real truth in the so called ‘truth movement’. It is all too easy to get sucked into maniacal lies, for whatever reason. I became entranced by the conspirasphere when I was at a very low ebb. I credit the work of this site with helping me to see that, if I think something sounds far fetched or downright bollocks, it probably is. Thank you, SS, EC, and whoever else creates the impeccable content on this site!

    Now, I had lined up a nice unicorn image that says ‘thank you’…as unicorns are de rigueur. And, I do wish to thank you.

    So, be grateful that despite all of the ‘how to post an image’ lessons given in comments, I still have no idea how to embed images.

    Thank you! 🙂

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    • @Scarlet – I’ll never forget the first 1000 postings, and how I couldn’t keep up with reading ’em all! Very inspiring, it was. Thanks again!

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      • Thank you very much, Justin. That means a lot and I really appreciate it.

        In the early days I was basically responding to the crap on Charlotte’s blog and she was posting loads of short posts every day. Then I started looking around at the other miscreants and responding to those too. EC’s taken it to a whole new level with his one detailed, high quality post a day. Even the hoaxers quote them and they come here to get their updates. I note for instance that they didn’t even know one of their own team had been dead for several weeks until they read it here!

        And may I take this opportunity – and I’m sure EC agrees with me on this – to say that one of the most important factors in this blog’s success is the contribution that you guys, the HR regulars, make. So thank you 🙂

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        • Justin is right, Scarlet–those first thousand posts were astounding, and I think laid an impressive groundwork for us to build on. And yes, absolutely–our regulars make an enormous contribution. 🙂

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  10. Wow Spiny! I’m only #REDACTED on the “Paid Govt. Shills” Troll list to stop “TROOF” about the CT. case! THAT is where I first met, “shared “intel” and “fell in love” with my “MI6” “MK” “research” “limey” guy knockin down dirty SH hoaxers, left and Right!! Sorry for grabbing your hind spines inappropriately……Pweeeese Fworgive me!!!!???? NORMAN NORMAN NORMAN r4 and JC now free to be milked Again by that Harridan in Oldcastle. Wonder Who is getting MILKED by DopeyGirl? Spiny, I’ll meet ya at the M Embassy at the usual time and don’t be late cuz We get a sub-ride to Spain at 6 Sharp! (burn this com asap preferably to Mission Impossible Theme)
    air kisses oxo

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  11. Anybody got a clue what this walking talking dildo is banging on about?

    From the comments………………

    Kathy Bates1 week ago
    I do not understand how this is proof ?
    SuperEarther1 week ago
    Kathy Bates the police refuse to investigate the IP and it’s network.
    Kathy Bates1 week ago
    Surely there are enough computer wiz kids to trace the IP addresses I know you can get so far using the online sites. I saw lots of ip addresses, is there one overall one? I could not make out the map it was too small to see. Are you saying the police have this info already? which p force?
    SuperEarther1 week ago
    Kathy Bates the met have this Intel. this list is a port scan of one ip. take it to your local station and demand action
    Kathy Bates1 week ago
    i have just looked up the ip address at the top in blue and it is in Nurenberg, Germany?
    SuperEarther1 week ago
    Kathy Bates look up the Scarlet scoop ip. the list is a scan of that one alone

    …..He’s actually surprised the Police laughed him out the cop shop? What does he even THINK he has here??

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  12. Congratulations and I salute this blog, its writers and its commentators for all their great work against the forces that would deny the innocent liberty, justice and truth.

    I am just making a flying visit, but also to let you all know that a MP has been in contact with one of my associates who wrote to them about Hampstead hoax, and some legislation is about to be passed which will help our cause against the Satan Hunters. I will pass on the relevant letter with certain informat redacted to EC.

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  13. Well done EC, Scarlet, and all contributors and finders of bits of information.

    You may hope it will all die down. I would not be so sure.

    This article was out today. It also contains links to other articles, and beware to the more sensitive, descriptions of Noah Pozner’s injuries.

    I wasn’t aware the family had the funeral service with his casket open.

    I have to admit, I cried.

    A person’s heart could break with the horror of it all. Those poor, poor families.


    If anything, it shows the lengths people go to, and how they are able to dehumanise people, deny the existence of people’s grief and suffering, for silly childish conspiracy fantasies.

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    • Excellent quote from Mr Pozner,

      “History books will refer to this period as a time of mass delusion. We weren’t prepared for the internet. We thought the internet would bring all these wonderful things, such as research, medicine, science, an accelerated society of good. But all we did was hold up a mirror to society and we saw how angry, sick and hateful humans can be.”

      Also, another we all here will agree on, is the fact that Mr Pozner prefers the term “Hoaxer” to “Truther”.


      • I’m full of admiration for the man. He’s taken a difficult choice to face these horrible people head on, and quite publicly. It may not be a wise choice if he wants a quiet life. However, other bereaved family members, much less in the public eye, have not avoided all the death threats and so on.


        • There’s obviously a broader phenomenon of internet mis-use, but I blame POS Alex Jones and his dangle-berry followers – specifically – for this man’s internet troubles.

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          • A quote of Mr Pozner

            “when I lost Noah, I woke up and realised that people who spread these stories are more interested in propagating fear than getting at the truth. And the human cost of that is phenomenal”

            He’s a man who has woken up, as the hoaxers might have it, and perhaps more determined as a result. He enjoyed AJ, now he’s been the subject of disgusting smears by AJ.

            In the circumstances I can’t hold it against him, tuning in, as many millions have done unfortunately.

            I think we may be moving to the age of un-reason.


  14. Really, Angela? Do elaborate:

    And pssst: try to give us a little more than “It’s true because Neelu told me”. In fact, given your aversion to smear campaigns (as you’re constantly keen to point out) and your assertion that you always check your facts with three reliable sources, I’m expecting quite a detailed response to this question (especially given the serious nature of the allegation you’ve made against this named police officer), so whenever you’re ready…


  15. I think her “baboon’s arse syndrome” is kicking in again:

    Poor luv. Can’t we set up a GoFundMe to support sufferers of this debilitating condition?


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